Kim Kardashian Posts a 'Corrective Ad' About Morning Sickness Pill on Instagram

Posted as the VMAs started to minimize exposure. Well played.



An Instagram post by Kim Kardashian promoting Diclegis, a morning-sickness pill, yielded a warning letter from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) earlier this month. The FDA was concerned, it said, because Kardashian's post didn't include potential side effects for Diclegis. In 2015, in the age of the Internet, such side effects are easy to find. Any argument about the "digital gap" is irrelevant here. If you saw a post on Instagram, you have Internet access. If you have Internet access, you have Google.

So what did Kim Kardashian's corrective ad say? Bloomberg reports:

"I guess you saw the attention my last #morningsickness post received," Kardashian wrote as the VMAs, which she attended, were kicking off in Los Angeles. Kardashian's original post included links to websites with disclosures about the risks of the drug, Diclegis, which was approved in 2013 to treat morning sickness for women who don't respond to more conservative measures.

The rest of Kardashian's post was the kind of boilerplate risk information that voice actors speed through in the final seconds of TV drug ads: "Diclegis has not been studied in women with hyperemesis gravidarum," or extreme, persistent. She also included warnings about interactions with other medications and alcohol, as well as side effects like drowsiness.

Kardashian, or her publicists, showed some cunning. The post went up just as the MTV Video Music Awards started, the equivalent of a Friday night news dump for celebrity social media. At the award show, her husband, Kanye West, announced he'd run for president in 2020. Maybe he'll take on the FDA's war on commercial speech. Maybe asking celebrities to be aware of the public policies they get entangled in on a regular basis is too much to ask when there's signaling at stake.

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  1. You mammals just need to learn how to lay eggs and make a nest. Much easier to deal with

    1. What does Mrs Lizard has to say about the egg-laying process? No unpleasant sensations involved?

      1. And what about the side effects?!

      2. She gets a bit grouchy and insists on resting in the highest spot in our condo prior to laying them. It also requires that I got to the traditional mammal building supply store to set up a proper box for her. Fortunately your Home Depot mammals are quite accomodating

    2. Oh you would love that wouldn’t you, you eat stealing four legged snake!

      1. egg stealing.

      2. Well actually we steal small mammal hatchlings. Our taste for ‘veal’ is much more refined

    3. I wonder what lizard eggs taste like.

      1. They tasted like your demise, next question

  2. Thank God Kim Kardashian cleared up everyone’s Medical concerns.

    1. Maybe she can be Kayne’s Surgeon General.

      1. He is not–I repeat, NOT–a gay fish.

        But he does like fish dicks. I mean sticks.

        1. You do realize that’s on Comedy Central right now.

          1. No. I don’t.

            Besides I’m too busy killing everything that moves in Borderlands.

            1. Do you play borderlands 2 or the Pre-sequel thing?

              i spent some heavy time on the former, but took a break after getting into the OP levels and wondering why i’m just trying to make everything harder

              1. Both (and B1 as well), but I’m currently playing the Pre-Sequel, True Vault Hunter Mode. The Pre-Sequel is not as big as B2, but Nisha’s Action Skill (Showdown) is just absolutely amazing, probably the best one I’ve ever seen in any Borderlands game. And I’m at one of the Borderlands sweet spots, where the combination of your level, what you’ve been able to set up in your skill tree, and your weapons make you a killing machine. These sweet spots usually happen around level 20 and 40 (I never took my B2 Siren up to 60, but I’d guess there too) and last for a while.

                The whole Borderlands franchise is perfectly tailored for how I like my games (lots of killing, don’t waste my time with a lot of story, randomized weapons and loot drops, etc), so I can play them a LOT.

                1. I was going to say – i’m not much of a gamer type, but Borderlands has a unique combination of things that make it endlessly replayable. i maxxed out one character @72 UVHM + 2 OP levels…. and its at the point now where I can’t really play solo anymore because a lot of shit is unkillable. am basically done with it unless I start over w/ a new character. probably just try the Pre-sequel instead

                  1. Yeah, Borderlands is fantastic for someone who wants to come in and play a violent video game for classic laddering reasons (killing, loot, getting more and more powerful, getting better and better items) and not deal with a lot of surrounding story, forced decisions (often along ethical lines), or other boring shit. I mean, I understand why people like that in a game, but for me, it’s an escape and a fun diversion. I don’t want to have to work at it in any way (other than getting good at it).

