Hurricane Patricia Is Terrifying, Romney Takes Responsibility for Obamacare, Would You Kill Baby Hitler? P.M. Links


  • Storm

    Experts are calling Hurricane Patricia the most powerful storm in recorded history. It will strike Mexico in a matter of hours.

  • Mitt Romney admits that Romneycare laid the groundwork for Obamacare.
  • Hillary Clinton in great shape after Benghazi hearing.
  • A new Republican frontrunner? Ben Carson is ahead of Donald Trump in a new Iowa poll.
  • But "insiders" say Trump getting the nomination is more likely than ever.
  • And the question on everybody's minds is… would you kill baby Hitler? A New York Times Magazine poll started a pretty stupid Twitter conversation, and everyone must be heard. Hey, at least we're not still talking about whether the Galactic Empire is actually the good guys.

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High School Journalism Teacher Suspended After Standing Up for Student Reporters' Free Speech Rights: Free speech doesn't end at the classroom door. By Zach Weissmueller

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  1. Experts are calling Hurricane Patricia the most powerful storm in recorded history.

    Finally, the alarmists’ magic sky friend comes through with a hurricane. VINDICATION!

    1. As I noted elsewhere, Hurrican Patricia be like, “WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW??!!!!!”

    2. It’s Pat!

    3. The Weather Channel’s description of the storm reads like the author creamed his pants half way through.

        1. Anderson Cooper is getting old. I don’t care about seeing him on TV anymore.

      1. I can understand that. It’s terrible that it will hurt people and destroy property, but no one can do anything about that and it’s pretty awesome (in the old fashioned sense). Of course it’s exciting to weather nerds.

        1. I say detonate a nuclear warhead in the eye.

          1. Sure. Why not?

            If I had nuclear weapons, I’d definitely do that.

            1. But would you kill baby Hitler ?

        2. It’s terrible that it will hurt people and destroy property, but no one can do anything about that

          We can stop subsidizing insurance policies that private insurers won’t offer for a reason. Then only people with their own money to burn will build homes in that area, everyone else would be investing in construction in areas that are less disaster prone, meaning less damaged property when the hurricane comes.

          1. Obviously that’s a good idea. I was making the same point just the other day. But I mean today. And Puerta Vallarta is probably making enough money that it’s worth rebuilding, insurance or no.

            1. Correct, and so is Manhattan and many other sea side communities. What we likely wouldn’t have, is 1,500 miles of tax payer financed beach houses running up the coast.

    4. Hello.

      “And the question on everybody’s minds is… would you kill baby Hitler? A New York Times Magazine poll started a pretty stupid Twitter conversation”

      This is what a post-intellectual society looks like.

        1. I’m not all that into pop but she does have a lovely voice.

      1. Post- is good, right? Like artsy and stuff.

        1. Not sure. But everything is ‘post’ this and ‘post’ that in the Obama age.

      2. LOL tits or gtfo shitlord ayyy lmao

      3. Totally OT Rufus, but I was just reading about how Quebec is “hostile” to secured transactions (meaning they make taking a security interest in personal property really, really difficult and the process onerous). Is there anything the Quebecois do correctly?

    5. I recall, during the months following Hurricane Katrina, the global warming doomsayers were prattling on about how such storms would become commonplace in the coming years, expect repeated category 5 hurricanes to ravage the Gulf Coast every year.

      Since that time, exactly ZERO category 4 or 5 hurricanes have made landfall in the U.S. or Mexico, and only two or three category 3’s have.

      Naturally, this has not convinced the alarmists to scale back their rhetoric about the urge to DO SOMETHING DRASTIC RIGHT NOW

      1. Climate Change is making you misremember.

      2. Seriously bra. Climate change has…changed you.

      3. Cat 5 hurricanes were expected to be the norm. But then the climate changed…..

        What more proof do you need that climate change is real and it’s here right now than the lack of Cat 5 storms?

        1. But we’re getting a Cat 5 storm, so weather is climate again.

      4. Hurricane Katrina was caused by climate. No category 4 or 5 storms making landfalll since then was merely weather.

      5. When ‘doing something’ means taking your money then you can be sure they will never shut the fuck up about it.

    6. Is this like the time some asshole Teabagger brought in a snowball to a floor speech in Congress and pronounced global warming a fraud?

      1. Global warming – clap, clap, clap, clap, clap – let’s go global warming – clap, clap, clap, clap, clap.

      2. Actually, the past 18 years have shown that global warming was a fraud.

    7. FoE, you say that like it’s a joke to you.


  2. Hillary Clinton in great shape after Benghazi hearing.

    Heading out on the victory What Difference It Makes Tour.

    1. These people are whistling past the graveyard. The hearing gave plenty of material for attack ads for next summer, when most people start paying attention.

