Drug War

Non-Violent Drug Offenders Are "Peddlers of Death," Says Law Enforcement Group President

Head of federal officers association says Obama commuting the sentences of 46 prisoners is "releasing the lions."


Jon Adler, the President of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA), writes in an op-ed for Police Magazine that the 46 non-violent drug offenders whose sentences were commuted by President Obama last month are "peddlers of death," and that allowing them back into society is akin to "releasing the lions."

Halt! I'm bald eagle.

In Adler's view, "Releasing these peddlers of death and turning America into a buzzed 'udopia' is a slap in law enforcement's face." He complains that the White House's "scorecard" of the 46 prisoners doesn't take into account "the drugs involved and the weight," which is only half true, as the White House's press release clearly names the drugs and specific crimes which led to a conviction.

Sarcastically referring to the prisoners as "poor misguided souls (who) received unfair sentences," Adler adds:

Drug traffickers are by necessity violent. Their crimes yield death in the form of overdoses, street crimes by users who need money to buy drugs, and bullets sprayed in turf battles.

According to their website, FLEOA "represents more than 25,000 federal law enforcement officers from over 65 different agencies" and "and is frequently called upon to provide testimony at congressional hearings."

Despite Adler's theatrical pronouncement that the streets of America will soon be swarming with drug kingpins, the fact is Obama only commuted the sentences of a few dozen inmates out of the more than 35,000 who applied for clemency under new federal guidelines intended to both reduce the ever-expanding U.S. prison population and also provide a second chance at life for prisoners who, thanks to mandatory minimum sentencing reforms, would have received substantially shorter sentences had they been convicted today.

On the day of the commutations, Reason's Lauren Galik wrote:

Of the 46 prisoners whose sentences were commuted today, 14 were sentenced to life (although one individual had his life sentenced amended to 293 months, or roughly 24 ½ years, in March). All of the prisoners were sentenced for a nonviolent drug offense, but the majority were convicted of a crack/cocaine offense. Two individuals, Jerome Johnson and John Wyatt, were convicted of only marijuana offenses.

Adler might claim to speak for law enforcement when making hyperbolic pronouncements about the president's long overdue and extremely limited act of mercy for 46 people suffering through draconian prison terms, but the law enforcement community is hardly a monolith when it comes to drug prohibition.

For a contrary viewpoint, watch Reason TV's interview with Neill Franklin, the Executive Director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP):

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  1. I saw Peddlers of Death open for Slayer back in ’91

    1. I saw Ebola open for Anthrax in ’87

      1. I saw Dirty Dancing last night.

        1. Wow – how do you handle that FILTH??!!

          *turns up ‘Dying Fetus’ to 11*

      2. Wow, musta put you in a state of euphoria.

      3. Did you see Samantha Fox open for Wang Chung?

        1. Holy shit did I have a thing for Samantha Fox when I was in high school!! I had a poster of her and I can’t count the number of times I………….

      4. How dare they charge money when the cops give out death for free?

  2. In Adler’s view, “Releasing these peddlers of death and turning America into a buzzed ‘udopia’ is a slap in law enforcement’s face.”

    So…we’re on the right track?

    1. Maybe they’re into slapping?

      1. Shit.

          1. ewwwwwwww!

      2. Jerry Sandusky at Penn St loves him some slap slap slapping

    2. a slap in law enforcement’s face

      So, on the one hand, when called on arresting people who pose no threat to society, the cops say they’re just doing their jobs and don’t have any choice in the matter. On the other hand, if we actually try to change the law or use legal means to free some of these people, it’s patently offensive to the police.

      Methinks they actually support the laws and just don’t want to take responsibility for that fact.

      1. It’s simpler than that. Cops don’t give a shit about the law one way or the other. They are keeping the King’s peace, and they want all the latitude they can get to that end.

        1. And the elitists have no problem using and promoting the poison that alcohol is, on society! It kills more than all illegal drugs do, ten times over, every year! Hypocrites!

          No prohibition, by God or man, has EVER worked!

