Joe Biden

Joe Biden Not Running for President

The veep says he's out


Joe Biden

In a speech from the White House's Rose Garden, Vice President Joe Biden announced that he will not run for president. That window is forever closed, he said.

Flanked by his wife, Jill, and President Obama, the vice president promised that he would still play an active role in the 2016 Democratic presidential process.

"While I will not be a candidate, I will not be silent," he said.

After declaring that he wouldn't enter the race, Biden talked about the importance of continuing Obama's legacy. He mentioned a variety of liberal policies and seemed to endorse the "free college" plan that candidate Bernie Sanders supports.

"We need to commit to 16 free years of public education," he said.

It was something of an odd I-will-not-run speech. Biden seemed very keen on talking to the country about why he would make a great president. But alas, it was not meant to be.

Earlier this week, Reason's Nick Gillespie considered how dreary a Biden presidency would be for libertarians:

Let's be clear: Joe Biden would be awful from any sort of libertarian perspective. He's a hawk mostly in foreign policy and if he's not quite as awful as the last draft-averse patriot who served as vice president, he's part of one of the two worst administrations this century when it comes to fighting "dumb" wars. On top of that, he's been silent on the issue of domestic surveillance, torture, and other niceities of today's modern warfare.

For virtually his entire career, Biden has been a joke and a punchline, known not simply for dada-esque gaffes but also for cheating while in law school and, inexplicably, plagiarizing biographical details from a British politician during a disastrous White House run in 1988. Then there's the weird stuff during swearing-in ceremonies.

And, of course, Biden's leading role as an architect and enforcer of the drug war.

Of course, the actual Democratic field is pretty depressingly un-libertarian, too.

Watch Reason TV salute Biden, below.

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  1. The fix is in.

    1. Yes it is.

      Obama must have decided that if Hilliary went down at the hands of the FBI she was willing to bring the glass house down on him as well.

      This probably means the FBI investigation will now see no evil and therefore no need for Biden as a backup plan

      Biden must be feeling pretty low right now as he is going to have to abandon his son’s dying wish.

      1. The discussion probably went something like this…….

  2. Dang. I was hoping for Joe to run, solely for purposes of seeing the DOJ get the green light to indict Hillary.

    1. Yeah, this guarantees no prosecution for Hillary. Yay justice!

      1. She never would have been indicted anyway.

        1. This is the cynical view, but I am not so sure, even now.

        2. Most of us expected Barry would clear the way for a Biden presidency once he announced.

          1. I have a feeling Obama isn’t doing shit for anyone that isn’t shoveling money into his post-presidency coffers. Including Uncle Joe and Hillary.

            1. It’s interesting the administration couldn’t see fit for all this time to groom someone to replace Obama. Most likely because that would-be successor would have to share the spotlight for a time.

          2. Barry is a punk-ass bitch. He would get a nosebleed from even trying to contemplate the amount of pull and leverage Hillary has in DC. Whether or not she ever gets the big chair, she will never get her comeuppance.

            1. Whether or not she ever gets the big chair…

              When I read that I thought of Ole Sparky, not the Oval Office.

              1. the Big House, the Big Sleep….only the chair isn’t Big.

            2. Whether or not she ever gets the big chair

              I think you misspelled “empty”.

          3. Barry doesn’t like Biden.

  3. “We need to commit to 16 free years of public education.”

    Yeah, that’ll help.

    He probably would have been the least terrible president, assuming the Republicans hold Congress. If this dooms us to a Clinton presidency, then may God have mercy on his soul.

    1. Meh. Hillary…Trump…I see little net difference.

      1. I could see her EO’ing to close some NFA loophole. Him not.

      2. She would appoint leftists to the Supreme Court, all other judiciary positions, and throughout the bureaucracy. Trump would only do that sometimes.

        1. Trump would appoint different kinds of statists. He hates freedom just as much as she does.

          1. He doesn’t seem to be very good on guns or the 4th amendment or a lot of other things. Not sure we should be terribly optimistic about his court appointments. Of course, we know exactly what kind of people Hillary would appoint.

            1. FWIW, he’s officially come out in favor of things like a national CHL, total opposition to magazine bans, things like that.

              YMMV as to how much you believe in his sincerity. I think he will say anything at all to get elected. How much he’ll actually do after he gets elected? That’s a different question.

