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Cops Didn't Understand Straight Outta Compton in the '80s and They Don't Today

Rappers are still in a First Amendment fight with law enforcement over their music.


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The movie Straight Outta Compton, which opens this weekend, dramatizes the emergence of southern California hip-hop rap group N.W.A. In 1988, the group's album of the same name popularized gangsta rap music with lyrics detailing the realities of life in gang-ridden South Central L.A.

N.W.A. members Dr. Dre (Andre Romelle Young) and Ice Cube (O'Shea Jackson) went on to become rap superstars in their own right after writing songs like "Fuck tha Police," and "Gangsta Gangsta," with lyrics like "takin' out a police will make my day" and "beat a police outta shape."

Law enforcement agencies took those lines quite literally.

In 1989, N.W.A.'s record label received a warning letter from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) expressing displeasure with the lyrics of "Fuck tha Police" because the song encouraged "violence against and disrespect for the law enforcement officer."

First Amendment activists jumped to the N.W.A.'s defense and the unforeseen publicity only added to the band's street-cred. Eventually, Straight Outta Compton was selected as one of Rolling Stone's 500 Best Albums of All Time. But decades later, as aspiring gangsta rap artists try to emulate N.W.A.'s success, law enforcement still has rap in its cross-hairs.

When a person is accused of committing a crime "sometimes what they say will end up being used against them" despite the First Ammendment, Contra Costa County District Attorney Satish Jallepalli told Reason TV in 2014. Jallepalli presented evidence in 2012 to a grand jury supporting the idea that Bay Area rapper Laz Tha Boy (Deandre Mitchell) was responsible for two shootings in Antioch, California. Jallepalli didn't base the charges on any physical evidence linking Mitchell to the crimes, but rather relied on faulty-and-later-recanted eyewitness testimony and three gangsta rap music videos made by Mitchell (What You Do It Fo, It's Real and Southside Richmond). He said they showed Mitchell had the mindset to commit such crimes.

"It's supposed to be freedom of speech," Mitchell told Reason TV from behind the glass at a detention facility in Martinez, California last year. "So when I use my freedom of speech and voice my opinion then you all turn around and try and use it against me like this is who I am as a person."

Sometimes the connection between gangsta rap and actual murder is even more flimsy. Hip-hop rapper Tiny Doo (Brandon Duncan) spent eight months in jail awaiting trial on charges that he conspired to commit a series of gang related shootings around San Diego. But the only evidence against him was his gangster rap album, "No Safety."

Prosecutors never alleged Duncan shot the gun or drove the getaway car; rather, they charged that he willfully promoted and benefited from the shootings through his album. "We're not just talking about a CD of anything, of love songs," said San Diego County Deputy District Attorney Anthony Campagna in court. "We're talking about a CD [cover] … There is a revolver with bullets." 

"It's not real life, it's just entertainment," Duncan told Reason TV in 2015 after the charges had been dropped. He says gansta rap is no different than violent action movies: "The more shooting you talk about in your raps, the more people…want to go grab that album."

Charis Kubrin, a sociologist at the University of California-Irvine, says prosecutors often use this tactic because they know it will scare jurors who have little knowledge of rap music's artistic metaphors, characters, hyperbole and word play.

"Jurors [tend to be] older, higher socioeconomic status, [and] typically white," she told Reason TV in 2014. "They often don't have the proper context for understanding rap music."

I looked at the cases against Tiny Doo and Laz Tha Boy for Reason TV. Click below for those stories:

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  1. Yeah, but how does this dovetail with how much NY sucks?

    1. I mean, only rich people can live in that hellhole. I know because I spent 12 bucks for a Heineken in a hotel instead of walking across the street to the deli where I could have gotten it for 2.50. Fuck that shithole.

      1. And then those cocksuckers charged me 80 big ones for room service! I mean, I had no choice right? It’s not like there are places to eat in NY 24 hours a day. And then the ratfucking room service dude expected a tip! Fuck that guy! He lives in NY so he must be rich so why is he busting my balls for delivering food to my bed, amirite??!!

