REMINDER 2.0: Come Drink with Matt Welch at a Reason Happy Hour in L.A. at 5 p.m.!

Because freedom, that's why. Also, Rusty Woodchippers.


I can't promise THIS much fun, but you get the idea. ||| Judd Weiss
Judd Weiss

In one hour, The Reason Foundation's swanky West Coast HQ will be flinging open its doors between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. for booze and snacks and related bonhomie. Why? WHY NOT. Also, I'm in town, and very thirsty. The details:

What: Cocktails and more with Matt Welch and various other Reasontastic superfriends.

Where: Reason Foundation HQ, 5737 Mesmer Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90230

Why: Thursday, duh. Also, my Dad will be there, in case you like hearing stories about security clearances. UPDATE: And we'll be serving our signature Rusty Woodchipper cocktail. UPDATE 2: It is delicious!  

RSVP: A must, to Mary Toledo at or 310-291-2245.

See you there!

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    1. Well I’ll be a Rusty Woodchipper*

      *new drink available at Cosmotarian gatherings

    2. Last call. For Alcohol.

      Closing time. You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.

      1. One bourbon, one scotch, and one beer?

        1. Two pina coladas, one for each hand?

        2. Well, I ain’t seen my baby since I don’t know when
          I’ve been drinking bourbon, whiskey, scotch and gin
          Gonna get high, man, I’m gonna get loose
          Need me a triple shot of that juice

    3. They kicked us out at 7:30 last time….AM.

      1. Clearly you were funny. You amused them. You were funny like a clown. You made them laugh. You were there to fuckin’ amuse them.

        1. I blacked out before 6pm, but the pictures looked like a good time.

        2. It only lasts as long as I’m fuckin’ amused. And I have a short attention span. But: Rusty Woodchippers for everyone!

  1. I’m a solid maybe.
    Lot of stuff going on this weekend. Dodger game tickets and a possible trip to Catalina among other things.

    1. Have you been to Catalina before, or is this the first time? If so, what’s interesting to do there? Lived here for 51 years and have never visited. But I’d like to before it’s too late…

      1. I go a couple of times a year. This weekend is going to be in the high 80s, which is unusual for Avalon. It’s between Catalina or Palm Desert, where it will be 100+.

        Every single room on the island is sold out this weekend, so it’s going to be a long day trip.

        Must do: the submarine (it’s not really a submarine). It’s relatively cheap, and goes through an underwater preserve that’s loaded with fish and sharks. I also do the zip line, rent a kayak, and have a few drinks at the beach club.

        Here’s a good starting point.

        1. Palm Desert?? That’s Dick Dale country! (I missed out on seeing him this year – first time in about 12 years. But Annapolis on a weeknight ain’t no where to be!)

          1. He’s from El Segundo, the next town over.

            But yeah, that area is old people country, including the street names. My Grandpa used to live near the intersection of Bob Hope and Frank Sinatra, right across from the Betty Ford clinic.

            Sometimes, when my kids need to get their energy out, all I need is a pool and some sun. They’ll wear themselves out while I drink overpriced beers.

            1. He lives in Twentynine Palms now, on what looks like, from Google Earth, Cousin Eddie’s place in Vegas Vacation.

              1. He’s lived out there for at least 23 years. I’m not sure about right now, but for a long time, Orange County surf/punk legends Agent Orange were his backing band. I’ve sern alot of Dick Dale.

        2. Ah…nice! Definitely interested in that submarine. And I’d like to spend the night there. Thanks for the link–I’ll bookmark it for later. Have fun!

        3. I’m getting plastered on Reason alcohol and then will be driving to Vegas the next morning. You always make time for Welch.

          1. You just volunteered to drive me. Be here at 4:30.

            1. If we’re gonna be doing grilled meats after, I can drive. I’ll need to think of a good excuse to leave work early, though.

            2. 4:30!? I might have to show up a bit later than that.

          2. Pick me up too!

      2. The tastiest Pina Coladas can be found at Luau Larry’s. The strongest Pina Coladas can be found at Descanso Beach.

        Best activity, by far, is to rent a snorkle and mask and snorkle off Descanso Beach. Buy a bag of frozen peas at Albertsons and bring along to feed the fish. The peas attract the fish to the point you will feel like you are swiming in an overstocked aquarium. The water is rlatively warm right now, so this may be the best time to go.

        For late night local dive bars you can’t beat The Marlin Club just up the street off the Green Pier.

        1. I always stop at El Galleon for ribs, even if it means getting them to go for the boat ride home. Applewood smoked with plum sauce. 5 stars.

          1. I like El Galleon for the fresh Paulaner hefeweizen and the Karaoke. The food, not so much. I was there once and my friends tried the cheeseburgers, I had the lamb chops. We were moored on a sail boat in the harbor. About one O’clock in the morning they left the boat for a room on shore. Both of them were violently sick the remainder of the night. In the morning they learned that other folks at the hotel shared their experience. Common thread? Hamburgers at El Galleon. Drink & sing at El Galleon, but eat elsewhere. Maggie’s Blue Rose is nearby, they serve passable Mexican food.

