Liberal Donors Urge Biden to Run, Cops Tackle Teen for Jaywalking, 95 Percent of Former NFL Players Have Brain Disease: P.M. Links


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  • Prominent Democrat donors are circulating a letter encouraging Vice President Joe Biden to enter the 2016 presidential race, and pledging support if he does.
  • The latest update from researchers with the Department of Veterans Affairs and Boston University shows that 87 out of 91 former NFL players they studied tested positive for chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), the degenerative disease fueling the debate around football, head trauma, and dementia. 
  • The House voted today to strip federal funding from Planned Parenthood for a trial one-year period. 
  • One of Sen. Rand Paul's top aides is accusing one of Sen. Marco Rubio's top aides of punching him at a bar last night. 
  • Video shot by a bystander shows four Stockton, California, cops tackling a 16-year-old boy for allegedly jaywalking.
  • Vox asked Carly Fiorina's people about the Planned Parenthood footage Fiorina referenced in Wednesday's Republican presidential debate. A campaign spokeswoman "replied with a video that isn't from the Planned Parenthood sting tapes at all—and that still doesn't show what Fiorina said it did." 
  • A majority of New Yorkers support raising the state minimum wage to $15 an hour, according to a new Quinnipiac University poll; only 35 percent were opposed.  

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  1. The House voted today to strip federal funding from Planned Parenthood for a trial one-year period.

    Stripping funding in the very first trimester!

    1. Hello.

      “A majority of New Yorkers support raising the state minimum wage to $15 an hour, according to a new Quinnipiac University poll; only 35 percent were opposed. ”

      They never learn.

      1. Ahem. I’m part of the 35%.

        1. You don’t count…evidently.

          1. That’s democracy! Bitches!

            1. But … I thought two wolves and a sheep deciding what was for dinner was Democracy …

              1. Exactly. And in this analogy, Ted S. is the sheep.

      2. Republican voters surveyed were the sole exception, with 65 percent opposing the idea, while 85 percent of Democrats said they would support such an initiative.

        So much for those who think there are no significant differences between the parties.

  2. One of Sen. Rand Paul’s top aides is accusing one of Sen. Marco Rubio’s top aides of punching him at a bar last night.

    Everyone considered him the coward of the campaign, but something told me, they were reading Marco Rubio’s top aide wrong.

    1. Sometimes you gotta fight when your a man.

  3. encouraging Vice President Joe Biden to enter the 2016 presidential race

    So, what happened to the Progressive screed that John McCain was too old and too much of a Washington insider to be President? Evidently the rules don’t apply to their guys…

    1. Keine Schei?e, Sherlock.

    2. It’s different. Obviously old Democrats who’ve been in DC for decades aren’t insiders because…. well, I’ll think of something before the election.

    1. Harper isn’t allowed to vote, eh?

    2. Canadians getting the vapors over Gretzky supporting the “wrong” party.

    3. “It’s really amazing ? the leadership we have right now. One of the greatest prime ministers ever,” Gretzky said.”




        1. You dare question this fact?

          DO YOU?!?

          /heaving heavily.

          1. Marty Brodeur was so good, they changed the rules to punish him.

            Plus, he had the balls to sleep with his sister-in-law.

            1. Er…HELLO. The NHL didn’t know what to do with the Oilers.


              1. The NHL didn’t know what to do with the Oilers.

                All it had to do was wait for the league to rediscover defense and goaltending.

                I hate how writers still treat the go-go 80’s as the platonic ideal of hockey instead of the unholy abomination it was.

                1. Yeah it was decadent.

                  But fun.

            2. Balls?

              I thought they played that game with pucks?

          2. Hockey sucks so I don’t care.

            1. Please turn in your Canadian citizenship immediately.

              1. “Canadian citizenship”

                Which is comprised of a Celine Dion and/or Nickelback poster, 1 bag of milk, 3 Kraft dinners, and ~$30 in tyre tire bucks…

                1. He can keep the Nickelback poster.

                2. Katheryn Winnick is Canadian, so they have that going for them.

                  1. On the upside, once he is stripped of the citizenship, top of his head will stop flopping up and down when he speaks.

                    1. Is that you, Terence?

      2. He can’t be any worse than the first Trudeau or Jean Cr?tin.

        1. Chretien was scum but he let Martin swing a budget axe sharper than anything the GOP ever has.

          1. I wonder if Paul Martin was the closest thing to a businessman/politician the continent had in the 20th century. Unless someone can educate me.

            1. Herbert Hoover, maybe?

              In 1908, Hoover became an independent mining consultant, traveling worldwide until the outbreak of World War I in 1914. He left Bewick, Moreing & Co and, setting out on his own, eventually ended up with investments on every continent and offices in San Francisco, London, New York City, St. Petersburg, Paris and Mandalay, Burma.[43] He had his second successful venture with the British firm Burma Corporation, again producing silver, lead, and zinc in large quantities at the Namtu Bawdwin Mine, where he caught malaria in 1907.[44]

            2. Harry S Truman, haberdasher

    4. Maybe he can’t vote, but I bet he’d make a really intimidating poll-watcher for the Conservatives.

      1. They should use 99 for ROBO-CALLS. People wouldn’t mind.

        ‘Shut up Bubbles! The Great One is on the phone!’

      2. Only if he had Messier behind him.

  4. Video shot by a bystander shows four Stockton, California, cops tackling a 16-year-old boy for allegedly jaywalking.

    They’ve decided a surge is in order in the war on cops.

    1. Officer safety is paramount, that of a 16yo citizen they’re allegedly sworn to Protect and Serve?.. well, that’s a matter for debate..

  5. Prominent Democrat donors are circulating a letter encouraging Vice President Joe Biden to enter the 2016 presidential race, and pledging support if he does.

    Oh please, oh please, oh please. I’ll donate to make this happen.

    1. This would lead to a nationwide popcorn shortage.

      1. He might have the best chance of beating the GOP out of all of them, though. He’s much harder to hate than Hillary and not nearly as bonkers as the socialist.

        1. Biden and Trump on stage for a debate. Spare the women and children!

  6. So a majority of New Yorkers are economically illiterate. It’s not as if we didn’t know that already.

    1. Ironic given, you know, Wall Street.

      Move Wall Street!

    1. District of Columbia officials argued that the laws were aimed at preserving gun owners’ constitutional rights while also protecting the community from gun violence.

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, stop it, you guys! More like, “District of Comedy”, amirite?!?

      1. District of Columbia officials argued that the laws were aimed at preserving gun owners’ constitutional rights while also protecting the community from gun violence.

        “Our goal was in the crosshairs, but It was a long shot. Unfortunately, although we gave it both barrels, we missed our target.”


        1. Whittling away their tenuous gun control position away.. one precedent case at a time..

    2. Awesome, but I hope this fucker is wrong:

      “”This decision leaves little doubt that gun registration is constitutionally permissible,” Winkler said. “States that want to require gun owners to register their guns will be buoyed by this decision.”