      2. Cops support any excuse to fuck with people and make their lives miserable. Power is an end, not a means.

      3. WoD = Job Security.

        That and growing numbers of LEOs are the primary objectives of a LEO union.

        This pig cares not one whit about justice nor does he care about people who suffer from drug addiction and the WoD. What he does care about is the number of dues-paying members.

        Of course, his dues-paying piggies want to think they are the good guys just like on TV, despite the fact that their chosen profession involves ruining the lives of many people for no good reason. So their union boss thought it useful to criticize Obama’s token act of justice.

      4. They’re *paid liars*. Have you ever spoken to a cop, or watched them give a lecture, especially about how they extract confessions from people? You have to see the look that comes on their face when they talk about “outsmarting” idiot criminals and getting them to give themselves up. It’s…fiendishly gleeful. Nasty. And you know what they do that gives them that look? They lie. They *love* lying to people and fooling them. Love it.

        1. +NCIS

        2. My father was a probation officer and he was always exasperated that so many of his clients would keep falling for the cops’ line that “just tell us the truth about what happened so we can help you avoid trouble”.

          He’d complain that the dumb fucks were on probation in the first place because they told the cops what happened and they immediately used it against them to get the initial charges to stick.

          Then later they’d fall for the same line.

          1. And these are the people the cops are patting themselves on the back for fooling.

            1. Good point! Sort of makes the cops look the not so intelligent part of society!

    3. Quote from George “Holy War” Bush at a Republican Party Fundraising Dinner in New York July 24, 1990: “And Republicans ? and this is a big one nationally ? Republicans want murderers and drug kingpins to pay the ultimate penalty, and liberal Democrats don’t. In Washington, we argue that those who sell drugs are selling death, and we propose that drug kingpins reap what they sow.” (Bush, 1991 Book II 1063-1064) Presidential Papers are often searchable online.

  3. This is why President Obama should not remove off the DEA’s schedule one list.

    Thank’s for keeping is safe, Jon Adler!

  4. I often wonder if I could make it through my first day as POTUS without being impeached given that I’d spend most of it signing pardons.

    1. often wonder

      Well, “sometimes”

    2. Oh, it would probably take a few days at least to get an impeachment through.

    3. My first act would be to fire everyone in every executive regulatory agency on constitutional grounds.

  5. FLEOA “represents more than 25,000 federal law enforcement officers from over 65 different agencies” and “and is frequently called upon to provide testimony at congressional hearings.”

    In P Brooks -topia, government officials would only be permitted to lobby Congress for budget increases and enhanced powers after submitting their resignations.
    And then they would be beheaded.

    1. Given the choice between decapitation, immolation, and good ‘ol woodchippering.

    2. The 27th Amendment is far too tepid and narrow in scope.

    3. Why behead them? It isn’t like their head isn’t a superfluous appendage for most pols.

      Chop off their hands so they can’t take bribes and then you will be talking…

    4. I found another death sentence for victimless crimes from George Daddy Bush in Billings Montana, July 20, 1990: “And when I say fast ? we need habeas corpus reforms to stop the frivolous appeals that are choking our courts. And final ? I’m talking about fair and constitutionally sound death penalty provisions for these major traffickers.” Papers of the Presidents (Bush, 1991 Book II 1036-8)
      But this is pro-life because it’s Christian: “Thank you and God bless each and every one of you.” (Bush, 1991 Book II 1040)

  6. So, stupid or a liar?

    I’m really not sure on this one.

  7. “Drug traffickers are by necessity violent. Their crimes yield death in the form of overdoses, street crimes by users who need money to buy drugs, and bullets sprayed in turf battles.”

    All the result of prohibition. What a douche.

    1. This passes for intelligent argumentation among FLEOA members.

      Jon Adler would have been more succinct and equally persuasive if he would have simply said, “oink, oink.”

    2. Drug traffickers are by necessity violent.

      Not because there is a nationwide gang of heavily armed pseudo-soldiers eagerly chomping at the pit to fill them full of lead. Oh no, they’re just violent because FYTW. If it were legal to sell what they’re peddling they’d still run around spraying bullets indiscriminately, because they’re violent just for the sake of being violent!

