Cabbie To Uber Passenger: 'Take a Real Taxi You F***ing Cheapskate'

Violent threat, bald-faced lies, and other recent tales from the Uber wars.


Canadian cabbie thug.

"If I see you again, you are dead meat," a Canadian cabbie told an Uber driver in a profanity-laced rant that went viral on YouTube last week. (The video has since been taken down.) "Go follow the law and get a real job," he shouted. Ottawa police say they're investigating the incident.

Ottawa's cab union organized a protest at City Hall on Wednesday. Union President Amrit Singh told reporters that his members "believe in peace," but that the city must crack down on the rapidly expanding e-hail service. His main concern isn't that Uber is "hurting taxi drivers," he assured them with a straight face; it's that the e-hail service is "hurting the public."

Here are some more highlights of the week from the global Uber wars:

  • On Tuesday, Uber argued before France's Constitutional Council that a law criminalizing UberPop, its lower-cost ridesharing service, is both unconstitutional and selectively enforced. In June, France's two top Uber executives were indicted on criminal charges for their roles with the company and face a two-year prison sentence.
  • Also on Tuesday, the government turned down Uber's bid to operate legally in Delhi, India, though the company continued running without acknowledging the decision. "Uber remains committed to serving the Delhi community and we continue to work closely with the Delhi authorities to address any concerns they have," a spokesperson told TechCrunch. One of those concerns is that Uber is too cheap: The company would need to jack its fares 43 percent to comply with a government-mandated price floor.
  • On Wednesday, about 300 Danish cab drivers parked their vehicles in Christiansborg Slotsplads, a public square in Copenhagen, to protest Uber's presence in the city. "They earn more money for driving customers than allowed," Søren Nikolaisen, the chairman of an industry group told reporters.
  • Also on Wednesday, cab drivers rallied in front of the Manhattan office of Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY). "There is a great tradition of exploitation in the yellow cab industry, and Uber is the latest facet of it," retired cabbie Bill Lindauer told amNewYork. "I am concerned the yellow taxi might just evaporate from New York City," said medallion owner Max Yaloz.

For more on the "evaporating" yellow taxi, watch my recent Reason TV story, "Uber and the Great Taxicab Collapse:"

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  1. “I am concerned the yellow taxi might just evaporate from New York City,” said medallion owner Max Yaloz.

    He says that like it’s a bad thing.

    1. Good fucking riddance. It’s a tough call, but I’ll take a cheaper, cleaner, faster and more convenient option over a smelly, dirty cab with its AC off and the driver yapping on his phone and having to pay for sitting in traffic.

      Seriously, fuck off.

      1. And who won’t take you anywhere outside of lower or mid-town Manhattan. Queens if you’re lucky.

        1. And that got worse over my lifetime. I remember when yellow cabs used to cruise here in the Bronx & there was even a taxi stand nearby, but that was 50 yrs. ago.

        2. Egg-fucking-zactly!!

          I don’t take Uber because it is cheaper. I take Uber because, if I want to go outside of Manhattan below 96th St., cab drivers will refuse to drive me. I take Uber because I can get one in minutes where I will get told I have to wait an hour if I call a taxi. I take Uber because I can be guaranteed a pick-up when I’ll be standing around on the corner for fifteen minutes in midtown trying to hail a cab. All the laws these cabbies are hiding behind are laws they routinely ignore in practice.

          1. Why do they do that ?

            Don’t they make more the further they drive ?

            1. Nope. The economics of cab driving are all about short tips.

      2. Watch out. The government will come up with more rules to fix this. Like a tidiness inspection, along with a fee for it.

      3. oh, and the card machine just broke too – sorry, cash only!

  2. Even reptiles avail themselves of this convenient service. Plus they don’t mind loading my cage in the back

    1. A cage? Since when have lizards kept pets?

      1. Mabey I should spell this out…sometimes I like to feel at home when I travel.

        And to answer your question, yes I do have pets. 2 cats, they keep me…active

        1. As Kato w as to Clouseau?

        2. Is Valerie Jarrett one of you?

  3. Uber costs less yet pays its drivers more? It’s obvious only a medallion owner would complain of that. I wonder what his drivers think of his attitude.

  4. The only sensible solution is for all taxi-style service to be nationalized. Only the government can know how best to…to…lol fk it.

    1. Single payer ride.

      Because free travel is a human right;.

      1. Alternative method: Uber drivers wages get taxed to subsidize the other drivers.

  5. I suspect that there will be P2P successor to Uber if this nonsense

    1. And Uber will fight it tooth and nail, and former cabbies who thought Uber vile will leap to its defense. It will be interesting to watch.

      1. It all seems so inevitable doesn’t it?

    2. Thanks to cryptocurrency.

  6. This kind of publicity is only helping the cause. More thuggish videos of cabbies on youtube, please!

    1. I wonder why it was taken down in the first place? Someone file a false DMCA takedown?

    2. At last, an issue that brings Canadians and New Yorkers together through their mutual inner jackass.

  7. Watching the collapse of an antiquated, corrupt and entrenched organization that is indistinguishable from the mafia has great entertainment value. It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch.

