Donald Trump

Deal or No Deal with Iran? Trump, Beck, Levin, and Bachmann Talk to Reason TV

What we saw at the Rally Against the Iran Nuclear Deal.


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Wednesday's big event in Washington, D.C. was a rally sponsored by the Tea Party Patriots against the Iran nuclear deal.

The event drew several hundred people who showed equal amounts of contempt for the Islamic Republic of Iran, President Barack Obama—and the congressional leadership of the Republican Party.

There doesn't seem to be a clear libertarian position on the Iran deal—some think it will open Iran up to moderating Western influence while others think it doesn't do enough to keep the mullah's nuclear ambitions at bay.

Reason TV caught up with Glenn Beck of The Blaze, radio host and best-seller Mark Levin, and former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, all of whom ragged on establishment Republicans as much or more than they did on Harry Reid, Barack Obama, and Islamic clerics

And we managed also to find out what Donald Trump—the big draw at today's event—thinks about libertarians.

Run time: 7 minutes.

Produced by Nick Gillespie and Meredith Bragg. Photographs by Todd Krainin.

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Original air date was on September 9, 2015.


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          1. The Small Faeces, yes.

    3. Dr Mathole Motshekga

      What a mathole.

  1. “I cannot speak for you, sir. But my ancestors were not monkeys. They were orangutans. Hard working, patriotic orangutans.”

  2. I hereby declare Saturday-night-links.

    Chicago Sun-Times editorialist brings tired morning shock-jock routine to print: raping a prostitute is not rape-rape.

    A recent case involving a prostitute and a john is making a mockery of rape victims.

    Authorities say Roy Akins went to and agreed to pay a prostitute $180 for sex.

    When the unidentified woman showed up at his Austin home for the transaction, Akins allegedly took her to the bedroom and, instead of handing over the cash, pulled a gun.

    I’m not one of those women who believe rape victims are at fault because they dressed too provocatively or misled some randy guy into thinking it was his lucky night.

    But when you agree to meet a strange man in a strange place for the purpose of having strange sex for money, you are putting yourself at risk for harm.

    It’s tough to see this unidentified prostitute as a victim. And because this incident is being charged as a criminal sexual assault ? when it’s actually more like theft of services ? it minimizes the act of rape.

    (emphasis mine)

    1. Goddamn white, male, republicans are such misogynists and always perpetrating the patriarchy.

    2. Goddamn white, male, republicans are such misogynists and always perpetrating the patriarchy.

    3. “Also, its completely cool to rob drug dealers.”

    4. Interesting that both the editorialist and the rapist are black….

      1. Also, Hitler had black hair.

        1. You should see what happened after I took Pepto Bismol for 3 days.

        2. I just thought that a female columnist writing a column minimizing rape was a very odd thing, but a black woman defending a black rapist is not as surprising.

          1. Say black 20 more times so we’re clear on your point

  3. Goddamn gypsy should realize the fucking latest color for freedom is orange, but so the magic wagon rolls:

    1. Purple is the new orange, which is now the old black.

      1. Did I inquire about the super mural you were depositing on the massive wall? Turn out sweet?

        1. You did. It did. Now it needs to fly. The humidity worries me. Fucking nylon, if you’re gonna be artificial, be courteous enough to be inert.

    1. ‘Left’ starts with an L. ‘Liar’ starts with an L.

      Coincidence? I think not.…..daily-kos/

      1. After I saw the photo of that guy and read that he was arrested I half-expected shreek posts to stop appearing.

        1. nah

          In an article at feministing he wrote he called Bill Maher a hate speech advocate….shrike would never blasphemy the “chosen one” like that.

    2. “his Tanya Cohen alias”

      Ahh. So he’s the person who wrote those great “Free Speech Should Be A Crime” parodies of lefty 1st amendment hate…at Upworthy, or ThoughtCatalogue or whatever

      What seems to me the apex of stupid…. is not “who’s site did this person write at” – but rather that both the Twitchy/Brietbart people and Kos are desperately trying to associate each other with “a “terrorist”…. when the person was just a grade-A Troll.

      Meaning, they’re more concerned with using the person’s *fake persona* to trash one another….rather than to point out how the person’s trolling was so successful for so long, because he successfully mocked the Hard Left rhetorical style. (and I presume his jihadi style was probably not bad as well)

      1. Forget it, Gilmore, it’s Twitter.

      2. “but rather that both the Twitchy/Brietbart people and Kos”


        the “twitchy/Breitbart” people recognize him as a troll.

        It is Koz and people like Brianna Wu who tried to peg the guy as a terrorist linked with conservatives/breitbart/gamergate/whatever they hate at the moment….and then it backfired on them as he pretty much was sockpuppet-trolling pretty much everyone including getting published on feministing and the daily kos.

        1. Reely?

          “‘…and people like Brianna Wu””


          1. Yup Brianna Wu was accusing the guy of being in gamergate cuz he made like 34 tweets 6 months ago…then it turned out that Brianna was talking to him a few days ago on an alt twitter account about a feministing article he wrote.


            Yes. Kos specificly said the guy was a briegtbart writer and the daily Kos would never publish a terrorist cuz terrrorists are conservatives and stupidly linked the tweet to an article saying the guy had written for the Daily Kos.

            Demonstrating the specifics of why Kos is an idiot is not a denial the guy was a troll.

            ie the original claim he was a terrorist was by Kos and the original claims by Kos claimed he was a conservative rather then an equal opportunity troll and writes for Breitbart which he did not.

          2. “Reely?”

            “Joshua Goldberg has been called a “white supremacist” troll by the media today, and as a “GamerGate supporter” by Wu, but it would be more accurate to describe him as simply chaotic.”



            Unless you want to claim Milo is not “Breitbart people” enough for you.

            1. Oh shit!

              Joshua Goldberg

              Joshua Goldberg





              1. I keep forgetting that saying the word “G********” guarantees another dozen posts about shit no one cares about

                1. I keep forgetting that saying the word “G********” guarantees another dozen posts about shit no one cares about


      3. his Tanya Cohen alias

        I fucking knew it, I’m still in amazed so many people fell for this.