                    I would recommend the Pre-Sequel for the addition of low-gravity and airless situations, plus LASERS. Continuous damage bonus beam lasers are *fucking amazing*, especially if you’re Nisha. The story is as light as one would expect from Borderlands, and it’s shorter than B2 and only has one DLC (which was ok, it was no Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep, though), but it’s still fun, and as I said, Nisha’s action skill is fucking absurd.

                    Plus it has The Grinder which lets you feed in three items at a time and it will spit out a random-ish result of (usually) a higher rarity level. This is a nice way to utilize lower-rarity weapons once you get past where you use them at all, other than just selling them.

        2. Bitch, how you not the hobbit again?

          1. “Yes, I have met Aquaman. I have hung out with Aquaman. But the only thing we still have in common is our love for the sea.”

  3. She also included warnings about interactions with other medications and alcohol, as well as side effects like drowsiness.

    Interactions with medications, alcohol and drowsiness are probably what led to them getting pregnant in the first place.

  4. I guess we’ve traded in Trump for the Kardashian klan. Kanye news for every day of September!

    1. Theories:

      Trump was a massive DNC conspiracy to make Hillary look presidential by comparison.

      Kanye is a massive RNC conspiracy to make Trump look presidential by comparison.

      1. This was all laid out in the documentary Idiocracy. They were just way off on the timing.

  5. Thanks to Kim Kardashian I got massive butt implants and she didn’t tell me about any of the side effects, like getting cat called by truckers when I’m innocently wandering around Chicago’s slums for 7 hours collecting footage for a feminist Youtube video.

    1. I cannot lie. I don’t get the whole big butt thing.

      1. Plenty of us don’t. But all power to those that do; have fun with it.

        1. No doubt. I’m not saying I wouldn’t.

      2. There are big butts and then there is this:


          1. Baron Harkonnen?


        1. See, I don’t know if that’s real or not.

          1. No, it was real(ish).

            The boys and I were watching last night and when she stood up for Kanye’s speech we were gobsmacked.

            I get women put on some pounds during pregnancy, but holy shi-ite! It is like her butt is pregnant.

            1. I meant real as in not Photoshopped. Yeah, that is alien.

    2. I got massive butt implants

      Finally! An explanation of the heart symbol in your handle!

      /Love? Nah…

  6. Warning: Pregnant women, the elderly, and children under 10 should avoid prolonged exposure to Diclegis.

    Caution: Diclegis may suddenly accelerate to dangerous speeds.

    Diclegis contains a liquid core, which, if exposed due to rupture, should not be touched, inhaled, or looked at.

    Do not use Diclegis on concrete.

    Discontinue use of Diclegis if any of the following occurs:
    -tingling in extremities
    -loss of balance or coordination
    -slurred speech
    -temporary blindness
    -profuse sweating
    -or heart palpitations.

    If Diclegis begins to smoke, get away immediately. Seek shelter and cover head.

    Diclegis may stick to certain types of skin.

    When not in use, Diclegis should be returned to its special container and kept under refrigeration. Failure to do so relieves the makers of Diclegis, Duchesnay Incorporated, and its parent company, Tim Hortons, of any and all liability.

    Ingredients of Diclegis include an unknown glowing green substance which fell to Earth, presumably from outer space.

    Diclegis has been shipped to our troops in Saudi Arabia and is being dropped by our warplanes on Afghanistan.

    Do not taunt Diclegis.

    Diclegis comes with a lifetime warranty.

    1. Diclegis rules the night.

    2. Oh, and +1 sum of all evils

    3. “Side Effects” by Steve Martin

      DOSAGE: take two tablets every six hours for joint pain.

      SIDE EFFECTS: This drug may cause joint pain, nausea, head-ache, or shortness of breath. You may also experience muscle aches, rapid heartbeat, and ringing in the ears. If you feel faint, call your doctor. Do not consume alcohol while taking this pill; likewise, avoid red meat, shellfish, and vegetables. O.K. foods: flounder. Under no circumstances eat yak. Men can expect painful urination while sitting, especially if the penis is caught between the toilet seat and the bowl. Projectile vomiting is common in thirty per cent of users-sorry, fifty per cent. If you undergo disorienting nausea accompanied by migraine and raspy breathing, double the dosage. Bowel movements may become frequent-in fact, every ten minutes. If bowel movements become greater than twelve per hour, consult your doctor, or any doctor, or just anyone who will speak to you. You may find yourself becoming lost or vague; this would be a good time to write a screenplay. Do not pilot a plane, unless you are among the ten per cent of users who experience “spontaneous test-pilot knowledge.” If your hair begins to smell like burning tires, move away from any buildings or populated areas, and apply tincture of iodine to the head until you no longer hear what could be taken for a “countdown.”…..