        1. Huh, I had a similar experience there, isn’t that something…

          1. Apparently, your experience hurt someone’s butt who’s a NYC lover. I haz a sad 🙁

            1. Man, I musta really hit a sore spot in his arse, that’s some major butthurtz that it took 3 straight posts. I must send an industrial size tube of butthurtz lotion!

              1. You can give it to me next time you go to NY, and in return I’ll show you how to get dinner and drinks for less than $100.

                1. One love to my homies from Joe’s Shanghai Kitchen

                2. I just had dinner and drinks at the most beautiful Harbor East in Balmer, hon, for less than $100 for 2, and that included lobster.

                  I mean, there’s no way that I can feel bad for cutting up on another city, I live in Baltimore, we take more written abuse than any other city in Murika.

                  And, oh, I know there’s good restaurants in Manhattan where I can get dinner and drinks for less than $100, I’ve been there many times, but the hotels, holy shit man they rape the fuck out of you.

                  1. the tax on the rape is what really costs you

                  2. I live in Baltimore, we take more written abuse than any other city in Murika

                    Oh, you special snowflake…Detroit, Buffalo, whatever. And yeah, Baltimore.

                  3. Detroit and Cleveland would like to challenge your claim of Baltimore as national punching bag.

                3. NYC isn’t so bad. But JC? Don’t get me started.

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        2. Nicely done. Although that was kind of my experience visiting NYC. In my slight defense, I’m from a touristy area of Florida and naively expected NYC and its charms to be similarly easy to negotiate for a first time visitor.

          1. I live in the Catskills. I’ve always found NYC types to be just as provincial as they claim the rest of us are. Terrible neighbors too, since they take all our water.


              1. That’s it! Ted, let’s go piss in a reservoir.

          2. Florida is not without its own quirks. Everybody here is from NYC and/or that extension called NJ, and they bring all their bullshit with them, and add to that quirkiness. Yeah.. the more I think about it.. New York sucks..

          3. I’m from a touristy area of Florida

            The City Beautiful? Jeff Turner and his dulcet voice for life or GTFO!

      2. Provocative. Where can I hear the rest of your album?

  2. “Jurors [tend to be] older, higher socioeconomic status, [and] typically white. They often don’t have the proper context for understanding rap music.”


    1. So Reason – show us on the doll where the mean white people touched you…

    2. As opposed to Charis Kubrin who, as the link to her page proves, is, in fact, older, upper middle class, and white.

      But as a Professor of Social Ecology, she is obviously far more open minded than we great unwashed folk out here.

      1. Charis Kubrin giving whatever a Ted orange talk is. I made it to fifty-one seconds. I have no idea what her opinions are, but that at “I feel awkward and this is how I break the ice” audience patronizing was enough for me.

      2. I dunno, she looks pretty gangsta in that faculty photo.

  3. On a related note, I can’t be the only “golden age” rap fan who thinks this movie looks corny and terrible. And apparently it’s 2 and a half fucking hours long to boot? No chance I’m seeing it.

    1. I don’t know what the fuck has happened with movie lengths anymore. 80-90 minutes seemed to be the sweet spot for most. Now it’s like “three hours min, or GTFO”. OK, I’ll GTFO.

      And get off my lawn!!!

      *shakes VCR tape of “The Road Warrior” at interlopers*

    2. Just from the previews, the incredibly sanctimonious anti-racism lectures delivered by the Paul Giamatti character were enough to turn me off. Holy shit, Hollywood, racism is bad? You don’t say.

      That being said, usually these types of movies have one or two really powerful live performance scenes showing a recreation of the artist at their best, which make it worthwhile…to see once when there’s nothing else on.

    3. A review I read says it’s so long and watered down because of all the shout outs to various artists, estates and agent types that it took to get the movie made. Basically, it lacks focus.