    3. Fuck him. Let him hang.

  4. Trump, Beck, Levin, and Bachmann?

    Why would Reason cover this lunatic gathering?

    Why not the many US Generals who support it? They aren’t crazed anti-Obama wingnuts.

    1. Or the 200 retired generals and admirals who are against it.

      1. Plenty of war boners out there that need a handjob.

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          1. And that was the last time MIT had a faculty outing to Atlantic City.

    2. Probably for the same goddamn reason CNN sits its tight scrumptious ass on Trump’s pelvic region and grinds its fleshy curve biscuits into the somber face of the billionaire douche bag day after fucking day. These people are interesting to a lot of people who sell commercials and general citizens who enjoy kneeling to imagined superduper people and hence, your friends and my friends in the rags we generally fucking hang around from time to time will be found beavering the edges of these politique catchments.

  5. Thirty-six retired U.S. generals and admirals published an open letter on Tuesday announcing their support of the Iran deal “as the most effective means currently available to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.”

    “The international deal blocks the potential pathways to a nuclear bomb, provides for intrusive verification, and strengthens American national security,” the high-ranking officers explained in the letter.…..-iran-deal

    Yeah, cover the crazy motherfuckers like Mark “High Pitch Spermy Voice” Levin instead. Way to go, Reason.

    1. Careful, ass pleasure……..rds-peace/

    2. Again with the insightful comments!

      Tell us more about what’s wrong with us.

      1. If the fucking New Bushpigs want a war with Iran (which is 3x the size of the miserable failure in Iraq) – fine. Campaign on it. Just goddamn tell American voters you want a $5 trillion war in Iraq in 2017.

        Just be honest. Don’t lie and say “it is a bad deal”. The G7 are pulling the sanctions. It is this deal or nothing.

        1. “The G7 are pulling the sanctions. It is this deal or nothing.”

          Fuck you are going to make me defend the shit throwers at Reason aren’t you?

          Reason has time and again shown how sanctions do not work (in Iran and elsewhere) and Nick asked each of the people (aside from Trump cuz he never got a chance) about their opinions about the effectiveness of the sanctions.

        2. Tell it like it is, brother!

        3. “It is this deal or nothing.”

          I see.

      2. Isn’t being a peanut bad enough?

    3. “The international deal blocks the potential pathways to a nuclear bomb, provides for intrusive verification, and strengthens American national security,” the high-ranking officers explained in the letter.”

      Every single assertion in this statement is untrue save one.

      1. “Intrusive verification” with 24 day’s advance notice? Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse could have passed drug tests with 24 day’s notice.

        1. The true assertion I was referring to is “…high ranking officers explained in the letter.”

          All the rest is false.

          1. I knew that. I was corroborating, not contradicting you.

          2. I don’t even know if there was a letter, or what rank was involved.

        2. I believe most of the NFL players calls the old drug tests ‘arithmetic tests’; you were warned early enough that if you didn’t do any stuff X days before the test, you’d pass.
          Pretty sure Kaepernick would have failed.

        3. The “they get 24 days” thing is bullshit.

          1. Because that’s “only” the “maximum time” and it’s not 24 but 14 + 7 + 3? Your argument amounts to: “That’s technically true, but….”

  6. Huh, say what you will, this event got a bigger draw than the “8 or so” lefty protesters that often show up for an event that gets above-the-fold coverage in my local rag.

  7. Bachman is shorter then I imagined….and she wants to bomb mob bomb Iran.

    Beck’s anti-war stance is refreshing. Even admitted he was wrong about Iraq.

    1. Even admitted he was wrong about Iraq.

      So the Beckerhead is smarter than Dick Cheney.

      1. Cheney is Jesus in a miniskirt with his dick cut off and replaced with Sandra Bullocks cloned vagina.

        1. Well, I would not have thought of that but it kind of makes good sense.

          1. Of course its good sense, you whore ass pleasurer.

            1. I love whores.

      2. I know!

        And there are all these people here who always defend Cheney! And you totally didn’t just randomly pull that out for no good reason at all!

  8. This whole Iran deal from start to finish is both terrifying and laughable.

    What exactly do we get out of the deal?

    I think president ‘Peace in our time!’ is trying to put war with Iran off until the next inevitable R president and then the Ds can hang the blame on them. Of course the party of stupid will gladly hang the blame around their own necks.

    There is only one way to deal with Iran. Shoot a cruise missile up the Ayatollah’s ass and then send a message: “Abandon your nuclear program and allow inspectors in.”

    1. I hate to state this obvious shit but your plan, Suthenboyo, sort of sucks.

      We shot like a humongous pile of cruise missiles at various places in the middle east and, well, we now fully understand the fantastic encouraging power of cruise missiles shot at fucking raging fucks who kneel and eat the sun every day.

    2. John Bolton, anyone ever tell you that you look like a gay piano player with that ridiculous stache?

      1. Ridiculous staches look awesome on dudes who fully live to wop wippy wap wop wippy wap this fucking river of life thing with a dump truck of fun, booze, camel toes, and drugs- not some somber fucking shit delirious on god’s super deep train of hell and pain and bombs and awesome ships of bam nuclear punches.

    3. So your solution is to attack a country with cruise missiles?

      Then what? Hope that they give in?

      1. So we might as well let them have nuclear weapons, which is exactly what the Iranians wanted from this deal. And 150 billion dollars. And not even a token release of hostages.

    4. Remind me, why did Gahdaffi abandon his WMD program?

      Also, why did Iran release the American hostages they held in from ’70 to ’81?

      Sucking the Ayatollah’s cock isn’t going to do it.

      1. So is your goal here to make PBP sound reasonable?

      2. Libya was a large city, brother. Six million max at the time.
        Iran is no large city. 80 million is no large city.

        Bombs work as imagined in tight confines and maybe when the rainbows toss nickles but not with Iran.

      3. Heh.

        No one has answered my question.

        The only one who has successfully stopped this kind of shit is Reagan. Emulate success, thats all. I am not talking about a full war, that would be stupid.

        Go after the cocksuckers who are doing this personally. They will quit. It is not complicated.

