Syria: Chinese Uyghurs Killing Russian Spies According to Turkey's Plan

It's a Zionist conspiracy, of course


So while enormous numbers of Syrian refugees are attempting to get out of the Middle East and into Europe, what is happening in the empty villages they have left behind? According to Al Mayadeen, a Beirut-based satellite news service, at least some of the abandoned villages in northern Syria are filling up with the families of Muslim Chinese Uyghurs. These Uyghurs, claims the report, are entering the country along with their wives and children to fight alongside the Al Nusra Front and ISIS against the Assad regime. 

Al Mayadeen reported in September that after a successful raid on Jisr Al-Shughur, a city of some 50,000 people near Aleppo, "this Syrian city looks more like China than Damascus. Thousands of Chinese Turkestani families were resettled in the area. Especially in the village of Zanbaq." (Translation by MEMRI.)

Let's pause to review the players. Uyghurs are actually a Turkic people, millions of whom live in western China. Though some Uyghurs look like Europeans, a lot of them have Asian features. They have sometimes been in conflict with the Chinese state; there were serious problems in China's Uyghur-majority regions in 2008 and riots in 2009.

Al Mayadeen needs a word of exposition, too. Established as an alternative to Qatar's Al Jazeera and Saudi Arabia's Al Arabiya, both of which reflect Sunni Muslim viewpoints, Al Mayadeen has been accused by its critics of connections to the Assad regime, to Iran, or to Iran's Lebanese proxy, Hezbollah. Al Mayadeen won't identify its backers, describing them only as "businessmen." Whoever its backers are, the news service is on Assad's side.

From Al Mayadeen's perspective, the entry of Uyghur fighters and their families into Syria is part of a Turkish plot to alter Syrian demographics. An unidentified analyst appears briefly to "explain" the coming of the Uyghurs. "This confirms that terrorists continue to cross the borders, and that Turkey continues to let the terrorists and their families pass through," he says. "It proves that [Syria's] demography is being targeted, and this aggression has transformed into a colonial occupation." In other words, it's the Turks' machinations that have led Syrians to abandon their cities and villages, and it's the Turks' plan to repopulate at least some of northern Syria with jihadist Chinese Uyghurs.

But that's hardly all: The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has been importing the Uyghurs as well. "The resettling of Chinese Uyghurs, and driving the Syrians out of their villages, is not limited to the Al Nusra Front and the Turkish intelligence," reports Al Mayadeen. "Two years ago, ISIS transferred thousands of Uyghur families from Turkey to the village of Abyad, in Raqqa province, and to the area around the oil fields in Deir ez-Zor, enlisting a thousand fighters from among them."

The Uyghurs' assignments include killing Russians who are aiding the Assad regime. The report focuses briefly on a child, one Abdallah Al-Turkistani, who "has been entrusted with the killing of two Russian spies. This little terrorist is not the only one who has learned how to kill. There are dozens of Chinese Turkistani children like Abdallah in the [ISIS] schools of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in Syria. Hundreds of the sons of the Turkistani Jihadi settlers learn to fight in training camps." 

(As for the Russians, they're increasingly a presence on the region's pro-Assad airwaves, too. Syrian TV has been airing Russian-made dramas since last spring [though the programming of Russian films, cartoons, and documentaries on Syrian TV actually goes back to the Hafez Assad years]. Russian music videos—with a military theme, yet—have now turned up as well. Katusha, for example, is a new version of a Red Army song popular during World War II. As the website Al Bawaba describes it, the video "features a young Russian woman singing to her lover amid armored vehicles and describes a Russian Red Army soldier 'guarding his proud nation.'")

Of course, some people think that there is a greater Hidden Hand involved in Syria than that of Turkish Intelligence. Last month, when the Egyptian billionaire Naguib Sawiris announced a plan to purchase two islands as a haven for Syria's refugees—including those whose homes were being Uyghurized—some of the reaction in Egypt was angry. "He is helping Israel to implement its plan," charged Professor Azza Heikal, who referred to the dispossessed Syrians as "so called refugees."

Heikal believes that the Syrian nation and identity are being intentionally erased. "The Syrians should return to their country. They should live and die there," Prof. Heikal said. "I tell you, this is a Zionist-American plot. The entire region is being reconstructed. The plan is clear and is written in the Torah and the Protocols [of the Elders of Zion]."

The professor was outdone by an Egyptian TV host named Rula Kharsa, who not only urged Syrians to remain in their country to die, but also accused the refugees of treason. "Are the Syrians being led to emigrate from their land under the false pretext of fleeing terrorism? This is not merely fleeing. Whoever is leaving Syria now—I'm sorry—is betraying his country. What are you running from? This is your country. Are you fleeing death? Death can reach you anywhere. You can die anywhere. We will all die."


