Christie, Bush Put on Defensive on Marijuana Legalization

Paul, Fiorina, Bush all support letting states make own choices.


Also told us to vote him in as president specifically to prosecute Hillary Clinton.
Credit: Gage Skidmore / photo on flickr

Toward the end of this evening's unending directed-by-Peter-Jackson length GOP primary debate, CNN host Jake Tapper brought up a question from "social media" sources seemingly designed to give Sen. Rand Paul a moment to shine (and argue with N.J. Gov. Chris Christie). Paul was asked what he thought of Christie saying that he, as president, would enforce the federal ban on marijuana use in states that have legalized it like Colorado.

Paul responded that the drug war has been remarkably unfair, pointing out that there were people on stage who had admitted to smoking marijuana. He said politicans were all coming from places of privilege talking about the drug war and that it's poor kids who go to jail for using drugs, not rich kids.

The person he was talking about was Jeb Bush, who admitted that he had indeed smoked marijuana when he was younger. They had a go-around about whether Bush would put families in jail for trying to get cannabis oil for a small child suffering from seizures. Paul was referring to a failed effort in Florida from 2014 to legalize medical marijuana. Bush defended his opposition to the initiative, which he saw as a path to full legalization like in Colorado, and he opposed that move. But he pointed out that Florida had passed legislation to allow for the specialized marijuana oil use to treat children with certain conditions. Bush also supported allowing states to make their own choices on legalization.

Christie, then, said the drug war has failed, and pointed out New Jersey directed non-violent first offenders to treatment not jail, and yet he repeated every drug warrior argument that he could think of, calling marijuana a "gateway drug" and saying it was a threat to productivity, as though that's something the federal matter.

Furthermore, he tried to defend himself from Paul's criticism by pointing out that New Jersey allows for medical marijuana use. This was an odd defense, to say the least, because Christie has a lengthy history of criticism of the viability of marijuana as a medical tool. He was so resistant to it, and his administration had dragged its feet on it so much, ReasonTV even did a video about it:

Carly Fiorina also jumped into the discussion (for those who didn't watch the debate, enforcement of order was fairly lax). While she supported Paul's argument that states should make their own choices and that there needed to be more drug treatment and less mass incarceration of drug users, she wanted to make it clear that she felt drug use was dangerous and not something to be normalized. Fiorina's step-daughter, Lori, died in 2009 after a struggle with alcohol and drug abuse. Fiorina used her personal experience as an anecdote warning against recklessness.

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    1. We don’t understand how fucking butter interacts with the body.

        1. Shhhhhh………that faggoty fuck Bloomberg might get more ideas about how he needs ‘protect’ us and spend a hundred million to get butter banned.

          1. Bloomberg, Bush, Carly, and Christie, just don’t want to allow people to make their own choices. They all want a police state to live in. As long as they are above the rules they expect others to follow. Christie, was a former asshole federal prosecutor, who would lock people up for jay walking if he could. Bloomberg would ban a water pistol if he could.

      1. Fucking butter? Is that another name for santorum?

        1. He was making a “last tango in Paris” reference.

      2. Now, there’s some guys out there that like fucking women. And there are some guy who are gay, and I guess they like fucking other guys. I’m also given to understand that some guys fuck sheep, which sounds like any politician anytime, am I right?
        But for my money, I like to fuck butter, and I don’t care how it interacts with my body.

        1. And if you’re Rafi, you fuck a watermelon. Consensually, and also non consensually………and in different holes…………

    2. Well she is a fucking retard as well.

      1. Related question…… there anyone with Down’s syndrome who is a porn performer? Has that happened yet?

        1. You are too interested in the question to be given the answer.

    3. Pfft

    4. In other words, we don’t get money from pot like we do the other pharmas. We need to give you crap that will make you sicker and screw up other parts of your body so they can make more money treating those ailments. Yea, stay away from that dreaded marijuana, it may actually do some good and cause some to lose money.

  1. Did not watch. Anyone want to give a summary of how Rand did overall? Anything good come out of this, or are we still totally fucked?

    1. He once again got the least amount of time, but every answer he gave was pretty good. Above all he came across as the most reasonable man in the room, surrounded by jackasses.

      That being said, he doesn’t at all project the kind of macho strong leadership bullshit image your average GOP voter wants so I’m not sure how much support he’ll gain from thus other than reinvigorating his base.

      1. I thought he got the least time too, but to my great surprize, he came in seventh and was very close to Cruz. Link

    2. Much better than the first debate.

  2. I pointed it out weeks ago but I hope all the people who saw something Carly were woken up tonight. All she proposed tonight was more spending (on the military, on the border, etc.). Even on this issue she gave token support to states rights and then pulled out the “as a mother…” bullshit.

    Fuck her.

    But mostly, fuck this debate. They spent almost no time on the economy, on spending, and on taxes. What pile of bullshit. I thought the last two elections were full of clowns but this takes the cake. All they talked about was what they were going to spend more money on. Oh sure, in general terms they all said “i want to reduce spending and taxes” but every time spending came up it was all “well we should spend that money spent on planned parenthood on helping mothers” or “we should double down military spending” or “we should have a ginormous federal bureaucracy to murder immigrants.” No one ever said “hey how about we just cut that spending.”

