Uber Seeing Increased Use in Poorer New York Neighborhoods

New study charts growth over 2014.


No sleep till Park Slope
Credit: {Guerrilla Futures | Jason Tester} / photo on flickr

The urban policy-oriented Manhattan Institute got their hands on data for every single Uber-facilitated ride that took place in New York City in 2014, with the company's blessing. The goal, given the controversies over the use of ride-sharing services and their impact on the existing taxi industries, was to compare where UberX rides are coming and going. Who are they serving? Manhattan Institute Fellow Jared Meyer has released a report today exploring whether UberX has "expanded transportation options in NYC in 2014, particularly in low-income neighborhoods."

Meyer found:

  1. UberX still a small fraction of yellow-taxi rides. UberX rides expanded dramatically, from 287,000 in January to 1,594,000 in December. However, the 9.5 million total UberX rides was equal to only about 5 percent of the city's 175 million yellow-taxi rides.
  2. UberX far less Manhattan-focused. Only 6 percent of yellow-taxi pickups were outside Manhattan or outside city airports—compared with 22 percent for UberX.
  3. UberX growing fast in low-income neighborhoods. Of UberX rides in noncore Manhattan and non-airport zip codes in December, 60 percent were in zip codes with median household income below the noncore Manhattan median—up from 54 percent in January.
  4. UberX serves predominantly nonwhite, as well as predominantly white, neighborhoods. In the 29 noncore Manhattan and non-airport zip codes with one or more UberX pickups per household, black households constituted 29 percent of all households, while the average for all 146 noncore Manhattan zip codes was 27 percent. The aforementioned 29 zip codes included neighborhoods ranging from Greenpoint and Park Slope—where less than 5 percent of households are black—to Crown Heights and Harlem, where more than 75 percent of households are black.
  5. UberX not concentrated at rush hour. Some 2.22 million UberX rides began during 10 am–4 pm, 4.26 million began during 7 pm–7 am, and 2.97 million, or 31 percent, began during rush hour.
UberX ride graph
Manhattan Institute

At the same time Meyer was working through this data, Nate Silver and Reuben Fischer-Baum over FiveThirtyEight were doing their own study of Uber user data. On the surface, the two studies appear to contradict each other. FiveThirtyEight evaluates:

In New York overall, there isn't much difference between the people picked up by Uber and the ones who ride in cabs. Uber and taxis both disproportionately serve wealthy areas within Manhattan or just across the bridges and tunnels from it. What's more, these customers usually live in neighborhoods with abundant public transit access also. In other words, the combination of public transit and for-hire vehicles is something that New Yorkers have been relying on for years.

They provide a map that shows very similar use patterns for Uber cars and cabs. But upon further review, the two reports may not actually be that contradictory. Meyer got a full year of data. Silver only from April through September. Meyer acknowledges that, yes, the vast majority of Uber rides are serving Manhattan and Brooklyn. But as increasing numbers of people called on UberX for rides as the year went on, more and more of those calls were for customers in less wealthy parts of New York:

The data also reveal that of UberX's pickups in NYC's 146 noncore Manhattan zip codes during January 2014, 54 percent were in zip codes with household income below the noncore Manhattan median. During December 2014, that figure climbed to 60 percent. In other words, there were roughly 200,000 more UberX pickups in less affluent NYC zip codes in December 2014 than in January 2014.

Because Silver didn't have the whole year of data, he didn't have the full trend. Meyer concludes:

These findings indicate that ride-sharing services— notably, Uber—increasingly provide New Yorkers in lower-income and minority neighborhoods beyond core Manhattan with a service that complements city-authorized taxis. Further, these findings suggest that, although New York's standard taxi model serves the needs of many residents, ride-sharing is expanding the range of available for-hire vehicle service— thereby reducing inequities in service availability in NYC's transportation market. The beneficiaries include residents of neighborhoods that were previously underserved by available options.

Read his full report here.

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  1. So Uber is engaged in exploiting the poor – and you bastards support them.

    1. Exactly. What this means is that the company is making it so the poor and minorities effectively don’t have access to the same transportation options as the rest of the city. This is another example of how corporations like Uber are destroying equality or something.

    2. Beat me to it by better than three hours. Good show sir.

      Exploiting the most vulnerable in our society. Next thing you know, the Uber patriarchy will be targeting women.

  2. Can we put Uber drivers in jail for failure to provide services?

    Asking for a friend…..

    #KimDavisLifeMatters #tosomeone

  3. Back when I lived in NYC, I more than once hailed a taxi for a black person who was otherwise being ignored.

    If that still goes on, it might explain some of the embrace of Uber in the poorer parts of the city.

    Almost as if racism is inefficient from a market perspective or something crazy like that.

  4. Uber doesn’t provide rides for lower income people!

    By providing rides for lower income people Uber is skimming money from public transport!

    1. Uber is exploiting poor people by giving them rides!

      Uber is enhancing climate change by covering poor people!

      1. Uber doesn’t hire the poor because they don’t have cars!

        Uber is gentrifying the poor by allowing them more access to life improving options!

        1. Uber shouldnt pick up the poor because their drivers wont be making a living wage!

          1. By going into poor neighborhoods Uber drivers are wealth shaming the residents with their more expensive and better kept vehicles!

            1. “Wealth shaming” BEST ONE ALL WEEK!

  5. I got married in Manhattan 20 years ago, and almost was late to my own wedding because of the stupid cab system there.

    IIRC there has always been some time in the late afternoon (4:30?) when all the cabs are ‘heading back to the garage at the end of the shift’ and thus almost no one would pick you up, they were all ‘off-duty’. On top of that on wedding day, it was cold and raining, ensuring even less possibility of snagging a cab.

