Pope Francis

Pope Francis Visits Private School in East Harlem

Using the pope for political purposes is harder than it seems.


Students at OLQA
From OLQA's Website

After addressing major global power centers the White House, Congress, and the United Nations General Assembly, Pope Francis today visited Our Lady Queen of Angels (OLQA), a Catholic school in East Harlem. The visit highlights the pope's devotion to society's overlooked, since the school serves an underprivileged community. But it also undermines some facile portrayals of the pontiff, and may even serve to hearten proponents of school choice.

This trip to a school where 69 percent of students qualify for need-based scholarships and 22 percent are English language learners is fitting for Pope Francis, known for his ministry to the vulnerable and his calls to embrace immigrants. Speaking to Congress on Thursday, Pope Francis said: 

In recent centuries, millions of people came to this land to pursue their dream of building a future in freedom. We, the people of this continent, are not fearful of foreigners, because most of us were once foreigners. I say this to you as the son of immigrants, knowing that so many of you are also descended from immigrants…Nonetheless, when the stranger in our midst appeals to us, we must not repeat the sins and the errors of the past. We must resolve now to live as nobly and as justly as possible, as we educate new generations not to turn their back on our "neighbors" and everything around us. 

The trip also shows how difficult it is to shoe-horn the man and his moral philosophy into a single predefined category of contemporary American politics.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who campaigned and trades on a steady invocation of income inequality, has tried to use the moral authority of Pope Francis to garner support for his progressive political agenda. The New York Times reports the mayor stating, for example, "We are amplifying the pope's agenda; we are answering his call to action." Yet de Blasio opposes tax credits for parents who send their children to parochial schools like OLQA, putting him at odds with the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York and school choice proponents generally.

Moreover, OLQA is part of a network of Catholic schools in New York called the Partnership for Inner City Education that explicitly embraces elements of the charter school network model, against which de Blasio has actively worked. Politico reports that the Partnership has studied the work of charter networks including Success Academy, Achievement First, and Uncommon Schools.

According to CNN, the Partnership's superintendent and chief academic officer Kathleen Porter-Magee said she hopes the pope's "visit fundamentally changes the conversation about Catholic education in America." Monsignor Kevin Sullivan, executive director of Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of New York, went even further, stating, "This is his most important stop…We think this is the perfect place for Pope Francis to be."

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  1. “The visit highlights the pope’s devotion to society’s overlooked, since the school serves an underprivileged community.”

    Uh, no Jack. It’s a PR photo-op. Nothing more.

    1. I find your lack of faith disturbing.

      1. His advance-men will be lucky if he doesn’t pinch some kid’s ass…

        1. It was a quote from a movie, Sevo.

          1. Is that a?quote from a movies, too?

    2. Hmmm…a Pope who is himself a former educator visits a Catholic-run school, part of a history of Catholic-run schools which far precedes the very existence of the United States…

      Must be a PR gesture.

      1. Notorious UGCC|9.25.15 @ 6:57PM|#
        “Hmmm…a Pope who is himself a former educator visits a Catholic-run school, part of a history of Catholic-run schools which far precedes the very existence of the United States…”

        Hmmm….gullible response by fan-boy. Must be ignored.

        1. Is it just me, or was there no actual substantive content in that post?

          1. “Is it just me, or was there no actual substantive content in that post?”

            Noting that you’re a gullible ignoramus isn’t substantive?
            Go pray to some fantasy, twit.

          2. No, it was just you, and Sevo pointed it out.

          3. no fucking content in the fuckinass article neither.

          4. Is it just me, or was there no actual substantive content in that post?

            There rarely is in one of Sevo’s posts.

            1. Zaytsev|9.25.15 @ 10:39PM|#
              “There rarely is in one of Sevo’s posts.”

              Gee, shitstain, if you don’t like being called on your ignorant bullshit, you ought not post it.
              Is that ‘substantive’ enough for an imbecile like you?

              1. You are quoting the first thing Zaytsev has written in this thread.

                The statement “There rarely is [substantive content] in one of Sevo’s posts.” is not “ignorant bullshit’, it is an incredibly generous description of your child-like behavior on this website.

                I rarely post, but I often read the comments for entertainment value. And Sevo, without fail, you (and your bud, Cytotoxic) are inevitably going off on some misspelled profanity-laced tirade about the mythical ‘bleevers’ and ‘xenophobes’ that you, Sevo Quiote, are going to vanquish with your precision wit.

                For fuck’s sake, would the two of you just shut up and stop posting on this website?

