REMINDER 2.0: Come Drink with Matt Welch at a Reason Happy Hour in L.A. at 5 p.m.!

Because freedom, that's why. Also, Rusty Woodchippers.


I can't promise THIS much fun, but you get the idea. ||| Judd Weiss
Judd Weiss

In one hour, The Reason Foundation's swanky West Coast HQ will be flinging open its doors between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. for booze and snacks and related bonhomie. Why? WHY NOT. Also, I'm in town, and very thirsty. The details:

What: Cocktails and more with Matt Welch and various other Reasontastic superfriends.

Where: Reason Foundation HQ, 5737 Mesmer Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90230

Why: Thursday, duh. Also, my Dad will be there, in case you like hearing stories about security clearances. UPDATE: And we'll be serving our signature Rusty Woodchipper cocktail. UPDATE 2: It is delicious!  

RSVP: A must, to Mary Toledo at or 310-291-2245.

See you there!