    4. I haven’t even seen a trailer. Its not a documentary?

      1. You haven’t seen a trailer? You haven’t been to the right park.

  4. Prosecutors never alleged Duncan shot the gun or drove the getaway car; rather, they charged that he willfully promoted and benefited from the shootings through his album. “We’re not just talking about a CD of anything, of love songs,” said San Diego County Deputy District Attorney Anthony Campagna in court. “We’re talking about a CD [cover] ? There is a revolver with bullets.”

    A revolver? With bullets???



    1. And a rap song on the charts that’s “number one, with a bullet!” That’s just begging to kill someone.

    2. The literal depiction of a gun with a trigger was the warning.

    3. Something tells me that John Wayne, even though he often portrayed a gunslinger (with a revolver, with bullets), never got fucked with to 1% of the extent that this Tiny Doo fella has. (1% of 8 months is about 2 1/2 days- think the Duke ever spent a weekend in jail for portraying a gunman like in The Shootist?)

    4. Why didn’t they prosecute the Beatles?

  5. “The more shooting you talk about in your raps, the more people…want to go grab that album.”

    Maybe Rush should singing more about shooting.

    1. Well they sang Bastille Day and people in DC still have their heads unfortunately. Not that they use them.

  6. Ok. These young men should be allowed to record what they want; no question. Further, I think that the police in these cases have a hair up their butt rather than anything like a coherant theory.

    That said, if you publicly assert that you are a street-thug, and a cold blooded killer, my sympathy for the way you are subsequently harassed is somewhat diminished.


    You shouldn’t be jailed on a bullshit charge. But if you get questioned every time there’s a drive- by and you are in the neighborhood, isn,t that what you bargained for?

    1. A smart performer would turn the increased attention from the cops into more proof of his badass nature, and/or sympathy. Any press is good press.

      I imagine in the criminal underworld the attrition rate to prison is pretty high and guys who are at all successful long-term want to have the lowest profile possible. Bragging about being a gangster is either a sign of stupidity or a sign you aren’t one but desire the public persona.

      1. ^This. People who are successful criminals don’t write albums about things they’ve done. People writing music about how much of a hardcore thug they are trade on very thin associations they might have or have had with actual criminals. The guy who sells multiple kilos of heroin or has killed six people does not, as a general rule, then enter the music industry; the guy who runs into him from time to time at a local bar or lives in the same neighborhood does.

        Please, Johnny Cash wrote a song about Folsom Prison based on a movie he saw while he was in the army, and rode the association in the public mind all the way to the bank. Enter the birth of “outlaw country”. This is not a new phenomenon.

        1. Outlaw country got its name from David Allan Coes membership in a one-percenter/outlaw motorcycle gang. I don’t grade musicians on a thug/ tough scale but Coe would definitely be the gold standard for that among any musicians rappers included.

          1. ” I don’t grade musicians on a thug/ tough scale”

            I do. I like Sydney Bechet. He got into a gunfight with someone who claimed he was off-key.

          2. Billy Joe Shaver shot a guy outside of a bar, and when later asked the shooting said “I hit him right between a mother and a fucker. That was the end of that. He dropped his weapons and said, ‘I’m sorry.’ And I said, ‘Well, if you had said that inside, there would have been no problem.’ ”

            That is outlaw something.

        2. I remember when I was a middle schooler listening to BDP and first saw the “Duck Down” video, the end of which is a graphic displaying a rhetorical question for all of those fakers: “If you’re a gangster, what are you doing in show business?”. Opened my eyes.

          1. O’shea Jackson Sr had no comment…

    2. Nice, at least you admit you don’t believe in the first amendment.

      Fuck off, btw.

    3. I can’t get over a grown man with the moniker “Tiny Doo.” His Discography reads like a bad parody of rap album names:

      Studio albums
      What It Doo (2006)
      What It Doo, Vol. 2 (2011)
      What It Doo, Vol. 3: Black Hoodie Muzik (2011)
      No Safety (2014)
      Collaboration albums
      with Tiny Beef
      Tiny 2X (2011)

  7. Anyone ever rap about feeding a judge into a woodchipper?

    1. “And I took that judge
      and fed ‘im to the chipper.
      Got my beats and my words
      gonna watch a show called “Flipper.”

