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Anti-Feminist Speaker Suzanne Venker Reinvited to Speak at Williams College, Declines

Hosts were uncomfortable caving to the discomforted


Suzanne Venker

Organizers of the "Uncomfortable Learning" speaking series at Williams College told me that they have decided to re-invite Suzanne Venker to speak on campus.

Venker, a conservative author and social critic who describes herself as an anti-feminist, was initially scheduled to give a lecture, but the informal student group cancelled her appearance in the wake of vicious criticism from other members of campus. Group Co-President Zach Wood was accused of "dipping your hands in the blood" of marginalized people by inviting someone like Venker to speak, which persuaded him that the lecture shouldn't take place.

Wood has since changed his mind.

"Suzanne Venker has been re-invited to Williams," he said in an email to Reason. "However, she has yet to confirm whether or not she'd like to come this spring."

Venker, however, doesn't think she will accept.

"No plans to accept since my speech has just been published, and the students can effectively see what I was going to say," she said in an email to Reason. "Plus I can't muster writing another speech anytime soon. As I say, it's no small thing and I'm already behind on a book I'm writing."

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  1. Violated.

  2. To paraphrase a friend:

    – if I don’t want to smoke, I don’t buy cigarettes
    – If progderp stormtroopers don’t want to smoke, they get the government to ban cigarettes

    – if I don’t like guns, I don’t buy them or go to the range
    – if progderp stormtroopers don’t like guns, they get the government to limit or ban them

    – etc.

    If these assholes are afraid of/don’t want to hear/hate/find danagerous Ms. Venker, or ANY OTHER FUCKING SPEAKER….just don’t go.

    Fuck these fucking fucks. Fuck.

    1. Selfishness is not living how you would, but demanding others live how you would. (paraphrased)

    2. They didn’t find her dangerous; they found the dissenters dangerous and concluded it might not be worth the risk or the cost of providing security.

      1. Same effect.

        The rioters veto.

        I don’t believe pussy little college kids in their Safe Spaces? have the balls to truly become dangerous. Except to taxpayers’ wallets and their parents’ 401Ks….

      2. And my point is about the “protesters”, not the group who invited/cancelled her. THEY clearly think she’s “dangerous” – the insufferable pussies.

      3. Exactly, that’s why you’re not allowed to draw cartoons of Muhammed, those bitches be crazy!

    3. And if you don’t want to be murdered, are you ok with others being murdered? Because if you merely stop from being murdered yourself, and do nothing about the murderer, then you are an accessory to murder.

  3. I had a date in junior-high-school that was only slightly less complex than this.

    1. She didn’t let you touch her boob?

      1. it was more like

        – jenny’s friend says jenny likes you why don’t you ask her to the prom
        gilmore shrugs and asks
        – jenny’s friend says mike already asked jenny and you were too late
        gilmore shrugs and moves on
        – jenny’s friend says jenny’s mad at you for not asking again
        gilmore getting mildly annoyed
        – jenny’s friend says mike is going to beat you up for making jenny mad
        gilmore gets beat up
        – jenny feels really bad you got beat up and wonders if you want to go to the prom
        gilmore has developed twitch when he hears name “jenny”
        – mike called and said he’s sorry jenny said you called him gay
        – jenny later decides going to the prom with gilmore is a non starter because gilmore has a black eye and dad will think he’s a bad kid so she goes to the prom with Timmy
        – mike and gilmore beat the shit out of timmy at the prom
        – gilmore makes out with jenny after mike gets thrown out for beating up timmy and no one else is left so why the hell not

        1. Go on….

          1. Does he have to? This is more tedious than rufus.


              Um, I mean….never mind…

            2. I’M IN THE ROOM.

        2. With the latest round of “I have $100 million student debt, Masters in Women’s Studies and can only work Starbucks” derp, my sardonic response was “if you actually mastered Women’s Studies, you’d never want for money. PUAs make a mint pretending to explain women to desperate men, having actual information would be worth gold.”

          Then I read something this and think it’s a viable business proposition.