    So the best man and I ended up taking a city bus to my wedding. Got there just in time, but soaked, and pissed off like a wet cat.

    So fuck the NY cab system. I’m glad to see them undone by their own refusal to be customer-friendly.

    1. You still got to the church on time. Or clerk’s office. Hey, suppose the clerk was opposed to heterosexual marriage………

    2. Rain on your wedding day? Who would have thought? It figures…

      1. It’s like meeting the man of your dreams and then meeting his beautiful wife. Isn’t it ironic? Yeah, I really do think.

      2. You’re right. I should have seen it as an omen and run for the hills that day. Oh, if only current-day me could advise young and naive back-then me…..

  6. The Kentucky clerk thread has over 700 comments. WTF people.

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      Glad I missed it.

      1. It’s mostly John. He did as much damage as he could, all things considered. Gay marriage broke his brain, so about half of the commenters have him filtered now.

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          1. John, I’ll never filter you. Your typos alone are enough to keep me coming back to H&R.

            1. I only filter the cool kids.

                1. Of course I can see that.


          2. I’m just reporting what I hear. I don’t filter people out of principle. I value your contributions on quite a few topics, however, on gay marriage, you’ve absolutely lost your shit.

            1. That is hardly the only issue where John craves cake. Seriously, I ignore him except when I want to poke him for entertainment value, which is pretty much his only value at this point.

              1. So says the guy who claims an influx of thousands of Muslims into Germany will make it more free. They are are lucky to get millions of desperate unskilled people from an alien culture showing up looking for welfare. All said by some Canadian who likely can count the number of foreigners he has ever met on one hand.

                You are delusional and certifiable cytoxic.

                1. I saw a news report today that claimed this batch of refugees were of much higher skill levels than what was expected. And because of that they likely wouldn’t have a big problem fitting into the workforce.

                  It could be a lie, it is the news after all but there’s a chance it’s true.

                2. “desperate unskilled people from an alien culture showing up looking for welfare. ”

                  I’d ask for a citation, but I know you don’t have one.

            2. No I haven’t. Today they threw some woman in jail for having a religious objection and refusing to marry gays. I can’t see how things could ever get any better than that for Reason Libertarians. I don’t understand why you guys are still so butt hurt. You should be euphoric.

              1. “they threw some woman in jail for having a religious objection and refusing to marry gays.”

                You are one mendacious sack of shit.

                1. Cytoxic you are such a humorless douche. It is almost not fun to troll you.

                  1. I’ve noticed lately one of your fave moves is to make a stupid/unsupported/fuckminded statement and then, when it is called out as such, you respond with ‘LOL trolling/hyperbole/’. Figures you’d start emulating John Stewart.

                    1. Yeah humorless douches like you fall for it every time. It never gets old. It is always funny watching half wits with poor reading comprehension like you heads explode.

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                      That is it. You apparently lack the brain capacity to hold any other opinions.

                    2. No, you just don’t read or comprehend them. That’s part of the Red Toney Fuckbrain syndrome. Not my problem. You’re no comic genius btw. Stick to your dayjob.

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      Life does go on after Rufus after all.

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      1. Ha, I only saw about 60 and the Derpmeter was already at Defcon 5. I knew it was a bad idea to return.

        1. Uh isn’t DEFCON 5 the most relaxed level of Defcon?

          1. If only we had millions of Syrian Muslims immigrate. Imagine how gay affirming we would be then?

            1. Probably about as gay affirming as now, but with a stronger economy from all those immigrants.

              1. Yeah because the Muslim world is known for two things; loving the gays and having a great economy. God you are delusional.

                1. “Yeah because Ireland is known for two things etc etc” -John/Butcher Bill in 1850.

            2. Right now, about 60% of Americans approve of gay marriage. So, with ~245 million Americans who are voting age, that’s about 147 million people who are pro gay marriage, and 98 million against.

              So, we’d have to import 49 million adult Muslims, who happen to be all lockstep anti-gay marriage, to flip that the other way. Syria’s total population is 18 million. You do the math.

  7. I’ve never used Uber – what’s the difference between “Uber” and “UberX”? The first report in the post cites “UberX” and the other one cites “Uber”.

    1. UberX is just a regular car with a driver. The alternative, more expensive, is the Uber Black, which is a towncar like you’d get from a car service.

      1. So I wonder if the two reports are even looking at the same data.

    2. UberTransporter gets you a sleek BMW or Audi driven by a martial arts expert.

      UberXXX is not an escort service, contrary to popular belief. It is a ride in a large SUV driven by Vin Diesel.

      1. For your second ride, you get Ice Cube.

        1. The second ride pretty much sucks, by the way.

    3. what’s the difference between “Uber” and “UberX”?

      Live hooker in the trunk vs. dead hooker in trunk.

      1. When they’re dead, they’re just hookers, Cyril.

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    This is the same Egypt that doesn’t have enough money to keep giving raises to it’s government employees.

    I’m sure it will work out fine.

    1. Brasilia in the desert – it looks so inviting.

    2. So you are skeptical of the multiplier effect attached to large public boondoggles?

      1. Not at all, I mean there are going to be a lot of bank accounts that see a large amount of multiplying by the time this thing is done.

    3. Hey look everyone, _Warren_ doesn’t know how stimulus works.

      Everyone in Egypt is about to become stinking rich. Hell, all of the new rich might even cause a price spike in monocles. Luckily they already have all the orphans they need so I am not worried about that.

      *Spins chair around and locks monocle drawer in teak desk. Looks around suspiciously.*

  9. In South Africa if you are an employee of the train company and you see the remains left behind by an unsuccessful and now very messily dead train surfer you can take up to six months paid trauma leave.

