Seth Rogen Has Strong Feelings About Ben Carson, Pentagon Gives Up on Syrian Rebels, Problematic Mexican Food: P.M. Links


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  1. Is Trump mania coming to an end?

    Let the Trumparama begin.

    1. Trumperdammerung.

    2. Ina a Trumpa Da Vida

      1. He’s Trump. He’s Trump.
        He’s in my head.
        He’s Trump. He’s Trump. He’s Trump.
        He might be dead.

        1. Here I am, Trump you like a hurricane.

        2. Why don’t you ask him if he’s going to stay?
          Why don’t you ask him if he’s going away?
          Why don’t you tell me what’s going on?
          Why don’t you tell me who’s on the phone?

          Why don’t you ask him what’s going on?
          Why don’t you ask him who’s the latest on his throne?
          Don’t say that you love me!
          Just tell me that you want me!

          Just say that you want me
          Just tell me that you


    3. You guys are the best.


    4. Trump who?

    5. So many disbelieve Trump for prez is a serious phenomenon, even after this long. I think he’s serious, and that enough of the poll respondents are serious that it predicts serious support in the primaries. He may not get the nomination, but he’ll be a contender.

  2. Seth Rogen has two words for Ben Carson: “Fuck you.”

    I did not realize Rogen was racist.

    1. And a self loathing Jew.

      1. Not self-loathing. He thinks quite highly of himself.

    2. Ben Carson isn’t the right type of black person.

    3. Speaking of racist, I keep seeing Gloria Allred parading around her group of women attacking Bill Cosby by perpetuating the hateful stereotype of black men and their obsesssion with raping de white wimmenz. Whycum the left isn’t sticking up for Bill Cosby and attacking his accusers the way they stuck up for Bill Clinton and attacked his accusers? Other than the obvious answer – Clinton’s a white guy and Cosby’s a black guy and the Left are all racists. Why am I the only one seeing this obvious line of inquiry?

      1. Well, he DID rape Taylor Swift . . .

        1. And Elizabeth Taylor.

      2. Remember what the Coz has stood up for in the past: Independence, people taking responsibility for themselves, rearing kids with love and discipline, self-help in and for the black community.

        Does that sound like something the left could get behind?

        To those who are so ready to condemn him, I remind you that what we have so far are allegations and nothing more. When those are proven, I’ll change my mind. Not before.

        1. Oh shut the fuck up.

  3. The Pentagon will no longer train Syrians to fight ISIS.

    They’ve moved on to training ISIS for the next threat (yet to be named).

  4. “Here’s the deal with all those ‘Porn Kills Love’ billboards around the Bay Area”
    “The Bay Area is ground zero for the billboard campaign, which features roughly 80 signs that will remain up through November. Fight the New Drug, the Salt Lake City group behind the campaign, claims it isn’t religiously affiliated and is not aiming to criminalize pornography, though its founders are themselves Mormons.
    “Our goal is not to pass legislation or even attack the industry directly. Our goal is to spark a conversation around the subject using science, facts, and personal accounts,” said Clay Olson, CEO of Fight the New Drug. “Our campaign has been alive and growing since 2008, and we have a huge online presence. This is the first time we have used billboards to spread the message.”…..francisco/

    Right. Not religious and not interested in passing laws. And I’m a Hotentot.

    1. Using science and facts… so they want more rape? Because that’s what the science says about anti-porn laws, isn’t it?

      1. Plus, it’s pretty indisputable that cultures that allow erotica (hate the word ‘porn’) such as the US and Europe treat women better than those that don’t allow it (Middle East, etc.). Besides, a lot of women enjoy watching it too.

        1. To be fair correlation is not causation.

          1. True. But I choose to believe it because it feels right.

          2. How many men have raped a woman immediately after watching porn?

            None, of course. They’re empty.

      2. They don’t want more laws. They want you to put down the ipad and pour your wife a glass of wine. Or, um unsweet tea.

        1. Better be herbal tea.

          1. Mormon tea. The kind with ephedra.

            1. I always thought that was pretty funny. Caffeine is right out, but ephedrine is just fine.

    2. Our goal is to spark a conversation around the subject using science, facts, and personal accounts

      One of these things is not like the others. One of these things doesn’t belong.

    3. “Our goal is not to pass legislation or even attack the industry directly”

      Which is why we call our organization “Fight the New Drug!”

    4. You’re Khoikhoi, Sevo? I had no idea we were so diverse. Yay, us!

    5. the Salt Lake City group behind the campaign, claims it isn’t religiously affiliated

      Yeah, that’s believable.

      1. Well since the Mormons are a cult and not a religion, they are technically correct.


        1. Mormons are a cult and not a religion

          DNA testing of Native Americans and South Park have confirmed this…

          1. Meh, give them a few thousand years and people will just pretend that the stories were allegorical and not historical.

            If you take away the patina of mythic time from anything in the first five books of the Bible it doesn’t read that much differently.


            1. pretend that the stories were allegorical and not historical.

              I was raised Southern Baptist and this was not the case. I asked so many questions in Sunday School in an attempt to understand that they told my mother I was a “disruptive influence” and wasn’t welcome back. It upset me at the time, but now I’m grateful I was spared further exposure to their ‘religion.’

        2. A cult is a religion that’s not yours.

          1. A “cult” is any religion you voluntarily join after age 10.

            1. A proper religion gains converts through violence, intimidation, and conquest.

    6. “Science and facts” = many pages of numbers and our analysis of said numbers, which we will then pretend possesses the intellectual authority of the empirical physical sciences.

      Most important phrase of the 21st century? “Not even wrong.”

      1. “Science and facts” = many pages of numbers and our analysis of said numbers, which we will then pretend possesses the intellectual authority of the empirical physical sciences.

        Keep global warming out of this!

    7. 10 to 1 odds that this guy has the biggest porn collection I’ve ever seen.

      1. Who else’s porn collection have you seen? I want to know before I lay a bet.

          1. He has a novelty hat that states that, so I believe you.

        1. Is that you, Invictus?

          Some “Florida Man”, claiming to be a drinker-of-goat’s-blood, practitioner-of-witchcraft, and attorney at law?

