Campus Free Speech

A 'Mad Scientist' Theme Party Was Too Offensive for Some Students

Victimhood culture strikes again.



If you thought a student group's mad scientist-themed party was innocuous enough to escape the righteous indignation of the campus safe-spacers, think again.

The Associated Students of Pomona College bashed residents of a Harvey Mudd College dormitory for hosting a theme party, "Mudd Goes Madd." Pomona and Harvey Mudd are two of the five Claremont Colleges, a group of private institutions in Southern California. The party, a play on Mudd's reputation as a science school was intended for students of all five colleges, but Pomona declined to participate, according to its student government:

"We are disappointed at your choice of the name for the event, as well as your rationale for allowing the name 'Mudd Goes Madd.' Your disregard of the concerns of the mental health community and their allies trivializes issues that we deem extremely important to our community. Further, the exclusion of the mental health community in the discussion of allowing the event name is inappropriate."

Mudd held the party, anyway—and some deemed it a small victory against the forces of political correctness, according to The College Fix:

"This was definitely a win against overzealous PC culture," student Steven Glick said in an email to The College Fix. "Students at the Claremont Colleges are tired of having their freedoms compromised in order to avoid upsetting certain groups of students, and the students that the PC police think they are helping are fed up with being told that they are too weak to hear certain words. We're in college-people here want to be treated like adults, not like kindergarteners."

As TCF notes, several students who suffer from mental issues expressed support for the party's theme:

Another student wrote the decision was "patronizing" and a third added "I have anxiety and my closest friends have depression. I think the name is clever and fun," according to screenshots obtained by The College Fix.

Another student told the Claremont Independent, which first reported the story, that: "I am actually bipolar and I am offended that people infantilize the whole issue of mental illness by suggesting we should be protected from anything that could damage our 'fragile' psyches."

Opposing a mad scientist-themed party on the grounds that it offends the mentally unstable is insane (sorry, readers, if that triggered you). Such petty outrage seems to provide more evidence that college campuses are indeed transitioning to a "victimhood culture" in which students are perversely empowered by proclaiming their helplessness.

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  1. …college campuses are indeed transitioning to a “victimhood culture” in which students are perversely empowered by proclaiming their helplessness.

    They will soon be handing out merit badges of victimness. “You can’t speak on this topic, you don’t have the requisite survivor status.”

    1. A wild SWJ appears!

      You don’t have enough badges to speak to me!

      1. SJW. dam.

        1. You were mocking my dyslexia!!

          I’ve been ohtrerized!

          1. No, THIS is mocking your dyslexia: did you hear about the dyslexic insomnia agnostic?

            He stayed up all night wondering if there was a dog.

            1. Dyslexics of the world UNTIE!

    2. “”You can’t speak on this topic, you don’t have the requisite survivor status.””

      its like REVERSE GATTACA

      People struggle desperately to maximize their own fragility, sensitivity to cultural-oppression, and potential victimhood… for exactly the same reasons – institutional advantage, status, power over others.

      Only instead of being possessed of every possible ‘objective’ genetic advantage… you’re a gender-queer, trans-racial, fat-positive indigenous-person with a personality disorder.

      1. And unemployed

        1. Proof of my victimhood, you employist pig!

    3. Why can’t they have a basement-sequestered-loner themed party so we can feel oppressed?

  2. As the son of a schizophrenic, I ask, “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!?!?!?”

    1. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING US? /Dissociative identity disordered person

    2. This reminds me of my rotation in psych. A buddy of mine was smoking a cigarette outside with one of the patients and there were flies buzzing around. He turned to the schizophrenic guy and said “Man, these flies will drive you crazy…”. We had to have a discussion about therapeutic communication the next day in class.

  3. You know, there’s still some people out there that say “What does being PC really mean?” Well, I’ll tell you what it means. It means you love nothin’ more than beer, workin’ out, and that feelin’ you get when you rhetorically defend a marginalized community from systems of oppression.