                You. Ruin. Everything.

                1. Thank you JAM; bleever, by any chance:
                  “inevitably going off on some […] profanity-laced tirade”
                  followed by:
                  “For fuck’s sake,”
                  Stuff it up your ass.

        2. Yeah, I don’t pray to a mystical sky-daddy and I’m seeing nothing here other than the Catholic premier visiting a Catholic institution. De Blasio’s reaction to that visit is, however, notable if only for being brazen hypocrisy.

          1. “…I’m seeing nothing here other than the Catholic premier visiting a Catholic institution….”
            They tried some lipstick, but any US hack politico does better:

            “Kathleen Porter-Magee said she hopes the pope’s “visit fundamentally changes the conversation about Catholic education in America.”

            Amusing fantasy, but pathetic. A 30-minute visit from some guy revered by, oh, several people in the US is going to cause “fundamental” changes.
            I think she really does bleeve in miracles.

            1. What change is she hoping for, exactly? I didn’t realize we’re having a national conversation about Catholic anything other than the friggin’ pope visiting, and that’s just this week’s novelty.

              1. Well, just last week, I was sitting at a bar and we had this long conversation about Catholic schools….
                Or was it the 49ers?

                You’re right. We have friends who have their kids in Catholic schools, but that’s just because it’s the cheapest alternative to the rotten SF government/union schools. For a long time, they seemed to keep the god-talking down to a dull roar, but with the new SF Catholic mucky-muck, that seems to be changing, so the parents are having talks with the kids about the indoctrination.
                Still seems preferable to the alternative.
                In the mucky-muck’s favor, one of the columnists in the Chron was whining that he (the my-m) didn’t bother to make much comment about how some people making more money than others is horrible.

    3. Actually it he was interviewing future alter boys, privately.

  2. Pope Francis, Donald Trump, John Boehner?

    Is it a conspiracy of awful?

  3. Don’t forget his Obama-bashing gesture of solidarity with the Little Sisters of the Poor who are resisting the Obama administration’s contraception mandate.

    1. “Obama-bashing” is not how he’d put it, of course.

      1. Enlighten us, Francis.

        1. “Enlighten us, Francis.”

          The pope supported the church. Film at 11.

        2. “Enlighten us, Francis.”

          Any of you homos touch me and I’ll kill ya


    2. If he didn’t support his brethren against a system which has been historicly and unwaveringly inimical to their existence, it’d be noteworthy. That he did not suddenly throw the entire church membership under the bus in order to ingratiate himself to some jerkoffs to which he owes no loyalty whatever and who are his ancient enemies is not anything worth commenting aboot.

      1. The left-wing narrative is Enlightened Pope vs. Reactionary Catholic Troglodytes. As part of this narrative, the nuns are being used as cats-paws by the Catholic Right against the Obama administration.

        Progressive Catholics also buy into this, as with Michael Sean Winters in the lefty National Catholic Reporter:

        “Will not someone in authority in the Church tell the Little Sisters that they can fill out the form with a clear conscience? Will not our bishops finally stand up and say that the Becket Fund [the sisters’ law firm] does not really grasp the nuances of moral theology regarding illicit material cooperation with evil?”

        The Pope has rejected this narrative by visiting the nuns as a specific gesture of support for the Sisters’ legal stance.

  4. It’s been a busy day at work and I’m catching up. I see there are 641 comments on ENB’s “Why So Many Men Who Hate Women Love Limited Government” post. Should I skip or read it?

    1. I recommend skipping it.

      However, I’m off DEG so if you go thence I shall follow. We can return here to discuss… that

    2. Last I checked, there was nothing worth reading.

      1. Because women ruin everything.


        1. If you say that and think it’s jokey because it’s not actually true, then you are a deluded excuse for a buffoon. If you say it and think it is jokey because it is true, well then you just have an inscrutable sense of humour and are probably an indomitable prig that we invoqued.

          1. So if I *don’t* think women ruin everything, I’m deluded?

            Therefore, you’re saying women *do* ruin everything?

          2. C’man LW. Lighten up.

            I’ve made similar quips.

            Worse even. As you’ve probably seen.

            I don’t expect anyone to build a psych. profile around it.

            But I’m starting to have my suspicions.

            /looks around suspiciously.

            1. (scribbles in notebook)

        2. Because women ruin everything.

          You are conflating women with feminists just like ENB does.

          The correct statement is “feminists ruin everything and everyone hates them.”