        3. Will I believe what happened next?

          1. Gilmore wrote this up in the section of his memoirs entitled “Where I began my dangerous flirtation with sticking it in crazy.”

  4. The safe space would probably turn unsafe as soon as they ran out of milk, cookies and coloring books.

    1. Coloring books are tools of oppression what with all the lines you’re supposed to stay inside of and correct colors you’re supposed to use.

      1. And those better be gluten-free cookies and vegan soymilk, mister!

        1. Vegan soymilk sounds redundant… but I guess I wouldn’t know, you filthy hippie.

          1. You can’t be too careful… in a SafeSpace?.

          2. Even a little bit ‘Invisible Pink Unicorn’, redundant.

          3. Vegan soymilk sounds redundant


          4. Non-vegan soymilk is contaminated because it was once in a plastic container.

      2. My coloring books only accept white crayons

    2. The feminist / SJW crowd really are emotionally disturbed people. Under stress those can be very dangerous people.

  5. When your head is completely full of shit so that you can’t formulate coherent arguments or even single sensible thoughts then your only option is to shout down or bar your opponents from speaking.

  6. To get a break from the idiocy of today, check this out. A friend of mine turned me on to them. They are called CS Lewis in Doodles. This is the one on Chapter I of The Abolition of Man “Men Without Chests”. They are very cool.

    1. This film contains the wonderful phrase “the prototypical urban blockhead”.

      1. And its counterpart “the trousered ape”.

    2. Now, if only the Space Trilogy were doodled like that….

      1. It is so cool. What a brilliant idea. And my God what a great essayist Lewis was. He just tears his opponents apart but does so in a way that never sounds mean or vindictive. He really was the ideal English professor. You just feel unworthy reading him.

        1. Thank you, that was great!

  7. Group Co-President Zach Wood was accused of “dipping your hands in the blood” of marginalized people

    You mean this isn’t how you cleanse yourself of the stain of oppression? That’s a shame, it worked wonders on my dry skin.

    1. These people are nothing but uniformed apes. They can’t even speak the language anymore or form coherent thoughts.

      1. They are not uninformed. They are misinformed. They are the product of lefty brainwashing. Producing people who can’t speak the language or form coherent thoughts is the goal.

        1. IIIIIIIII’m gonna argue this just a bit. Yes, they’re “mis”-informed, but ALSO “un”-unformed since, definitionally, they refuse to listen to certain inputs. Thus, they actively refuse to learn or hear certain ideas. Literally “uninformed” about certain things.

          Now, if those were things I disagreed with, then it would be OK…..

          But if it’s something I LIKE, well….the ignorant fucks just want to go around with 1/2 the information they need!

          /human nature.

        2. I think he said uniformed, as in apes with clothes. Planet of notwithstanding, they don’t form coherent sentences as a rule.

    2. +1 Bathory Erszebet

  8. Plus I can’t muster writing another speech anytime soon.

    That decodes as, “I cannot muster a single fuck to give about these worthless children.”

    1. I translated it to be a simple ‘fuck off’ directed at Williams.

  9. Group Co-President Zach Wood was accused of “dipping your hands in the blood” of marginalized people by inviting someone like Venker to speak, which persuaded him that the lecture shouldn’t take place.

    There can be no greater crime in the world than dipping one’s hands in the blood of marginalized rich Marxians who fancy themselves “victims” of the patriarchy. The Group Co-President’s outrage is understandable.

    1. No, no, no. One is not dipping one’s hands in the blood of rich Marxist children. The blood is that of hypothetical, agency-free constructs assumed by said Marxists to exist, somewhere, in a state of fragile semi-existence, in need of said Marxists’ protection, guidance, and advocacy.

      1. In this particular case I think it was trans/femme brown people something something

      2. The blood is that of hypothetical, agency-free constructs

        Which is precisely what a debate is about.

        While, on the one hand, I do feel sorry for Zach Wood. On the other, his ‘opponents’ said the word blood and he shit his pants. So I have trouble seeing how his being covered in blood *and* shit is anyone’s fault but his own.

