Republicans Pander to Racial Fears

The times, they aren't a changin'


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After the 2008 presidential election, it was obvious that American politics was entering a new era in which race would figure less than it had before. For the first time in our history, we had a president who was not white, and it was bound to have a profound, positive impact. 

Whites would find that a black president would not make their lives worse. Blacks would face less prejudice and feel more fully American. The deep wounds of slavery and discrimination would heal and fade. We were entering a "post-racial" era. 

It lasted about as long as the average honeymoon. Barack Obama stimulated more racial neuroses than he banished. Before long, Fox News host Glenn Beck called him a "racist" with a "deep-seated hatred for white people." Rush Limbaugh said he was "behaving like an African colonial despot." Obama's birth certificate was an issue that wouldn't go away. 

From this year's campaign, it's clear that race is just as potent a factor as ever. In fact, attitudes about race may be the basic divide in the 2016 election. 

The shooting of Michael Brown in August 2014 exposed a wide gulf among Americans—between those of any race who regarded black anger about police conduct as legitimate and those who didn't. To a large extent, the split ran along partisan lines. 

An ABC News-Washington Post poll last year found that Republicans were twice as likely as Democrats to think whites and blacks get equal treatment from the criminal justice system or to say police don't discriminate. Put simply, most Democrats sympathize with African-American grievances. Most Republicans don't.

In an Associated Press-Times Square Alliance survey last December, GOP voters said the rise of the Islamic State was the most important news event of 2014. Democrats, by contrast, gave priority to the unrest in Ferguson and elsewhere over the deaths of unarmed black men at the hands of cops. 

This is not purely a matter of differing philosophies of criminology. On issue after issue, racial attitudes play a major role in where the two parties come out. Illegal immigration, "Black Lives Matter," the Confederate flag, even the mountain previously known as McKinley—all are filtered through fundamental though sometimes subconscious feelings about race. 

Donald Trump is doing so well because he exploits racial anxieties masterfully without ever raising them directly. He complains we are "losing our country," ridicules "political correctness," blames Mexicans for "bringing crime" and claims to represent the "silent majority." All these themes are perfectly designed to appeal to white resentments and fear of minorities. 

Trump's strategy is hardly unique. When a white sheriff's deputy was shot to death in Houston, allegedly by a black man, Ted Cruz blamed it on Obama for striving to "tear us apart along racial lines, to inflame racial divisions." 

When Martin O'Malley apologized for telling "Black Lives Matter" protesters that "all lives matter," Jeb Bush took umbrage. "If he believes that white lives matter, which I hope he does, then he shouldn't apologize with a group that seemed to disagree with it," said Bush, neatly smearing both O'Malley and the demonstrators. 

Mike Huckabee said Martin Luther King Jr. would be "appalled by the notion that we're elevating some lives above others." It's never clear whether Huckabee is an ignoramus or merely a demagogue. For the record, King said, "A society that has done something special against the negro for hundreds of years must now do something special for the negro." 

The activists' slogan is meant to elevate the value of black lives, not diminish that of white ones. A longer version would be: "Black lives should matter as much as white lives." 

Responding to police mistreatment of African-Americans by saying "all lives matter" is like demanding that doctors divide their time evenly between the healthy and the sick. Taking the slogan to be racist is like regarding Black History Month as racist. Which, come to think of it, Trump probably does. 

Whites are on their way to becoming a minority of the population. The Republican candidates know that many of the party faithful associate this trend with national decline and social decay, so they cater to—and maybe even share—these fears. 

For half a century, the GOP has been able to reap political success from the racial reality once noted by Alabama's George Wallace (a segregationist Democrat): "They's more of us than they is of them." That won't be the case for many more years, and a party that wants to prosper has to adapt. But Republicans are campaigning like it's 1968. 

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  1. “Democrats, by contrast, gave priority to the unrest in Ferguson and elsewhere over the deaths of unarmed black men at the hands of cops. ”

    Was this written by a fucking retard?

    1. Fairly clearly, yes. Migod! What a bunch of bullsh*t.

    2. I see you haven’t met Chapman yet. He is a Progressive with a few libertarian tendencies.

    3. Your Post you mean? yes it was….

      1. That part of the article and most of it was a bit dishonest. You seem to be confusing taking issue with article as something else.

    4. “Was this written by a fucking retard?”


  2. BTW, the “Southern Strategy” is a myth, but progs buy that little fairytale like the good little demagogues they are.

    1. Ya, but to you fucking morons gravity is a “myth” your opinon means jack shit, idiot…

      1. Who has said gravity was a myth?

  3. “Republicans Pander to Racial Fears”
    No shit! Since year zero! U just figuring this out?