    2. Great shape? She still looks like a saggy old cankle-monster.

  3. Gas is 1.97 where I live. Is this awesome or what?

    1. Holy shit! On an inflation-adj basis, it’s just incredible. I remember paying something like $1.18/gal in the early/mis 80’s? $1.97 now is….less than that, inflation adjusted. I think. Without looking at any actual data or anything….

      1. Yes. A lot cheaper. In 1980 dollars, roughly $0.65 using the CPI.

        1. Thank you (I was told there would be no math)

          1. Time to dig out that old dual-quad tunnel ram intake.

      2. I remember in 1998 there were some gas wars and in Missouri I paid less than a dime. I saw prices go a little lower but that was the lowest I paid. Then the state passed a law saying you can’t sell it for less than you buy it. ASSHOLES!

        1. REVERSE PRICE-GOUGING?!!!1111!!

        2. Robber barrons!!!!!!!!!

          This reminds me to read Hayek’s Capitalism and the Historians. I have never gotten around to it. I really want to get his take on the old robber barons.

          1. Mises institute has a great article on Robber Barons- distinguishing the real entrepreneurs like Rockefeller from the various chronies.

            1. Yeah, some of the robber barons were real asshole cronist villains, specifically the ones whose wealth derived from railroads, while others were genius heroic entrepreneurs, like Carnegie, and to a lesser extent Rockefeller.

              Fucking socialist asshole proggy propaganda has lumped them all together in writing history, cause wealth is evil.

      3. I remember less than $1 some time in the 90s. Still probably isn’t beating that.

        1. 1998. I felt pretty stupid driving my Ford Festiva, but it only cost me something like $3 a week for gas.

          1. I think I may have been driving a Geo Metro. Probably cost me about $1 a week to get to work.

            1. If you made it to work.

        2. 0.79 to 1.00 in northern Illinois late 97 through most of 98

          1. 0.19.9 in cali 1973.

    2. Yup, that is awesome. Doubly so because it makes the watermelons explode and makes every Prius driver look even more stupid than they already are.

      1. It makes green energy companies and their stocks implode. This is poison to the whole Green-Government crony complex.

        1. The government needs to come in and fix this broken capitalizm gone mad! Maybe some quantitative easing is in order.



    4. Yes and no (wife works in O&G industry).

      1. PWND

    5. It was something like $1.39 in 2003.

      1. Back then we didn’t have the twitters and the youtubes and the instergrahams. It was a simpler time.

      2. That’s true. I almost forgot. It really didn’t go over $2 until after Katrina in 2005.

        1. Maybe you were closer to the refineries, but I recall paying $1.80-ish in 2003 or 2004.

  4. And the question on everybody’s minds is… would you kill baby Hitler?

    You know who else was a baby once?

    1. Benjamin Button?

    2. Warty?

      Wait, no, he ages backwards, doesn’t he? Never mind.

    3. PeeWee Herman Paul Reubens?

    4. Experts are calling Hurricane Patricia the most powerful storm in recorded history. It will strike Mexico in a matter of hours.

      Should have built a wall to keep the storm out.

      1. Sorry, misclicked onto Fist’s comment.

    5. Khloe Kardashian?

    6. Obama when he doesn’t get his way?

    7. Kill baby Hitler? What could go wrong? Well, other than the fact that baby Stalin no longer has an arch-nemesis to contest his plans for being Most Evil Human Being Ever.

      1. Baby Mao disagrees.

        1. What’s Baby Pot, chopped liver?

          1. He made a good showing for all his handicaps in lack of numbers of people available to kill and abuse.

        2. Baby Nikki would say that.

      2. Well, other than the fact that baby Stalin no longer has an arch-nemesis to contest his plans for being Most Evil Human Being Ever.


    8. Lou Reed?

      1. Wonder what he’s up to?

    9. The Muppets?

    10. I’d rather kill baby Marx, and hope for the best.

      1. It would probably be better to kill baby Engels.

        1. Good point. Then maybe we’d be able to look back and laugh at the burn out that was Karl Marx.

          1. We could look back on him like that now if not for his cheering section distributed throughout the universities of the world.

  5. You can’t kill baby Hitler.

    1. He’s like Chucky.

    2. “You can’t kill Baby, Hitler.”

      *dialogue stricken from the never-completed “Dirty Dancing: Berlin During the War”*

      1. +1 Achtung Baby

        1. Oh man that was good.

        2. +1 One

          1. +!!!!!1one!111won!111!!eleventy


        Almanian mentioned it once, but I think he got away with it…

    3. No one talks about the dangers of Zombie Hitler.

      1. Danger 5 did…

      2. And don’t forget Hydra!

        1. Hall Hydra!

  6. Experts are calling Hurricane Patricia the most powerful storm in recorded history.

    Yeah, sorry. I forgot to back up 200 years, so… yeah… we only have the last 80. My bad.