        1. Go for it.

        2. SuthenFUCKboy, Reagan STOPPED shit for a couple of fucking years.

          SuthenFUCKboy, lotsa love but Reagan? For real. REAGAN? THAT DUDE IS LIKE FUCKING 25 years the fuck ago.

          Jesus Christ, can you put some supernatural stoppage on all the millions of Reagan fucks? And tell Suthenboy I love him with maybe a pop in his carrot garden or a baby from his wife he fucks or something. Or some catfish on his lines or something, Jesus.

          1. I finally got a cussin’ from Agile Cyborg.

            I am going to print this out, frame it, and hang it on the wall by my computer.

            1. Shut up= you know I love you.

        3. So:

          Iran is a signatory to the nuclear nonproliferation treaty. Their nuclear sites are being inspected by the IAEA. They have been following the additional protocols imposed on them by the UN. Signatories to the NNPT are supposed to be able to have a civilian nuclear program.

          Now they have a more intrusive inspection agreement. And you think we should attack them.

          Why would any other country ever want to agree to this kind of treaty?

    5. “This whole Iran deal from start to finish is both terrifying and laughable.’

      You’re making the mistake of treating it like the Keystone Pipeline = a HUGE DEAL just because people are fighting about it.

      instead, it is just another pipeline in a country full of pipelines. Its absence won’t save the planet, and it being built won’t cause Global Warming to accelerate either.

      the Iran deal is a bad agreement mostly because it accomplishes “nothing”. There’s no real impetus to do *anything* if it isn’t a substantial improvement on the status quo.

      That said – the ‘something’ we’re doing isn’t the end of the world. we should have abandoned sanctions when it would have actually helped make a difference undermining the regime. The way we’re doing it now isn’t “better”, but the degree that its “worse” is fairly minimal.

      It changes the status quo in ways that may provide the west greater leverage than before. Because the threat of resuming sanctions, once the public has had a taste of improved economic conditions, may prove to be more influential than the 30 years+ of constant embargo

      1. Releasing $150 billion in frozen assets isn’t “nothing.” Iran is not going to be spending that money on widows and orphans….

        1. Big fucking deal. they’ll buy some jet planes, they’ll throw a few parties. The more important thing is the cashflow generated by their freed-up economy which will enable iranian people to make money in ways besides those expressly subsidized by the regime.

          iran is not quite the great boogeyman people seem to think. Pakistan is far more troubling but you don’t see people pissing themselves in public about it.

          1. That’s because the only terror groups Pakistan supports are relatively small and aimed at India. The terror groups Iran supports are all over the Middle East, and in other places around the world.

            1. And wow the sanctions really did a bang up job there didn’t they.

              Dude, don’t pretend to inform me about Irans history. Doesn’t change anything about the core point. feel free to wet your own pants, but don’t demand everyone else play along.

              1. Have you got your panties in a twist about something? You seem more ill-tempered than usual.

      2. Sanctions are the most awesome way to torture millions of neighborhoods filled with mothers and fathers trying to eat.

        1. Yep. Every tin-pot dictator makes sure the wymens and chillunz gets fed first when food is short, right?
          Just like ol’ Kim in NK; those soldiers STARVED while the kids et…

          1. Well, sanctions aren’t starving the tin-pot dictators anyway . . .

            Castro never went hungry.

            1. His war machine did.

      3. Agreed. Sanctions don’t work.

        The ball has been dropped on Iran since ’76. I don’t blame this mess on one party or one president. My current complaint is that the present CIC is, like he has done in every other foreign affairs matter, making a bad situation worse.

        He had an opportunity to help topple the insane regime in Tehran and while everyone was screaming at him and pointing their fingers in that direction he remained silent and did nothing.

        Now he makes a ‘deal’ with them that gives them everything they want and gives us nothing.

        Make what you will of that.

        1. So Iran just started hating America for no reason at all in 1979? They shouldn’t hold a grudge against the USA for that little coup that the CIA engineered in 1953 and the decades of brutal treatment under the shah and SAVAK. Americans, though, are entitled to hold a grudge forever over them holding embassy staff hostage for a year.

  9. Just in case, I’m teaching my kids farsi, html, and supply chain management. That way, if they are drafted into our $5 trillion, 15 year war with Iran, at least they won’t be on the front line. Oh, and maiming their feet helps too.

    1. I’d kill my kids myself in the most humane way possible before offering them up on the altar of the mad men here chasing middle eastern dreams.

      1. If you teach your kids to tell stories they way you do, middle eastern dreams will be just one part of 1001 nights of stories they can tell.

      2. Crap- no I wouldn’t kill them. I’d hide them from the United States of Stupid Fucks.

        1. Are you you?

          1. Well, lovely Meriwe ther backward e…. of FUCKING Course I am me! I have never ever FUCKING never BEEN agile cyborg in the first light of the sperm of my existence on this site. Agile cyrborg is and will always FUCKING BE agile cyborg fingered from the mind of a SINGLE individual forever who loves the reasons and threads of reasons and the monsters and angels and demons who flit about this cloudy environ… however…. Meri….

            1. Phew. That’s a relief!

    2. “at least they won’t be on the front line.”

      Honestly you just have to teach them to type to avoid that.

      Or at least that is what the movie black hawk down taught me.

      1. Yes. If they were in danger of being drafted to Yugoslavia in 1998. It’s going to be tougher in 2025.

  10. Time to stimulate the economy.

    Lets purge the old stock of cruise missiles and order some fresh ones.

  11. The planet doesn’t really have a PLANET holiday that encourages all of us to do something together that we all sort of like. Planet holidays would be nice. Like fuck for hours Halloween. Everyone on the entire fucking planet after all the little shits are asleep- fuck for hours THE ENTIRE PLANET OVER.

    Or Punch Your Religion in the Face the planet over. TAKE OUT YOUR AGGRESSION ON YOUR FUCKING NASTY CONTROLLING MUSLIM PENTECOSTAL EVANGELICAL ISLAMIC BAPTIST SCIENTIFUCK SOUTHERN BAPTIST SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST and sort of dying JEHOVAH’s FUCKING WITNESSES and beat the SHIT out of your fucking iron barred religion. Punch ALL Religions the Planet Over in the Face on April the 20th!