    1. And Democrats, the Party of the Confederacy, the KKK, and Al “If I was white I’d be a Grand Dragon” Sharpton, DON’T!?!?

      1. Right! The Democrats destroy the Black family and black culture through the War on Poverty, have hundreds of years of lynchings and slavery in their history, and the REPUBLICANS are the racists because they don’t support blatantly patronizing the black community.

        /Chapman logic

      2. Democrats don’t. Who said that? Apparently comments here must be politically correct.

        1. This place runs by a modified Reagan’s 11th commandment:

          Thou shalt not criticize Republicans, and when you do, you must criticize Democrats equally or more, no matter how little sense it makes.

          Of course the one article that actually criticizes Republicans for something they actually did is going to bring out the whining and the moaning from independent-minded nonpartisan libertarian freethinkers.

          1. You and the left (and Chapman) are so full of shit. All I hear from the left is “RACE RACE RACE!” all the fucking time, turn on any channel on tv and there is a leftoid trying to smuggle the concept of race into every discussion under the sun. They talk about it, joke about it, the left is mindlessly obsessed with race.

            Then they turn around and claim that the Republicans are racists…why? Because they aren’t mindlessly obsessed with race? Because they’re white, and they don’t feel guilty for being superior? Because they don’t give a shit about race?

            So that’s leftoid half-baked illogic for you: if you’re ambivalent about race and you’re white, you’re a racist; if you’re black and you go around advocating for the elimination of the white race, you’re totally justified to do so. That’s the putrid evil that the left is getting away with promoting in this country.

            1. Just because you don’t want to talk about race doesn’t mean it’s not an issue. I don’t want to talk about sports, yet there it is, all the fucking time on my TV.

              It is fact that, all else being equal, race plays a significant role in a person’s ability to succeed in this country. Forget succeed–it matters in one’s statistical likelihood of being sent to prison, again, all else being equal.

              You’re entitled to ignore these facts, but I don’t know why you insist on bitching when others don’t want to.

              1. If someone goes to jail, it wasn’t because he was the wrong race (the left hasn’t made it illegal to be white, yet). It’s because he broke the law. So argue about the law, not some retarded half-baked notion that laws against drugs or larceny are somehow intrinsically racist (they aren’t).

          2. Tony what did republicans actually do here? This article was crap and arguments made entirely emotional appealing to simpletons

          3. “Thou shalt not criticize Republicans”

            Uh huh. Because libertarians never criticize Republicans.

            Thanks for playing, bozo.

    2. As you can see by the responses to your post, some idiots will never figure it out. They only proclaim themselves “Libertarian” as an attempt to hide their racism.

      1. Who called Obama “clean and articulate”? Democrat Joe Biden

        Who originated the “birther” idea? Democrat Hillary Clinton

        Who talked about “white niggers”? Democrat Robert Byrd

      2. What leads you to believe they are racist?

  4. Did Vox hack Reason? That was some serious derp. Did the author not consider the different reactions by race/party affiliation could be because the blacks/Democrats were viewing events through a racial lens? Of course not, because only whites can be racist. The reality is the Democrats are the Party of Racism.

  5. One group seems to think that if everyone is treated equally, with the expectation that they will be useful members of society, then race can be ignored. The other seems to think that equality will only be achieved when races are acknowledged and racial differences are confronted and celebrated. The two plans are in conflict.

    1. im not quite sure i agree with the notion that republicans are the colorblind examplars of principle that you make them out to be.

      1. Sure, there are plenty of racist Republicans (plenty of racist Democrats, too)

        Thing is, though, I do not know of a single Republican who wants anything more than equality under the law. The racism is mostly limited to “Don’t date my daughter”. Which, funny enough, seems to be a theme among every race.

        1. Racial conservatives don’t need explicitly racist laws when segregated living/hiring patterns and racially disparate policing patterns mimic most of the same effects. Then they can just say that police should aggressively arrest “criminals” and have the result hit mostly low-income nonwhite people.

          1. That is such a bullshit copout. Laws are only racist if they make it illegal to be color X, drug laws and laws against larceny are not intrinsically racist, and the only way you could regard them as such would be if you had already accepted the premise that race X was a bunch of dopeheads and looters anyway.

            1. This was already an issue with the literacy tests for voting. If you were literate you could vote, but if your grandfather could vote before 1867, then you were exempt. No part of that rule mentions race, but it’s operation almost entirely exempted white people and almost entirely skipped black people. So it was an obviously racist rule that never mentions race.

