Trump Dominates Swing States, Huckabee Seeks Gay Doritos Boycott, Aid Group Seeks Inquiry Into Afghan Hospital Bombing: A.M. Links


  • Doctors Without Borders is asking an independent fact-finding commission to look into America's deadly bombing of a northern Afghanistan hospital last Saturday that killed 22 patients and medical staffers, including three children, and injured 37 others. 
  • The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is asking the feds to investigate discrimination against female film directors in Hollywood. 
  • GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is asking supporters to boycott Frito-Lay and its "radical homosexual" agenda. 
  • Arkansas is asking the Supreme Court to revisit Roe v. Wade
  • A trio of scientists from the U.S., Sweden, and Turkey were awarded the Nobel Prize in chemistry for their work showing how human cells can repair damaged DNA. 
  • "Those who were waiting for Donald Trump's campaign to collapse will need to wait longer, at least in the three key states of Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania," said Quinnipiac University Poll assistant director Peter A. Brown about the latest numbers on GOP presidential candidates. 
  • Stock up on your canned pumpkin now. 

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  1. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is asking the feds to investigate discrimination against female film directors in Hollywood.

    Great. More Olympia Dukakis movies.

    1. Hello.

      “The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is asking the feds to investigate discrimination against female film directors in Hollywood. ”


      /face palm.

      1. The most important issue of our times!

      2. Hello.

        Canada set record for biggest blown lead in Rugby World Cup history:

        1. At least we set a record!

        2. I just don’t to think about the US performance….the second half against the Scots was the last straw.

          But Japan and Wales have been fun!

          1. I feel your pain. I went to the U.S. vs. South Africa game at Soldier Field, don’t remember much of though…

            1. I hope the missing space in that sentence was *getting drunk and naked in the stands and singing rugby songs so foul that it offended Chicagoans* and not something pedestrian like *it*

          2. You should see the New Zealand reporting. People are not happy about the All Black performance so far. Beating Namibia 58-15 and Georgia 43-10 is just not good enough. And the 26-16 win over Argentina was almost as bad as losing.


            1. Wow.

              What do they want more?

              A win is a win for the love of God!

              And from what I see, which isn’t much since I don’t know much about rugby, Argentina is pretty decent.

              1. I listened to some of the BBC radio feed. NZ was making a lot of mistakes and the fear is that the sloppy play will be punished by better teams. But, yeah, it’s still a little bit overblown. Argentina’s OK. They’re usually the best of the teams outside the traditional powers.

                1. Sorta like Canada in international affairs and power politics!

                  A middle power!

        3. Hell, Canada even has a South African on the team (if van der Merwe is anything to go by – since there are literally thousands of people by that name playing Union in South Africa).

    2. Always find it funny that the places with the most discrimination always seem to be populated nearly entirely by progs. Hollywood, Academia, journalism isn’t as bad but it does have the 100 poor for every super star that they claim they hate.

      1. Also, the most segregated cities with the starkest income inequality tend to be bastions of progdom

      2. No no no no. They are just more *aware*

  2. 99) I hate to say Obama’s right about something, but I really don’t see how he’s wrong when it comes to Putin’s involvement in Syria. I believe his attitude is it’s not our business, and if the Russians can make things better there that’s great. But the most likely outcome is it will be a long, expensive Russian entanglement with no particular exit strategy. That’s actually?a sensible view of things.

    1. Blind hog, acorn. The fact that this is his third strategy on Syria because he, Kery and Clinton have fucked up every other position they have held tempers my enthusiasm.

      1. it’s kind of hilarious that the state department official position changes every year, It’s almost like they don’t know what the fuck they are doing, which is par for the course.

      2. I don’t credit Obama with jack concerning Syria. Obama’s Syria policy has been bat-shit crazy from day one. (How is is possible to speak of a moderate Muslim intent upon armed insurrection? How foolish does one have to be to think that there are Arab insurrectionists who be anything other than anti-American?)

        He’s been taunting Putin for years, most recently with his UN speech. Unlike Republicans, Putin was free to call Obama’s bluff.

        If Obama is serious about ignoring Putin’s intervention in Syria as “not our business”, it is only because Obama has come to realize that he has once again been thwarted by his betters.

        That’s not to say Putin is a good guy. No doubt his Syrian intentions are not primarily driven by humanitarian concerns. It’s just that, while US policy in Syria has been both stupid and immoral, Putin is not stupid.

    2. Meh. If Obama just out and out said we’re going to sit this one out, that’d be one thing. It’s mostly a lot of public dithering and lectures about “the wrong side of history” which Putin more or less ignores.

      1. Yeah, he doesn’t really have the “speak softly” part down.

      2. And, depending on what role you think the US should have, making threats/criticisms that are ignored by Putin undermines you in the future.

    3. Don’t Do Stupid Shit is the sagest foreign policy of any POTUS in my lifetime.

      1. Too bad Barry doesn’t follow it

      2. Too bad none of them actually followed that policy.

      3. Damn, shrike, i didn’t know you were around in the Coolidge administration.

      4. +1 bright red line.

        1. It’s THE WORLD’s red line

        2. Obamas red line promise to give the rebels an air force got some people gassed.

      5. It’s almost more worrying that there isn’t a prominent voice that out there very visibly tearing this apart and shaming Vox into oblivion.

        How are things in Libya these days?

        1. eghhhh. didn’t copy the right text:

          Don’t Do Stupid Shit is the sagest foreign policy of any POTUS in my lifetime.

    4. I honestly wouldn’t mind it so much if we hadn’t spent millions possibly billions in munitions, training and support of the Syrian rebels in that theater at this point. The level of waste is mind numbing, for what? just money down another rat hole.

      1. Are you saying that’s stupid shit???

  3. GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is asking supporters to boycott Frito-Lay and its “radical homosexual” agenda.

    Also because they make you fat. Mike doesn’t want to break out the vertical stripes again.

    1. Are we sure neon colored chips are also not cancerous?

      At the very least, what does it look like 8 hours after one has finished a bag?

      1. If they’re not cool ranch, I’m not interested. And by cool ranch, I mean pansexual.

    2. *crunch, crunch, cruch*



    3. The Gayz are notorious chubby chasers.

      1. More cushion for the pushin’, am i right?

        1. The looser the waistband the deeper the quicksand.

          Or so I have read.

    4. Soooooo…where’s all the jokes about multi-colored fingers and masturbation hmmmmm? You guys are losing your “edginess”.

  4. “Stock up on your canned pumpkin now.”

    Pumpkin shortage? Maybe they should stop putting it in the beer, and leave more pumpkin for disgusting pies, where it belongs.

    1. My wife bought someLeinenkegel’s Fall Blend Shandy because she likes the lemonade version. I believe it will be the peak of the pumpkin spice craze. Terrible.

      1. Having grown up there, I feel fine calling it squaw piss.

        1. You grew up behind the Cheddar Curtain?!

          1. Yes, but a Viking fan. About as welcome as a libertarian.

      2. I’ve never had a Leinenkegels that I thought was good.

        1. Just not tight enough for you?

          1. Jacob may have been. My neighbors were the Leinenkugels. No shittin.

          2. SF for the win. I’ve got coffee in my sinus, you bastard.

        2. Just bought the Oktoberfest version – never heard of this beer before.
          It’s… so-so. Goes better in my fried potato dish.

        3. I like their Creamy Dark Lager. Honey Weisse isn’t bad either.

          1. Creamy Dark is fantastic, particularly when taken from a freshly tapped keg. When I find a bottle down here in south Florida it is never as good as it is at Grandma’s on lake Superior.

    2. Beer should taste like beer.

      Pumpkins are for smashing, chunkin’, or if you have small children, carving. The seeds can be roasted and eaten. NOT BEER.

      1. Make a fine pie – but past that leave it out of coffee or beer.

      2. What’s wrong with variety? Drinking “beer” flavored beer every day sounds boring.

        1. Some Guy,

          It is just the usual complaints from misogynists out to defend their manly pillars of food.

          1. Damn it, Crusty, you figured me out!

          2. Most beers I wouldn’t qualify as “food”. But most beers that do fall in the “food” category are good.

      3. Beer should taste like beer

        Exactly. All stouts should taste like pilsners and vice versa. ??

        It’s very hard to find good pumpkin beers. They usually just end up being weird pumpkin pie spice beers. But when you find one that actually lets the pumpkin come through, it’s excellent.

        1. Agreed. My favorites are Shipyard and Harpoon.

          1. Williamsburg Aleworks Pumpkin. 7.4% ABV, good pumpkin flavor with mild spices.

        2. It’s very hard to find good pumpkin beers.

          Because there aren’t any.