    Maybe I’m just a sick, cynical bastard but I thought that that maybe creates the wrong kind of incentive.

    Find out if they have a place on the internet where they gather and constantly dare them to do more dangerous things. If it works, and you’re not found out, you can spend a big chunk of your career on trauma leave.

    1. If you get spat at as a NYC bus driver, you get 6 weeks paid vacation. Guess how big the spike in spitting claims was once they introduced that policy?

      1. I would expectorate that there was a luge increase in claims.

        1. Are others besides Swiss entitled to narrow gaze? Because I will at that one.

          1. No but you can *gaze narrowly*

          2. Certainly, C.A – it is a free market in narrowed gazes. I’ll even throw one in for _Warren_

            *narrows gaze*

          1. “‘the 51 drivers who went on paid leave after a spitting incident took, on average, 64 days off work ? the equivalent of three months with pay. One driver, who was not identified by the authority, spent 191 days on paid leave.

            Transit officials, facing a budget shortfall of $400 million, called the numbers troubling. “We have to see what we’re going to do with that,” “


            1. The Rational NYT Reader-Response =

              “” undefined undefined May 24, 2010

              Spitting into a person’s face, eyes or mouth in this day and age, with many people harboring serious communicable diseases is a serious assault and not a laughing matter.

              It’s incomprehensible, that in a “civilized society” a bus driver or anyone else in public service must tolerate being spat upon as a condition of employment.

              The police should follow the London example and get a DNA swab to arrest the perps.””


              1. Ah come on Gilmore. He’s not wrong about it being assault, and getting a DNA swab is a good way to catch some creeps ‘n cretins. A better use of police resources than many things they do.


                  1. It’s possible that’s I’m a humourless douche, but I don’t understand this response. The worst English Canada has is Toronto or Vancouver, and that’s still not as bad as NYC.

                    1. “I don’t understand this response.’

                      You don’t understand the multi-billion $ *monthy* cost that the municipal unions impose on city dwellers…

                      ….and you don’t understand why their “solution” to every “problem” is simply “spend more money”… “increase enforcement”…. create new municipal services to spend money on… add to the cost… which city taxpayers pay for daily in sales tax, city tax, property tax, and fines that would blow your mind

                    2. I understand that. Assault is still assault.

                    3. yes, what the city really needs is a Special Spit Investigations Unit in a city of 10million people. because DNA testing saliva to find “spit happy” folks is a rational use of resources.

                      You’re a very clever person.

                    4. Taking spit swabs of people getting spit on is a perfectly rational use of resources.

                    5. “Hello, NYPD? Someone spit on me. No, they’re gone now, but I’ll stay here with his saliva sliding down my face for a half hour until you get here so you can find him in a city of 8.5 million and god knows how many tourists. TOTALLY WORTH THE MONEY!”

    2. “Maybe I’m just a sick, cynical bastard but I thought that that maybe creates the wrong kind of incentive.”

      I was already laughing my ass off before I read that sentence. You don’t suppose they did that on purpose, do you?

      1. It seems unions have a lot of power in SA so it’s quite possible.

    1. Dear Obama,

      I want to take a dump in a box, sell it, and call it mayonnaise. Please help. It’s the right thing to do.

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      So, she wants it to crash and burn in fits and starts then become, eventually, pointless? Doesn’t seem like a good plan.

      1. This lady? I think it’s a dude, but I don’t know anymore.

        I wouldn’t want the Solyndra blessing either.

        1. I read the letter but failed to note the name. The style was so effeminate I assumed it was a women.

          1. “The style was so effeminate I assumed it was a women.”

            That’s because starting a company that whines about “our outdated food system” is so lame it causes your penis to fall off as you gain a vagina so deep that if you enter it Gollum will ask you riddles.

            1. That’s a truly disturbing visual.

              So, you’re saying Michael Pollan has The Ring?

            2. nicely done

    5. The fuck was that?

      And who are Hampton Creek to elicit much animosity from youz?

      1. The vegan mayonnaise assholes. All they need is for a word to be redefined so that they can legally defraud their customers.

        1. There’s no such thing as vegan mayonnaise. Eggs are necessary in mayo.

          1. Can we just call it vegan mayo? We have vegan hamburgers so that should fly.

            1. No eggs = no mayo

              1. Are you quoting me from yesterday?

              2. That’s as silly as saying no meat = no hamburger patty. There can and will be vegan (per)versions of both things.

                1. I don’t believe we should pervert the language, everything else? Yes. Just not the language.

                  I was not aware that you, Playa, had strong opinions on mayo. I’m simply expressing my own thoughts.

                  1. Strong opinions? No. Words mean things, though. Mayo has egg yolks, oil, and a souring agent (vinegar, lemon, whatever). I don’t make the rules, but that’s what they are.

                    1. Like Marriage?

                      Just kidding!

                  2. Yeah I’m with you and Playa.

                    There are rules to food recipes.

                    Pesto, mayo, whatever – all have specific requirements to make them what they are or else they’re something else.

                2. “no meat = no hamburger patty”

                  Correct. Hamburger patties are made of beef.

                  You can call it a veggie burger if you wish. Or a portabella burger. But it is NOT a hamburger.

                3. “no meat = no hamburger patty”

                  It isn’t a hamburger patty, it’s a vegan burger.

                  I’ve never heard someone call it a vegan hamburger.

                  1. Okay fair enough. Veggie burger it is. Then vegan mayonnaise should be called…vegannaise or something. I don’t think this is the to get butthurt on.

