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Hillary Clinton Doesn't Pay Interns, Wants Companies to Pay Interns (Might Even Force Them)

War on teen opportunity


Hillary Clinton
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Hillary Clinton recently tweeted that her campaign is accepting student interns. Perks include, "free coffee, great views, and the chance to make history."

How about salaries? Nope.

That's right—internships at the Clinton campaign are just like internships at the Clinton Foundation: unpaid, according to The Week.

On its own, there's nothing scandalous about that. Plenty of internships—political internships, especially—are unpaid. Student labor just isn't worth that much, and the main benefit to the kids themselves is the experience they accrue. In competitive industries—ahem, journalism—being able to work for cheap (or free!) is an advantage young people have over older, more experienced workers.

So it would be no big deal that Clinton doesn't pay her interns, except:

Even Clinton herself has been a vocal opponent of unpaid labor. "Businesses have taken advantage of unpaid internships to an extent that it is blocking the opportunities for young people to move on into paid employment," Clinton said at UCLA in 2013. "More businesses need to move their so-called interns to employees." 


Hillary Clinton threw her support behind efforts to boost the minimum wage for fast food restaurant workers on Friday. "The national minimum wage is a floor, and it needs to be raised," Clinton said during a wide-ranging speech on Friday that centered on various problems with New York's corporate culture.

But there's one pretty big hitch to Clinton's endorsement: it only applies to folks who work in New York. The idea Clinton is backing comes from a panel appointed by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Earlier this week, that panel recommended slowly raising the minimum wage for fast food workers so that it eventually reaches $15 per hour by July 2021 (with the rate increasing at a faster clip for people who work within New York City, where the cost of living is higher, so that employers would be required to pay workers there that $15 rate by 2018).

It appears that while Clinton is perfectly content not to pay her own workers a living wage (or anything at all), she is interested in compelling businesses to do the opposite.

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  1. Must admit I can’t comprehend such brazen hypocrisy–something the Clintons have in spades. Do they even realize they’re doing it? Or do they truly feel they shouldn’t be held to the same standards as everyone else? God help us if this creature ever gets elected…

    1. She requires force in order to make her do what she thinks is the right thing, like anyone else who tops from the bottom.

      All that is needed is a clear law for her to follow and she will do everything required of her…oh, wait…damn.

    2. Oh, but this isn’t the Clintons. This is pretty much the entire Liberal Intellectual Radical Progressive establish,ent. They NEVER see how whatever rant they are going on with applies to them. The LIRPs in the Film Industry carry on about Corporate America as if THEY were part of the Arts and Crafts Movement. LIRP politicians regularly expect to except themselves from regulation (I’m looking at YOU, Pelosi).

      The Clintons are a particularly ripe example of LIRP, but not, in this instance, exceptional.

      1. Yes. Good point. I suppose they’ve gotten away with it for so long that they can’t see the world operating any other way. Much like Communism is for the little people, and not for those lucky enough to be in charge.

        1. Which is, after all, their ideal.

          Guillotine bait, the lot of ’em.

  2. You know who else offered their underlings the chance to make history?

    1. Jim Jones?

    2. Captain Kirk?

    3. Ahab?

    4. Mr. Peabody?

      1. You win.

    5. Catherine The Great?

  3. A politician is a hypocrite. I’m SHOCKED! SHOCKED!

  4. It’s funny how every time one of these slimebags agitating for higher min wage, politicans, unions, left-wing rags, is investigated for their own salary policies, they aren’t following their own rule that they expect everyone else to follow. Every. Single. Time.

    I’m sure it’s just a massive oversight.

    1. The best is when they trot out the ol “Well, they knew that all internships are unpaid before the applied for this position.” The cognitive dissonance has to be brain-meltingly high at that point.

    2. they*

      Reason, y u no have an edit button yet???!?!?!?!?!