          2. Petros Papadakis mentioned last week that El Galleon was going to close. It’s new life will be a swanky high end steak house.

            1. That dude knows food. His family had a restaurant for a long time…

    2. I’m actually pulling for you guys to sweep the mets.

      1. Same here. At least Williams is fired, though.

        1. meh. I have faith that they’ll hire someone of equal or lesser intelligence for the roll. It’s the DC way.

    3. Sounds like yr doing it right.

      1. There are so many people to thank.

        I’d like to start with my mother in law, who came into town on short notice and provided me with the motivation to leave.

      2. Oh yeah, well I’m going to the USA v. Mexico match on Saturday. Got tickets to the American Outlaws section, then had a buddy offer a free upgrade to a box! Go me!

        And I may actually to make this one, wife’ll have the crumbeaters down at Disneyland for the day.

  2. Well for free drinks I’ll be there, oh you meant LA as in Los Angeles. I thought you meant Lower Alabama, never mind.

    1. Nobody goes to Pensacola unless it’s march.

      1. That’s why I try to go in winter. Still warm enough to get out in the gulf, and no one else there.


    1. Seriously, why does the left coast get to have all the fun?

      1. Because we’re awesome.

      2. We get Remy.

  4. I’ll be in the area this time, so this is a definite possibility.

    1. We should look into Korean BBQ afterwards. I’ll have my secretary contact you.

      1. That’s also a possibility. My only experience with Korean BBQ so far was nearly ruined by a fucking vegan.

        1. Vegans tend to do that at all-you-can-eat meat places.

        2. Ruined by a vegan? How the…

          1. Vegans ruin everything

        3. That’s also a possibility. My only experience with Korean BBQ so far was nearly ruined by a fucking vegan.

          Pro tip: If you’re a vegan, have “deadly” food allergies or require gluten-free and you ever travel to… China (for example) don’t get off. the fucking. plane.

          Or wait, if you have “deadly” food allergies, get off the plane. Problem solved.

  5. I like how you list “Why?” twice.

    1. In case Matt cleans up the post, here’s what I’m talking about:

      First Why:

      Why? WHY NOT. Also, I’m in town, and very thirsty.

      Second Why:

      Why: Thursday, duh. Also, my Dad will be there, in case you like hearing stories about security clearances.

  6. Cocktails and more with Matt Welch and various other Reasontastic superfriends

    I’d be wary of the “and more.”

    1. Steve Smith?

      1. You definitely can’t trust Welch at an event, not after he invited STEVE SMITH on that one Reason cruise.



            1. Winner!

      2. Rape scanners?

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    1. You’re invited, too, spambot!

  8. Dangit! I wish I could go but would get there right as it’s ending, due to work. Is there a mailing list or a Meetup page to be notified of future L.A. Reason events?

    1. Depends…are you hot?

      1. Commenters who live in glass houses shouldn’t ask impertinent questions, Doyers.

        1. I’m just looking out.

      2. Don’t answer him, Cherry. His facial hair is a clear indication that he’s some kind of sex pervert.

        1. He would if he could. Alas, he is just a regular pervert.

  9. I’ll try to make it. Do i have to put on shoes? Pants? It’s gonna be hot tomorrow and I’m planning on a lot of beach drinking/swimming.

    1. I’m going flip flops and shorts. Back me up on this.

      1. Why don’t you just go in a oak barrel and be done with it. Sheesh.

        1. an oak

        2. Oak? What is he, JD Rockefeller? He’ll be lucky if he can get a pine barrel.

  10. I expect everyone to behave themselves. Also, it would be nice to know if there are any women there who are not on the Reason payroll, or are not prostitutes (not that prostitutes are bad, of course).

  11. Why? WHY NOT.


    Come on, Welch, tow the lion.

  12. BTW, the shirt in that picture is making me airsick.

  13. Question: is anyone going to be taking pictures of this shindig and posting them online? Because if so I am going to put on my Episiarch mask before I go.

  14. I’ll be in the back alley, huffing glue and doing whippits. Stop by and bring some of those gay Doritos.

    1. How do you get the dogs to stand still long enough?

      1. Easy. Just scream, “Hey Cop, look! A dog!”

        1. So you have sex with dead dogs rather than live ones? Good, for a minute there I thought you were some kind of pervert.

          1. My dog’s name is glue. I don’t consider that sex.

  15. So what was the final, official recipe of the Rusty Woodchipper?

    1. Indeed, inquiring drunks need to know.

    2. A couple shots of root beer, two shots of Jager, and a shot of grain alcohol – mix, slam.

      Wait, no – that’s the FYTW.

      Rusty Woodchipper:

      Two shots of Stoli
      Chocolate milk to taste


      1. So, breakfast?

        I liked GILMORE’s better.

      2. A couple shots of root beer, two shots of Jager, and a shot of grain alcohol – mix, slam.

        Wait, no – that’s the FYTW.


        How about this:

        1. One shot of…every last beer in the fridge
        2. Look everywhere until you come across a bottle of wine that you were saving for a special occasion
        3. Drink that too

        the WDATPDIM

        1. One shot of…every last beer in the fridge

          No, one shot of every last beer on the coffee table. It accentuates the taste of despair.