              Really surprised about the Biden withdrawal. Evidently Hil and O have enough dirt on each other that neither can let the other fall, even after Hil attains the Presidency. Which leads to the question: just what does Obama have on Hillary that would ensure his safety and lead to her impeachment/imprisonment, even after she becomes President?

              1. But apparently he believes that the President is responsible for enforcing criminal laws in Baltimore and that drug dealers aren’t punished harshly enough. I give no credit to anything he or his campaign says.

      3. Maybe like 2% of my income?

    2. He did have the benefit of being the least competent of the bunch. I really didn’t expect him to be able to get much done. So yes, I was kind of pulling for him, as much as I bother to bring myself to pull for any of these assholes.

    3. More like 18 when you include K and the inevitable Pre-K.

      1. And what’s wrong with Grad school ?

        Maybe they were just holding that back so they had something to give away in the next election cycle.

      2. I’m in WA State. And apparently, we are the test state for Obama’s pre-K program. So the state is hard at work running private day cares out of business.

    4. After we’re finished determining who would be the least worst president can we all talk about our favorite venereal diseases. You know, the least bad one.

  4. What, no story about how Back to the Future was a libertarian franchise?

    Or did I just miss it?

    1. “where we’re going, we don’t need roadzz”

  5. Well, it is Hillary’s turn…

    1. Whenever I hear that, it sounds to me like a well-organized gang rape is underway.

      1. Why do I feel like I’m catching instead of pitching when Hillary is the subject?

        1. You lose either way where Cankles is concerned

  6. “While I will not be a candidate, I will not be silent,” he said.

    Uncle Joe, we wouldn’t want it any other way.

    1. Yes Joe please, speak up! Your words are a bright shining example of how low ones expectations of the intelligence of our ruling class should be.

  7. Am I entitled to a hat tip for this? I’m not sure how that system works, but I want a hat tip


        1. Damn it, I posted this in the AM Links thread and the Paul Ryan thread like an hour ago.

    2. I don’t think you get a hat tip for one of the major news stories of the day. It has to be something that they wouldn’t have noticed otherwise.

      1. Rico wouldn’t have seen this without my assistance!!!!!

  8. Hillary must be relieved that she won’t be going to jail for a fake scandal.

    1. “fake” in that people don’t give a shit, then yes.

  9. He can still be the VP candidate, right? Whoever proposed Biden VP For Life, this is your time to act!

    1. That was me, and I’ll jump into action by…Having no influence on the political process whatsoever!

  10. I’m calling it now: unless the Republicans suffer some kind of amazing implosion (which is always possible, knowing them), they definitely have the White House next term.

    If Biden’s definitely out, then the only realistic Democratic candidates left are Clinton and Sanders. Clinton’s deeply unpopular. Sanders is too old and too much of a crank to win the general election. The history of presidential elections is that the electorate prefers the younger-seeming, more dynamic candidate; and if your candidate is Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, you are not hard to beat on that score.

    Also, the parties tend to forget this lesson themselves, following up a strong candidate with a weak one – Ronald Reagan followed by Bush the Elder (who only won because he was riding Reagan’s coattails and the Democrats nominated the wretched Dukakis), or Bill Clinton followed by the wooden Al Gore – and Obama followed by Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders would fit right into that pattern. Obama’s not popular enough for Clinton or Sanders to ride his coattails like that, and they’re not that closely associated with him anyway.

    1. unless the Republicans suffer some kind of amazing implosion


      I give you…


      1. Soon all the pieces will fall into place, and I will throw my hat into the ring. All goes according to plan.

        (maniacal laughter)

      2. Heh. I honestly don’t think Trump would get the nomination – at some point, the party will begin to close ranks against the weird outsider. If he does get the nomination, I’d call that an amazing implosion! And even then, I’m not sure how the election would go…candidate Trump would probably turn off a lot of people on the right and scare a lot of people on the left into falling solidly in line behind the D candidate. But if Trump got the nomination, I couldn’t rule out him winning, either, which is scary.

        1. at some point, the party will begin to close ranks

          Into a circular firing squad.

      3. I would not underestimate Trump. Scott Adams just predicted that Trump will win the general with 65% of the vote, which I think is way high, but a Trump win is not at all out of the question.