    1. Also add, in the Western Hemisphere to make landfall on Mexico’s Pacific coast.

      1. Phbbbbt… detailsweather!

      2. And the strongest storm except for the stronger ones called cyclones or typhoons.

    2. Last 50, since we’ve had satellites up. We had no real clue before that.

    3. They are naming snow storms now. Don’t expect any sense of perspective from the weather people.

      Still a pretty awesome storm, though. And from what I’ve read it seems to be at least on par with the biggest Typhoons and other pacific storms too.

      1. I think it’s only Weather Channel doing that. Self-promoting bastards.

        1. I find it very irritating. It snows in the winter. It’s not a fucking crisis when it does.

          1. It is a crisis–if it’s in Boston. My personal theory is that Boston would still be a candidate city for the 2024 Olympics if not for the snowmageddon.

            1. Well, lucky for them. I can’t imagine anything worse that could happen to Boston than hosting the Olympics. Maybe that’s a bit hyperbolic, but how can anyone who has ever been in Boston (or observed the Big Dig) think that is a good idea?

              1. how can anyone who has ever been in Boston (or observed the Big Dig) think that is a good idea?

                Apparently most of my neighbors who had plans to rent out their condos for big bucks during the Olympics. Our building would be within walking distance to many Olympic locations. We had a HOA meeting the day after the Boston candidacy was withdrawn.

      2. They are naming snowstorms? Would these be the same chicken littles who, ten years ago, were telling us that snow would be a thing of the past soon because of global warming?

        1. The next one should be named Eric Clapton or Keith Richards.

  7. But “insiders” say Trump getting the nomination is more likely than ever.

    Those insiders, always with information none of the rest of us have somehow!

    1. Read Scott Adams’ blog. He makes a good case for not just the nomination, but a landslide election. He’s even predicting 65% of the vote, which seems absurdly high to me, but he’s been right on Trump so far.

      1. I’ll pass on reading some guy’s blog.

        1. “Some guy”? He’s the cartoonist and writer who does Dilbert, and he’s a trained hypnotist and quite knowledgeable about the psychology of persuasion.

  8. And the question on everybody’s minds is… would you kill baby Hitler?

    I don’t know. Would Jew?

    1. *Hebrews a cuppa coffee and thinks it over*

      1. You have your coffee Yahweh and I’ve mine mah way.

        1. Auschwitzed my opinion on this.

  9. You know who else wouldn’t kill baby Hitler?

    1. August Kubizek?

    2. Hitler’s mom?

    3. Norman Bates?

    4. Baby Haj Amin al-Husseini?

    5. A dingo?

    6. Abu Bakr al Baghdadi?

  10. Nobody puts Baby Hitler in the corner.

    1. Temporal Planned Parenthood does.

      1. Which begs the greater question – what happens when they sell the Baby Hitler body parts?

        1. Adolf Fronkenshteen?

  11. Hillary Clinton in great shape after Benghazi hearing.

    Nothing stops the Botox Brigade!

    Mitt Romney admits that Romneycare laid the groundwork for Obamacare.

    In other news: Romney admits he lost his bid for the presidency in 2012.

    Hey, one thing at a time. At least he is catching up!

    And the question on everybody’s minds is… would you kill baby Hitler?

    You mean all of them? Or just baby Adolf?

  12. A new Republican frontrunner? Ben Carson is ahead of Donald Trump in a new Iowa poll.

    Clearly Iowans don’t want to Make America Great Again.

    1. Trump said they have brain damage from teh cornz – Iowans are just naturally turning to a neuro doc for help.


    2. I have seen zero Trump stickers/signs/buttons hats in my area (Ames) – a spattering of Rand and a few Carson.

      1. I saw a Trump sign go up in front of a house near where I work. It’s the first one I’ve seen.

        I saw somebody on Twitter mention it the other day, and it seems true: Carson’s constituency seems to be the same constituency that Huckabee had in 2012. Trump’s seems to be made up entirely of people who won’t vote.

      2. Hmm, I’m in Ames and see more Bernie signs than anything else.

        1. Although there are some Carson billboards along the freeway in Des Moines.

  13. Hey, did yall hear about baby Hitler?

    1. Stop it, you’re killing, um, ……….

    1. + Scott Ian’s beard

  14. Why Young North Koreans Are Daring to Wear Skinny Jeans

    She tells me about the time she was caught by youth informants for wearing a form-fitting outfit, which had been smuggled from the South.