          1. I may be a lot of things, but I will cut you if you call me an attorney again.
            *breaks whiskey bottle*

            1. You can’t just turn me on like that when I’m at work, FM. It’s unprofessional.

              1. Sorry.
                *lays bottle on bar, backs away*

        2. He saw mine and was horrified.

      2. Thats where the “science” part comes in. He has to do “research”.

  5. Playmobil had a fugitive slave set.

    It’s an Amistad action figure.

  6. Problematic food would be stuff that’s contaminated.

  7. Speaking of prolematic: Playmobil had a fugitive slave set.

    Totally proletarian.

    But on another notey, “problematic” means difficult. Or at least it used to. It’s not an adjectival form of “problem.” I do realize that language changes meaning over time and that contemporary users own the usage.

    1. He’s mocking the SJWs.

    2. Words mean things, Tonio. Like mayonnaise, emulsion, pizza, etc.

  8. I find the hoplophobia among American Jews incredibly bizarre.

    If there’s one group of people that would have benefited from gun ownership throughout history it’s the Jews.

    1. Generally it’s only the reform jews who are pretty uniformly progressives. The orthodox love to pack them some heat.

      1. Always see them at the shooting range.

        1. Huh, we just shoot at paper targets at my range.

          I guess you run in fancier circles than I do.

    2. What makes Rogen any kind of authority or spokesman on this? Did he lose family in the Holocaust? Or is it simply that he’s a Jewish celebrity who strongly identifies as Jewish?

      If it was Elie Wiesel or Roman Polanski, then it might be noteworthy. It wouldn’t really mean anything, but I’d understand reporting it.

      1. He has a twitter account that a shitload of people follow and then reply to him telling him how much they love him when he says something they agree with. In today’s society, that’s a lot.

        1. In today’s society, that’s a lot.

          For many, it’s all they have. These are the truly poor.

        2. What the fuck is a “Twitter”?

          1. I only have it to follow sports news (since most of it breaks there before it hits the news sites) and yell at people who Popehat mocks.

          2. Masculine of the adjective “twit,” I believe.

      2. He’s a shitty comedy writer and uh that means something.

      3. Did he lose family in the Holocaust?

        A substantial number of my great grandfathers’ family died in concentration camps. I should compare casualties with Rogen and then maybe I’ll be entitled to a “Fuck You”

        Just kidding, I don’t matter since I’m not a douche-y celeb with the right political views

      4. Best arguement against gun control I have ever heard was made by an Orthodox Jewish rabbi.

    3. Arguing your opponents to death is a figure of speech

    4. This Jew carries.

      1. I got into the most interesting conversations wearing my JPFO “murdered by gun control” T-shirt. Made several Jewish friends as well.

  9. Clemson University forced to apolgize for?get this?serving Mexican food in the cafeteria.

    They had to apologize to the custodians charged with restroom duty at the cafeteria.

    1. Nah. It’s very unlikely that it was REAL mexican food.

      1. So, Chipotle tasteless burritos stuffed with rice, beans, cheese and a little bit of meat.

  10. Seth Rogen has two words for Ben Carson: “Fuck you.”

    Rogen had already drawn the ire of the racist subset of the Trumpites (due to his reply to Ann Coulter during the last debate).

  11. Oh, Robby. Bringing the Trump, even if it’s the same story we’ve been seeing for weeks.

    Trailer for the Coen brothers’ next film in the “numbskull trilogy,” Hail Caesar!

    Brolin’s turned into one of my favorite actors. He’s a lot more charismatic and funnier than I first thought.

  12. Clemson University forced to apolgize [sic] for?get this?serving Mexican food in the cafeteria. How problematic is that?


    1. Unwillingness to try ethnic cuisines is xenophobic and bad. Indulging in ethnic cuisine is insensitive Cultural Appropriation and is bad. Bottom line, anything white people do is bad.

      1. thank you! Someone who gets it.

      2. Oh look, the Offended White Guy Brigade.


        1. They can have my burrito when they pry it from my cold, dead hand…

          1. Luckily burritos are actually an American creation, so you’re good. Tacos, on the other hand, you’ll have to fight a bloody war over.

            I highly recommend teaming up with Huitzilopochtli on this. The Mexica haven’t been giving him nearly enough human hearts for a few hundred years and he’s probably pretty pissy about it.

            1. Is that what the jeepers creepers guy was?

              1. I’m totally confused by this reference.

                1. Video not available.
                  /sad trombone

                  1. Wut? It loads up fine here. Are you…in Canada!?

                    Let’s try this one

                    1. That one works, but I was hoping it would be Justin long getting his eyes tore out.

          2. Why do all these people want little donkeys?

      3. Have a chocolate covered cricket. You know, they’re related to chocolate covered cockroaches?

        1. Do you have a Crunchy Frog?

          1. God, ask some Frenchie. Or one of the Canucks who grace us with their presence.

          2. Am I to believe there’s a real frog in there?!

  13. You can’t really get the full effect of this with a cut & paste, because “she” used several different fonts, along with bold and italics, to make each line stand out, but check out the email footnote. I suspect this will be ubiquitous, at least in academia, soon.

    Jhenai W. Chandler, M.S.
    Personal Gender Pronouns: she, her, hers
    Coordinator of Academic Affairs
    Florida State University
    College of Human Sciences
    Phone: 850-644-5279
    Fax: 850-644-0700

    1. What. The. Fuck?

    2. Campus wide mandates are surely coming. But can they get the science folks on board?

    3. Are you missing a link?

      1. He is a missing link.

        ::reinserts cigar into mouth and raises eyebrows::

        1. ::honks horn::

        2. He goes to FSU sooo, yeah.

          1. *smashes beer bottle on bar*

            1. No, no, no Atanarjuat. If you want to stay on the football team, you are only allowed to hit women with your fists. Have to leave the bottles alone…

    4. Personal Gender Pronouns: she, her, hers

      So, you have to specify all three? Are there people who want to use “he, her, his”
      for example?

      1. “you”, “my”, “its”.

        1. My gender in the nominative case is the second person. Don’t other me by trying to tell me that makes no sense..

    5. In fairness her name is Jhenai

      Fuck all if I know the gender of that.