        1. I could see that, if Hillary is the Democrat candidate. Their voter turnout will be incredibly low

          1. Hillary vs Trump means that there is a definite viable 3rd party candidate. Yeah, it’ll probably be Bloomberg, but there will still be a 3rd candidate…

            1. Maybe Webb?

            2. I see a chance for Gary Johnson to make an impact this time around.

        2. Papaya, if Trump gets the nomination, it would conclusively prove that Republicans are too fucking stupid to hold positions of power.

          If Trump ends up as your man, I’ll vote for Hill or Bernie, JUST to punish Republicans.

          1. if Trump gets the nomination

            Not a chance. America largely hates NYC.

            1. Read Scott Adam’s blog on Trump.

        3. Trump is endearing to a bunch of racists/xenophobes and other mouth-breathers that think life is about sticking it The Man (as they define it). Normal America is not interested in participating in this.

          1. …says a Canadian.

            1. Canadian? They have flapping heads and beady eyes! Their economy would be nothing without porn, maple syrup, and Anne Murray record royalties. Although I am a HUGE fan of August Ames’ work though. Really huge, at least until I finish. Then mostly a flaccid fan for about half an hour.

    2. I assume President Rubio is now inevitable.

      1. Oh, it’s evitable.

    3. I agree with all of this except your characterization of Bernie Sanders as “realistic.”

      1. Realistic in the sense that he’s popular among Democrats and could conceivably get the nomination, anyway. It’s a lot more likely that it will be him than that it will be some nobody who’s polling at 1% right now, although frankly I think Clinton will probably get the nomination.

        1. I also think it’s going to be Clinton at this point, but I think that if O’Malley could stop whining about the DNC (publicly, at least) and get his campaign in high gear, he’d actually have a decent shot.

          Sanders is polling strong and doing well in early states, but he has zero shot in the South or the Midwest.

          1. I also think it’s going to be Clinton at this point, but I think that if O’Malley could stop whining about the DNC (publicly, at least) and get his campaign in high gear, he’d actually have a decent shot.

            A decent shot of what, turning the rest of America into Baltimore?

          2. O’Malley’s inability to catch on in the Democratic primary really baffles me.

            1. Same here. He’s got mad proggy street-cred – high taxes, oppressive police tactics, endorsed gay marriage before it was cool. I thought he’d be big. People like to blame the Baltimore riots, but the fact is that O’Malley was polling around 0.1% before them, too.

              1. He was all-in on gun control before Hillary’s focus group told her to be too.

          3. I’m in Iowa and I see way more Sanders than Hillary commitments. When you get out to the sticks (which isn’t far), a lot of Trump signs…very disturbing.

        2. Sanders and Clinton tie and the nomination goes to a vote at the convention and a dark horse emerges?

          1. and a dark horse emerges?

            That is not a very nice way to describe Michelle Obama. I am appalled.

            1. *slow clap*

            2. I though Michelle Obama was in fact Gorilla Grodd reimagined as a female.

    4. It really looks like it will be an election decided by which side’s candidate is more hatable. I expect conservatives to come out en masse to stop Hillary, while liberals will be less motivated to support her. But if the alternative is Bush or Trump, that could motivate enough people to come out to stop the Republican.

      If Rubio does get the nomination, then he is the next president.

      1. I dunno. Antipathy generates a lot of bitching on the internet and shouting at candidates at local rallies, but it doesn’t have a strong track record at the polls. If it did, Kerry would have gotten more votes in 2004, and the anti-Obama forces would have come out stronger.

      2. Ignore Cruz at your own peril.

        His numbers almost doubled in the last poll cycle and he’is raising lots of money and managing it well.

        1. There is no “peril.” I don’t care. If he gets the nom, he will probably win as well, but I assume Rubio has a better chance of getting the nomination.

          1. The preil I was referring to wasn’t your desire for a particular candidate but you prognosticating skills.

        2. I think Cruz alienates too many people. Plus, he always has that smarmy look on his face.

          1. His face looks like he looked at the Ark of the Covenant

  11. Anybody but Trump or someone named Bush can beat Hillary, and Sanders can’t beat Hillary even despite all of her lying and illegal activity.

    This should be a cake walk.