      I ain’t no badass
      I’m a ‘gangsta’ in name only.
      Got my beats and my words
      but I’m feelin’ awful lonely.”


    2. PS Your handle – +1 swastika carved in the forehead

      1. “What fun!!”

    3. “Straight Outta Fargo”

      1. “Oh you betcha… bitch”

      2. “Straight Outta Lynwood”

    4. Feet First, bitches, that’s the way I roll
      No hot place in hell for MC hyperbol(e)
      Gold in my grill and ice on my chipper
      Macking all the honeys like my names Jack Tripper
      Chains on my chest thicker than cables
      Draw so many comics I don’t needz moar labels
      Got dubs on my Bentley and stacks in my hand
      Gay stoner Mexicans gonna understand
      I’m MC Hype,and you know I ain’t no flake
      all you pious bakers can bake me a cake.

      *drops mic*

      *Picks mic up, fumbles with it but eventually gets it back in mic stand, walks off stage to awkward silence.*

  8. If there’s one thing that you always find in these types of stories is that cops vastly overvalue their worth to the rest of us.

  9. “So when I use my freedom of speech and voice my opinion then you all turn around and try and use it against me like this is who I am as a person.”

    Umm… yes, that’s about how freedom of speech works. Moron.

    1. He apparently hasn’t been to a college campus recently.

  10. OT:

    Castrated man-ladies make black and white video in which they apologize to all women on behalf of all men.

    It’s hard to watch. Eventually I just had to hold my eyelids open with tape and tie myself to the chair, like in Clockwork Orange.

    So are any female libertarians round these parts turned on by their sensitivity? I’m pretty sure Nicole and LB could take most of these guys in a fight, so if you want a man who will cry after sex, then you’re in luck!


      This is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen!

    2. I can’t watch things like this, when I try my subconscious takes control of my arm and clicks away to something else. It must be the beta blockers I’m taking.

      1. The best part is how staggeringly sexist it is. One dude literally said he needs to ‘guide and serve’ women which doesn’t even make sense.

        1. As I have been saying for years, women are weak and deserve pity.

        2. They do the same thing with blacks. It’ sickening.

          1. Patronizing condescension is the sincerest form of flattery.. just ask them..

            1. I’m sorry… that I wasted 30 seconds of my life before i shut that shit off.

    3. I was not predicting where that was going.

      1. Really was not seeing the religious fundy thing coming

      2. Yeah, the mixture of Christianity and modern feminism is not something you normally see, but there are clearly some major similarities.

        1. Christian Identity Politics?

        2. “but there are clearly some major similarities.”

          Christians deserve better than that comparison, most are not communists. Maybe lay off the ESB for a while.

          1. “Maybe lay off the ESB for a while.”

            The fact that I’m not on the ESB is part of the problem.

            I say that mostly because casual sexist objectification will insure I’ll never make a black and white video about how I’m apologizing to all women at the behest of the Baby Jesus.

            Speaking of ESB, I found something wonderful.

            “Poor people are bruised reeds ? compared to their wealthy counterparts”

            You heard it here first, folks, courtesy of Elizabeth Stoker Breunig – poor people aren’t even fully human! They’re just fucking inanimate objects. There’s also some comically stupid comments about libertarianism:

            “It’s a problem for all Christians in my view. It’s especially troublesome for Roman Catholics, who have many decades of social teaching and centuries of tradition militating against a libertarian anthropology and a libertarian account of property and ownership. But even if you don’t put much stock in tradition or Catholic social teaching, libertarianism is an ideology that seeks to absolutize the import of the individual and to extend that import to property, to the point that it conflates the privileges of individuals with their property.”


            1. Between watching that apology video and reading that interview I’ve lost my will to live.

              1. You’ll need a permit to commit suicide. You just can’t destroy government property without permission, you know.

            2. How can something be wonderful when she doesn’t show her tits?

              1. This is why there are no Communist female libertarians

            3. Oh, God, Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig is the sort of Christian that made Ayn Rand hate Christians. She doesn’t speak for me.