  8. “Ottawa police say they’re investigating the incident”

    And they are going to give that Uber Passenger a stern but friendly talking to when they find him.

    1. I thought they kept the trees equal with hatchet ax and saw in the Great White North/

  9. I love it when a union president goes on TV and reassures the public about how peaceful his people are but how they’re being provoked beyond endurance by (grievance du jour).

    That sort of thing is calming and reassuring.


    1. I my line I have occasion to meet with construction trade union thugs, excuse me, *representatives* from time to time.

      The meetings always start with “now, in the interests of preventing violence and ensuring a smooth job . . .”

      And I often find myself thinking “wow, there was no hint of violence before *you guys* entered the room.”

      They are a bizarre mixture of passive-aggressive and aggressive-aggressive.

      1. In CA, that’s nice and legal. You can threaten and stalk people as long as it’s part of a labor dispute.

        1. What’s the law on shooting them and the face and planting a box cutter?

          1. Jesus, in the face. Also Miami 14, corn people 0

            1. Football starts at 4:30 my time. Texas is going to get their asses kicked,

            2. Oh, yeah: Cardinals (my team) 13, Giants 13 in the Jr. PeeWee div. of the Warrior Football League this AM. For us it was mostly Jermel Heard left, Jermel Heard right, Jermel Heard making the tackle.

          2. Labor dispute trumps all, if you’re the union. In which case you don’t even need the fig leaf of a planted box cutter or ‘cell phone’ like the police.

          3. If you admit such a thing, it’s probably not in your favor.

        2. Punching up, I suppose.

          I’ve several times had the surreal experience of being a non-union subcontractor on a public job in CA with a Project Labor Agreement – or what are more and more coming to be called Project “Stabilization” Agreements (incorporating that implicit threat of violence right into the document title).

          It’s almost like a bizarre modern form of chattel slavery auction. You go up on a stage in front of a crowd of union reps, tell them what your particular little company is going to do on the job, and then they start arguing over who gets to ‘claim’ your scope – i.e. which union’s workers you are going to be forced to use.

          I once watched a medium-ugly conflict arise between the Sheet Metal workers, the Ironworkers and the Architectural Metal workers over a metal roofing system that was going in (my money would be on the Ironworkers if it came to real violence).

          They did their thug-chuckles as they joked about leaving the guys alone a room with three baseball bats – but that wasn’t really that far away from the truth.

          1. CA Penal Code:

            Section 243
            (a) A battery is punishable by a fine not exceeding two
            thousand dollars ($2,000), or by imprisonment in a county jail not
            exceeding six months, or by both that fine and imprisonment.

            Section 243.2
            (c) This section shall not apply to conduct arising during the
            course of an otherwise lawful labor dispute.

            Emphasis mine.

            There are several other carve outs for unions in the penal code, I’m just too lazy to find them.

            1. Wow. I didn’t know about that. That explains a lot about their attitude. I have always said to myself “gee, they act like they’re exempt from the laws about getting your way through violence.”

              Silly me.

            2. Are you fucking kidding me?

              1. HM, this is just one of many. The stalking statute is even worse.

              2. This is a result of longstanding public policy in most of the world to achieve “labor piece”. Not kidding. The idea was that by institutionalizing the fighting, there’d be less of it.

                Basically it became accepted well over a century ago that workers were going to organize & threaten violence, and that some accession had to be made to their ongoing threat. Labor law pretty much comes from the acknowledged threat of laborers to batter people (mostly other laborers). It’s been an uneasy peace since then.

                1. Darn, I meant PEACE. The “not kidding” makes it seem like I really meant “piece”.

            3. Wait, so if I’m discussing a raise with my boss and I punch him in the face, that’s cool in CA?

              1. No. But if your *union rep* is discussing a raise with your boss, then yes.

            4. Woah, wait a minute. Is that for fucking real? Are you serious?! Assaulting someone’s a crime, unless a union thug does it. Wow. I, I am truly left speechless.

          2. A union came after my friend’s company. Of course they hired non union illegals to do the protesting.

            1. “Of course they hired non union illegals to do the protesting.”

              Well, they do have a bottom line to consider, after all.

                1. “The union is literally using the same employment tactics that they hate.”

                  The poor, na?ve writer. He speaks as if unions are interested in a consistent ideology beyond “gimme or I break your skull.”

                  The sick, sad thing is that I’ve seen this exact kind of propaganda used by unions where what they mean in the end is that the company isn’t *paying* as much for the workers as they could be – not that the worker isn’t *taking home* as much as he could be.

                  They count money being paid to the union as money being paid to the worker. So if the company pays $90/hour, and $30 of that goes to the union, they count that good and right. If the company pays $80/hr and all of it goes to the worker and none of it goes to the union, that’s an insufferable injustice (for the worker, of course).

                2. This is why it’s legal for private corporations to purchase and own machine guns without a tax stamp.

            2. I’ve joked about starting a union protestor union to counter protest the scab protestors that unions hire.

              I think with a little initiative it could become a profitable way to shake down unions.

              Alas, I’ve always bee too busy with my ‘legitimate’ businesses to pursue.