    1. PC forever BRO!!! /PCtard

  4. This mad scientist might shoot up everyone with marijuana leaves and make them gay.

    1. LULZ, and then moar LULZ for awkwardly ordered modifiers.

  5. Your disregard of the concerns of the mental health community and their allies trivializes issues that we deem extremely important to our community. Further, the exclusion of the mental health community in the discussion of allowing the event name is inappropriate.

    Yeah, I mean, who could possibly represent someone with as much care and compassion as a group dedicated to defining social differences as disease?

    1. Nicole, they are the experts in what other people feel. Don’t you realize that? Maybe you should shut up and let them tell you what *you* feel. You’ll feel better. See?

      1. Se Harvey Mudd is a world class STEM school and Pomona College provides “A liberal arts education offers learning that is both broad and deep, preparing you for action and intellectual engagement in an ever-changing world. ”

        Where do a bunch of people who are going to graduate and actually do real things with their degree get off by telling people (who are going to spend $245728 on a degree in FEELZ) what is appropriate in mental illness.

        They sound like experts to me.

          1. I worked with a relatively recent ‘mudder’ for awhile. Short on practical experience but critical thinking was top notch – she more than caught up to her peers in no time. Could be a selection bias but I’d say they have a good thing going down there.

            1. It’s really tough to get in there. Only really good students (on paper) get in.

            2. In theory, a “liberal arts” education can work. The problem is that it’s way more likely to result in crap.

            3. Incidentally, Mudd stumbled on a way to make the gender gap in CS majors go away. They simply made it a requirement for all students to take at least one CS class. Not only did this achieve their objective of getting more students as a whole to major in CS, but the increase was almost evenly split between men and women.

              I have a suspicion that much of the gender gap in engineering/technical subjects is really driven by stereotypes held by female students and primarily reinforced by other females. If I’m correct, then instituting requirements like Mudd’s should significantly reduce the gap.

  6. Opposing a mad scientist-themed party on the grounds that it offends the mentally unstable is insane (sorry, readers, if that triggered you).

    Robby understands us, he really does.

    1. That party theme is more likely to offend Robby than it is to offend even a tiny fraction of the commentarians.

    2. Insinuating that I am insane is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me. Thanks Robby. /wipes tear and spider from eye.

  7. Seems like the best strategy would be to give your party a deliberately offensive name in the hopes that these precious snowflakes wouldn’t show up. I can’t imagine how much worse a party could get if it were taken over by SJWs.

    1. Until they have your party SWATed because the SJWs are nothing if not petty vindictive cunts.

  8. If I were the DJ at this party, I’d start my set with this…and continue from there.

    You are encouraged to contribute to the set list in your replies.

      1. My fruit could not hang lower

    1. I’ll go for the low hanging fruit, Thomas Dolby’s Hyperactive

      1. Unfortunately, we’ll have to play everything these guys have ever written.

        1. And these guys as well.

          Warning: rap/rock fusion

        2. I think Doctor Octagon fits in stylistically with the Mad Scientist theme

            1. *Large Professor, Mad Scientist

              1. Giant in the Mental” – Showbiz & AG

        3. Have these guys EVER caught a rustler? Or a horse thief? Some “posse”.

    2. I’ll go for the low hanging fruit, Thomas Dolby’s Hyperactive

      1. What is with the double posts?

        1. Hyperactivity?

          1. Too much Ritalin I guess

      1. Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh, oh no no

    3. Joy Division’s “She’s Lost Control” which I recently learned was about epileptic seizures.

  9. College Republicans ruin everything, am I right? Kareem knows what I’m talking about.

  10. But being a mad scientist is SO COULLLL…

    1. “Damn straight! Today, the mad scientist can’t get a doomsday device, tomorrow it’s the mad grad student. Where will it end?”