      1. Ghettostani

        1. I was thinking Drow elf.

      2. I read that as Forest Gump saying “Jenny”.

    6. I know her. She’s good people ourside of work.

      1. I didn’t mean to suggest she wasn’t, I just kind of did a spit-take at the “personal gender pronouns” thing. Although honestly, the pronouns could be kind of helpful.

      2. Maybe it’s just a “just in case my unpronounceable name doesn’t make it clear, I’m a chick” thing.

    7. Assistant to the Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs

      Can someone remind me why college debt is such a problem…

  14. Clemson University issued an apology to students on Thursday after what appears to be a small group of students were offended by an annual Mexican cuisine event put on by university dining services.

    Look you fucking half-wits, they’re not offended. They’re just bullies looking for some excuse to beat up on the weak and the meek. Stop giving in to the extortion, stand up to the thugs, tell them to go to hell. You keep rewarding the terrorists, you get more terrorists.

    1. No, they are offended, because they’ve been taught that *everything* is offensive.

      1. No, I think Jerryskids hit the nail on the head. They’re bullies. Want to bet every one of these assholes has no problem with spaghetti or hot dogs or General Tsao’s?

    2. “But people wore sombreros!! My culture is not a costume!! You haters just don’t get it!” /sarc

      1. My culture is not a costume!!

        You can all return your air brushed, Myrtle Beach tank tops now please.

      2. I’m inspired by this. Next March I’m going to raise holy hell if I see any non-Irish people appropriating our color green.

        1. Or drinking Guinness. Fucking cultural appropriating Sassanachs.

          1. I’m also half British, so no more delicious fish and chips for you Yanks!

            1. Now, to be fair, you’re HALF British, so you can only take away the fish or the chips.

              1. One drop rule. So that means I’m 100% British and 100% Irish (and 100% misc. European). How dare you question my ancestry. I need a Safe Space to recover now…

                1. And i am fucking taking back all the haggis!


                  1. You can have my haggis when you pry it from my cold, dead hands. I love that stuff.

                    My wife makes a haggis eggroll. It is spectacular…

      3. My culture is a costume.

        1. Zeb just came out as a furry.

          1. Where is the flap? Under the tail?

            1. That question is better put to Heroic Mulatto. He’ll explain…with pics.

    3. It wasn’t the food – it was the sombreros. OFFENSIVE!

      1. In college we had a TV with a stolen Sombrero on top. We called him Jos

        1. I called an online catalog place back east (Virginia), and the order taker wrote the city as Sand Hose Say.

    4. I think you are probably right. If they are actually offended, they are some seriously damaged people who should seek professional help.

      What is even conceivably offensive there? Are they also offended by the ubiquitous Mexican restaurants in every part of the country?

      I notice that shit like this pretty much only happens on college campuses, which are the only places where everyone else won’t just laugh at them and tell them to get a life.

      1. They’re offended because they didn’t serve chiles rellenos.

      2. That people like this are so selective with their offense should tell you everything you need to know. This has got nothing to do with offense. It has to do with the cheap thrill social justice cadres get out of making people submit.

        1. It’s true. A lot of people go to college specifically the activism. Never mind that most of the silly shit they pull wouldn’t ever work anywhere else.

    5. They had some dean apologizing for “flattening” the culture. I had some chapatis with my Gujarati lunch yesterday- if that’s not flattening a culture, nothing is.

      1. You mean “fattening.”

    1. Everything’s a Problem is fantastic. I went back and read them all yesterday. Well worth it.

      1. I just saw that the latest problem is that the Coen brothers have made a movie about Hollywood in the 1940s, and it’s just filled with white people!!

        1. $50 says that if they put a couple of black people in the film, the same person would be complaining about them being “tokens”.

          YOU PC, BRO?

          1. Caitlyn Jenner is stunning and brave.

            1. The VTA bus driver (from Fremont Bart to San Jose) looks EXACTLY like PC Principal. Same dickhead with the same dickhead Varneys.

    2. Thanks for that, Papaya.

    3. Jesus Christ, what did you introduce me to…

  15. I don’t know the person that posted this on my derpwall, but it is a riot:

    I am so disappointed. Disappointed in the American electorate–disappointed in feminists and liberals most of all–for abandoning Hillary Clinton.

    Have we so easily forgotten her brilliance as First Lady? Her success in raising an eloquent and respectful daughter? Her incredible humility and strength in the face of a humiliating public scandal? Have we so quickly forgotten how she turned her shame around to become an effective senator and badass Secretary of State? Of course we have. Because it’s more fun to denigrate than support.

    I’m NOT voting for Bernie. Sorry. But I’ll tell you why: he has no political leverage. His experience is limited to governance of a white suburb-state. He has NO IDEA how he will actually deliver on his ideals. Yeah. It’s great to want the world to be a better place, but wishing and hoping won’t make it so. Experience, savvy, connection, and let’s face it–power–is what will allow for change. Bernie is doing what Republicans do: pandering to unrealistic emotional ideals that override the practicality of having to work with what we have now, not what we wish we had. Color me unimpressed.

    1. Hillary wants the same things. Of course she does. She’s smart and kind. Of course she wants to do right. She just understands that you can’t build a castle overnight. Unless you want it to crumble in the morning. The state of American politics are not her fault, and–real talk–voting Bernie won’t change the system.
      So the question is, why not Hillary? Because no one “likes” her? Because she’s neither the warm mommy figure nor the sassy beauty we have come to expect from women in the spotlight? Because she’s entrenched in “the system”? Of course she is!! She has been working toward this her whole life! (How dare she be an ambitious woman!) She has worked hard in a government overrun by men and in a country full of fair-weather supporters. And she’s REALLY good at it!
      So when you say “I don’t like Hillary; she’s just more of the same,” ask yourself if you’ve done any serious policy research. Ask yourself if you are willing to believe the media: that she is just a power grubbing ‘harpy’, that she doesn’t deserve it because she’s ‘a dynasty’ (I will argue you under the table that she has always been the presidential candidate in the Clinton couple–the world simply wasn’t ready to vote for a woman). Because we all know the media has our best interests at heart…right.