      Also, they require registration of rifles and shotguns? I suspect this would only work in an area like DC that isn’t very rural, correct?

      *sips mountain moonshine*

      1. CT found that no one registered their rifles.

  7. One of Sen. Rand Paul’s top aides is accusing one of Sen. Marco Rubio’s top aides of punching him at a bar last night.

    I saw the video, although it was a bit grainy. It looked more boring than it’s been blown out to be.

    1. Was it more like a “limp-wristed flail” than an actual “punch”?

  8. Prominent Democrat donors are circulating a letter encouraging Vice President Joe Biden to enter the 2016 presidential race, and pledging support if he does.

    When your options are Hillary or Bernie, Joe starts looking pretty good.

    1. Even I’m warming up to him.

      1. He’s a fuckin’ comedy mastermind… what’s not to love about him?!?

    2. Yeah, it’s like that point in the evening when last call is coming up so you order a shot of Tequila to help the remaining contestants look more attractive.


    The sharing economy versus the gifting economy. Or how to quadruple your housesitting income with this one neat trick!

  10. Cops tackling a 16-year-old boy for allegedly jaywalking.

    The moment he broke the law he magically transformed into an adult, and that adult was guilty of endangering the life of a 16-year-old child. So, it was totally justified.

    1. I like the way you think. What law school did you attend?

        1. Is that like O.P.P.?

          1. Orange

            1. Ah…I’ve been there! Not by choice, though…

              1. No one “chooses” there..

                1. I’ve heard the Newport Beach jail is really nice. Too bad I wasn’t arrested there.

      1. He should probably also be charged with assault for repeatedly hitting that brave officer’s fist with his face.

  11. NRO: “Cuckservative” slur must stop

    Last time NRO called out the Trumpers there was a stream of idiocy and anti-Semitism directed towards Jonah Goldberg so overwhelming it would make Hitler blush. I’m sure it’ll happen again.

    1. To be fair, the “cuckservative” label *is* dumb.

    2. That is just what a #cuckservative would say.

    3. Um…pretty sure it already happened.

      Honestly, I can’t believe anyone acts like this. It’s sick.

    4. The Trumpeteers have been a bit quieter since his shitty debate performance.

      I did have an outright neo-Nazi from the #istandwithann hashtag talking to me last night though. The conversation was hilarious and went like this:

      Him: “This is only happening because the kikespiracy is upset we’re on to them. #istandwithann

      Me: “Boy, there sure is some topflight antisemitism in the #istandwithann tag, isn’t there? Next stop, Stormfront convention.”

      Him: “I’m actually an MD. Enjoy your next trip to the doctor.”

      Me: “Is this some sort of weird threat that’s going over my head?”

      Him: “No. I just wanted you to know not all of us are stormfags in trailer parks. We can be successful too.”

      That’s right – an anti-semite wanted to make sure I wasn’t stereotyping anti-semites. It was one of the most surreal moments of my life.

      1. Who believes that doctors are necessarily smart? Doctors are carpenters with more debt.

        1. Anyone can be dumb outside the area of their expertise. Assuming they actually *do* have expertise.

        2. Plumbers, I sez.

      2. Wait, I thought Stormfront don’t real and it’s a giant conspiracy by the Joooos to make Nazis um, “race realists” look bad?

      3. A Nazi doctor…how original.

        1. “I’m actually an MD.

          Irish, shoulda asked him if that was a Mengele quote.

      4. Being an anti-Semite doctor is like being an anti-Semite vaudeville performer: it can happen, but it’s bizarre to choose a profession filled with people you hate.

        1. +1 Springtime for Hitler

      5. It is not as if anti-Semitism has not been one of the more popular passions of the intellectual class throughout the centuries.

    5. So can we stop pretending that a lot of conservatives aren’t racist?

      1. Can we stop pretending that lots of people are racists, especially the anti-racists?

        1. Oops

          Can we stop pretending that lots of people aren’t racists, especially the anti-racists?

        2. Someone’s butthurt

          1. Someone in denial about being a racist

            1. *DJF’s butthurt intensifies*

      2. stop pretending that a lot of conservatives aren’t racist

        Sure, I guess that’s why Ben Carson has so much support. Just like Herman Cain before him.

        1. Reread the sentence. The fact that a lot of conservatives support Ben Carson (or Herman Cain) doesn’t in any way refute that.

          Also, I find that logic kind of puzzling, considering how most people here don’t think that white liberals supporting Obama doesn’t mean they can’t have racist views of black people in general.

          1. It proves that Conservatives–just like Progressives–give extra points to non-whites who happen to espouse their views. Do you think a white candidate with Ben Carson’s beliefs, experience, and personality would score as highly as him? Not a chance. Just like in 2008, John Edwards said the exact same things that Obama did, but the Dems overwhelming chose the Black guy. Mainly, because he’s Black.

            1. That only buttresses CD’s point.

              One can be racist against Hispanics without being so racist against blacks.

              1. “One can be racist against Hispanics without being so racist against blacks.”

                I honestly can’t comprehend how that would be possible. I’ve always understood that ‘racists’ consider their race to be superior and all other races to be inferior. And that’s been my experience with the bigots/racists I’ve had the displeasure of encountering.

                1. “I honestly can’t comprehend how that would be possible. I’ve always understood that ‘racists’ consider their race to be superior and all other races to be inferior. And that’s been my experience with the bigots/racists I’ve had the displeasure of encountering.”

                  One can be racist by thinking a certain group is inferior, even if they don’t think all other groups are inferior to their race.

            2. “It proves that Conservatives–just like Progressives–give extra points to non-whites who happen to espouse their views.”

              At best, it shows that some conservatives do that. Even if that’s true, it doesn’t meant there also aren’t many who are racist. That also doesn’t preclude anyone from being racist in the first place.

              “Do you think a white candidate with Ben Carson’s beliefs, experience, and personality would score as highly as him? Not a chance.”

              Donald Trump is leading the polls despite having zero qualifications or sincere beliefs. Fiorina has been a serious contender despite also having no experience to qualify her. I think that shows that there’s more to it than Carson being black.

              I also don’t think Edwards and Obama are a good comparison. Obama ran as an outsider, “change” candidate. Edwards was the 04 VP pick, he wasn’t really in a position to effectively run that sort of campaign.

              1. I still think there are far more racists on the Left. They’re the ones who claim that minorities (except Asians) are incapable of getting ahead without government assistance. And then they viciously attack any minority who strays off their plantation. Conservatives, on the other hand, want to treat everyone the same (abolishing Affirmative Action), and eagerly embrace anyone who agrees with them–especially when they’re not white. That’s the way I see it. You’re free to disagree, of course.

                1. How are you going to use conservative support of minority candidates as evidence they’re not racist, and then throw that logic out the window when it comes to the left? No one’s saying all conservatives are racist, you completely misread what was being argued.