  10. Group Co-President Zach Wood was accused of “dipping your hands in the blood” of marginalized people

    One can only assume the person responsible for this vile terroristic and eliminationist rhetoric was summarily ejected from school.

    1. If you believe they were tossed out, I have a wonderful bargain for you…

  11. The phrase “Uncomfortable Learning” enrages me with the red-hot fury of the ?lfh??nar. The only thing that makes said learning “uncomfortable” is the pain of cognitive dissonance these little pea-brained fascists feel when they encounter something they disagree with at what is supposed to be the physical agora in which the grand marketplace of ideas is situated.

    1. ^^THIS^^

      What the fuck is “uncomfortable” about considering differing points of view? Its only uncomfortable if you are closed minded ape.

      1. I watched Crossfire one time. I nearly died of a stroke.

      2. One considers different points of view when one is interested in refining their knowledge. The left has no interest in that. For the left there is only narrative. They don’t distinguish between truth or lie. Either something agrees with their narrative or it does not.

    2. Your syncretism of Norse and Greek symbology is triggering.

      1. +1 WTF?

    3. “the red-hot fury of the ?lfh??nar. “

      Which reminds me = I saw Naomi Wolf speak when i was in college. I even read her book. And then forgot everything she said because BOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRING.

    4. My theory for today is that they are terrified that they might be convinced that what they currently believe is wrong. And then their friends wouldn’t like them anymore. I actually had a lefty friend come close to admitting that one time.

  12. Good for her.

    Fuck them.

    Big babies.

  13. On occasional days the best fucking place to party is within the bone walls, man. Leaves are dying, trees are crying. Plants are carcasses and the ground stares up at you with empty eyes. On these days you step inside… inside the bone walls, man. The fucking bleached and windswept eerie empire of lights and visions. Outside the earth is dormant. Inside the bone walls the earth will dance with you while nightmares bleed from your parallel selves.

  14. Jesus fucking Christ. When did being an irredeemable pussy become a prerequisite for attending college? If you don’t like what the woman’s saying, refute it or don’t listen, don’t deny others the ability to make up their own minds.When these whiny bitches get out into the real world they’ll get quite a wake up call.

  15. Although I really couldn’t care either way, I can’t help but be reminded of this clip

    1. I saw a number of articles over the past year pointing out, “There are not always 2 equal sides to every debate”…

      …unfortunately, more than half of them were about Climate Change, and why its actually *not completely unreasonable* to make it a crime to disagree with the prevailing anti-capitalist Doomsday Narrative

      …but others (none of which i can find immediately) were more about the media’s consistent employment of “Balance Fallacy”, which gives undeserved merit to arguments that don’t have any actual facts on their side (e.g. in the case of say anti-GMO measures)

  16. Group Co-President Zach Wood was accused of “dipping your hands in the blood”

    Zach Woods!?

    Oh, no, slightly different names.

  17. Feminists don’t want to admit that at least some women would be happier in the kitchen. Most Americans don’t like their jobs anyway, so for many women, they may find that minding the home is an improvement to their lifestyle.

  18. And: we really want to spend 30,000+ on our kids education so they can grow up to be opinionated pompous ass’s. When the far lefts ideas finally destroy this nation the first thing the mobs are going to do is kill the liberal professors, news media and politicians. It will be France and Russia all over again. I only hope I live long enough to watch.

  19. Does anyone realize that Progressivism and Conservitism are the bastard childern of Classical Liberalism. Ignorant people took the parts they liked and want the State to force their views on others. Rather than worry about others views it might be a better idea if the people started focusing on the blatant corruption of our political class. One thing I have learn. Statism and freedom are not compatible.

  20. I’m offended?

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  23. As a former Williams College political science professor, I would like to point out that the school has a long-standing history of discouraging conservative ideas. For my take on what it was like to be the token, white, male, conservative on campus in the late 1980’s, please check out the interview I did this week with Jennifer Kabbany, editor, at The College Fix. See,

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