          1. I’ve had maybe two.

        3. My wife just had a Pumpkin Shandy last Friday. Neither of us are into Shandys but it was pretty good. Don’t remember who made it.

      4. “Pumpkins are for smashing…”

        Last year we had one left over from Halloween. I cut a hole in it and put 1lb of tannerite in it, placed it in the center of the back yard and set it off. Pumpkin was falling out of the sky for ten minutes.

        This past spring I had pumpkin vines sprouting everywhere.

        1. Hmmm… new business model.

          Kinetic Gardening?!

          Not only exploding gourds and melons, but shotgun shells with a variety of seeds.

          Crowdfunding, here I come!

          Shooting the shotgun off the back deck is Biden approved.

      5. No fruit in beer!

    3. There are many good substitutes for pumpkin, and I doubt they’d all be affected.

  5. Vox: Emailgate is a political problem for Hillary Clinton, but it also reveals why she’d be an effective president

    From her adventures in cattle trading to chairing a policymaking committee in her husband’s White House to running for Senate in a state she’d never lived in to her effort to use superdelegates to overturn 2008 primary results to her email servers, [Hillary] Clinton is clearly more comfortable than the average person with violating norms and operating in legal gray areas.

    Committed Democrats and liberal-leaning interest groups are facing a reality in which any policy gains they achieve are going to come through the profligate use of executive authority, and Clinton is almost uniquely suited to deliver the goods. More than almost anyone else around, she knows where the levers of power lie, and she is comfortable pulling them, procedural niceties be damned.

    She truly is the perfect leader for America’s moment of permanent constitutional crisis: a person who cares more about results than process, who cares more about winning the battle than being well-liked, and a person who believes in asking what she can get away with rather than what would look best.

    1. That’s from SadBeard too. Of course people like him fantasize about an iron-fisted dictator imposing progressivism on America.

      He probably thinks about that while his wife pegs him at night.

      1. “Liberals need an iron fist in the White House to make progress”

        I’d say you’re right.

        1. A strong pimp hand to rebuild America after the ruin and chaos of the Obama era?

    2. I think this is about as well as this argument can be made, and it is still really, really a stretch.

    3. Hillary: A Tyrant We Can Believe In

    4. Holy goddamn shit. That’s good parody.

    5. I never knew the FBI was a hotbed of the VRWC until yesterday. Hillary fans are extra crazy.

    6. I wonder how he would feel about using executive authority in legal gray areas if Trump were president…

      No, actually I don’t wonder. I know exactly how he’d feel.

    7. a person who cares more about results than process

      And those “results” would be …?

      1. The omelet resulting from the broken eggs.

        1. The broken eggs resulting from pretending to try to make an omelet?

    8. That may literally be the scariest political comment I have ever read.

      1. It’s worrying that a relatively mainstream outlet would openly pine for a light-beer version of a dictator.

        It’s almost more worrying that there isn’t a prominent voice that out there very visibly tearing this apart and shaming Vox into oblivion.

        1. It’s almost more worrying that there isn’t a prominent voice that out there very visibly tearing this apart and shaming Vox into oblivion.

          It’s not because this isn’t alarming rhetoric, it’s because this kind of longing for fascism by any other name is par for the leftist course.

    9. It’s shocking how brazenly progtards are willing to toss out the rule of law when they are/think they will be in power.

      1. They used to at least PRETEND to believe in the rule of law.

    10. Up next from Vox: Liberals Should Hope It’s True the Clintons Had Vince Foster Murdered

    11. Achieving new lows in utilitarianism every day, Vox is your go-to philosophical void.

    12. procedural niceties

      You say procedural niceties, I say law. Po-TAY-toe, po-TAW-toe. I think we can all agree Hillary has a certain dictatorial jenesequa.

      1. 3 years of high school French compels me to correct jenesequa to je ne sais quoi.

    13. You know who else declared that the people need a strong leader?

      1. Bernie Sanders supporters?

    14. Holy Fucking Shit. They ain’t even trying to disguise it anymore. Look, just because you have mommy issues and some deep longing to fulfill your fantasy of Mistress Hillary cracking her whip on your naked bum as she parades you around on a dog leash, stopping occasionally to grind her stiletto-heeled jackboot into your face, doesn’t mean we all have such desires. I’m pretty sure if you check around you can find a club with a leather-walled dungeon and you can get all your rape fantasies out without involving the rest of us.

    15. So… he out-and-out admits that in the midst of a “constitutional crisis,” i.e. a crisis of the very governmental system, the solution is to go with the dictatorial candidate. Not a candidate that would try to restore the system.

  6. GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is asking supporters to boycott Frito-Lay and its “radical homosexual” agenda.

    Now your children will be shitting rainbows.

    1. Frito-Gay

    2. “I know it was you, Frito. You broke my heart. You broke my heart.”

      1. “You’re nothing to me now. You’re not a snack, you’re not a side. I don’t want to know you or what you do. If you wish to be sold at the checkstand at the local grocery store, I want to know a day in advance so I won’t be there.”

    3. Now what will really curl your Fritos is would you have boycotted them anyways?

  7. Damn it, now I am hungry for Doritos!

    1. Funny, now I want Skittles. Taste the Rainbow!

      1. Let’s do both! Actually, I like Skittles too.

  8. Those who were waiting for Donald Trump’s campaign to collapse will need to wait longer, at least in the three key states of Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania…

    Those aren’t swing states because voters there are geniuses.

    1. Ima go outside and slap around some of my neighbors over this.

    2. “Stupidity in Diversity!”

      “Diversity in Stupidity!”

      Which is a better slogan for Florida?

  9. GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is asking supporters to boycott Frito-Lay and its “radical homosexual” agenda.

    Hmm… dye…

    1. But it’s RADICAL HOMOSEXUAL dye! Just eating them can turn you gay.

      1. Especially the purple ones. Purple dye is where gay comes from.

        1. what color do they make the poop turn? Burger King Green or ?

          1. Do you remember rainbow parties?

            1. uh no… *looks warily around*

            2. Michelle Malkin wrote some bat shit retarded scare column on those 12 years ago I want to say.

              I’ve never taken her seriously since.

  10. Gun Lovers Aren’t Heartless. They’re Just Pessimists

    Why? The conventional answer is that conservatives and gun-rights supporters are more likely to become police officers. That’s clearly part of it, but maybe there’s more to it. Perhaps police officers experience the world as dangerous and threatening, in the same way that passionate gun-rights advocates do. Perhaps because of all the dysfunction they see in their jobs, they believe evil is an inevitable part of life. Perhaps their job experiences confirm a worldview where the best answer to evil is widespread sleeper cells of ready-for-action, preferably packing, good guys.

    In sum, for a pro-gun American, limiting access to firearms is an assault on the very core of his identity. Because he does care. In fact, he wants to save the day. Take away his right to bear arms now? When evil is increasingly evident? That’s sending him out to face the playground bully with his hands tied behind his back.

    As far-fetched as all this may seem to a progressive, it’s not ignoble. It’s not heartless. It’s a radically different viewpoint that we progressives would be better served understanding rather than demonizing.

    1. Most police would like non-police disarmed.

      1. I think most police AGENCIES would like that, but most rank and file police are pro-2nd. They tend to be authoritarian assholes in most other cases, but are right on this issue.

    2. When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

    3. Considering the Krugabe quote above, evil does exist in this world, and its name is progressivism.

    4. I can answer that question. I’m in the progressive camp, but I’m married to my political opposite, a Republican police officer and soldier. We’ve had eighteen years to compare notes on many political issues, and out of all those arguments, I have gained an understanding and a measure of respect for the conservative worldview.

      It never ceases to shock me how little liberals understand the point of view of their ideological opponents.

      1. Why would they bother? They know they are right and everyone else is wrong. It’s a waste of time to try to understand your opponent, time that is better spent forcing everyone to bow to your worldview.

    5. Governments massacred over 100 million people last century. Our government is responsible for at least a sizeable chunk of that, though certainly nowhere close to being the highest. But anyone who actually wants to trust the government and give up their guns is either 1) woefully ignorant of history, 2) completely delusional by thinking “it can’t/won’t happen here (again)”, or 3) completely and unabashedly evil.

    6. Who wrote that for him?

    7. “How can you, with a straight face, make the argument that more guns will make us safer?” President Barack Obama asked on Friday.

      … Coming from a man who is constantly surrounded by a group of heavily armed Secret Service agents.

  11. Doctors Without Borders is asking an independent fact-finding commission to look into America’s deadly bombing…

    Sorry, we’re busy trying to find ways to ban guns at home. You picked a bad news cycle to get bombed.