    Doesn’t Trump have any mob ties or anything? How do you go that long in commercial real estate in New York and the gambling business in Atlantic City without any mob ties?

    1. Here we go:…..mob-mafia/

      CNN is good for something after all. Why aren’t we talking about this?

      1. Eh, JFK did it first.

  12. There is an obvious massive sampling error at work, but I remain frightened by the sheer number of people who appear on my teevee declaiming Hillary’s “competence”.

    Jeffrey Dahmer showed evidence of “competence” but that did not qualify him for the Presidency.

    1. A pity he is not around anymore. He would inject some new blood into the democrat primary process. And he would have less issue with ethics problems than Hillary.

  13. “We need to commit to 16 free years of public education,” he said.

    So my children, who were home-schooled through high school, would be entitled to four years of college and up to 12 years of graduate study on the public dime? Sweet!

    Gotta love free shit.

    1. No, they will be required to start kindergarten at 18.

      1. Hah. But, seriously, look for them to force home-schooled students, and possibly private school graduates, to take qualifications tests to ensure that they are qualified to go to public colleges. Those tests will, of course, be rigged and all of those students will need makeup work. I’m wondering if they will be brazen enough to try to charge for that.

  14. “We need to commit to 16 free years of public education,” he said.

    And I’ll bet he really does think it’s “free”.

    1. On the first day of class my freshman Econ prof walked in the room and glared at us over his glasses. He didn’t introduce himself before this announcement:

      ” Free. There is no such thing as Free. I don’t care what it is or where it comes from, somewhere someone is paying for it. If you use the word ‘free’ in my class I will fail you. You will get an F no matter what else you do. Never let me catch you using the word ‘free’.”

      I wish we had more profs like him.

        1. Trees died for that air you breathe! It’s not free! Unlike your mom…

          1. Oh, you pay for his mom too. Boy do you pay.

          2. Anti-biotic resistant syphilis is a hell of a price to pay for free.

            1. Being colonized by an entire civilization of warlike, hyperintelligent crab lice is no picnic either.

        2. If you’re indoors, somebody paid to heat/cool that air.

          If you’re outdoors, you are breathing air that somebody has paid to scrub a tiny fraction of.

          Nope, even air ain’t free. Just because you aren’t being charged for it, doesn’t mean nobody is.

  15. Somebody must’ve had some real serious leverage on Biden to get him to forego the best shot he’ll ever have at what he’s wanted for a long time.

    1. Meh. Maybe he was just old and tired. Remember that his son just died after a long battle with cancer. That takes a lot out of you.

      1. More likely HilDog’s ‘foundation’ will be building a Biden wing.

      2. Remember that his son just died after a long battle with cancer. That takes a lot out of you.

        This was my thought. It would be a human response to not want to go through with a political campaign after a close family member dies. He appears to be more human than Hillary, anyway.

        1. I wonder if Biden has a strategy of waiting until the Democratic National Convention, and getting nominated as the compromise candidate because the delegates cannot get a majority on the early balloting.

          That gives him an extra year to deal with his son’s death and avoid a nasty battle with Hillary.

  16. Say it isn’t so, Joe!

    *drives Trans Am off the cliff*

  17. And I’ll bet he really does think it’s “free”.

    It’s not like the money’s coming out of his pocket.

    ps- Why is this website so monstrously fucked up?

    1. Because it’s free.

  18. NOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooo

    I was so looking forward to the gaffes and creepy uncle schtick.

    1. It is a sad day.

      /tapes up box of Biden/Trump 2016 Let’s Stop Pretending It’s Not Over? bumper stickers.

      1. Still works for Hillary/Trump or Bernie/Trump.

        Don’t throw in the towel just yet.

  19. I’m slightly disappointed.

    I think that what we really need is a long string of one-term presidents. Why the fuck do people keep reelecting these assholes? It’s amazing.
    That’s all I want now. Don’t reelect anyone, and switch back and forth between parties a lot. Then it matters a lot less who gets elected.

  20. I liked him because he took Amtrak to work everyday. He was one of us.

    1. lots of opportunities to, uh, meet ladies

      1. Hey babe…let me show you my hair plugs,

    2. One of you maybe. I’ve never been on Amtrak, probably never will be.

      It would be interesting to know what % of the population lives more than 50 miles from a station. I’m guessing at least 75%.