          1. That works too. Plus you have a nice aftertaste of stale backwash-y beer going into the fine wine.

            1. That’s why Coca-Cola was invented as a mixer. It sanitizes.

      3. Almanian is an idea man, but he is not one for the details.

  16. Fuck Australia! Fuck Australia! Fuck Australia!!

    Note: Pretty sure I was conceived there.

      1. yeah I can’t read that shit it will just upset me.

        The commander of Ares 3 is a woman and she is kind of a huge bad ass. If that doesn’t make the SJWs happy nothing will.

    1. So that explains it?

      1. No.

        If I was deadly poisonous, endangered of going extinct because of rabbits and a ghost of vengeance that drove a v8 Charger then that would explain that.

  17. Hope everyone has a great time! Especially Playa. He NEEDS to have a good time.

  18. Northern California is too far away. But at least I don’t have to live in LA.

  19. Great robbed mammal jails domestic violence victim for not showing up to testify…

    1. You know, in the bad old days it would be the victim prosecuting the case, and she probably wouldn’t have asked for her own imprisonment.

      But now victims are simply props in the system’s self-dramatization.

      Or more plausibly, the judge and prosecutor worried about some media expose in the future where they say “and they let this abuser get away with a slap on the wrist…the prosecutor *claims* that the victim wouldn’t testify, but advocates say this is irrelevant, etc.”

      In other words, the media and the advocates won’t care if the reason the defendant got away, or got off with a light plea, was because of the victim’s refusal to cooperate, the “leniency to abusers” will be portrayed as a systemic problem caused by patriarchy and rape culture and Illuminati.

      I’m not justifying the system’s behavior, just mentioning some incentives operating here.

      1. From the article it looks like the guy already got his light sentence, 18 days in county. This seems more like the judge is being a vindictive cunt, bad press be-damned

  20. I’ve already referenced Flight of the Conchords twice today, but I’m guessing this applies right now.

      1. Bret: Did she sound Australian? Australian accent?
        Jemaine: Yes, yes.
        Bret: What did it sound like?
        Jemaine: Kind of like an evil version of our accent.

        1. That is one of my favorite episodes. It also has “Carol Brown.”

          “mmm we can eat cereal.”

          1. That is one of my favorite episodes

            CJ: a man for all seasons!

            I think it is really is the best made, best written of the their episodes.

          2. That’s a really good song. I like the music video too. Michel Gondry directed it and the rest of the episode.

            1. Btw, since there are so many FOC fans here…you all need to see What We Do in the Shadows, if you haven’t already.

              1. What We Do in the Shadows

                Oh, definitely this!

                1. I should’ve posted this instead, it’s the opening scene and it’s awesome

            1. They most certainly are. I mentioned “Marilyn MON-ROE” to my wife this last weekend, then had to remind her of it.


        2. Did you use protection?

          Yes, but only on my penis.

      2. “how you end up sleeping with an Australian girl.”

        Or be Hando….

      3. I’m still not sure how you end up sleeping with an Australian girl but I’m totally game

  21. Now, is this 5 p.m. Eastern Time?

    1. Too late,

  22. No wifi there for posting? What kind of backwoods dive is this?

    1. I heard that many men from that area voluntarily choose to walk around with exposed toes, so it is one of “those” places.

      1. Is this going to be a another plantar fasciitis thread?

        1. There’s that fag talk we talked about.

          1. Shut it, foot-privileged cis-lord.

              1. Camacho 2016!

                1. Nit sure what the difference is between Camacho and Trump but yeah

                  1. He does make critical cabinet picks!

        2. That is the last time I act like a real person!

          1. That’s a good call.

              1. They may well have been the most horrible thing ever created. And that’s including Kajagoogoo’s Too Shy in the lisr.

                  1. List.

  23. I already be buzzed so have fun.

    1. JB be buzzed.

      We need to do another of these in SF. We had one last year when Nick was in town for a conference.

      1. That’s anither city on my list. Want to do a San Fran/Yosemite week.

        1. If you do, email me at my handle + and I’ll try to put something together.

          1. Sweet:) will do for sure

            1. Last time we had C. Anacreon and Len Bias and some less-regulars whose handles I forget. Maybe next time the fearsome Sevo will appear.

  24. OT: Ben Carson vs. annoying journalist

    Carson: And when people come along and say, “It’s the rich people, it’s their fault, and if we can take their money and redistribute it, somehow that’s gonna solve the problem.” That’s an emotional argument, and I think it appeals to our lower elements but it has nothing to do with reality.

    Ryssdal: Reality then is that the rich ought to stay rich and the poor ought to stay poor?

    1. Jeebus….

    2. Why doesn’t this guy invent straw men when he’s interviewing Shrill? She’s a target-rich environment for that.

    3. Now that’s a stellar logical response right there!

    4. I found the interview above from this smugly-titled hit piece:

      Ben Carson Has Absolutely No Idea What the Debt Limit Is

      They make it sound like the only choices are raise the debt limit or default. I’m pretty sure if spending is cut enough, they won’t need to raise the debt ceiling.