      1. Too late. You said “the”. Point = INVALIDATED.

        1. You’re only supposed to be let out for the PM links! Someone is losing their head.

      2. Same reason they don’t have thread updates by email.

    3. Hamilton “Call me Commie” Nolan at Gawker is actually doing something helpful–he’s keeping track of the web companies that preach progressivism then hesitate when their employees want to unionize. Latest is Buzzfeed.

      1. Props to him. Unfortunately, he’s merely describing “progressives”.

    4. It’s the nature, and flaw, of capitalism. You are expected to maximize efficiency, a thing that has nothing to do with maximizing human well-being, except incidentally. Lots of rich liberals take advantage of the current terms of capitalism while advocating changing them.

      1. Lots of rich liberals take advantage of the current terms of capitalism while advocating changing them.

        Yes, but when Clarence Thomas votes to eliminate Affirmative Action (which he admits he benefited from) he’s labeled as a hypocrite–and worse.

        But we all know the rules are different for Progressives and Conservatives, huh?

        1. I only care about whether people support the right policies. I don’t blame a billionaire for lobbying for lower capital gains taxes. It’s not, like, brave, but people are pretty awful in general. I’m almost as liberal as you can get, but I’m not about to donate more wealth than I have to to the IRS on principle. And I don’t drive a Prius either. Individuals expressing their narcissism is of little value to the world. It’s why I avoid Facebook and don’t care if a liberal takes advantage of tax loopholes. All that matters is systemic change.

          1. So people can do anything that’s legal as long as they don’t want others to benefit from emulating their actions? Essentially you’re a proponent of irresponsible, self-oriented hypocrisy. Methinks you avoid facebook because you don’t have any friends.

    5. “It’s funny how every time one of these slimebags agitating for higher min wage, politicans, unions, left-wing rags, is investigated for their own salary policies, they aren’t following their own rule that they expect everyone else to follow. Every. Single. Time.”

      I know one of these people who agitates for a $15 minimum wage who recently posted he was looking for an administrative assistant. He is paying $13 an hour. I just think they are completely oblivious.

  5. I have it on Mike M.’s authority that reason is in the bag for Hillary.

    1. Not Mike H?

    2. My Reason webathon donations better not be funneling to the Clinton Foundation. I’ll make donations directly to the foundation when I need a deal on the uranium for my doomsday machine, but not before.

      1. Wait, you don’t rip off Libyan nationalists for your uranium?

        1. You kidding? Those bitches be crazy, man.

          Never cross a Libyan. They will blow your shit right up.

  6. Maybe McDonald’s and the like should hire interns for the ‘experience’.? It’s a bull crap way to get free labor.Yes Reason,I’m looking at you too.

    1. Sounds like you want to make history.

    2. Reason pays their interns a pretty decent stipend.

    3. If McDonald’s was a career destination for students attending college, this would make perfect sense. Funny that.

      1. Most Mc Donald’s managers and owners started at the bottom.So,if a company is in a business that could be a ‘areer’,it’s ok. The small businesses an fuck off?I leared a lot from pumping gas and stocking shelves in high school. Dip shit.

        1. I knew a young lady, just out of West By God Virginia, who fell in love with College. So she’d get. Fast food job, and save until she had enough money for a semester, full time. And then she’d quit. Amd she would TELL her managers what she was doing. And they STILL wanted to promote her.

          She turned up on time, in uniform, and reasonably sanitary. That’s all it takes.

  7. “Hillary Clinton recently tweeted that her campaign is accepting student interns. Perks include, ‘free coffee, great views, and the chance to make history.'”

    Curious that they left out the grand prize: a scattering of presidential DNA on the blouse of one (okay, two) lucky interns!

    And is that the first Soavinian article that didn’t use the word “disgusting”? Inquiring minds are vaguely curious.

    1. a scattering of presidential DNA on the blouse of one (okay, two) lucky interns!