              Nevertheless. I’d hit that.

              She’s written a lot for Salon.


              Just scanning through the titles makes me want to scream.

    4. Somehow I made it to the 30 second mark.

      I noted the video description:

      To all the women in the world. A much needed apology on behalf of all men.

      “On behalf of all men”? Whoever wrote that can fuck off and die. Speak for yourself.

      1. To all the women in the world: While you’re up, get me a beer.

        1. And bake us a nice turkey pot pie. And a sammich, that too. And another beer.

          1. That’ll be a $102 plus tip.

            1. Put it on my tab.

              1. You know, the patriarchy tab. The big one, that we ain’t even payin back.

              2. I need a hero to help get the money!

                Help! Beta Manboy! I need you!

                What is your grievance, non-gender specific Citizen?

                Pay off this bill to help end the patriarchy!

                Ka-ching! Take that, patriarchy! One day, I’m certain this will work!

      2. If that being is going to pretend to speak for me, much less for all other men, it would first be required to actually “be” a man in more than the status of its chromosomes.

    5. Castrated man-ladies make black and white video in which they apologize to all women on behalf of all men.

      Sounds like the problem solved itself, unless you’re speaking metaphorically. I don’t want to click to find out because I’m trying to get through the day without stabbing anyone and I’m really close to the finish line.

    6. I call bullshit. The skinny guy in the cable knit sweater says something about needing to lift more than the next guy to prove his manhood. No. Just no.

      The must be satire. There’s just no way.

      1. If it were satire, they would not have included the Christian aspect. That feminist stuff mixed with the Christianity makes me think it’s real because if someone were satirizing feminism, why would you have added the part about God?

        1. I could only watch about 40 seconds before I felt painfully embarrassed for them. I hoped it was satire.

      2. The skinny guy talking about lifting makes it clear how insincere/scripted the whole thing is, anyway

      3. I don’t believe any of the actors in that video are actually heterosexual.

    7. I like how one of the apologists looks like Roosh and another looks like Kos.

  11. “The more shooting you talk about in your raps, the more people…want to go grab that album.”

    Right?! I hate lame-ass gangsta rap with only 1 or 2 shootings.

  12. Hip-hop rapper Tiny Doo”

    …blunted a marijuana before he got his freak on raising the roof, old-school?

  13. Good Crackdown, boys!

    Great job keeping the community safe from people selling junk out on blankets in the fucking desert! That fresh fruit stand and those flower pots are criminal!

    1. Cops are stupid and tone deaf as well as having an inflated view of their worth.

      1. Don’t forget the politicians who created the petty bs the cops are enforcing. They’re getting off way to easy while lettings the cops take all the blame.

        1. The pigs willingly walked into that cage.

          1. No doubt. I share your disdain. I just don’t want to pols to get out out of their share of the blame.

    2. I do believe the internet may turn the heroes into zeroes. It can’t happen soon enough. Maybe after enough people start trashing petty bs like this the cops will have their own aha moment. Wait…WE’RE the douchbags? Of course then you have to get city hall to stop passing petty bs laws.

  14. Fun Fact: As of 2015 Egypt had a population of 83 million, about 56 million of those are working age adults, of those six million are government employees. I don’t know how many dependents these six million have but it’s probably between, on average, two or three people each so that’s @ 18 to 24 million people who depend on government checks.

    They are currently protesting a change that moves to merit pay from seniority pay. I don’t see this ending well for the Top. Men. in government. And the country is just coming off of the opening of the new channel of the Suez canal and the huge celebration that caused, now it’s going to be riots riots riots.

    Plus they have an 11% inflation rate and offered the gov workers a five percent pay raise which they have to pay taxes on. One man said he is only netting an extra 1% yet all the prices are going up and subsidies are going down.

    Riots riots and more riots to come.

    And two weeks ago about the government banned the importation of long-staple cotton to encourage folks to buy the native short staple cotton, but guess what? Over 90% of Egyptian textile manufacturers use long-staple cotton and would have to re-tool and so a lot of places have closed and many people are out of work.

