Straight Outta Compton Reminds Us Even Scary Speech Is Protected

California prosecutors use rap lyrics during criminal proceedings against aspiring rappers (and not much else).


I write in The Orange County Register today that blockbuster film Straight Outta Compton serves as a good reminder that gangsta rap is still protected First Amendment speech and it's time law enforcement stop treating it as a depiction of real life events:

The blockbuster film "Straight Outta Compton" dramatizes the emergence of Southern California rap group N.W.A. In 1988, the group's self-titled album popularized gangsta rap music with songs like "F— tha Police" and "Gangsta Gangsta," highlighting street life in gang-ridden South Central Los Angeles.

But in California, law enforcement still has rap in its cross-hairs. Charis Kubrin, a sociologist at UC Irvine, says California has produced an alarming number of prosecutions built on rap lyrics.

San Diego rapper Tiny Doo (Brandon Duncan) spent eight months in jail, accused of conspiring to commit a series of gang-related shootings. Duncan wasn't accused of planning, or being at, the shootings or of pulling the trigger. Rather, prosecutors claimed he willfully promoted and benefited from the shootings through his rap music, even though it was written well before the shootings.

For more watch, "Gov't Tried to Shut Down Rap in Straight Outta Compton, and They're Still Doing It."


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  1. The thought of white people singing along to rap raises this intriguing question, as discussed by Chris Rock:

  2. I am still waiting for official SJW permission for heterosexual married white males to gaze at this flick. Or for it to cum up on the torrents, whichever comes first.

    1. Why, does it contain booty that the patriarchy might gaze upon?

      1. Not sure yet, I have not been able to crack enough SJW code to figure that out.

        1. Wait… I haven’t been following this. Are you telling me that this film is banned and there’s no way to watch it?

            1. I don’t get it.

              1. That is because your white privilege is clouding your mind.

                I bet you didn’t even vote for Obama, you racist shitlord!

  3. So, friend of mine sent me a link to this Uncle Tom who has dared offend his Democrat plantation owners.

    Doctor of Common Sense preaches it

    He’s a little crazy and I don’t agree with him on everything. But him and I see straight eye to eye on the 2nd ‘Shall not be infringed’. and some other issues. And he’s not shy or timid or anything either. I enjoy some of his rants.

    I’m more than a little concerned he’s going to end up like Kokesh, who I also like. CIA already visited him once for saying he’s gonna kick Obama’s ass, lol.

  4. I used to be a little boy
    So old in my shoes
    And what I choose is my voice
    What’s a boy supposed to do?
    The killer in me is the killer in you

  5. Will this be the thread for the night?

    1. There’s only one thread. And it shall not be spoken of.

      1. You just did.

        1. Shut up, denier!

        2. You know the 2 biggest fears of the ruling class Cosmotarians?

          1. Make our own thread.

          2. Edit feature.

          How long must this oppression last?

          1. You forgot “ability to embed images”.

            1. First world issue.

            2. BLINK and MARQUEE tags

              1. And of course, smileys

      2. I don’t see a Lucy thread. 🙁

  6. I’m getting Russian women and gun ads in the right sidebar tonight. I must ponder the meaning of this.

    1. What are, these……ads, of which you speak?

      1. Dude, I would send you links, but unfortunately they have now been replaced by Nissan and … what the fuck is a Lessig2016?

  7. Straight Outta Compton Reminds Us Even Scary Speech is Protected

    Is that what it reminds us? I could have sworn that it reminds us that rap is crap.

    1. “rap is crap.”

      Was. Rap has been dead for quite some time. You can now come out of your caves and celebrate appalachia culture again.

      1. See Yankees? STAY HOME don’t move south or that will be the soundtrack to your homo hillbilly gang rape. The weather sucks down here too and your fellow Yankees constantly remind us how y’all do everything better up there so don’t even think about moving to where we do everything worse. We have at least 6 species of venomous snakes, rabid skunks, bats and foxes, leprous armadillos and I’m sure you don’t want to know the horror of FIRE ANTS (a real animal we have in abundance that your precious snowflake is almost certainly highly allergic to).

        I’m trying to save your lives here so thank me when you don’t even think of moving south.