    “They draw a line on the street, and make you stand there, while they tear at your clothes as people walk by. To make an example of you,” she explains. Jeans were seen as a symbol of American imperialism?and girls caught wearing them would have holes punctured in them to keep them from being worn again. Hair that was too long was also cut on the spot, she says.

    Danbi adds that if you’re caught five or six times, that’s when you’re sent to do forced labor, unless you have the connections and resources to pay a bribe.

    1. Try this brilliant comment on for size:

      Christopher Michael Ripple

      Great, she is now free to buy what the west is selling…. don’t get me wrong but switching loyalty from one totalitarian regime to whatever you call the western US led conglomerate of death and consumerism… doesn’t sound like a real great choice if you ask me. I got free so I could be consumer slave doesn’t make much sense… or perhaps I am making to basic a premise?

      Nah, I don’t get you wrong — I know full well that you are a barely-literate buffoon.

      1. This guy is probably pissed he didn’t get to Cuba sooner too.

      2. That’s hilarious. /spins propeller on beanie.


      4. The people who make excuses for Communism or otherwise minimize its horrors are just as evil as Holocaust deniers.

        1. They’re not just making excuses for Communism, they’re deflecting criticism of mass murder. Because it’s a-ok.

        2. The endless omelet bar is always open.

      5. Stop trying to excuse the atrocities committed by skinny jeans, Carl.

    2. Christopher Michael Ripple ? 11 days ago
      Great, she is now free to buy what the west is selling…. don’t get me wrong but switching loyalty from one totalitarian regime to whatever you call the western US led conglomerate of death and consumerism… doesn’t sound like a real great choice if you ask me. I got free so I could be consumer slave doesn’t make much sense… or perhaps I am making to basic a premise?

    3. Because someone told them – in jest – that they represent a statement of rebellion in the West.

      Poor bastards.

    4. “They draw a line on the street, and make you stand there, while they tear at your clothes as people walk by. To make an example of you,

      If North Korea weren’t so fuckin’ scary, it’d be a laugh-riot.

    5. Ironically, the holes just make the jeans more stylish.

    6. Doesn’t poking holes in them make them more cooler ?

      1. Also when they throw acid at you.

  15. Would you kill baby Hitler?

    Would you? Could you? With a gun?

    Would you? Could you? Just for fun?

    I would not kill baby Hitler – not with a gun, not for fun. I would not kill baby Hitler, Summer of Sam I Am.

    1. Go on …

      Would you? Could you? With a knife?

      Would you? Could you? A slice of life?

      1. I would not kill him in his crib.
        I would not kill him in his bib.
        I would not kill him here or there.
        I would not kill him any Wehr.

  16. Supergirl, Wicked City Round Out TV Premiere Season: Wicked City offers libertine noir; Supergirl crash lands. By Glenn Garvin

    I will wait until the new season of Agent Carter to start watching TV drama in prime time again, if you don’t mind. Thank you.

    1. +1 Hayley Atwell

    2. I’m surprised some people aren’t creaming their pants over the Jessica Jones trailer. Is Kristen Ritter no longer a thing here?

  17. I heard Bill O’Reilly’s next book is gonna be

    “Killing Hitler”

    *drops mic – leaves stage to thunderous applause*

    1. I’m really disappointed that O’Reilly hasn’t gone with “Killing William Henry Harrison” yet

  18. If you’re going to kill the damn thing may as well fuck it first.

    1. You’re talking about Hurricane Patricia or Romneycare?

      1. It’s quite clear A C was referring to the new Iowa poll.

        1. Bitch, please!

          He’s talking about Baby Hitler

          You’re KILLING IT, Agile!

          1. I didn’t mention that after baby Hitler was fucked I was going to use your woodchipper to finish the genocidal sperm-soaked infant. Shitty of me, I realize this, Al. But I planned on returning the woodchipper first thing in the morning. I swear.

        2. Kids, AC operates on another astral plane entirely. We have little hope of grasping the full complexity. A concerted attempt can even leave one with brain damage.

          1. Meh, I thought I saw you glide by one night. The fucking stars were streaming from your green hair and you had these glasses that said ‘FUCK ME’ in blinking lights. I didn’t think it strange the fuck at all. The two 9-inch long candy-cane colored motherfucking dicks poking from your platinum shiny space pants was goddamn genius though.

  19. I don’t think Romney “admitted” or “took responsibility” quite conveys the message – “bragged about” and “took credit for” is closer to the meaning.

  20. China Turns to Online Courses, and Mao, in Pursuit of Soft Power

    Karla Cabrera, a 29-year-old lawyer in Mexico City, was excited when she came across “Introduction to Mao Zedong Thought,” an online course about the Chinese revolutionary leader. She has a passion for Chinese history, and she hoped the class would shed light on the brutal political battles that took place under Mao’s rule.