      1. Amen brother. I don’t go anywhere without my mutated anthrax. For duck hunting.

  11. This article trivializes the plight of the constantly aggrieved.

  12. OT: Submitted for your approval – Scott Adams on law, Uber and immigration:…..-stupidity

    The nature of capitalism is that innovation often requires breaking some sort of law or social convention. A few years ago I blogged that a company like Uber was not possible because taxis had legal monopolies. Then Uber decided to ignore all of those laws, or change them. And in so doing they are on track to be the largest company in the world. I identify with Uber, not dead patriots that pooped in holes and raped slaves hundreds of years ago.

    1. Um…everyone pooped in holes hundreds of years ago, unless you had slaves or servants to empty your chamberpot. And while the slave-raping comment is somewhat accurate, it ignores all the founding fathers from the North who were not slavers.

    2. Have we really ever gotten over the whole ‘pooping in holes’ thing though? I mean, we have nicer (and more complex) holes to poop in now, but they’re still just holes.

      There’s certainly something to be said about ignoring ‘laws’ that are, at their base, negative and illogical, but there’s a slippery slope in presenting the Constitution as a ‘living document’ subject to change. Although I agree with Adam’s logic, the large percentage of people willing to ‘modernize’ the Constitution are not attempting to remove poor laws, but create more of them.


      “Americans aren’t rule-followers. It isn’t in our DNA. We are revolutionaries. We are entrepreneurs.”

      Citation bloody needed, because frankly I’ve met just as many Americans willing to lap up the crumbs of their ‘betters’ as I have Canadians or Europeans in general. I get that it’s a nationalism thing, but sorry guys, a nation of ‘revolutionaries’ would not have a Patriot Act.

      1. Love him or hate him, Scott Adams is one smug utilitarian asshole.

      2. To Adams’s credit, he at least talks about amending the damn thing. Much better than 90% of Americans’ approach.

  13. I think we need to just ship these perpetually offended little snowflakes off to some totally uninhabited place somewhere. Maybe set a little compound for each of them to live a solitary existence where they will never have contact with anyone else, ever. It’s the only way to be sure they won’t be offended by something. No internet or TV either, that could trigger them. No books either, could be offensive.

    1. Just confiscate their Apple devices. That should produce a significant shock.

    2. I hear that there are training programs at places like Parris Island which can help kids get over their self-absorption.

    3. Maybe Mars is back on the table?

  14. I find this event highly beneficial to the mentally ill community since at bottom the entire party is based on the idea that even people with crippling psychological deficiencies can become scientists who do wonderful work in Frankenstein creation, blocking the sun with gigantic mirrors so as to plunge enemy nations into perpetual darkness, and cross breeding plants with grizzly bear DNA so that they eat people when threatened.

    1. When my head was cut off in a tragic propeller accident, for example, it was a mad scientist who grafted it onto a dog’s body so that I could be the first man to live as a canine.

      Had I not had that opportunity, I would still have no idea about my bizarre but stimulating toilet bowl fetish.

      1. I would watch a movie about a muscular scientist who could smell crime.

      2. I would still have no idea about my bizarre but stimulating toilet bowl fetish.

        That water is just tasty!

    2. Irish, I would like to purchase your grizzly bear plant.
      *takes out coin purse*

      1. Unfortunately, I had to destroy it after The Incident, which I have been instructed not to discuss under advice of counsel.

    3. It’s like you don’t understand at all, Irish. You want to create the expectation that all these mentally ill snowflakes can actually do something other than maintain a Tumblr?

      1. I’m just saying, if I’m ever in need of a laser beam that turns chairs into bigger, more ornate chairs or if I’m trapped in the bottom of a well and the only way out is to use Professor Krazie’s Elevation Boots or if I ever find that I’d really like to own a cat that glows in the dark and talks like Danny Devito, it would be a shame if none of those things existed because the institutionally insane had been dissuaded from entering a STEM field.

    4. You trolling me, Irish? 😛

  15. Professor Farnsworth: Uh, what? Oh, yeah, they say madness runs in our family. Some even call me mad. And why? Because I dared to dream of my own race of atomic monsters, atomic supermen with octagonal shaped bodies that suck blood…

  16. When the zombies come for us these delicate children will fold like origami swans when we torture them for information on Operation Cobalt. I will be hanging out in the garage drinking whisky from a coffee mug.