  8. Speaking of unpaid internships….and how people are trying to use this issue as the new “Campus Rape Crisis/Millenial Exploitation Holocaust” of our time…

    Young guy gets UN Internship, decides to take it despite requirements that he be able to support himself during his 6 month stint….and lives in a tent on the banks of Lac L?man, attracting media attention (by his own design) and uses his position to ‘raise awareness’ of the rampant exploitation of institutions who do not pay their interns.

    Never mind that he could afford to fly from New Zealand to Switzerland to spend this 6 months cozying up with the Do Gooding goofballs in the UN. and that he had a girlfriend with an apartment less than an hour’s drive away.

    The comments at the story there are depressing. 99% of them seem to think he’s a modern-day Ghandi.

    1. I’m kinda torn. I want to hate the guy for playing the victim, but he certainly knows how to work the system for his own benefit. But ultimately I’ll have to succumb to hate since shenanigans like his make the world a worse place. Opportunistic scumbag.

      1. “”for his own benefit””

        This is debatable.

        As some people noted = who’s going to want to hire someone who’s previous “job” entailed lying to, and then blackmailing his employer?

        1. But he’s a Progressive hero now! And I’m sure he’ll have no shortage of job offers from people who assume he’d never pull this kind of shit with them. Just like people who adopt vicious dogs under the belief it’ll never turn on them. So, I have no sympathy for anyone dumb enough to hire him.

    2. My intention was to do an internship and call attention to the issue of intern rights.

      *head in hands, weeping*

      1. He sounds like the Sandra Fluke of interns.

    3. Sounds more like Henry David Thoreau.

  9. This sort of reminds me of the interrogation scene from 1984 when Winston Smith was threatened to have his face eatened by rats and he screamed, ” Do it to Julia!”

    1. That scene would’ve made a solid conclusion to the Obama campaign’s Life of Julia series.


  11. Just an awful person all around. She’s like a first wife.

  12. Part of what perplexes me here is that this is such a well-funded campaign that surely they can afford to pay their interns and actually be selective about who they bring aboard, while setting a good example for their policy of “shaming” companies for taking on free intern labor. The fact that they don’t do this demonstrates (1) they are tone deaf morons who are just handing their enemies an easy bit of ammunition; (2) they are greedy bastards who still charge hundreds of thousands for speaking engagements, raise immense sums from unsavory characters who want to buy “access” and yet still make their peons work for free; and (3) these people are exactly who you never want in power.

    1. Probably also a bit of a way to justify using important people’s children as interns. If your parents can’t support you through your internship they are by definition not people that can pull favors, so not paying your interns acts as a filter of sorts. It makes it easier to justify hiring the guys that will pay off politically.

      1. Good observation.

      2. Yeah, I was wondering what kind of student can afford to do this. You nailed it.

      3. That’s precisely why they do it. It keeps the riff raff to a minimum. So that when they “choose” a particular candidate, it’s not as obvious that the fix was in.

      4. Makes a lot of sense. Sad how the most cynical observations about politics are the most plausible

    2. Once again, the Progressives reveal they are all about projection. If ‘good’ people like them treat their minions poorly then you can imagine how unfairly ‘evil’ corporations would treat their workers if they could get away with it. Besides, why pay for something they can get for free, especially since they’ll never be held accountable by the media?

  13. That she’s a hypocrite is about as revealing as the notion that she believes she deserves to win because it’s “her turn.”

    That said, only a fool agrees to intern for free. I’m all for volunteering for causes you believe in, but “volunteering” to work for a business in exchange for “experience” strikes me as dumb. Perhaps I am biased by a career as a professional writer, a profession that’s full of opportunities to work in exchange for “exposure” and nothing else.

    Just try telling your doctor, car mechanic, or plumber that you’d like to offer them a great review and a challenging experience instead of paying their bill.

    1. “”That said, only a fool agrees to intern for free.””

      Meh. Depends.

      I spent a summer in a law firm, and learned i didn’t want to be a lawyer. I think that saved me $100,000 worth of law school.