                  1. It depends on your definition of “alot.” To me that means a substantial amount. Not most, perhaps, but close to it. I’m neither a Conservative or a Leftist, so I’m not taking sides. But I find the Left’s coddling, condescending view of minorities far more insulting and offensive than the Right’s desperate desire to support a minority candidate who shares their views. At home drinking bourbon now. I’ll check in later for your response, but I’m unlikely to reply. Best wishes and have a great weekend.

                    1. This isn’t even about the left, no one mentioned them besides you. I think there is a substantial amount on the right, although I wouldn’t say it’s a majority. Trump is proving that IMO

    6. NRO should go back to writing articles about how Trotsky was misunderstood.…..n-schwartz

      1. That’s frightening.

        I guess if you can have Libertarian Socialist, you can also have a Conservative who worships the creator of Red Army, architect of invasion of Poland (on the way to make Germany red, of course) and the man who wanted to keep fomenting uprisings all over the world until he fell from power.

        1. And met his match in an ice axe..

          1. True, I forgot he did one good thing.

            1. They made a deep and lasting connection, and were almost inseparable… His “crowning” achievement, if you ask me..

  12. You’re welcome

    The early capitalists once had to breathe the air that they polluted in pursuit of their wealth. Now, perhaps, they can escape it by leaving the planet

    1. The secret plan is the inverse of “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress?”

      1. The secret plan is from THGTTG.

    2. One look at that hair cut and I immediately think ‘Credible’. My rule of thumb is someone is missing hair on half their head they’re likely an economic illiterate.

      Hey. I’m entitled to my own private prejudices.



    3. Ughh… My god that was a dumb article to read.

      The only question is what is the writer more ignorant of

      1. Astronomy
      2. Economics
      3. History

      Even an elementary school level of knowledge in one of these subjects would have prevented her from writing something so profoundly stupid,

    4. Doesn’t she know that’s the only reason anyone wants space travel? Because eventually the earth is going to die?

    5. What if The Guardian is a creation by space aliens to make us all retarded?

      1. Well, not space aliens, but yeah. It is. No ‘what if’ about it.

    6. Nah – they’ll make *three* rocket ships.

      1. They’ll still be working on the other two when you leave.

    7. The “boys and their toys” explanation is the obvious one ? once you’ve bought all the cars and boats and planes you want, why not buy a rocket? (We don’t have a “girls and their toys” ethos yet because the cards are stacked against women getting to this level of obscene wealth

      What a stupid thing to say, Oprah Winfrey could EASILY buy several rockets.

      1. We don’t have a girls and their toys ethos? Holy shit. Almost every single joke making fun of women is about their amazing ability to spend money.

        1. Yes, but that stereotype is about shoes.

        2. And how great their ‘toys’ are compared to what men get to play with.

      2. “Oprah Winfrey could EASILY buy several rockets.”

        She bought a “Steadman”.. he bought the rockets..

    8. Yeah, I hear the air is much better on the Moon and on Mars.

  13. Bill Brasky

    More accurate headline “Communist manifesto removed from NDP web site because it’s scary”

    To think Cytotoxic is even considering voting for those commie shit bags.

    1. Stop lying. I am not voting for them.

      But you’re considering voting Conservative, which is no better. Trying to paint me as a commie does not make you less of a traitor to liberty.

      1. I’m busting your balls Cyto. Go with it.

        I don’t think you’re a commie. Just making sure you keep to the proper dark side.

        1. You know how sensitive and humorless I am! It’s like you’re bugging me on purpose!

  14. That cop in Ferguson tried to take down a jaywalker with no backup, and nearly paid with his life!
    Be safe out there, Officer.

  15. Hey! Who’s responsible for the PM links today?

      1. You know who else forgot to…

        Dammit Shackford, yer spoiling the game!

    1. I’m surprised there isn’t already 10-20 posts speculating.

      No Trump, so I feel Rico is out. Root’s links are usually more substantive and with less comment. The Fiorina link suggests ENB, but I don’t know… I’m going to say Shackford.

      1. The links have gained consciousness.

      2. Not just no Trump, but no Trump-trolling. Definitely not Suave.

      3. ENB is my guess.

        1. BOOYA! It was Shackford! My instinct was right for once.

  16. Stockton police are investigating the incident, but Silva told the news station the officer likely acted within the department’s policy.

    “If people would just comply with lawful orders from law enforcement and not grab our weapons, force would never have to happen,” Silva told KPIX-TV.

    Yeah, even less is going to come of this than usual.

    1. “If people would just comply with lawful orders from law enforcement and not grab our weapons, force would never have to happen,”

      Couldn’t this be said by virtually any totalitarian regime? I mean if the Jews just comply and walking into the cattle cars then nobody would have to force them right?

      1. Shit man, if the Jews, gypsies, and other undesireables had just been compliant enough to off themselves, then the whole ‘concentration camp’ thing would never had been necessary and Germany would not have this huge stain on its national honor.

        Fucking Jews – its all their fault.

        1. I almost typed #SSlivesmatter

          (I almost typed #Blacklivesmatter thinking of the color of their uniforms, but that wouldn’t have quite worked)

          1. #oakleafcamolivesmatter is a bit long, too.

      2. Except when they tackle a guy for identity theft without warning.

        1. Well, to be fair, hypothetically.. that guy will think twice before even considering stealing someone’s identity.. Preventative punishment.. keeps the lads sharp..

    2. So if you disobey an unlawful order nothing will happen?

  17. Eric Dondero R. ?@DonderolibtR 8h8 hours ago
    Muslims now attacking peaceful Swiss citizens at border crossing http://www.libertarianrepublic…..rland.html ? #BernieSanders #immigration #WhiteLivesMatter #GOP


    1. DONDERRRRROOOOO’s just sad at this point. I’m surprised he hasn’t come back to H&R to troll us.

      1. Now he will. Thanks, Warty.

      2. How do you know he isn’t already?

        1. Because his ego’s too big to hide behind multiple sockpuppets like Tulpa. If he was here he’d use his own name.

      3. He keeps trying to latch onto the coattails of a fascist who will carry him to the center of power.

        Sadly, none will take him on. Hence my comparing him to a clapped out old crone loitering around the bus station, offering hand-jobs for quarters to passing business-men, hoping to find the one who will make him their sugarbaby.

        1. He keeps trying to latch onto the coattails of a fascist who will carry him to the center of power.

          Has he considered Jobik? He may not speak the language, but there are excellent benefits of having power in Hungary.

        2. So . . . Dondero is Richard Murphy?


  18. Flip flops. Yay or Nay?

    Nay for me!

    1. Yay, but only because I live in Florida, and they’re a necessity for life here.

    2. Flip flops are, as I explained, a crime against humanity.

      1. Usually, I disagree with people who say you’re the worst. I now understand them.

      2. I am with Nikki on this one, especially when it is raining.

        1. You probably also wear a shirt when you eat spaghetti. Weirdo

          1. My half-Italian side forces me to tuck a large napkin into my ribbed tank-top while I eat spaghetti.

            1. Man, there sure a few wops among us.

              1. *are*

        2. Or in the snow.

        3. What? Raining is the BEST time to wear flipflops. Why wouldn’t you wear quick-drying rubber footwear when you know you’re going to get wet?