    But when Ms. Cabrera began watching the lectures on edX, a popular online education platform owned and administered by Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, she was disappointed.

    Each class opened with a patriotic video montage. Talk of Mao’s errors was minimal, restricted to the Communist Party line. The professor, a faculty member at Tsinghua, one of China’s most prestigious universities, seemed eager to mimic Mao himself, dressing in a tunic suit and referring to Maoism as a “magic bullet” for the party.

    I wish this

      1. He’s just come from a re-education camp and can only speak in quotes from Chairman Mao’s little red book

      2. Oops, heh.

        I was typing “I wish this piece had comments enabled, so I could see what ridiculous excuses American progressives would make.”

    1. They had better be careful. If some modern day commie zealots discover that nobody in China follows Mao’s little red book anymore, there could be some…unintended consequences.

    2. Mao killed how many millions? It’s too bad Hitler lost a major war, otherwise there’d be a cadre of leftists openly expounding the virtues contained in Mein Kampf to this day, like his philosophy has something to offer.

      1. I’d bet money that if today’s leftists weren’t so heavily invested in their anti-racist facade, they’d be waxing nostalgic over Nazism and calling it “a good system that just got the wrong people in charge”.

        1. They do, but they just call it something else. “Partnering with government,” “smart growth,” regulation, and the like. Pretty much anything Hillary, Obama, etc. advocate for the businesses they endorse to exist vs. the ones they are at war with.

  21. Just need to laugh once again on Romney being called a right wing extremist when he was the biggest lukewarm centrist imaginable.

  22. Norwegian mass murderer Breivik suing over inhumane prison conditions.…..a-18802527

    1. “He’s only had contact with his mother a short time before she died.”

      Meh. He only had contact with the 77 people he killed a short time before they died.

      1. And they had no contact with their mothers before they were killed.

      2. Seriously. He permanently altered the lives of 77 people and their familes/friends.

        He should go fuck himself but something tells me ‘compassionate’ Norway will make sure he gets whatever he’s asking for.

    2. Offer him an American prison as an alternative. I bet he’d change his tune pretty quickly.
      Isn’t he only going to serve 30 years or something too?

      1. … but here, he’d get pork on the menu and cheap phone calls.

        1. And the shit kicked out of him daily (not that I’m in favor of that sort of thing).

          1. But no sauerkraut. That would suck.

      2. The self-proclaimed militant nationalist is serving a 21-year sentence

        OK. I’m as convinced as anyone that – at least in America – we need prison reform. But this… my God.

    3. One of the few times I am sad that the death penalty isn’t an option.

  23. Kirchner Locks in Her Model in Argentina

    One of the most controversial and radical moves implemented during the populist rule of Cristina Fern?ndez de Kirchner in Argentina was the nationalization of private pension funds in 2008.

    Not only did the government seize $29.3 billion in pension savings but, since the private pension funds owned stock in a multitude of companies, the government also seized that stock and used it to appoint cronies to their boards.

    Tellingly, the Argentine government has also drafted legislation that would limit the extraordinary executive powers that the presidency has accumulated since the Kirchner couple came to power in 2003 (Cristina was preceded by her husband Nestor). But don’t count on Cristina discovering her inner Montesquieu. The Kirchner administration has signaled that the bill would be approved only if an opposition candidate wins the election.

    1. Heil Kirchner! Seriously though, those policies are the epitome of fascism.

    2. The opposition can’t get a majority in parliament to change the laws back?

    3. Of course US Democrats are thinking: “What a great idea!”

      1. They have been talking openly about it. Yes.

    4. Aww, I hoped you were talking about some other kind of Argentinian model…

    5. “South America is totally free!” – Cytotoxic

      1. STFU. Stop attacking strawmen.

        1. Don’t take it away from him, it’s all he has left :'(

  24. Hurricane Patricia is *not* the most powerful storm in history, and the media saying that keeps repeating it for some reason. It’s the most powerful storm in history IN THE EASTERN PACIFIC OCEAN. There’s been at least half a dozen storms in the Western Pacific with sub-880 mb pressures.

    Also, when it comes to “most powerful storm in history”, it means the most powerful storm in the last 50 years (satellite era). We have no clue of much of anything before that unless it happened to pass right over a ship (and the ship survived) or if it hit land at peak intensity (like the 1935 Labor Day hurricane in Key West) And even since then, there were probably more powerful storms that they didn’t fly planes into because they weren’t hitting land.

    1. Your facts and such are all well and good, but we’ve got a fucking narrative to push, OK? So kindly sit down and shut up.