      But the first rule of Prog Club is you do not talk about cutting spending, ever.

      1. “Ben Carson Has Absolutely No Idea What the Debt Limit Is”

        I’m no fan of Carson, but who cares what the “Debt Limit” is? It doesn’t matter; every time the US approaches it, congress raises it. There is and never has been a “Limit”.

        1. But, crisis? CRISIS?

          1. If you can’t find one, MAKE one!

  25. What passes for satire at the New Yorker:

    Kochs Hope to Be First to Pollute Water on Mars

    The eternal question: why subscribe to the New Yorker when you can sniff your own farts for free?

    1. “Ballet on Mars? How the Koch’s are destroying the Arts.”

      1. How the Koch’s mining of Mars exaserbates climate change on earth

        1. #RedOxidesMatter!

      2. Quincy.|10.8.15 @ 10:06PM|#
        “”Ballet on Mars? How the Koch’s are destroying the Arts.”

        This will take a couple of paragraphs:
        Every free, non-fraudulent exchange between adults increases mankind’s wealth, and it does so by definition; if both parties didn’t value what they got more than what they gave, they wouldn’t have traded.
        Add a third party ‘regulating’ that exchange, or worse, coercion, and at least one party *by definition* loses and quite possibly both. Mankind’s wealth is now less than it would have been otherwise.
        But in the first instance, one party is likely to have gained *more* value than the other, given the subjective nature of value, and therefore, lefties are determined to prevent that; it is ‘unfair’.
        So in the interest of fairness, lefties are more than willing to reduce the increase in mankind’s wealth (at best), and as is obvious in many cases, willing to impose poverty and starvation on mankind in the interest of ‘fairness’.
        All out of the envy that someone might be gaining more than them.
        Man they HATE them some Kocks, don’t they?

        1. Dude, you know I was being sarcastic? I know how trade works. I was riffing on this.

          1. Q, I was riffing on your statement, not criticizing it.

            1. Apologies, Sevo.

              1. I coulda’ started with ‘riffing on’, too.

          2. “The $100 million gift was the largest in the hospital’s history.

            Among the many David Koch gifts to this city alone are a previous $15 million to New York-Presbyterian’s Weill Cornell Medical Center, $30 million to Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, $25 million to the Hospital for Special Surgery, $20 million to a dinosaur exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History, $65 million to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and $100 million to the Lincoln Center theater that is home to the New York City Ballet and the New York City Opera.”

            Well, what about The Clinton Foundation?

            “After a week of being attacked for shady bookkeeping and questionable expenditures, the Clinton Foundation is fighting back. In a tweet posted last week, the Clinton Foundation claimed that 88 percent of its expenditures went “directly to [the foundation’s] life-changing work.”

            1. There’s only one problem: that claim is demonstrably false. And it is false not according to some partisan spin on the numbers, but because the organization’s own tax filings contradict the claim.

              For example, the Clinton Foundation spent nearly $8.5 million?10 percent of all 2013 expenditures?on travel. Do plane tickets and hotel accommodations directly change lives? Nearly $4.8 million?5.6 percent of all expenditures?was spent on office supplies. Are ink cartridges and staplers “life-changing” commodities?

              Those two categories alone comprise over 15 percent of all Clinton Foundation expenses in 2013, and we haven’t even examined other spending categories like employee fringe benefits ($3.7 million), IT costs ($2.1 million), rent ($4 million) or conferences and conventions ($9.2 million). Yet, the tax-exempt organization claimed in its tweet that no more than 12 percent of its expenditures went to these overhead expenses.

              How can both claims be true? Easy: they’re not. ”


              The cultural marxists really, really need to go fuck themselves. Oh, wait. They are. The problem is they are trying to drag us with them.

    2. I remember some environmentalists using potable water standards to compute how much the Deepwater Horizon well breach would pollute the ocean….

      I guess they thought ocean water was not already poisonous.

    3. Kochs Hope to Be First to Pollute Water on Mars

      It’s funny because we don’t care about Mars that much, but it’s totally true /progs

  26. 2 Confederate flag jokes that made me chuckle:



  27. OT – Vice News helps out Kim Davis.

    It’s not that they wanted to. It’s just that their public-records request unearthed an email Davis sent to state legislators in January. She wanted clerks to be able to exempt themselves from issuing marriage licenses. Her arguments were heavy on constitutional law, light on Jeebus.

    But the most significant part of the letter is where she points out something the PSM (Pants-Shitting Media) seem to have missed amid all their hyperventilating:

    Kentucky statutes already allow clerks to be excused from issuing licenses!

    “A county clerk may, at any time during his term of office, apply in writing to the
    commissioner for an exemption from the requirement that he sell licenses and permits or other items for the department. The commissioner shall then grant the exemption until the clerk requests otherwise in writing.” KRS 150.195


    1. Of course, that applies to hunting and fishing licenses. Davis humbly suggested that the same principle be applied to marriage licenses.

      There are in fact Kentucky clerks who don’t offer hunting and fishing licenses, and – gasp! – direct citizens to other sources to obtain these documents.