      1. Carlin said it best:


        I feel it is my obligation to remind you of some of the negative, depressing, dangerous, life-threatening things that life is really all about; things you have not been thinking about tonight, but which will be waiting for you as soon as you leave the theater or as soon as you turn off your television sets. Anal rape, quicksand, body lice, evil spirits, gridlock, acid rain, continental drift, labor violence, flash floods, rabies, torture, bad luck, calcium deficiency, falling rocks, cattle stampedes, bank failure, evil neighbors, killer bees, organ rejection, lynching, toxic waste, unstable dynamite, religious fanatics, prickly heat, price fixing, moral decay, hotel fires, loss of face, stink bombs, bubonic plague, neo-Nazis, friction, cereal weevils, failure of will, chain reaction, soil erosion, mail fraud, dry rot, voodoo curses…

        1. …broken glass, snake bite, parasites, white slavery, public ridicule, faithless friends, random violence, breach of contract, family scandals, charlatans, transverse myelitis, structural defects, race riots, sunspots, rogue elephants, wax buildup, killer frost, jealous coworkers, root canals, metal fatigue, corporal punishment, sneak attacks, peer pressure, vigilantes, birth defects, false advertising, ungrateful children, financial ruin, mildew, loss of privileges, bad drugs, ill-fitting shoes, widespread chaos, Lou Gehrig’s disease, stray bullets, runaway trains, chemical spills, locusts, airline food, shipwrecks, prowlers, bathtub accidents, faulty merchandise, terrorism, discrimination, wrongful cremation, carbon deposits, beef tapeworm, taxation without representation, escaped maniacs, sunburn, abandonment, threatening letters, entropy, nine-mile fever, poor workmanship, absentee landlords, solitary confinement, depletion of the ozone layer, unworthiness, intestinal bleeding, defrocked priests, loss of equilibrium, disgruntled employees, global warming, card sharks, poisoned meat, nuclear accidents, broken promises, contamination of the water supply, obscene phone calls, nuclear winter, wayward girls, mutual assured destruction, rampaging moose, the greenhouse effect, cluster headaches, social isolation, Dutch elm disease, the contraction of the universe, paper cuts, eternal damnation, the wrath of God, and PARANOIAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

      2. “…May cause stigmata in Mexicans. If a fungus starts to grow between your eyebrows, call the Guinness Book of World Records. May induce a tendency to compulsively repeat the phrase “no can do.” This drug may cause visions of the Virgin Mary to appear in treetops. If this happens, open a souvenir shop. There may be an overwhelming impulse to shout out during a Catholic Mass, “I’m gonna w*p you wid da ugly stick!” You may feel a powerful sense of impending doom; this is because you are about to die. Men may experience impotence, but only during intercourse. Otherwise, a powerful erection will accompany your daily “walking-around time.” Do not take this product if you are uneasy with lockjaw. Do not be near a ringing telephone that works at 900 MHz or you will be very dead, very fast. We are assuming you have had chicken pox. You also may experience a growing dissatisfaction with life along with a deep sense of melancholy-join the club! Do not be concerned if you arouse a few ticks from a Geiger counter. You might want to get a one-month trial subscription to Extreme Fighting. The hook shape of the pill will often cause it to become caught in the larynx. To remove, jam a finger down your throat while a friend holds your nose to prevent the pill from lodging in a nasal passage. Then throw yourself stomach first on the back portion of a chair. The expulsion of air should eject the pill out of the mouth, unless it goes into a sinus cavity, or the brain….