    1. One thing we can be sure of: it will not be Obama’s fault.

      As opposed to every crime committed by the military 2001–2008 all of which could be traced directly back to the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld Directory.

      Also, Obama at some point in the next week will comment that he was horrified when he heard about it on the news – the same time the rest of us learned about it.

      1. I blame the bombs.

        1. We obviously need common sense bomb control.

        2. Ultimately its all Physics’ fault.

      2. … every crime committed by the military 2001–2008 for all eternity, all of which could be traced directly back to the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld Directory.

        I made a little alteration to bring it more into line with what progressives actually believe.

    2. Hasn’t the Pentagon already admitted that they screwed up? What is the point of a fact-finding commission?

      1. Probably trying to figure out if it’s safe to send their volunteers into American warzones or not. If this turns out to be a trial balloon for what they can get away with DWB is better off focusing their resources elsewhere.

        1. We have the best warzones!

        2. Well, it’s not really safe to send volunteers into any war zone, because it’s a war zone, and bad shit happens there, including fuckups like the hospital attack.

        3. They should consider changing their name to “Doctors With Borders,” where they can be safe.

          You Childrens Hospital fans know what I am talking about.

    3. They weren’t “bombed.” If we bombed them, the whole building would be gone. We shelled them from a helicopter. I know. I can see the hits on the building.

      They weren’t bombed. This matters to the dead. They were shredded and burned and reduce to a viscous goo from something completely different than a “bomb.” If those stupid doctors trying to save their lives and the lives of their patients in the midst of the fires of hell raining down on them said they were being bombed then they are just goddamn liars and all those people didn’t really die.

      1. I thought there was a report yesterday where the military acknowledged it was a C47 gunship that did most of the damage.

        1. AC-130.

          C47 is an old DC-3.

          1. Yeah, thanks. See my post below.

      2. Fair enough.

      3. I thought it was a spectre?

      4. “They weren’t “bombed.” If we bombed them, the whole building would be gone. We shelled them….

        …They weren’t bombed. This matters to the dead…. If those stupid doctors … said they were being bombed then they are just goddamn liars “

        No, but it matters to the subsequent ‘investigation’ that both the US and MSF are going to do of the incident.

        1. If nothing else, determining whether the compound was ‘bombed’ or ‘shelled’ will address the inevitable whining of the peanut gallery over ‘proportionality of response’.

      5. Glen Greenwald @The Intercept takes note = official mouthpieces of the state tried spinning the story very hard in the early stages….going from “False Uncertainty” over who was culpable, to pumping a “Blame the Afghans”-story =

        CNN and NYT Deliberately Obscure Who Perpetrated Afghan Hospital Attack

        While I’m not always the biggest fan of Greenwald, I do enjoy how he latches on to these kinds of examples to show how willingly these “News Orgs” will twist facts to appease Their People in power….

        Re: Why it does matters whether it was a “shelling/shooting” versus a “bombing” =

        subsequent investigations will hinge on the awareness/knowledge people had of the target, and the accuracy of the weapons employed.

        My guess is that “bombing” is preferred by the media because ‘even smart-bombs are dumb’ and accidents do happen…. it suggests that the Bomb is whut done it, whereas ‘Shooting’ requires active engagement.

        More from GG – Why the US is trying to avoid an investigation whether the attack was an “Accident” or not

        1. I don’t get the kerfuffle. They obviously screwed up and hit the wrong building. I suppose it is of interest to the world at large if the screw-up was at the Afghan side, because then you might suspect taliban sympathizers getting the US to shoot themselves in the foot.

          Otherwise, I don’t think anyone could seriously suggest that the US intentionally attacked a DWB hospital. It just doesn’t pass the sniff test. They’ve bent over backwards for decades to avoid even appearing like they might possibly be attacking the wrong sort of site. Suddenly Doctors Without Borders is on the US hit list? That’s just silly.

          For the armed forces it is important that they find the screw-up and make sure that they reduce the risk of future screw-ups. But for the rest of us? They said they were the ones who made the mistake and killed people. That’s pretty much the end of it, unless you want to subscribe to some anti-DWB conspiracy theory. I suppose there is an alternate excuse that involves the hospital being used as a shelter by Taliban fighters.

          In any event, the only real solution is to not be involved in a war. Which we aren’t going to do. So suck it up and get used to the idea that people who aren’t supposed to be killed are going to be killed. That’s kinda how war works.

  12. “GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is asking supporters to boycott Frito-Lay and its “radical homosexual” agenda. ”

    I just know there’s a joke in there somewhere.

    I for one always wondered what the cream part of Sour Cream chips is. You go, Mike!

  13. Huckabee is asking supporters to boycott Frito-Lay and its “radical homosexual” agenda

    , which includes changing the name of the company to Homo-Lay.

    1. I thought it was a fight between Faggy-Lay and Gay-Lay?!

      1. Free to gay

    2. which includes changing the name of the company to Homo-Lay.

      And rolling out their new mascot, Dirty Sanchez.

      1. He’ll come out riding a Cleveland Steamer.

  14. Post-apocalyptic ‘beaver’ thrived after dinosaurs died

    The world had been wrecked. An asteroid impact in Mexico compounded by colossal volcanism in India 66 million years ago had killed about three-quarters of Earth’s species including the dinosaurs.

    But relatively soon afterward, a plucky critter that looked like a beaver was thriving, exemplifying the resilience of the mammals that would arise from the margins of the animal kingdom to become Earth’s dominant land creatures.

    1. Post-Apocalyptic Beaver will be the name of my next band.

      1. What made me think of Cher when I read this?

        1. Ewwwww /teenage girl

      2. Wasn’t that the name proposed for the sequel to A Boy and His Dog?

        1. +1 The Farm!

    2. If the dinosaurs were wiped out, how come they are still around today?

      1. Only the smaller ones with feathers survived.

      2. Because they’re not dino-dinos.

    3. Fine. Hit the earth with an meteor. Honey Beaver don’t care.

    4. I never bought the giant asteroid theory. It is too full of holes.

  15. A trio of scientists from the U.S., Sweden, and Turkey were awarded the Nobel Prize in chemistry for their work showing how human cells can repair damaged DNA.

    That’s incredible. The Turks have scientists?

    1. I thought you had been in a Turkish prison.

    2. Sort of. He’s Turkish-American. FTA:

      Sancar, 69, is a professor at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

    3. Note that he’s FROM Turkey. And note where he actually lives.

      What pisses me off is that the chemistry awards have been heavily slanted to biology in recent years. That seems discriminatory against actual chemistry and chemists.

      /sobs because he was passed over again this year

    4. Well, those Turkish delights don’t make themselves.


    5. The Turks even put scientists on their money!

      (After Mustafa Kemal, naturally)

  16. I thought it was just an H&R meme: Anti-Netanyahu pundit asks, ‘You know who else liked dogs?
    Which led me to this bit of awesomeness.

    1. What the hell is that?

  17. For decades, the government steered millions away from whole milk. Was that wrong?

    Even so, the advisory panel has continued to tout the benefits of limiting saturated fat to 10 percent of the diet, and of swapping whole milk for fat-free.

    In doing so, the panel is relying on the third piece of the argument against saturated fats, which is that two-step chain of logic: that saturated fats raise the levels of “bad” cholesterol in the blood, and that higher levels of “bad” cholesterol in turn raise the risks of heart disease.

    Scientists generally agree on the premises of that argument. The trouble, according to critics, is that connecting the two and drawing the conclusion that saturated fats lead to heart disease is a vast oversimplification, for a handful of reasons.

    1. Settled science! Just like global cooling, the hole in the ozone layer, cholesterol, salt…

    2. The problem is we are now trying to replicate scientifically the dietary folk-wisdom we had developed over millennia. I think we’ll be able to do it eventually, but it’s going to be quite a few decades until we get everything figured out. In the meantime, we’re going to continue to have plenty of dietary recommendations that get reversed ten years later.

      1. Reminds me of the view of eggs while I was growing up. They went from good to bad to the whites being good and the yolks being bad, and now they’re nature’s perfect food.

        Whatever. I just like eggs. I’d say a full 40% of my diet comes from delicious, nutritious fat.

    3. I’ve been trying to get my mom to switch to Whole milk for ages. Everyone in the family enjoy it more. None of us are in danger of being overweight, and it is straight up healthier for us. She’s wedded to the government guidelines, though. Must eat exactly what we’re told, even if the evidence isn’t there.

      1. My mom ‘b’ dad think I’m going to keel over from my “high cholesterol” eating. I just shrug and say, “we’ve all gotta die someday”

        1. that’s a ‘n’ not a ‘b’

          I picked the wrong day to stop…

          1. No, it’s definitely a “b.”

      2. I’d suggest buying the milk yourself. Unless your mother is totally crazy-pants, she’ll see there’s milk in the fridge and cross it off her shopping list and everyone will have delicious whole milk.