                  2. The formality is funny though. Even better, “I will take a vegan hamburger sandwich, please”

          2. You can take that up with Bo. He feels very passionately about it.

            But yes, Mayo is an oil in egg emulsion, by definition.

          3. Wait a damn minute. If her concoction doesn’t have egg in it, what the hell does it have?

            *cringing while imagining the answer might rhyme with ‘go to’.*

        2. Turkey bacon worse than vegan mayo

          1. I actually like turkey bacon at home – it’s a lot easier to cook when you’re artless like me.

            1. I have a daughter who’s vegan and she doesn’t like it. I think bacon is the one thing she really misses.

              1. Heh, vegans can’t eat turkey bacon.

                1. Oh right:) it’s the vegan bacon she hates.

    6. “As much progress as you’ve made, you know there’s a lot that still needs fixing. And our outdated food system is the thread running through much of what’s broken??from diabetes to food deserts to the decline of our family farms. From Birmingham to Boston, folks don’t believe good food for everyone is possible. No one knows this better than the First Lady and you, Mr. President: Food needs a leader.”

      These might be the worst people on the planet.


        That there is one of the greatest strong of words I’ve ever read.

        1. King Crab or Prime Rib?

          1. OK, that was good_Warren_

      2. You know the Wookiee is reading this, nodding, and plotting her future empire as we speak.

    7. What would it look like if we started over in food?

      Most of us would starve to death.

      *cue soundtrack of demented SJWs bickering over the metaphysics of quinoa*

      1. What would it look like if we started over in food?

        I’m not giving up my jumbo eggs; they’re so big they usually have a double yoke.

        The hens that lay them are so huge they cannot support their bodies on their tiny little talon feet. they nest all day long pooping out tremendous delicious eggs.


        1. And how do you prepare these eggs?

          I cranked out a nice plate of huevos rancheros just before the sun came up. It’s the right way to start the day…

          1. Nice, but you sound fancy.

            I saute a few extras in butter or bacon fat (peppers, onions, cheese) then scramble. Sometimes I top with sour cream.

            1. I hade extra beans, rice, and ranchera sauce from fish taco night. Gotta do something with it.

              If I have time (which I don’t), I’ll do a scramble Julia Child style. That takes about a half hour of effort, though.

            2. I fry mine in the bacon grease as soon as I take the bacon out.

          2. You are both wrong. A nice smooth hollandaise over a salt and peppered poached egg on an english muffin, crispy, hickory smoked bacon on the side. Hot coffee.

            That is the right way to start the day.

            *re-reads MLS and PM’s recipes.*

            Ok, sometimes… if that is wrong then I don’t want to be right.

            1. Applewood and you have a deal.


    8. Fake mayonnaise can only be an improvement on the real thing. Seriously: why not just eat semen?

        1. But still better than mayonnaise.

          1. I, for one, wouldn’t know.

            I will just go ahead and take your word for it.

            1. Dammit. Walked right into that one.

      1. Spare us your dietary and/or sexual preferences.

        1. Spare us your dietary and/or sexual preferences

          But that is literally all I am good for.

          1. LITERALLY.

            But we like you.

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            “Let’s you and him fight! I like Steven Abootman! I gladly took my Bennigan’s coupon over the border to exercise my freedumz in the GREATEST country in the world – my little playground, the United States of Can….America!”

            1. I laughed. “Jerkwater”? I feel like your somehow posting here from the 1950s. Sadly, I have never been to a Bennigan’s. Last: I am only insufferable because I am right.

              1. I think you’re neat-o and want to spend a whole day hugging you.

                1. “I think you’re neat-o and want to spend a whole day hugging you.”

                  I am so biting this line.

                2. FINALLY SOMEONE LOVES ME

      2. Allergies. Supply problems.


        1. I already regret asking.

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      4. Next you’ll be asserting eye boogers are more delicious than bearnaise on a prime rib.

        1. You hush your mouth!

        2. A prime rib should speak for itself. I’m trying to decide where I’m going for prime rib this weekend.

          It’s my birthday, and my wife can kiss my ass. Fuck Mr. Chow, I’m going where I want.

          1. Happy Early Birthday! Today is mine. Yes, I’m a Virgo, but I’m sure everyone already guessed that.

            1. Today? Really? I’m on the 6th…

              What are you doing? Good dinner? Going out? Getting wrecked? Male hooker?

              1. Drove my oldest son to college today. Had dinner at Roots with husband, younger son, sister, and nieces. Now, just relaxing with a glass of wine and the interwebz.

                1. Oldest son in college, eh? Maybe you are too old to be my internet fling…

                  1. Oldest son in college, eh? Maybe you are too old to be my internet fling…

                    I’m 44 but have the upper arms of a 43 year old (I lift weights).

            2. Mine was Friday. Fellow Virgos. Happy Birthday peeps. Me I had the best fried chicken I had in years at this little cafe Saturday afternoon. That was my Birthday treat.

              1. Sunday, for me. Got drunk and ordered a pizza, i was very disappointed.

                  1. yes drunk,pizza,disappointment. I did better Monday, seared a slab of pig in my Favorite cast iron skillet added homegrown tomatoes, some onions and garlic and roasted till the pig was done, removed the pig added some wine and stock and cooked/mashed the veggies down into a sauce and served the pig and sauce over pasta.

                    oh and got drunk again.

                1. “…ordered a pizza, i was very disappointed.”

                  I had a huge store bought pizza about two weeks ago. It was the first one I had had in ten years.

                  I choked down half a slice and then divied the rest up to the dogs.

                  1. “store bought pizza”

                    For a second i actually had no idea what you were talking about.

                    Then i remembered… they sell these frozen things….

