Ronald Bailey

KPCC Radio at 11:30 PDT—Ronald Bailey Debates Designer Babies and CRISPR Gene-Editing

On the Larry Mantle Show today in Los Angeles


I will be discussing the ethics of using of the fast cheap easy CRISPR gene-editing technique to make designer babies, curate wild nature, and create new biotech crops with Keith Yamamoto from the USCF School of Medicine. The debate begins today on the Larry Mantle Show at 89.3 KPCC in Los Angeles at 11:30 PDT.

Professor Yamamoto is one of the signatories to the open letter published last March in Science urging researchers to go slow on using CRISPR for genomic engineering.

For background, see my article, "Cheap Fast Powerful Gene-Editing Will Soon Change the World".

Tune in and listen to the conversation.

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  1. The crisper seems like a strange place to keep your genes.

    1. It’s very refreshing during the hot, summer months though.

  2. Yesterday – designer jeans
    Today – designer genes

  3. KPCC broadcasts from Santa Monica college, doesn’t it?

    If there’s a more anti-libertarian broadcaster, I don’t know what it is. It’s the official mouthpiece of the People’s Republic of Santa Monica.

    They make KCRW (the other NPR affiliate in Los Angeles) seem completely reasonable by comparison.

    1. I realize I’m getting to this several hours late, but KCRW is the Santa Monica College station. As the call letters would suggest, KPCC is affiliated with Pasadena Community College. And though I seriously doubt Larry Mantle is anything like a libertarian, his AirTalk show really is scrupulous about presenting multiple sides of an issue on most things. (The one exception I can think of is the monthly visit from LAPD chief Charlie Beck that features only him, but then again, howany other police chiefs answer questions on live radio from callers?)

  4. Fuck the precautionary principle, which is nothing more than the protection of certain principals. Bailey needs to continue Max More’s work and consistently bang the drum of the proactionary principle every chance he gets.

  5. I’m picturing that SNL skit (that was actually funny) with Kristin Wiig and Jason Sudekis as the asshole couple who want to adopt a baby.

    “I wanna baby with eyes. Not like those Orphan Annie eyes….”

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