              If somebody said “I hate everybody who is more than 20% descended people who lived in African countries south of the Sahara five centuries ago” that would not be racist because race was specifically not mentioned? No, of course not, it’s clearly constructed to mostly track along racial lines.

              Or if somebody said “let’s have a law that randomly arrests one quarter of the men who live in zip codes with over 30% unemployment and housing values below the 20th percentile for their MSA” would that not be racist if it mostly arrested black and Hispanic people?

              It’s entirely possible that somebody could have an overt or subconscious racial animus and believe that the police will go after “thugs” by which they mean mostly black young men. It’s obtuse to pretend that only the superficial reasons matter.

              It’s also entirely plausible to argue that many people are sort of racist because they wrongly believe that another ethnic group is disproportionately committing crimes. I don’t need to validate their bad stereotypes to decry them for peddling those stereotypes.

              1. So, then tell me how it’s racist when sombody says “let’s have a law that arrests people who kill other people, or who steal other people’s stuff, or who beat other people.

                If every person who passes a law like that thinks it’ll apply mostly to people of one race that doesn’t matter–because race isn’t written into the law. Anyone who kills people is subject to arrest.

                If it turns out that one race seems to be killing more people that’s not a problem with the law.

              2. Good points. But ehen bandying about the word “crime” it pays to discriminate between victimless crime laws (designed to force ideas on people or death on ethnicities) and legitimate laws that protect the rights of individuals. By forcing looters to see these distinctions a pissing match shifts into a debate.

            2. The point is that facially racist laws are not needed if people with racist motives believe that police can be trusted to enforce the law in a racially disparate manner.

              1. What you have is not a “point”, but a mud puddle, which you vainly attempt to make appear deep. We have told you that laws against actions are not racist, you respond with a bunch of esoteric mumbo jumbo and half-baked hypotheticals about what you think someone’s intention maybe could be, presuming they had the goal of arresting members of a particular race (which necessarily presumes that race would be out breaking the law anyway).

                Laws against particular volitional actions are not racist–since all humans possess volition, right? Or can the little dears just not help themselves?

    2. You didn’t mention the Democrats, who deliberately worsen racial tensions, and keep the Brown people down, while crying crocodile tears.

    3. i dunno if they’re really in conflict. i guess they are if you’re a fucking retard (not you FoE, the people who have either of the opinions you mentioned). my point of view is genetics can change the most visible aspect of the biggest organ in our bodies, so it could undoubtedly have more subtle influences as well. being very firmly agnostic, i suspect (although i certainly dont know) the physical characteristics of our brains could have a lot to do with the way we think. at any rate, whatever the root cause of human differences, group averages don’t say ANYTHING about an individual. even if you accept that, say, black people are on average not quite as bright as white people, neil degrasse tyson is still a lot smarter than, i dunno, sean william scott. the only moral, and frankly, sensible, way to deal with people is to treat each person as an individual (im probably preaching to the quire on a libertarian website, but i should be preaching to the quire to the whole world. i guess some people are dumber than average).

      1. what im saying is i don’t see a conflict between noticing the skin colors of others and treating them all equally. “celebration” yes entails assigning some moral value to your race, which is idiotic, but “celebration” these days seems to mean coming up with 140 characters of support, which i could do about ANYONE

  6. “After the 2008 presidential election, it was obvious that American politics was entering a new era in which race would figure less than it had before.”

    After 2008 it was obvious that American Politics would be driven, at least for a while, by the Democrat party’s racial pandering, since the country seemed inclined to fall for it.

    “For the first time in our history, we had a president who was not white, and it was bound to have a profound, positive impact.”

    For the first time in our history, we had a President who was not white, and it is obvious (and was then) that his lack of qualification for the job would be a potent source of embarrassment for decades to anyone with any sense who was darker than light tan.

    and that’s just the first paragraph.

  7. Wow, does this article miss the point from a libertarian perspective. I had to check to see if I was on the right site.

    The problem is that the police brutality topic is viewed through a racial lens instead of a “freedom lens.” I am fully in agreement with Black Lives Matter’s criticism of police, I just think they miss the larger issue that it’s not just about black victims of white cops. The problem is a total lack of accountability for cops and police unions and a justice system that shields the most dangerous and out-of-control officers from any serious consequences beyond a paid vacation.