                    I will confess = when I was a kid? Elios toaster oven pizza? (the square things) was a kind of special delicacy. I could also get them at the public pool in the summer.

                    I think that was the last time I ate anything like that. Now I want one.

              2. Happy birthday all. Lots of Virgos, mine was last week. My FIL made bierocks with key lime pie for dessert.

                1. Had to google bierocks. Those look pretty awesome.

                  1. Yeah they are very good and they freeze well

                  2. Yeah they are very good and they freeze well

                    1. ugh I thought my squirrel problem had gone away

                    2. That’s what they want you to think.

    9. OK, question about all this: the line I’d heard about why (most famously) Kraft Mac & Cheese is called Kraft Dinner up in Canada is that there is something about the way Canadian law defines cheese and Kraft’s doesn’t make the cut (har, har). So…is it or isn’t it? If Kraft’s cheese isn’t cheese but they still call it such, why the uproar about whether these guys want to call their unappetizing goop “mayo”?

      I don’t at all disagree that these guys are being pretentious pricks about it, but I guess my bigger concern is that as long as there are rules about these sorts of things, they should be consistent, and fair.

      1. Thank you. I don’t like the rules, but I hate the cronyism even more.

        Kraft Mac N Cheese is a “process cheese” under FDA rules. When you add milk during preparation, it becomes cheese again.

        I don’t know much about Canadian law.

      2. I don’t get the problem here-

        Velveeta is not Cheese
        Pringles are not Potato Chips
        Semen is not Mayonnaise
        Light beer is not Beer

        It’s really very simple.

        1. Fat free ice cream is not ice cream.

          Diet soda is not soda.

      3. IMO, they can call it whatever they choose to call it. Some people call Miley Cyrus hot and/or talented. Saying something is something doesn’t necessarily make it so, though.

        1. Li’l Miley Ray is hot and talented.

        2. ” Miley Cyrus hot and/or talented”

          Miley Cyrus is very talented if you go look at her version of Jolene. And she would be hot if she still looked like she did in that video, rather than morphing into the syphilitic freak she is today.

          I wish I’d saved my vagina Gollum joke for Cyrus because she deserves it.

          1. Syphilitic?!?!

            1. I’m guessing. Maybe she hasn’t gotten diagnosed yet, but if she doesn’t have a case of the syph before she exits her 20’s, I’ll be shocked.

              1. Easiest STD to cure.

              2. I’m guessing super gonorrhea, the kind not treatable with antibiotics. Your nose rots off your face and you go mad.

                1. No, syphilis is what rots you apart and makes you crazy. All syphilis is 100% susceptible to penicillin.

                  Untreatable gonorrhea OTOH is either here or very nearly here (assuming the newly discovered soil antibiotics don’t blow our antibiotics paradigm apart). If you get infected with this, it will migrate into the warm moist environments of your genitals and, after long enough, your heart valves. Here it will grow into a biofilm that clogs your heart valves and kills you.

    10. “Uh, Josh? I don’t think you’re supposed to put “crappy” in a letter to the President…”

      /old skool grammarian

      Plus, what the hell does this even mean?:

      At Hampton Creek, we’ve built a movement?and the fastest-growing food company on earth?around fixing how we feed ourselves. We can’t do it alone.

      Either you did build it, or you didn’t. BHO knows.

      1. It is proggiespeak. Obumbles will understand it very well.

  10. Fiction?: Soylent Green Is Made Out of People!

    FACT: Hampton Creek’s ersatz “Just Mayo” is made out of RAPESEED OIL AND PEA

    How ’bout a trigger warning for the survivors, Hampton Creek?

    1. I would like to introduce these people to the rendering industry.

    2. Then there is this


      1. I see what you did there. Canola you see what he did?

  11. I think it was in the AM links thread where I saw “people” that didn’t like Fargo. Those people are worse than mayonnaise, be it artisinal or vegan or whatever form

    1. Mayonnaise is very important for certain purposes.

      The problem is you, but I’m sure you’re aware of that.

      1. Gotta have the maynnaise or there would be no “Officer and a Gentleman”


      2. I am not the problem. I am the solution.

        Does “certain purposes” = anal lube? I mean it’s about as good as semen so may as well start with what you end up with.

        1. Can we not talk about Rick Santorum?

        2. What does semen taste like to you?

          1. vegan mayo?

            1. Can’t say I’ve tried either.

          2. I wouldn’t know.

        3. Not this lube


  12. I had a Smoked Brisket on Texas Toast sandwich with grilled onions and peppers and provolone with some mustard and bbq sauce for lunch today. It was the awesomest.

    1. Did you make it? If so, recipe plz.

      1. Nope, City BBQ in Columbus

        More Cowbell 7.99
        Award-winning Beef Brisket, topped with peppers, smoked provolone, onions and creamy horseradish sauce piled high on Texas toast!

        Seriously. best sandwich I’ve ever had. They do some great smoked brisket there.

        1. I added mustard and BBQ sauce. I think maybe some sort vinegary relish would of been a nice touch but outstanding.

          1. It also had little crispy I think like fried onion bits for a little crunch. Not a lot of that though. There’s a picture of it on their menu. It’s pretty small though


          2. My go to relish-of-choice is the Huy Fong Sambal Oelek. It helps that you can buy it in Walmart and I don’t have to go chase other hot pepper relishes around the supermarket/grocery store world.

            1. I’ll have to pick some up I’m in love with Huy Fong’s Chili Garlic sauce. It’s liquid gold. I made a Philly with Rib Eye steak once using a food network recipe from Sandwich King. Fontinella cheese, carmalized onions and peppers, anyways the relish he used was some Hot Giardiniera that he chopped up in a processer. I couldn’t find the Hot so I added some hot cherry peppers to the regular Giardiniera. Made a really good relish. All on a toasted hoagie bun. That was an outstanding sandwich as well.