        1. That’s nice.

            1. Its almost as if people are unaware that most of the rap music of the last 20 years has come from Memphis, Houston, Atlanta, and New Orleans

              1. Where else would one expect Black music to come from? It’s not like they get any inspiration in those Great Migration Rustbelt hellholes anymore.

                1. I was just pointing out that you can’t blame Yankees for yukky rap music.

                  1. Have I ever complained about rap music? I was warning the Yankees about that autoharp, fiddle and banjo shit they’ll be raped to in our scary scenic mountains.

                    1. I bet you can’t even play Turkey in the Straw. You’ll resort to Jews Harp and clogging to cover for your lack of banjo skillz

                    2. I like the ol’ timey country music from way down south where that gangsta shit came from.

                      Although the gangsta shit has older and deeper roots in multicultural American popular culture

                    3. Although the gangsta shit has older and deeper roots in multicultural American popular culture

                      I expected a link to that OG, Leadbelly, actually…

                    4. That’s Jimmie Rogers accompanied by Louis Armstrong. Jimmie is singing an original composition about pimping, bitches, violence and fighting cops down on Beale Street in Memphis. That’s why he was America’s first country music superstar.

                    5. I see your yodeling yokel and raise you 1 OG Legs Diamond

                    6. That “yodeling yokel” is jammin’ with Louie Armstrong singing his hit song all about pimpin’, from 1930.

                    7. Don’t make me Ragtime you like a bitch.

                    8. I was warning the Yankees about that autoharp, fiddle and banjo shit they’ll be raped to in our scary scenic mountains.

                      I actually like that shit but you can keep the fire ants and snakes thank you very much.

              2. We also have the Drrrty South to thank for this.

                1. Show me whatchoo workin’ wit!

                  That female looks alien. What the hell is wrong with you people?

            2. Most definitely better than Lindsey Graham. One mark lean back towards retiring there. I mean SOUTH Carolina, not north. North is out of the question.

        2. I’m trying to save your lives here so thank me when you don’t even think of moving south.

          Not to worry.

          1. When I lived in Nashville, the weather was amazing… until about June. Then a blanket of wet heat would settle over the valley until September and you would basically swim between one air-conditioner and another. One time what i thought was a mosquito landed on our front door that had a wingspan (and I am not kidding) of about a foot across. It looked like it was going to suck your brains out, Starship Troopers-style. Sadly it was a mere crane fly and was harmless.

            I have no hankering to eventually retire in Tennessee.

            My family does have a place on the outer banks though, and I love it down there. (as well as the food) Sadly, the places get crushed by hurricanes every 5 years or so, so its sort of an impractical permanent place to relocate.

          2. Don’t move South? You serious dude? My only consideration is HOW FAR south to move. I’m bouncing back an forth between a couple hundred miles and at least 5000 miles.

            1. Nothing between 45 N and 45 S.

              Chile maybe.

              1. Nothing between 45 N and 45 S.

                +1 I hate summer

                1. No, I love summer.

                  But summer means an average high of 82 degrees and 30% relative humidity. Preferably with a light breeze of 5-7 knots from the SW.

                  1. High here in summer: 79.

                    High here in winter: 67

                    1. Yeah, but I did California for a year and hated the hell out of it.

                    2. It must have been your fault.

                  2. Well, I’ve been in NYC for almost 20 years so “summer” is basically equivalent to “hell”.

            2. Hyperion: The new and improved Florida Man.

              1. I need to go to a place where they have no word for winter.

                  1. Tell me more of this Maui. Do they have the willing wominz?

                    1. Yeppers. Do you like tan, thin girls who have asses that look good in bikinis? Do you?

                    2. Why, yes, yes I do.

                      Do I take a number? Is there some contract I need to sign in blood?

              1. Ah I see the Boys in Brazil have been joined by their American sympaticos.

      2. Most Rap sucks. But what they call hip-hop, on the other hand. Well, I’m not really sure where the line is drawn on the definition. But whichever, this shit right here is golden.

        Put your hands where I can see

        1. Rap is a musical form. Hip-hop is the cultural milieu rap comes from. Hip hop covers the entirety of fashion, lingo, graffiti, dance, rapping, djing, etc.

          its not something people really make a big deal parsing the specifics of. you can use the terms interchangeably.

          I personally think Busta looks like an idiot now that he lifts weights. sort of like dave chappelle, and how Penn looks weird now that he’s skinny.