      1. Look, of course the pigs think everyone else is inherently violent. Because they themselves are. It’s projection, plain and simple.

      2. You know who else had a gang of heavily armed pseudo-soldiers chomping at the bit to fill people full of lead?

        1. Jesse James?

        2. Dutch Boy Paints?

        3. Janet Reno?

        4. Oath Keepers?

    3. “Cops are by necessity violent. Their jobs yield death in the form of arrests, extorting users who need money to buy food, and bullets sprayed in turf battles.”


      1. Dude, for real, the last group of people complaining about others spraying bullets are cops.

    4. I thought the same thing when I read that. How much you want to bet that the exact same argument was used by those who opposed ending Prohibition in the early 1930s?

    5. He is quoting “our” President and “our” drug pogrom czar.

  8. 65 different agencies in the federal government with law enforcement powers?? I mean Jesus H. Christ on a popsicle stick. The fucking Department of Education has armed agents.

    1. ^^this exactly

  9. I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty (or dead), and besides, the pig likes it.

    A decade ago I did not it was appropriate to refer to an officer of the law as a pig. Now it just seems like the most apt description for most of them, and most especially those in a union.

  10. I can’t say exactly why, but just looking at FLEOA’s logo pisses me off.

    1. Check out that image that pops up on the top left of their web site. I *think* it may have something to do with The Lion King.

      1. It reminds me more of a cartoon dog whose name I have forgotten.

    2. I think it’s the combination of dumbass sloganeering and the actual power of Federal law enforcement. The latter would be exasperating in and of itself, but the “12 year olds thought this looked cool” nature of the logo is mind-bending when you think that the people who wield that level of power actually probably think on this level. They are the Good Guys, who fight the Bad Guys, who want to do Bad Guy Stuff, because they are Bad Guys. The Good Guys need to fight them because Bad Guy Stuff is Bad and Hurts America.

  11. Paving the Road to Hell with good intentions.

    1. They don’t have good intentions. At all. This guy is a sadist and an authoritarian (as long as he holds the authority). He’ll say anything, no matter how hyperbolic, if it will fool people into giving him and his ilk more power, or at least not taking away what they already have.

      1. I do think that many of the most ardent drug warriors really do believe that they are doing a great good for society. I also agree that most of the foot soldiers don’t give a shit beyond having an excuse to play war against those they pledged to serve and protect.

        1. The only “good” that I would agree that they think they are doing is the “good” (from their perspective) of controlling people. They’ll say it’s for your own good, but that erection in their pants belies that.

          These people don’t actually give a shit about “improving society”. If they did, they’d look at the results of their “solutions” and think again. They don’t because the results are exactly what they want: power and control and authority…for them.

          1. If they did, they’d look at the results of their “solutions” and think again.

            That’s the beauty of good intentions. When they’re that good, then the results don’t matter. That’s how they pave the Road to Hell.

            1. Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.

              C.S. Lewis

          2. I think you give them too much credit for consistency. The greatest evil is often done with good intentions. I’m sure they do want control and power. But they think that society will fall apart if some right thinking person isn’t in control.

            1. By “good” a lot of people mean altruistic, as in seizing other people’s money to have still other people with guns kill some other people with grass. It’s all about helping others, especially the officer next to them, never themselves… that’d be evil.

  12. On the news, I’m seeing the 3 Americans being awarded the French Legion of Honour medal.

    Those cheese-eating surrender monkeys better have conducted the ceremony in English.


    2. Those cheese-eating surrender monkeys better have conducted the ceremony in English American.

      I’m sorry, do we look like we’re living in England, nancy boy?

    3. I give props to the French for their recognition of these guys’ courage.

      The US Presidential Medal of Freedom has recently gone to likes of Oprah Winfrey, Maya Angelou, and Tom Brokaw. Paul Bremer got the medal, but not Todd Beamer.

      1. Some prizes aren’t what they used to be. And by some, I mean most.

      2. The US Presidential Medal of Freedom has recently gone to likes of Oprah Winfrey, Maya Angelou, and Tom Brokaw.

        And we laugh at France?!