    1. So how terrible is the new Walking Dead show? I haven’t even been watching it but caught last night’s episode and it seems even worse than Season 2 of True Detective.

      1. Not sure what your definition of “terrible” is. It was pretty decent TV, for telling the story of the beginning of the apocalypse.

        The unfiltered view of what the gubmint would likely do is a bonus.

        1. Zombie Apocalypse fiction is libertarian-friendly because the survivors are take-charge people, not whiny collectivists. Fans of Vampire fiction just want to be bitten to get powers; Zombie fans want to be the survivors not the zombies.

          1. I get that, but the fact that they’re portraying the state as the true villain, and not the dashing savior as it is in Every. Fucking. Cop. Procedural. Show., is refreshing.

      2. I haven’t given up on it yet. Ruben Blades character is the only one I care about so far.

        1. I haven’t watched since season one. Once Shane was gone I lost interest.

        2. The wife/mom isn’t too bad. She has bigger balls than the milquetoast hubby.

          Hate the junkie kid character. Looking forward to him being lunch.

          1. The junkie will live. There’s no way they’ll off him since he was the introductory character.

            Still aggravated by the 2nd episode where they watch a dead guy get up and shuffle around. Their lack of freaking out was not particularly believable.

            1. Their lack of freaking out was not particularly believable.

              You’re thinking in a post-zombie world context . I don’t think I’d freak out if I saw someone whom I thought was dead get up and shamble. I’d presume that I was wrong about the being dead part.

            2. While I haven’t watched this I suspect Lee G is right. Once the junk runs out the kid will have no choice but to quit. Fiction thrives on transformation.

          2. Madison, the mom, is the obvious Rick Grimes character – the true survivor. The Junkie will live. I like him almost as much as liked the mysterious black dude jailed with the junkie.

            1. I hate everything about the junkie character. EVREYTHING.

              The character, the actor, the hair, you name it. It makes me want to reach through the screen and start smacking him.

              1. Exactly, which is going to make his transformation into zombie killer extraordinaire kind of fun.

                The black dude is his Yoda.

                1. Yeah, not sure what to make of the sinister and untrustworthy stranger yet.

              2. I’m fine with the junkie character, but I agree with the complaint of “why is he still wearing the stolen clothes!?” He’s back at home, he should have all of his clothes there (or at least some backups if he had moved out), so why does he keep putting on the old man clothes he stole? The budget can’t be that small.

      3. There’s a new Walking Dead now? I stopped watching after Season 2. Seriously, that entire season is just soap opera bullshit on a farm with zombies in the background. It was goddamn unbearable.

        1. Yeah, it’s a prequel called Fear the Walking Dead. Same universe but I don’t think there are any overlapping characters. Not based on TWD graphic novels.

        2. You do realize that all drama is a soap opera, more or less?

          1. Bass Ackwards – soap operas are simply the lowest form of drama.

            1. Exactly. But every form of drama has those elements. Look at actual opera. Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love with girl. Family objects. Girl dies.

              Conflict, emotion, dilemma, failure, reconciliation, complications, death, sex, resolution. It’s all there.

          2. There’s a difference between good soap opera, and bad soap opera. Spending ten episodes obsessing over how this guy fucked this other guy’s wife because they thought he was dead when CIVILIZATION HAS COLLAPSED and there are only a couple dozen humans around with constant danger is moronic. You don’t need to focus on relationship drama, there’s enough drama to be had from basic survival.

            This weekend I played through Soma, which is about a guy who wakes up after a car accident that killed his girlfriend in the literal apocalypse. He does not spend half the game whining about his dead girlfriend because he recognizes how small that problem is compared to the bloody end of the world. Priorities, man.

            1. Having a zombie drama that is all stab-kill-eat-stab-shoot-kill, would be short and boring. You need the human element for establishing reference points and realism; the viewer needs something to hang their hat on. There would be shit about ‘hoo fucked ‘hoo no matter how awful it became in the world. People are still people, even if it’s the end of it all.