    Yes, there have been many black victims. Last time I checked, the baby burned by a flash grenade was not black. The bedridden elderly man who was shot for failure to immediately comply with the order to put his hands in the air and get down on the floor was not black. And all the family pets who have been shot don’t really belong to any race. (Unless you view a black poodle as African-American and a yellow lab as Asian or something like that.) Maybe the movement’s hash tag should simply be #noncoplivesmatter.

    1. Ah, but distracting from the lack of accountability is more or less,the point. The Race Pimps can’t have a justice system that actually WORKS. They need brown people to feel oppressed so they can rescue them from oppression.

      1. There are race pimps on both sides. Rush (King of the Rednecks) Limbaugh has made a radio empire out of race baiting. The ones on the left like him (Sharpton, JJ) just make a nice living out of it.

        1. Rush doesn’t race bait. He Liberalism baits. If you think Rush is a redneck. i somehow doubt you’ve ever met any serious racist rednecks. They make Limbaugh look like the “Harmless Little Fuzzball” he calls himself. And, perhaps not too surprisingly, they sound an awful lot like Sharpton and company do when the Liberal Media slip up and don’t edit their rantings carefully enough.

        2. Rush Limbaugh doesn’t make a nice living out of his work?

          That’s….and interesting viewpoint.

          In any event, the problem with progressive efforts (in BOTH parties) is that they concentrate on a symptom as their defining issue instead of actually working to solve the underlying problem. This, by design, creates an us vs them mentality because one side says it is solving “the problem” and the other side, resisting wholesale or offering alternative fixes, is simply standing in the way of “progress.”

          Black Lives Matter, while very true, is an example of this. They are concentrating on the symptom. Blacks are being killed by police and it’s hurting a community. Except that this isn’t a “those cops are racist assholes!” issue, it’s an accountability and power creep issue that is affecting all races, even if Blacks are disproportionately represented.

          If we could solve the issue by creating police power limits and then making them accountable to those limits, the racial symptom of the root problem would all-but dissolve.

      2. This is what tony doesnt understand

  8. The headline should be: Politicians Pander to Fears.

    1. Republicans are politicians…

      1. Yes, and so are democrats, but this article emphasizes the nonsense that republicans do, which leaves the impression that republicans are more dastardly than their democratic counterparts.

  9. What the Hell’s happening here? Is Reason allowing Democratic Underground staff to write articles for them now?

    1. In the future Reason will obtain the stamp of Political Correctness from The Grinch before an item is posted!

      1. Not necessary. They’re absolutely welcome to publish drivel if they so desire, which they seem to be doing with increasing frequency, unfortunately.

  10. Being fearful of young black men is not irrational.

    1. “Being fearful of young black men is not irrational.”
      Just fucking stupid!

      1. Being (relatively) fearful of young men is not irrational. Exercising caution around people with nothing to lose is rational. And in this country, young black men, as a group, have the least to lose.

        1. The obvious problem with your statement is that black people as a group don’t exist in any place at any time together. Being around a group of black young men at Harvard is different than being around a group of black young men in a crime ridden neighborhood.

          1. But that is not a problem with my statement because I used “as a group” to specify a statistical argument (“in aggregate”), not as a gathering of specific individuals.

            I am asserting that all three of those statements are independently true. What’s interesting (and I don’t mean it in a negative way) is that you seem to have read it as if I’m defending being fearful of young, black men. I’m not.

            What I was attempting to do is break it down into separate pieces because I think that’s how we address actual problems. In this case, I’m suggesting we shouldn’t try to dismiss the rationality of it all, but instead focus on solving the most important piece: the third statement.

            I think fundamentally we (as a nation) have a problem of moral one-upmanship. That, in turn, is diverting our attention from solving real problems. Sadly, I think both parties are cognizant of this. But hey, it’s a democracy, we as individuals can choose to either play this game or not.

  11. This board isn’t quite cognitively dissonant enough. Needs more people insisting only black people and Democrats are racists, with the other half explaining the ways blacks are genetically inferior.

    1. It’s this kind of stuff right here. Rather than honestly discuss issues, and in particular racial issues, the left uses racism as a weapon or tool to shut down debate, pander to its own constituents, and demonize its opposition. Is it rational to think the right is not going to react accordingly?

      Casualties of this tactic are truth and solutions to actual problems. Human nature at its finest.

      1. Or… you could try not being racist morons.

        1. Thank you for that. You succinctly demonstrated both your willingness to employ racism as a weapon and your tribalistic nature (“morons”, plural, as if I speak for more than one person.) Consider this your first lesson in contemporary racism in America. You’re welcome.