    1. I post this in hyper criticalis lasers of religion BUT……..

      Some of the modern young and rare hoary heads have been able to love their gods without resorting to government spears and village dungeons… so I am fucking forced to accept that religion has evolved across the planet in spite of many of its failures….

      I live deep in a wistful oaken jungle and often the little sweet ladies of the local Witnesses to Jehovah like to visit me. Often the pound on the door while I am massaging a nice 8 inch cock to a sweet ebony ass with her lovely pillowy pussy while the Jehovah’s pound… so I tuck away the veined Spacerocket and head to the door where well, today an Indian ebony of about 71 years was handing meso documentus… and an German 65 year-old helper stands by with her nylons toes in her white open toed-sandles…. I mean, why the FUCK are you not intelligent enough to NOT wear nylons in open-toed sandles, dear. I am a FUCKING BIG ASS MUSCLE MAN and I would not do that.. but…. so it goes… I tell the Indian Ebony she gave me several documents of their doctrines and

      1. I sweetly tell her I refuse to be rude because I just am not rude to fucking religious fucks because tons of religous fucks are in my family. So I tell her I refuse to be rude but I don’t believe in anything associated with magic. I don’t believe in spells or witches or demons and she agrees but then I simply state that the dudes kicked out of heaven for being mean to god were once angels….

        And then I ask her if angels posses humans and how can any of these evangelical cultures know the difference between angel and demon possession because it took GOD himself like tons of years to figure that shit out…

        The bitches said they liked my ferns and left and this happens every fucking year for like years and years….

          1. I once drove a shit stick and it was shat out of my ass and it was so hard and long I got confuse and turned about and drove a vehicle of myself into a swamp of turds on my turn gear shift into the shifty world of shit vasts and mods… so not in a shy way I turned about and popped above the liquids of blows…. so it goes. PM

            1. Well good then. I was worried that you were operating the Cracker or the ISOM tonight.

              1. Pl?ya Manhattan.|9.12.15 @ 10:53PM|#
                “Well good then. I was worried that you were operating the Cracker or the ISOM tonight.”
                I presume that’s Musk’s new low-priced rent-seeker?

                1. No. Operations at an oil refinery.

                  Agile Cyborg has hinted that he works at one. I just want to know if he’s in charge of safety, like a real life Homer Simpson.

                  It would make me so happy if that were the case.

        1. “So I tell her I refuse to be rude but I don’t believe in anything associated with magic.”

          Well, right there you’re RUDE! People who bleeve that stuff expect RESPECT from those who wonder WIH they’re talking about!
          It’s a macroaggression; ask eddie.

    1. There’s a reason we sometimes eat our own

    2. “That meant getting arrested.”

      Shoulda’ left the twerp there…

    3. I find parents complaining about their kids sort of silly. If they made it 17 years being this stupid, and you didn’t fucking fix it, then its your own damn fault, “California Mom”

      1. “It’s not like there’s anything I could have done about this!!”

        1. Especially after she admits to buying ‘organic’ to ‘save the planet’…
          The apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

      2. Did you read it? The whole point is that she nurtured his eco-consciousness from the time he was young, and it backfired on her.

        1. Exactly! She (and the gov’t schools) TRAINED him to be an eco-nazi. And now she’s griping?
          Can we presume a lefty here; ‘It wasn’t what I intended (sniff)’.

        2. “Did you read it?’

          I read the first 2 paragraphs, the last two, and skimmed the middle.

          I guess i missed the part where she Greened his ass up and he turned into little EcoFrankenheimowitz

          1. That part was pretty much the entire middle.

            1. Yes, which is why people should post executive summaries for busy people

              1. Well, excuse me, sir. I’ll try to do better next time.

      3. “I find parents complaining about their kids sort of silly. If they made it 17 years being this stupid, and you didn’t fucking fix it”

        Got kids, GILMORE?

        1. none that i know of. but my point seems to be moot since people are telling me the Mom purposely made the kid into the Jolly Green EcoWarrior, and – surprise! – she later discovered that it was annoying.

        2. Eh. I take responsibility for my kids, just like my father and his father did. There’s no way in hell an asshole like that would emerge out of my household.

          1. Good on you

            1. Why not? It’s the most important thing I’ll ever do.

              1. Damn skimpy

          2. I read it recently, and of course it’s apocryphal: ‘Pick good parents if you want to be successful’
            But then kids with no-bullshit parents tend to be no-bullshit kids. Kids with ‘oh CHEMUKILLS!’ parents tend to be, uh, raging, fucking assholes.
            I used to go to a gym, wherein one of the trainers was a sort of small guy, trim, ‘tidy’, Mohawk. I overheard him whining about ‘big chem’ one day to an obviously appreciative client, and, oh, did I mention he was covered with tats?
            I’m sure he had every one of the inks tested by, uh, somebody, before the tat guys stuck a needle into the imbecile’s skin.

    4. . . . can do nothing right in my teenage son’s eyes. He grills me about the distance traveled of each piece of fruit and every vegetable I purchase. He interrogates me about the provenance of all the meat, poultry, and fish I serve.

      How about you tell him – “when you start bringing some money into *my* house then I might, *might*, give a fuck what you think about how far the fruit has traveled. Until then, eat or don’t eat, just shut the fuck up.”

      Fucking parents these days. Its like they’re *proud* of being pussies.

      1. That whole article is a joke.

        I mean, its a joke, right? It has to be a joke.

        1. Agammamon|9.12.15 @ 11:36PM|#
          “That whole article is a joke.
          I mean, its a joke, right? It has to be a joke.”

          It’s ‘turd’ enough that it really might be a troll. I hope so.

      2. “Its like they’re *proud* of being pussies.”

        I know. The first time i glanced at it, it seemed like it was rejecting her crazy kid.

        the second time, i realized she’s *proud* of his juvenile ecotard antics. Hooray for the future!

        I seriously tried to undo a few of these people. It didn’t go well. they volunteered for Greenpeace and were sent to stand on the street in *Brooklyn* (??) trying to ‘raise awareness’ of fracking and dolphins and glacier melting and whatever. As though people who actually are from Brooklyn give a flying fuck.

