Campus Free Speech

Rutgers to Students: No Such Thing as 'Free' Speech, We Are Watching You, 'Think Before You Speak'

Wants students to spy on each other, file reports, provide private information.



Rutgers University students, you are being watched.

That appears to be the message a web page would like the campus community to absorb. The web page is maintained by the Bias Prevention & Education Committee, which chillingly warns students that there is "no such thing as 'free' speech," and to "think before you speak." From the web page:

Since 1992, the Bias Prevention Committee has monitored the New Brunswick/Piscataway campus for bias incidents and has provided bias prevention education to staff, students, and faculty. …

Bias Acts Are:

Verbal, written, physical, psychological acts that threaten or harm a person or group on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, ancestry, disability, marital status, civil union status, domestic partnership status, atypical heredity or cellular blood trait, military service or veteran status.

If you experience or witness an act of bias or hate, report it to someone in authority. You may file a report on line at and you will be contacted within 24 hours.

Rutgers' bias incident reporting form is identical to the one used by the University of Colorado-Boulder, which was criticized by free speech and privacy advocates (Reason included) back in May. It asks students to report on each other and provide addresses, phone numbers, identification numbers, and even dates of birth—any information that could be used to identify a victim, witness, or person of concern in a bias incident.

Like Colorado, Rutgers defines bias so broadly that all kinds of clearly protected speech would likely trigger an incident report and subsequent investigation by this Orwellian committee.

However, the university administration seems to be backing off some of the committee's claims. When Campus Reform first reported the existence of the web page last week, it looked like this (Edit: Link fixed). By Monday, it looked like this. The difference? The university removed the assertion that there is no such thing as 'free' speech.

I suppose this means that administrators recently reviewed the page, and stand by the rest of its claims.

[Update: The web page's claim about free speech included quotation marks around the word 'free.' I have added those quotation marks, which slightly alter the implications of the claim.]

Hat tip: Campus Reform

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  1. Academia goes from bastion of free thought and unbridled inquiry to Orwellian shit hole in the span of a generation. My late father, a career academic, must weep at what his peers have wrought.

    1. Makes you wonder if the progs ever were for free speech, or if they only liked it because they weren’t in charge

      1. Yep. Progs NEVER want free speech. Or, rather, they do, they just want you to freely say what they want you to say. It is like the old Model-T advert: “You can have whatever color you want as long as you want black.”

        1. Progressives have never been for free speech. Liberals once were, but they are getting harder to find.

      2. To quote Caitlin Flanagan from her recent Atlantic Monthly article: “The college revolutions of the 1960s?the ones that gave rise to the social-justice warriors of today’s campuses?were fueled by free speech. But once you’ve won a culture war, free speech is a nuisance, and “eliminating” language becomes a necessity.”

        That says it all.

      3. I think, to quote John Kerry, they were for it before they were against it. Not that “John Kerry” and “think” should be in the same sentence.

        I think the left saw how effective free speech was at toppling the power structure when the left was a marginalized voice in higher education. So when they *became* the power structure at most colleges and universities, they saw the need to close that loophole so the disenfranchised right couldn’t do the same to them.

        1. Favorite quote from the Saul Bass film Why Man Creates, which we were shown repeatedly when I was in high school back in the late ’70s (paraphrased from memory):

          One cartoon snail to another: “Did you ever think that radical ideas which threaten institutions in turn become institutions which reject radical ideas which threaten institutions?”

          Other cartoon snail: “No.”

          First cartoon snail: “Gee, for a minute there I thought I had something.”

      4. “Makes you wonder if the progs ever were for free speech, or if they only liked it because they weren’t in charge”

        Their commitment to free speech was always tactical. It was never strategic or ideological. They think they are in charge so there is no tactical advantage to allowing their enemies to be armed which is what allowing free speech does.


  3. Redacted

  4. I guess those who say education doesn’t prepare students for the real world have been proved wrong. Seems Rutgers is doing a good job getting these kids ready for our new Orwellian reality.

    1. Nah, they’re just reinforcing the K-12 bullshit. Exactly what my old man noticed 30 years ago. The only difference today is the blatancy.

      1. Makes me want to home school my son. This and the whole rape adjudication controversy on college campuses is just over the top. Then again, I shouldn’t be surprised since my high school had a diversity officer, and that was 10 years ago.

      2. So glad I got out of teaching middle and high school after my first year, and that was 30 years ago! I’d go insane trying to stick to the party line these days.