        While I always buy whole milk, I wouldn’t call it straight up healthier. It’s basically a wash unless your family is consuming milk specifically to stave off hunger between meals. Whole milk is more calorie dense, but the higher portion of fat seems to trigger a more robust satiety response in many people. The big benefit of whole milk is that as a snack it seems to prevent people from chomping down a ton of sugar/carbs.


        Cutting saturated fat from diets, and replacing them with carbohydrates, as is often done, likely will not reduce heart disease risk. But cutting saturated fats and replacing them with unsaturated fats – the type of fats characteristic of fish, nuts, and vegetable oils – might.

        1. I’ve got my own job and house now, so I don’t have to eat the food. Last summer while I was searching for a job and living in her pantry (her encouragement was not subtle) I did buy Whole Milk and drop it in the fridge. My siblings are 7 and 9 years younger than me, though, so they still live at home. I’m mostly lobbying on their behalf.

          Also, my entire family eats like birds and grazes in between, so satiety is big deal at meals. Once out on my own, I upped my own protein intake at meals and my snacking went way way down. Home made beef, beans, and cheese tacos do wonders for not being hungry an hour later.

          1. Perfect. I’ve got a brother 12 years younger than me. When I briefly moved in with my parents after working abroad I got him hooked on whole milk and they had to start buying it because it was really only there for him. Now my mom has been on a yogurt making kick and she’s very happy she’s in the habit of buying whole milk.

            Grazing is actually a pretty good eating pattern so long as they aren’t grazing on crap, but I’m generally not a snacker, so I prefer filling, long-lasting meals when I eat.

    4. This is why I ignore any and all dietary recommendations from Uncle Sam

      1. When single payer comes your way, they won’t be just guidelines.

    5. swapping whole milk for fat-free

      I actually prefer 2% but skim milk is just water with white food-coloring. It’s no wonder our joyless betters are pushing it.

  18. Man Calls 911 To Complain That His Girlfriend Will Not Have Sex With Him

    Doggett has not been cited for misusing the 911 system, according to jail records.

    But did he ever get “any ass”?

    1. A South Carolina man…

      Close enough.

  19. Accused Video Voyeur Offers Worst Explanation Ever For Taking iPhone Upskirt Photos

    According to a police report, the female victim told officers that she caught Michael Shoukry Abdels Atalla, 48, filming up her skirt as she shopped Thursday night at the Palm Harbor, Florida market. The woman confronted Atalla, reported cops, who noted that “store surveillance captured this act.”

    When a sheriff’s deputy questioned Atalla, he “claimed to be taking pictures of cakes for his wife.” Atalla lives about half a mile from the Publix supermarket where he was busted.

    1. Talk about bumcakes, my girl”s got’em.

  20. Stock up on your canned pumpkin now.

    And your pumpkin spice Oreos

    1. Somebody brought this abomination into my office. I had to avoid the snack area for a couple days because merely the thought of this would raise the bile in my throat.

  21. Tourists urged to please stop fondling statue’s breasts for photos

    Yang Guifei, one of the Four Beauties of ancient China, has apparently got more action this Golden Week than anytime since she was an imperial consort during the Tang Dynasty. Known for bathing in the hot springs during the winter, the tourist site built a topless statue of the beauty, which has now become one of their main attractions, with hordes of visitors lining up to snap a photo of themselves squeezing her stony breasts.

    Tencent reports that in desperation, staff have posted a sign in front of the statue saying “Take photos in a civilized manner.” However, the messages seems to have largely been ignored by tourists in their insatiable lust for some hilarious boob-grabbing pics.

  22. Had another PT test yesterday. Passed all events with a combined scored of 262 out of 300. Ran 2 miles in 15m56s, did 68 push-ups in 2 min, and 87 sit-ups in 2 min. I scored higher than the other guys there despite being the oldest.

    Army Strong! Army SMASH!

    I need to do 72 push-ups in 2 minutes and run 2 miles in 13m18s to max out my score. I already maxed out on sit-ups.

    1. Well done, sir!

    2. On my APFT last April I did 86 Push-ups, 72 sit-ups, and did the run in 15min, 47 secs. But I’m 56 so I’ve had a lot more time to get in shape than you have.

    3. Based on the 2015 standards, your numbers don’t add up. 13:18 is the full score two-mile time for 27-36 year olds, but there is no age group with a full score at 72 push-ups. Might want to check the numbers again so you don’t get disappointed.

      Good luck. Dropping almost three minutes off your running time is going to be rough.

      1. Looks like the max is 77 for my group.

        My current running goal is 9 mph for 2 miles. That would put me at a 13:20 pace. I ran 1 mile on Monday at 9 mph.

        I ran 2 miles in 15 min once, but that was on a treadmill.

        1. Nice. But yeah, never trust a treadmill. I’ve tested several of them and they all actually run slower than the indicator says by 5-15%. It seems like they slow down with age, but even a brand new one we have started out running 5% slow.

          1. You have to increase the incline on the treadmill as well. I much prefer to run (or slowly jog) outside, but if I am inside I always set the incline at least at two.

        2. The best way to increase push-ups is to do sets all at the same pace – no resting. Work up to do 50 rep sets like that as your normal routine. When you are prepping for a APFT increase that to a 60 or 70 rep set – all same pace, no resting – and add a set or two with fewer reps.

          It also helps to be doing chin-ups and pull-ups. Getting that extra strength in the shoulders makes a difference.

      1. The Army gives me more points for less performance due to my age but the way I look at it the real world doesn’t work that way so I train to perform as well as or better than my younger peers.

  23. again?

    Christian group predicts the world will be ‘annihilated’ on Wednesday

    The eBible Fellowship, an online affiliation headquartered near Philadelphia, has based its prediction of an October obliteration on a previous claim that the world would end on 21 May 2011. While that claim proved to be false, the organization is confident it has the correct date this time.

    “According to what the Bible is presenting it does appear that 7 October will be the day that God has spoken of: in which, the world will pass away,” said Chris McCann, the leader and founder of the fellowship, an online gathering of Christians headquartered in Philadelphia.

    “It’ll be gone forever. Annihilated.”

    1. “The world will be annihilated on Wednesday! Give us money!”

      It’s global warming hysteria in reverse. If the worse doesn’t happen, then your money and prayers totally helped!

    2. one of these millenia they might just be right

    3. And I’ll be sitting in traffic court when it happens. Seems fitting.

  24. Is it just me or does anyone else think that Big Chip and Big Gay are secretly funding ENB’s links this morning?

    1. Are you saying that ENB is in bed with Big Chip and Big Gay?

  25. Gallup gives up the horse race

    But after a bruising 2012 cycle, in which its polls were farther off than most of its competitors, Gallup told POLITICO it isn’t planning any polls for the presidential primary horse race this cycle. And, even following an internal probe into what went wrong last time around, Gallup won’t commit to tracking the general election next year.

    It’s a stunning move for an organization that built its reputation on predicting the winners of presidential elections. But it comes at a time of unusual tumult in the polling world. Other top-level brands like the nonprofit Pew Research Center have yet to poll the horse race, and still others have expressed concern about the accuracy of polling at a time when fewer people are reachable or willing to talk to pollsters.

    1. There is zero chance that current polling is at all accurate. My evidence? Trump is leading. There is nobody out there who is about to really vote for this guy. Even the group I talk with that is firmly in his demographic only expresses glee at what he has to say. No way are they really supporting him for president.

      The one guy who talks like he is in Trump’s corner is really just a curmudgeon. I’m quite certain that he’ll swing around to a serious candidate when the time comes. (if there are any actual serious candidates)

  26. Taste Invaders: Chipotle Remakes Classic Video Game To Fight GMOs

    Chipotle is attempting to breathe new life into its anti-GMO crusade by releasing its own take on the classic 1970s video game Space Invaders.

    Titled “Taste Invaders,” the player controls a Chipotle burrito that shoots away the advance of additives like Sodium Alginate and Polysorbate 80.

    The hostile additives are portrayed in the forms of lab flasks and elements on the periodic table. Extra points are awarded for shooting down the so-called “additive motherships” of burgers, pizzas and subs.

    I usually don’t have a problem with Chipotle’s issues with GMO, but now they’re just copying PETA.

    1. Chipotle’s stated issues with GMO are completely unscientific, so I do have a problem with them. That being said, I still respect Chipotle’s right to take advantage of scientifically illiterate customers.

    2. Don’t care, tastes great.

      1. We just got a Chipotle here a few months ago. I have yet to try it because it’s all the way across town, but I mean to! Any recommendations?