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  1. We can produce all the energy we need in the Western Hemisphere. Let’s invoke a reverse Monroe doctrine and enforce it and the original.

  2. It’s a long ways from Urumqi to Allepo; seems a movement of a good number of people would have been noticed along the way.

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  4. What a clustermajestifuck of genetic malfunction that region is.

  5. Frankly, I won’t even try to follow all of that. Because half of it’s probably the imagining of someone’s fears and the other half is probably a grain of truth blown out of proportion.

  6. Katusha, for example, is a new version of a Red Army song popular during World War II. As the website Al Bawaba describes it, the video “features a young Russian woman singing to her lover amid armored vehicles and describes a Russian Red Army soldier ‘guarding his proud nation.'”)

    At least they chose a good song! In Michael K. Jones’ Stalingrad, a Red Army veteran recalls how Germans would call out “Rus! Katyusha!” when they realized his position had a recording. Playing the song meant no bullets or shells were coming from German side.
    To be pedantic, young lady in the video is not surrounded by ‘armored vehicles’, she’s standing in front of what looks like BM-13 “Kathysha” rocket launcher, for obvious reasons. Her uniform, and video footage cut in, is also WW2-style, so maybe not as helpful to Assad’s current situation.
    It seems to be the part of “Songs of Victory” project Russia TV did for 70th anniversary of Great Patriotic War.
    Here’s a better version of the song, by which I mean the singer is far more attractive. It’s a thank you for anyone still reading these ramblings.

    1. Maybe we’re fighting /following this all wrong. Maybe the whole area just needs a Branson in the desert oasis, like our Vegas. Now that Putin is in there, I know he’d go for it. He is almost the equivalent to our Trumpster.

  7. Hey, Syria just enacted a new gun control law as of April 1, 2015. All violence has therefore ceased and these stories about people fleeing the country are obvious fabrications. Next you’ll be telling us there are people trying to flee into the bullet-riddled Second-Amendmented United States of America.

  8. So only cowardly infidels and traitors flee when hordes of armed men approach. You gotta love people who think like that.

  9. I agree with Syrian TV. A man who abandons his wife is not to be trusted by a potential second wife. How can one expect that a person who abandons his home country is going to be loyal to the country he goes to either?

    1. Is ‘moroni’ latin for ‘moron’? Because that would be honesty in handles.

      Country =/= wife

  10. It’s not abortion or teh gayz, but this story has some interesting issues:
    Disregarding the obligatory and totally specious reference to the “Protocols”, we’ve got a supposedly sizable population removed some 2,000 Km, who speak a Turkic language pretty much foreign to any in the new locale, arriving and uprooting the ‘indiginese’. And which transplants are now being recruited to fight against people with whom they have no native disagreement, other than the Sunni/Shia schism.
    This sort of migration should be easy to confirm; they sure didn’t hop on the odd camel or donkey and find their way to Syria. Has anyone checked the ‘miles’ ISIS has accumulated on their Am Ex? How about the arrival/departure schedule at Urumqui International?
    I’m also pretty sure that moving a population from a backwater like Xingianj China to a relatively cosmopolitan region like the near east is going to leave that population somewhat confused for some period of time.
    Finally, there are plenty of Sunni populations much closer than western China; why not recruit them?
    My BS meter is nearing the read line.

    1. The Turks are playing a big role behind ISIS – funding and arming them. They want to use them against the Kurds. That’s why Turks from China are involved.

      I’ve never really understood how the Turks have gotten a free pass from lefties (and Rand Paul libertarians). They’ve done everything the West, the US and Israel gets accused of.

      They come into a region, obliterate and enslave the original inhabitants. They are aggressive and warlike. Yet their mistreatment of the native people rarely gets mentioned in the press.

      Israel ruffles the hair of a Palestinian, there’s an outrage. Turkey kills a bunch of Kurds, not even reported unless it’s a very large number of them.

      1. Nice story, J; BS meter still on red.

  11. Of course it’s a Zionist Conspiracy, isn’t everything someone doesn’t like in the Arab world part of a Zionist Conspiracy?
    Burnt your toast? Zionist Conspiracy! Can’t find you socks? Zionist Conspiracy! etc, etc.
    You see all the other stuff MEMRI has from the Arab world on Zionist Conspiracies

    Also with the Uygurs, they are ethnics turks in Xinang Province who hate the chinese government and have several rebel groups that attack the Chinese there. To be fair the Uygurs had their own kingdom until the Chinese conquered them in the 18th century, and Mao persecuted them. So they do have a nice gripe with the Chinese government. So it’s not so surprising that some want to move to a more Muslim place

  12. The joy of open borders!

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  25. Somebody needs to step up for syrians what we are doing just watching this destruction of a very beautiful country
    …hope it will end soon

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