      3. “….This drug may shorten your intestines by twenty-one feet. Has been known to cause birth defects in the user retroactively. Discontinue use immediately if you feel that your teeth are receiving radio broadcasts. You may experience “lumpy back” syndrome, but we are actively seeking a cure. Bloated fingertips on the heart-side hand are common. When finished with the dosage, be sure to allow plenty of “quiet time” in order to retrain the eye to move off stationary objects. Flotation devices at sea will become pointless, as the user of this drug will develop a stone-like body density; therefore, if thrown overboard, contact your doctor. (This product may contain one or more of the following: bungee cord, plankton, rubber, crack cocaine, pork bladders, aromatic oils, gunpowder, corn husk, glue, bee pollen, dung, English muffin, poached eggs, ham, Hollandaise sauce, crushed saxophone reeds.) Twenty minutes after taking the pills, you will feel an insatiable craving to take another dose. AVOID THIS WITH ALL YOUR POWER. It is advisable to have a friend handcuff you to a large kitchen appliance, ESPECIALLY ONE THAT WILL NOT FIT THROUGH THE DOORWAY TO WHERE THE PILLS ARE. You should also be out of reach of any weapon-like utensil with which you could threaten friends or family, who should also be briefed to not give you the pills, no matter how much you sweet-talk them.”

        1. I humbly bow to your superior Wall of Text.

  7. Kanye West, announced he’d run for president in 2020

    “Ima let Hillary finish, but ?.”

    1. Shit he might as well run now.

  8. I was not aware these license plate scanners were becoming so widespread.


    1. “Once we capture an image, and nothing comes back, the data isn’t stored. It’s deleted from the system, we don’t keep information if anything we run comes back clean,” Shirey said.

      Data that isn’t stored is deleted? How do you delete something that isn’t stored?

      1. Yeah, it goes to the same place Hillary’s email go.

        1. FBI custody? A thumbdrive her lawyers keep handy? Into Sid Blumenthal’s possession?

    1. I am not buying the sob story. The guy could make a fortune in porn. Especially Japanese porn.

      1. The Japanese don’t have nearly enough pixels to cover that up.

      2. It’s a penis with testicles, not a tentacle.

        1. It’s pretty damn close. Just need to attach some suckers.

      3. Exactly. If you can go to a costume party as a gas pump you don’t have many problems.

        1. If you can go to a costume party as a gas pump you don’t have many problems.

          I doubt truer words have ever been spoken.

    2. This is truly an example of The Penis Mightier, isn’t it, Trebek?

  9. I was saving this one for the next time the subject of homosexuality came up, but…what the hell.


  10. Did Walker actually ever say he wanted to build a wall on the Canadian border or is the media taking his claim that people in New Hampshire are worried about immigration to mean that? I can’t find any interview where he said directly he wanted to build a wall there.


    1. No, he never said that. You know how reporters are.

      1. I saw GILMORE bring it up on a.m. links and wasn’t sure if all this is coming out of that one interview or if he had clarified later.

    2. He did what all politicians do. He gave a non-committal answer to a stupid question when he should have said “That’s a stupid question.”

      1. Yeap. He didn’t want to come off as insulting the NH folks so he waffled instead.

        1. “All options are on the table”
          /lying politico

    3. I blame CNN. they ran huge headlines saying “CANADA WALL = “LEGITIMATE IDEA” SAYS WALKER” (he never said “idea”)

      Then everyone else just sourced CNN and repeated the same claim. If you watch the interview, the guy asks about border issues, and “some are even suggesting a wall”…and Walker just says that “people in new hampshire are talking about it a lot, and its a legitimate issue” (i.e. Border Security)

      He was trying to insist that he ‘cares about border security’, lest he come across as weak to the frothing Trump-crowd…but the scumbags in the media went apeshit trying to suggest he was accusing Canada of possible invasion or something.

      1. The interview

        He’s talking about ‘border security’ writ large. he never even says “canada”. He even downplays the “wall” thing at the end of his statement saying its “everything else”

        Meanwhile, here’s the type of coverage you see – no quotes, no clips, no verbatim statements

        1. I dont understand. I was told there is no liberal bias in the media so I know they balance that by going just as hard after Hillary. After that little gem they go full guns on Hillary and the numerous felonies she has committed, right?

          They have to use mendacity to attack the R’s and have to use that same mendacity to defend the D’s.

          I wonder what that means?

        2. http://edition.cnn.com/2015/08…..tion-2016/

          Scott Walker: U.S.-Canada wall a ‘legitimate’ idea

          That’s the headline and yet the video they show at the top of the page has nothing in it that even addresses that assertion. Dishonest is an understatement.

  11. Suspect in deputy’s killing found mentally incompetent in 2012

    Video autoplay’s. At least it did for me.