  5. If one identifies principally or primarily upon the basis of ancestry or age or civil union status or color or creed or disability or gender or marital status or nationality or national origin or race or religion or sexual orientation, one deserves to be ridiculed upon such basis.

    1. How else are they supposed to know what to think and believe other than by which group they identify with?

    2. Check your privilege before committing that bias act again.

    3. Run-on sentence trigger warning.

      1. Short sentences are for pussies-

        James Joyce

    4. You forgot “atypical heredity or cellular blood trait,”

  6. If you can think of a better way to prepare young adults for real life – which we all know is free of hurt feelings – then I’d like to hear it.

    1. The Shame of Rutgers strikes again!

      Dr. Cooper is co-founder along with Dr. Susana Morris of the Crunk Feminist Collective, a feminist of color scholar-activist group that runs a highly successful blog.

      How have I not been religiously reading this blog and posting about it on H&R?

      I tend to roll with a crew of badass bawse women in addition to being one myself. (It’s 2015 and time’s out for lack of self-confidence.) And because I’m grown and love myself, I no longer date asshole dudes.

      The opening 2 sentences (with an additional discursive parenthetical) from a blog post written on a blog named as one of the 25 best black blogs by The Root.

      You call or text your boo to share a major accomplishment or award, something that only enhances your current bawse status.

      In reply, your boo says something whack like, “Kudos!” or “That’s great!” or “Congratulations!”

      That’s all.

      No elaboration.

      Well, it’s nice to know black feminists worry about useless bullshit just like white feminists do. I’d always used ‘white feminist’ as shorthand for first-world, useless feminism that’s concerned with nonsense, but apparently black American feminists are just as worthless as the white ones. Feminist uselessness cuts across racial lines. It is truly a triumph of multi-culturalism.

      1. I have to wonder – what do you think an Egyptian feminist who has to worry about gang rape and is actually fighting for basic rights would think if she ran into an American feminist and had to listen to a 15 minute explanation of why man-spreading and the patriarchal assumptions of video games are the great evils of our time?

        1. Well, we already know what Ayan Hirsi Ali has had to say about it. She doesn’t have a whole lot of patience for the guilt-peddlers.


        2. man-spreading

          “Man-spreading?” Is that where you whip out your junk and spread the loose skin of the scrotum out flat? Because I thought that was called “the batwing.”

          1. I had the unfortunate occasion to see “the goat” this weekend.

      2. America has progressed to the point that black womyn can be just as useless as white womyn! All hail the Obama era!


      3. Multiwhat? Notep please.

        1. In 2003, Sakia Gunn, a masculine-of-center lesbian

          “Get this week’s official leftist glossaries right here! You can’t follow the game if you don’t know the lingo!”

          1. I think it’s what we would call “butch”.

        1. Reincarnation of “boss” from the eighties, like your totally boss camero.

          1. That’s Bitchin’ Camaro!!

            h/t The Dead Milkmen

    2. I am a Rutgers grad, and this shit is the reason neither the university nor the alumni association will ever get a penny of my money.

      1. Good. But I hope there are other reasons as well – like not wanting to throw more money into the cesspool of higher education that has flourished primarily upon humongous injections of federal payola.

        1. I got a call from my Alma mater asking for money and I told them I would send them money when they lower tuition and cut administrative costs.

    3. Shit, i bet you eat bacon and don’t even apologize you noclass notep frontin HBCU-style on a PWI

      1. My wife tells me that I am both eye candy and food for the soul, particularly when she wants to deviate from our budget.

    4. I bet she doesn’t capitalize White. None of the proggies do.

    5. If you were a Rutgers grad, you’d KNOW HOW TO USE THE SUBJUNCTIVE!

  7. The student loan bubble cannot bust quickly enough. I’m looking forward to seeing diversity administrators and speech monitors holding up signs at busy intersections.

    1. Will rail against the patriarchy for food?

      1. Maggie-freakin’-nifficent!!

  8. Your quotation is:
    “no such thing as free speech”

    A better quotation would be:
    “no such thing as ‘free’ speech”

    It’s still a stupid statement, but it pretty clearly means that your speech can have negative consequences, not some Orwellian opposition to free speech. The context provided by the next sentence makes that clear.

    I’m not defending them, but you should still be more accurate.

    1. I think Rutgers meant that statement in a “there’s no business like showbusiness” kind of way. Rutgers isn’t saying free speech is bad. Quite the opposite. Free (or “free”) speech is so awesome that no other “such things” quite compare!