              Maybe after I retire, if someone hasn’t taken the opportunity.

              1. I’d do it as a non-profit. It’s the right thing to do.

              2. “Alas, I’ve always bee too busy with my ‘legitimate’ businesses to pursue.”

                Yeah, about that business…I see you’re an open shop…let me send over my assistant Vinnie to give a cost/benefit analysis of your decision.


                1. Let me send you back Vinnie’s head as my rebuttal.

          3. thug-chuckles

            I’m stealing that.

      2. Our company refuses to work in places where the unions are required. It prevents us from “managing with certainty”. Even the supervisors who came up through the trade bash on union guys, who they consider whiners.

        1. “Even the supervisors who came up through the trade bash on union guys, who they consider whiners.”

          Yes – and in my experience the better workers will often avoid them as well, because they get tired of being held back by the seniority system.

          The company I used to work for avoided PLA jobs like the plague until our estimator wound up bidding one without realizing it (we fired him, and had a dispute with the General who accepted the bid, but that is a tale for another day), and we had to learn the system by being thrown into the deep end, so to speak.

          After that, we found more and more that in the SF Bay Area, if you want to grow to any considerable size doing public works (which is a huge sector), you have to find a way to work with the unions.

          Although I couldn’t help but notice that one of our electrical subcontractors whose employees were of dubious legal status was able to “come to an agreement” with the electrician’s union in a private discussion behind closed doors. . .

  10. There is a great tradition of exploitation in the yellow cab industry

    Why, yes there is – yellow cabs have been exploiting the people of NYC for decades.


      wait, wut?

  11. Also, why has the video been taken down from YouTube?

    1. An “uber driver” “felt threatened” and demanded it be taken down in the interest of “public safety.”

      1. 10 to 1 odds that’s exactly what happened.

  12. Man, rent seekers get really pissed when someone undercuts their coercive rent seeking, don’t they. I just feel terrible for those parasites. Just terrible.

  13. We interrupt this story for a news flash from CNS – the Circumcision News Service.

    “The Chief Rabbinate [in Israel] announced on Wednesday that it is launching a service to provide mohels, ritual circumcisers, who will perform circumcisions for free on behalf of parents who cannot afford the customary fee.

    “In general, mohels do not demand a fee, but it is accepted practice to offer them money for performing the circumcision….

    “”Some people simply do not have the means for circumcision, and therefore we thank the mohels who have joined this program for dedicating their volunteerism and their professional responsibility for the people and for those who are less fortunate,” the chief rabbi added.”

    1. Do they use Uber or regular taxis to get them to the little peckers?

    2. No fees, but they can keep the tips.

      1. I should have seen that one coming.

    3. They skin ya alive, don’t they?

    4. The UCC (Union of Cock Cutters) and SFC (Societe filet d’ cock) plan a joint protest.

  14. Y’all missed a major blow in the Uber Wars that happened yesterday. Uber X started running in St. Louis despite not being approved by the Taxi Commission and have filed an anti trust suit against said taxi commission.

  15. One time I caught a cab at Newark airport. The driver was screaming into his phone as he pulled out, without asking me where I was going. I said can I tell you where I’m going, and he yells something incomprehensible back at me. So I tell him to stop the fucking cab and I got out, and him and the fucking guy running the cartel (if you’re not from the NY area, at transportation hubs, there is a guy that tells you which cab to get into, because I guess we’re too stupid to figure out to get in the cab in the front of the line) come running after me so I ran back into the terminal.

    I’m super cereal when I say fuck these assholes protesting Uber and I hope they all starve to death, be cause no one with free will will ever hire them or use their services.

  16. OT: pic of the weekend

      1. “The Orthodox practice of ?Kaporos involves transferring one’s sins to the bird by swinging it over the practitioner’s head three times and then slitting its throat.”

        First I’ve heard of this.

        There are all sorts of weird Jewish traditions that vary by region. Some of the hassidic stuff is downright hillbilly.

        1. Have these idiot protesters heard of KFC?

          What’s Hebrew for Colonel Sanders?

          1. And the NY Post ran this story without using the phrase “flipping the bird”?

            1. Apparently the Pope didn’t tell you to read the caption. :-p

            2. Read the caption again.

              1. Pshaw, like I have time to read the entire article before making fun of it.

        2. A lot of rituals in honor of a sky fairy are weird, regardless of which sky fairy it is.

          1. Alrighty, you are an atheist douche trying to sound a more moral tone.

            Pssst, while I’m not a bleever , dudes like you are tiresome and no you haven’t won any kind of moral high ground…you’re just a douche that want’s to fuck with other people.

            Sorta like the gay folks that want to force people to bake them cakes.

            Try fucking off Ted. You don’t sound very libertarian, asshat.

            1. Oh, relax. May not be the most charitable way to phrase it, but it’s fairly accurate and pretty tame for an asshole atheist description of religion. Why should an atheist feel obliged to pretend to take religions seriously on their own terms?

            2. Are you seriously defending animal sacrifice?

        3. Why do they need to slit the throat? I’d think swinging it over one’s head enough times would wring the poor bird’s neck to death.

