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Donald Trump: Rand Paul Shouldn't Even Be Up Here and Boy Is He Ugly

Personal attacks fly during the CNN Republican debate


Todd Kranin

Donald Trump opened Wednesday night's GOP debate with an unprompted attack on Rand Paul, asserting that the libertarian-leaning senator "shouldn't even be up here," because of his low poll numbers.

Rand Paul responded by chiding Trump for constantly launching personal attacks at people who criticize him. "We don't want some person like that to be negotiating with Iran," said Paul. "Trump's visceral response is to attack people on their appearance. My goodness, that happened in junior high."

How did Trump answer Paul's accusation? By attacking Paul's appearance, of course.

"I never attacked [Paul] on his look, and believe me, there's plenty of subject matter there," said Trump.

Again, this happened at the Republican presidential debate, not on Real Housewives of Orange County.

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13 responses to “Donald Trump: Rand Paul Shouldn't Even Be Up Here and Boy Is He Ugly

  1. If we’re gonna go there?

    There’s only one person up there with worse hair than Paul.

    And we all know who that is.

    1. Ken Shultz|9.16.15 @ 8:45PM|#
      “If we’re gonna go there?”

      Yeah, the glass-house tycoon…

  2. Jesus, he has no impulse control.

  3. “I never attacked [Paul] on his look, and believe me, there’s plenty of subject matter there,” said Trump.

    That is hilarious. As in, what a bozo. But I guess like with reality tv, it plays to a huge chunk of the public. Welcome to democracy.

    Trump is a mean girl from middle school trapped in a fat old man’s body.

  4. What an asshole. I really hope Trump falls and breaks his neck soon. The guy’s a complete loser and a clown.

  5. I feel like we’re in the movie Idiocracy.

    1. +1 House of Representin’

    2. Is it wrong that I’d vote for President Camacho over most of the candidates?

  6. Ah you talk like a fag and your shit’s all retarded

  7. If Trump serves any purpose at all, it’s to kill what’s left of the stupid 2-team system. Everyone jokes that the primary season is always about also-ran politicians, “seven dwarfs,” etc., but this time they’ve scraped the bottom of the barrel. Trump’s buffoonery, Hillary’s in-your-face crookedness, Christie’s “spy on everyone and double-down on the WoD, and Bernie’s “free everything for everyone as soon as we seal the borders and stop trade.” It’s beyond trolling. They can’t seriously expect anyone with an IQ above 75 to consider voting for ANY of them. It’s like the people who pretend voting is still important decided to have a good laugh at the public’s expense.

  8. “We don’t want some person like that to be negotiating with Iran,”

    Hmm, maybe we do.

    Look, its not like we’re going to come to some sort of *agreement* with Iran that doesn’t give them what they want while giving us nothing. Decades we’ve been doing this.

    If we can’t come to an agreement and our government can’t simply walk away and ignore them – insulting them might be the next best thing.

  9. Seems like Trump has been reading ‘Rules for Radicals’ again. Donald, but I’m tired of the Clinton playbook hauled out over and over again; and see you clearly for the mob-inciter that you are–pandering to the lowest common moral/ethical character of others.

    School yard bully, indeed. Hope others see this clearly also.

    He is a Fascist wannabe.

  10. Putting aside the clear bias against Trump, I think you do need to admit that he has a point about illegal immigration. This is imposing massive costs due to a lack of assimilation. California is a scary case study and Trump deserves credit for having the courage to point this out.

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