    Rand did good though even though he got no time.

    Finally, CNN making Trump admit that he thinks vaccinations cause autism was the best thing they did, what a fucking clown piece of shit.

    1. Trump admit that he thinks vaccinations cause autism

      And tomorrow support for vaccinations will drop by 30%

    2. “CNN making Trump admit that he thinks vaccinations cause autism was the best thing they did, what a fucking clown piece of shit.”


      1. Yes, this is news. To the internets!

  3. And as to Christie saying on marijuana, how about this you lying piece of shit. *courtesy of reason*

    1. I now realize this is cited in the article, but I’m angry!!!!

    2. I now realize this is cited in the article, but I’m angry!!!!

  4. Rand should have just said straight out thatd hed let the states have recreational weed, he dosent have to go full ron paul (legalize it) in order to do this

    1. He said that.

      1. no he kept referring to a medical situation to evoke sympathy from those who think that using weed recreationally is immoral

        1. He also kept referring to the 10th amendment and that the states should make the decision and that the feds shouldn’t be involved. It was what he started and ended with.

        2. Rand has been openly in favor of letting states decide their own recreational marijuna policy for a long time

        3. What’s the difference, as long as everybody understands that medical mj is used recreationally?

  5. Was it Carly who said that “America needs to have the strongest military in the world” or one of the other clowns?

    What world do these people live in? We spend more on our military that pretty much anyone else combined. Does anybody doubt that we have the strongest military? What the fucking fuck. Why was nobody talking about fucking cutting spending?

    Best foreign policy: Free Trade and Free Markets.

    1. I don’t doubt that we have the most expensive military. I don’t know if that translates into best. Everyone says it does. I think they are probably right. But this is the government we are talking about.

      1. Every military is government though, so that cancels out.

      2. Every military is government though, so that cancels out.

        1. I blame these repeated double posts on switching to greasonable from reasonable.

          1. What we need is for the federal govmit to declare war on squirrels.
            For cereal though, I think the stat is that the US spends more on its military than the next 3 (?) countries combined. The question mark is because it night be the next 7, I can’t remember and am lazy. Google it you’re own damn self! When did this become an inquisition? It’s not my fault! Wait, who let Agile Cyborg near my drink?

            1. The US is responsible for 45% of all global military outlays, and we spend more than the 14 nations behind us (China, Russia, England, France…) combined. I would simply ask the chicken hawks: How much is enough??

  6. How much of a threat to productivity are twinkies and Big Macs? You can’t be very productive if you can’t touch your tows or walk more than 20 feet without stopping to catch your breath.

    1. I’ve lost 55 pounds in the last year plus. I’m in much better shape, but I was a pretty productive fat ass. The man still got his money’s worth, it just easier on me now.

      1. There are also some pretty damn productive pot heads and they don’t need to call in sick on a regular basis due to the side effects of having a gravity field strong enough to support your own moon.

  7. And fuck all the Sinophobes. “We shouldn’t have state dinners with China.” Are you fucking serious? We shouldn’t even have state dinners with one of our biggest trading partners? Go fuck yourselves.

    Free Trade and Free Markets.

    1. Only if they serve live fetal brains catered by Planned Parenthood.

    2. It’s not even that. Countries have to have diplomatic relations with other countries. The Soviet Union was one of the most evil governments to ever exist. But they were a power on this planet, and we needed to have a way to talk with them.
      Rome had diplomatic relations with Carthage.
      I think Americans are becoming arrogant. We’re pretty convinced that nobody can beat us militarily, so why the fuck do we need diplomats?
      An arrogance that history shows is unwarranted, and that is also responsible for needless violence; if I don’t have diplomats but only generals, then I have no options besides war or capitulation. Further, I have no advisors beside those arguing for war.

  8. Rand did fine for the most part though he did miss a couple of opportunities. That said, he seemed to be the only adult on the stage and listening to the bumbling, hyperbole, pandering and outright lies from the other candidates made the debate a fairly miserable experience. And how the fuck is Trump leading in the polls? What an embarrassing piece of shit. America, you gives me the Sadz.

  9. I don’t think Trump’s autism comments will hurt him much. Nothing else he’s said has hurt him.

    It was sad to hear Paul make good points and get no applause.

    1. The audience wasn’t representative of the voter base. There isn’t that much love for GW in the wider party. Even less for the Iraq debacle.

    2. Trump is what the media wants the Republican nominee to be. It would further their narrative that anyone not a progtard is obviously an idiot, like Trump, who reminds me of watching a chimp pilot a speed boat: It’s really funny to watch, but he’s probably not going to get anywhere, and could cause alot of damage.
      It is fun to watch, but increases the chance that The Shillary will be the next POTUS.

    3. “It was sad to hear Paul make good points and get no applause”

      Republicans are intellectually primitive. They respond to growling at Mexicans not good arguments.

