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Officials in Greenwich, Connecticut, say they are investigating whether police Capt. Mark Kordick's monitoring of anti-Common Core activist Arthur Wrotnowski violated department rules. Kordick sent an email with his signature as captain of detectives to the local school superintendent alerting him of a public forum Wrotnowski was holding. The superintendent didn't seem too interested. That didn't stop Kordick from following up with an emailed report on the meeting. Kordick admits Wrotnowski posed no threat to public safety. But he says his emails were just "community service."

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  1. And nothing else happened.


  2. sooo the ass hat detected what exactly?

  3. Thursday afternoon, Tesei said he had asked Chief Heavey to determine if Kordick violated the Unified Policy Manual, which Tesei described as the “repository for all rules, regulations, general orders, policies and procedures of the Greenwich Police Department.” If this kind of political monitoring is sanctioned by those rules, they should be changed.

    Internal policies are sacred things. They exist above the law. It would likely be easier to change the U.S. Constitution.

    1. Except when it is time to renew the union contract, then, somehow, the internal policies become more accommodating and provide less accountability. Cities are lousy at contact negotiation.

  4. sooo sort of an ass hat bible?

  5. I dunno about this as a brickbat. The guy is also a citizen of the community. If he is supportive of common core and thinks the superintendent should know that parents are organizing in opposition, that’s not an unusual thing for a parent to do. Putting your name and title on a letter is also not an unusual thing to do. Would you be worried if I signed a letter to the school board with “Senior VB of Business Automation” under my name?

    If he is using police resources for this activity then that’s a different matter. But counter-organizing on your own time? That’s just fine and dandy.

    Our mayor is also a deacon in the local baptist church. He never speaks as mayor in religious events and doesn’t speak as a deacon when he’s being the mayor. It works out just fine. It is when they start abusing their office that it becomes a problem.

    1. you’re so right, public officials never abuse the authority of their offices. it’s just not possible

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