          1. I get a good lesson whenever I go to any conservative message board anywhere. Those guys–I don’t know if they include you or not–are the ones who need to get their act together. The right-wing in this country is practically defined by white supremacist rhetoric, and it’s actually getting worse because the right is distilling into its white supremacist core. “Blacks and liberals are the real problem” is one of the more level-headed opinions, even though it’s obviously racist.

            The racial problem this country has is not black people and liberals pointing out that it has racial problems. Why white conservatives are so darn helpless when it comes to controlling their own reaction to things is beyond me.

            1. But it’s easy to point fingers at the “others”. It would be far better if we all, including both “sides”, were honest and sincere. Maybe our political process can never be that way, but certainly as individuals we can do that, right?

              That means we condemn “Hands up, don’t shoot” AND the overreaction to Obama’s “If I had a son…” remarks, for example. But if we only do half of those things then we lose credibility. Fact is, “Hands up” was a lie AND Obama has said a lot of very poignant, non-partisan things on race.

              Why is this so hard for people, liberals and conservatives alike? Don’t we have any sense of decency and fairness? Maybe it’s just me, but I think we live in pretty good times and we just seem intent on fucking it up.

              1. In what way does it possibly matter whether “hands up” was a lie? Why should your scoring grievance points matter to me? Maybe it’s a noble lie. What’s your agenda? It’s a lie, thus we should ease up on the cops a bit? We should care a little less about black lives? I don’t get it.

                1. Are you saying making up things and providing solutions to made up thing is better than looking at reality?


                2. “I’m not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that from now on I can’t believe you.” – Nietzsche

            2. I get the feeling you like racism so you can use it to pound your enemies as it helps make you feel superior. Im guessing you have low self esteem since you seem like a miserable person.

              The left is not concerned about racism. They dont want it to go away. They would then lose that card to play like you are doing here.

              Can you go into detail how exactly you came to the generalization that white cons are really white supremacists?

              1. To a prog/racialist, advocating equal treatment is an example of white supremacy.
                And it works the same way if you don’t advocate giving women special treatment.


      2. By calling looter collectivists “the left” you implicitly agree that politics is measured on a one-dimensional line and that the other tip of the line is a herd of prohibitionist antiabortion fanatics. There are better ways to face the enemies of freedom than on their own terms.

    2. Tony are you saying blacks are genetically inferior? Yikes

    3. I can go through American history and find all manner of laws specifically designed to hurt black people–and all of them supported by Democrats and fought by Republicans.

      Jim Crow laws. Segregation laws. Poll taxes, Poll tests. I can go on and on.

      I can find numerous examples of Democrats fighting laws against lynching, fighting laws that would hobble the KKK.

      All of it a matter of public record.

      Nothing like it comes from the republicans. Nothing. Ever.

      1. This is too stupid to respond to, but I’ll try anyway.

        Those were Southern Democrats who, because they didn’t like that their Northern counterparts were working to make black people equal citizens, split from the party and joined the Republicans, the party of some white people and almost nobody else.

        Do you actually think you’re scoring some sort of historical point by noting that Southern racists once called themselves Democrats, and there are Democrats now, ergo all Democrats are racists? The parties have sorted. Is it not just a tad more relevant that all the racists sorted into the Republican party?

        1. Are you saying there wasnt racist northern democrats?

        2. Tony is fdr woodrow byrd and lbj (heroes of the left) actually republicans? They were pretty racist

      2. You’ve obviously missed the magical “reversal of position” that the progs claim happened.
        Those in favor of racial mistreatment, as practiced by demoncraps, suddenly became republicans and vice-versa.
        It matters, not, that demoncrap policies have been the most destructive to the black community. Only that the media continues to parrot the line that opposition to these policies is the real racism.

  12. “The deep wounds of slavery and discrimination would heal and fade.”

    Why? What’s being taught now is that the gov’t is the hero that ended slavery. That is pure nonsense. For it took over 89 years to “end slavery”, and another 99 years to end jim crow (and the black codes).

    Any institution with a horrid record like that should never be trusted to protect the rights of anyone.

    To go further, they implemented the drug laws, and states even implemented stop and frisk, among other racist policies designed to discriminate against an individual.

    Would someone shop at Home Depot, knowing their history of slavery, and how they took 89 years to end it? Would someone hire ADT to protect their property, knowing they only protected the property of certain individuals, while stealing the labor and money from others they didn’t like?

    I know I wouldn’t. No one would voluntarily hire an organization to enslave them or violate their rights. That is why individuals should oppose force, theft and coercion, and only support businesses, organizations, and charities that exist through voluntary interaction and transactions

    Sadly, even minarchists believe with the right “top men” and the right words on the paper, only then this time will they will protect the liberty of individuals.