        1. Walk up to the person behind the counter and say;


          Yo quierro;

          -Fajita burrito
          -No fucking beans
          -Corn salsa
          -Sour cream

          Then smother that fucking thing in hot sauce as you eat. Particularly the Smoked Chipotle hot sauce.

          1. Mmmm… I may pass on the lettuce. I refuse vegetables on principle most of the time, but the rest of that sounds like a party in my mouth.

            1. The lettuce adds some nice texture. But you can do without.

          2. MORE BEANS FOR ME. Also corn salsa is not salsa. HOT SALSA is salsa.

            1. The rice is fantastic. They ration the stuff like it is made of gold. If you get a side of rice it comes in this tiny little cup that you might use for your salad dressing.

              I have tried to recreate the recipe, but it really is hard to match. But if you like rice and you like cilantro, it really is hard to beat.

              1. What? The rice is unremarkable and the “brown” rice is really just white rice with, like, slightly off-white food coloring added or something. How people think that’s actually brown rice is beyond me.

                1. I like the rice with cilantro. It is fluffy basmati with lime and cilantro. Mildly flavored and refreshing.

                  It isn’t life altering, or drive-across-town awesome, but it is good enough that there are hundreds of attempts to recreate the recipe on the internet.

                  1. That’s mostly because people have a disturbing attachment to Chipotle, like Apple fanbois do to that shit coming out of Cupertino. There seems to be quite a lot of overlap in the two groups, too.

                    In any case, explain the “brown” rice. I mean, really?

    3. The game they described doesn’t seem to touch on actual GMO’s at all. It’s a burrito that shoots chemical additives.

    4. What do those additives have to do with GMOs? The reporter or Chipotle management appears to be using GMO as a synonym for “bad”.

      1. Well in fairness, that’s what their target demo does as well. The amount of FUD around this issue is staggering. I heard some health advocate talking head guy speaking about “good food” the other day. He said to stay away from non-organic produce and things like iceberg and romaine lettuce. He said all of the GMO stuff they have done to them makes them flavorless and devoid of nutrition.

        Now, I’m not up on all of my GMO foods, but as far as I know there aren’t any veggies for sale in the US that are GMO. According to Time there are GMO potatoes, papayas and squash being produced in the US. So I guess squash would count. Dunno if they are in your local supermarket or if they show up elsewhere in the food chain. In any event, “flavorless” and “devoid of nutritional value” are not aspects of GMO. I think he is talking about all the selective breeding over the last half century to get produce that can handle packaging and shipping around the world, rather than GMO. But he’s the expert and I’m just me, so I’m not allowed to call him an idiot.

        1. A little further reading shows that the GMO squash have resistance to various viruses that affect the species, and very little is in production. The GMO potatoes resist bruising and produce less carcinogenic acrylamides when exposed to high heat. But not in the food supply yet.

          So anti-gmo activists are against disease resistance and against reducing cancer. Nice to know.

  27. Watch Pastor Wade Through S.C. Floodwaters To Retrieve Casket For Grieving Family

    A brave local pastor disobeyed orders and trooped into “fetid floodwaters” in Ridgeville, South Carolina to retrieve a casket that had floated away from a local cemetery during a massive flood.

    “This is America,” Wayne H. Reeves of New Life Ministries said when asked why he braved the waters to help rescue the errant corpse of someone he didn’t even know. The family members looked on in disbelief as he made his way into the water to drag the casket back to shore.

    “That’s someone’s family out there,” Reeves explained. “I think it’s the human thing to do.”

    The deceased woman in the casket had only been buried since May, according to NBC

    1. If God really loved that preacher, He’d have parted the waters.

    2. Good on him. Acts of kindness like that mean the world.

      1. And while I completely support his decision to do that, it was dumb to do that for a casket since it’s not like the contents would get any deader. The danger with that is that you never know what’s under the water and floodwater tends to be very turbid (ie, you can’t see through it). The worst danger is the ground collapsing or eroding so what used to be a street now is a hole. Also foot entrapment if the water is moving.

    3. It said she was buried since May, but there’s a fresh flower arrangement sitting on top like it floated away mid-funeral.

      1. Flowers may be fake, or the casket has moss on it, it may have been above ground and not buried at all.

        1. above ground and not vaulted in a mausoleum? Strange cemetery…

  28. Fun optical illusion:

    Adults see one thing; kids usually see something else.

      1. STEVE SMITH

        1. Oh, there they are. Pretty clever to make a picture of Cthulhu out of dolphins…

        2. What does it mean if you see both?

          1. Chris Hanson.

            1. +1 What are you doing here?

          2. You want to engage in a trans-species orgy.

            1. But if I identify as a dolphin, then I really am a dolphin, isn’t that how it works?

              1. You may want to rethink your decision of species identification.

        3. Still not seeing dolphins.

          1. The dolphins are grey and the people are white. There are 2 dolphins in the top middle near the couple’s heads.

          2. I couldn’t see the dolphins either. Just two people fuckin’.

            1. I don’t WANT to see the dolphins!

  29. Ben Bernanke, Anti-Populist

    “Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, a self-described socialist who caucused with Democrats, seemed to see the world as a vast conspiracy of big corporations and the wealthy,” he writes, adding parenthetically, “Corporations and the wealthy have lots of power, certainly, but in the real world most bad things happen because of ignorance, incompetence, or bad luck, not as a result of grand conspiracies.”

    If anything, he is more disdainful of the political shifts in his own party. “It seemed to me that the crisis had helped to radicalize large parts of the Republican Party,” he writes.

    He repeatedly expresses disdain for the hypocrisy of members of Congress. When his confirmation for a second term as Fed chairman was in doubt in January 2010, he was “disturbed” while working the phones with senators who were weighing their vote and indicated they supported him but couldn’t vote for confirmation. “The callers seemed to believe that voting in opposition to their personal views for political reasons was perfectly natural,” he writes. He quotes one senator as saying “sometimes you just have throw some red meat to the knuckle-draggers.”

  30. Liberals Dare Call It Treason ? All The Time
    Do Democrats really believe conservatives are seditious?

    Does the average liberal believe a major political party that represents around half of American voters is maliciously working to destabilize America and rooting for us to fail abroad?

    No doubt, there are some beltway types cynically using this formulation because it’s an effective weapon, even though they know full well that Republicans have the same motivations as Democrats do ? winning elections. And no doubt the GOP isn’t innocent in this regard, either.

    Part of this problem is due to the fact that we no longer have a common definition of patriotism. Partisans like Woodhouse have convinced themselves that people who attack their president, or their future president, are engaged in acts of national subversion. When you make no distinction between your ideology and your patriotism, what else can we expect? When engaging in politics is tantamount to embracing patriotism, everyone who stands in your way is the enemy.

    1. The operative term is “their”. The Democrats have completely reversed their position from “dissent is the highest form of patriotism” is such a way that should embarass anyone with a minimal capacity for shame.

    1. He won’t be the first kid to find himself on the wrong side of Obama’s disposition matrix.

  31. Bill Ackman: Mike Bloomberg will run for president and win in 2016

    Hedge fund manager Bill Ackman has a bold prediction for the 2016 presidential race: Media billionaire Mike Bloomberg is going to run for president and win.

    Ackman said Bloomberg would make a great candidate because, like Trump, he is a straight-talking successful businessman. And while Ackman said people shouldn’t be voting based on billions, if they are, Bloomberg is the clear winner. Forbes estimates Bloomberg’s net worth at $38.8 billion, or nearly 4 times what Trump says he’s worth, and nearly 10 times what Forbes says Trump is worth.

    Ackman joked that the cost of running for president is roughly equivalent to the profits Bloomberg’s media company creates in a quarter.

    1. I’m guessing Ackman has never actually crossed the Hudson.

    2. In 2016 America will finally wake up and allow a little rich prick to tell them what they can eat, and whether or not they can own guns (they can’t).

    3. Even if the public were interested in Bloomberg, the fact is it’s too late for anyone but maybe Biden to actually set up a campaign.

      1. My neighbor’s kid was working for Bloomberg’s presidential campaign more than a year ago. I don’t know what happened, but he went to work for Biden.

        Apparently all of these guys have campaign staff all the time, even before they “announce”.

        I’m surprised Bloomberg is interested in politics. It is a great way to get your seat at the food trough if you are an outsider. But with nearly $40 billion it seems like it would be cheaper and easier to buy the access you need to get your share of the pork.

  32. 1,377 pounds of pot found after being ‘launched’ over border

    Agent Matthew Eisenhauer says agents using thermal-imaging cameras spotted the bundles apparently being launched over the border fence near Douglas Saturday night.