    Did I mention There Might be Riots?

    1. And in Uganda the Top. Men. banned the export of unprocessed minerals in order to stimulate a native processing industry.

      I wonder what happened?

    2. In Egypt if you work in a government run business you can get a bonus if the concern shows a profit. But none of them show a profit.

    3. Yeah, you raise a point which most of the media has ignored since the dawn of the War on Terror =

      we seem to think the only foreign policy that makes any difference in the world is “war” and/or lack thereof

      Whereas, in a more-sober world where we weren’t freaking out about Iran and/or the sex-slaving jihadis driving around in US-made humvees…we’d be far more concerned about the political and economic evolution of places like Egypt, Russia, SE Asia/India, Brazil, and how their future successes tie into our own future economic growth, and global stability.

      Instead we’re too caught up dealing with comparatively meaningless bullshit like Iran, and the sand-crazies.

      Obama and Clinton actually had some opportunity during the ‘Arab Spring’ where US diplomatic efforts might have actually really helped secure a more stable future in the region. Instead it all went tits up while they twiddled their thumbs.

      1. The American media is good at ignoring things. Which is why they seem shocked so often by events that “No one saw this coming, Brent, it’s a sad day here in Shitholia. Back to you in the studio.”

      2. “Obama and Clinton actually had some opportunity during the ‘Arab Spring’ where US diplomatic efforts might have actually really helped secure a more stable future in the region.”

        I’ll agree that opportunities were there, but neither Obo nor Clinton had any inkling of which party represented that opportunity.
        Pretty sure this is the econ ‘knowledge problem’ expressed in poly-sci; they were listening to what amounted to the ‘top men’ who represented the bent governments or bent dissident groups rather than those voting with their feet or their pounds.
        I remain convinced the best we can do is get the hell out of there.

    4. South Africa increased the regulations concerning travel documents for people that wanted to visit and in the process have devastated their tourism industry.

      One of the regs is that you have to carry your actual birth certificate or a certified copy with you. Why, I don’t know but who the fuck wants to do that? You’ve already used that to get a passport in your own country so why carry it with you?

      They also reduced the number of places that could give visas.

      One man in the tourist sector pointed out that people that couldn’t be bothered to do all that didn’t give up on having a vacation, they just went elsewhere.

      This has also seriously fucked with Chinese travelers. You know, the people from their biggest trading partner?

      Good job SA Top. Men.!

      1. Also the Rand is weak right now so SA is a great value, but…..

  15. The two best covers of Straight Outta Compton

    Nina Gordon:

    Drunk rednecks:

    1. Trigger warning: n-word



        Neither one is as good as Ben Folds’ version of Bitches Ain’t Shit.

      2. Trigger Warning: Cultural Appropriation, bitches.

    2. You forgot about the ukulele version.

      1. I don’t know about any of that, but it makes me think about Indians

  16. So Amazon has a show called Casanova that’s one of these “historical-ish dramas with tits” that are all the raging hard-on now.

    I love (most) feminine nakedness bit Goddamn I can’t stand when shows try to hide the defects in their plot, dialog, and historical accuracy by showing me tits. Do the story right and then show me me tits.

    I’m looking at you The Tudors! Also while GoT isn’t historical it tried to cover up it’s essential trite blandness with titties and that so pissed me off I haven’t bothered to watch the second episode.

    1. The only Amazon original I’ve watched is Bosch, which was pretty good, and I’m looking forward to season 2. I probably wasn’t going to bother with Casanova anyway, but after reading that I’m definitely avoiding it.

      I think GoT is better than you’re giving it credit for, but the T&A is hilariously overused at times.

      1. Bosch was good. The Connolly books are excellent and they didn’t deviate much in making the series.

        As for Casanova it looks like they filmed on location in Venice or else their CGI guys are absolute geniuses.

    2. Tits without nipples never win.

  17. At first I thought this was a teenage boy trans-sexual, but now believe its actually a middle aged woman who looks very boyish.