    1. Continued—-They also wish to give the state, who’s record of violence far exceeds any free society’s, a monopoly on violence, which in itself is impossible. As one fends off one aggressor, it then has the other aggressing against them when they never consented to, or don’t want to pay for a horrible service who’s employees violate their rights.

    2. Is there nothing anarchy (and a little bit of pixie dust!) won’t solve?

      1. Pixie dust? You mean like the fantasy that forcing people to work for the benefit of others will help them out in the long run?

        Or the one about how currency debauchery and debt will lead to prosperity?

        Or that continual war is protecting freedom, while they further erode freedom they are supposed to protect?

        Experimenting with freedom, somehow allows prosperity to follow it. If bad decisions are made, the bad economic actor will suffer, without bringing others down with them.

        Why are you so afraid of freedom? If you actually tried what you espouse on an individual level, such as robbing your neighbor, trying to confiscate their property, or other acts which you believe in, how far would you get before someone defends themselves?

        1. I’m not advocating confiscating anyone’s property. Taxes are what you owe for services rendered by your government. You are the one who wants to steal.

          1. So you support how much tax dollars is going to the department of defense?

            You seem to think people are here to serve the government. Not giving equals taking now.

            You seem to be a control freak.

            How much tax do you pay?

            1. I support a policy of reduced defense spending and increased spending in other areas. A whole bunch of things, somewhere to the left of the Democratic party platform.

              Government is here to serve the people. That’s what I said. You receive its services from the moment you are conceived and continue to use them your entire life. You want to go into a store and take a bunch of stuff and not pay for it, and you call me the thief.

              1. What other spending might that be?

                I for one pay taxes tony. The moment i am conceived huh? What services might those be? Oh and that implies i am human at conception right…so would that mean you dont support abortion then? Since i am receiving government services apparently.

                No tony i dont want to go into a store and take stuff. You on the other hand want to solicit a 3rd party to rob the store to give to you because SOCIETY!

                What about the people that receive from government that dont pay any taxes? How do you reconcile that? I am talking no job welfare recipients.

                1. Nobody doesn’t pay taxes. People pay more at certain times of their lives and receive more in services at others. Wealthy liberals in blue states pay for the food stamps of poor conservatives in red states. Everyone everywhere benefits from having a government that helps maintain a stable, wealthy, and free society. You can reject its role in all that if you like, but you’d only be doing so because you’re in an anti-government cult and you prefer not to think rationally about these things.

                  I’m really very sorry that you don’t get to remake the entire world anew at the time of your birth, picking and choosing what you think is legitimate for society to do collectively and how it should be paid for. But at some point as adults we have to bow to plain reality. You’re born into a governed society. You have all the freedom in the world to pack up and find another one if you don’t like this one. If you’re bitching that on this finite planet there isn’t a place perfectly suited to you and your political beliefs, then you’re a not-too-bright teenager who needs to grow the hell up.

                  1. So since all these wealthy liberals fund the red states…wouldnt that suggest dems are the party of the rich?

                    The poor receiving bennies overwhelmingly vote blue by the way

                    Do you support abortion since im receiving govt services apparently since conception? Id like that to continue.

                    Not sure ive said no government. Problem is you think the govt should provide everything. Do you support hard working folks getting to keep wages? Is there anything govt program that you dont like?

                    People earning no money and receiving tax dollars are not paying anything since they are using others money to buy things. They arent contributing. Note i didnt say poor but rather those who collect bennies to not do anything

              2. Why do you feel others should be forced to pay for all these programs you want because you want to be taken care of? That seems like stealing, a bit greedy and selfish.

          2. See? Property is theft! It makes as much sense to argue with communist looters as to argue with antichoice nationalsocilalists. Ask them why they need men with guns to to their bidding and they are baffled by the thoughtcrime.

    3. I’d argue that the industrial revolution, not the government, killed slavery by making it easier for people to be economically secure without slavery or serfdom and by making it more noticeable that free people’s lives were improving but enslaved people’s lives were not.

      When most people are engaged in endless labor and live close to hunger and poverty, slavery is less obviously bad and the beneficiaries of slavery less inclined to abandon it. But as more people live better lives, it becomes clearer just how shitty it is to be a chattel slave. So morality became less costly and immorality became more noticeably terrible.

      In other words, as unskilled and unmotivated labor becomes relatively less valuable, then a multitude of factors make it both easier and more urgent that slavery be abolished.