    2. Galviston in the early 20th century was scraped clean. That had to be a big one.

      1. It was a big one and the barometric pressure dropped as low as 28.5.

        However it needn’t have killed nearly as many of the 8 thousand killed. Bureaucratic power in Washington was the cause of the extreme death toll. The best hurrricane predictors at the time were some jJesuit priests in Havana. They were so good in fact the the head of the US Weather Service ordered their telegraphs blocked from entering the US. He predicted the storm was going to Florida. Havana had just had the storm pass over and tried to telegraph the US that it was headed straight to the Texas Gulf Coast. Their info was blocked and even after the storm didn’t hit Florida teh US bureaucrat head insisted it wasn”t going to Texas. As a result no one was evacuated when they could have been by rail days before the storm hit. Eight thousand dead.

        1. Heckuva job!

  25. I was out all day yesterday, and I am glad I decided to scroll through the AM Links that I missed.

    SugarFree is a true artist. Trump’s hat and hair are two inspired characters.

  26. Also…


    There’s usually no lighting during hurricanes.


    1. The lightning represents Trump. It’s Soave, after all.

      1. Can’t tell from the alt-text.

    2. Ah, but this is the most powerful storm in recorded history. It might even cause a fucking earthquake before it’s done.

      1. I’ve seen the HAARP conspiracy theorists all over this. Rapid intensification + a bunch of small earthquakes in Mexico lately = US government is attacking Mexico for some reason with HAARP! Has Trump been elected already?

        1. Wouldn’t it be funny if that was really what’s happening?

            1. Oh, you’re no fun anymore.

    3. Is that true? I thought there was.

    4. Look JB, it is a mute point! You need to tow the fucking lion around here. For all intensive porpoises only Nicole can be the worst. So stop cause you are literally killing me.

  27. Darn. Forgot to ask. What’s your opinion on microcredit?

  28. From the nerdgasm dept:

    J.R.R. Tolkien: Author’s Annotated Map of Middle-Earth Discovered in Copy of ‘Lord of the Rings’

    Tolkien’s map was found in a copy of the novel owned by illustrator Pauline Baynes, multiple publications reported. The map also shows that Hobbiton is on the same latitude as Oxford, England.

  29. Hey, at least we’re not still talking about whether the Galactic Empire is actually the good guys.

    If it hadn’t been for Jedi interference, Palpatine’s plans for High-Speed HyperdriveRail would have been reality by now!

    1. What is blowing up a couple of your own inhabited planets anyway?

  30. And the question on everybody’s minds is… would you kill baby Hitler?

    But what’s really on everyone’s mind is; would it be legal to sell his dismembered body for parts?

    1. You mean to make some kind of Frankenstein’s monster version of Hitler?

      1. That doesn’t make any sense. You’d just be reassembling the same parts.

        1. Only if it’s the only dismembered baby on offer. Use a little imagination.

    2. What if they had used his stem cells? What if some fetus becomes the stem cells behind millions of lab grown organs, but had that fetus lived would have been the next Hitler??? We would never even know!!!

      1. Well it would be pretty obvious whenever you talked to him about politics (meaning he’d be a Republican)

        1. I mean the recipient of the evil-infused Hitler organs

    3. I’d do it.

  31. What if you put baby Hitler’s brain in the body of a shark?

    1. If the shark was Jewish I see the beast fashioning an elevator to space from coral and old battleships and the fish bitch would shimmy up this contraption and swim off into space. Jewish space shark with a fucking baby Hitler brain. Two thousand years later huge fucking shark ships come floating back to earth with menorahs plastered all over the sides.

        1. Movie ? Hah.

          It would be a documentary.

  32. I just wanted to remind everyone that tomorrow is United Nations Day.

    1. I have no connections so I can’t take a bribe to celebrate. I guess I’ll just have to double partk.

  33. Lost another one of my heroes today. =/

    Murphy Anderson: DC Comics Artist Reportedly Dies at 89

    Anderson died Friday morning, multiple publications reported. The comic book artist was known for illustrating several characters, including Hawkman, Batgirl, Zatanna and the Spectre.

    Most of my steamer trunk full of comics were late Silver Age through 70s DC: Anderson, Swan, Giordano, Aparo… damn.

  34. For time-travel murders, my #1 pick these days would be Muhammad. Imagine the last 1200 years of the Middle East with only Christians, Jews, and pagans. I think the death and oppression that would prevent probably exceeds Hitler’s by now, and certainly will once the next 50 years are added in.

    My #2 choice would be Marx, and without the USSR, the Nazis would likely never have taken power. People forget how much of Nazi support came from people reacting to the Soviets.

    1. Good candidates. But with our luck, something even worse would have happened.

      1. It’s like he doesn’t even read science fiction.

    2. Good stuff. Definitely agree on Muhammed. It’s hard to imagine a scenario where things would have been worse without that shitbag religion.