      See: Trump,Donald

  10. I think Cruz probably got on my nerves the most, since he seemed to prefer speaking (or pleading) to the camera, rather than engaging with those present like a normal person.

    1. Don’t forget taking


      dramatic pauses

      at odd


  11. “Threat to productivity”

    What the fucking fuck? I spend 8 hours a day toiling in a job and earning a meager wage that the government (state and federal) takes more than half of. Yet I’m not allowed to get high and be unproductive on my own time? How is that any worse than all the people who get drunk every night (something I also enjoy)? Seriously, fuck every politician who thinks this way. Mind your own damn business, you pieces of shit!

  12. Really should ban all? I support him

  13. I do wonder do others also realize that the reason there are so many crony-bankster/crony-corporate/crony-military sponsored repub candidates is because the goal is to drown out, and wash down as much of the libertarian, and constitutional values as is possible?

    After all, how can these thieves and murderers continue to steal from billions of people across the globe, if myself and others are knowledgeable, purposeful, dedicated, liberty-minded, and enlightened enough to stop them?

    1. There aren’t enough of those liberty-minded people to make a difference.

  14. I own my body – not you fat boy – and I will put into it what I want.

    So fuck off !

  15. I was disappointed in Rand at that moment. I feel he had an opportunity to slam Christie on his hypocrisy. While arguing about the 10th Amendment and states rights regarding recreational marijuana, instead of fighting over medical marijuana in New Jersey, Rand should have brought up the fact that Christie has been fighting with the federal government in regards to sports gambling. Federal laws says sports gambling is illegal (except for grandfathered Nevada) but Christie wants to legalize in New Jersey so Atlantic City can compete with Las Vegas.

    1. “Rand should have brought up the fact that Christie has been fighting with the federal government in regards to sports gambling. Federal laws says sports gambling is illegal (except for grandfathered Nevada) but Christie wants to legalize in New Jersey so Atlantic City can compete with Las Vegas”

      Except that Rand likely believes it is none of the Feds bizness whether NJ has legal gambling. At least if he follows his libertarian principles.

      Rand could have called Christie out a bit more explicitly on the WoD, however. Why not mention the thousands of people in jail for no violent offense and the thousands of families destroyed by this? And the thousands of people killed as ‘collateral damage’ due to the turf battles over drugs. Prohibition all over again.

      1. Rand did mention the majority of the prison population is non-violent drug offenders.

      2. I wish Paul would have done some homework on this. Christie, that POS said he’s in favor of medical marijuana but he has done all he can to restrict it’s use. from putting up roadblocks (hmm, consistent with bridge gate) to medical marijuana clinics and making it almost impossible to be able to use the stuff. Maybe Reason could fire off some info about chissie’s “support” of medical marijuana.

  16. Fraudsters/ scam artists all supposedly “debating” each other about how best to spend your money for you “in your own best interests”. Who you gonna choose, slave? :-).

    The “debate” was a waste of time, a distraction, nothing more. Governments, and presidential candidates, regardless of whether they are elected or not, do not solve problems, only create more of them 🙂

    Fact: there are _no_ political solutions for _any_ percieved “problem” ; never have been, never will be – not “right wing”, not “left wing” , not even so-called “Ron Paul”, or “libertarian” solutions.

    Fact: As long as you believe that real political solutions actually exist, dear reader, you will remain firmly locked inside “the Matrix”; i.e. exactly where the Obama’s, Trumps, Sanders , Pauls, etc. all want you to be:-)

    Fact: the author of this article is just another in the endless stream of “inside the matrix” writers doing their utmost to keep you firmly buried/entrenched deep inside that “matrix”, by encouraging/flattering yours and others here endless fantasies of dreamed of political “solutions” to yours, the country’s, or the world’s, problems, when in fact, there are none, can be none, and never have been any 🙂 .

    Regards, onebornfree.

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  20. Jeb “sorry mom” is she going to spank him for that? He needs to act like a man and not some little kid that needs mama. Christie I doubt you will win your own state you might as well get the hell out now and quit spending the people money on a election run in which you are not even in the top five. Fiorina-If you did not see the problems with your daughter coming how do you expect the problems of a whole nation. Cannabis legalization is the issue directly affects most Americans. I should be address by the debate moderators directly and it is not. Legalize Now!

    1. You ain’t going to find no man in Jeb. He lets Trump belittle him on national TV. He’s as much of a coward as his brother is an idiot.

  21. I’m glad marijuana is illegal in most states. I LIKE breaking the law, it’s fun! And obviously breaking the marijuana laws is a gateway to breaking even more and bigger laws. The average law breaker also learns to disrespect society and politicians in general so there is that plus.

    You go Christie you great big ball of pig fat!

    Can you squeal like a pig also?

    1. Making it illegal sure has help curb it’s use. Florina’s kid died of the drug OD, maybe if there were laws against drugs, or maybe a war on drugs then he wouldn’t have……..oh, wait. Or, maybe if it were legal, he could have approached someone for help……

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