          1. I do. They’re called wellies.

          2. Why would you want wet toes? The water gets under the foot…and the squishy noise it creates…what is wrong with you people?

            1. My toes are going to get wet when my shoes soak through anyway. I HATE stepping in a puddle that doesn’t look deep and ending up with water inside my shoe, then having to wait for my shoe to be dry before I can wear it again.

              With flip-flops my shoes can be dry as quickly as I can run a paper towel over them.

              1. I HATE stepping in a puddle that doesn’t look deep

                Stop stepping in puddles.


                  Luckily I live in LA, so most of the time I can just be rain/puddle agnostic.

                2. If stepping in puddles is wrong.. I don’t wanna be right..

      3. What about Tevas?

        1. Don’t even start with that shit.

          1. Birkenstocks?

            1. ARGGH! And curse those who wear them with socks! Or think it’s a fashion item!

              1. I agree with both Nikki and Rufus…get here soon, happy hour.

            2. Are socks and shoes with laces that difficult to put on? This is disgusting.

              1. I want to know why, in this day and age, shoes still have laces at all. It’s the 21st century! We have better methods for temporarily attaching one side of your shoe to the other.

                1. Velcro is NOT the future, MS.

                  1. Like I’m going to take fashion advice from a gay guy.

            3. “Birkenstocks?”

              The official footwear of angry lesbians emancipated feminists..

            1. Yeah, Nicole, how do you feel about Chacos?

          2. And just cause I want to see Nicole’s head explode, from DENVER even,

            What about Crocs? Those are TEH AWESOMEZ!!!

            1. Perhaps surprisingly, I have less of an issue with Crocs, because they at least cover more of your foot. I’m generally anti-sandal.

              But Tevas are now coming back “in” and it’s total bullshit.

              1. you really are the worst…

                Seriously, you hate TEVAs more than Crocs?

                are you secretly Canadian?

                I can haz disbelief

                1. p.s. I totally wear TEVAs every chance I get…AND I HAVE A HAMMER TOE!!!!! HAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!

                  1. Hammertoe?

                    Can’t Touch This……

      4. I wear flip flops 9 to 10 months out of the year. I’d go barefoot if I could.

        1. Always with the barefoot and pregnant……

            1. Yes.

              I’d have liked us to have had three or four kids, but my wife was never going to have more than one child. I believe her statement was along the lines of: “next time, YOU go through pregnancy and childbirth. I’m done.”

              I do love my son, but often wonder what a more robust family might have been like.

              I’m very glad to hear your little girl is doing well.

    3. Nay, highly impractical here (AK).

      1. Candy ass…

    4. Outside of work it’s either barefoot or flip flops. But I live at the beach.

    5. I like flipflops, but I have very high standards for them. None of those cheapo plastic ones that cut you between the toes. But it’s nice to have some shoes that go on and off quickly in the summer.

      1. Artisanal flip-flops?

  19. 87 out of 91 is an egregiously small sample size to support the claim that 95% of NFL retirees have brain damage

    1. Not if they were selected through a true randomized, double blind sampling that included all players.

      But if they asked for volunteers, or allowed tester/testees to self-select in any way, then absolutely.

    2. Did they check to see how many of these people had brain damage before they went into football or how many non-NFL retirees exhibit some of the same signs of brain damage? I suspect about 95% of all people over the age of about 40 have some sort of brain damage, it’s the nature of the human body to start deteriorating at some point.

    3. While better research is always a good thing, I have no trouble believing that NFL players in certain positions do some damage to their brains over a career. And as long as everyone is an adult and fully informed about the risks, I really don’t care.

      1. There has already been a fix used for preventing concussions for NFL players but it seems everyone but me has forgotten about it.

        Steve Young has several in one year. It got so bad that he could get another just putting his helment on.

        The 49ers put a 2 inch layer of foam on the outside of his helment. It look goofy like an old timey helment that had protruding ear pieces but he finished the year and had no more concussions.

        The NFL should try it out before they are sued or legislated out of business if it comes out that 97% of players have brain damage.

      1. Wow, the molested Trooper looks just like Edgar Buchanan of “Petticoat Junction” fame.

        And that’s Uncle Joe, he’s a movin’ kinda slow, at the Junction…..

        1. You’re right!

      2. That needs a caption that reads “chicken?”

    1. The man is a National Treasure.

      1. He truly is.

        He may be nuts and we may disagree with his politics but he doesn’t seem to be a grating character.

  20. . . . fueling the debate around football, head trauma, and dementia.

    And yet, for some reason, *not* fueling the debate on making long-term trade-offs or personal freedom.

    Just the debate on whether or not these guys should be *allowed* to endanger their long-term health for some pretty extensive near future compensation.

    Which is kinda insane when you think about it. Bioethics would say that immortality should be forbidden because life has no meaning if it won’t end and lot’s of other people will scream and cry about how our society is simply *built* on generations giving way to the next – yet a guy who is securing a good future for his progeny, at the expense of his self, is going to be told that that isn’t an acceptable trade-off.

  21. Why I’ve finally given up on the left
    Left-wing thought has shifted towards movements it would once have denounced as racist, imperialist and fascistic. It is insupportable

    In 2007 I tried to make amends, and published What’s Left. If they were true to their professed principles, my book argued, modern leftists would search out secular forces in the Muslim world ? Iranian and Arab feminists, say, Kurdish socialists or Muslim liberals struggling against reactionary clerics here in Britain ? and embrace them as comrades. Instead, they preferred to excuse half the anti-western theocrats and dictators on the planet. As, in their quiet way, did many in the liberal mainstream. Throughout that period, I never heard the BBC demanding of ‘progressives’ how they could call themselves left-wing when they had not a word of comfort for the Iraqi and Afghan liberals al-Qaeda was slaughtering.

    … I never imagined that left-wing politics would get as bad as they have become. I assumed that when the criminally irresponsible Blair flew off in his Learjet, the better angels of the left’s nature would re-assert themselves.

    What a fool I was.

    I’m not sure what it means to “leave” the left, but it’s a good read. A lot of good anti-Corbyn rhetoric.

    1. “I never imagined that left-wing politics would get as bad as they have become.”

      Poor Nick. You can’t blame the guy. He has never seen what happens when the left is able to operate unfettered.

    2. It is insupportable

      But is it Not Okay?

    3. He’ll be right back if Conservatives cut top income tax rate to 35%, or bring back fox hunting. It sucks being a Commie supporter of Israel in UK, I guess.

  22. Canadian university bans porn, Canadian socialist feminist writes funnies article of all time.

    “But, in truth, it isn’t “sexual expression” that’s being banned (if that’s the line of argument we’re going with), it’s just men’s “right” to access websites that sell female degradation. So “expression” is not limited in the least. No one has banned masturbation and, of course, men are still free to think about gang raping women or to sexualize “schoolgirls” inside their own heads as always. Vive la libert?!