      Now that the media has been alerted to this scandal, I’m sure they’ll freak out accordingly about these clerks not wanting to “do their job.”

      1. Mmmmkay, she’s still a piece of shit.

        1. Why does Kentucky hate hunters and fishermen?

          1. She already has an exemption Eddie, she can resign at any time. But she’d rather be an attention whore. Aren’t pride and vanity sins?

            1. You can pretty much tell where the activists are coming from by what they project onto their opponents.

              “They’re attention whores!”

              “They’re obsessed with gayness!”

              “They’re bullies!”

              “They’re haters!”

              “They want to impose their beliefs on others!”


              1. She’s all those things though…

                1. Prog-jection.

                  Incidentally, Google “Kim Davis clerk vegan hunting license” and you will get link after link to *hilarious* jokes about “would a clerk be allowed to deny hunting licenses because she’s a vegan, huh?!?!?”

                  The answer is YES, she would.

                  But look at Donna Brazile: “If Mrs. Davis can claim a right, via her oath, not to issue marriage licenses, cannot, say, a vegetarian Seventh Day Adventist (or Hindu) county clerk, with equal right, refuse to issue hunting licenses?”

                  Yes, a Hindu clerk can do exactly that! (Though I don’t see why, since hunting licenses don’t allow you to hunt cows. So Brazile’s ignorance is multi-layered).

                  I can only find a couple mentions of the Kentucky hunting exemption which were published before the Vice story broke – here – “Because Kentucky already allows vegetarian clerks to opt out of issuing hunting or fishing licenses for moral reasons, surely it should provide at least the same solicitude for religious beliefs about an institution that 75 percent of Kentuckians had voted to affirm as the union of one man and one woman.”

                  1. Her lawyers already pointed this out – “If Kentucky is able to accommodate personal beliefs and conscientious objection regarding something that is (to some) as trivial as fishing and hunting, surely Kentucky can and must provide similar accommodation for deeply held beliefs about the fundamental nature of marriage”

                    I don’t recall the media giving a whole lot of attention to this point.

                    I wonder what would have happened if the situation were reversed?

                    What if the government let “fundamentalist” clerks avoid doing marriages, while threatening to fire or imprison granola-oriented clerks who didn’t want to issue licenses to shoot Bambi’s mother?

                    Ms. Granola would be getting sympathetic interviews on Good Morning America, soft-focused videos about her life and her pet deer, softball interviews, the whole bit.

                  2. Projecting what exactly?

                    They shouldn’t be exempt, they should do their jobs or resign.

                    1. Who’s they? Veggie clerks or Jeebus-freak clerks?

                    2. All of them.

                    3. OK, then, so perhaps you would like the media to cover the scandal of the state legislature letting veggie-clerk avoid his job duties?

                      I mean, if the principle you’re trying to uphold is that public officials shouldn’t get exemptions based on their conscience, then clerks like the one I linked to, who refuse to issue hunting and fishing licenses, should provoke *just as much outrage* as Kim Davis.

                      So why doesn’t that happen?

                    4. Notorious UGCC|10.8.15 @ 11:20PM|#
                      “OK, then, so perhaps you would like the media to cover the scandal of the state legislature letting veggie-clerk avoid his job duties?”

                      eddie, you seem to be the one concerned about the fact that the state is making that mistake. Please contact them and let us know how hunters feel about that.
                      What a fucking idiot.

                  3. “Because Kentucky already allows vegetarian clerks to opt out of issuing hunting or fishing licenses for moral reasons, surely it should provide at least the same solicitude for religious beliefs about an institution that 75 percent of Kentuckians had voted to affirm as the union of one man and one woman.”

                    Man, you keep looking for some excuse to allow this shitbag to avoid doing her job, don’t you?
                    Look: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion…”
                    Stuff your fucking superstition up your ass.

                    1. I love the well-reasoned, point-by-point rebuttals to my arguments I made.

                    2. Notorious UGCC|10.8.15 @ 11:14PM|#
                      “I love the well-reasoned, point-by-point rebuttals to my arguments I made.”

                      Yeah, eddie, I love parsing your lies and misdirection. Did you bother to read what I posted? Do you have *ANY* response to the obvious fact that the pile of fat is ignoring the constitution?
                      I repeat: Stuff your superstition up your ass.

                    3. “Did you bother to read what I posted?”

                      You posted the establishment clause of the First Amendment.

                      And the word “shitbag.” And the word “fucking.”

                      So yes, I read what you posted.

                    4. Notorious UGCC|10.8.15 @ 11:28PM|#
                      “You posted the establishment clause of the First Amendment.”
                      Yes; it applies to you special pleading and you have somehow not addressed that. Shitbag.

                      And the word “shitbag.” And the word “fucking.”
                      Oh, look! shitbag can point over THERE!

                      “So yes, I read what you posted.”
                      So, stuff it up your ass.

                    5. So let me see if I can address the points you raised.

                      establishment clause:

                      MY RESPONSE: I’m not sure of the relevance here – the Supreme Court didn’t rely on the Establishment Clause in its gay-marriage decision.


                      MY RESPONSE: I know you are, but what am I?