    Agents responded and found approximately 80 bundles within 150 yards of the border.

    Eisenhauer says officials aren’t sure how the bundles were launched over the border.

    In previous incidents, smugglers have thrown drug bundles over the border or shot them over with devices such as air-powered cannons and catapults.

    1. Load the Cannabis Onager!

      1. I hope they’re using a trebuchet.

        1. You’ve got to have something much heavier than a brick of weed to use a trebuchet without destroying it in one or two uses.

    2. If only they could launch them straight across the border, over several states, close to Washington DC, and directly into my living room.

      1. On second thought, the free market takes care of that, in its own way.

  33. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is asking the feds to investigate discrimination against female film directors in Hollywood.

    Yeah! Women have good ideas about which old movies to reboot, too!

    1. Not sure how they could do much worse.

  34. John Kasich is on a tear to prove he is the biggest Rino in the race. I think it’s working.…..m-geraghty…..-shootings

    1. More of a ‘RINO’ than Trump?

      Can’t you TEAM RED! guys nominate a real Republican for once?

      Bush, McCain, Romney were RINOs too, right?

      I’ll ask Hyperion for the official Team Red response.

    2. Kasich Offers to Buy Bibles for Critics of His Medicaid Expansion Plan

      Because we all know the Bible commands us to steal money from one person to give it to another.

      1. “Render unto Caesar …. everything.”

      2. If your neighbor refuses to render unto Caesar and you care for your neighbors soul…

      3. It isn’t stealing if you point a government issued gun at the victim citizen.

      4. It’s a cookbook executive advisory report!

  35. Migrant crisis: EU to begin seizing smugglers’ boats

    Under Operation Sophia, naval vessels will be able to board, search, seize and divert vessels suspected of being used for people smuggling.

    Until now, the EU has focused on surveillance and rescue operations.

    So far this year, more than 130,000 migrants and refugees have crossed to Europe from the north African coast. More than 2,700 have drowned.

    However, many more migrants and refugees – mainly Syrians fleeing the country’s civil war – are taking a different route, crossing overland into Turkey, before a short journey by sea to European Union member Greece and onwards to central and northern European countries, with Germany the preferred destination.

    1. Damn, they must be getting desperate. Floodgates are open, though. They aren’t going to stop the flow anytime soon. They may be able to mitigate the costs by putting some restriction down for welfare for immigrants, but that is still a year off from being feasible politically.

      1. Yes it’s the migrant boats bringing these people to Europe. It’s not the standing invitation or monetary gain offered to them for choosing that particular destination.

      2. sorry meant to reply to the OP, sarc directed at the article fyi

  36. She truly is the perfect leader for America’s moment of permanent constitutional crisis: a person who cares more about results than process, who cares more about winning the battle than being well-liked, and a person who believes in asking what she can get away with rather than what would look best.

    A long winded, more or less genteel way of saying,
    The End Justifies the Means.

  37. A trio of scientists from the U.S., Sweden, and Turkey were awarded the Nobel Prize in chemistry for their work showing how human cells can repair damaged DNA.

    Yeah, but how will I know which cells will quote me a fair price and get the work done on time?

  38. I fought for nothing: Staggering incompetence, egregious corruption & America’s doomed war in Afghanistan

    I’ve been waiting for the fall of Kunduz. Not Kunduz, specifically, but the fall of a town in Afghanistan of some size and importance. It was my prediction back in 2005, when I left the war, that eventually we would lose it. In the decade since, it was a prediction I felt more comfortable making. The full length of my prediction is this: The fledgling corrupt government that we have supported will increasingly find itself losing cities to the Taliban. Eventually, Afghanistan will splinter into fragments, most of them outside the penumbra of protection offered by the weak central government. In time, Afghanistan will lose all of the meager gains that I and other American soldiers fought for.

    It will be as if we fought for nothing.

    This will occur because Afghanistan has never provided us with a competent governmental partner. This will occur because the Afghan people never viewed themselves as citizens of a nation-state. This will also occur because so much of our wartime effort was lost to a decade of constantly changing strategies…


    1. This will occur because Afghanistan has never provided us with a competent governmental partner. This will occur because the Afghan people never viewed themselves as citizens of a nation-state.

      More accurately, it will occur because we are deluded idiots who expected the Afghans to act differently than they have for the past millenia.

      1. Yes. And somehow trying to point this out over the last 14 years is considered politically naive.


  39. Comments from the article about the ACLU:

    Steve Frank ? 21 hours ago

    Hollywood is a Jewish club. Let’s call it for what it is. Jews only hire other Jews and Jews also look down on women as second tier people.


    Love the one thumb up. There’s always one!

    I think I mentioned this but the other day a professor was on the radio expertly and lucidly laying out what’s going on in the Mid-East and Syria. Despite his excellence, someone texted something along the lines of ‘If only Israel would stop its genocide and pull back from the region everything would get back to normal’.

    It was staggeringly stupid and the professor held no punches saying so.

    Lefties are retarded when it comes to Israel and the Mid-East.

    1. Did you notice the Anti-Semitic avatar the guy had?

    2. “Pull back from the region” being the borders of Israel. So everything will be better when when Israel collapses into a singularity containing all the region’s jews. How reasonable of him to suggest.

  40. “Those who were waiting for Donald Trump’s campaign to collapse will need to wait longer, at least in the three key states of Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania,”

    Speaking of movie reboots: Waiting to Exhale 2: The Search for Trump’s Polls

  41. 10 more depraved lessons I learned reading Ayn Rand’s ‘Atlas Shrugged’
    The objectivist classic is brimming with historical revisionism, faulty economic theory and dubious sexual politics

    Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged can teach us a lot about the vaunted American ideal of pompous, adolescent selfishness. The primary message of the book can be boiled down to the general theme that all economic regulations and worker safeguards should be abolished and that rich corporate executives should be allowed to do anything they want. But even so, you may be surprised by some of the ways Rand applies this principle. Here are 10 things I’ve learned from diving into Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged:

    1. World-changing inventions are created out of nothing by solitary geniuses.

    2. Coal mining would be safe if not for government regulation.

    3. The more you love money, the more honest and moral you are.

    4. Slavery and colonialism never happened.

    5. If you disapprove of your customers, it’s OK to deceive, defraud and destroy them.

    6. A court can’t convict you if you refuse to plead.


    TW: Alternet/Salon

    1. I would be astounded if percentage of authors who have written these types of articles and had actually read atlas shrugged was anything higher than 15%.

    2. 10 more depraved lessons I learned reading Ayn Rand’s ‘Atlas Shrugged’

      Sounds to me like the guy is predisposed to learning only depraved lessons from reading stuff.

    1. You know all that beautiful fine white sand that lines tropical beaches? That’s parrotfish poo. They use their beaks to chew up coral and then shit out the indigestible parts as sand.

      1. I just love to feel parrotfish poo between my toes…

        It takes all kinds, Citizen X!

  42. #SayHerName: Hashtag Surfaces After Transgender Woman Is Assaulted and Killed in Philadelphia

    Kiesha Jenkins was assaulted by five or six men and fatally shot in North Philadelphia Tuesday morning, police said. The hashtag is used to raise awareness for violence against black women.

    (autoplay video)

  43. Trump vs Sanders.

    It could happen.

    Worse than Bush vs Kerry.

    Worst ever. Hilarious.

    1. You guaranteed us it would be Jeb/Hillary, with cankles as the next POTUS. Shut up.

  44. Stock up on your canned pumpkin now.

    Nah I’ll just pay for the privilege not to have to stock up. I think it’ll amount to a couple dollars higher price come November. Yay capitalism!

  45. I heard a story from an immigrant from India. He said in India, most people don’t register their cars, so when they get pulled over, they bribe the cop some small amount and go on their way. The police can’t collect a fine on a car that isn’t registered. The down side is that criminals have a very easy time getting around because there’s no need for them to get a new car or ID.

    In India, when a crime happens, the police round up the usual suspects and beat them up until one of the coughs up a name, then they beat up that guy and/or put him in jail.

    The immigrant said he liked the American approach where people generally follow the rules and don’t bribe the police.

    1. I like a certain level of government corruption, just enough for it to be too inefficient to be tyrannical or a nanny. Like say, when a cop would follow you home when you blow slightly over the legal limit, instead of just feeding you to the ‘justice’ system which is corrupt in very bad ways.

      1. Corruption is bad. Incompetence on the other hand…

        1. Bribing a bureaucrat to not hassle you would be corruption, but not as bad as unswerving adherence to the bureaucracy’s rules. Paying a cop not to haul you in on drug charges is corruption, but it’s not as unjust as actually being brought up on charges.