        (*they were targeting the million odd hipsters… but who needs to convert *them*? I couldn’t fathom the point of the marketing venture until i realized… it was for the *volunteers*. They wanted to be somewhere cool. there was no point to their activity other than to say they did it, and spend the summer in Williamsburg hanging out)

        But i frequently tried picking their brains about what they actually knew about “the environment”. It was depressing. Most were unaware of what the Clear Air Act entailed, or what the EPA spends their money on, or what agricultural processes were the most ‘polluting’… it was just “WE NEEDS MOAR!” regardless.

    5. Where to begin.

      Not surprised to find out that they live in Marin County, California, the epicenter of elitist leftist smugness.

      I also live in Northern California, but clearly a different Northern California. People around here have been growing their own veggies and fruit and raising animals for a long time. They do not pat themselves on the back about it, though. Nor do they think they are saving the world. We have several fruit trees and a small vegetable garden which is technically organic but we never think of it that way. We are cheap, mostly we just use our own compost and our four chickens keep the bug population down. Last night our dinner including carrots and radishes from our own garden; however, they were not served alongside a deep dish of smugness.

    6. “?he spent a June morning pulling weeds from a riverbed.” “?why waste water on flowers?” I am confused; the weeds grew naturally so are not we as humans interfering with nature by pulling them? Before humans came along weeds grew and rivers flowed. Regarding the flowers. Around here the (humming)birds and the bees like the flowers. Does he have something against the birds and the bees? This morning I attended the local honey bee festival. (At one time this part of the county was a major honey producing area.) I thought we were supposed to be concerned about the dwindling population of honey bees. Please let me know the objective criteria for deciding which natural plants are good or bad. Or are all plants equal but some more equal than others?

      I do not wish this boy harm but I would not shed one tear if while at his east-coast elite college he is accused of some micro-aggression, found guilty in a university kangaroo court (that passes for justice) and expelled. The schadenfreude would fertilize my ‘organic’ garden for years.

  12. You stoooooopid mammals are going to regret not having more nuclear armed coutries.

    1. We have lots of cats though.

        1. Toads are cool. I have a 17 year old cat and thousands of toads and a pile of lizards all free birthed and roaming about this fucking grove. I had nothing to do with any of this shit but they hop and fuck everywhere but I do fucking hate it when I mow this fucking place. I save like 99 toads every fucking time I cut the goddamn lawn.

          1. Toads are cool, but cats will eat our splattered brains when the showdown at Dabiq happens. It’s either Mad Man disease or the acceleration of feline cerebriality.

          2. Toads are good for licking. AMRITE or what?

            1. I licked a toad of a certain shade and you will man a dump truck that did not exist but now it does and you will take that dump truck and ride it right into the forest in the hunt of midget bears and when your dump truck fails it should be where no humans have phones but you can hunt the midget bears in peace…. calls to the cops are something you should always avoid because midget bears are only found in the trees not the cop cars or prisons. I hate to admit I’ve been here.

              1. the hunt of midget bears


                1. Oh, look! That bear is presenting!

          3. “…I had nothing to do with any of this shit ”

            You can. I build lizard, gecko, toad, and frog houses all around my yard. It makes a very noticeable difference in the population of both them and the mosquitos. Stacks of bricks work well.

            Anything that eats bugs is a friend ‘o mine.

            The only problem is that it takes forever to weed eat and cut the grass since I have to be careful not to kill any.

      1. Don’t remind. I own two, they keep me on my claws

  13. OT, and also funny, from a thread yesterday: Here’s Cytotoxic pitching himself to a prospective employer, touting his “strong interpersonal skills” and offering to violate federal law if hired. True, the feds may not know who Cytotoxic is, but they can easily find the employer from information in the thread.

    1. You can’t post that without a link to the appropriate Office Space clip. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, well, that’s on you.

  14. Good thing you spent all that time worrying about OSU’s strength of schedule. Toledo? Ha Ha! STFU Bret…..e-schedule

    1. I grew up in Toledo which is a horrible fucking city by the way/

    2. Oh, good. Could you look up the Cal score for me? I don’t have the internet right now.

      1. Wha’d you get this from smoke signals?

      2. How is it possible to post without internet? This is some strange majico.

        1. Can you look up the score for me? Cal vs San Diego State?

            1. That’s not accurate. Cal is the best public school in the nation.

              1. Tied with Denison which is in a Columbus suburb. Not bad


                1. UC San Diego. Not to be confused with San Diego State, which is a party school overflowing with hot stupid chicks.

              2. “Cal is the best public school in the nation.”

                Can I presume you have a “Cal Alum” license plate frame?

                1. No. I drive a nice car. I see that shit on hippie mobiles.

          1. OK: 7 -35. I hope you’re not expecting to find out who won…

            1. .

              1. wait-wow…
                what the fuck is this thing?

            2. Oh, I know who won. I’m just prodding other people into posting the score.

              So many Ohio State buttboys here…

  15. I woke up this day and knew this day would be a camel toe and beer day because I was outside in the fucking air of an Ohio sweet day this day and my wife came casually strollaging from the house to her cool white car in her leather pants and the winds got friskah and blew up the bottom of her plain pink and blackishness shirt and I fell down in my brain when I saw her perfect camel toe framed in black leather in the light of a woodsy ohio sun the gap was about an inch and the lips were obvious and I fell on the gravel but jumped quickly up agin and saw her off in her sweet white shiney car and then I had to live an entire saturday on camel toe and tons of beer man…. goddamn a super awesome camel toe with its swish and swash and perfectly toned inverted pyramidicals …. man killer. I got some chores done but at some point all the shit had to turn into beers and well chemical roller coasters. Camel toes are my god and goddess. Sorry christians and muslims.

    1. I also am a fan of camel toes.

    1. You know she apologized last week on some TV show, and she took ‘full responsibility’ and promised to be ‘transparent’. That’s what she said, and some people didn’t break out in howls!