      3. Catelyn Jenner should get the next one, to keep the escalation going.

        1. “Obama awards Presidential Medal of Freedom to everyone who voted against him in either election.”

      1. “Marines”.

        Are you trying to get some of our regulars worked up?

    4. “cheese-eating surrender monkeys ”

      I never understood this insult, what did cheese ever do to deserve to be sullied in reference to the French?

      1. It’s a phrase coined by Groundkeeper Willie on the Simpsons. It’s just a series of words that can be construed as being insulting to the French. It actually makes little to no sense, thereby it should probably be given my Latte Award from below. I’ll just rescind Nicole’s and give it to Willie.

  13. Well, this guy only has his job because of the perception that bullets sprayed in turf battles are endemic, so he’s got to make sure that perception remains.

    Once again, create a position of power based on controlling other people, and the worst possible people will gravitate to that position. It’s inevitable.

    1. Show me a union apparatchik who isn’t obsessed with maintaining and expanding his fiefdom and I’ll show you someone who’s out on his ass in a few months.

      1. Pretty much the only way a public sector union member can get fired, that.

  14. FLEOA “represents more than 25,000 federal law enforcement officers from over 65 different agencies”

    500 Federal only per state, 65 agencies. Every one of those agencies is clamoring for a “bigger budget” to do “better policing”.

    This, boys and girls, is what the expanded federal government looks like.

  15. I think the peddlers of death are the ones who make real drugs scarce, causing users to turn to cleaning supplies and such.

    And what of the incalculable trauma experienced by the millions of caged humans, which will follow them all their lives if they are lucky enough to be freed?

    Of course I can only assume it’s all worth it considering how successful the drug war has been at reducing drug use in this country.

    1. At least we’ve the president to thank for releasing literally dozens of offenders.

      1. His hands are tied, dontcha know.

    2. The real Tony was much more interesting than this lobotomized parrot.

      1. Nah, Tony is usually decent on individual rights and self ownership when it comes to sex and drugs. Not much else, though.

    3. On a daily basis you cheer for these motherfuckers , motherfucker. This is what you want.

      Crank up a woodchipper and dive head first into it.

      1. I think you mean feet first.

      2. I start steaming whenever some statist complains about the predictable and predicted result of handing the state more authoriteh. I don’t mind so much when it’s naive gullible little college trotskyites who haven’t been exposed to much reality yet, but along about the tenth time they are disillusioned in some predictable and predicted fashion, they need to grow up and start using their brain’s memorization and correlation function. That’s what brains do best: find patterns, and they are ignorant dumbkoffs when they willfully ignore the pattern detectors.

    4. So the real heroes are the Mexican cartels who run the logistics of keeping America high?

    5. Picture yourself a politician or jackbooted minion. A customs grunt clicks his heels and salutes: “We just confiscated a billion dollars worth of blow for you, Senator (or Czar). Shall we pack it into your convoy of limos?” Now, do you really want to listen to any whiney jailbirds complaining about harsh prohibition laws?

  16. Drug traffickers are by necessity violent. Their crimes yield death in the form of overdoses, street crimes by users who need money to buy drugs, and bullets sprayed in turf battles.

    McDonalds restaurants are by necessity violent. Their crimes yield death in the form of sugar overconsumption, obesity, and heart disease.

    1. Get me a bucket – I’m gonna puke…

      1. Oh shit, it’s Mr. Creosote!

        1. That’s MONSIEUR Creosote, cretin!

          *barfs all over Citizen X*

    2. Consumers have no idea what’s good for them. Thankfully, their betters do.

      1. Look, some things are just so harmful that we need to harm people in order to stop them from harming themselves. Why is that so hard for people to understand?

    3. Shut up Bloomberg. No one invited you.

    4. That ‘n murderin’ all those moo cows and baby chicken embryos!

  17. Hey bud, your title is Law Enforcement, not Law Maker. Law Maker is reserved for me, the public, as expressed through legislation and the Constitution, of which I am at least nominally represented. Your job has nothing to do with making laws.