      1. “So when you say “I don’t like Hillary; she’s just more of the same,” ask yourself if you’ve done any serious policy research.”

        Holy shit.

        What’s so funny about that is that its *entirely* bluff

        No one who has ever looked at Hillary’s “Policy” history – what horribly little there is – would dare ever cite it as something she should be running on. So this person has no idea what Hillary’s policy ideas are, and is just assuming no one else does either. Its bluffing all the way down. She’s a *serious* candidate. Because POWER

    2. All I’m saying is that the next time someone rejects Hillary based on some ‘feeling’ that they don’t ‘like’ her, as opposed to any meaningful policy reason, I am going to flip my shit. Consider yourself warned.

      Think for yourself. Vote Hillary.

      I don’t know which part I like the most. That ending line is killer, but so is “she’s smart and kind,” and her raising a daughter as proof that she’s presidential material. And the “humility and strength” she showed by invalidating Lewinsky’s lived experiences (as they say).

      1. She’s smart and kind.

        Citation needed. But maybe I’m not thinking for myself.

        1. A clear indication that person is delusional.

        2. She’s been especially kind to the many victims of her sexual predator husband. Oh, and to that child rape victim she slimed in court while defending the rapist. Hillary’s on tape laughing about the incident, and the victim is still alive and still ticked off. That’ll make a great campaign ad.

          1. Unfortunately for them, her political opponents are too scared to use it.

            1. That’s the beauty of Citizens United. It doesn’t matter. All it takes is one person to put it together on their laptop, and then get it onto Youtube and Facebook and Twitter and conservative and libertarian news sites. It doesn’t matter if it’s an official campaign ad.

            2. Michelle Bachmann wouldn’t have been scared to run an ad with that victim.

              1. There you go. Someone will do it. Heck, it she gets the nomination and it looks like she might win the election, I’ll make the damn ad. But someone with a budget could actually find that rape victim and have her do the voiceover for a slick, professional, devastating ad.

      2. Are you 100% certain that’s not a wily parody? The final line kind of gives it away.

        1. I’m sticking with Poe’s Law. Every pro-Hillary argument is rehashed. Plus, the Sanders section is sensible, so I don’t think it’s for humor.

        2. Or perhaps unconscious self-parody which is the cruelest, and therefore funniest, sort.

    3. As I’ve said before, this is basically “politics by feelz”. At least half of this boils down to “but she’s a good person!” To which the only answer really is, so what?

      Her “brilliance as First Lady” – funny, I was there and I don’t recall any particular “brilliance”. She raised a decent daughter. Wonderful. A lot of people have done that. Do they all get to be President too? As for her “humility and strength”, I know people who think she showed exactly the opposite, looking like a doormat in staying quietly married to a known philanderer like Bill who publicly humiliated her.

      And as for “effective senator”, does that include voting for the invasion of Iraq and the Patriot Act? Oh, and she called for the FTC to investigate Rockstar North for the “hot coffee” scenes in GTA San Andreas. THERE’s a useful use of senatorial power. Seriously, she spent nine years as junior senator during which she did not make any particular waves. That’s not a stellar background.

      As for “badass Sec of State”…she travelled a lot and did a lot of face-to-face meetings and said some of the right things, which is good, but during the Arab Spring, possibly the most significant events of her term, she was not, IMO, particularly useful or effective. And then she quit because she wanted to be President rather than accept the consolation prize of Sec of State.

      And that’s pretty much that. Nothing really outstanding there, just the CV of somebody who’s sought power her whole life.

      1. “but she’s a good person!”

        If this were true, I wouldn’t have as much of a problem with Hillary. But from all accounts she’s a horrible, awful, spiteful, angry, inconsiderate shrew whenever she’s not on camera. She has no real friends and wouldn’t hesitate to stab anyone in the back to get ahead. There aren’t that many people in the world who I truly hate, but Hillary is high on that list.

      2. Oh, and she called for the FTC to investigate Rockstar North for the “hot coffee” scenes in GTA San Andreas.

        Oh, so much this. I’m surprised that issue hasn’t come back to haunt her at all; the ignorance that she and most of Congress (and the media, natch) displayed during that whole debacle was absolutely astounding. Not just the calls for censorship, but the calls for censorship based on a completely inaccurate and misleading representation of the facts of the matter, was one of the first things that made a younger me think “Is it possible these people in charge just have no idea what they’re doing at all?”

        1. Make a viral campaign video about this. Citizens United for the win!

      3. Nothing shows humility like saying “Fuck off” to a Secret Service agent that says “Good morning”.

        1. But is shows a stunning lack of foresight since the Secret Service is responsible for protecting her life.

          1. Generic henchmen are interchangeable and disposable.

            1. Still, one of those men may save her life one day.

              Then again, maybe one of them won’t

              /John Winger

              1. I thought it was Judy Blume

      4. She raised a decent daughter. Wonderful. A lot of people have done that.

        I would add that we don’t even know that she raised a wonderful daughter. Has the author of that post ever met her? No? Than they’re just assuming that Chelsea Clinton is a wonderful, well-adjusted person based solely on news reports? That doesn’t seem very accurate.

  16. One student tweeted a picture of cafeteria workers wearing sombreros with the caption “Our culture isn’t a costume and we will not be mocked!”

    Well, you will be if you keep acting like this.

    1. This is why Nicole is the worst.

    2. “-we will not be mocked!”

      Oh sure. Make it a challenge.

    3. Do the white guys get to bitch the next time a Latino wears dockers and a polo shirt?

    4. And are they also saying that an American stereotype about what kind of hats Mexicans prefer is their culture? Doesn’t everyone know that there is a lot more to Mexico than Cinco de Mayo and tacos?

    5. Our culture isn’t a costume –

      – except when we do it. See every time the Mexican national soccer team plays in the US.

      1. Wait, the students started chanting, “dos a cero!”?

        1. Them’s fightin’ words.

  17. pew pew pew nothing left to cut pew pew pew

    Lasers Could Be Coming To The F-35

    1. Let’s not get hasty – if government has to spend the money, laser weaponry is not the worst idea…

      1. laser weaponry is not the worst idea…

        That title belongs to the F-35.