  46. Man are beets stubborn. Just like my wife, daughter, mother, sister and mother in law.

    1. Beets are deadly serious.

      1. You know it, motherfucker.

    2. They taste awful?

      1. Roast the beet bulb for like an hour, and meanwhile sautee the leaves and stems in butter with some onion, garlic, and cayenne pepper. Slice up the bulb and toss it with the sauteed stuff in a simple vinaigrette dressing and some feta cheese if you nasty. Your life is now better. You’re welcome.

        1. Roasted beets are delicious.

          1. And they make your house smell awesome.

        2. I need to try making these at least once. I’ve only had them prepared by others and they always taste like eating sweet dirt.

          I use to not like cauliflower until I learned how good they are roasted in the oven with garlic (they need a good amount of brown on them).

          1. You mustn’t have heard of aloo gobi.

  47. BRCA1: High Court Rules Unanimously in Favor of Cancer Survivor in Gene Patent Dispute

    Two-time cancer survivor Yvonne D’Arcy has led the legal battle over the ownership of the patent by US company Myriad Genetics.
    At the heart of the case is the concern that ownership of the gene patent could stifle the research and development of treatments for genetic diseases.

  48. Donald Trump plots his second act

    Trump laid out for the first time in detail the elements of what will be the second chapter of his 2016 bid, signaling an evolution toward a somewhat more traditional campaign. Trump is preparing his first television ads with a media firm that is new to politics. Melania, his wife, and Ivanka, his daughter, are planning public appearances highlighting women’s health issues to help close Trump’s empathy gap with female voters.

    Trump is also publishing a book and planning to roll out policies on reforming the Department of Veterans Affairs and on trade and China’s currency manipulations. And he is deepening his political organization far beyond the early states, with top advisers vowing that his fight for the nomination will go all the way to the floor of the Republican National Convention.

  49. When Huckabee finally gets caught in a gay scandal, you know it’s going to be a good one. Meth, rent boys, some sort of fucking machine cobbled together out of go-kart parts…

    1. Sounds like someone is working on a new written offering…

  50. Frito-Lay and its “radical homosexual” agenda

    Now those are the kind of homosexuals John can get behind, amirite?

    1. [narrows gays]

    2. Did you mean “get behind” in a metaphorical sense, or…

  51. Ivy League prof. calls Ben Carson a ‘coon’

    U Penn Prof Anthea Butler tweeted “If only there was a ‘coon of the year’ award” in response to Ben Carson’s claim that people have the right to display Confederate flags on private property.

    In the past, Butler has tweeted that God is a “white racist” and Michael Brown’s death was a “blood sacrifice.”

    Butler has tenure status and has boasted “I can’t get fired” after previous criticism for her tweets.

    1. Now, now. I’m sure that if a tenured professor called Obama that same word, absolutely nothing would happen to him either.

      I know this is a rhetorical question, but why the hell *is* it that the left can swing racist and misogynist insults against black and female Republicans?

    2. The “coon of the year award” should go to the raccoon who was making so much noise in my male friend’s backyard that he asked me to stay the night (without even offering up some hot sexin).

    1. One day later Brown met with esteemed Sports Illustrated pro football writer Tex Maule on the set of the movie. Their remarkable exchange formed the basis for a single-source story in the July 25, 1966, issue of SI. In it Brown lays out the blueprint for an activist life beyond football, a life that had already begun with his formation of the Negro Industrial Economic Union (again, the language of the times), in which he involved many of his teammates. His movie career and his dispute with Modell accelerated his movement into a life he was already seeking.


    2. pretty good article.

  52. College bro arrested over mac-and-cheese rant at food court

    A University of Connecticut student got into a confrontation with a campus food court manager who wouldn’t let him buy macaroni and cheese with bacon and jalape?o peppers, and was arrested.

    An obscenity-laced video shows 19-year-old freshman Luke Gatti arguing with and shoving the manager on Sunday.

    Gatti had been trying to buy the mac and cheese at the university’s student union in Storrs. Police and the manager say he was refused service because he had an open alcohol container.

    1. The burger nazi. Not only should this punk with his open container be denied burgers but he should be required to be put on an ‘open container’ offender list for life, barred from living with in 1000 ft of a school, and have all his constitutional rights taken away, forever.

      We must have rules and regulations, otherwise Somalian libertopia.

      1. Yeah, but the kid’s a retard. Throwing the first punch, on video? Idiotic.

        Justice might have been better served if the burger nazi had got the guy with the phone to stop filming, and decked the punk. Then get the college to give him a credit for learning why initiating violence is a bad idea.

  53. Totally predicted Gay Doritos over five years ago.


  54. I read about this 80yo gent yesterday:

    A veteran long before the War for Independence, Sam Whittemore was America’s oldest, bravest soldier.

    Waiting until the regiment was almost upon him, Whittemore stood up, aimed his musket carefully and fired, killing a British soldier. He then fired both dueling pistols, hitting both of his targets, killing one man outright and mortally wounding another. Not having time to reload his cumbersome weapons, he grabbed his French saber and flailed away at the cursing, enraged Redcoats who now surrounded him. Some of those infuriated soldiers were probably less than one quarter of Sam’s 80 years; few, if any, were even half his age.

    One Englishman fired his Brown Bess almost point-blank into Whittemore’s face, the heavy bullet tearing half his cheek away and knocking him flat on his back. Undaunted, Whittemore attempted to rise and continue the fight, but received no less than 13 bayonet wounds from the vengeful Redcoats. They also mercilessly clubbed his bleeding head and drove their musket butts into his body as they ran by.

    1. Tufts sadly remarked that it was useless to even dress so many wounds, since Whittemore could not possibly survive for very long; the deep bayonet thrusts must have pierced many of his vital organs. The horrified bystanders, however, persuaded the reluctant doctor to do his best, and Tufts bandaged Whittemore. He did what he could with the frightful facial wound in an age when plastic surgery was unknown. When the bandaging was finally finished, old Sam was tenderly carried back to his home to die surrounded by his grieving family.

      To the surprise of everyone but indomitable Captain Samuel Whittemore, he lived! And continued active for the next 18 years, dying on February 3, 1793, at age 98, proud that he had done his part and more in America’s fight for independence. When asked if he ever regretted his heroic deed, which had left him disfigured and somewhat lame, Whittemore would proudly reply in ringing tones, “No! I would take the same chance again!”

      1. Holy shit, he was the Platonic Ideal of Badass!

  55. Doctors Without Borders is asking an independent fact-finding commission to look into America’s deadly bombing of a northern Afghanistan hospital

    What a bunch of cry-babies! Can’t you see that the mission is more important than your little lives, you mere mortals? Besides, the bombing is entirely the fault of the Taliban! If the just moved out to some other place to be bombed, none of this would’ve happened!

    The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is asking the feds to investigate discrimination against female film directors in Hollywood.

    Talk about a slow week at ACLU H.Q. I guess the countless paper football competitions were getting old.

    GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is asking supporters to boycott Frito-Lay and its “radical homosexual” agenda.

    Y’know how I now you gay? ‘Cuz you call for boycotts.

  56. “Those who were waiting for Donald Trump’s campaign to collapse will need to wait longer, at least in the three key states of Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania,” said Quinnipiac University Poll assistant director Peter A. Brown about the latest numbers on GOP presidential candidates.”

    The important numbers to track, here, are the negatives–and that goes for both Donald and Hillary.

    In every poll I’ve seen, Donald is viewed negatively by a majority of people polled. Even within the Republican Party, he’s been viewed negatively by some 40% of registered Republicans.

    It’s the same thing with Hillary. She’s viewed negatively by a majority of Americans, and the reason she’s slipping against Sanders and Biden is becasue she’s viewed so negatively by a plurality within her own party.

    If either one of them wins the Presidency, they’ll walk into the White House being among the most unpopular elected Presidents in history.

    1. The long-touted “Trump Collapse” won’t happen as long as those in the MSM keeping harping on it. Part of Trump’s appeal is that he tells people that his supporters hate to fuck off, and the know-it-all holier-than-thou media is near the top of his base’s list. The constant predictions that “this will sink Trump for good” only energize his supporters to prove them wrong.

  57. Huckabee seeks gay doritos ban

    Clearly, Huckleberry knows what issues are most important to a majority of Americans, the fascist little shit.

    1. He knows how to get the media to pay attention to him.

      If he hadn’t come out against Tinky Winky’s purse gay Doritos, would anybody be paying attention to him this week?

      Do you have any idea how much getting coverage like this would have cost the Huckabee campaign if he’d had to pay for it?

      Next week, he may come out in favor of making adulterous women wear a big red “A’ in public. Why not? It would get him lots of free advertising in the news and help fire up his socon base of support.