      1. Or it may be that the place and time was just ripe for a shitbag religion and someone else would have come up with something at least as bad. I don’t really have all that hard a time imagining something different but as bad or worse than Islam. That sort of thing doesn’t just happen without a bunch of people being around who are willing and able to make it happen. Unless you really believe Mohammed is what he claimed to be, it’s hard not to think that someone else probably would have done something similar. Starting a religion that claims the right to dominate the whole world is a good way to get an empire going.

        1. Starting a religion that claims the right to dominate the whole world is a good way to get an empire going.

          Well that’s just the thing, there’s no shortage of religious claimants to the world it. They rarely get off the ground. The secret of Islam’s early success wasn’t that people were crying out for a new religion, it was the arrows of recently unified Bedouin and Arab tribes, galvanized by a powerful war leader. I think the place and time were ripe for a new empire, expanding mostly at the expense of the Greco-Romans in the Levant, but I don’t think it was “ripe for a religion”.

    3. “Imagine the last 1200 years of the Middle East with only Christians, Jews, and pagans”

      It would probably be about as bloody and violent. The Arabs were killing each other before Islam. Christian Arabs hate the Jews too.

      1. But what happens with the Arabs without Islam as a uniting force?

        A huge swath of history would be completely different, what would fill in the vacuum is an interesting speculation.

        1. They would kill each other-like they do now. Islam did have the effect of unifying them, but not always for the worse. The Muslim Caliph (at least in Spain) in the early middle ages was a superior civilization to European Christendom (Byzantine Empire excepted)

          1. Maybe “not always for the worst,” but 99% of the time for the worst, and the remainder isn’t good enough to make the rest worthwhile.

      2. Religion was just a justification for men doing what they would have done anyways

    4. I’d stick a pick in the neck of god for creating us all in the first place. But, since I’m an atheist I think I’ll kill a number of six-packs tonight. Fucking time machines are goddamn worse than an overdose.

    5. Sorry Papaya, Muhammed was a product of his culture, not the other way about.

      1. This. That’s why Islam spread so fast: it appealed to the love of warrior violence already present in that culture.

      2. No, individuals do matter in history. Of course Muhammad was shaped by his culture, but he was one particular caravan robber who had a lot of visions and the charisma to start a religion. Remove him, and I doubt if some other caravan robber would have a lot of visions and the charisma to start the same religion.

    6. I’d go back 6,000 years and kill Eve before she gave Adam the apple.

      1. I’d kill the snake and fuck Eve.

        1. I’d fuck the snake if you hold its head.

          1. At least, that’s what everybody tells me.

  35. Foreign Policy (FP) has put out a hit piece on Honduras’s ZEDEs.…..and-grabs/

    “Carmen Aguilar, local coordinator for the Black Fraternal Organization of Honduras (OFRANEH), said in an interview that the money is lining the pockets of the wealthy, not trickling down to the local communities. As OFRANEH characterized it in a statement”

    Great point, except for the problematic fact that the ZEDEs haven’t even been put in place yet.

    When ever you are tempted to use FP as a source or see someone else doing so, keep in mind that this is a mag that seriously describes the 2009 Honduran revolution as a ‘coup’ and seriously describes post-‘coup’ Honduras as ‘extremely neoliberal’. This is a magazine that also white washes hard for Hillary judging from the sidebar stories.

  36. The Obama administration doesn’t want the U.S. Supreme Court to take the case of the Little Sisters of the Poor. These nuns face crippling fines under Obamacare for failing to provide “free” contraceptives to their employees.

    The administration thinks that the Court should use a different case to consider the legality of the contraceptive mandate. The Little Sisters of the poor are too…sympathetic. And others agree:

    “Gretchen Borchelt, vice president for Health and Reproductive Rights at the National Women’s Law Center [says the Little Sisters case]…presents the image “of the government going against what is seen as a group of nuns,” she said, although she adds that “what’s really at stake is their employees.””

    1. Wxhat is really at stake is the federal government’s authority to micromanage employer-employer relations and the Dem’s desire to impose their moral viewpoint on everyone.

    2. Uh huh. It would never occur to Obama that it looks like the government going up against what is seen as a bunch of nuns is because the government is going up against a bunch of nuns.

      Bullys really don’t like for people to see them for what they are.

      Where is the commie pope in all this?

      1. I don’t know, but the *real* Pope visited them

  37. Hmmm…you know who else killed children for fear they’d grow up and become dangerous?

    1. That is easy. Margaret Sanger.

  38. From the Taibbi article:

    “But there is one overriding principle that does animate and define the Clinton campaign, and that’s keeping Republicans out of office. For years, this has been the Democratic Party’s stock answer for every sordid legislative compromise, every shameless capitulation to expediency, every insulting line of two-faced stump rhetoric offered to get over: We have to do this to beat the Republicans.