    Luckily, male students angered by the ban have liberal feminism to fall back on, so they don’t need to defend their misogynist interests as such.”

    Liberal feminists in this context means ‘those feminists who aren’t retarded.’

    “So please give me a break with this “men have a right to porn, we’ll just teach them about consent” garbage. Not only do men already feel entitled to jack off to abuse, but now they’ve learned about “consent” from liberal feminists and are using that discourse to defend their right to degrade, exploit, and oppress us. Because we “consented.””


    1. “Liberal feminists in this context means ‘those feminists who aren’t retarded.'”

      They could all meet in a phone booth, and I don’t mean the TARDIS.

    2. “Consent” = OBEY

    3. “men are still free to think about gang raping women or to sexualize “schoolgirls” inside their own heads as always. Vive la libert?!”

      What the fuck is she insinuating here? I have an idea and none of it’s good. How does one’s private thoughts equate to ‘vive la liberte?’

      Think ‘I wish I had an ACME thought control thingyl ‘.

    4. What’s clear is that “consent” is not enough. People consent to unethical things all the time. Technically, women have “consented” to abuse for eons. They marry abusers, they agree to participate in rape porn, they go on second dates with men who’ve sexually assaulted them. We know now that women’s consent does not necessarily negate rape — they can say “yes,” but what actually goes down after that may very well constitute assault.


      On topic, isn’t there a negative correlation between the availability of porn and the prevalence of rape?

      1. Yes, but in all likelihood that’s because places with more porn are richer, generally more liberal, and also tend to be older societies because they’re disproportionately western nations.

        I don’t think porn causes less rape, I think it’s correlated with other things.

        1. How do you explain wealthy Middle Eastern nations where porn is illegal and women are treated like property and punished when they’re sexually assaulted.

      2. What’s clear is that “consent” is not enough.

        So what is enough? Do we have to run all o four potential sexual encounters by the Board of Sex to make sure?

        1. She’s making the case that women are too dumb, or falsely conscious, or easily manipulated, to consent. This is what modern feminists actually believe.

      3. It takes some special thinking to be a feminist and a misogynist within the same argument.

    5. Ah. Just clicked on the article.

      /hits back click immediately.

      1. You never go Full Rabble!

        1. I hear them on the radio sometimes.

          I throw my club sandwich at the radio each time.

          1. I’m pissed at you for wasting a perfectly good sandwich!

            1. And, a club sandwich, no less…

    6. I used to think feminists were blind to their paternalism, and now I realize they revel in it.

    7. Proof positive that Einstein was 100% correct about the difference between genius and stupidity.

    8. The icing on the cake is she cites the scam artist Anita Sarkeesian.

  23. What a missed opportunity to use the Sad Joe Biden photo!

  24. NRO: “Cuckservative” slur must stop

    It’s good to live in post-racial America.

  25. At least basketball doesn’t damage your brain

    “…Kareem Abdul-Jabbar…along with co-author Anna Waterhouse, has written the novel Mycroft Holmes, which chronicles the adventures of Sherlock’s elder brother, Mycroft, who even in the master detective’s own judgment is the superior intellect of the family….

    “Holmes stories, in particular, provided an inside edge. “All athletes study their opponents looking for weaknesses that can be exploited, even on the playground,” he says. Abdul-Jabbar applied powers of deduction to game-time preparations and built case files against certain opponents. “I made it a point to observe body language,” he says. “Sports injuries are to sports what peanut butter is to jelly. Comes with the territory. That’s why we work so hard to hide any twinge, pain, or body weakness from the other teams. However, by studying their posture, stare, or the tilt of the head, I could discern an injury they are trying to disguise. Then I took advantage of it on the court.””

    1. Reminds me of an article I read years ago by some guy who raised wild wolf pups as part of some study or something. He said they’d grow up to be pretty tame, generally speaking. One day, he fell off a bike or tripped – I can’t quite remember – but it left him with a sore knee, which caused him to limp. One of his tame wolves saw this limp and immediately tried to attack him (though it was chained at the time). Exploitation of weakness is in the very DNA of any predatory creature, I guess.

  26. So if I’m reading the presidential election right so far, the two leading candidates are a crazed demagogue who is highly popular among neo-Nazis and doesn’t actually believe anything he says because he’s a total narcissist who lusts for power and a woman who might be the most corrupt human being in the United States, who broke federal laws regarding classified material, who received money from the Saudi government while she was secretary of state, and whose husband is possibly a serial rapist.

    1. Pretty much, yeah.

    2. Sounds about right. Don’t forget the socialist who thinks the structure of production can be arranged by D.C. and that everyone can go to 4 years of college at no charge if the feds would just levy an additional tax on Wall Street.

      1. How about the two guys who are basically just Democrats who hate gay people, the man whose brother was a terrible president but who continuously claims he’d do pretty much everything his brother did, or the lisping closet case from South Carolina who wants to bomb everything because it distracts from his alternative and fabulous lifestyle?

        1. And worst of them all, the guy who thinks there are credible restraints on government power and wants to see them enforced.

        2. Then there’s the failed CEO who actually is not totally terrible. And that guy whose dad named after Ayn Rand. Weirdo.

          1. Rand Paul is not named after Ayn Rand. His first name is Randall. His wife called him Rand and it stuck.

              1. Believe it or not, his full name is Randal Howard Paul.

                1. Holy shit, that’s an awesome presidential name. If he switches his campaign to it, he’d probably get a 5% boost right away.

                  1. He needs to start going by his full name and dressing up in Victorian morning-suit fashion. It would provide a tangible connection to a return to an America shorn of modern regulation!

            1. I was joking.

        3. I can get behind Graham due to his pro drank position.


      1. This is why I’m a strong proponent of SWEET METEOR OF DEATH, THE PRE-CAMBRIAN CONSERVATIVE!

    4. In Bill Clinton’s defense, it is extremely difficult to rape two people at once.

      1. Would love to see a binding “None of the Above” option on all ballots. And the office would remain vacant until they put up someone acceptable to the general public. Hey, I can dream, can’t I?

          1. Wouldn’t that be, + 0?

    5. total narcissist who lusts for power

      Kinda works for all of them?

  27. These Special Ops Commandos Think There is a Better Path to Peace: Selling Flip Flops


  28. Comedy Central played the Donald Trump roast last night. There were some pretty funny jokes in there. Apparently it was from around 2012. Some Jersey Shore moron was on there and absolutely bombed. Professional comedians make roasting seem easy. Anyway, Trump mentioned running for president more than once. I guess this has been coming for a while.

    One of the best jokes was by Seth Macfarlane: “His ego is so big, when Donald Trump bangs a supermodel, he closes his eyes and thinks about himself masturbating”.

    1. Hey, I laughed at a joke by a professional comedian!

      You know what this means, don’t you?