    2. The word “prevention” is in the name of the committee and their mission statement. While they tacitly admit they have no legal authority to actually stop speech, it is fairly obvious that they don’t want the speech to occur. They’re not just saying there are consequences to speech, they’re implying they would ban it if they could. Stripping the quote marks is not disingenuous in context.

    3. I respectfully disagree. I think it’s about as Orwellian as they could get without actually referencing Room 101. Right down to the inherent Doublespeak of “Be Free” and “Be Open.” Free & Open; what could be better? Until you get to the fine print and realize those are warnings about unacceptable, punishable attitudes. There will be no Thoughtcrime at Rutgers.

  9. Your quotation is:
    “no such thing as free speech”

    A better quotation would be:
    “no such thing as ‘free’ speech”

    It’s still a stupid statement, but it pretty clearly means that your speech can have negative consequences, not some Orwellian opposition to free speech. The context provided by the next sentence makes that clear.

    I’m not defending them, but you should still be more accurate.

    1. …not some Orwellian opposition to free speech…

      I wouldn’t give them that much credit.

  10. “Verbal, written, physical, psychological acts that threaten or harm a person or group on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, ancestry, disability, marital status, civil union status, domestic partnership status, atypical heredity or cellular blood trait, military service or veteran status.”


    1. What, no prohibition related to mental health status or species? Fuck you, you retarded chimp!

      /totally kosher

      1. No, that falls under national origin. Can’t talk about Canadians like that…

  11. Are verbal, written, physical, psychological acts that threaten or harm a person or group on the basis of douchebaggery still cool?

  12. Cellular blood trait? I don’t care what kind of trouble it gets me in, I’ll never stop telling you type Bs to fuck off and die.


    2. Cellular blood trait?

      I was interpreting that to mean you couldn’t quote Animal Mother from Full Metal Jacket: “Thank God for the sickle cell.”

    3. I seriously want to know what occasioned that inclusion. Are they talking ABO, Rh, hemoglobinopathy, leukemia, polycythemia,..? What event precipitated this?

      1. That is a direct quote from the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination, which expressly bars discrimination based on atypical hereditary cellular blood traits. And yes, it is aimed primarily at sickle cell anemia.

        1. Another reason I’m glad I moved from New Jersey.

        2. I’d like to know what occasioned that. How many people even know the carrier status of strangers? For that matter, how many know it of themselves?

          I suspect there was no precipitating incident?that someone just decided, here’s something I know that’s hereditary, let’s include that in the list.

          1. It’s part of the guidance around the use of genetic testing. If an employer didn’t want to hire an applicant of the Negro persuasion, they might discriminate based on sickle cell status (and the incumbent potential higher medical costs), thus neatly sidestepping race, skin color, and national origin with one fell swoop.

  13. Does this mean that any criticism of foreign wars is evidence of bias against veterans?

    1. Yep. I’d like to see an enlisted serviceperson show up at an anti-war rally and record all the verbal abuse. Watch them squirm as they have to defend the evil murdering uniformed enlisted serviceperson.

  14. “The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has limits.”

    These people are completely demoralized and we are stuck with them. Unless we crank up the woodchippers…

  15. What does this even mean?

    atypical heredity or cellular blood trait

    I mean, I kinda get the “atypical heredity” (although I have absolutely no clue about why it is considered a source of bias IRL that needs to be outlawed)..

    Buy “atypical . . . cellular blood trait”? WTF? Are bleeders being discriminated against?

    1. It makes me think of this:

      Animal Mother: Hey, Jungle bunny. Thank God for the sickle cell, huh?
      Private Eightball: Yeah, Mother.

    2. Apparently the Rutgers Bias Department is terrified that young people might start making joking references to Sickle Cell Anemia

    3. I suspect that “Hey, shorty!” counts as “hate speech.”

      1. If said to a Person-of-Stature, yes… if said to your baby’s momma, no

  16. Rutgers University: “preparing today’s students for the fascist authoritarian world they’ll build tomorrow.”

  17. Welcome to the Big 10, you ridiculous cuntstains

    1. Don’t be bitter because UM has proven powerless against their Scarlet fury. Oh, but I’m sure Harbaugh won’t flame out in spectacular fashion like the last three coaches.

      1. When have I ever provided any evidence of giving any shits how UM does? Oh – never.

        But it’s cute to watch the OSU fanz think everyone else cares about their mighty Buks.

        1. Oakies and their college ball. I was in OU territory, their color is red, vs orange for OSU.
          I was in the dollar store one Halloween, and this guy was getting pissed off because all the decorations had orange on them. He kept refusing to buy Halloween decorations for his daughter because, and I quote “you know how I feel about orange!”