      1. I think you’d be off by 40 or 50 points.

        1. Are you talking about only people in the Northeast corridor?

          1. There appear to be stations in pretty much every major city. How much of the population lives in those areas? I think around 80% of the population is in urban areas, most of which are probably within 50 miles of a station with Amtrak service.

            1. Yeah, I got to thinking about it, and I realized that if there’s a “train depot” in a town, then Amtrak probably services it (In Seattle’s case, that would be called “Amtrak isnt’ running now” between the months of September through April) then yes, a large portion of ‘Murica probably lives within 50 miles of Amtrak.

              However, Amtrak in the west looks and feels entirely different than Amtrak in the Northeast, where they have those nifty platforms where people catch it like catching a bus.

              1. I don’t think I’ve ever taken a train in the US other than light rail or subways within cities.

                1. I’ve taken it many times between NYC and my hometown upstate. But yeah, out west it’s pretty useless and only survives due to politics.

              2. In Lompoc, the Amtrak station was a bench and an outhouse?

                1. And you have to drive down Ocean Ave which runs through Vandenberg.

                  So stay in your car and stay on the road!

          2. It hits most major cities in the country. And most people live within 50 miles of a major city.

      2. Yeah, if ‘all of us’ took Amtrak, it might be financially viable.

        1. Maybe if it didn’t suck. I don’t think I’ve ever taken an Amtrak trip that was on time,

          1. My brother took Amtrak from NYC to ATL for Christmas. He was 36 hours late.

            Families of some of the other passengers drove up to North Carolina to pick people up? and beat the train.

      3. I’ve never been on Amtrak, probably never will be.

        Me neither. It doesn’t make sense in the midwest unless you’re going to or from Chicago. I haven’t been to Chicago since I was a kid.

        1. (ok, not entirely true. I’ve had layovers)

        2. Amtrak makes zero sense in the west. It’s more expensive, takes longer to get to limited destinations, and is shut down 9 months a year due to mudslides.

          1. Amtrak is great because it allows Top Men to further restrict/control movements of the drones/regional occupants (can’t really say ‘citizen’ anymore, as open borders and illegals have made citizenry irrelevant).

            1. Now you’re just being silly. If nobody rides it, how are they being “controlled”? And where people do ride it, there are always other options.

            2. “open borders”

              Go to the border sometime and tell me how open it is.

              1. Yeah, I think that open borders and illegals are sort of mutually exclusive things.

                1. Not to mention the border patrol, the fences, the checkpoints, and the President shuffling people around across the country. We have “open borders” like we have “free-market capitalism”: with lots of rules, maliciously enforced.

      4. I can catch the Amtrak about 15 miles away, but that’s an hour or more on the road first.

        1. I can catch it 3 miles, 5 minutes away…but it takes a day or more to get there, often at a higher price than flying. If I have the time, want to see the scenery out the window, and don’t feel like driving, I may consider it.

          Back in the 60’s, when my grandmother was in her 60’s, she would take the train to LA every summer to spend a couple weeks at her niece’s house.

          I’ve never been on it.

  21. Damn!

    Lulztopia was so close!

    1. Don’t you Canadians have your own Lulztopia with the scintillating intellect of Trudeau?

      1. No. We just adopted the North Korean political model.

        The only good thing about Trudeau the Lesser is that my expectations are so low that I cannot possibly be disappointed. Appalled, perhaps, but not disappointed.

        1. I heard the Canadians want to improve relations with the U.S. by electing a P.M. who’s politics are closer to Obama’s.

          There goes the whole neighborhood

          1. Nah.

            They just want MOAR FREE STUFF.

      2. Our new Prime Minister Trulander? will indeed be a rich mine of comedy gold for the next 5 years. I’ve already imagined how the dossiers on Trulander?, landing on the desk of the other leaders of the G20, were received by said leaders:

        Angela Merkel turns to her Chief of Staff and says “OK, very funny. Now where’s the real dossier on this guy?” Chief of Staff responds with a look of extreme discomfort.

        Francois Hollande reads his one-page dossier, turns to his Chief of Staff and says “Why did you only include the pr?cis? Where’s the actual briefing book?” Chief of Staff responds with a look of extreme discomfort.