      2. Not even if I have some beer?

        1. Not even. A lackluster thread indeed.

          1. Not even if I’m wearing my wife beater?

              1. The Wife Beater 2? I guess she didn’t listen in 1.

                1. Isn’t that always the way?

                  1. Yes, Dear.

          2. I read it. Curiosity got the better of me. The digressions were OK. I skipped right over what appeared to be an abortion discussion.

            1. Go read the comments on the Boehner resignation. RC Dean has a comment at 1:44 which is followed by much hilarity – completely OT but, IMO hysterical.

              1. I noticed that. I like it.

    3. I see there are 641 comments on ENB’s “Why So Many Men Who Hate Women Love Limited Government” post. Should I skip or read it

      Dammit! I missed that one and Nick’s Kareem thread on anti-intellectual conservatives?

      I must quit work and become a layabout like the rest of you Peanuts!

      1. Please don’t. Someone has to make all the money around here. Hah! Hah! Right?

        1. I don’t think Shrike’s been exactly making money the last month or so.

    4. It’s conversational. No trolls that I recall. Lots of friendly ribbing. What else do you want?

      1. It wasn’t that inflamed actually. Seemed rather staid.

        1. What I read was surprisingly calm, though I did skip what appeared to be an abortion thread.

    5. I didn’t even bother clicking on ENB’s article. There were close to 500 when I first saw it. d

    6. As usual, you should all be reading my comments only.

      1. I’m sorry Rufus. I read others’ comments.

  5. This pope thing strikes me like if I finally escaped earth by running up that tube they always talk about and then at the top the spaceship that has tons of booze and pot was destroyed by a wayward asshole move by the fucking black out there by a radiation laser from the dick of the sun and I sat and watched all my potential to have fun in space be vaporized by sun cum. So in a fucking elevator i sit wanting to eat my nipples for days until I crafted this fucking amazing gliding machine by beating the fuck out of that elevator at the fucking space and shit and I flowed down to the ground.

    While I sat for days ripping apart a space elevator is how I would explain how horrible the pope is.

    1. Rather hyperbolic, but it about sums it up. Shut down the thread.

      1. Agile is never hyperbolic. It’s just that the rest of the world is so mundane.

        1. Isn’t he always hyperbolic?

  6. Holes on the face of the earth with sugar piled on top remind my arms of lid lollies.

    1. Hey AC, did you see this

      1. Love, I did but I fell into a hole.

  7. So there are 3 cop cars parked outside my house. I told my wife to keep the kids away from the Windows and doors. Don’t want any flash bang mutilations. I’d go ask what’s up, but I don’t want to get shot.

    1. They’re gone now. No one injured. Or arrested.

      1. Damn, what an anticlimax. Um, I mean, whew, glad all is well.

      2. I was going to ask if you are in Florida but with that lame ending it seems not.

        1. Texas. I don’t know. We’re around the corner from the station. For all I know they were just having their fantasy football league meeting.

          1. Brett, you have all the fun. Just last week, you got to watch someone driving-while-stupid launch off the overpass, didn’t you?

            1. Yes. That guy later turned out to be driving while insanely drunk. .32 or so. I’m not one for prima facie DUI on BAC readings, but he appears to have been too drunk to drive.

          2. Or there was a sale on donuts.

  8. Sister, eh? The narrative unravels.

    1. Yea, but that doesn’t mean all of them are bomb hoaxing terrorists. The dad is a politician after all.

      1. I don’t think they’re terrorists. I suspect assholish trolling. Not warranting arrest, but definitely not praise.

      2. Yeah, I didn’t really give it much thought until I heard about the dad. Probably still wouldn’t if it were not all of the fake racist/homophobe crap that gets exposed on college campuses.

        1. You’ve got legitimate abuse like the Eric Garner case, but they hang their hat on BS like this “clockmaker”. Of course Ahmed shows RACIST, but Garner shows the danger of over regulation so it’s no wonder why they try to conflate the two. It wasn’t the dumb law, it was only about color.

    2. “by citing the jihad commandments in the religion’s Koran book.”

      Is it bad that I really like the phrase “religion’s Koran book”. in that sentence?

  9. This is not news.

  10. Did anybody do the Harlem Shuffle? That tune needs a comeback.

    1. I gave it up for the Ballroom Blitz.

    2. I would have thought you more a Polka guy

    3. Of course we know what Dance the Pope favors.


  11. So, Fiat 500? Popestmobile or Pimpest Popemobile?

    1. You would think with all the opulence of the Church he’d drive in an Alfa-Romeo Spider or Audi TT at the minimum.

      A Fiat 500 seems so out of synch with the image if not cynical to the extent it tries to be humble.