              1. Chili garlic is better than sambal, IMO

                1. I believe the chili garlic is the sambal with garlic added. I like the sambal on hotdogs with mustard and chopped sweet onions.

        2. My god that sounds amazing. In Jersey City today, that kind of dough got me a Philly Cheesesteak sandwich, which while tasty, is probably not in the same league.

          BTW, what in hell is “Texas toast”?

            1. My god… heaven.

            2. Garlic bread made with regular white bread. Garlic bread in NYC/NJ is made with Italian bread.


              1. Yes, it is just thick garlic bread. Virgos are so fastidious.

          1. It’s bigger and thicker than regular toast. That’s what Texans told me.

          2. BTW, what in hell is “Texas toast”?


            1. Seriously. We don’t have that where I am. At least not commonly.

              1. Yeah it’s thick sliced bread toasted with lots of butter and garlic which softens it up some..In a good way

                1. I actually just noticed their picture shows a sub bun but that’s not what it came on.

            2. both Texas Toast and Onion Rings were invented at a little BBQ joint in Dallas. Pig Stand I think.

              the Texas Toast came about when their bread was delivered unsliced

              It can be garlic bread but usually isn’t. just extra thick Texas size slices of white bread, toasted and usually buttered.

          3. White bread cut twice as thick. It’s then toasted or grilled with butter or garlic butter on both sides until golden brown. You can buy it frozen but they likely substitute some abomination (like rapeseed oil) for the butter.

        3. That sandwich does indeed sound badass

          A restaurant near me (a nice place) had a lunch menu with a steak sandwich au jus which was basically chopped filet mignon, with peppers, onions, horseradish on the side. only it was like $17. but it was bomb-ass

        4. I live in Columbus. I have had City BBQ. I have not had this sandwich.

          I don’t like bread (their traditional buns are a waste of stomach space) but I think I might have to try this out.

    2. Yes. Please. I plan to smoke a brisket.

      1. Start out with something easier. Brisket is the finish line.

        1. Such as?

          1. I’d start with spare ribs. Can’t mess those up.

            1. Done.

              1. And came out pretty damn good.

            2. I’d recommend throwing some corn on the cob on that smoker last 20 or 30 minutes since corn is really good right now. It’s great smoked.

              1. I’m entertaining on the 12th – that sounds like a cool thing to add to the meal.

                I like cooking pineapples on a grill.

                1. Don’t sell yourself short, you’re entertaining almost all the time!

                2. Pineapple and soy sauce go together. You can figure out the rest. Good luck.

      2. Are you dry-brining it Montreal-style? That Canadian Pastrami is fucking excellent.

        1. It’s called Smoked Meat!

          Not sure what I want to do.

        2. I’d caution against pastrami until you know what you’re doing. If you haven’t cured meat before, there’s a lot of room for error.

          I made pastrami once. Delicious, but it took a week and a half.

          1. Here’s a good start:

            I smoked with cherry.

            1. Will check it out.

  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9puLBIX48M

    Donald Trump and Hugh Hewitt have one of the funniest exchanges I have ever seen. Hewitt asks Trump if he knows General Suleimani who runs the Quds force in Iran. Trump pretends he knows who this is, but when Hugh says he’s the leader of the Quds force, Trump starts talking about the Kurds because he misheard Hugh Hewitt. Trump then rambles for two minutes about nonsense before declaring that this was a gotcha question, after which he says that he’ll learn the differences between Hamas and Hezbollah “when it’s appropriate.”

    Probably my favorite part is when he says ‘those guys you just mentioned probably won’t even be there in 6 months,’ even though Suleimani has been head of the Quds Force since 1998.

    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KAldcxPlPNw

      Oh, and Hewitt asked Carly Fiorina the exact same questions without her knowing what the questions were, and she crushed them. At first I don’t think she knew who Suleimani was either, but once she heard Hewitt mention the Quds Force she knew all about them.

    2. Who, besides Paul and possibly Cruz, among the candidates of either party, have the slightest interest in the good of the country, in the principles it is founded on?

      The rest are in it purely for self aggrandizement and self enrichment through cronyism. Thus their complete ignorance about any real issue or problem that isn’t a squirrel.

      1. I think Sanders is interested in the good of this country, I just think he’s horribly mistaken.

        1. Many of them believe they’re interested in the good (not Hillary, for sure), but most are horribly delusional.

          Obama believes he’s doing what’s best for this country. He’s just horribly, horribly wrong.

        2. I want to believe that but no matter how hard I try I just can’t make myself do it.

          There is no excuse for engaging in the politics of envy and calling yourself a socialist after the 20th century and what we see going on with socialism right now. I think he is just a smiling, likable devil. It may have been you Irish, I don’t remember, who said he claims to be pro-gun now but the minute an armed populace thwarts his dreams of a socialist utopia he won’t hesitate to unleash the dogs. That is absolutely true.

      2. Fiorina has some of her heart in somewhat right places. Maybe Perry too.

        1. I am responding to everyone here, not just you Cytotoxic. They all put on a good show, but I ask you, where were all these fucksticks when Rand was filibustering about the NSA? Where was their concern then? Where is it now? Cruz was the only one who stood by him, that I remember.

          1. Rubio joined in, but Rubio’s contribution was fucking retarded. That was when he quoted Wiz Khalifa on the Senate floor, remember?

            You can’t blame Fiorina for that since she wasn’t a politician. Same with Perry since he was a governor, although I doubt Perry would have joined Paul even if he was in the senate since Perry seems like someone who would support the NSA.