              But sure, there is good drama and bad drama, just like comedy and action. I just never found the ‘soap opera’ term to be anything other than a derogatory term for drama someone doesn’t like. And for describing actual soap operas.

              1. Which is fully possible without obsessing over it. The Walking Dead comics, for example, uses it as drama fairly effectively. What they don’t do is spend an entire season trying to get you to care about a relationship where all the characters have virtually no chemistry. If they had actually framed it better, shown more as the petty ‘hoo fucked hoo’ shortsightedness of Rick and Shane, that would be better. But they didn’t, they demanded that the audience care about the relationship, despite not really giving me any reason to.

                1. I agree with that, and the Shane character was made to be pretty unbearable. And Lori, too. I looked forward to her demise.

        3. I watched until the Governor showed up. That whole thing was a shitshow. Then that one episode with the Big Meeting between the Gov and Rick. Jeeezus.

          I loved season 1 because everyone was just trying to figure out WTF was going on. I may tune into Fear for that reason.

          1. I agree there. Show up and shoot him in the head. Problem solved. Of course, you’ll likely die.

            But, had the Robinsons in Lost in Space thrown Dr. Smith out the airlock like they should have, I doubt we’d still be talking about.

            Actually, had they, maybe we would talk about it more.

      4. Not as bad as the original. Sunday’s episode was awful, though. The bad guys – in this case the military – are cartoonish and so predictable. We’re ten episodes in and already torturing people with Meso-American knife techniques. And I hate the husband and want him to die soon; shoot the shopgirl zombie already.

        1. What’s wrong with the military? They had the dickish leader who’s getting off on his power, and everyone else just wants to get out of there and go home. I think it’s a relatively good use of the military. They’re not cartoonishly evil and controlling as they often are in this kind of story.

        2. I’m with MJ. They established the LT as a droogish and apathetic dick. He’s the antagonist and established the threat he presents. But they balanced that with the reaction of the other soldiers. It wasn’t iron discipline down the, especially once they fragged him offscreen.

          Maybe I’m more forgiving of TV dramas, because it is TV. Limited budget and time to tell a story on a grand scale. Should the LT have been a more layered and complex character? Sure. I’m all for that. I’ll take nuance and subtlety any day. Not sure if they had the time and money or if it really mattered all that much for the story overall.

      5. It is always risky to tell the backstory that your previous series had taken as a given. Imagine what you would get if Lucas ever tried to explain how two men actually managed to defeat the entire Jedi Order and took over the Old Republic to boot.

        1. One would need to cut their eyes out with a spoon if they were to see it.

      6. Speaking of serial television, I just finished binging on the first two seasons of Penny Dreadful. I really enjoyed it overall but do like that type of thing to begin with. What do all of you say, who may have seen it?

      7. I really like it, as the atmosphere and slow build are interesting to me. There is still some real stupidity in the writing, and the writing and low budget has made them skip the whole interesting part of a zombie apocalypse (spoiler: they jump from day 1 to like day 10, going from LA breaking down to quarantined in a military zone). As a depiction of everything going to shit and the zombies triumphing over the military, it’s a failure. But I’m enjoying it.

  17. “We are disappointed at your choice of the name for the event, as well as your rationale for allowing the name ‘Mudd Goes Madd.’ Your disregard of the concerns of the mental health community and their allies trivializes issues that we deem extremely important to our community. Further, the exclusion of the mental health community in the discussion of allowing the event name is inappropriate.”

    Gosh, the party must have sucked without these Happy Fun Balls.

    1. I consider them undertakers, beef stews , bedlamites, troglodytes, and loogeroos

  18. Pomona College: All brains, no penis.

    1. The brains part is pretty questionable.

  19. Outrage this petty seems to provide more evidence that college campuses are indeed transitioning to a “victimhood culture” in which students are perversely empowered by proclaiming their helplessness.

    The point has always been dragging everyone else down, not lifting themselves up. They think Harrison Bergeron is an instruction manual.