    I never bought that argument, for a lot of reasons, but Trey Gowdy made it look pretty good Thursday. Those idiots represent everything that is wrong not just with the Republican Party, but with modern politics in general. It’s hard to imagine a political compromise that wouldn’t be justified if its true aim would be to keep people like those jackasses out of power.”

    Yep. Thanks a lot Tea Party asshole for electing Hillary fucking Clinton. You guys are awesome.

    Read more:…..z3pQr0k6gO
    Follow us: @rollingstone on Twitter | RollingStone on Facebook

    1. So, would Rolling Stone say that Hillary just got gang-raped?

      1. Speaking of granny porn whatever happened to Fiorina?

    2. “Those idiots represent everything that is wrong not just with the Republican Party, but with modern politics in general.”

      This. How dare they question the Queen ?

      Has Obama’s where abouts during this debacle ever been disclosed ?

      I guess he can afford a little blow these days compared to when he wrote his first autobiography ?

    3. Taibbi, piss off twit, how’s that mortgage thingy going…still want my money to pay your bills…not gonna happen dipshit. Fuck off, leech.

  39. “And the question on everybody’s minds is… would you kill baby Hitler?”

    As usual, wrong question. You travel back to when Hitler is 2 months old, kidnap him, travel back 10 minutes more, and now you have 2 Hitlers. Repeat until you have at least 32 Hitlers, all of approximately the same age. You leave one of them in his crib as a control group, and distribute the other 31 Hitlers to a variety of families and settings. Travel back to the present and analyze the results. Does British Hitler become a successful dentist? Canadian Hitler becomes a shift superviser at Tim Hortons?

    1. So what if you kill baby Hitler and given the same situation Germany was in at the time, someone just as fucked up but with better military skills became the leader of the Nazi party and they end up winning WW2.

    2. “Does British Hitler become a successful dentist”

      Is it safe?

      1. There’s only one way to find out.

        *opens door to DeLorean*

        Where we’re going, we don’t need successful dentists.

        *closes DeLorean door*

    3. Not quite what you want, but: The Iron Dream.

  40. American Hitler would become the governor of New Jersey.

    1. I hate the usps. Lazy and worthless.

    2. And another libertarian is born.

  41. I wouldn’t kill baby Hitler.. I’d kill the Kaiser before he could start world war one, and Hitler could just grow up to be a failed artist who dies from alcoholism.


  42. would you kill baby Hitler?

    I believe there is at least one alternate history story where killing baby Hitler results in someone more competent taking the lead of NSDAP/Germany and conquering the world.

    1. I’ve also read a novel where a time traveler tells young Hitler about an inheritance supposedly bestowed upon him by a distant relative in America… and buys him a ticket to Titanic.

  43. Then the Titanic doesn’t sink because he sees the iceberg because he’s doggie-styling Kate Winslet on the bow. He goes to America and becomes the American Homer Winslow, and dies on a large estate. He later donates his farmland to the local government and it is named Hitler County Park. He eventually becomes known as the “German Andrew Wyeth”.

  44. *Austrian Andrew Wyeth

  45. “Dear Diary, another unnerving experience today, as I was leaving my Vienna hostel I heard a shot and a bullet whizzing past my ear. The gunman cursed as his weapon jammed, and then he entered some kind of rectangular box and everything disappeared. I must have been imagining things.

    “Dear Diary, some madman with a knife attacked a guy named Schmidt, who looks like me, and repeatedly cursed my name as he was doing it. In the middle of the attack, after Schmidt kept protesting that he wasn’t me, the attacker apologized and left. The cops chased him, but the would-be assassin walked through some kind of door which appeared in the middle of the street, and both door and attacker vanished into thin air. Is someone after me?

    “Dear Diary, as I was leaving the opera, this guy pressed a gun to my temple and started babbling about avenging his people or something like that. Then he started weeping and said if he killed me he’d be just like me, and then he vanished like all the others. Perhaps I am going mad?

    “Dear Diary, today some dude invited me out for a beer. He asked me if I’d been experiencing a lot of people trying to kill me. I said yes, and he said that ‘there’s a really long line.’ Then he said that instead of trying to kill me he’d try to ‘reason me out of it,’ whatever ‘it’ was. Asked me what I thought about the Jews, and said they’re really very nice if I got to know them. Showed me a bunch of photos of Jewish children. It’s a pity I’ll have to kill them all.”

  46. Experts are calling Hurricane Patricia the most powerful storm in recorded history.

    And like on cue, the storm fizzled out right after running against the Sierra Madre mountains.

    So much for “most powerful storm in recorded history” according to the experts.

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