      In high school, my school had a program where you’d take all of january off and get a job somewhere. it could be paid or unpaid. Then you had to write a paper about what you did.

      A lot of people did “internships” (unpaid) because they wanted to get inside something interesting, and it was the only way to get the initial access.

      One of the things I did was volunteer at an REI store.

      It was basically ‘working in retail’, but the attraction was that I wanted to get more experience with outdoors stuff in general. They ended up hiring me for ~4 years after school / during college after my volunteer stint, and I got the opportunity to go to their advanced climbing school, then become a ‘mentor’/teacher of other young kids who wanted to learn about climbing.

      Shit like that doesn’t happen when you’re just trying to get a “job”, and your only interest is the paycheck.

  14. Hillary’s campaign is important! She needs every dime to make sure the right person is elected in the next election. The nation’s entire future is at stake. She’s not greedy like those corporations, her interns are sacrificing for the greater good not some meaningless ‘job experience’.

    I’m thinking that’s probably about the logic going through Hillary and her supporter’s heads right now.

  15. How much did Hillary get paid as a Goldwater girl–to walk around in public with that stupid fucking hat?


    Or did she just do that for free?

    1. Incidentally, have you ever noticed that no one can find a picture of Hillary Clinton herself as a Goldwater girl?

      It’s like Vatican level assassin-warlocks have combed over the world destroying all the evidence, but if you could find one picture of Hillary dressed up as a Goldwater girl?

      It could change history forever.

      The truth is out there.

  16. You know, I’m getting the suspicion that politicians aren’t really serious about helping people, but that it’s all one big act designed solely to increase their power and influence.

    1. Come on, man. When did you get so cynical? Remember: you’re supposed to listen to what they say, but never, ever examine what they actually do. See how it works now?

      1. Oooooohhhh, I get it now…..

        SHE’S SO DREAMY!!!

  17. Perks include, “free coffee, great views, and the chance to make history.”

    What are free email and the chance to be incarcerated, chopped liver?

    1. If you’d have left off “chopped liver”, that would have been a great Jeopardy answer.

  18. Clinton’s plan to make college more affordable for students will backfire.

    Her plan is to get immature idiots to vote for her by promising them free shit, then make them pay for that ‘affordable’ education for the rest of their life.

    I don’t think that plan is going to backfire.

    1. It will backfire because you offer free shit to people that actually turn out to vote, not to dumbass youth that don’t bother to vote. You are better off promising a Medicare expansion than college tuition.

  19. Aw, come on(pun intended) Hilla, you need to pay those girls…they do such a good JOB. /Slick Willy

    1. I think the actual term of endearment he uses is “Hilldawg”

  20. This just in: Hillary is a hypocrite. In other news, water remains wet.


  21. There is absolutely no way that I could have gotten the job I have now (or the several others that were offered and ultimately turned down) without working my unpaid internship for several months. I’m grateful for that internship. Said internship was at a fucking nonprofit too, so if they were forced to pay interns I doubt I would have had the opportunity in the first place.

  22. The difference is profit. A political campaign doesn’t continuously financially profit from the work done by an intern. A non-profit organization doesn’t continuously profit from the work done by an intern.

    A for-profit corporation DOES continuously financially profit from the work done by an intern.

    THAT is the difference.

    1. You don’t think politicians financially profit from their endeavors? You sure about that?

      But what difference does a profit factor make? If someone is willing to work for free, why do they need “saving”?

    2. That’s a distinction without a difference. Non-profit organizations have to be able to pay their expenses, too, or they can’t keep operating. And exactly what do you think for-profit organizations *do* with their profits? They re-invest them back into the company. So really, the distinction between a for-profit and a non-profit organization is mostly a matter of semantics, not finances.

    3. I don’t know if you ever managed interns in a for-profit, but to say they “continuously financially profit from work done by an intern” sort of proves that you haven’t.

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