      1. Yeah that’s a pretty common point, more applicable to the rest of the world than the United States. A point reinforced by the persistence of slavery in very poor and backwards parts of the world even today. The deviations away from that point are race slavery, which was based on notions of white supremacy, even when it was not the most efficient institution economically. Race slavery was only ended by war because the proponents were so extreme and delusional that they could not be reasoned with.

  13. Policing should be done through the private production of security. Going on about “reform” will not fix the problem that is the violent coercive monopoly that exists to protect it’s employers while being shielded from the consequences of violating the rights of those they are supposed to protect.

    1. I agree with private provision of security. But obviously there are differences between police in different countries and jurisdictions. Sure, the incentives terribly aligned, but some governments are more rapacious and violent than others. It’s not crazy to focus on reforms, especially if partial progress toward liberty begets more progress toward liberty.

  14. Tony how many taxes do you pay so we can we see how much you are contributing to society? Why dont you pay more?

    You seem to come off as you think that you own everyone elses stuff. If so do you mind giving us your bank accounts since it really belongs to everyone?

    1. I can’t teach those who are unwilling to learn. Basic civics is covered in like late elementary school, so maybe go back there?

      1. How much do you pay? Where has anyone advocated for no government?

        Would like to see what you are contributing to society. you seem entitled to other people’s stuff. you expect them to take care of you but i am not seeing how you reciprocate back to society.

      2. Tony, isn’t it fun to argue with the delusional? Try not to fall off their flat earth

  15. Tony i got the paypal set up. I need money. Stop being so selfish

    1. Tony??? You have a debt to me…eh i mean society. Pay up. It is basic civics

      1. You apparently fell asleep in class.

        1. What is your contribution? You maintained we all owe. What are you doing for society and what is the magnitude?

          1. I don’t know, ask my accountant. I do estimate that I get far, far more from my society than I will ever pay for, because generations prior to mine built it. The least I can do is chip in my part to maintain it.

            1. Yea how much might that be?

              Or i can…whats your full name and accountants name and phone?

              Doesnt sound like you are paying your fair share imo since you receive more than give back. Curious why you call on to others to do so and not yourself?

              1. I don’t call on others to do anything I’m not willing to do, so you can stop saying so and leave me alone and go back to your play-doh.

                1. You call on people to pay more tax.

                  Whats your accountants name and number btw? You told me to ask

                2. You call on people to pay more tax.

                  Whats your accountants name and number btw? You told me to ask

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  18. Tony are you using electricity today? You may be destroying the environment now (debt)…so pay up to help society.

  19. A scan of beheading images does show a disproportionate number of white torsos surrounded by mohammedan faithful. Likewise looking at images of people US union cops are encouraged to shoot, you can’t help noticing most of the faces are black. So yes, brown-skinned people are clearly ordered shot by white American politicians on a mission from God. Just as clearly, duskier collectivists are eager to kill anyone resembling those politicians as part of their mission from Allah. Yet we voters are expected to–out of politeness–pretend to believe there is some fundamental difference between these two bands of fanatical religious collectivists.

    1. Is this an attempt at parody?

      Who “encourages” US cops to shoot blacks? The reality is that blacks have incredibly high rates of violent crime. Which is why they end up in jail or shot in the streets.

      Case in point is Michael Brown, who assaulted a police officer and was shot for his efforts. The Middle East beheadings are committed as deliberate acts of terrorism against helpless prisoners.

      Perhaps someone here who takes the side of Black Lives Matter would give us a libertarian view of how to deal with high rates of black violent crime.

  20. Tony im getting evicted soon. As part of your social contract can i live with you? Since you tout it so much

    1. You are getting evicted??? wow I wonder why???

      1. Well it is part of the social contract to help others which he beats over the head of others. So i thought he would be willing to help

  21. Character matters – not skin color. How complicated is that? It’s not, of course – it’s just damned inconvenient.

    1. Very true…especially when you are pandering for votes…on the right and the left.

  22. The point which REASON is missing is that “Black Lives Matter” is an agitprop slogan. It’s intended to get people out into the streets for revolutionary actions. These actions result in destruction of property, plus assaults on police and sometimes civilians (if REASON were to do any investigating, they would find Black Lives Matter protesters assaulting white people simply because of the color of their skin).

    The reality is that whites are systemically discriminated against in America today by affirmative action and any number of other government and corporate programs. We also have “diversity” indoctrination which stigmatize white people (look up the University of Wisconsin UnFair program for examples).