          Busta’s rap style is of the “one of a kind” variety, and he’s often cited as the ‘favorite’ of people who don’t listen to much rap (as well as some people who do) for that reason. he was one of the people who really turned me on back in the early 90s, when he was with the Leaders of the New School

          1. A Tribe Called Quest’s “Scenario” is the song that really got me into rap as a wee juggler, and Busta was featured on that.

            That being said, he is no Bubba Sparxx (the man who probably killed rap).

            1. (the man who probably killed rap)

              No…I’m pretty sure it was this guy.

              I’m 31.76% sure that John did a Kickstarter to fund that video just to prove his point.

              1. This isn’t rap, but it seems to be composed of sticky residue left where its corpse decomposed.

                1. Nice to see that Mushmouth made something of himself after the Junkyard Band broke up.

                  1. Some of the comments are cute.

                    “IZZY THEGAMER 1 month ago

                    This is the forbidden song for English teachers

                    ThaBalla79? 1 week ago
                    So I guess he’s beefin with dem damn commas again
                    He must be rolling with the apostrophe squad

                    soundwave803 1 month ago
                    Cooking some Ramens, Cooking some Ramens, yeah

                    Critical Corn 1 month ago
                    Fuck up some lamas

                    khadeem sharpe 9 hours ago
                    man i can’t wait for the english version to come out

              2. “” Neza ZebbZebb 1 day ago
                “Bacon sora, i got bacon soraah!””

          2. its not something people really make a big deal parsing the specifics of. you can use the terms interchangeably.

            I distinctly remember when, as musical terms, they meant different things – until about 1995.

            1. I think its informative for people to try and understand that when they made the documentaries like “Style Wars” and “Beat This” in 1983/4 covering NYC hiphop culture… they did so because everyone believed it was probably going to *end any minute now*, as soon as anyone tried to ‘package and sell it’.

              Of course john can helpfully explain how all of this was actually part of a strategy to dehumanize black people so as to entertain middle-class whites.

              1. Yeah, I’m not very knowledgable in this area but I seem to remember a distinction where “hip hop” was lighter and more “fun” than “rap” until suddenly every white suburban kid in America was a “hip hop” fan and that usually meant gangsta.

                1. “I seem to remember a distinction where “hip hop” was lighter and more “fun” than “rap”

                  I think that movie was called House Party

                  1. Ha ha pretty much.

      3. Given that I already live in Appalachia, that’s easy.

        If rap is dead, what kind of music is this fine, upstanding gentleman making?

  8. It is being used against them because they are charged with another crime and the rap lyrics are basically them bragging about doing the things they are changed with. Now maybe we should not use the previous statements of the accused against them unless the statement is about this specific crime That is an interesting question. Whatever the answer to that question is has nothing to do with weather the speech is protected under the 1st amendment.

    I don’t understand why reason can’t grasp this. By reason’s logic using the Unibomber’s manifesto against him at his trial is a violation of his first amendment rights.

    1. I shot a man in Reno. Because the nigga was frontin.
      I did not shoot the deputy. Oooh, take the money and run.

      1. And if you were changed with shooting a man in Reno, you writing a song about doing so could be used against you. As long as you are not charged with living out the lyrics of your song, it will never be used against you.

        1. Your razor-sharp legal reasoning is a marvel to behold.

          1. Gives a renewed faith in the legal profession, doesn’t he?

            1. Frank why am I not surprised you can’t grasp why this isn’t punishing people for speech. I would try to explain it to you again but you are well and truly unteachable.

            2. You are about the intectual level as Bo Frank

              1. If you use rap music evidence against someone who isn’t actually guilty, then they’ve been punished for speech.

                1. In a sense sure. But if you used any other kind of evidence against them and convicted an innocent person the same would be true.

                  The issue is in what circumstances should someone’s prior statements against them as evidence of guilt. Certainly some should but there is a limit. Where that limit is is a issue of evidence not free speech.

                  1. “But if you used any other kind of evidence against them and convicted an innocent person the same would be true.”

                    No it wouldn’t, because that evidence isn’t speech.

                    It has to be real specific lyrics to be admitted as evidence without infringing speech. I haven’t heard any lyrics that come to that standard.

