Obama Tuning Out Second GOP Debate, Facebook Dislike Button, Donald Trump: P.M. Links


  • The Jungle Book

    President Obama will not be watching the second GOP debate. Press Secretary Josh Earnest said the president has better things to do. Good for him, but the staff of Reason will be live-blogging the whole sorry spectacle.

  • Victory for Drew Sterrett, a former University of Michigan student who faced an especially farcical sexual assault accusation.
  • Grand jury recommends murder charges for Baruch College fraternity members involved in death of a pledge.
  • Facebook is developing a dislike button. Ack!
  • After seven seasons, American Ninja Warrior crowns a champion.
  • Expect the Title IX inquisition to get much, much worse under a President Hillary Clinton.
  • Ben Carson is getting really popular—almost as popular as the great Donald Trump.
  • Watch the trailer for the live-action Jungle Book movie here.

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