    2. This single best moment of any Comedy Central roast was during the roast of Roseanne Barr. As Jeffrey Ross came to the podium, he tossed her an apple and said: “Here you go. Whenever I roast a pig, I like it to have an apple in its mouth.”

      1. That reminds me of just how much I miss The Burn.

        1. He’s really one of the better “blue” comics working today. He was making Jerry Sandusky rapes jokes when it was still too soon.

          1. Yep. I just re-watched the segment where he visited a “Highly Sensitive Persons” meeting. Being himself, he got these people to laugh, and feel better, in general.

            Probably did more for them by doing a (toned down) roast of them than anything they ever got from the regular meetings.

  29. Ann Coulter claims she’s not anti-Semitic because she hates Mexicans. Or something.…..socialflow

    (Yeah I know it’s Salon, it was the first article I came across and includes the relevant quotes so I didn’t bother finding another one)

    1. Only Coulter could make for a rational Salon article. It’s like a binary system where the derpiest kills the derp of the lesser derp.

    2. The thing is, that’s not even on the top of the list of her troll-iest comments.

      Technically, she simply used the f-word the way it’s used nowadays – as filler meant to say, “and I’m really serious!”

      Apparently, the candidates were buttering up Israel, and she indicated they were just kow-towing to Jewish people.

      Now, strictly, many Evangelical Protestants are pro-Israel, too – more so than many Jewish people.

      So – surprise! – she wasn’t even being accurate in her insinuations.

      But of course lots of American Jews support Israel and allow this to affect their votes – there are worse countries to support, you know. It’s fairly standard ethnic politics (like certain Irish-Americans donating to NORAID), though contrary to the melting-pot, non-hyphenated ideal. It’s not uniquely bad.

      Even when Coulter has the germ of a point, she mixes it up with factual error and nastiness. It’s what she does.

      It worked for her for years. Maybe it will keep working.

      The problem is, many American Jews, for some weird, strange reason*, are very sensitive to anything that looks like an anti-Jewish insult.


      And it wasn’t even funny!

    3. It seems obvious to me that Coulter is not anti-Semitic. She was just commenting on the excessive genuflecting toward Israel in that debate. And I say that as a pro-Semite and supporter of Israel (which I think she is, as well).

      This controversy is just: 1) PC hypersensitivity, and 2) an attempt to smear an ideological opponent by any means necessary.

      1. And Ann Coulter’s racism.

        1. Not wanting all of Latin America to move into your country is not “racism.”

          1. Because that’s an accurate summation of Coulter’s thoughts on immigration and Latinos. Not.

            1. Your implications don’t seem particularly accurate to me. AFAIK her objections are cultural and financial, not racial.

              1. She and her ilk are indistinguishable from the assholes screaming about how the Irish were ruining ‘Merica 100 years ago.

              2. “Coulter went after MSNBC for doing what she called “celebrating the browning of America.” She followed that by saying that eventually these “brown” people will be the majority, funding programs for older, white Americans, and eventually one day they’ll just say, “Screw it.” Essentially insinuating that one day “brown people” will turn on the ‘older white people.'”

                “For example, in response to a question about racism in America from a young immigrant man from Honduras, she replied, “you’re not black, so drop the racism crap.'” (Not explicitly racist by itself, but not exactly indicative of healthy views on the subject).

                Or her comments in the article I cited, including this gem:

                “I can count on Americans to protect Israel. I don’t count on foreigners to care about Israel, and that’s who’s coming in to vote.””

                (So Hispanic immigrants who get citizenship and their descendants aren’t really American?).

                Or her accusation that Hispanics are ok with child rape.

                Or that quote she had a while back about gassing Arabs not being a bad thing.

                Even ignoring the explicitly racist stuff, framing something culturally doesn’t mean it can’t be racist, particularly if you’re making false accusations or generalizations against groups based on ancestry. Plenty of racist sentiment in the 1800s and early 1900s was framed in a cultural manner. A lot of anti-Semitism was too.

              3. And even if it wasn’t technically racist, so what? Is bigoted and xenophobic much better? Either way, Cyto wasn’t just basing it off the fact that she doesn’t support open borders.

      2. I posted it more for her absurd defense that changed her position from seeming possibly anti-Semitic to blatantly anti-Hispanic. I’m not sure she’s anti-Semitic myself, but she worded that extremely poorly, and a lot of the people defending her are blatant anti-Semites, and a lot of people criticizing her aren’t exactly PC leftists.

  30. Also, Rand Paul posted the Reason article praising him for his libertarian debate performance to his facebook. Hopefully that (combined with the debate itself) is a sign that he’s decided to say “fuck it” and stop trying to downplay his libertarian side.

    1. Still needs to fire Benton.

    2. I think he realizes he can’t win because the Republican Party as currently constituted is irredeemably authoritarian (and appears to have more racist elements than I originally thought, if Donald Trump’s popularity is any indication).

      As a result, why not try to just get some not authoritarian ideas into the public discourse if you can’t win anyway?

      1. Exactly.

        From what I heard, I loved almost every answer he had at the debate, aside from the 14th amendment one (I think it’s his sincere position, and it’s also his dad’s, but it’s disappointing) and a little bit the vaccine one (not so much his position, but I thought he could have said it better to better ensure he didn’t come off as anti-vaccine).

      2. If you’re gonna go down in flames, have some fun.

    3. I think his early popularity was largely due to the shaking up and bucking the establishment he had recently done via his filibusters and full throated defense of inalienable rights. That has faded in people’s memories now and the spotlight is being grabbed by ‘Trolling’ Trump.

      Rand needs to be fighting the good fight and doing so in a more disruptive and visible way. Maybe during the next debate to the first candidate who supports the war on drugs Rand could march over and kick them in the balls and scream “People own themselves!” and then demand the other candidates to show where in the constitution the government is granted the power to conduct a war on drugs.

      Within a week people would be wondering ‘Donald who?’.

      1. Rand could march over and kick them in the balls and scream “People own themselves!”

        Nah, “My Body, My Choice” would get way more traction.

  31. HERESY

    There’s that saying: The road to hell is paved with good intentions. When it comes to censorship, one might say that the road to thought and speech control is paved by people trying to protect other people’s feelings.

    It’s important to realize that today, we have a media system paid by the pageview and thus motivated with very real financial incentives to find things to be offended about?because offense and outrage are high-valence traffic triggers. We have another industry of people?some call them Social Justice Warriors?who, despite their sincerity of belief, have also managed to build huge platforms by inventing issues and conflicts which they then ride to prominence and influence. One might call both of these types Rage Profiteers. They get us riled up, they appeal to our notions of fairness and empathy?who likes to see someone else’s feelings hurt??without any regard for what the consequences are.

    Of course, the real and fair solution is much less politically correct but effective. It’s to stop trying to protect people’s feelings. Your feelings are your problem, not mine?and vice versa.

    Who allowed this guy to speak?