                      MY RESPONSE: I’m rubber, you’re glue, it slides off me and sticks to you.

                      “stuff it up your ass”

                      MY RESPONSE: No, *you’re* a towel!

                      There, my point-by-point rebuttal. Don’t say I ignore your arguments.

                    6. Notorious UGCC|10.8.15 @ 11:35PM|#
                      “So let me see if I can address the points you raised.”

                      Yeah, shitbag, you might try that one day.
                      I remember some one claiming you were capable of honest debate. they must have been drunk.
                      You are the slimiest of the lot; your superstition is pathetic and you’ll try every bit of sophistry in the hopes that people might miss you slime.
                      It’s insulting eddie. You should be ashamed, but I’m sure your bleefs mean you’ll try anything to support them.
                      Stuff it up your ass.

    2. Pish, posh! The New Yorker already made fun of her.

      Ah, the New Yorker. Its humor column is almost as funny as this.

    3. Why the fuck should a clerk be exempted from issuing a hunting or fishing license?

      1. Eddie, as usual, entirely misses the point.

        1. Which is?

          1. That butt sex is the holiest rite in all creation and it’s an abomination that some people refuse to participate in its sanctification.

            1. Zaytsev|10.9.15 @ 12:14AM|#
              “That butt sex is the holiest rite in all creation and it’s an abomination that some people refuse to participate in its sanctification.”
              Oh, goodie! Another ignoramus!
              Gee Zaytsev, please tell us what sex activities your skydaddy finds acceptable.

              1. “Missionary”, right?

              2. Sevo-

                HIV Incidence (new infections): The estimated incidence of HIV has remained stable overall in recent years, at about 50,000 new HIV infections per year.

                In 2010, the estimated number of new HIV infections among MSM was 29,800, a significant 12% increase from the 26,700 new infections among MSM in 2008.

                So, 30 yrs after we learned about the risk factors for AIDS, 2-3% of the population are still 60% of the victims.

                Maybe it’s even over 60%… “In 2010 (the most recent year that data are available), there were an estimated 47,500 new HIV infections. Nearly two thirds of these new infections occurred in gay and bisexual men.”

                Homos- Horny, crazy, suicidal, or just stupid?

      2. You see, these are the questions the media should have been looking into.

        How did Kentucky end up with this law? What was the rationale? Why is veggie-clerk allowed to be excused from hunting-license duty because he tears up at the thought of Bambi getting turned into venison, but Kim Davis goes to prison?

        Is it that Kentucky legislators simply hate hunters and fishermen and want them to suffer humiliation and trauma by having to go somewhere else for a license?

        Is it because some legislator’s beloved aunt is a vegetarian?

        If we had an honest media, then if they were *so very interested* in this situation they would have followed up on these questions…unless they’re worried that it will complicate the narrative they’re trying to spin.

        1. Oh, and this debate is all about teh EQUALITY – so I presume the media is outraged that the state excempts *some* conscientious objectors but not others?

          If anything, the veggie-clerk exemption is *worse* than the Kim Davis situation, because same-sex couples can still get marriage licenses at her office, just not from her, and not with her name on the license.

          But if veggie-boy runs a clerk’s office, that office won’t be issuing hunting or fishing licenses *at all* and the applicant will have to go elsewhere.

          1. Notorious UGCC|10.8.15 @ 11:25PM|#
            “Oh, and this debate is all about teh EQUALITY ”

            No, eddie, it’s about ignoramuses who presume their superstition has some value to those who aren’t so stupid.
            Stuff it up your ass.

          2. If anything, the veggie-clerk exemption is *worse* than the Kim Davis situation, because same-sex couples can still get marriage licenses at her office, just not from her, and not with her name on the license.

            Only after she was thrown in the clink you mendacious fuck.

            1. Look, I know Kim Davis is the Goldstein of the month, but if your two-minute hate lasts more than four hours, consult a physician.

              1. Notorious UGCC|10.8.15 @ 11:30PM|#
                “Look, I know Kim Davis is the Goldstein of the month, but if your two-minute hate lasts more than four hours, consult a physician.”

                No, shitbag, your pathetic attempts to support your stupidity is the object lesson here.

              2. Goldstein

                Kim Davis is the state. What part of this don’t you get?

                1. If she is the state then she can strike down the law herself and have those black robed frauds arrested.

                  1. Zaytsev|10.9.15 @ 12:16AM|#
                    “If she is the state then she can strike down the law herself and have those black robed frauds arrested.”

                    I was considering the possibility that you’re confused, and then I looked at the handle and realized you’re a fucking imbecile.

              3. Goldstein

                Kim Davis is the state. What part of this don’t you get?

          3. Are you going full retard because El Papa met with her or something? There is literally no reason for you to defend her. She’s a goddamn highly paid government employee.

            1. Down with Goldstein! Death to Goldstein! Boo! Hiss!

              1. Notorious UGCC|10.8.15 @ 11:32PM|#
                “Down with Goldstein! Death to Goldstein! Boo! Hiss!”

                LOOK OVER THERE!
                Do you wonder why you’re held in such contempt? Even Bo can’t tolerate your bullshit.