          1. Depends on how you do it.

            The quickest and most humane way to kill poultry is to cut the head off.

            1. I believe that’s how Monsieur Robespierre got his idea to solve the White Privilege Problem of Paris . . .

              1. And, being a rancher’s kid, they really do run around when you cut off their heads.

                1. Ranchers’ children run around when you cut off their heads? Or do you mean ranchers’ baby goats?

            2. “The quickest and most humane way to kill poultry is to cut the head off.”

              I think this is doubtful. It certainly ain’t the quickest, and I don’t see how it could be considered humanest less there are other restrictions in there on what methods are up for considerations. My uncle used to shoot their heads off with a pistol. That was probably pretty blooming painless. Also, quick. Just snapping their necks is about as quick, quicker if you count that you got to bring the gun out, it’s got to have been loaded at some point, and aim–more or less–and actually fire, whereas with necksnapping one just grabs it by the head and snap it’s done. And the bird seems to retain consciousness for a shorter period when its neck gets snapped versus decapitation. Chicken has a different kind of circulatory system and can retain consciousness after decapitation much longer than a man. Drawback to necksnapping is that the skin won’t loosen up right.

              1. I would suspect that blunt force to the head of sufficient strength to kill it would be the quickest and humanest, but I’ve never found a level of force great enough to work consistently (there’s probably something about angle as well). On the other hand, a quick blow the head induces instantaneous unconsciousness from which the animal will not revive for a few minutes, no matter what you do with it, so it’s a way to render other subsequent means of killing painless, if you are worried about that sort of thing. Me, I’m more concerned about their poor souls, which is the only inhuman thing about this degenerate form of kaporos.

              2. There is some truth there. My old man decided to decapitate some chickens circa 1962. They wen’t bonkers , spewing blood all over the back wall of the gas station next door. I spent some time cleaning up the blood from that wall at 7 years old.

                My old man learned something, never happened again.

                The granola types leave this out of the narrative, killing shit can be messy.

                I’ve killed deer, elk, antelope and waterfowl and ate them all happily, the blood was on my hands. Urban folks just don’t understand.

          2. The chickens got real strong neck. You got to snap it just right when you swing it or it won’t break. And whatever, don’t fucking just swing it over your head three times and let go. My wife did that onced. It “flew” acrossed the field like thirty fit and hit the ground. It lay there a mo and then popped up and looked around kind of confused.

        4. Some of the hassidic stuff is downright hillbilly.

          Because that’s who they are. Chassidism was founded in the rural shtetlekh of Eastern Europe as a charismatic reaction to the overly-intellectualized and Talmud-centric urban Judaism mostly found in Lithuania and Germany. It’s really not to much of a stretch to state that the Chassids are the Snake-Handlers of Judaism.

          1. Don’t get me started on the Lubavitch fortune telling.

            1. Give me your tears, gypsy, or I will take them.

          2. I want to visit Kiryas Joel one day. Just because.

            1. I had that town in mind too. But enh, I can get the same thing just walking a mile to the east of me.

          3. well, really they retained a lot of the ancient practice that got attenuated to extinction by the talmudists. It’s just that then they elaborated into a lot of degenerate perversity for the most part.

          4. It’s magick. You’ve probably heard of similar practices involving writing on paper rather than chickens. You write what you want to get rid of, then you destroy the writing. It’s a means of commitment, of focusing the mind. You will then have an actual moment at which the undesired whatever was banished by you. Of course it has to be something that was in you to begin with; you can’t banish, say, world poverty by that means.

            Magick implements work better when they have greater cost. A chicken costs more & is more trouble to deal w than a piece of paper. Even more powerful are implements you put a lot of work into. The energy you put in is the energy you get out.

          5. And you guys make fun of the Mormons?

        5. A fun article from Gavin Mcinnes about Hasidic’s in New York

          I can attest to certain things that he writes. The Monticello area has many Hasidic compounds, none of which look sturdy or fairly clean. Rockland County, which is just north of New York City, has a fuckton of Hasidic areas, and they all drive dented minivans, which were almost certainly damaged because they do whatever they want to when they drive.

          Most importantly, they are almost always unnecessarily rude.

          1. About Hasidic’s what?

            1. The Hasidic’s problem with Ted being a dick.

            2. I think he’s using the apostrophe there to transliterate the sheva.

          2. Every time I negotiate with them I see their eyes bulge when I spend way more than $15 of our time arguing about $15. I can tell they’re thinking, “This nigga is on some next-level shit.”

            Scots are cheap? Fuck that it is the Dutch that are cheap motherfuckers!

          3. “People are baffled by the French Canadian accent, but it’s how most rural French people spoke hundreds of years ago. ”

            What a fucking joke. This guy musb some kind of com?dien. Maybe if there was a village of mongrelised professional fools infected with familial retardism in rural France hundreds of years ago… then they might’ve talked the way the flipping Qu?b?coisie talk now. And drunk all the time.

            One can’t deny there’s a number of features of Qu?b?coisese that are less decadent than Parisien, but most of them you can find in other real French dialects in France, and none of it makes up for that as a whole Qu?b?coisese is inconsolably fucked up. And it’s made worser by their insistence on using something like the Parisien standard for the written language, even when it has nothing to do with how one actually says it in Qu?bec.