                    1. It is not a free speech issue. You are not being punished for the speech. You are being punished for a criminal act. It is not like you are charged with saying i

              2. Coming from you, John, I’m crushed.

                Perhaps if you screamed louder, or just posted more comments, your concepts would become clear to us simple folk.

                John are smart.

                1. Not really Frank. You are just dumb. You really are. You never have a fact to add or any kind of interesting information or perspective. You just don’t and seem to have no interest in changing.

                  1. You never have a fact to add or any kind of interesting information or perspective.

                    The sad part, John, is you imagine you do.

                    You’re one of the five or six most laughed at commenters on this site. You’re a joke and the only person who doesn’t realize it is you.

                    But, of course, that’s just because no one is intelligent enough to understand you…not because you are an idiot.

                    1. I know I add things. And if you did I would admit it. But you don’t. And that is sad Frank. It really is. You have a set ideology and let it do all of your thinking.

                      And if there is a legitimate criticism of me it is that I waste entirely too much time paying attention to people like you. There are better things in life I should be doing but don’t. That is my failure.

                    2. Please, John, please go do them.

                      Because you are making a complete fool of yourself here.

                    3. Man if I had a nickle for every time somebody said, “Good point John. You’re right, I hadn’t thought of it that way before, and bless you for expressing it in such a non-vitriolic, hyperbole-free manner that people actually got the point you were trying to make, instead of reacting to your ludicrous tone”, I’d almost be able to buy a gumball.

                    4. Maybe if you took out a payday loan.

    2. “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say may be held against you in a court of law. Unless you sing it or rhytmically chant it, then you’re protected by the first amendment.”

  9. Thank you Obama and black lives matter for utterly discrediting the efforts for police accountability.…..police.htm

    1. As dumb as Obama and BLM are, they aren’t to blame for the gullibility and hero-worship pervasive in America.

      “The officer was exonerated not indicted”

      Andew Malcolm is a huge POS.

      1. Yes they are. They intentionally bring attention to close cases for political gain and ignore the real cases of abuse They poisoned the well and played right into the cops hands.

        1. Again, your ability to divine the motivations of those you hate is incredible.

  10. Rap is nothing but a minstrel show. It is totally dehumanizing to black people and the white dofuses who praise it just do so because listening to it makes them feel superior to black people.

      1. They listen to rap music to get the same sense of awe they get when they go see lions in the zoo or watch documentaries about polar bears eating seals.

        1. I am a white doofus who listens to it, and you have hit the nail on the head. It is also why I listen to jazz and blues music.

          1. Some blues is like that but not all. And I don’t think any Jazz is. Jazz is really complex and high level music. I don’t see how you could ever call something like Duke Ellington or Miles Davis minstrel music.

            And even blues is not as bad as rap. There are some blues songs that are exploitive of violence and misery but nothing like rap. And the things in blues are often universal. White people’s wives cheat on them too. The themes in blues are not really any different than the ones in white country.

        2. Tell us about the basketball and the break-dancing now.

          1. You don’t find a bunch of white people listening to a black man give a characture of the worst racial stereotypes imaginable exploitive?

            1. Is that what you think all rap music is?

              1. (sssshhh let him roll)

              2. Not all but a lot of it and certainly the kind of rap that white intellectuals praise.

                1. “the kind of rap that white intellectuals praise.’

                  Like what, exactly?

                  1. NWA for one. Along with TuPac and Notorious BIG and a few others. The more violent and demeaning it is the more white intellectuals like it. The only limit they seem to have was crunk. At that point the feminists just couldn’t take that many uses of the word ho.

                    1. I see. And do you think that the Negro Jazzman’s use of the the marijuana also has a deleterious effect on the youth?

                    2. Notorious BIG and a few others.

                      “Juicy”, Biggie’s most popular song, the song that made him famous, has a pretty libertarian message. He had himself a Super Nintendo and a Sega Genesis.

                      I cannot believe I am engaging you on this topic.

                    3. Yeah Juggler all of his music was about sega and libertarianism. I remember that hit he had about being John Galt and that fabulous Von Misses rap.

                      And you admitted above you agreed with me. Why are now being Gilmore’s butt boy over this?

                    4. I was hoping you were being satirical. I was mistaken.

                    5. Then ask yourself why you enjoy it so much. It doesn’t make you feel like you are looking into an exotic and inferior culture? Or do you really want to be that?