        1. This. It seems when someone tries to build a universal platform, it usually sucks at all functions. Sometimes one weapon can serve multiple functions (F/A-18 for example, or even the F-16. Which both came out of the same original competition.)
          But when they tried for a true air superiority fighter which could also have V/STOL capability, i knew it was doomed.

          1. But the Marines love them some VTOL, so we gots to have it! Well, they love it except that half the Harrier losses were due to it being a VTOL design.

    2. Why not? They’re pieces of shit. May as well put lasers on them.

  18. “Is Trump mania coming to an end?”

    America. You’re Fired!

  19. You know, ENB has her links open in a new window/tab.

  20. TV news van you say?


    This was a mobile assault vehicle complete with cannon and laser systems.

    1. This was a mobile assault vehicle complete with cannon and laser systems.

      And a Black sex slave to satisfy the desires of the evil white men!

      1. No she was Quiet before there was Metal Gear Solid…..

        Silent and deadly woman sniper with a laser rifle.

        Fat old dude didn’t last long….She zapped him and, with the help of some strike anywhere matches my parents left by the fire place, literally melted.

        1. I only understood about half of that…

          1. This is Quiet from the most recent Metal Gear Solid video game:


            Needless to say she was called “problematic” by more then a few in the video game press.

            1. Nice. Personally, I don’t see a problem. She’s a nice contrast to all the shirtless, muscular dudes in video games.

            2. When they got to the part where they explain that she breathes through her skin so she has to be half-naked at all times or she’ll suffocate, I actually said “God damn it, Kojima” out loud.

              1. Yeah he should have just made Quiet totally nude and made the explanation that men like looking at naked women.

    2. *Disgruntled ex-employee/assassin sold separately.

    1. The Harvard debaters were immediately put at a disadvantage because the first thing they kept telling the judges was “I go to Harvard!”

      1. Too lazy to actually link it, but I couldn’t stop thinking about the quiz show episode of The Young Ones.

        1. Up Scumbag! Up Scumbag!

  21. I mostly lurk and haven’t been around as much as I like to be lately – what happened to ol’ John? I didn’t always agree with him but enjoyed his takes on things.

    Also, as long as he was here I wasn’t the only one who liked fat girls.

    1. Gay marriage is legal now, which to John means it’s also mandatory. He’s had to devote a lot of time to grindr, so he can’t hang around with us as much.

      1. +1 you fucking half wit

    2. He went insane. Gay marriage and Caitlyn Jenner and such drove the Kultr Kons insane.

      1. It’s called the Homocaust. The Boah.

        1. That was some funny shit right there.

    3. What’s the origin of this “John likes fat chicks” gag?

      Does he find truly obese women like Gabourey Sidibe attractive? Or is it based on liking curvy women that some people call fat, like Christina Hendricks?

      Because if it’s the latter, I guess I like “fat chicks” too.

      1. My impression was that he was more “Don’t be too picky about some ‘extra’ weight” rather than into obesity.

        1. Yes, women should be soft and curvy–to a point.

          1. The point being the end of your penis?

            1. The point being the end of your penis?

              If I can’t put it in then they’re too fat.

    4. My theory is still that his wife left him. I remember first noticing that he was really losing it (more than before) when he waded into the Trump vs. Megyn Kelley debacle by ranting about how all women are whores and any successful woman must have slept her way to the top. It seemed uncharacteristically misogynist, even for him.

    5. Also were is Proliberate?

      1. I talked to him recently. He’s busy with life-related things.

        1. Thanks. Glad to know he is ok.

    6. I wasn’t the only one who liked fat girls.

      You are brave.

      1. Everyone loves fat chicks when it is closing time…

  22. Pirate ok. Ex-Slave not ok. ok then.

  23. Lounging on Seal Beach. Sipping vodka & lemonade. Is it 100 degrees? I don’t know. Under my umbrella it’s a nice cool breeze. Happy weekend Reasonoids.

    1. Lounging on Seal Beach.

      Hey, I’m right next door at my job in Huntington Beach! Two more hours and I can head home to an ice cold Arrogant Bastard. Enjoy!

  24. I was very impressed by the grasp held of Hardy-Weinberg by other commenters. Kudos

    1. We can all learn a lot from Illocust.

  25. Anal Vaneman got a fucking hat tip for the blimp article.


      1. You can only get a “toque-tip”.

    2. *rends garmets*

    3. To this day, I am surprised that anyone would name their baby Anal.

      1. Or let such a baby anywhere near an authorized Sherlock Holmes “sequel”.

  26. Oh, Canada.

    Man wears Confederate Flag as a niqab, is charged with “uttering threats and wearing a disguise with intent”.

    1. The anti-Harper brigade (me excepted) still thinks the Niqab is going to be their winning ticket to defeat Harper. They are so delusional it makes me concerned.

      1. Apparently 86% of the country being on one side of an issue makes it “divisive”? ?\_(?)_/?

        But hell, all it does is reduce NDP votes and gives BQ votes. Nothing wrong with that!

        1. Trying to make Quebec into their stronghold was a terrible, terrible decision for the NDP.

          I’m just glad the Bloc is back!

  27. The mustache balloons are cringey (but certainly not outrage worthy), but other than that I fail to see what the problem is with the Mexican night.

  28. Now, no one thinks of pirates as especially nice guys, not even when they’re played by actors like Johnny Depp and pickled musicians like Keith Richards. Even the ones in that VeggieTales movie were kind of dicks. And although the Playmobil set doesn’t list the year or century in which its toy pirates are pretend-plundering, the fact that slavery went on for hundreds of years means the toymaker isn’t making up the “historical context” in which one of the people aboard the ship might have been once been a slave. And since the figure is a former slave, everyone?including the Sacramento NAACP?should just relax, right?

    Holy fucking shit how pig-ignorant do you have to be to fail to know that pirates sometimes had escaped slaves on their crews. And they were one of the better options for an escaped slave at that time. But holy shit, let’s not let anything like that get in the way of our outrage.