          4. I had no idea there was such an exemption for fishing/hunting licenses. It certainly does make the fuss over what Davis did look really silly.

            Fortunately, I have a bold, new plan, which is mine which would solve this problem and many others. Under Derpy’s bold new plan which is mine, no one will need a license for anything. Drive a car, fly a plane, catch a fish, run a lemonade stand, whatever. As long as your not hurting anybody or their stuff, do whatever you want.


            1. Derpetologist|10.8.15 @ 11:37PM|#
              “I had no idea there was such an exemption for fishing/hunting licenses. It certainly does make the fuss over what Davis did look really silly.”

              Naah. It makes the other exemption as ridiculous as the claims for that pile of fat.

            2. No, its a red herring.

              It’s relevancy assumes that those exemptions should exist (they shouldn’t). And the fact of the matter is that however much Kim Davis wanted that exemption to exist (and of course she didn’t start advocating them until gay marriage was a certainty) they don’t exist and instead of resigning due to her conscience she decided to refuse to do her job and tell her underlings they couldn’t do it for her.

              1. Apatheist ?_??|10.8.15 @ 11:52PM|#
                “No, its a red herring.”
                Exactly. It’s John’s efforts to claim marriage between gays is invalid.
                LOOK OVER THERE!
                THEY DO IT TOO!
                It’s the mendacity of bleevers; as adults, they are too embarrassed to admit they have imaginary friends, so it’s a search far and wide to justify their superstitions under whatever tu quoqo they can find.

            3. Eh, if vegans get a pass, Davis should too. And if she doesn’t get a pass, the vegans shouldn’t either.

              Of course, the best thing would be to get rid of both kinds of licenses. But of course the people who get paid to hand out licenses would protest the loss of their phoney baloney jobs. Harrumph! Harrumph, harrumph, harrumph!

              1. Ooh, I got! Transfer the Christians to hunting/fishing licenses and the vegans to marriage licenses.

                There, problem solved!

            4. Why the fuck does a county clerk sell hunting licences? Most normal places people go to a sporting goods store.

  28. Still pretty shocked I even have the ability to choose to watch the Astros over the Texans this time of year.

  29. Holy fuck, what a fucking world we live in

    I’m a CODA ? Child of Deaf Adults ? and involved in the Deaf activist community. [Note: writing Deaf with a capital D separates people who can’t hear from people who consider deafness a major part of their cultural and political identity.] So usually I’m thrilled when people read an article about people in the Deaf community or see a cool video in American Sign Language and think to send it to me. It means that I’m making a difference, however small, in helping to educate people about the Deaf community. However, the “deaf person hears for the first time” videos don’t make me smile. They make me want to throw my computer out a window.

    1. It gets derpier:

      These “inspiring” videos continue to push one of the most problematic narratives in the history of the Deaf community: that deaf people are broken and therefore need to be “fixed.”

      Ah, deafness is a disability isn’t it? Deaf people aren’t broken, but their hearing definitely is.

      a physical or mental condition that limits a person’s movements, senses, or activities.
      synonyms: handicap, disablement, incapacity, impairment, infirmity, defect

      I doubt this person feels the same way about blindness or paralysis.

      1. I was gonna write about how it’s the standard SJW narrative that “I’m an XXXX person, named YYYY” instead of “I’m YYYY, who happens to be XXXX.”

        However, the comments got there before me:

        As an autistic person (note: not a ‘person with autism’) I can see what you’re saying…

        People think of autistic people as broken neurotypical people, like autism is something horrible that has happened to a person who was supposed to be neurotypical – being neurological autism is every bit who we are and not separate, or as the saying goes; we are different, not less. Many people don’t get that we don’t want to be cured, talk of curing autism actually seriously harms the autistic community by continuing this idea that we’re broken people, worth less than ‘normal’ (aka neurotypical people), also it is not far in the direction of eugenics to want to eradicate autism (and thus autistic people) off the planet. People think we’re crazy for not wanting to be ‘cured’ or that our neurotypical advocates that have autistic children are crazy for not wanting ‘normal’ children.

        1. Part of the autism spectrum includes people who never learn to speak or live independently.

          I can’t imagine why someone would want that unless they enjoyed being showered with attention and sympathy because of their “special” child…..Oh…OH!

    2. I think one of the worst things about that perverted view of disability and the refusal to even consider fixing it is that they don’t even acknowledge how much it affects others. It severely limits your ability to notice your environment and other people, especially when they would like or need to communicate with you, so people have to bend over backwards for you and jobs are created to serve you in a special way. Celebrating the fact that you need this special assistance and refusing a solution that would give you more independence is incredibly asshole-ish. It would be like a 40 year old who lives in his parents’ basement, is waited on hand and foot by his mother, and is proud of it.

      1. Honestly, in a sense I understand there are probably advantages to being deaf. People are extra nice to them and they don’t have to hear annoying, loud sounds. Which is why I think the main problem with it is selfishness. I’d love to walk around with headphones all day and tune people out. But I’m not an asshole.

        1. I get annoyed by old people who clearly need hearing aids, but instead turn up the volume on everything and expect people to shout at them so they can hear.