      1. Pay no attention to the billions of dollars in real estate behind the curtain

  12. Yeah, that’s what time it is.


    1. I’m sure the bully will bring suit…

      1. What kind of dick would award him a dime though

        1. “What kind of dick would award him a dime though”

          The kind that runs the school district.
          I’ma guess he sues the school district and they settle.


      I’ve seen and read about low lives in my life and that douche kid attacking a blind kid ranks right at the top.

  13. A bitch is leaning against my right speaker in a red black polka dot miniskirt and I can’t remember her name.

  14. Sort of interesting =

    stories that ran @ 3PM or so that were headlined =

    U.S., China vow not to engage in economic cyberespionage“…

    …i just got a 9:30PM update that changed the original Reuters piece with the same headline to =

    Obama announces ‘understanding’ with China’s Xi on cyber theft but remains wary

    Scrolling through the pieces at WaPo and Reuters (which are nearly the same)… there’s little changed other than the addition of

    “The two leaders said they agreed that neither government would knowingly support cyber theft of corporate secrets or business information.

    …..But the agreement stopped short of any promise to refrain from traditional government-to-government cyber spying for intelligence purposes… That could include the massive hack of the federal government’s personnel office this year that compromised the data of more than 20 million people. U.S. officials have traced that back to China but have not said whether they believe the government was responsible.”

    Maybe the first version was for the Chinese translators, and the latter one was for the American audience.

    1. That’s rich. Nice tabloid headlines there. No way either can or will be held accountable by the other. Odds this will shortly be enumerated under Obama’s many paper victories?

      1. One of the shittiest moves Ive seen in the last year or so was how Reuters spun the EPA “mine leak” story about 48 hours after their first major story ran …

        I mentioned it here

        The same AP story (same link!) went from

        Colorado mine spill unleashed highly toxic stew

        (EPA clearly to blame, spill very toxic)


        National challenge of leaking mines dwarfs Colorado spill

        (the Mine “made the leak”, and Corporations Created the Waste, and EPA needs lots more funding SO THEY CAN FIX THESE PROBLEMS..)

        “SILVERTON, Colorado (AP) ? It will take many years and many millions of dollars simply to manage and not even remove the toxic wastewater from an abandoned mine that unleashed a 100-mile-long torrent of heavy metals into Western rivers

        Plugging Colorado’s Gold King Mine could simply lead to an eventual explosion of poisonous water elsewhere, so the safest solution, they say, would be to install a treatment plant… It would cost millions of dollars, and do nothing to contain the thousands of other toxic streams that are a permanent legacy of mining across the nation.”

        slight change of emphasis

        1. It would be galling if it weren’t so futzing predictable.

        2. Correction – those were the same story, in the same day, about 6 days after the spill actually occurred… it was that the “Afternoon edit” version (the latter one) was entirely re-spun to =

          – cease repeating that the “EPA did it”, and rather, “it happened”
          – and stop reminding people how freaking bad the pollution was (in context, its just the beginning of the problem!)
          – place emphasis on corporate misconduct and lack of EPA resources
          – remove mention of the Indians entirely

          You can see how the 2nd link text originally was supposed to lead to a story about how “the Navajo reservation was worst-affected”… but there’s nothing in that story about indians.

          It appeared in the first story… but NOT in the 2nd one

          “The spill has already disrupted thousands of lives and livelihoods in three states and the Navajo Nation. And because the federal government inadvertently triggered it, the agency has vowed to pay the bills, which could take years to tally…….Navajo farmers were nervously waiting for someone to announce that it’s OK to irrigate their crops again. Just two weeks without water could wipe out their corn and alfalfa just before harvest, which represents an entire year’s salary for some farming families….“”

          What kind of editor says, “Make sure to take the ‘human cost’ OUT of the story here”?

  15. Isn’t time for the commie pope to go back to his lair.

    1. yes, back to his humble abode.

  16. Crickets scream way so fucking loud… like all the fuckers are so talented but my head just wants to have it dashed in by an asian girl playing some obscure shit stravinskis ripped of the crickets.

  17. I am sure the big bang cannot be replayed. But did some of you fucks ask?

    1. I’m not.
      Reality has infinite time, so we can expect plenty of royal flushes.

      1. “we can expect plenty of royal flushes.”
        Uh, if we lived long enough…..