            1. Rick Perry, life long democrat who never worked in the private sector and was Al Gore’s campaign chairmain in Texas in 88 or 92. stuck his finger in the wind and switched sides. parrots some conservative lines but can’t explain them because he doesn’t understand them himself. he basically patterns himself after a left wing caricature of a conservative. adios mofos

              1. Fun fact: Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church was (reportedly) Al Gore’s 1988 campaign chairman in Kansas*

                *The internet just says he worked on the 1988 campaign in an organizational leadership capacity but I recall the claim he was state chairman.

          2. Good question.

    3. For some reason, Trump brags about not having a fucking clue who other people are.

      1. His entire campaign is predicated on ignorance and assholishness as virtues. That’s one of the reasons I hate his supporters. Conservatives are always bemoaning moral decay and then the guy leading the Republican Party in the primaries is a person with absolutely no moral sense who actually behaves as if the worst aspects of his personality are worthy of praise.

        So I don’t want to hear conservatives babble about the importance of morality when Trump is still leading their primary.

        1. It irritates me more that conservatives are always moaning about how unfair the (admittedly biased) media and pop culture is to them and then they do things like this. One thing that became clear to me some time ago was that conservatives just fucking suck. They are victims of themselves far more than anything else.

        2. The other thing that I find funny like that is that one of their big outrages about immigrants is who they might vote for. Hello!

  14. Uber is Da Bomb dude, like seriously.


    1. NSA says wut?

  15. Just checking in…looked at Scott’s previous post..
    Everyone ok? Anyone hurt? Everyone have all their limbs? Their minds? Anyones butt hurting really bad? Are we all gonna be able to be friends and move forward from this?

    But seriously, there are seriously good arguments on both sides. I personally to not have the skill set to even try to untangle that moral and legal ball of string. Damn, there’s some smart people who post here though.

    Agree or disagree with the arguments, “you fucking half wit” is one of my favorite insults.

    1. Damn, there’s some smart people who post here though

      Thank you for noticing.

      1. And also, thanks from the Half Wits

    2. I think the correct side is obviously – find something that every public servant would find immoral, have the courts pass a law on all of those issues, then put them all in jail

    3. You haven’t been here long enough if John hasn’t called you a half-wit yet.

      1. You haven’t been here long enough if John hasn’t invented bizarre motivations for what you’re saying or claimed that you’re engaged in social signaling when you disagree with him on anything.

        Every time I argue with John, he gets into this ridiculous pop-psychologizing where he holds court at length on how I’m only saying what I’m saying to impress girls/signal to liberals/make myself feel good by mocking hicks.

        1. You must be some sort of psychological lightning rod or something. Not long ago you were accused of both wanting to put Christian bakers in jail by John and of having something against gays by Tonio. Now you’re racist against blacks for criticizing BLM (Bo) and at the same time are favored to BLM because PCness or something (John). Maybe you hold these horrible but diametrically opposed positions because you are SO EVUL.

          Something borke John a while back. Lots of cons are going haywire because of gay marriage and Caitlyn Jenner and the realization that America just isn’t going back to the 1950s. I want them to STFU. I hope this is their deathspasm.

          1. No, Tonio didn’t say I hate gays. That was a misunderstanding that was largely my fault because I accused Tonio of supporting accommodation laws when he doesn’t.

            The racism thing is hilarious and it’s really great evidence of how accusations of racism mean fucking nothing in modern society. If you criticize a group of black people you’re racist for not giving a shit about whatever root cause nonsense bleeding heart hippies are using to justify their bad behavior. On the other hand, if you argue conservatives actually are treating a group of black people unfairly, they’ll claim you’re a racist for not holding them to the same standards as whites and having a bigotry of low expectations.

            Therefore, if you criticize groups of black people when they deserve it and don’t criticize them when they don’t, you’ll get called a racist by everyone. Even-handedness is now evidence of bigotry.

            1. One of my faves is till Bo making repeated accusations that Playa is a bad father.

              1. I think he’s just baiting me so that I’ll post pictures. He must be really curious about what a family vacation to Hawaii looks like.

        2. “Every time I argue with John”

          (grease covered mechanic looks under the hood)

          “Eeeyep… a right there’s Yer Problem.”

        3. I’ve gotten the same kind of bullshit armchair psychologist treatment from John Titor. He really has the hots for me lately.

      2. I was called nitwit, moron, clueless, imbecile within the space of a minute by AC last night. I was pretty impressed.

        1. What did you do to get him unhappy? Criticize the notion of doing PCP, LSD, and cocaine simultaneously?

          1. I would never do that. ENB posted an article about some commerce department fed official who had brought some work computers home and they had some psuedo-porn on it. Someone commented that it was not that big of a story all things being equal and I agreed. Set him off for whatever reason. He did tell me he loved while he was going off on me:) It was kind of funny really.

        2. Well if Agile says it, he was probably right.

          1. No doubt

            1. I believe I was compared very fairly to Jesus in the same thread, so he was spot on last night.

              1. That was pre-crash.

        3. I can pretty much figure out his work schedule at the Husky Refinery based on his posts. I hope they don’t drug test.

          1. What if he’s the HR guy?

            1. HR: “You have 44 tape measures but no place to put your beer? What do you do?”

              Job Candidate: “Uuh…”

              HR: “Next!”