        Vladimir Putin reads his dossier, slowly lays it down on his desk and says to his Chief of Staff, “Excellent. Now there’s two North American heads of state I can make my bitch.”


  22. If you’re too much of a pussy bitch to take on the pervert and the pantsuit without your boss daddy clearing the way for you first, you sure as hell aren’t fit to be the Commander in Chief.

    On the bright side, at least we got one of the greatest Drudge banners in the history of Drudge banners out of it.

    1. Scarier than Margaret Hamilton.

  23. Biden seemed very keen on talking to the country about why he would make a great president. But alas, it was not meant to be.

    By not running he accomplishes 2 things:

    1) He allows democrap partisans to invent a sort of fantasy version of what a Biden presidency would have been, and gets to bask in their adoring glow forever when they come up to him at parties and shit and say “I really wish you would have run in 2016, you would have been such a great president!” without having them ever becoming disillusioned with the complete shit show that a real Biden presidency would have been. And

    2) He gives progtards an “out” such that they’ll never have to face up to the complete failure of progressivism. Basically they’ll be able to say “If only Biden had run in 2016, things would have turned out awesome.”

    So I suspect he’s not running because deep down in places he doesn’t talk about at parties he knows he’s a complete joke, and would rather be the guy that proggies swoon over and fantasize about what might have been for years to come than possibly get elected and become the biggest punchline of a president since Gerald Ford.

    Either that, or Hillary’s got dirt on him.

    1. “I really wish you would have run in 2016, you would have been such a great president!”

      Wait until we’ve had eight years of Hillary and we’ll all be saying that and meaning it.

    2. It’s already begun – in my inbox

      Joe Biden has been an incredible Vice President and is one of our country’s great public servants.

      Now that Biden has announced he isn’t running for President, will you let him know how much his ongoing service to our country means to you by signing our card?

  24. Too bad. I was looking forward to a Mensan in the White House.

    I just learned that Genius Joe has a cat named Daisy. Maybe the night before he was going to throw his hat in the ring he got an anonymous phone call telling him to drop out of the race, or Daisy would be joining Kathleen Willey’s cat. And Vince Foster.

  25. So, I’m reading that Jesse Benton’s charges were dropped last week. Must not be newsworthy like it was when he was being charged.

  26. Alternative theory: Biden knows Hillary is going to be indicted. This announcement inoculates him from the charge that he knew anything beforehand, but he’ll change his mind later when The Nation Calls On Him to come in and pick up the pieces to Save America From the Republican.

    1. Ha, I was just about to post the same thing.

      Hillary gets indicted right before the convention and Joe ‘reluctantly’ becomes their nominee.

      1. The problem with this is that it is WAY past all the filing deadlines.

        1. Pssht. Filing deadlines are for the little people.

          Besides, under this scenario Joe isn’t running in the primaries. He’s picking up the nom at a brokered convention.

        2. didn’t stop them in New Jersey

  27. Sad to hear this news. I was hoping Joe Biden would run. A lot of us would like to have someone we can vote for who is NOT lying scum. I love Bernie Sanders, but I don’t think he can win a general election.

  28. New ‘We Love Bernie’ Community to Mobilize Progressives!

    Inspired by Bernie Sanders and his message about taking back America for the 99%, the social network offers the bells and whistles of Facebook where users can post profiles and photos, promote their organizations, books, music, artwork, films, documentaries and other items of interest to this community.

    Join the Progressive Revolution here:

    1. You’re pushing socialism on a libertarian site? New here, huh?

  29. In other words, no one’s going to press charges against Hillary.

  30. A sad day for the anyone-but-Hillary crowd.

  31. I don’t care which scam artist finally gets elected, or which doesn’t, nor what the Fed does/does not do, nor whether, according to Mr “investment advisor with a claimed “near perfect prediction record” [insert advisor name of choice] , we are supposedly in for recession, depression, deflation, hyper inflation, a stock market boom, or whatever .

    Why? Because whatever happens, my entirely self-managed, fully diversified, once per year adjusted long term savings plan will be safely protected and will , 9 times out of 10, grow at an average of 8% per annum over and above the prevailing inflation [or deflation], rate, year in, year out, as it has since 1986 when I started using it.

    Savings plan results 1972-2011: http://onebornfreesfinancialsa…


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