                    6. Eenie, meeny, miney mo
                      John wrecks a thread like a pimp pimps hos
                      here’s how it goes
                      he’s a genius
                      he means it
                      he’s shakes it
                      conflates it
                      intellectually fiendish
                      chumps pull guns because they feel afraid
                      too late
                      with a click and wave they get sprayed
                      lemonade was a popular drink and it still is
                      john’s got more props and stunts than Bruce Willis

                    7. You know what white intellectuals really hate:

                      The popularity of songs likethis I think they successfully badgered Buju into repudiating it for a while. (Although that was more likely record company people rather than intellectual hipster music critics)

                      Same shit went down with the Bad Brains.

            2. Its true, Rock & Roll extols sin, but the kids seem to keep the knife fighting and drag-racing to a minimum.

              1. So Gilmore were minstrels racist? If so, why? Was it just because white peoples pretended to be black or did the substance have something to do with it? Can any music be exploitive?

                And by the way the idea that rap is exploitive and demeaning is a position held by numerous music critics several of whom are black. So this is not some off the wall idea. You might try to think a little about it rather than dismiss any idea you don’t like

                1. “rap is exploitive and demeaning'”

                  You would fit right in at Salon. You should tell them all about your theory.

                  1. No I wouldn’t. Those places love rap. They are exactly the sort of white people I am talking about. They think violence and misery is the authentic black experience. I am not racist and don’t view it that way.

                    1. Do you plan to eventually publish your sophisticated analysis of contemporary musical culture, or simply repeat the same remarks whenever the topic comes up here?

                    2. John’s ability to peer into the motivations of others continues to amaze.

                2. Minstrel shows weren’t racist. I direct you to the opening chapter of Nich Tosches Where Dead Voices Carry for an elegant, concise explanation of why everybody is wrong about that.

                  John read an excerpt from that old curmudgeon Stanley Crouch on Instapundit today.

                  1. I think Ed Driscoll wrote the Stanley Crouch-inspired post dissing rap. Glenn Reynolds knows better than that.

                  2. No SIV I have been saying this for years. Again it is not an uncommon position.

                    It is funny as hell to hear the same people accuse me of being a mindless Rush listening SOCON now accuse me of being a writer for Salon. It is almost like I think for myself instead of letting some ideology or social convention think for me.

                    1. “It is almost like I think for myself”

                      Oh, yes, you certainly do. About things you know absolutely nothing about. And insist people take you seriously.

                    2. Yeah Gilmore. I know nothing. It is not that you don’t agree No it is that only your position is reasonable.

                    3. When did i offer any position john? i’m just poking you with a stick to see how far you’ll go before you freak completely out.

                    4. Okay. Fair enough Gilmore. I not freaked out though.

                    5. Mighty coincidental you’re going off on this the same day it was posted on one of your favorite blogs. I don’t doubt you likely read Stanley Crouch on the subject elsewhere, at length, and some time ago.

                    6. I made the exact same statement earlier this week. I know what I think SIV. I don’t know why you think I don’t.

                    7. You’re absolutely wrong on the “racism” of minstrelsy. Most people are because that’s what they were taught and/or they don’t understand the grand panoply of American popular culture. Much less minstrelsy’s origins in antebellum cakewalk. (I caution you about trying to understand or draw any conclusions from looking this up on the internet. You’ll get some dizzying blur of presentism and cultural politics)

                    8. Maybe so SIV. Maybe minstrel shows were not that. That just means it’s a bad analogy. It does not mean rap isn’t exploitive.

                    9. “It is funny as hell to hear the same people accuse me of being a mindless Rush listening SOCON now accuse me of being a writer for Salon. ”

                      It’s not funny. Your fuckbrain contains multitudes.

                      “Exploitive” = BS speak for “I don’t like it” in this context.

                    10. That just means it’s a bad analogy.


                      Which kinda fucks up your whole argument.

                      You don’t like rap, that’s fine. Like everything else Sturgeon’s Law applies and non gustibus disputandum and all that. I take issue with your declaration that rap can only be appreciated by feeling superior to the culture which produces it. That’s fucking stupid.