            1. English & French each have the defect of their pronunciations getting way ahead of their spellings. Our written language is full of relics of old pronunciations & etymologies?worse in French than English for common words, but pretty bad in both when it comes to silent letters. Spanish does not & is not; they quickly change their spelling to conform to pronunciation. Of course this does make written language slightly harder to figure in Spanish. My cousin gives the example of the words “machine” & “mechanic”, retaining the “ch” even where the pronunciations have diverged in English, while in Spanish the equivalent words are spelled differently in that respect. Of course in English we’ll sometimes do that with words like “cinema” & “kinetic”.

          4. Interesting stuff. I live at the freakin’ crossroads of Little Egypt and other than all the burkas and a regrettable lack of shops that cater to my kind, it’s no sweat.

      2. That is a ridonculous tradition. Do they at least eat the chickens for the next couple days, render some broth, etc?

        1. I sure as fuck hope so. Otherwise, I see a business opportunity.

        2. I believe it’s traditional for the now sin-filled carcass to be donated to some poor unsuspecting goy.

          1. a second variant of the practice of Kapparot, a bag of money is swung around the head and then given to charity.

            In this case, the prayer recited translates as:

            This is my exchange, this is my substitute, this is my atonement. This money will go to charity, while I will enter and proceed to a good long life and to peace.

            I hope those poor unsuspecting goyim are smart enough to not take that dirty sin-filled Jew money!

            1. Did you hear about the bubbeh who had 2 chickens? One got sick so she killed the other one to make a broth for the sick one

            2. This is also the tradition followed by St Nicholas Smyrnan. Usually one finds no explanation of why he used to swing the gold over his head before distributing it to the poor. Reminds me of one religion instructor I used to have who adamantly whitewashed Christian tradition of any pagan or jewborne contaminants. I remember him adamantly repeating that Jesus Christ was born on December 25th, year Zero, like he’s challenging anybody disputing it to meet him behind the baseball diamond after class for a trial at arms.

        3. I would like to go on record as saying I like chicken broth. I know it’s a very controversial statement, but I’m not ashamed.

          1. I buy chicken bullion cubes by the gallon. I can’t really think of much I cook without it. Chicken stock is an excellent addition to…well, everything.

            Until Col. Sanders popularized fast food chicken and chickens were efficiently mass produced, chicken was considered a delicacy. The chickens that were around were whatever you could raise yourself and people used them mostly for eggs. Sunday fried chicken was not for every Sunday, but for special Sundays. Stealing a chicken from someone was considered a pretty serious offense. I am gonna take a guess that this Jewish tradition, like all animal sacrifices I am aware of, was ultimately about food. Human sacrifices are the same.

            I am sure some here know about this, but I looked up Kaporos, which precedes Yom Kippur, the day of atonement. I wonder if it is a coincidence that fried chicken on Easter Sunday is a christian tradition? I always knew why the Bunny was an Easter critter, now I know why the chicken is one also. Anyone wish to correct or expand on that?

            1. Well, if Wikipedia is to be believed, Yom Kippur chicken killin’ is a relatively recent addition, having its first mention in Jewish texts a fill 850 years after the time of Jesus. So, I don’t believe there is much of a connection beyond the ‘excuse to eat chicken’ one you already mentioned. Hell, I remember when rock cornish hens were still considered a gourmet item. Now they’re what? Like 3.50 a hen?

              1. Fuck Wikipedia. There’s a relevant section in Eliade’s history of religions, I think it is, or maybe some other article or other. Something by Eliade, which puts the kaporos much further back–perhaps not conclusively, but it was pretty convincing evidence–, and also makes note of diffusion of this archetype amongst other cultures of that period (I don’t recall whether he attributes it to the jews originally, but it seems to me that it was either the jews or some hellenic offshoot in Eastern Europe.

            2. There’s a great book by a guy named Renee Girard called Violence and the Sacred that goes into this extensively.

              The animals-as-food thing is there at the root, but the practice developed much more in the context of ritualized cleansing of sin from the individual and the community.

              This thing with the chicken is literally the same practice as the ancient scapegoat – put the sins of the tribe “into” the goat, and then cast the goat out. The idea is that the vengeful oath-keeper god (Zeus, Odin, Yahweh, whoever) wants *your* blood in return for your sin, but you can offer up a substitute in the form of the sacrifice of a valuable animal (the more valuable the better). This is why, for example, Aeneas needs a constant stream of blood to flow as he visits the underworld.

              A post is obviously too little space to go into detail, but I found the argument pretty compelling.

              But when I think of Easter, I think of ham, but I think you’re generally correct about the holiday feast being a modern survival of ancient sacrificial practices.

              1. ‘This thing with the chicken is literally the same practice as the ancient scapegoat – put the sins of the tribe “into” the goat, and then cast the goat out.’

                Actually, No. If it were literally the same practice, then they would both be the swinging of a chicken round the head, imbuing it with sin, and then killing it. Since one is literally different to the other, they are not literally the same. Grow a fucking brain. And the goat thing is the sacerdotal antecessor to the kaporos, which also seems to be drawn from another recenter influence.