    Playing some pretty solid envelope-filter funk lines to NWA’s Niggaz4Life

    the things you find on youtube

    1. I think that shit was literally fucking ozone, Gil. Peace out. Punkass sweet velvet on my brain stems.

      1. Fucking bitchass librarian or vagtwixt teen in high school with some serious fucking scroll. Plus upscribes. Decent weird out and not weird out like objectivallatio weird out but respect weird like people who jump of mountains and swim earth clouds and then roll lika bitch to work in their fucking 1999 Nissan… that’s all. Weird is cocaine to my fucking frontal.


    2. That’s a great channel. She’s an awesome melange of contradictions – really interesting. I’d definitely go see her band.


    Christopher Hitchens cutting out George Galloway’s guts and eating them.

    You’re welcome.

    It’s funny because I actually don’t agree with Hitchens at all on Iraq, but he’s still more right than Galloway.

    1. Oh, God, and the total sycophant Bill Maher is talking about how British leaders are just sooooo much smarter than American leaders.

      Yeah, Ed Miliband, David Cameron, Theresa May, etc., they’re all just so brilliant. Such intellects on those people.

      1. Say what you will about Washington, DC, but it hasn’t spawned such a comically incompetent buffoon as Gordon Brown, the man who ruins everything. Not even Trump is as bad, because Trump at least has some entertainment value, whereas Brown manages to be absolute worst Scottish stereotype (dour, humorless, cheap) without a single redeeming feature. He’s not even good at talking, which you’d think would be fatal handicap for a politician!

        1. Can your fingers add a country to your political heathen? I had to search that fuck because I realized mayhaps certain refrains conjoined in a manner not unlikely but so it goes.

  19. I read all that stuff above and Straight outta Compton has nothing on these threads. nothing.

  20. If my fucking white ass went deep into my old hood… I have not a SINGLE FUCKING issue proclaiming to the various lentils and soups and straying eyeballage… I might get hit with glock manifest in the chamber of some fucking crip ass shit. Middle finger to ya’ll who think I’m racist… don’t care… Not watching a gang flick until I buy the motherfucking DVD because I grew up with gangs and you can’t trust those motherfucking niggas…. bitches killed that fat fuck genious in NYC and mama’s boy motherfucking 2Paw was dredged out… bullets miss targets and motherfucking gangstas can’t miss deep in this here… so Bluerays of the sun DVDawn for this fuck.

  21. Forgot about Cube’s curl. Has there ever been a more ridiculous fashion?

    Tiny Doo?

  22. This motherfucker eats rap like salad. Man all day long and between roaches.

    Will NOT haul my motherfucking white ass to a goddamn hip hop or rap fucking concert.

    I get smashed by fucking trashy ass vacuum limbs on the floors of Mushroomhead slash Slipknot ‘certs… Well, I got almost killed by a white fucker that was 9 feet tall in Indiana a coupla years ago at a FUCKING sweet shit concert with that clown rolling everywhere from Mushroomhead like he really has to do that shit … but this humongous giant of a boy picked my ass up and slammed me on the goddam floor and I could have bent him with some serous motherfucking kenpo but fuck it…. don’t need jail that night.

    Went back broken and sad for fucking shiteaters and ordered another bloody mary which made me feel better.

  23. All rap and hip-hop sucks.

    That is all.

    1. What? You’re crazy sweet Papaya.

      How do think this sucks, baby?

      1. This from a bitch that loves Sinatra, old school band bitches, Buddy, deep out all great old minds and rhythm and blues and dead guitars and writers…

      2. Sucks!

        I learned about rap when I went to jail in 1979, It sucked when the Sugarhill Gang did it- Hasn’t gotten any better in 35 years.

        /old white dude

    2. If yo hate rap you miss the heart, love. Of the rare deep snug found in that oft
      rap beat and scrimp.
      Never, man, negate any fucking genre of music because every single fucking genre has alleyways
      and deviations that catch the mind.

      I love it all while hating the cream formed by billionaire scum like Trump and Bezos that like to make us LIKE what they want us to like BUT if an assassin fired a bolt in their heads in imaginary world and Trump and Bezos didn’t exist in a dream- I’m fucked up but I’m clever- our music wouldn’t be forced into our assholes like a shot of Jameson.