    1. Plus, how often do these SJWs complain that toys are not diverse enough? Here they placed a non-white character in an accurate and historical way and now they’ll catch hell for it. No wonder Hollywood casts mostly white guys–it’s safer than depicting a woman or minority in the ‘wrong’ way. These tragic people will never be happy…

      1. And because they’ll never be happy, organizations should stop apologizing to these morons and just laugh at them instead. Apologizing just encourages them to up the ante.

        1. Apologizing just encourages them to up the ante.

          Absolutely right. It’s the constant capitulation and concessions that emboldens them. Most of us don’t intentionally try to offend people different from ourselves. But when it reaches a point where everything is offensive, the only solution is to stop being so PC and more open and honest. They’re going to hate us no matter what we do, so we might as well be ourselves and stop walking on eggshells.

  29. Bernie Sanders is Jesus and he’s kicking the moneylenders out of the temple. I am not joking.

    1. If Sanders gets elected, it’s going to make the Obama cult look like nothing. It will actually become a real cult.

      1. These people were born to wear boots and march in formation. Fuck them.

      2. I truly doubt he has a better chance of winning his nom than Trump. Hillary and the Dem establishment will NOT let it be.

      3. I am kind of looking forward to it.

      4. Sorry, no. If elected, he is Jimmy Carter’s only hope of being ousted as history’s greatest monster.

    2. If you attended a Bernie Sanders rally this summer, when his seemingly quixotic Presidential campaign began gathering force, you might have noticed a few surprising things about the crowd. One was the scarcity of nonwhite faces?a problem that the campaign would soon be confronted by, very publicly. Another was how many young people were turning out to see an irascible seventy-four-year-old senator from Vermont. But that’s a little like being surprised that some millennials appreciate Neil Young or Joni Mitchell at a time when it’s easy to find songs from different decades in a promiscuous jumble online. Young people who like Bernie Sanders like him because he sounds like an old record. He’s been talking about the injustices done to working people by unequal income distribution for more than forty years. His voice, often hoarse from his habitually loud and impassioned speeches, even has the crackle of worn vinyl.

      Yes, just like Ron Paul.

      The best part of his campaign has been pointing out to hardcore Democrats that they’re this cycle’s ‘Paultards.’ You see a lot of the same rhetoric and delusions.

    3. Will Biden denounce him three times before the cock crows?

      1. Woah…is Biden the rock on which Bernie will build his church?

      2. I think it’s more like

        “And you, Joeseph, shall make three incoherent statements before the cock crows.”

    4. Sheesh, is this supposed to be flattering to Sanders? Everything seems to confirm how horrible he and his partisans are. Everything is about feels. He admits he doesn’t read about economics, he just goes by what he “sees.” This idiot fan talks about a “right” to a bunch of things:

      Several weeks after the rally, I wrote to Dawn York, and she said that she had been thinking about “how refreshing it was to have someone point out to us that, as hardworking Americans, some things aren’t a privilege, they are a right. . . . I’m self-employed, I started my own business three and a half years ago, and my husband works full-time for Whole Foods?and we barely get by. We own a home, we both graduated from college, and we work more than forty hours a week, and we can barely put oil in our heating tanks in the winter. We have no savings and no way to financially handle any hiccups that may come our way. And I had to be reminded that it shouldn’t be that way.”

      What is the point here? She’s struggling, therefore she deserves more money?

      America doesn’t need your business’s products, Dawn, not while children are starving!

      He went to public schools, including James Madison High School, an incubator of civic talent, from which Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Senator Chuck Schumer also graduated.

      Civic “talent.”

      1. I’m quite sure that the taxes she’s paying on her business, the taxes he’s paying on his salary, the taxes they’re paying on their house, and the taxes they’re paying for their heating oil habe nothing to do with their sorry financial situation. The only reasonable solution is to tax everyone else more.

    5. After Jesus kicked the moneylenders out he left the door open. The rabbi yelled, “Close the door! Were you born in a barn?”

    6. Wow. Those cartoons.

  30. OK so walk me through this. Ben Carson uses a somewhat silly and ahistorical argument to say that it’s better to fight than to be murdered. This is Terribly Offensive because…?

    1. Fuck you, that’s why?


      I’m confused as how to play this game.

    2. This is Terribly Offensive because…?

      Guns? “Victim Blaming”?

    3. This is what I was told:

      If it wouldn’t have stopped anything, how would it have helped? Unless Carson’s and your point is that if the Jews had a large army they might have prevented the holocaust. Which is just silly.

      I still don’t understand why it’s offensive though. Because guns are bad?

      (and why would it be silly that if the Jews had a large army they might’ve prevented the Holocaust? Fuck, I should’ve replied to that earlier. Now I’d just look dumb if I replied since it’s been like 8 hours. Oh well.)

      1. The Jews had hundreds of years of history of not fighting back when the local drunk yokel idiots pogromed them. Perhaps that was not the best policy.

        1. And then in mid-late 40s they tried a different policy, and lo and behold, Israel!

        2. The nice thing about the right to guns, however, is that you don’t even have to own them to benefit.

      2. Apparently fighting an insurgency that disrupts the cattle cars and other Holocaust ops is out of the question, for some reason.

      3. What’s even worse, is that these shitheels are conflating fighting the Nazi party in their ascent to fighting the German/Nazi war machine in full.

        1. ^This

          You didn’t see the Brownshirts breaking the windows of any Korean shops during Kristallnacht did you? That is because those hard fuckers were on the roof with their weapons.

    4. …because he isn’t supposed to stray that far off the fucking plantation.

    5. …he is a Republican?

    6. A Swiss Jew makes a similar argument

      From the description:

      Uploaded on Nov 15, 2009

      When thinking about the mass extermination camps of a holocaust think..

      The key to freedom is to be able to have the ability to defend yourself &, if you dont have the tools to do that, then youre going to be at the mercy of whomever wants to put you away.

    7. Because the Nazi comparison belongs to the progs and THEM ALONE!

      1. Progs actually think Nazis were right-wingers. Of course, national socialism is hardly right wing. Fascism is a collectivist economic philosophy – quite the opposite to capitalism.