    1. found mentally incompetent…by the white man…

      1. lol. might save his life although I doubt it.

  12. Anyone who buys a medical product on the basis of a Kardashian endorsement has far bigger problems in life.

    1. They might have some knowledge on plastic surgery. A lot of it.

  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5w2Mh6CyXo

    Today’s hilarious youtube comment comes from a video in which two dudes are fencing with sabers. Enjoy:

    “sight, they are teaching people how to kill other people. nothing amazing or great. These kind of activity should be banned as it can be used to kill people.
    Only police or military people should be taught this, not civilians who don’t need these kind of skill or hobby.”


    1. When asked if he’s kidding:

      “This is very disturbing as this can be abused to inflict harm on others.
      First of all, I support ban on firearms, not on swords.
      However i support the ban on swordsmanship knowledge.
      Because, when guns get banned, and the only tools available are your knives, hammer or other tools to inflict harm on others. Such kind of mastery over weapons becomes essential in increasing the potential to do more damage.

      I am not shitting things out of my ass. In places where guns are banned, crazy maniacs, wield knives, sword, hammer, cleaver etc to slash and kill others.
      If those people had access to refine their techniques, they could easily be more dangerous.
      The reason why i support this is because swords were made to take lives. “The blade itself incites to deeds of violence.” Homer. And in the hands of a master swordsman, They can be very effective.”

      1. “This is important because not all places have metal detectors. In China group of knife wielding terrorist killed dozens of people. Now imagine if they were all trained.

        Similarly i support the ban in teaching guerilla warfare or any information about it. Crazy people who wish to wage war against the government might use it, if such knowledge is left accessible.

        I still support my point. Civilians don’t need to learn this as people don’t duel anymore. Nor do civilian need to take this kind of violent act for hobby.
        As for people who use self defense excuse, when does one carry a sword around with them all times to use it when attacked. A person only carries his sword rarely in modern time. “”

        1. AHAHAHAHAHA

          “let me state my position. I m on the left. I m progressive. I m for human lives and i rely on statistics and date for my position. Not emotions.
          I support HEMA, and i support Gun Safety and knowledge groups.
          Now that being said. i addressed the issue already, so i will be re-repeating it.
          People leaning towards violence will be attracted to the knowledge HEMA and Gun Knowledge groups provide. Remember, not all people who are attracted to knowledge HEMA and Gun groups provide are violent, but among those people who are attracted, there will be a small minority who have a mindset leaning towards violence.

          “gun education and better owner screening” I fully supported this movement until we found from incident that guns get stolen. The school shooting happened cause the kid took guns from his mother.”

          1. “”my brother and i make knives as our hobby, does that mean we are making tools of mass destruction” NO NO NO. again, strawman point. I said earlier, swords don’t take lives as much as firearms do. However When firearms became inaccessible to these nut people, Yes, It has been shown that they resort to knives and blades.
            I am not saying all these cause i got emotional one day after watching this video. I base my statement on trending events and on statistics. My position on gun ban is not because i hate guns, but by the sad fact that people use guns to mass murder. In fact i think guns are cool, and i play lots of games with guns in, watch movies with guns in it. Same goes for blade. I watch hollywood sword movies, i love them.

            Don’t paint me like a nutjob based on the position i am taking. In terms of decision making, i rely on data instead of my personal opinion or bias. If you can show me that gun will decrease the number of deaths or that swordsmanship will not be a factor to be taken account when guns are banned, then i will fully change my position.
            I posted a link where 23-26 people died and hundreds were injured due to knife attack in china. 20 people dying is not a small number. And yes it was done by a group of terrorist.”””

            Sorry for quintuple posting, but this is hysterical.

            1. its a troll, yo.

        2. Why couldn’t I read that without hearing Skwisgaar’s voice?

    2. In fighting with swords it is very common for both parties to land a blow simultaneously. Knives are even worse.

      Best to get the first hit in and make it the last one.

      I have used machetes all my life. I sharpen them until they will shave hair off of my arm and will cut through a 4 in sweet gum with one swing.

      Once I had an armadillo eating up my yard so I resolved to kill it. I went out after dark, saw him and just stood still with the machete. Eventually the poor blind idiot wandered into reach. I cut him in two at his midsection. The knife went through him like he was butter. The cut was so clean he looked like an anatomical display. Just thinking of hitting a person like that makes me cringe.