  11. Damn, Mad Max is sweetness in 4K. Prettiest dust devils and burning cars ever! Now, back to the road and killin!

    1. Just upgraded the harpoon to level 4…

      1. You’re a lot farther than I am. I’ve only got about 3 hours in, I kept messing around until I got the game where I wanted, which is 4k at about 65 FPS, and I normally like higher frame rates and getting 144 FPS solid at 1080. I think this is the first game I’ve seen that actually takes good advantage of 4K, it looks incredible.

        My only disappointment so far is that my logitech controller won’t work and I like driving with controller and everything else with K&B. I have a wireless Xbox controller though and looking at getting an adapter for PC so I can use it. Sounds like that is working for most people.

        1. Driving isn’t bad with mouse and keyboard…but scouting with binoculars was definitely designed with controllers in mind.

          1. No, it really isn’t, one of the best I’ve seen for driving with K&M. It just doesn’t feel right for me since I always drive with my controller. Especially got spoiled with it in GTA V where driving with K&M for me is almost impossible, but I rule the LA highways with my controller.

            1. BTW, HM, I think I ask you this before, but I think I was inebriated. You are the Dr. FMC on Steam, no?

              1. Yes. The Yellow Peril himself.

                1. I used to be one of those yellow perils, before I went with the full goat, never to look back. Those were the days…

                  1. What the fuck are you nerds talking about?

                    1. Very expensive time-wasters.

        2. Stop off at a Best Buy and grab a XBONE wired knockoff. My experience was that the XB needed to re-calibrate the controller every time I switched it over. Can’t even use a Logitech PSPOOR one – keep banging my thumbs together!

          1. And your PC won’t think it’s got a microphone attached to it, with all the HW conflicts.

    2. I thought there was some sort of gate that we could close to keep these gamers out.

  12. Libertarian Moment: Panama Gun Love edition

    Panama Lifts Ban on Gun Imports amid Rising Crime Wave
    More Firearms Will Mean Fewer Homicides, Says Public Safety Minister

    Public Safety Minister Rodolfo Aguilera said the country will follow in the footsteps of the United States and Switzerland, where the right to bear arms is believed to lead to fewer homicides.

    “Everything seems to indicate that there is no direct correlation in the aphorism that says more guns mean more crime,”…..0&at_tot=1

    1. Not perfect but it’s a start.

    2. I see we’re going to have to go down there and White Man’s Burden those assholes into understanding that as browns, they’re supposed to be progressive, and therefore anti-gun.

    3. Panama is up and coming. My brother just got back, and said everything was awesome, other than the diarrhea.

      1. So the canal’s pretty cool?
        Other than that, I thought it was still a CA populist hell-hole.

        1. He was in Bocas del Toro.

          Waterfront hotel, good food, dirt cheap.

          When I lived in Central America in late ’90s, no such thing existed. It’s up and coming, like Costa Rica was.

          1. I think it has a better trajectory that CR. CR is bogged down with typical developed-world big government nonsense and acute environmentalism.

            1. I haven’t lived there since I was 16. All of the areas I went are fully developed now, with prices to match.

              1. I’m hoping Belize holds out (retirement plan).

                Nicaragua is cheap as hell still, because people are afraid of it. But it’s been stable for awhile.

      2. There are some problems. The last president was deeply corrupt (so not like America!) and the new one put some price controls in place which is just…embarrassing. Not sure if those are still around that happened some time ago. Overall though, I’m pretty optimistic. It must be populated solely by American expats because the area nativists have told me that every place populated by Latin Americans is a socialist shithole and immigration will (somehow) transmit that to America.

        1. If the Chicoms get their Nicaraguan canal built will that render Panama irrelevant?

      3. everything was awesome, other than the diarrhea.


        1. It was the canal sex.

        2. That should tell you how awesome it was, if he’s willing to ignore food poisoning.

          If you’re gonna have an emergency shit, who cares if it’s on an ATV in the jungle?

          1. “That should tell you how awesome it was, if he’s willing to ignore food poisoning.”

            Dunno whether it says something about the place or him…

            1. He was at one of those open grill places, and had undercooked chicken.

              That’s no reason to ruin a trip of a lifetime. He hardly ever takes time off.

    4. The part that bowls me over is that there public safety minister just came out and said that and implemented sane policy. More gun sanity in Panama than Canada apparently. The NRA should set up camp.