        1. Sometimes I wonder if progressives don’t secretly borrow lines from Hitler’s speeches. How many speeches from Hitler and progressives have you heard that basically boil down to this:

          “Our country is in this terrible recession because this wealthy minority has gamed the system and stolen what rightfully belongs to the people!”

    8. Because every good citizen knows that it is much better to be a “good witness” than to actually fight back. If you survive, that is.

      It’s funny because not that long ago, “It is better to die on your feet than live on your knees” was considered awesome, not shameful.

    1. I liked the episode when he ran to the Grand Canyon to scream in outrage when his roommate turned up the thermostat. Uh, maybe I’m thinking of another show…

      1. And when he flew around the earth and made it spin backwards and turned back time and saved Lois Lane?

  31. From the Clemson article: “The university has also previously held St. Patrick’s Day-themed events, where students were invited to a dinner of “cornbeef, fried fish, and Irish grilled cheese.” Both those events, it seems, were uncontroversial.”

    This is a much more historically-accurate Irish meal.

    Too soon?

    1. Irish grilled cheese

      That’s just a glass of whiskey.

    2. Was expecting a picture like this

    3. The classic Irish seven-course meal is a six pack and a potato.

      1. And the potato is optional…

  32. For all those people who didn’t understand how genetics work in the previous thread.

    If you still don’t understand I suggest ya’ll read Mendelian inheritance ( ). Specifically check out figure one, and note how if someone with two recessive genes like myself mates with some with two dominant genes we CANNOT have a child that displays the recessive trait short of a mutation in their genetics. Note furthermore that in the third generation the proportion of the population who expresses the recessive gene has decreased but the proportion of the population with the recessive gene has increased.

    1. Read your article more until you understand why you’re wrong.

      1. Forget it, Warty–it’s Illo-town.

      2. She is awesome. I wish I’d had many more students like her.

        1. What did you teach?

          1. Math, chemistry, physics.

    2. I’m no expert in all this, but hair color is probably determined by many genes, not just one, and also consider the crossing over of chromosomes.

      1. Red hair actually is mostly caused by a certain gene variation. But she still misses one or two important things.

  33. “The Council of Europe refuted reports in Israeli media that it had canceled a resolution from 2013 that called nonmedical circumcision of boys a harmful violation of children’s rights.

    “..Nathalie Bargellini, a spokesperson for the Council’s Parliamentary Assembly, on Thursday told JTA that Resolution 2076 “does not cancel nor replace Resolution 1952.” She noted the more recent resolution references the older one.”

    1. “In addition, the Council of Europe re-confirmed their commitment to stopping the entry of so-call deep dish piazza from entering the continent.”

  34. Seth Rogan is so smart he makes me proud of Actors.

    1. Rogan for vice-president of Film Actor’s Guild?

  35. “Speaking of prolematic…”

    1. I thought it said that the minimum wage was offensive.

  36. “Clemson University forced to apolgize”

    spelling aside…

    its NOT an apology when its “Forced”

    And I’d probably dispute that anyone at the university didn’t have the option of simply saying, “Shut the fuck up its Taco Tuesday, you don’t like it, have a fucking salad”

  37. Finally, they’ve found an event they can hold on a college campus without provoking controversy:

    “‘Abraham Lincoln’s Big, Gay Dance Party’ comes to Sonoma State University…

    “ offers this succinct synopsis: “Illinois schoolteacher Harmony Green has told her fourth grade class that Menard County’s most beloved homegrown hero, Abraham Lincoln, was gay. When Honest Abe is “outed” in a reimagined Christmas pageant, controversy and chaos engulf the town. As the trial of the century begins, big-city reporters and Congressional candidates descend, and family skeletons are forced out of the closet.””

    1. “Illinois schoolteacher Harmony Green has told her fourth grade class that…Abraham Lincoln was gay”

      I know the guy who co-wrote a book arguing that, and even he didn’t really believe it.

      1. James Buchanan, on the other hand…

      2. I co-chaired the committee that reviewed the recommendation to revise the color of the book that regulation’s in… We kept it grey!

  38. Technical/Process comment =

    Does it make any sense to link to generic news-stories (available from any media source like AP or Reuters or whomever) @ the New York Times, which resides behind a paywall….?

    …and also tends to put the most administration-protecting spin possible on *everything*?

    (which i suppose doesn’t even matter, given *its behind a fucking paywall*… but just saying)

    1. No, it does not. It’s just a bit of cluelessness on the part of the poster, assuming that everyone has their level of access.

      1. To be fair, they allow x # of free access per month…

        … and sometimes they do have “scoops” which are exclusive content…

        …but the fact is, the NYT is not even the best source for un-spun basic facts, even were they free and available.

  39. “Four of the five charges against Rand Paul aide Jesse Benton were tossed out by a judge.”

    And the sole remaining charge is–drum roll please–lying to federal investigators. Where have we seen this before?

    1. A libertarian in trouble for talking to the pigs? What a disappointment!

      1. Martha Stewart is One Of Us?

  40. “Playmobil had a fugitive slave set.”

    In theory, ALL of their sets are *actual* slaves. As were all my action figures = Slaves to my imagination, to be used for my amusement until one day i would decide to end their misery by flushing them one by one down the toilet.

  41. An op-ed in the Washington Post profiles the contributions of Italian-Americans, including this:

    “In Chicago, they created the deep-dish pizza.”


      1. Well, I bet there isn’t candy in the back of your windowless van, either.

        1. I’m a Jew, I sell my candy.

          1. To fundraise for new playground equipment?

            1. If you don’t charge, they don’t take you seriously.

  42. Oh look at that, ammo almost costs what it’s supposed to again.

    1. I like PMC. Bulkammo usually has it at a fair price.

    2. You silly men and your purchasing ammo.

      I have someone do that for me for favors of a certain nature–so ammo is basically free. Get on my level.

      1. I have a neighbor who occasionally brings me food to bribe me into taking her to poundtown.

  43. Seth Rogen has two words for Ben Carson: “Fuck you.”

    The douchebro equivalent of “just can’t even”

  44. “In an interview with the New York Times in August 2014, [Obama] said the idea that arming the moderate Syrian opposition would make a big difference on the battlefield had “always been a fantasy.””