      Still, cool video.

      1. I have 2 that I brought home from my time in Costa Rica. How do you sharpen them?

        1. Armadillos?

          1. I give them algebra flash cards, then we watch Jeopardy together.

            1. Do they ever get the Dasypodidae Double?

              1. No, those things are terrible for you

        2. “How do you sharpen them?”

          With a good hand file, or if you dont want to spend an hour doing that, a slow electric sander.
          Make sure the sander is slow enough and hyou don’t put enough pressure on the blade to make sparks. If you see sparks or the metal gets discolored then you are ruining the temper of the steel. That will make the steel soft and the edge won’t last.

          Good tip for using a properly sharpened machete – make every swing goes through your target and hits the ground. Draw the knife slightly towards your body as you swing so that the edge cuts rather than chops and make damn sure to swing to the ground. This will ensure maximum cut on the target and you won’t end up with a limp.

          1. If you see sparks or the metal gets discolored then you are ruining the temper of the steel. That will make the steel soft and the edge won’t last.

            When I sharpen a shovel with a cordless bench grinder it’s like the 4th of July. You get a good edge too but I’d never do that to a blade.

      2. For a second there i was like “awwwww?” and then i looked shit up on the internet and then i went “AHHHYYYIEEEEE!!!!!!KILL IT!! KILL IT!!!”

        1. I’d kill it with my street sweeper and 00Buck. I’m not getting close enough to kill it like Conan.

          1. Serious! I was like, shit, if they spread disease…. kill with FIRE….

          2. As a kid we used to catch them by the tail. We would toss them in a lake or pond. They can’t swim so they run on the bottom. They are so crazy strong and fast that they run along the bottom as fast as you can on dry land. You can see the whole pond heave from their movement and in the blink of an eye they are out and running away.

            What can I say, we were in the country and had to find something to amuse ourselves with.

            1. Oh for crying out loud.

              Armadillos dont spit. You catch leprosy by picking hyour nose, i.e. placing the infectious bacteria directly onto mucous membranes, and you can’t keep an armadillo for a pet. It is impossible to construct an enclosure that will hold it. It can tear through freakin’ concrete for God’s sake.

              Fun fact – Every year in Jonesville they have an armadillo contest. You bring the tails of the ones you have killed and the guy with the most wins. For ten years in a row the winner was an old man from Jena who had over 10,000 tails every year. Also, there was never a noticeable dent in the population.

              1. When I was a small child my parents used to have fun sending me after them with a paper grocery sack. Never caught one but I got scratched up trying. Still leprosy free.

                1. You gotta get em by the tail and get their feet off of the ground as fast as possible.

                  They will try to spin loose so you gotta hold tight. Tight. Eventually they will quit spinning and give up. Then you can cradle his back with your free hand and give the other one a rest.

                  Never let them touch you with their feet. Goddamn, I bet you did get scratched up. I am surprised you didn’t lose some skin.

                  1. You know, your redneck-cred just escalated by 700%

      3. For brush I prefer a bush hook. You can file a good one sharp enough to shave with. Never thought about what it would do to flesh but you have a definite reach advantage over a machete.

        1. Yes, but when hiking all day and cutting trees and brush the bush knife is too heavy.

          Solution: Machete and a good leather glove to keep blackberry thorns out of your knuckles. Also buy the longest machete you can find. Collins went out of business a long time ago but the next best thing for a reasonable price is this:


          1. I’ll stick with Ontario Knife. Short but easily sharpened.

  14. Let’s face it, Kim Kardashian is really Kim Kardashian, Inc. Corporations aren’t people, maaan.

  15. I think something being overlooked here is the potential punishment. The FDA was going to make them withdraw the drug from the market if they didn’t retweet the ad with corrections.

    That’s right, the FDA was going to deny people medical treatment because they didn’t approve of what Kim Kardashian said.

    1. Yeah, I find no purpose for the FDA.

      1. I was trying to explain to someone the other day how heavy handed the government can be. This example didn’t come across.

        I finally succeeded when using the example of denatured alcohol. If you don’t pay your taxes, the government will fucking poison you and kill you.