  18. Like if holes were people we’d be pipes with legs and when we fuck we would make confused pipes where all the shafts and pineapples would be like all fucking twisted and fuck. And small neon ear plugs with arms would plod. That it is. Plodding ear plugs with tiny human arms wandering like little bumping retards on a vast plain of intergalactic sperm. On some fucking planet with wavey lines on its sides and shit.

    1. Whatever you do, man, whatever drug it is you take that puts you in this mood, I’d love to try it except I’m pretty sure I would immediately delve into the darkest depths of my psyche and dredge up all the humiliating shortcomings and inadequacies and parade them before myself while in reality committing seppuku with a steak knife and decorating the room with my entrails to exhibit my ponderous final apology to a world I failed.

  19. Cringiest moment from Peep Show, which much against my better judgement I took up again. Mark, woken up early in the morning by his previously blacked-out houseguest, finds himself in the midst of a tryst he didn’t realize was going on with a woman he assumed to be lesbian. After asking her to stop with all the gusto his British reserve allows him, he internally monologues: “Oh God, I’m having an orgasm against my will! She’s stolen sex off me!” Afterward he thinks, “At least she didn’t wee on me. That’s a positive.” I’m all balled up in anxious social anxiety.

    1. “Maybe that was actually good sex. Loosen up, Corrigan! This is what happens in the bedroom, now: no old-fashioned fumbling and kissing, a lesbian rapes you while you dream about your mother. It’s edgy.”

      1. Every goddamn time I’m in the thick of it I think it can’t get any worse, and every goddamn time I’m proven wrong. I can’t think of an earlier episode which caused as much mental anguish, but every new one is such an incredible exercise in embarrassment by proxy that I have to pause and take a moment.

        1. “It wasn’t a proper rape at all, nothing went up my bum!”

          1. I feel like hulu is trying to salvage my dignity. After every episode finishes they start another series on autoplay and I have to manually select the next one. God bless you, hulu, but your compassion is wasted on me. I am a man with a sick mind who yearns for another dose of horrible, awful, humbling melancholy. So give me more Peep Show and shut up about it.

            1. I’ll have what he’s having.

              1. Benadryl and a few tequila drinks.

  20. a pretzel wolf crawled into my temple, bros

    1. That would be a great name for a Philadelphia sports team.

      “The Philadelphia Pretzel Wolves have a twi-night doubleheader against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays tomorrow.”

  21. In retort to ENB’s “Small government libertarians are scaring away all the womenses” article I present this article showing that feminism hates libertarians and is openly hostile to libertarian ideals.


    1. OK. That does it. I have to go back and see what the heck she was talking about.

      1. If you actually RTFA you’ll be ahead of Corning

        1. +1 Wut?

          1. “In a world afflicted by female genital mutilation, forced marriages and acid attacks on girls whose only crime is wanting an education, the UN has chosen to focus on the professional whinging of privileged and mendacious western activists.”

    2. According to feminist culture critic Anita Sarkeesian, who spoke at the event, online “harassment” doesn’t simply consist of what is “legal and illegal,” but “also the day-to-day grind of ‘you’re a liar’ and ‘you suck,’

      Well, since she’s a liar and she sucks, that probably wears her down. Let me just get out the world’s smallest violin over here…


  22. Pope smear. Jeez, I thought it was once a year.

  23. I KNEW somebody would figure out how to make money out of this!
    “New app lets you take a (fake) selfie with Pope Francis”

  24. In most cases, the best way to help people from other countries is to encourage them to work on improving their own countries. South Koreans, Japanese, Taiwanese, Singaporeans, etc. are far better off now than they would have been if we had just brought them all to the US. There’s nothing special about the land the US happens to sit on that makes us prosper.

    Mass emigration is a safety valve that allows dictators and failed governments to get rid of threats to their power (ie unhappy and ambitious people). Mexico, or really any country on earth, can do what South Korea and Japan did in the late 20th century… but that would be bad news for the people currently in power there so it doesn’t happen.

  25. OK, I guess. To my opinion, private schools are doing fine. They are public schools that need our help. Do we hear about murders or sex scandals from private schools? No! We hear about students’ excellence. So, why not spending the time with people who actually need it. You may not save all lives, but you can give hope. You can make students believe that they have all the knowledge and tools to write an essay, for example. And, who knows, maybe some students will choose his own skills over Essay Lab service.

  26. Have they also made possible a school for muslims ?

  27. Have they also made possible a school for muslims ?

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