    1. Shut up, retard.

      (you see, this is a meta joke about hurting people’s feelings)

    2. It’s not about who allowed him to speak, because prior restraint in the private sphere is really only possible when getting someone disinvited from speaking at a college campus or calling in bomb threats at the venue or shouting him down when he attempts to speak. It’s about how they’ll go about keeping him from speaking again.

    3. One might call both of these types Rage Profiteers.

      An entirely unregulated industry, I’d like to point out.

    1. That’s why Nobel committee people don’t win any of their own prizes. At least not the Smartness prize.

      “In an amusing anecdote, Mr Lundestad relates how he found Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, who won the award in 1994, watching an episode of the Tom and Jerry cartoon in his hotel with other Palestine Liberation Organisation members. “It was made very clear that they intended to watch until the end,” he said.”

      Arafat thought Tom’s real name was Katz and couldn’t wait to see him killed.

    2. They gave him the prize for what he might do in the future with glowing expectations of what that might be.

      I hope the geniuses aren’t disappointed by the resurgence of cannibalism, public gruesome executions, slaughter of innocents, chaos and bloodshed, the rise of a nuclear Iran and a huge invasion of Europe. I mean, if pushing an Iron Age culture to devolve into a Bronze age one doesn’t get you a peace prize, what would?

    3. Idiot.

      You let yourselves get swept up in the whole emotional cult thing.

  32. So given the rising popularity of neo-fascist parties in Europe (especially Jobbik and Golden Dawn), the potential that the migrant crisis could be introducing authoritarian Islam right into the heart of Europe with millions of voters, the people who are leading the American presidential campaign, the total collapse of multiple South American economies, the slowdown of Chinese economic growth, the spreading chaos in the Middle East and North Africa, etc., things don’t seem to be going very well the last six months or so.

    1. Nope. And I don’t think Obama got the seas to recede, either.

      But hey, “diversity” has increased, so we’ve got that going for us.

    2. Could be worse. It could be raining.

    3. Bush’s fault. I guarantee you Shrub is to blame for all that.

    4. I’ve been wondering a lot lately about how the average man on the street must have felt about the political climate in, say, the early 1910s or 1930s. At what point does “these unsettling developments could get out of hand” have to transmute into “PANIC!!!”?

    5. I think Brazil will come out better than it went in. A lot of trash is going to get…trashed, and they have no choice but to straighten up. They’re not Venezuela or even Argentina.

      1. Maybe, but Brazil is temporarily fucked. They now have a 7.5% unemployment rate and rising. Their inflation has gone up continuously this year too, although it’s still only like 10% which is nothing by South American standards.

        1. That’s true. I am encouraged that people are turning on her and a nascent ‘liberal’ (real liberal) movement has sprung up. Young, intellectual, focused. Brazil has a central bank that it willing to ratchet up the interest rate pain to keep inflation from getting really out of hand.

        2. 10% is high by SA standards. Chile and Peru and Mexico are all lower.

    6. Europe is definitely going authoritarian. The only question will it be led by Neo-Nazis or Islamic fundamentalists? I just don’t see the Muslims just peacefully assimilating.

      1. Leftists with support from other racists.

      2. Northern Europe might not get so bad because they aren’t totally broke.

          1. Transitory issues.

            1. So, how long until the goodness of Islamic immigration appears? Please point to a country that got better after getting more Islamic. Any country. Ever.

              1. Spain was better off under the Caliphate than the Vandals that’s for sure. Pretty sure the Levant was better off once the Crusaders were kicked out, though that has more to do with the awful of Crusaders than any goodness of Islam.

                Countries don’t get better with religion, but immigration is not making Europe or anywhere else more Islamic. Immigration is never bad. It is always good. Europe badly needs cultural change, and a little bit of Islam is a tiny side-effect for the benefits of the medicine.

                1. “Immigration is never bad. It is always good.”

                  So, hypothetically, if a country banned all immigration except from pedophiles, mimes, and cannibal murderers, you’re saying such immigration as they experienced would still be a beneficial thing for that society?

            2. You are a fucking moron. As one who would like to see more economic freedom, dolts like you hurt the cause.

              If 70% of the migrants are on the dole it makes your arguements laughable at best.

              People that have to pay for the massive importation of another group that only exists by stealing their resources ain’t gonna be happy about it, dipshit.

              You fucking lose.

          2. So, cultural suicide by open borders.

            No one could have seen that coming.

            1. “Cultural suicide”

              There’s that melodrama.

              “open borders.” is something Europe does not have, unfortunately.

  33. What the hell is “cuckservative”? Conservative men who let Mexicans ass-fuck their wives or something?

    1. Conservative men who let Mexicans ass fuck the beautiful white woman named America.

      1. Huh… I’m a fan of Hayek… Selma Hayek! And America needs more of them.

      1. I prefer to get others to enact my labor for me, thank you.

        1. See, I got much more amusing answers that I would from Google.

    2. Whatever it is, it’s a pretty stupid thing to use when your front-runner is a Cuckquean.

    3. It’s a little Mitt Romney who lives in a clock and jumps out on the hour.

    4. Cuckservative, teabaggers, Santorum… Whats with all the weird sexual based insults the left throws at Conservatives? Sounds like maybe they’re the ones with the issues.

      1. Cuckservative isn’t a left wing insult. It’s an insult used by far-right racists against conservatives who don’t openly and blatantly hate people who aren’t white.

        1. Oh, come on. It’s more equivalent to RINO: someone seen as “not conservative enough,” who rolls over for Democrats. It has nothing to do with race.

          1. It was coined by a racist to describe conservatives who don’t hate blacks, Jews, Mexicans, and Muslims enough. It’s from racists for use by racists.

            1. Again, no.

              Derived from Old French cucuault; a compound of cucu ?(“cuckoo”) (some varieties of the cuckoo bird lay their eggs in another’s nest) and Old French -auld. Cucu is either a directly derived onomatopoeic derivative of the cuckoo’s call, or from Latin cuculus. Latin cuculus is a compound of onomatopoeic cucu (compare Late Latin cucus) and the diminutive suffix -ulus. -auld is from Frankish *-wald (similar suffixes are used in some personal names within other Germanic languages as well; confer English Harold, for instance), a suffixal note of Frankish *wald ?(“power, mastery, dominion”), from Proto-Germanic *wald? ?(“might, power, authority”), from *waldan? ?(“to rule”), from Proto-Indo-European *wal- ?(“to be strong”). Appears in Middle English in noun form circa 1250 as cokewald. First known use of the verb form is 1589.

              1. We’re talking about cuckservative, not cuckold.

          2. Uhh, no. That’s definitely not true. The overwhelming majority of times I’ve seen it it has had explicitly racial connotations. It refers to the cuckold fetish of wanting to see your wife get fucked by a black (or other non-white) guy. There might be some people out there that use it the way you describe, but it’s not even remotely the most common usage of the term.

            1. Papaya will believe what he wants to. He lives in the Breittard bubble with his fellow yokel know-nothings.

              1. It’s always a pleasure to discuss ideas with a gentleman like Cytotoxic, with his “strong interpersonal skills.”

            2. Isn’t the internet wonderful ?

  34. Prominent Democrat donors are circulating a letter encouraging Vice President Joe Biden to enter the 2016 presidential race, and pledging support if he does.