      1. Hillary Altar Call….
        OUR Hillary is beyond our hurry/
        OUR Universe heals us with Hillary falls/
        Fall on the tears of Hillary’s love and forever lastings
        RISE UP on the here to worship and bow downs/
        and forever Hillary love into eternity by people who worship Hillary….
        I’m sorry Hillary for all my sins and when I fucked that black man while he fucked my wife, Hillary… please forgive my sins, Hillary

      2. “some people” = two or three.

    2. Campaign spokesman Brian Fallon [said] “Literally the e-mails were deleted off of the server, that’s true.”

      And you can believe the Clintons and their staff, because they never lie and they’re always right.

    3. The endless drip-drip-drip of this story is a sight to behold.

      And in the next installment, the FBI loses the server.

      1. ‘Well, ya know, I left it on my desk and when I came back from lunch, it seems…’

    4. Does anyone really think she isn’t hiding something?

      Her closet has more skeletons than the Cambodian killing fields.

    5. You know who else forgot they wiped?…

      1. Typhoid Mary?

    6. Just walk away. There has been too much suffering. Too much hurt. Promise never to run for office or serve in government and we’ll let you keep your email and forget to investigate the felonies.

      1. I wouldn’t mind her being forced to pay the income tax rates she want to impose upon everyone else. Just her, though.

  16. Ding a wonga swinga bloka blika fiki goki
    sling aqong hunji were a lika be oso diki skiki
    liki buko
    frito juko lopopopopop
    trity russello bertrandy soso miller nietzzzzosimo
    doop whitehead doop whitesled
    sartre swords swerves swoons sartroochian
    dinka long darknooses and tentoocles and hoary fucking dead brains
    in the altars of the lost moons

    1. Catchy little ditty!

      1. Agile caught him a Rich on a thread hook… Pleasingly released. With a humongous spacecraft with a massive planet fucking cock spewing light hearted swarms of sperm and cheese…

  17. I just want to fly into an exotic jungle behind the moon, boys. I just want to roll into a grove on the moon and smoke great pot, drink awesome ipa, and pull some coke threads up me noggins and then fall back and make the bestest lips so happy to visit my head planet with their cunts….and i want my tongue and eyeballs in their assholes. I want to glide my rockets into her star pooper. She screams and bends her ass up on the lights on mars and Agile glances back at his boys on reason and jams his cock into the mistress of the universe where not a single Nasa scientist can go because I am tripping way beyond the trillion dollar space program…. stated respectfully but I am fucking the planets with my fat cock at this moment here under the oaks you trillion dollar distraction …… jesus fucking cum spilled from a hot planet…. what geek wouldn’t fuck a goddamn PLANET!! you little fools… I spilled a huge pile of cum on the princess of the planets and her tits were two huge planets that burnt my hands…

  18. Male mammal trolls for profit by abusing obtuse ancient and irrelevant law. Lulz are had…..ed-manner/

    1. some laws lend themselves to abuse ? like laws that are deliberately broad


    2. …and now, with their eyes opened to the law’s potential for abuse, the women who got sued for anti-male discrimination call for the repeal of the Unruh Act…

      …sorry, I almost was able to type that without laughing.

      1. I mean, sometimes people don’t know how bad a law is until they’re in the crosshairs.

        But then it’s time to register protest against the law.

        Not “I never thought this meant *me!*,” but “wow, this is a bad law and we should get rid of it!”

        1. And I love how the Unruh law, which until an hour ago progressives prided themselves on as being a pioneer achievement in “Civil Rights,” has suddenly become “a 1950s law,” cooked up presumably by a bunch of men while they were golfing at an exclusively male country club. You know, in the 1950s.

          We have always been at war with Eastasia!

          1. White men. In cowboy hats. With confederate flags in their lapels.

            1. 3 self replies. Can I get a ruling?

              1. “Can I get a ruling?”


                The ruling is that of the 5 signs marking the downfall of Reason Magazine threaded comments is the 3rd chronologically.

  19. Question:

    Between Inception, Dreamscape and Brainstorm which is the best movie?

    1. Bonus quesiton:

      Should Strange Days be considered among the 3 mentioned movies?

      1. Strange Days… no.

        By the way, if you haven’t seen Ex Machina, you should.

        1. I did. It is excellent.

      1. At least you did not say Vanilla Sky

    2. Duh. One of those movies had Christopher Walken. The others did not. You do the math.

    3. Inception was tedious. Primer is the obvious answer.

    4. I vote Brainstorm, partly because I saw it at a science fiction convention when it first came out.

  20. light falls on my fingers like atoms cracking space
    and down into and under the fucking seep and sippo
    thighs jungle the knee and thangs dang mother roofies
    the knights be pulling out the sword cocks and dialing the stars
    like be fucking dialing hey, MARS wanna GO OUT wid ME?
    Mars be like, “yeah”…. but I am FUCKING stuck over here next to
    some shitty FUCKING goddamn planet, babe… I have no FUCKING technology to
    go to you party because I’m SIMPLE fucking MARS, babe. NOTHING going on here to try and make
    my shit try to get drunk and shit with hot studs or sweet miniskirts on that FUCKING party marble over there..”

    Jesus Christ, I just felt sorry for Mars. I never once felt sorry for a planet until now.

    1. I feel sorry for that planet after Saturn.

      1. You r so invited NOT GKC!!!!!!!!!!

        Bring down the fucking lightning slips of your magical spine and your wolvish claw armors and gird your knight astral comet helmet… step into the bone mystique floating cathedral of knowing dolphins.. step into the lightness of the beyond.. hold my hand and step into something far deeper- the jungle of space and time… love… step into…

  21. Time for space to be a party zone, bitches.
    Bring the money to space and give big money rooms to fuck hot bitches and studs in and do tons of cocaine in and endless bottles of super rich mexican and kentucky liquor in….
    and space is now better than the fucking islands all over the place on the edges of the beaches…
    Who wouldn’t want to fuck a blonde pussy next to a star while they just did a line and a bottle of jack?

    Super galactic party embroyos… man, bring the real out the edge of space and watch the hill billies thrive… Rednecks will fucking appropriate space in the most fucking awesome way ever and this bitch will be fucking coked up and fucked up and ready to roll with the motherfuckers when they bring up their fucking rustbuckets to jump the fucking moon craters and goddamn stars… I love humans.