                Bear in mind that chickens were just starting out in Europe (thought most likely they were familiar to Hebrew traders much earlier) and were attributed all sorts of spiritual powers which get ignored today. It’s why, for one, the senate had to outlaw the eating of chickens, because of the concentration of unclean spiritual essences that characterises the animal. For what it’s worth, there’s an ancient Roman treatise on the raising of chickens, back when they were a novelty and rare delicacy, and a lot of it is actually still really useful information not widely known amongst modern-day pullarians.

                PX. Just a few years ago, there was places a person could make a killing at breeding gamecocks, and it requires a lot less expenditure than raising chickens for meat or weggs.

              2. Xenophon sacrificed a lot asking for guidance.

                I could never tell if he was sacrificing goats or children or both depending on what was available

                Anyway it was not for any sin he or his army was doing but for direction on what to do.

                Anyway i bring him up because it is a first hand account of why he was sacrificing.

                1. I need to reread the Anabasis. I don’t remember that part. I mostly remember the Carduchoi.

            3. Ham has always been the meat of choice for easter dinner as far as I know – I assumed as a big “FU” to the Jews. “Boyyyyyy this bacon suuuuure is deeeeelicious! How’s them stale crackers you eatin’ over there Jew-boy?”

            4. Bullion cubes???? Weren’t you the one giving me shit about making the jus for prime rib from a package???

              I buy necks, backs and feet in bulk, add water and vegeta seasoning, pressure cook at 15 psi for an hour, reduce the liquid by 90%, and then pour into ice cube trays. It’s like getting shot in the face with a 12 gauge of chicken flavor.

              1. I just use the fat and the skeleton. I can’t waste the feet since I need to use them for mobiles. Right diet, primarily greens with a little supplementation in corn and fresh meat, and you can raise up a cockerel with big deposits of rich, delicious fat perfect for this or other preparations, far superior to the what you might get on a grainfed pullet and nothing at all like the disgusting and sickly fat one gets on the government chickens from Safeway. I’m currently doing some experimentation with a diet of fresh meat and fermented bean slurry. In school they go on about how all you got to do is make sure when you break it all down in the table it comes out the right proportion of elements and amino acids to bulk. In reality, there’s a thousand other little things that, often unquantifiable, undescribable mysteries, that go into the Perfect Feed for a purpose.

                1. By the way, I’ve done perhaps even more experimentation with rodents, and if you want a big juicy one with lots of flavourful dark meat, the main trick is to feed it a diet high in fresh meat, and secondly keeping your meat rats in a run where there’s enough uncrowded space for sustained (insofar as is meaningful for rats) running. Not enough running and they seem to stop growing sooner. Not enough meat in the diet, and it’s hard to get optimal mass, and even if you do it’s more light meat with less flavour and juiciness.

            5. No, the change you describe cannot be attributed to Col. Sanders. It started earlier & continued independently of his finger-lickin’ chicken. “A chicken in every pot” did use to be a bigger deal, but it ceased being so independently of & before KFC. Why would it be otherwise? Chicken was valued highly, so cheaper means of prod’n were devised. If anything, KFC’s growth raised the price by increasing quantity demanded, but basically it became a going concern only because the price of chicken had already dropped. Chicken Delight preceded KFC anyway, didn’t it?

              1. We should ask Ron about Chickens.

                He is old and he grew up on a farm.

        4. If only they’d crossed the road, they’d’ve avoided all that. But might’ve gotten run over.

  17. Are you talkin’ to me? Are you talkin’ to me?

  18. Run this through the ol’ English-to-Pirate Translator:

    On Wednesday, about 300 Danish cab drivers parked their vehicles in Christiansborg creasesplads, a public square in Copenhagen, t’ protest Uber’s presence in t’ city. “They earn more doubloons for drivin’ customers than allowed,” S?ren Nikolaisen, t’ chairman o’ an industry group told reporters.

    1. I remember in school when we used to confuse pirates and vikings I always kept it straight by remembering that vikings use ? while pirates use ?.

  19. OT: The new Rachel Dolezal? She even looks like Dolezal.

    1. A week ago, Dartmouth announced that ethnomusicologist Susan Taffe Reed is the new director of the college’s Native American Program, boasting that she is “the president of the Eastern Delaware Nations.”

      But the Eastern Delaware Nations (EDN) is not a federally recognized Native American tribe, it’s a 501(c)(3) that also allows “members [who] are not of Native American descent, but [who] join as social members.” And, after a searing blog post unearthed alleged death certificates of Taffe’s ancestors that show her family coming to the U.S. from Ireland after the Indian Removal Act, Native American alumni of the college are protesting the hire on their Facebook page.

      This is delicious.

        1. Now they’re after her scalp.

          (disclaimer: I’m told that white people invented scalping)

          1. If you consider the French “white”.

            1. Didn’t the French get it from the Indians?

          2. That’s bull. There were instances of scalping in the Old World, such as by the Scythians, but the Native Americans invented it independently. Not that Europeans didn’t have their own barbaric torture techniques.