      Music can’t be judged if we are free babe.

    3. What about the rap song Rush did? Roll the Bones, with Alex Lifeson doing the rapping.

  24. Hi AC. Just want to say hello if you are still on this plane. My favorite rap genre is the early/mid 2000s LDN grime scene.

  25. “Julian Bond, a champion of equal rights, died Saturday in Fort Walton Beach, Fla. His wife of 24 years, Pamela Horowitz, was leaving the intensive care unit when a nurse stopped her, the first admirer to offer condolences.”…..washpost11
    Natch, Obo tries to get in front of the camera.
    Something clicks in my memories about the guy, but a search doesn’t show much. 75 ain’t even ‘average’.

  26. Goddammit. All I need to finish my Reason rap song is a rhyme for “I like chipping judges in a major way”. FUCK YOU WRITER’S BLOCK

    1. perhaps the lobby should be run by Dr. Dre.

      freedom clearly looks like pants below your ass,
      and hatred for all things above your class.

  27. Ok. So, I’m a white guy and my ‘artistic expression’ is music about the collapse of Civil Liberties and Constitutional government. I write songs about killing the President and Congress and returning to the basics of survival like growing your own food…feeding your own family…defending your own property and……………

    Oh, wait! I just became a RADICAL RIGHT WING EXTREMIST and the NUMBER ONE ENEMY OF AMERICA?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  28. Eh. They certainly have a right to say it, but it’s hurting the black community.

    In the 1960s, look at the civil rights marches. Everyone was dressed in a suit. Look at pictures of jazz clubs. Again, everyone was wearing a suit.

    Nowadays, rap musicians preach pride in being a bum, on welfare and food stamps, or being a gang member. And then at the same time, these people sell the black community overpriced shoes and now headphones.

    You can’t be a real man unless you wear the Dre headphones (only $500 each).

    At least Al Sharpton is a parasite on big business, he doesn’t prey on his own people like Dr. Dre…

  29. “a sociologist at the University of California-Irvine, says prosecutors often use this tactic because they know it will scare jurors who have little knowledge of rap music’s artistic metaphors, characters, hyperbole and word play.”

    Little finks.

    To the woodchipper!

  30. Can we at least stop calling them artists? At best, they are musicians and shitty ones at that.
    Talk about a product that only got legs because it flew in the face of the man.

    Good for them for selling crap to idiots though.

    Rap is some dumb shit. What is even dumber, however, is the throngs of dopes who try to assign intelligence and depth to it.

    Do you like fish sticks?

  31. Google pay 97$ per hour my last pay check was $8500 working 1o hours a week online. My younger brother friend has been averaging 12k for months now and he works about 22 hours a week. I cant believe how easy it was once I tried it out.
    This is wha- I do…… ??????

  32. Some of these niggas really do bust shots

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  34. This kind of music is not music at all, it is one note played over and over with disgusting, perverted, nasty words about women and murder and other disgusting things. They should listen to some of the old stuff that had a nice message to it, the Platters, Dionne Warwick, etc. instead of being nasty, gross role models for our children.

    1. I’m sorry, you must be lost. Do you know which website you’re commenting on?

      “Think about the childrunz” arguments are used to justify the worst of oppressive police-state policies, from government agents feeling you up at airports, to mandatory minimums for nonviolent crimes. They are appeals to emotion, which is a logical fallacy.

      The First Amendment protects the rights of rappers to say terrible things. If you don’t want your children listening to it, that is a rule you can implement in your household, but please let the rest of us listen to the full spectrum of free speech. It’s the law, after all.

  35. One other thing, Free Speech only goes so far, if you want to start a riot, that is not free speech.

  36. Start making cash right now… Get more time with your family by doing jobs that only require for you to have a computer and an internet access and you can have that at your home. Start bringing up to $8596 a month. I’ve started this job and I’ve never been happier and now I am sharing it with you, so you can try it too. You can check it out here…

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