  13. How’s this for your Libertarian Moment?

    After nearly a year of deliberation, the state Supreme Court ruled 6-3 late Friday afternoon that charter schools are unconstitutional.

    The ruling ? believed to be one of the first of its kind in the country ? overturns the law voters narrowly approved in 2012 allowing publicly funded, but privately operated, schools.

    Eight new charter schools are opening in Washington this fall in addition to one that opened in Seattle last year.…..itutional/

    1. Well, yeah. That was a moment later.

    2. It concerns tax money so I’m not surprised. You can still send your kid to a privately funded school. Of course you should be able to deduct the tuition from your property tax since WA doesn’t have an income tax.

    3. Well that’s shitty but that’s Washington. Was their ruling sound?

      1. Haven’t read the decision. It’s a state constitution, so it probably has all kinds of special crap about The Almighty State’s Exclusive Domain in Providing Edumicashun for the Churrins.

      2. Basically it boiled down to the fact that the charter schools are run by unelected school boards rather than elected ones, so they are not eligible for funding from “the common school fund”, and because there’s no clear line separating the general fund from the common school fund, the state can’t fund charter schools from the general fund either.

        Translation: we know the legislature is too petrified of the teacher’s unions to pass a law with the wording fixed, so we’ll find whatever tiny technicality we can to strike down the ballot initiative (which will be very difficult to put on the ballot again and would take two years anyway)

        1. Jesus if New York can figure out how to get charter schools it should work anywhere.

          1. You wouldn’t believe how powerful the teachers’ unions are in the state of Washington.

  14. Minstrel show rap music… to help us white folk feel superior.

  15. Where the fuck is Agile Cyborg to rescue us from the “Jap” (that’s a new term I invented – it means “John Rap” – since John is THE expert).

    Hope everyone’s having fun!! I left work early, fell asleep at 6:00, and woke up when my wife threw the Dofie Dog on the bed at 11:00. Now – AWAKE!

    “Kentucky Fried Movie” (never seen it – I KNOW! – right?!) and some food shows. And now the Cartman KITTEH!! is on my lap. Amunuls everywhere…

    1. I feel you. I want to go to bed but can’t move without disturbing the cat sleeping on my shoulders, and really, he’s earned it. Had a rough day of sleeping on the bed. Plus two dogs sleeping at my feet.

      1. Yeah, we have 5 dogs and a cat. Used to have two cats till TIMMEH! disappeared – now we just have Cartman. I usually let the Dofester on the bed (miniature Dachshund/Papillon mix – SHE’S SO FLUFFY!!!) – sometimes add Seumas, the little Rat terrier (he looks like Dobie (sp?) from Harry Potter. Then we have Blue the 100 lb Lab, who, fortunately, prefers his crate. My wife sometimes lets up Buddy, the “only” 50 lb Lab. Lexie is a freak, so we put her in my son’s room while he’s at school.

        Anyhoo – now I’m watching some food show with Anthony Anderson – I love that guy! Favorite role – as a bad guy in “Romeo Must Die” – “Oh Dim Sum….come out and playyyyy”

        Tchuss meine liebchen!

  16. A 16 year old boy at the special needs school I help at has a manical, mocking laugh that he can’t control. I’ve been told that he has an IQ of around 60, but I can’t help but think maybe he is just fucking with all of us and is simply to best troll of all time.

    1. I do not envy you finding a way to work with the kid or around him.
      I can only wish you the best.

      1. Once you realize that none of it is personal in the same way other relationships are, it’s actually an interesting place.

  17. The king of Saudi Arabia made a royal entrance when he arrived in D.C. to meet Obama.

    Guests at the hotel were forced to switch hotels after the king rented every room on every floor.

    “Forced”, eh? Allahu Akbar!

    1. Is this part of a weird Saudi campaign to get people to switch to alternative fuels besides oil?

  18. Here’s a pretty fun Hollywood mashup for a Saturday morning. make sure you stay past the credits.

  19. I don’t suppose John ever considers not expressing a thought he has.

  20. NWA for one. Along with TuPac and Notorious BIG and a few others. The more violent and demeaning it is the more white intellectuals like it. The only limit they seem to have was crunk. At that point the feminists just couldn’t take that many uses of the word ho.

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