    2. “And, after a searing blog post unearthed alleged death certificates of Taffe’s ancestors that show her family coming to the U.S. from Ireland after the Indian Removal Act, Native American alumni of the college are protesting the hire on their Facebook page.”

      So she isn’t descended from Indians, she’s descended from a persecuted people whose land was stolen?

      1. In honor of Talk Like A Pirate Day, let me just say:

        She can apply to join me crew…the HR Department on the Queen Anne’s Revenge be indifferent to yer race…we got all sorts on board, from every land touchin’ the Seven Seas…we got everyone from pale bogtrottin’ Irish to coal-black Africans and every hue in between.

        And our equal opportunity policy goes way beyond race. We got both men and wenches, though we don’t have enough of the latter.

        And on a related note, plenty of the crew have joined the sodomitical community during our long voyages. And some swing both ways, which be the only kind of swingin’ any of us want to experience. *All* of our rogerin’ be jolly.

        So it be diversity all around.

        The only qualification to serve on the Queen Anne’s Revenge is that ye know how to wield a cutlass, man a cannon (I mean *staff* a cannon), swab a deck, and clean me parrot’s bird cage.

        Anyone who would judge another because of their race, sex or method o’ swivin’, they better see the plank in their own eye. And walk it, too.

        1. I believe it was previously stipulated that there will be no swashbuckling sans pirate ship.

      2. Isn’t that pretty much everybody?

    3. You know what Papaya? You and all the assholes here making fun of this brave woman are gonna get your ass kicked by PC President as soon as he finds out what you have been saying here. You are going to have to answer for your attitude.

      1. Yea, brah! PC President gonna throw down!

      2. Come and get me, coppers!

    4. Busted wearing redface!


  20. “Dats a nice medallion youz gots dere. Be a shame if somthin’ devalued it.”

  21. Seems like the appropriate response to “If I see you again, you are dead meat,” would be to calmly step out of your Uber vehicle and deliver a good old fashioned ass whipping to Mr. Cab Driver. Problem solved. No sense worrying if he’ll carry through on his threat, just assume he will and respond. Most likely, once Mr. Cab Driver realizes threats aren’t a productive method of behavior modification, he may behave differently in the future. Think of an aggressive cab driver as a middle aged child, it seems to fit. Of course, if he’s a weightlifter working his way through college driving a cab while training for the Olympics, my idea may be flawed.

    1. “… once Mr. Cab Driver realizes…”

      I am looking at his face and his behavior and I am thinking that that is very unlikely to happen.

  22. For the vid that was taken down on YouTube: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=279_1442104858

    There’d been another Ottawa cab driver just a couple of months ago (since fired) who was recorded going on an insane rant while refusing to move for an ambulance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7oAeb6Rv9hM

    1. What a dick!

      Of course, this behavior is to be expected until everybody giving rides is given a license to do it.

      1. Hey, our immigrants are quick to learn about rent seeking…this asshole would get shot in the old country pulling this shit….Progress.

        1. Canada even does melting pot weird.

  23. Some cynic would say cab companies don’t like passengers or competition.

    But that’s not ME!

    I love paying more and getting less. I love unions!! LOVE LOVE LOVE.
    (wink wink)

    1. Rotten service without the stigma of low price!
      Brought to you by those folks who organized war-time strikes; UNIONS!

  24. Yelling at the customer, classy – only a fucking monopoprick gets pissed and threatening when you don’t pick them.

    1. Liberalism must submit to Islam to co-exist

      You keep using the word “co-exist.” I don’t think it means what you think it means.

    2. Gah – I have a very good (Chinese) friend who got visa-ed out of the US and is back there. I get the sense that things can go in any direction there.

    3. Up his ass with a broken glass, until we tell dipshits like this asshole to fuck off it’s going to get worse.

    4. Hey! Where is that liberal’s beard?

  25. Speaking of establishment players getting nasty with their competition:


    1. Hey, have you ever heard of this GamerGate? I mean, what is going on what that?

      1. recently?

        I think #gamergate is kicking Vox Media (one of Reason’s favourite sites to link to) in the nuts right now for FTC violations.


        As a libertarian I don’t think the FTC should even exist but it does expose serious ethical violations and corruption at Vox media’s Polygon that has in the past written extensively about potential FTC violations being made by youtubers. Most notability youtubers making videos for EA without disclosure.

      2. All the #GamerGate you can stand and more right here.

        He covers all that patriarchy/cis jive too.

        1. Sargon is great but I prefer Harmful Opinions.

          His analyse is laser focused and digs deep on specific issues and happenings.


          This is a particularly good recent video that cuts to the bone of culture critics use of video game reviews to spout off about their twisted ideology.


          1. I think that’s the same Soggy who was one of the more persistent leftard trolls on r/libertarian before the whole gamergate thing happened.


            1. Sargon does lean way left when it comes to economics. You would think he was educated in England by Marx himself on that subject.

    1. He is one sick puppy.

      1. No shit.

        Of course you are not going to have a son if you marry a turtle.

    2. *thunderous applause*

      I knew people would come up with some crazy shit for this but holy crap.