          People who don’t want to hear strike me as being sort of like hermits. Sure, you won’t meet any jerks if you live alone in a cave, but you won’t meet anyone cool either.

          1. I can’t hold it against anybody if they don’t want to hear. However, you aren’t oppressed because I won’t learn ASL or because I communicate orally.

          2. I would have more respect for them if they became actual hermits, instead of continuing to live as if they have a disability out of their control that the world needs to adapt to.

            I’d also have some respect for a “deaf culture” person who said that the ADA should stop treating deafness like a disability, but somehow I doubt they exist

            1. There is a person in the comments who was literally agitating for a deaf homeland. Jews got their, so we deserve ours!!!!

              1. Trshmnstr doesn’t recycle|10.9.15 @ 12:25AM|#
                “There is a person in the comments who was literally agitating for a deaf homeland.”
                Yeah, because the deaf have been chased out of, uh, where was it that they were chased out of?

          3. “I get annoyed by old people who clearly need hearing aids…”

            *holsters .45 and cups hand behind ear*


    3. I was in a masochistic mood, so I read some of the comments. In response to one person who said the videos were a testament to our great medical technology, someone said:

      “Is this advance really good for mankind? Oppenheimer regretted to be part of the development of the atomic bomb.”

      hearing implant vs atomic bomb…..can we really be sure one is better for people?

  30. Is it just me?

    Look at the doorknob in the 4th panel and read the text…

    Don’t know why I’m not getting “orange”- the link is under “panel”.

    1. Just the tip

  31. Just read the dead-tree review “Surviving Nagasaki” in the Nov. issue.
    Whoa, what a pile of forelock-tugging horse-shit!
    “Karl T. Compton, president of MIT, wrote a December 1946 “Atlantic” piece estimating that the bomb had saved “hundreds of thousands – perhaps several millions” of Americans and Japanese from perishing in a prolonged war”.
    Yes, and the author of the review, Anthony Gregory, merely mentions there was debate on “unconditional surrender” (of which there was little), and then wanders off to post-war censorship.
    And toward the end, we get:
    “According to a 2015 Pew Research Center poll, 56 percent of Americans consider the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki justified. [therefore] The UsS. government’s active attempts to limit public revulsion in the bombings’ immediate aftermath appear to have a lasting effect.” Parenthetical mine; bullshit implied claim of causation.
    This is insulting; Even Tony admitted the alternative was US surrender, ignoring the continuing deaths in Asia as a result. Gregory seems to think his “concern” is sufficient to question whether the bombs were appropriate.
    To him and to every ‘moralist’ opposing the use of nukes to end WWII, I have one question:
    What alternative do you propose and what evidence do you have that it would have been more humane than the one chosen?
    I have NEVER gotten an answer to that; merely whining that ‘people were HURT!’

    1. “The nirvana fallacy is a name given to the informal fallacy of comparing actual things with unrealistic, idealized alternatives.[1] It can also refer to the tendency to assume that there is a perfect solution to a particular problem.”

      As Sowell says, the only question that matters when judging an action is “compared to what?”

      1. I didn’t think I’d missed *any* Sowell, but I obviously missed this.
        Yes, that is EXACTLY what the claims have been every time I’ve asked:
        “Well, it was horrible, we should have done something better!”

      2. Yes, and it is very tiresome having these fuckwits, who generally subscribe to multiculturalism, judge people from the past by today’s standards of propriety and morality.

  32. MSLSD had a special the other day about canned hunts called Blood Lions. You know, like blood diamonds. I should start a band called Blood Lions…

    Anyway, the gist of it was evil white men capture lions and then let them loose near the hunter so he can get his trophy.

    There are a lot of people out there who want to hunt big and/or exotic animals. And whenever there is demand for something, someone will provide it, be it drugs, prostitutes, or lions.

    Man, I should start a band called Drugs, Prostitutes, and Lions….

    Anyway, it is it bit sad that so few people can think of the general principles involved a run straight for “I don’t like it, ban it now!”

    1. “Anyway, the gist of it was evil white men capture lions and then let them loose near the hunter so he can get his trophy.”

      Pretty sure the same dynamic obtains with, oh, chickens in Modesto, CA, or we’d pay a whole lot more for BBQ’d chicken.

      1. Yeah, but there’s a Disney movie about lions. Then again, there’s also a Disney movie about deer.

        Disney: making people hate hunting since 1938.

    1. You are becoming stronger in the ways of the Derp, my young padawan.

      [mournful French horn music]

    2. I can’t help but admire the dedication and pizzazz of a guy who makes a dozen racist parodies of Disney songs.

    3. They pronounce “meme” as maymay. I heard a guy honestly mispronounce that way on Crazy Socon Radio.

      Gadzooks, a racist parody of “Under the Sea”?!

      Irish, ready you are. Nothing more to teach you I have.

    4. Wow, both the lyrics and the singing were surprisingly well done.

  33. “Todd Olson said the man’s death appears to be the result of an accident. ”

    Accident? Sure it was.

    Alright, fess up. Which Reasonoids live in Connecticut?…..-stoningt/

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