Rick Perry

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry Suspends His Presidential Campaign


Foter / Gage Skidmore

It's over for Rick Perry. The former Texas governor, currently running at 0.8 percent in the RealClearPolitics poll average, announced this evening that he will become the first Republican candidate to drop out of the 2016 presidential race. 

From early in the summer, Perry was among the loudest, most direct critics of Donald Trump, and he went out with a speech that offered a series of not-so-veiled shots at the GOP frontrunner, saying in remarks this evening that Republicans "do not need to nominate a candidate who speaks louder than his record," and that "the answer to our current divider in chief is not to elect a Republican divider in chief."

Perry also criticized the "base appeal" of certain types of anti-immigration rhetoric, warned that a candidate who can't stand up to questions from reporters won't be able to stand up to powerful world leaders, and cautioned that the eventual candidate should be more focused on conservative ideas than on defending his or her own celebrity, clearly alluding to Trump in all cases. 

It's too bad that Perry's dropping out. I obviously have an awful lot of disagreements with him, especially on foreign policy, but he ran a worthy, interesting campaign, and has a state record that's worth taking note of. But, as I argued back in August, he just couldn't compete in a race consumed by Donald Trump. 

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    1. Arriba Dare Che

      1. “Who’s this Italian guy you been seeing, Alice?”

        “What are you talkin’ about, Ralph?”


        /The HoneyMooners

        1. One of these days Almanian

          1. TO THE MOON, LEE! TO THE MOON!!!

  1. Buh bye

  2. We’ll always have his glasses…

    1. But, but he had the nerd vote wrapped up!


      1. #DroppedOutOfTheRaceBeforeItWasCool

  3. Perry also criticized the “base appeal” of certain types of anti-immigration rhetoric, warned that a candidate who can’t stand up to questions from reporters won’t be able to stand up to powerful world leaders, and…

    …a third thing.

    1. “a third thing”

      But I can’t remember what it was…..

      Perry never took off as a Presidental contender but he did a good job aexas. He brought a lot of busineses to Texas and oversaw a strong econommy even during the financial crisis that efell mosts states after 2008.

      I didn’t like him for Prez because of hiis social stances but I can find no fault with the economic shape he left Texas in. THe SoS of Texas says we have 1000 people a day moving to Texas from failing states like the Democrat utopia of California as they become aware that feeding their families is more important than social signaling their progressiveness.

  4. Not Rick Carrey! He was my totes faves!

    1. RIP Drew Carey

  5. he just couldn’t compete in a race consumed by Donald Trump.

    But, enough about Joe Biden.

    1. And Chris Christie.

  6. adios mofos.

    poor aggies.

  7. He would have been, like, the 4th least worst, or something. Too bad.

    1. That’s about right.

  8. No more Texas governors for a while. Their appetite for large domestic programs and foreign adventurism know no bounds.

  9. OT: Meanwhile, in Iran: Female cartoonist could have 12 year prison term extended for shaking her lawyer’s hand

    Such slutty behavior will not be tolerated!

    1. “The cartoonist was arrested in August 2014 after publishing her satirical artworks on Facebook … letters of protest written to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader, Hassan Rouhani, the President, and the Head of the Prison Service, over her treatment during those initial three months in jail are believed to have contributed to her 12 year sentence.”

      “Iran has pledged to protect free speech, including through artistic activities, as a signatory of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.”

      Why I ever puzzled over the sympathy that proggies show to lying authoritarian pukes is a mystery.

      Also, I don’t understand the objection to Obumbles Iran deal. Every story I read about Iran is just like this. They seem like good chaps that can absolutely be trusted. I have no problem with the US getting in bed with them.

  10. “Suspends his campaign”. When did this become code for “realized he had no chance and quit before embarrassing himself further”? Can we stop with the wishy-washy language and call it what it is?

    I can’t say I’m sorry to see Perry go. Frankly the handwriting has been on the wall for him for months. He didn’t really offer anything unique in a Republican field that has more bodies on the roster than an NBA team. It’s pretty telling when your main point about his campaign is that he slammed Donald Trump. No interesting ideas, no distinctive policy proposals. Nope, just another white guy in a blue suit. Probably the reason he quit is that the bake sale didn’t raise the money he needed to keep it going another week.

    Perry should just pack it in and focus on other endeavors. He had a great chance to be the nominee four years ago and blew it. This time around was a huge step back and given his rather bland Mr. Conservative policy positions he doesn’t have anything to build on for the future. He’ll make a hell of a talking head, or maybe with his hair he can get his own talk show.

    1. So, what do Gilmore, Kasich, Huckabee, and Rubio bring to the table that nobody else does? Or Carson and Fiorina, if we leave aside the identity politics angle.

      Very strong chance that the GOP nominee is going to be worse than Rick Perry in every dimension.

    2. “Suspend” had me thinking he needed to take time off for a potty break or something. “BRB!”