    Fuck off and die, wannabe slaver. Just fuck off and die.

    1. That’s about what i want to say whenever I hear cops lobbying for or against particular legislation or policy. Your job is to enforce the laws that exist. The purpose of criminal law isn’t to make the police’s job easier, safer or more exciting.

  18. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that this Jon Adler guy is real douchebag…


    We used to count black Americans as 3/5 of a person. For reparations, give them 5/3 of a vote.


    That’s because the problem is almost unfathomably large. In a report titled “The Unfinished March,” the Economic Policy Institute found that school segregation, black unemployment, lack of access to fair housing and living wages, and abysmal African American household wealth remain at essentially the same levels of disparity today as they did in 1963, when the March on Washington occurred.

    And this is despite massive programs which were supposed to address that problem. Kind of makes me think that social programs don’t actually work, huh?

    Whatever though, I’m sure making a black person’s vote count almost twice as much as a white person’s will fix the problem.

    1. The DNC approves

      1. However, it prefers to implement the plan by voiding voter ID laws rather than explicitly advocating second-class citizenship for non-blacks.

      2. You bet – look at those cute graphics. You’d almost think his main goal is electing more Democrats. Nahhhh.

    2. As a White House Fellow, Theodore worked as the Cyber Advisor to the Deputy Secretary of the Department of Energy undertaking cybersecurity initiatives to secure the nation’s electric grid

      Rest easy my friends, knowing that this certified genius is securing your electrical infrastructure against Russian hackers and teenagers with iPads.

    3. We used to count black Americans as 3/5 of a person. For reparations, give them 5/3 of a vote.

      I agree. Every single black American who was ever counted as 3/5 of a person in the census should be allowed to cast 2 votes (includes interest) for the rest of their life.

      Isn’t he saying that the civil rights movement, the war on poverty, affirmative action, the entire two-generation expansion of government intended to achieve equality of outcome is a huge failure.

      So we need to double down on it?

      1. Yes, he’s basically explicitly admitting the ‘War on Poverty’ was a grotesque failure and drawing the dumbest possible conclusion from this realization.

      2. Every single black American who was ever counted as 3/5 of a person in the census

        What you did there, I see it.

    4. WTF is “fair housing”?

      1. What he means is “free” housing. This strong, noble black man wants the government to pay his rent.

    5. Do they not know the difference between black people and slaves? I mean, I’m down with giving slaves 5/3 of a vote each, I guess. Or, I mean, counting them as 5/3 of a person for Congressional representation, giving their masters more of a say over…fuck, this is getting more complicated than I thought!

      1. The even funnier part is that people like this continuously misinterpret what the 3/5ths compromise was.

        The FREE STATES wanted slaves to count for less and the SLAVE STATES wanted them to count for more. So if they’d been counted as 1 person for the purposes of apportionment, that would have been a victory for slavers.

        It would have actually been better if they were counted as 0 people because that allowed slave owners to gain even more political power in congress.

        1. Yeah, that’s what I was getting into with the last bit. But the black people = slaves thing seems…retarded.

          1. “But the black people = slaves thing seems…retarded.”

            They don’t really have anything else to offer besides stoking up grievances

    6. “If racism is the culprit, then dismantling it requires the same tools that constructed it.”


      1. Ship all the white people back to England?

        1. Some of us are Cossacks, ya know.

          1. Don or Zaporozhian?

            1. Don

        2. I see we are on the same wavelength, MJ.

      2. There should really be a writing award for Most Utterly Empty and Meaningless Statement, Possibly Moronic, That Sounds Valid if not Actually Examined.

        Or, Alternatively, the Ability to Say Absolutely Nothing While Sounding Like You Are Saying Something Award.

        1. Carnival ships have a waterslide now.

      3. “Hostilities aren’t stilled through hostility, regardless. Hostilities are stilled through non-hostility: This is an unending truth.”

    7. While this is an uglier objection, I still have to point out: according to his narrative, we need to give more electoral power to unemployed, uneducated, segregated citizens. An interesting spin on democratic theory.