    1. I was wondering if you’d show up. But the pic is of me, so I’m totally confused.

  20. “…think to yourself it is just a party, I should really just relax.”

  21. “Further, the exclusion of the mental health community in the discussion of allowing the event name is inappropriate.”

    I’d say at that point Pomona was just fucking with us.

  22. mental health community and their allies

    Self-appointed allies, aka do-gooder buttinskies. Sounds like the folks with actual mental problems are fine with it.

  23. Just as equally retarded, completely apart from the idiotic PC-policing…

    …is the fact that… kids at a sister-college plan to have a party, and yet some ‘committee’ of morons has control over whether or not to “fund” this event based on their own arbitrary whim?

    “the Associated Students of Pomona College (ASPC) voted against funding a 5C party called “Mudd Goes Madd” due to the name’s trivialization of mental health issues. “

    And you still have morons like Fredde de Boer claiming “Colleges are too corporate”… unable to recognize that the features he so bemoans are the hallmarks of the liberal bureaucratic-state

  24. Further, the exclusion of the mental health community in the discussion of allowing the event name is inappropriate.”

    A community that doesn’t seem to be a part of the organizers for the party nor might have been planning to attend the party.

  25. I want to know whether the school provided an adequate safe space. Here’s how you do it right:

  26. Isn’t it great that all us SJWs know what’s best for people. You can’t ask actual people of X status, because you know they agree with us. If they don’t agree with us, they’ve internalized oppression.

    So you see when a woman supports gamergate or a bipolar person likes the mad scientist party, they don’t hold the right opinions becuase we know better than they do what’s best for them. We arn’t wrong, it’s them. God those sock puppets.


  27. You mean that con man from “Mudd’s Women” and “I, Mudd” started his own college? I wonder what his ultimate angle was in doing so, and where did it inevitably go wrong? And c’mon…changing his name to Harvey? That isn’t fooling anyone!

  28. When I presented my ideas, they mocked me, they taunted me, they called insane, they held tasteless “mad scientist” theme parties.

    But I will show the world that I can be its master! Soon, the whole world will be *my* theme party!

    Ha ha ha ha ha!

    1. they called *me* insane



  31. This is the kind of thing I hear and I think:

    “Seriously. You’re putting me on, right? This is a gag, right? You’re not really so fucking ridiculous that you’re angry at this, right?”

    And, then I realize that, yes, there are certain people out there, who gravitate to positions where you make decisions like this, and, yes, the really want to be as boring and humorless and funless as possible, in some vapid attempt to live a joyless life before they die and earn their eternal dirt nap of snoozy anti-microaggressions.

  32. What if a Professor refused to teach their classes because lecturing discriminates again deaf people and assigned reading lists discriminate against the visually impaired? How would SJW admin types react to this?

    I may have just stumbled upon an iron-clad sabbatical plan…

  33. fed up with being told that they are too weak to hear certain words.

    Amen. This shit never happened, as far as I know, in my particular social justice warrior niche. The whole point was “sticks and stones.” The problem is fucking sticks and stones (cops shooting people, gay bashing, the mentally ill being imprisoned instead of treated). I maintain that an important part of gay rights victories was that we refused to piss ourselves over mean words. Mean words are a minor symptom of the underlying problems. And this hypersensitive word policing is a whole other level of missing the point.

    1. This is exactly why the far left is so dismissive of the gay rights victories of the last two decades or so: they weren’t achieved by language policing or by treating all straight people as enemies. The far left claims that marriage equality and abolishing sodomy laws only really benefits wealthy white men (I actually read an SJW claiming that lesbians were almost completely excluded from the marriage-equality movement; in reality lesbian couples made up more than half of the plaintiffs in ME lawsuits); I think what really bothers them is that these were almost entirely win-win accomplishments, which is obviously counter to everything that an adolescent self-styled wannabe revolutionary stands for.

  34. Song offensive to the mentally disabled still on youtube

  35. Someone should have come as Ant?nio Moniz .

  36. This seems to be really ridiculous lol

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