      I might have to dust off my Wii U and play with this.

  26. “Take a real taxicab, you fucking cheapskate”? If this taxi driver, and the whole taxi cab industry all together has forgotten, they are in the f-ing UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. A country built upon the principles of capitalism. You’re losing business and money to a new competitor? Then lower your prices, improve your services, learn the ENGLISH language, and then maybe you wouldn’t be in the mess you’re in. They, like many corporations, businesses, and unions act like spoiled little kids who run to mommy crying. “They won’t let me play in their ballgame!” So she Shaka the game shut down because of that. I hope the yellow cab dies a slow painful miserable death.

    1. She shuts down the game*

    2. “Take a real taxicab, you fucking cheapskate”? If this taxi driver, and the whole taxi cab industry all together has forgotten, they are in the f-ing UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

      They are in Ottawa, Canada.

      1. Apparently Ottawa is the New York part of Canada.

        1. Canada had its chance, but they wanted to stay under the British crown. So don’t come running to us.

        2. Wait, Canada isn’t our 57th state?

        3. Except everyone has a Canadian accent.

          1. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=279_1442104858

            His Canadian accent is well disguised with f-bombs, and he never says “eh,” not even once. His pronunciation of “out” isn’t even all that Trebek-ish.

      2. I suppose capitalism is still pretty strong even in Canada but we’re talking about the taxi industry – it doesn’t know the meaning of “capitalism” in most of the countries that practice it.

        Amusingly, the union boss-scum has the same name as my boss….

        1. The way the word “capitalism” is used in universities, apparently everywhere, is any transaction not made directly by a government. Somehow centrally planned National Socialism gets called “capitalism” by this crowd too.

          Actually, according to them, if it ain’t Stalinism, its capitalism.

        2. Unions are a reprehensible parasitical class.

          Talk about so early 20th century.

          Uber is modernity and is threatening an industry rooted in stagnancy and over regulation.


          1. Blowing up innocent onlookers in the US goes back at least to 1886 Haymarket Square, Chicago. Their shining moment was the Hardhat Riots in NYC.

            1. True.

              Did I mention this asshole can go fuck himself? Him and that douche-scum bag union boss Amrit.

              How does it feel to be blown into irrelevance fellas? The second your little pals in the government go away (as they ought to) you have to find a way to compete in a free market.

  27. when anyone says “we believe in peace, but…”, you can usually bet the most important part of that statement isn’t the peace part.

    1. Just like “I support the Second Amendment, but…”

      1. Kurasawa

        someone needed to do it.

  28. Decades ago some of the strongest rxns I got vs. the Libertarian Party came from cabbies & friends of cabbies for this reason. Not from limo drivers, though; in fact one who used to drive various non-medallion jobs (courier, “black car”) was very active. Just the medallion owners & their friends were opponents. Hard to blame them when in order to get into the biz you had to join the dark side.

  29. “They earn more money for driving customers than allowed,”

    That says it all.

  30. Here’s the video if anyone want’s to see it. http://www.dailystar.co.uk/new…..-passenger

    1. Wierd. It’s like if you imagine some New York tough guy yelling at someone, only he’s got a Canadian accent.

  31. Robert|9.19.15 @ 8:15PM|#
    “This is a result of longstanding public policy in most of the world to achieve “labor piece”. Not kidding. The idea was that by institutionalizing the fighting, there’d be less of it.”

    Read “Meet You in Hell” ( http://www.amazon.com/Meet-You…..ou+in+hell )
    Re: the Homestead strike. Union thugs and nothing else.

    1. Hell, even the coal mine strikes that Mother Jones showed up to help agitate had the striking miners shooting at their replacements more often than at their employers.

  32. “I am concerned the yellow taxi might just evaporate from New York City,” said medallion owner Max Yaloz.

    Good. Now fuck off.

    As for that Canadian douche cab driver, maybe he’ll go get a “real” job, What kind of retarded thinking was that? Are traditional cab drivers a special breed apart from Uber? ”

    What is wrong with people when it comes to Uber?


    1. I look forward to the day that there are only as many yellow cabs in NYC as there are horse-drawn carriages. Let them turn into a tourist curiosity.


    1. Lets hope so.

  33. Hey cabbies,

    Uber will help secure a vehicle lease for you if you ask so you can drive a new car on their network. There are other companies that will help you get into Uber. You will likely be better off.

    Yours truly,

  34. Taxi medallions (and liquor licenses, often) are just examples of government’s restraint of trade. The would-be businessman has to pay the government a lot of money just to join a cartel, monopoly, or closed shop. Government supplies nothing for the money, except restricting the number of competitors. It’s kind of a protection racket.

    Taxi medallions and liquor licenses should be like drivers’ licenses: open to anybody who can meet the necessary, pertinent requirements.

    1. Protection racket

      Hm. Sounds like something a certain group that are the subject of great violent movies excel at.

  35. As a two-time New York dweller, I would have told him something along the lines of “customers aren’t property, asshole. I’ll take a ride from a driver without your shitty attitude.”


    1. Your notion of property has no place in the revolution! Just ask any of the OWS kingpins.

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