    1. I’ll have what he’s having. But about half.

      1. Fucking moist ass bitch mortal. Take your fair share…do you want to live forever?

      2. I think that’s still strong enough to kill like, ten men…

      3. You heard the secret. Toad licking.

  22. man, I open my eyes and I am not here amoung you brothers… i am surrounded by fountains that are backward and neon and I walk above and underneath and my arms are longer and my eyes see a million dots and the stars all have voices that sweetly call to me and I drink them like a supersonic tea and my body feels lofted and light and I float amond future streets on neon glades and voices are so ever vescent and i fall to pulses, brothers. the atmosphere of our future is so sway so fall back so light man… like the best massage ever the lights of the future are love and transcend ribbons…

  23. The clouds are not clouds but mysteries of ourselves… above me is a sweet light and below me is noise. and noise of the universe. and noise that plants planets I am told. Noise is the matter of the living and out here man, in deep death the sounds of all existences go to end. Deep space hurts my ears. Deep space is our future. Deep space is the turnstile of our dust.

    1. Oort or bust!

      1. So fucking Quincy dark matter party, babe….

  24. my lips are falling man
    i feel the snot of my brain on my chin brothers
    the sounds hurt so bad man
    the light is like a knife on my eye
    and my leg is cut off and the lion just ate my fingers
    a huge lizard man shit fuck fukshit fuck lizards man I see planets with arms beating the unos and hugs with comets and massive black cokes and toads that liveson mars and super dark matters planets and light swerve particles and the string dimensions with tiny witches with little glistening clumps on her matrix tones… man pianos in space and so on

  25. Oh the longing of the out
    the slam face fall down hurt of the stars, boys
    the let me the FUCK out of this planet, star boys
    LET ME THE FUCK out of here, world
    I just want out, earth..

    I want to get the FUCK OFF PLANET EARTH, world
    fuck this shit i hate this planet

    why the FUCK…. i will do more acid to get off this Peru…
    fuckit… give me a balloon to the lost blue outside the light air….

  26. Don’t even fucking now why my FUCKING letters on this fucking thing
    I’m typing this SHIT like what the FUCK and why? WHY? WHY THE FUCK do we do this FUCKING fuck fuck shit?

    look at the fingers and i am fucking on cocaine and booze and pussy and I don’t even know why this shit FUCKING …

    WHY am I here? because the only place online I love is here… so when I trip and fly and fall and love is here. on reason. with you brothers. i fucking am gone… I’m on a planet right now but I am so fucking lost in space and cocaine and fucking love……..

  27. First World Problems = Too Much Weed

    1. Gilmore my lovely boy are you a space samurai? a fucking sword and armor power human tank fuck spinning and turning to kill the comet invaders and killers and serial killers of the alleys and undergrounds?

  28. threads and shit.
    why? Why fucking post to the world REASON? why send your jizz in to the world Soave and Welch and Dizzy and the other awesome boys? and the hot staff with boobs and super brains my loverly ENB and Slade and the other awesome brilliant babes the mother scribe and Dahlia and fuck me what the fuck

    I love this fucking volcanic ash of hell because the space of Sinatra is speaking so fucking rainbows and angular mathematical lights that wrap around curves we don’t see but I guess some bitches have figured that poop outta the fuck…..

  29. We live here. we feel us. we live us. we smile us. we tear us.
    Can space feel us?
    Can space feel us?
    We look beyond us… does THAT out there know we are here?
    Do the stars and lights and space waves feel us as a planet?

    We feel space. Can Space feel us? I see no reason why not.

  30. I fucked a comet. It fell and its ass was cute and I jammed my fat cock into the comet and blew tons of spaceships into the comet and it sprang up because it had died and my cum resurrected it and it flew off into space so Agile cyborgs sperm will be visiting some planets none of us will be ever finding because after we are all long gone…

    some super hot muscular boys with 18 inch cocks with massive boobs and blonde hair and great brains will be owning some planets and my ghost will be like… offspring… let’s bring back the reason thread men and women…. best aliens ever…. galactic witchcraft sons….

  31. I also fucked a crocodile star- it had a huge tail filled with bright lights… and a single fleshlight.

    Jesus fucking christ space is fucking hardass when your shit has too much wine and dingalings.

  32. the yawn of the monitor is so bleak my friends
    we look into this thing, why?
    It is isn’t pretty?
    I am coked and haammered and I wish to offer my lovers a line but look? are we so
    underdeveloped we cannot offer the lovers a peaceful place to place lines?
    I just found the next evolution of internet… atmospheric postings… browsers, please STOP all the white and nasty eye raping fucking bombs…. place us a dimmer on the browsers.. .softness at late night light light NOT the FUCKING eye hurt whites……

    Drugs make the eye sensetive…..

  33. I don’t understand why we do this
    why am I here? Why are you here?
    I guess because words from the avatars connect me.
    I connect myself to the avatars….
    seems personal but we are fucking not even real man…. we should stop pretending we are real here or anywhere

    1. ‘Why are you here?’
      ‘Cause it’s a Saturday evening after dinner and we’re checking the web?
      Or do you mean “why” more globally?
      ‘Cause we really didn’t have a lot of choice.
      I’ll toss it back to you; Why shouldn’t we be here?

      1. just trying to survive planets and aliens and suns and shit, babe….

        1. You’re ‘surviving’ just fine. As did those of us who have ‘survived’.
          The city fathers roasting the ox in the Sonoma town square were not thrilled to see us showing up at 2AM to ride the swings. They were drinking; we had chosen other diversions. It was cool; this was a while back…

  34. Reason, here is your next assignment: figure out what is going on between us. Your scribes and us. Maybe do drugs with me and then find out how spaceship this shit is…. or find a dealer you can spaceship with and connect the intangibles of the binary opinions with supra intangibles of ultra-dimensional responses where i kind of feel i’m trapped right now.. man. trapped in a thread infinity bubble

    1. Maybe do drugs with me

      Someone could put an eye out!