              1. I laughed because it’s true.

            2. That makes sense in my world.

              1. Agile Cyborg|6.28.15 @ 8:31PM|#|?|filternamelinkcustom

                I was thinking about this shit earlier and I’m not fucked up enough to NOT give a single shit about what the lovely readers of these particular sentences a recoiling to and what. I actually give a shit and maybe my head space echoes with these rivulets of embarrassment- I’m not sure. Full disclose. But I have a fucking messy garage I need to clean the fuck up in my woods here and.. I noticed something I am not proud of. Every single fucking horizontal surface in my garage that is about like 4″ x 3″ has a beer bottle or a tape measure on it. I discovered this just today. I was cleaning shit out and I needed a place to put my undercover Lagunitas on and I found a single spot- the floor. Empty fucking beer bottles like creepily everywhere or tape measures and I found a toad on one beer spot but man… not good. Not a respectable state for a modern man… not a single fucking place to put a goddamn beer in a TWO car garage with shit and shelves everywhere? not good- I mean well i like this fuck I live in but maybe I should fucking throw that shit away- but not the toad and tape measures. I own 44 tape measures.


                1. “I noticed something I am not proud of. Every single fucking horizontal surface in my garage that is about like 4″ x 3″ has a beer bottle or a tape measure on it.”

                  I can’t stop laughing at these two sentences.

                  1. that paragraph is why AC shall forever be the Poet King of Libertopia.

                2. My beer goes in the fridge. I’m weird like that.

                3. THAT is fucking awesome. Now I don’t feel so bad about my two-car garage. At least it’s all ate up with Jeep Cherokee, three motorcycles and tools. Mostly.

                  I prolly need moar beer.

        4. I was called nitwit, moron, clueless, imbecile within the space of a minute by AC last night.

          We, AJB, we.

          1. Ah yes, that is correct:)

          2. Such mundane, unprovocative comments for such a response. Must have been coming down hard.

  16. More food-threadjacking:

    It’s Dolphin Season Again

    Wonder how that rapeseed oil and pea salad dressing tastes on sea mammals?

    1. Do they not know how to fish with dynamite?

      1. It’s not the wanton slaughter the antis and the haters make it out to be. The dolphins are corralled, then some are selected for live capture or food slaughter and the remaining dolphins are then released. They’re only capturing or killing the most marketable marine mammals. The dolphin species is not endangered and the killing is a very selective cull.

        1. So they’re dolphinicky?

          1. Yes, but there is a porpoise to their selectivity.

            1. Whale, what is it?

  17. Personal shit:

    I a off to a four day weekend at my brothers. We will make sausage, put trim on his house, I will teach him to use his new table saw and we wildl build soap molds for his wife. My wife already has some that I made for her, quite nice ones if I am allowed to say so. The girls will make soap, we will make sausage…and fish. And shoot. I am bringing the Kimber Gold Match 45acp, 6-S&M j frame 38’s, a walther PPK, a Mini-14 and Winchester 94 in 44mag with a 30 in barrel.

    I never knew how crazy women go over designer soap until my wife started making it last spring. She has become obsessed . I admit the soap she makes is fantastic, better than anything you can buy in a store. I =will see about posting some pics over the next day or two.

    A four day weekend of shooting, cooking, and soaping and building. they may even be some drinking involved. I can’t wait.

    Also I should announce that I will finally be an official, no shit Grandfather on april 29.

    Boy or girl it doesn’t matter, they will be proficient at shooting, hunting, and fishing.

    Good night all. Ambien kicking my ass.

    1. Congrats! Good Night

      1. Congrats on the grandkid!

        And you’ll be happy in the morning from the Ambien, if its name holds true.

        They named it that hoping you’ll feel muy ‘bien’ in the ‘AM’

        (not joking)

    2. Hey! Congrats to the Grandpa Club, Old Man!!!

      My granddaughter is cuter than whatever your bairn is spawning. Let’s just get that outta the way right up front.

      Keep us posted!

    3. Congrats suthen! Have a great weekend! (with your “soaping” and “sausaging”) 😉

  18. I leave you mammals alone for 5 hours and it’s nothing but 300 comments about beef brisket and Artisinal mayo.

    1. Your welcome

    2. Best case scenario, really.

      1. Come this weekend it will mostly just be trolls and those that feed them.

        1. On the bright side, I’ll be here.

          1. That’s what he said.

      2. Throw in a case on Mountain Dew (regular leaded) and we have a deal.

    3. Ersatz, not artisanal.

  19. Non sequitur of the day:

    The Truth of ‘Black Lives Matter’


    Efforts to portray the movement as inflammatory or anti-white ignore the long history of racism and violence against blacks in America.

    1. If people were ever racist against black people it is impossible for black people to ever be racist.

      How can you not understand this logic?

    2. Isn’t BLM trying to paint itself as anti white?

  20. Illinois police officer death case seems weird. They recovered his gun at the scene and it had been fired. Earlier report said he’d been stripped of his equipment.The initial assumption is that the suspects escaped on foot. He reportedly saw suspicious persons, 2 white one black, while driving to work in a patrol car he took home, made a report, then called for backup 3 minutes later. Back-up arrived, reportedly, 6 minutes after he called for it. Body found 8 minutes later 50 yards from his patrol car. Something is not adding up here. I’m assuming they ruled out suicide? Ninja hobos? Unreliable conflicting early reports? Unreleased relevant information that would make this make more sense?

    1. Hmmmm

      Lake County Major Crime Task Force Cmdr. George Filenko said Thursday that investigators were also pursuing another angle, but he was not ready to provide details.

      Perhaps I assumed too soon?

  21. IMO, they can call it whatever they choose to call it. Some people call Miley Cyrus hot and/or talented. Saying something is something doesn’t necessarily make it so, though.

  22. Finally uber was also helping the poorer city of newyork by leting thier taxi services to them so it was a big deal for newyorkers because the people of Manhattan was suffering for long periods without taxi services finally uber paved the way for them to live.

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