    8. Oh, good. I always love the willful ignorance of what the 3/5ths compromise was actually about. Surely someone has explained to these people that counting slaves as a whole person would have had the effect of giving more political power to slave owners.

      Let’s extend this logic to Indians. Since they were counted as zero for representation, let’s give them all infinitely many votes.

      1. It’s inverses all the way down.

      2. Dude, you have to understand how stupid these people are. As soon as they hear “3/5”, instead of going “that’s a weird number, why would anyone do that, let alone give slaves votes?”, they go “they only treated slaves as 3/5 of a person for voting purposes, ah ha, I can get righteously indignant about this instead of actually understanding *why*!” The funny thing is they are getting indignant about something that would have actually been giving slaves more than their real voting power: which was zero.

    9. I can’t believe he uses the term “weighted voting”.

      1. It is very offensive to Americans of a Certain Heft.

    10. When they vote Libertarian their vote is ten times as effective. Plus Obama won, freed maybe 10-15 of his own constituents? Our party promises to free ’em all and expunge their records.

  20. Go shoot an innocent child or dog, Adler.

    Man, that’s some obscene nonsense from that guy.

  21. “We train young men to drop fire on people, but their commanders won’t allow them to write “fuck” on their airplanes because it’s obscene!”

    1. The horror, NutraSweet. The horror. You know all about the horror, right?

  22. All of the violent activities related to drugs that occur throughout the United States are completely attributable to the prohibition of those drugs. Instead of legalizing their manufacture, sale, and usage, however, entire spheres of government are erected to conduct totalitarian warfare upon the citizenry in nominal service to some retarded, nebulous notion of societal security and safety. Every law enforcement officer salaried to enforce prohibition is an unequivocal, shameless, and degenerate parasite. The utmostly effective remedy to their barbarism, short of legalization, is to instill a culture of individualistic resistance to their authority, and to remain armed as commonly as possible. Fuck the police, fuck the governmental authorities that grant them their despicable powers, and fuck the prohibitionist slavers who consistently demonstrate their pants-shitting dedication to the death of the Republic in the name of their puritanical utopia.

    1. If it saves even one life, then all that death, poverty and incarceration is worth it.

      1. Ending 10 lives is extreme, but if it saves just one life it is worth it.

    2. I routinely read papers from 100 years ago, and only the infrequent Tong Wars that arose from opium seizures for tariff evasion are anything like “drug related violence.” I have seen a few stories of people deliberately using legal morphine for suicide (instead of silver polish).

  23. Another day, another politician literally has trouble with the English language.

    Rep. Gwen Moore (D-WI) had some choice words on Monday for Republican presidential candidate and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

    Moore said during a conference call about the governor’s campaigning that Walker’s policies are “tightening the noose, literally, around African Americans,” the Associated Press reported Monday.

    Moore cited Walker’s requirements to show a photo ID to vote and take a drug test to receive welfare and his opposition to raising the minimum wage.

    1. Hey, she’s not all bad.

      Moore’s son, Sowande Ajumoke Omokunde, aged 26, was arrested in connection with the November 2, 2004 (Election Day) tire-slashing of Republican party vehicles in Milwaukee. He was charged with a felony in connection with the event on January 24, 2005, but agreed, on January 20, 2006, to plead no contest in exchange for a sentencing recommendation of restitution and probation. On April 26, 2006, Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Michael Brennan sentenced Omokunde to serve four months in prison and to pay $2,305 in fines and restitution. In response, Moore said, “I love my son very much. I’m very proud of him. He’s accepted responsibility.”

      1. Hell yeah! Now… if sonny lad had been slashing Democratic party tires…

    2. Black people are little children who are incapable of obtaining ID’s. Also, they are all on drugs.

    3. “tightening the noose, literally, around African Americans,” the Associated Press reported Monday.

      Moore cited Walker’s requirements to show a photo ID to vote and take a drug test to receive welfare and his opposition to raising the minimum wage.