    As for law enforcement, the reality is that blacks commit violent crime all out of proportion to their numbers. This is why they are arrested and incarcerated at higher rates than whites. You might also look at massive black involvement in urban street gangs, home invasions, flashmob assaults and assorted atrocities. Google “polar bear punching,” “knockout king,” or Antonio Santiago (the latter an infant who was murdered by a black criminal).

    Then ponder why “Black Lives Matter” is a hypocritical farce.

  23. — Donald Trump is doing so well because he exploits racial anxieties masterfully without ever raising them directly. He complains we are “losing our country,” ridicules “political correctness,” blames Mexicans for “bringing crime” and claims to represent the “silent majority.” All these themes are perfectly designed to appeal to white resentments and fear of minorities.

    They’re not “designed” (as in “manufactured”) to create racial issues.

    It’s just that Trump is right (much as I hate the fact that he’s the messenger).

    We’re rapidly becoming an entitlement society – where any criminal alien can show up and start stealing money from taxpayers. Witness the recent study showing more than 50% of criminal aliens receiving welfare money. Do they bring crime? You bet! It’s no accident that such a large part of Kalifornia’s prison population is made up of criminal aliens. Even when they release one five times – though convicted of seven felonies – each time he returned until the latest trip when he murdered a woman in cold blood. But beyond the single case, crime is much higher among criminal aliens than among the native-born. Political correctness is just a philosophy of ignoring the unsavory facts that criminal aliens are a problem.

  24. I just love articles like this because they really show what piss-ant little racists most people who claim to be “Libertarian” actually are. They are just extreme Republicans who think saying they are “Libertarian” somehow makes them less stupid.

    Both of the Major parties shamelessly exploit race. The Democrats by attempting to portray themselves as allies and “saviours” of minorities. While the Republicans appeal to racist voters by marginalizing and demonizing minorities. Libertarians should stay out of that bullshit…in my opinon…we shouldn’t tolerate the brain dead whiny racism reflected in many of the posts here, and we should reject the pandering of minorities engaged in by Democrats

    1. What are the racist posts here?

      1. The only one i found is that irrational fear of men one

  25. Fuck you Chapman. I hope some illegal takes your job. Anyone with half a brain can write better than a dipshit like you. You think calling people racists because we want illegal border hoppers stopped is going to change our minds? More proof of your closed-minded stupidity is not needed.

  26. “Republicans Pander to Racial Fears”

    When in doubt, shriek Republicans are Racist! Right out of the Proggy Playbook.

    Because only Republicans pander to racial fears. When the Progressive Theocracy tells non-whites that “Whitey is gonna getcha, and therefore deserves to be a second class citizen *by law*”, that’s just truth, justice, and the American way, right?

    ‘ “Responding to police mistreatment of African-Americans by saying “all lives matter” is like demanding that doctors divide their time evenly between the healthy and the sick. ‘

    It’s really pathetic when Reason columnists are now claiming that only African-Americans get abused by police. But if you’re gonna go Proggy, don’t hold back. In for a dime, in for a dollar.

    ‘Taking the slogan to be racist is like regarding Black History Month as racist. Which, come to think of it, Trump probably does. ” ‘

    Which, come to think of it, is also correct.

  27. The Democrats only talk about race when one of their protected groups (in their view) is under attack by any of their long list of establishment. If Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin were white or even Asian, then BLM doesn’t exist.

    Synagogues and Churches burn all over the world and radical Islam kill thousands of blacks, but these aren’t conversation starters due to reasons beyond the obvious.

    The left’s attempt to “talk” about everything can’t be taken serious, because (1) they perceive slights in every corner of life (2) their mobs will attack any contrarian opinion. If you want to dictate the conversation, no one will talk to you.

    Subtle forms of bias surely exist in this country. But if blacks can’t make it here, they won’t make it anywhere else. Barack Obama has NO chance of becoming president in Japan, Mexico, etc. Blacks in this country have clout and an outlet to voice their concerns that’s unimaginable most elsewhere. African Americans typically empower the government to punish alleged discrimination while stifling economic liberty that would alleviate poverty.

  28. The fuck happened here? Is Reason republishing DailyKos articles or something? This is some seriously delusional lefty bullshit.

  29. Chapman… re: “From this year’s campaign, it’s clear that race is just as potent a factor as ever. In fact, attitudes about race may be the basic divide in the 2016 election. “…

    I hope that epiphany didn’t cause any bruises when it hit you…

    And the Left will stop yelling “Race!” about as soon as the Right stops yelling about “Gay Marriage.”

    Both sides are fucked up, and to deny so simply points to which side anyone is on… as soon as they say who the Bad Guys are…

    Another epiphany for you….

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