    Yet they spent half a billion on it anyway?

    notable that Hillary was shouting otherwise at exactly the same moment.

    Wondering what flavor of rebel-meddling she’s advocating today?

    1. I heard she was the force behind bombing Libya. Maybe Obama knows that was a terrible idea and basically froze her out indefinitely?

      1. “I heard she was the force behind bombing Libya.”

        I doubt it.

        Libya was sort of “Europe’s Iraq”… in the sense that it really was a situation where world-powers got together and said, “Let’s depose this dictator so we can control the oil supply”

        The UK’s BP and RDS (shell), France’s Total, Spain’s Repsol, and Italy’s Eni.sp, all had huge stakes in bidding to manage production/extraction of Libyan oilfields, and between the early 2000s and 2010, basically had gotten nothing for their efforts, despite hundreds of millions dumped in by each.

        Unlike Iraq-vis-a-vis-the-US, Libya is sort of “Europe’s” premier oil resource.

        Consequently, it was the Europeans who lead the call to assist w/ Ghaddifi’s ouster – at least in that they seemed to have the most at stake. I’m not sure how well (pun intended) it all worked out for them in the end. If anything, the downturn in Energy markets may have changed the risk-rewards of heavy investment/management needed there.

  45. Love that dude in Roseburg who held up the sign telling Block Yomomma “Go Golf”. He’s one of my new heroes.

    1. “Block Yomomma”


        1. I suspect he thinks we aren’t getting the joke yet

          1. I think it’s more like when Craig Ferguson had a TV critic ream him for using this picture for Paul McCartney in one of the first few episodes, and he responded by using it almost every night for years.

            1. Probably. But that picture presented as Paul McCartney is way funnier.

              1. Yes. By the way, during my “roadie” period, I worked on a Paul McCartney show. When he walked out of his dressing room after the show, he looked pretty much like that pic but was arm-in-arm with an incredibly gorgeous, grinning 24-year-old.

                I was just a local crew person there for the day. But I heard from the road crew that McCartney not only refuses to let catering serve meat of any kind, but will fire any person working for him caught with meat products.

                1. The website for The International Society of Music Snobs & Elitists describes McCartney as a Vegifacist

                2. “arm-in-arm”

                  I guess after marrying Heather Mills he learned his lesson about checking squeezes to make sure they have all their original parts.

  46. So, for those Americans with cable TV, there’ll be a Stossel documentary on free speech this weekend! Sneak preview; trigger warning: Mark Steyn, John Stossel, patriarchy.

  47. Thanks go out to whomever recommended these guys the other day – had their liver dumpling in beef broth soup last night. *Delicious*

    Tonight will be either gulasch or sauerbraten.

    1. Update –

      The gulasch is sublime – reminds me of Mitteleuropa. And not that tomatoey hamburger pasta shit that Americans try to pass off as goulash.

  48. Just finished my 50-year anniversary reading of 1984. What struck me:

    “The Brotherhood Libertarianism cannot be wiped out because it is not an organization in the ordinary sense. Nothing holds it together except an idea which is indestructible. You will get no comradeship and no encouragement. When finally you are caught, you will get no help. We never help our members. At most, when it is absolutely necessary that someone should be silenced, we are occasionally able to smuggle a razor into a prisoner’s cell. You will have to get used to living without results and without hope. You will work for a while, you will be caught, you will confess and then you will die. Those are the only results you will ever see. There is no possibility that any perceptible change will happen within our lifetime. We are the dead. Our only true life is in the future.”

    1. And is this not the war on terror:

      On the contrary, war hysteria is continuous and universal in all countries, and such acts as raping, looting, the slaughter of children, the reduction of whole populations to slavery, and reprisals against prisoners which extend even to boiling and burying alive, are looked upon as normal, and, when they are committed by one’s own side and not by the enemy, meritorious. But in a physical sense war involves very small numbers of people, mostly highly-trained specialists, and causes comparatively few casualties. The fighting, when there is any, takes place on the vague frontiers whose whereabouts the average man can only guess at, or round the Floating Fortresses which guard strategic spots on the sea lanes. In the centres of civilization war means no more than a continuous shortage of consumption goods, and the occasional crash of a rocket bomb which may cause a few scores of deaths. War has in fact changed its character. More exactly, the reasons for which war is waged have changed in their order of importance. Motives which were already present to some small extent in the great wars of the early twentieth century have now become dominant and are consciously recognized and acted upon.

    2. Well that’s depressing. And apt.

    3. but

      [spoiler alert]

      it was a government agent who recruited Winston into the Brotherhood, wasn’t it? Did the organization even exist? If it did, was it anything like the government agent described?

      1. The quote is from Emmanual Goldstein’s book given to Winston by a government agent. One never is told if the Brotherhood is real or a propaganda tool of the Party.

        I think the passage was meant to show that the government could make us believe it was real whether it was or not.

    4. This Party could be Donkeys or Heffalumps:

      All the beliefs, habits, tastes, emotions, mental attitudes that characterize our time are really designed to sustain the mystique of the Party and prevent the true nature of present-day society from being perceived. Physical rebellion, or any preliminary move towards rebellion, is at present not possible. From the proletarians nothing is to be feared. Left to themselves, they will continue from generation to generation and from century to century, working, breeding, and dying, not only without any impulse to rebel, but without the power of grasping that the world could be other than it is. They could only become dangerous if the advance of industrial technique made it necessary to educate them more highly; but, since military and commercial rivalry are no longer important, the level of popular education is actually declining. What opinions the masses hold, or do not hold, is looked on as a matter of indifference. They can be granted intellectual liberty because they have no intellect. In a Party member, on the other hand, not even the smallest deviation of opinion on the most unimportant subject can be tolerated.

  49. From the linked article- “Ben Carson has a right to his views on gun control, but the notion that Hitler’s gun-control policy contributed to the Holocaust is historically inaccurate. The small number of personal firearms available to Germany’s Jews in 1938 could in no way have stopped the totalitarian power of the Nazi German state.”-Anti Defamation League.
    Does this even make sense?

    1. The ADL guy makes an assertion and supports it with…an assertion.


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