      Reminds me of the black=slave idea above. The low opinion they have of the entire group is appalling. African Americans are incapable of getting a photo ID, staying off drugs, and they can’t earn more than minimum wage without the government helping them.

  24. Bonus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=knH51LX1e8Y

    It’s British, but it’s still funny.

    1. I did not understand a word.

  25. By this guy’s logic Bou Bou flash-banged himself.

    1. Yup, the moment his signature on the social contract was dry. Babies, they’ll sign anything without reading it first, morons.

  26. Kent Brockman: But first let’s check the death count from the killer storm bearing down on us like a shotgun full of snow.

    Meteorologist: As of now, the death count is zero. But it is ready to shoot right up.

    Kent Brockman: Oh, my God! Damn you, snow!

  27. Drug traffickers are by necessity violent.

    This is just such a great quote.

    Traffickers are by necessity violent. Go figure. Oh, you said drug traffickers. So, we end prohibition, and we will still have drug traffickers, much as we currently have food traffickers, drink traffickers, clothing traffickers, and so forth. The difference being, I guess, that drug traffickers are special, being by necessity violent and all. Making a lot of sense, there, chief.

  28. In fairness, the buyers of the drugs from these peddlers will die! Death being a part of life and all…

  29. “Drug traffickers are by necessity violent.”

    Other than the ones that his pension plan has invested in on the stock market, of course…

    1. Right?? Yeah, drug traffickers of drugs it’s been arbitrarily decided are criminal might be violent. Yes. Truth.

      Aaaand, if you make them NOT criminal, then… oh, never mind. This is logic from the guy who thinks lions belong in jail too, apparently. Because god knows, they can possibly be dangerous if we force them to be, so that must mean they’re criminal, right?

      Actually, he’s right. Nonviolent drug offenders are JUST LIKE lions.

  30. Jon Adler – almost an anagram of Van Alden.

    And almost as trustworthy.

  31. “a buzzed ‘udopia'”

    Right, it’s your *opponents* who are the Utopians, not Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Nixon, Rockefeller, Clinton, et. al.

  32. The problem is these people in law enforcement and the goverment organs that create the laws is that they have a vested psychological and financial stake in maintaining and expanding their influence. They have the very human need to be right and of value. The problem is they are trying to enforce subjective laws using force and threat of force. That is a quite different situation than enforcing objective laws such as protecting people’s earned values and their right to live without force being initiated against them by someone else. It is the old protecting one from one’s self. It undermines an individual’s right to self determination. If one wants to destroy ones self with drugs, that may be immensely stupid but should not involve the initiation of force by others to achieve the end point of protecting the stupid. Would it not be far more productive and positive to offer therapy if the addict desires it? This whole situation make for a very ‘unsavory’ society where people live under threat of force or incarceration. They create a ever propagating negative situation in all aspects. Maybe that is what they intend, job security for cops, prosecutors, judges, law makers, probation officers, clerks, etc…

  33. Aaaand ragequit at “udopia.”

    No one gets to use words like that earnestly and have anyone listen to anything else they say.

  34. It’s called job security and job safety. Most “drug” offenders (those who use drugs other than alcohol and nicotine) are non-violent people, and these creeps know it.

  35. I would pay to see come of those Christians in an arena with lions–or kingpins–equally matched. This is classical looter collectivism–hyenas circling lest someone snatch away their prey (people and dope to shoot and money to spend). Most of the movies those victimless crime laws are based on were made by David Wark Griffith, the same fellow who produced Birth of a Nation–the Ku-Klux celebration of Woodrow Wilson’s election.

  36. Put yourself in their place. You have this cop car, fancy gun, justifiably shoot someone and steal his dope. Now how are you going to sell the dope without a searchable network of users branded as criminals to help distribute it? If it were legal, and folks could just buy it elsewhere, it wouldn’t be worth killing for. Laws manufacturing crime out of victimless minding of own business are necessary to keep prices high and violence levels frightening. Without hobgoblins nobody would want to pay illiterate yahoos to run around with guns. Prohibition makes the initiation of force pay dividends to kill for.

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