    As one of our quality posters noted, he’s the best candidate the Dems have when considering Clinton or Sanders.

    1. Can we call him “least worst” instead?

      1. No, I think it has more punch if you call him ‘The Best the Democrats can offer’ because calling him the least worst suggests that somewhere out there, there’s a better Democrat.

        Gaze upon The Biden, he’s as good as it ever gets in Team Blue!

    2. Webb is better.

      1. True, but he’s insufficiently leftist for Democrats these days.

    3. You really think “Uncle Joe” should be in such a position?

      (Trigger warning for millenial snowflakes: Chris Rock standup, contains references to a child-molesting uncle)

      1. I tried to go to the link but I got a message saying I have already read my ten free articles for the month and tried to sell me a digital subscription.

        I guess they don’t want me to see their pop ups and auto play ads ?

        No wonder they have revenue problems, insisting on someone paying for their content in a world of free content. In the past when I have seen the same message I will google the topic and read it free somewhere else but I dang sure am not going to buy a subscription to the NYTs.

  35. Speaking of censorship…

    Mr. Beinfield, convinced the design was one of his best, said in a recent interview that he had hoped the house would become “a well-loved building in Rowayton.”

    In the two years since, that expectation has proved wildly off the mark. The house Mr. Beinfield wanted to build, far from elevating his stature, marked him as an enemy of the environment and the common good in the eyes of many residents. If far bigger houses were going up all over the Rowayton waterfront, Mr. Beinfield’s plan seemed to offend local sensibilities like no other. And if his substantial work in Rowayton and South Norwalk had helped earn him entry into the American Institute of Architects College of Fellows, this project drew only derision.

    “What he proposed was a monstrosity on stilts,” said Lisa Thomson, one of his more vocal opponents and a board member of Save Farm Creek, which organized against the project. And after two years of controversy, she added, “a lot of people won’t even talk to Bruce anymore.”

    People suck.

    1. Ah, NIMBYism.

    2. Somebody out there’s a’doin’ something I don’t like. Therefore, I’ma outsource some violence.

    3. My mom has gotten on this tact since she retired. A lawyer bought up some land behind the line of houses bordering the street and paved himself an access road. He then proceeded to build a massive house on it. Now, you’d think baffling some of the noise from the busy thoroughfare on the other side, or raising property values or providing a view other than a few scrubby cottonwoods and power lines would be reason enough to let bygones be, but mom and a number of neighbors hired a lawyer to enjoin the development. They lost soundly, but the spirit of neighborly despotism has so thoroughly infected the losers that they’re regularly going after each other for various infractions. It’s rough visiting anymore because she’s made this garbage a considerable pet project.

      1. *facepalm*

      2. Damn lawyers.

    4. Hah! I just made a video for this guy highlighting his past designs.

      1. You should add a part at the end where he’s being chased down by ungrateful villagers with table-legs and pitchforks.

      2. None of the ones in the article looked objectionable to me. Based on the uproar, I was expecting some sort of Frank Gehry postmodern monstrosity.

        1. Everything I worked with looked good, especially some of the interior spaces. There was an abandoned lock factory he/his firm renovated into office space, and the few pictures I had of it made me envy the people who get to work there.

        2. Gah – he really has been trolling the world for decades now.

    5. The fact that these idiots are eating their own is hilarious.

      It’s funny that many of the neighbors are in the 1%. The left thinks the 1% is some kind of monolith…but we always knew the left is fucking stupid.

  36. Comment not necessary

    D.C. had presented no evidence that requiring a gun to be brought to the police station would enhance public safety. As the court observed, “common sense suggests a person would not go to the trouble of obtaining a registration certificate for a weapon other than a weapon in his possession.” Besides that, carrying the gun to the police station created the risk that the gun (which by D.C. law must be unloaded when transported in public) could be stolen en route, or that a police officer might shoot a person who is seen carrying a gun or a gun case.

    1. I’m not even joking when I say that the probable result of the police station requirement would be the police citing/arresting anybody who came in to get their gun registered for possessing an unregistered gun.

      It has precedence too: the Marijuana Tax Act in the 30s was abused pretty much the same way.

      1. You could call ahead, but then they’ll be waiting.

  37. the probable result of the police station requirement would be the police citing/arresting anybody who came in to get their gun registered for possessing an unregistered gun.

    Pretty much my first thought.
    “Bring that gun down to the station, so we can nail you on some sort of bullshit charge like ‘improper transport’ or ‘carrying a weapon concealed in a gun case’ or ‘forgetting to unload’.”

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  39. So Pope Francis will go on and on about the evils of free market capitalism and the United States, but he won’t acknowledge that some people would like to have freedom and democracy in Cuba.

    What a fucking sorry-ass, lowlife, piece of shit, gutless cowardly turd this dude is.

    1. Yeah. I thought he was kind of charming at first, but the commie bullshit is just too much.

    2. He is a fuckin’ commie Mike. Is there any other kind?

    3. “won’t acknowledge that some people would like to have freedom and democracy in Cuba.”

      That’s going just a little bit beyond the evidence. Just a little bit.

      I would like for him to meet the dissidents – which he’s being criticized for not doing – but your own story doesn’t back up your broader claim:

      “Papal observers say it’s likely Francis will speak strongly to Cubans about the need for greater freedom in their country and may speak to President Raul Castro in private about the same topic. But in shying from meetings with dissidents, the pope is hewing largely to the Cuban Catholic Church’s strategy of advocating for change within bounds laid out by the communist state rather than pushing the system to change as John Paul II did in Eastern Europe.,,,

      “Backers of the church’s approach say it has produced results, such as increased church freedom to conduct social welfare and educational programs and the release ahead of the pope’s visit of 3,522 people serving time for relative minor crimes….

      “Some members of Cuba’s moderate civil society groups say they support the pontiff’s non-confrontational approach and think his visit may ultimately speed up slow-moving political and economic reform more than expected.”

      I’m not sure how you got from there to “won’t acknowledge that some people would like to have freedom and democracy in Cuba.”

    4. Really? Every 24/7 news report on “Preparing for the Pope” in Philly has found nothing but people saying things like “I’m not even Catholic, but I’m going to see the Great Man.” Other than “concern for the poor” (which, I’m sure every previous Pope was said to have too) what has he done that is so great, especially for non-Catholics?

  40. 95 Percent of Former NFL Players Have Brain Disease

    Jesus, more Slate headlines. Why not just hire Marcotte?

  41. Sammy DeSoSo is not going to like that.

  42. Dirty Harry and Ayn Rand are the symbols of libertarianism. Ayn Rand I get, even though I’m so so tired of her being a libertarian icon since she wasn’t a libertarian. But, Dirty Harry? Ok.

  43. The nfl headline is wrong. Those were selected samples from symptomatic people

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