      1. ^This

    1. It’s such an elementary concept that even the goofy fucking sun gets it. Why can’t the average American?

    2. Rocinante looks pissed at Don in the top panel.

      1. Pretty good, eh?

  58. Moonbeam decides CA has too many businesses and not enough work for the trial lawyers:

    “Jerry Brown signs nation’s toughest gender pay-gap bill”
    “SB358, which passed the Legislature with near unanimous approval, bars employers from paying women less than men when they do “substantially similar work.”…..554023.php

    1. So I’m guessing quality of work isn’t allowed to be accounted for? Unless of course the woman is getting paid more, then all is good in the world.

      1. And the unions’ precious seniority rules no longer apply?

      2. Keep in mind that this shit is dreamed up by government workers for whom quality of work is an unknown concept. That never crossed their minds.

    2. And to assure compliance, a new Commission will be formed: the Substantially Similar Work Bureau

    3. So every time a man gets a raise for hard work, long hours, and having been there the longer, the woman who has been there for a shorter amount of time, slacks, off, and works fewer hours should automatically get an equal pay bump as well?

  59. SF wants taxpayers to make sure new competition is priced out of some businesses:

    ” … Under Proposition J, legacy businesses would receive city grants of $500 per full-time employee per year while landlords that extend the leases of such businesses for at least 10 years would receive $4.50 per square foot of space … ”…..businesses

    Actually, even the Chron isn’t backing this hand-out.

  60. How They Got Their Guns

    Mr. Fryberg applied to buy the Beretta from a gun shop on the Indian reservation where he lived with Jaylen. A background check failed to come up with the protection order because it was never entered into the system.

    And what do we learn from this? System harder! Or something.

    1. MAY 2012
      In the 60 days before the shooting, he bought four guns legally at local gun shops. Seeing a psychiatrist, even for a serious mental illness, would not disqualify him from buying a gun.

      I always wonder what they think this proves. Do they really want a federal database of psychiatric patients?

      1. They don’t know what they want, Warty. All they know is that they feel so bad about mass shootings and they’re willing to try anything to make it stop.

        And apparently it makes you a horrible person for not feeling the same way, or something.

      2. But I’d be surprised if there wasn’t one already since I’m pretty sure that state-run psych hospitals get federal grant money, have to comply with federal standards, etc. Now, given how government works, the BATF won’t want to use that database, or can’t because of HIPAA, and will have to have their own database.

        And it just occurred to me after typing that that HIPAA could put the kibosh on those plans. Heh.

        1. HIPAA was what I was thinking of. We want patient privacy. No, we don’t want patient privacy. Well, we want patient privacy, but not for dangerous patients. Who’s dangerous? Shut up! Teathuglican! Reality has a well-known liberal bias!

      3. Do they really want a federal database of psychiatric patients?

        Yes, yes they do. Along with an expanded definition of mentally ill that would chiefly apply to their ideological opponents.

      4. Well, they went through all the trouble to get a law passed which requires you to fill out a form when you buy a gun so now they are befuddled that their law doesn’t just make reality conform to their intentions.

    2. This guy points out that this same “How They Got Their Guns” article has appeared in a variety of newspapers under different bylines, suggesting it was prepared by an anti-gun organization and handed to the Very Ethical News People to present to the public as vital-interest reporting.

      He also addresses some basic flaws in their presumptions about how Laws would actually address the way spree-killers acquire and use weapons versus common criminals. Some interesting data is used.

  61. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is asking the feds to investigate discrimination against female film directors in Hollywood.

    Awhile back I read a book (wish I could remember the title) in which the author interviewed tens to hundreds of Hollywood screenwriters about their experiences working in the industry. My takeaway was that it sounded like a soulless abyss of narcissism and sociopathy and if you’re lucky you can get your screenplay turned into a movie, but it will probably not even resemble your original vision. Basically, it seems like Hollywood is just mean to everyone creative, male or female. Yeah there is probably some additional discrimination against women, but it seems beside the point to quibble about it when it’s not much better, and still very bad, for men.

    1. “…like a soulless abyss of narcissism and sociopathy…”

      I worked in the movie industry for a little while. It isn’t LIKE that. It is that.

      The lead actress on one film told me that she often dreams of standing on a stage and having a huge audience applaud her. She isn’t doing anything, just standing there and bowing while thousands applaud her. She said those dreams were the only thing that made her feel loved.

      Conclusions may vary.

  62. The Second Amendment Is a Gun-Control Amendment

    They are just absolutely determined to step on this rake over and over again.

    In point of historical and constitutional fact, nothing could be further from the truth: the only amendment necessary for gun legislation, on the local or national level, is the Second Amendment itself, properly understood, as it was for two hundred years in its plain original sense. This sense can be summed up in a sentence: if the Founders hadn’t wanted guns to be regulated, and thoroughly, they would not have put the phrase “well regulated” in the amendment. (A quick thought experiment: What if those words were not in the preamble to the amendment and a gun-sanity group wanted to insert them? Would the National Rifle Association be for or against this change? It’s obvious, isn’t it?)

    1. And they layed out a plan for just how such a militia would operate, right? LOL

    2. Progtards go full-on illiterate when it comes to the Second Amendment. Yes, it contains the expression “well-regulated,” but that modifies the militia, not guns, and the Constitution addresses Congress’s authority with respect to the militia in Article 1, Section 8. The operative part of the Second Amendment, though, is that the right to bear arms “shall not be infringed.” Nothing about regulation with respect to arms, just with respect to the militia.

      1. Nikki the other day said something like, “A well-educated populace being necessary for the functioning of a free State, the right of the people to keep and read books shall not be infringed.” Everybody reading that realizes that the second clause doesn’t depend on the first. But we don’t like guns, so we pretend not to realize the same thing for the 2nd amendment. The disingenuity is becoming incredibly tiresome.

        1. I would like that on a t-shirt. Though I doubt many progs would want to discuss it.

        2. To be fair, the left would have no qualms about seizing and burning any books they disagree with, as well.

      2. Not to mention that, at the time, “well-regulated” meant “well-trained and disciplined,” not “overseen by the Feds.”

        1. This is what happens when you reject the idea that words have a fixed meaning based on when they were written.

          1. +1 Living Constitution

          2. +2 “Emanations and penumbras” (although it should be penumbrae)

    3. Just like the 1st Amendment outlaws religion and restricts speech.

  63. This sense can be summed up in a sentence: if the Founders hadn’t wanted guns to be regulated, and thoroughly, they would not have put the phrase “well regulated” in the amendment.

    Despite the fact that “well-regulated” was used to qualify the noun “militia” and not “arms”. But since it says “regulated” in the paragraph, then it can only mean it is meant to indicate that what s to be regulated are the arms, properly understood.

    Of course, the implication is that “properly understood” means “the way I want it.”

    1. Yes, and “regulated” means “prohibited.”

  64. Canned pumpkin shortage? This hits me hard because I mix the stuff in with my dog’s food; it keeps makes his poop somewhat solid. Otherwise, he spraypaints the back yard.

    1. Jeez. You need a better dog.

    2. What the hell are you mixing it with?

      Just for fun try this: separate a half dozen eggs and mix the yolks with your pumpkin and a little cooked broccoli. Add in a cup of chicken broth and feed it to your dog. Make sure the windows and doors are shut for the next 8 hours.

  65. “The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is asking the feds to investigate discrimination against female film directors in Hollywood.”

    The ACLU finally found an investigation they could support, unlike those icky investigations into Communist influence:

    “in 1947, the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) subpoenaed ten Hollywood directors and writers, the Hollywood Ten, intending to ask them to identify Communists, but the witnesses refused to testify. All were imprisoned for contempt of Congress. The ACLU supported the appeals of several of the artists, but lost on appeal.”

    1. Wait, are you trying to defend HUAC on a libertarian website? How the fuck is investigating people based on their political beliefs not a violation of the First Amendment? No one should be imprisoned for showing contempt for Congress; anyone who fails to show reasonable contempt for Congress is, however, suspect.

      1. The point is that the ACLU is full of hypocrites.

  66. Stock up on your canned pumpkin now.

    My GSD eats canned pumpkin every day. I find this potential shortage disconcerting.

  67. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is asking the feds to investigate discrimination against female film directors in Hollywood.

    It’s not just chick flicks, Fist. My wife was fired from directing an all sex-and-violence rape-revenge movie when they brought on a producer who didn’t want to work with a woman. At least they were honest about why they let her go, but if they did that in any normal business, there would be consequences. I believe that anti-discrimination laws violate the right to freedom of association, but if they are going to exist, they should apply to Hollywood, too. Hell, they should apply to Hollywood especially. This place is fucked up.

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