    3. The technical language of “suspend” a campaign is because he’s not yet closing the campaign organization. Remember that the big tell that Perry would soon be out was that his staffers were going without pay. By suspending the campaign rather than immediately shutting down the campaign organization, he can redirect the remaining funds to outstanding debts ?including paying the backpay owed to staffers. Historically, some campaigns ? those that kept running later into the primaries buying ads with loans and such ?have stayed extant in a suspended state for years trying to pick up the funding for debts, but it seems more the case (especially with getting out at this point) that Perry means to pay off what’s owed.

      In terms of his getting out, I think that Perry was in an interesting place compared to other low-polling candidates, where his record and proposals have been fairly universally praised by the Right but he hasn’t been able to break through. If he was a small fish, he could keep going, but I think that he’s looking at being in a weird “elder outsider statesman” place in the party where he can affect more change than with 0.8% in polls as a candidate. He’s been putting up more punditry in recent weeks (he had a longform piece on ISIS and Syria on NATIONAL REVIEW this morning actually, which made the timing of today’s announcement a surprise, if not the announcement itself), so I expect to see more of that in an attempt to sway other candidates’ policies.

  11. Perry always strikes me as a decent guy, even if I don’t particularly agree with him. At least he was trying to talk some substance.

    Instead we’re in a world where Donald Trump is looking increasingly like the GOP nominee.

    Fuck, why doesn’t the GOP just Kanye?

    He’s not a Republican? Neither is Trump.

    He’s an ignorant blowhard? So is Trump.

    He’s kind of a thug? So is Trump.

    Like Donald Trump, he’s not a career politician. Like Donald Trump, he’s not politically correct. Like Donald Trump, he’s a very successful businessman. Like Donald Trump, he’s very outspoken. Like Donald Trump, he’s not afraid to speak his mind. Like Donald Trump, he’s unapologetic. Like Donald Trump, the GOP establishment don’t like him.

    Really, I can’t see any legitimate reason why someone Donald Trump and not Kanye West.

    1. Ima let you finish but Trumps candidacy was the best of all time, ALL TIME

    2. Kanye would be a historic first

      1. First successful businessman?

        1. Once Washington raised an army and shut down the small farmers moonshine tills, he became quite successful.

        2. First giant whore as first lady. We’ve had some whores in there before, but not giant whores like that piece of shit wife of his.

    3. Kanye West is an even bigger shitbird than Trump.

    4. Kanye doesn’t hate China and Mexicans enough, and that’s what the modern conservative movement is all about.

      1. I wish I could say with certainty that you don’t have a clue about what conservatism is, that conservatism, properly understood, and libertarianism are just two variants of the same thing. At this point, it’s not clear to me that I can.

    5. Once the field narrows down to 3, Trump is screwed. I’m still not convinced he’s even serious about running for president. So far he hasn’t had to put any skin in the game with all the free media coverage.

      There are at least 10 candidates in the GOP field who have no chance and should follow Perry’s lead and bow out. And this includes Rand Paul. The longer we have double digits of candidates, the more Jeb Bush benefits.

  12. OK, before he unleashes his parting insults to Mr. Perry, what insult do you think Trump will hurl?
    I’ll go with “He was just another Texan cowboy wannabe with the bullshit inside his boots.”

  13. What the hell is this? I expected Suderman to be blowing Obo and going on and on about how the Iran deal is peachy but without ever explaining how the US benefits from it. Also, all of the problems in the middle east are Israel’s fault.

    Some fluff piece on Perry?
    C’mon Petey, get with it.

    1. He’s clearly honed in on Scott Walker as his punching bag candidate this time around. Dude does not like pragmatic technocrats who get things done.

      1. Neither do we.

      2. Which is pretty ironic when you consider how much he loves posing as a technocrat himself.

  14. I didn’t know he was even running anymore.

    1. Easy mistake since he had no staff and no money.

      1. Sort of like Rand Paul, except Perry’s staff are in no danger of going to jail.

  15. Well his campaign is only ‘suspended’ so that means he could come back into action sometime between the inauguration of President Rand Paul and the release of Half-Life 3.

  16. So long Funny Man.
    You will be missed.
    [not really, I’d completely forgotten he was running]

  17. Perry’s campaign is suspended but Brady and Belicheat aren’t. No justice.

    1. “They misinterpreted the rules.”

    2. Brady and Belicheat are the Bill and Hillary Clinton of the NFL.

  18. I’m a little surprised at the announcement, because I didn’t know he was running.

  19. The other 15 should drop out now too and stick the GOP with Trump.

  20. Why did Rand Randsplain Perry’s loss on Twitter? Sometimes he should just stfu, or come out not sounding like such a dick.

  21. Four years ago he was talking about eliminating Federal Agencies – great idea even if he needed Ron Paul’s help to remember them all. This year he totally dodged the question of eliminating agencies and cutting spending. Why would anyone support him?

  22. Hmm. Maybe Trump is leading because he at least offers something unique in a field in which everyone else blends together into an indistinguishable mass.
    Might be why Rand Paul is having trouble, too. It’s usually a good idea to try lean right to appeal to the base, but in this case, it just made Paul invisible.
    Trump is offering something different. It’s retarded and crypto-facist, but it’s different.
    If Paul was more of a libertarian like his dad, he’d probably attract more attention.

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