        1. They dope your opioids with acetaminophen so that it kills you if you abuse it.

  16. US ranks 20th Human Freedom Index


    Top 10 Freest Countries
    1. Hong Kong 6. Canada
    2. Switzerland 7. Australia
    3. Finland 8. Ireland
    4. Denmark 9. United Kingdom
    5. New Zealand 10. Sweden

    1. I’m not going to go through that paper, but, how can two countries (6, 9) be higher than us and have laws that will put you in jail for saying things that hurt the feelings of other people?

      That may be one pie piece, but DAYUM, that’s a big negative for them.

      1. Well, we have two million people in jail and our cops periodically shoot people to death in no knock police raids, so…

      2. Appendix G (sheet 12) of the spreadsheet

    2. Ugh, we tore that shit apart a few days ago. Basically, it’s garbage. Shame on Cato too.

  17. I would still really really would like to know more about the 2nd chemical plant explosion in China, but hey, crazy neo-Nazi did something crazy in a courtroom so I’ll have to wait.

    1. Another CNN story:

      “‘Unprecedented’ global study finds 1 in 4 adults anti-Semitic”

      Oh man, where are all these anti-Semites located?

      “The survey then calculated how many believed that at least six of the 11 stereotypes were probably true. In the Middle East and North Africa, 74% did. In Eastern Europe, one in three did, and in Western Europe and sub-Saharan Africa, nearly one in four believed most of the stereotypes.”


      1. Somehow, it seems arguable to me that one can measure anti-Semitism by the number of stereotypes believed. Not that I can point to much beyond the fact that stereotypes often have some basis in truth (however thin), and that some stereotypes are positive. Am I anti-Semitic for believing that Jews are often smarter than average? My Jewish girlfriend believes the same thing, and I don’t think either of us are “anti-Semitic.” Perhaps it depends on the stereotypes, and they only polled negative ones…?

  18. I am pretty sure that the target market for Kardashian tweets is not googling side effects.

    The problem is that the pharma industry has a history of hiding side effects.

    I would be happy with a link to the full package insert.

  19. Also, remember that thalidomide was a morning sickness drug. This class of drug is always going to get very strong scrutiny.

    1. I remember listening to a story on NPR years and years ago about how thalidomide turned out to be pretty good at treating complications of leprosy.

      They mentioned how women with leprosy would have to take multiple types of birth control if they wanted to use leprosy. That is when I realized what true pigs men were. Didn’t matter if the gal had leprosy, if she was willing to go for it, there were dudes willing to stick it in them.

  20. So I’m watching a movie I’ve never seen or heard of Black Spurs (1965). Linda Darnell’s last picture before her tragic death in a house fire, DeForest Kelly, Lon Chaney Jr., Terry Moore,Manuel Padilla and starring Rory Calhoun. . Essentially a late B-Western from Paramount and not bad so far. Wikipedia directs me to the NYTs review It premiered at the Paramount Theatre

    Now here’s the crazy part: In addition to the B-Western there was also a live Soul Revue featuring The Soul Brother’s Six, “9 specialty acts”, Jamo Thomas and Joe Tex

    That’s some crazy amount of entertainment value for whatever it cost yet the NYTs basically just revues the movie like the soul revue was just a cartoon or a newsreel.

    Wish I had a time machine and some silver Kennedy half dollars.



      2. I never knew Joe Tex claimed authorship of Fever and that he sold it for $300 to make rent. I’d say his disputed account is plausible but then Sevo would call me a “BLEEVER” just for entertaining the possibility.

        I was alive, listening to music and quite aware of I Gotcha and of course the novelty disco sensation Ain’t Gonna Bump No More (With No Big Fat Woman) when they were hits

        1. And now three links! The miracles continue! What strange power does SIV have over the server squirrels?

  21. http://www.cnn.com/2015/08/31/…..index.html

    “Obama condemns climate change deniers – “And he warned those who doubt scientists’ assertions that humans are responsible for a warning planet that their views are increasingly untenable.”

    Huh. It is funny that he would say that just after they got caught faking data yet again. I am sure he is a true believer. No way he is trying to save the scam so he can keep putting billions into his friend’s hands to conjure up fake green energy companies. He would never do that.

    *If their views are increasingly untenable and they are shrinking in number why does he pay them any attention at all?

    1. I honestly think that Obama believes the nonsense he spews. His NCAA tournament predictions are decent enough, though.

      But Kim, I just know her from the porn video and I think her mom drove the dude she married into going transgender or something. I don’t really follow them, but one of her sisters I think is kinda hot.

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