  35. Why are threads so intimate? why is this a passionate living reality of expressions? Many of the brothers and sisters will post infinitely to [posts and oft and benign dragons live in the clouds of the sleeping….

  36. The geography of the light blue lines around our arguments walk the safari of brains.
    A savanna of hyenas lurks in the sweet winds of lost spaces….
    He offers hope as a sun man but no one has ever seen a sun man…

    we will make this thread our call to the planets, sisters and brothers

  37. the tines tingle
    and the necks fall back
    under the flax and paramount precipices where we stand searching under the metallic trees of a
    singular ethos jutting forth and frothing with lonely stars and nebulas broken with axe evolves and we
    strain at the edges of a breaking beyond waiting for the collapsing rocket driven by the cowboy of space riding his bronco ship to save us from the dying and his metallic shimmers glisten softly under the dying nebula projections and as we are star-starved and the lights hammer like lave the cowboy brings his ship home and saves the NASA astronauts from supra deep space jungle hell and we float off the screaming demons of death stars into the vonyage of futurage positivity…

    space out, agile lived.

    1. G’night.

  38. I arrive but reason, I will go deeper tonight into the darkest depth…
    and for this I wish my favorite lovers peace…

    I am going so deep into many hours….. peace

  39. OK, let’s see if the thread is still alive after being thoroughly Agilically Cyborged….

    For the good of the world, you can use the time machine to erase three people from history. Who do you choose? I choose: Muhammad, Marx, Hitler. Imagine a Middle East of pagans and Christians and Jews, a world with no Communist countries, no World Wars… at least that’s what I’d be hoping for….

    1. Drew Pearson. From a Viking fan. Maybe Les Steckel.

    2. OK, I’m not sure there was a ‘Muhammad’; anyone got evidence?
      Not sure that removing three people would help. Hitler, maybe. Mao, doubtful; Chou was right there. Certainly not Lenin or Stalin; both were surrounded by paranoid thugs willing to step right in.
      I’ll take Ehrlich for starters, but even he seems to be a result rather than a cause.
      Marx? Would that poisonous drivel have happened without him?
      FDR certainly for the US, but not as a global player.

      1. Muhammad? I heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend who heard it through the grapevine that Muhammad’s world was a vampire.

      2. Muhammad or no Muhammad, Koran was plagerized from.the Bible. Take out Constantine and no one outside of some obscure sects even know about it by the 7th century.

      3. Did Muhammad Exist? by Robert Spencer casts some doubt, but the title is a bit flamebait-y and a stretch. In any case, there should be some possible time-travel maneuver to erase even legends.

    3. You take out Hegel, that takes care of Hitler and Marx. Frees up another pick for you.

      1. Sean Kemp, Steve Kerr, and Reggie ….Wait, this isn’t a fantasy draft?

      2. Hmm, Hegel, interesting. I read him in college but didn’t get the sense of: “This is the Foundation of Evil Ideologies!”

    4. Christ.

      No monotheistic cult, pantheism reigns. Mohammed doesn’t even get started. Rome’s successors carry on the ‘we don’t care what you do on Sunday as long as you keep paying your taxes’.

      No interfaith wars of any note.

      Marx is laughed at – less ingrained worship of the state as god’s instrument of policy on Earth. You understand that the particular god you venerate is an incredible arsehole and all the others are just worse.

      Hitler is ignored because no one cares about the Jews when you’re also dealing with the Finnish pagans, the Caananites, Atenism, Minoans, and Mithraists.

      1. Well, there’s a provocative pick. I don’t know about that. I’m not sure the pagan world was (or would be) free of religious wars, and some argue that Christianity is a foundational root of modern concepts of liberty.

        Re Hitler: one study found that most early Nazis weren’t terribly anti-Semitic, but had other concerns higher on their lists.

  40. I’m hopped up on some prescription the Tojo looking pharmacist gave me. Being twice the size of the average Japanese, I took a double dose. Fever is down, but probably a bad idea.

    1. I’m just hoping this Melatonin kicks in because I have a 7 hour drive in the morning

  41. “Deal or No Deal with Iran?”

    False dichotomies are false.

    The question isn’t whether there should be a deal. The question is whether we should accept this deal or keep the sanctions in place and try to get a better one.

    Considering Iran’s (effective) ICBM program / the success of its “space” program in already having launched satellites with multistage rockets–in addition to Iran’s enrichment capability–Obama’s deal won’t achieve any of the goals his administration claims. In fact, Obama’s deal makes a proxy war between the United States and Iran much more likely.

    Obama’s deal makes nuclear proliferation throughout the Middle East much more likely, too. The best, simplest explanation for why Obama wants this deal is just so he can have his name on a big security deal and attached to his historical legacy. Obama’s deal with Iran certainly isn’t in the best interests of peace, disengaging the United States from the Middle East, or the best interests of U.S. Security.

    I’d love to think it is, but it isn’t.

    1. The only “deal” that many in the U.S. would have accepted was total capitulation on the part of Iran. Functionally dismantling their enrichment capability wasn’t something they were ever going to agree to.

      A deal that reduces their enrichment capability as much as possible while letting them appear to save face with their own people is good.

      The sanctions weren’t decreasing their enrichment. And the rest of the world would eventually start trading with them anyway.

      If Iran violates the deal, there are still options.

      1. Insisting that they can’t enrich their own uranium because they violated the NPT isn’t insisting on total capitulation, especially if we or Russia provided them with uranium sufficiently enriched for civilian purposes. And suspecting that the sanctions might eventually be undermined anyway is no reason to lift them now–certainly not when they’ve succeeded in driving Iran to the negotiating table. Without access to international credit markets, Iran is much more desperate than we are. Again, the real problem seems to be that Obama’s running out of time to get his name on an agreement. …not that this agreement is the best agreement we could get from the standpoint of American security interests.

  42. lol, that dude jsut looks like a total tool!

  43. Bachmann, Trump and Becker ? No thanks.

    “They love me”, is getting excruciatingly difficult to bear witness when in real life he wouldn’t
    even bother to reward his minions with a smirk, much less a full smile. His bodyguards might reward them with a good shove out into the streets though.

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