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Do you know what digital subscribers to Reason have that the rest of you don't? For starters, full online access to the brand-spanking new October issue of the magazine, including Katherine Mangu-Ward's great & provocative cover story "Plastic Bags Are Good for You," Science Correspondent Ronald Bailey's reasons for environmental optimism ("The End of Doom"), Zach Weissmueller's Q&A with a scientist who's trying to un-extinct animals ("Jurassic Pigeon"), and much, much more. This digital access comes several days before the print mag arrives in your mailbox.

BUT THAT'S TOTALLY NOT ALL. Digital subscribers also get said instantenous access across a variety of mobile and desktop-friendly formats, including regular text web pages at, their choice of two interactive "flip style" digital readers, and downloadable PDF files. I don't even know what half of that means, that's how awesome it is!

Best of all, digital sub'ers get access to ALL 47 YEARS OF REASON ARCHIVES.

Gosh, that must cost a lot, right? BZZZZZT! Costs $15 a year, or $10 if you already subscribe to the print magazine.

Here is the link to all of the great digital Reason stuff you can have for the price of a New York City hamburger.

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