          1. He was talking about Ohio State, the fans of which aren’t bothered with whatever the fans of inferior loser teams might think. We’ll win it again and watch the media make excuses for the SEC, again.

        2. Hey, Scarlet Fury refers to Rutgers! Scorebaord! 26-24 Forever! Etc!

          1. Scarlet Narks

  18. Well at least one can still rag on Teathuglicans, Kochkorporatists, commies, and proggies.

    1. I’m pretty sure ragging on those last two groups is verboten.

    2. I stay with my own! I’m not prejudiced-I hate everybody!

  19. “no such thing as free speech” is labeled as a quotation, but I cannot find that quotation at the link given.

    The page is bad enough. It’s journalistic malpractice to manufacture quotes. Please give a source or remove the phrase.

    1. Gee, I should finish reading articles before I comment! Doh.

      1. You know who else didn’t finish the article?

  20. It is almost like Monty Python was correct. But instead of writing a joke so funny that it killed anyone who heard it, the updated version would have a joke so offensive it killed any SJW who heard it.

    I think there should be a kickstarter campaign to come up with a joke that includes each and everyone of the protected groups that they list.

  21. I’m glad my kids were out of college before all this nonsense hit.

  22. Awwww, psychological acts against atypical heredity or cellular blood traits are my favorite acts!

    1. All banjo dueling is right out.

  23. psychological acts

    So even *thinking* “Where do these fucking retards come up with this horseshit?” is a bias act.

    I probably commit as many as six bias acts before breakfast every day.

  24. The fastest way to end this garbage is for all right thinking students to go on the offensive. Make numerous reports everyday based on every little comment or snide remark by leftist students and professors. Every time they make claims about white privilege or Christian oppressors or straight men being rapists – make a fucking report that you were oppressed, triggered and verbally raped by their racist, sexist and anti-religious HATE. Hell, file a complaint about the schools “no such thing as free speech” policy.

    Make them live by their own rules and up to their own standards. Make so many damn complaints that the schools have to change their over broad, arbitrary and capricious policies. OVERWHELM THEM! That’s the fastest way to make these fascists quit this bullshit.

    1. Most people just want to be left alone. That’s why a lot of this stupid shit goes on. Personally, I have more pressing concerns at school so I can’t engage in this course of action you recommend.

      1. ^This^ is my thought on the subject.

        Keep your head down and your face out of the news, get a degree and a job ASAP, and let the alumni association(s) know that you’re glad they called and you’d love to donate except for such retarded policies. Also, since they called and reminded you, you can remind all your alumni friends about how retarded the school has become. Repeat as necessary; fabricating children that will be forbade from attending mom/pop’s old alma mater as desired.

      2. I understand that you’re not interested in campus politics. Just remember that campus politics is very, very interested in you.

    2. Yeah. If they aren’t swamped with complaints like that, I will be very disappointed in the students of Rutgers.

  25. So colleges must be the equivalent of a cross between a commissariat and an emotional ICU. Not sure if it is emotionally fragile students or whacked out and agenda driven administrators who are to blame for this.

  26. This is truly hilarious: Little Mario Savio turns out to be one huge failure. His “free speech movement” lies in ashes.

  27. Just keep filing bias reports… on the administrators.

  28. All of this kind of crap is getting so old, that it seems like centuries since anyone in the collegiate scene made any sense. They want young men and women to go in debt for thousands of dollars, and take classes that are irrelevant to their course of study in order to jack up the prices, and these young men and women find out that they can’t even say what they are thinking for fear of offending some poor sap down the hall, who cheated on their SAT test to get into college. Worse yet they soon come to realize that the school offers all kinds of programs and special days for every kind of malfeasance and misunderstood group on campus, except the non-racially befuddled, non-sexually confused, non-politically bewildered student who is accused of using his white privilege. Only to find out that he or she is funding all of the other groups, who think they are just too straight, racially biased and politically incorrect, for thinking that all they went to college for was to get a degree and get the hell out of Dodge with as much of their sanity still intact as possible, and hopefully get a job where they can afford to pay for all the bullshit they had to put up with along the way.

  29. Where does it say “that there is ‘no such thing as free speech,'”?

  30. The Internet remembers all. ALL.

    The memholers have lost.

  31. What the fuck:

    ?is a “psychological act”?
    ?is a “cellular blood trait”?

  32. and this is a state school, wtf! it also has the highest paid state employee, the football coach, we are doomed.

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