Donald Trump: Rand Paul Shouldn't Even Be Up Here and Boy Is He Ugly

Personal attacks fly during the CNN Republican debate


Todd Kranin

Donald Trump opened Wednesday night's GOP debate with an unprompted attack on Rand Paul, asserting that the libertarian-leaning senator "shouldn't even be up here," because of his low poll numbers.

Rand Paul responded by chiding Trump for constantly launching personal attacks at people who criticize him. "We don't want some person like that to be negotiating with Iran," said Paul. "Trump's visceral response is to attack people on their appearance. My goodness, that happened in junior high."

How did Trump answer Paul's accusation? By attacking Paul's appearance, of course.

"I never attacked [Paul] on his look, and believe me, there's plenty of subject matter there," said Trump.

Again, this happened at the Republican presidential debate, not on Real Housewives of Orange County.