UC-Santa Barbara Website: Drunk Sex Is Rape, Every Single Woman Will Be Sexually Assaulted

Bad advice for students.



Coastal Carolina University has been dethroned as the school with the most tortured understanding of what constitutes sexual assault. While CCU's blind insistence that all drunk sex—as well as insufficiently enthusiastic sex—is nonconsensual was admirably obtuse, University of California at Santa Barbara students have prevailed with an even weirder stated position on sexual assault.

UCSB maintains a website, SexInfo Online, apparently curated by students. These students "have studied advanced topics in human sexuality," according to the website—a depressing state of affairs, given how uninformed the website is. A webpage, "Different Types of Sexual Assault," asserts that sexual assault is a "continuum" of behaviors so broad it is virtually certain that all women will be assaulted at some point—not just on campus, but everywhere. According to the website:

Sexual assault includes any unwanted sexual contact, be it verbal, visual, or physical.  It is a continuum rather than a single type of behavior with a set definition.  When one examines the sexual assault continuum, it can be assumed that every woman will experience some form of sexual assault.  The following list contains the terms and definitions that make up the sexual assault continuum in alphabetical order.  However, the sexual assault continuum is not necessarily limited to this list.

What kind of behaviors are part of the sexual assault continuum? Catcalling, which includes "whistling and shouting"; prostitution (even the voluntary kind, it seems); survival sex, defined as occurring "when a person exchanges sex for money, drugs, food, and/or shelter"; and a bunch of other things.

The webpage also notes that alcohol-facilitated sexual assault "occurs when the survivor is unable to give consent because he/she is under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol." But merely being under the influence of drugs or alcohol does not automatically void consent, no matter how desperately activists at UCSB and CCU believe it to be so.

The website does not claim to reflect the university's official position—I imagine administrators would deny they knew about it and take it down, if pressed. That's what happened at the University of New Hampshire when critics—including me—pointed out the absurdity of the school's Bias-Free Language Guide.

But it remains the case that this website is hosted at, and purports to educate students about sex and consent.

It's not doing a very good job. Pretending that unwelcome whistling is a form of rape is insulting to women who are victims of actual violence, and asserting that all women will become victims at some point in their lives is irresponsible fearmongering.

Hat tip: Adam Kissel and The College Fix

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  1. Girls getting laid are raping themselves.

    1. something something STEVE SMITH


        1. Poor STEVE SMITH will be obsolete in a few years.

  2. Sexual assault includes any unwanted sexual contact, be it verbal, visual, or physical. It is a continuum rather than a single type of behavior with a set definition.

    So it’s basically like porn. There’s no precise definition, but you’ll know it when you (want to) see it.

    1. I like the visual part of it. Apparently if you look at a pretty girl you just raped her. You can’t even parody these fucking idiots.

      1. ‘If you look at a pretty girl’ implies that you are looking at her because she is pretty – but how would you know whether or not she was pretty unless you were looking at her with the intent to ascertain whether or not she was pretty? Roaming all over her body with your filthy disguting eyeballs is just as aggressive as using an other part of your body.* (Insert jpeg of Donald Sutherland doing ‘the scream’ at the end of Body Snatchers here.)
        *Shit, I just realized I’ve been ear-raping Paul Rodgers for years. And there have been so very, very many other victims….Oh, the humanity.

      2. If you look at an ugly girl with disdain, you are othering her.

        If you don’t look at an ugly girl, you are othering her.

        If you don’t look at a pretty girl, you are othering her.

      3. “if you look at a pretty girl you just raped her.”

        That is wholly dependent on what the male looks like.

    2. This reminds me of a common Marine DI term “eye-fuck” – used as a verb – which means to gawk at something.

      Example : “if you recruits are done eye-fucking the area could I request your attention over here?”

  3. I know a lot of young people here in prog land, and basically everybody is fucking everybody and everyone seems fine with it.

    I have to believe this nonsense is coming from just a few nuts…… that 99% of college kids are doing what college kids do without being accused of rape, and are just laughing at this kind of stuff. So to any college students out there in Reasonland, please tell me that I’m right so i have some faith in your generation.

    1. Coming from just a few nuts?

      I’ll bet it’s coming from DEEZ NUTS!

    2. Even if these incidents reflect a small minority, they are changing the commonly accepted ideas of what is normal vs abnormal vs criminal

      The campus Title IX sex-police are pathologizing all sorts of behavior that would otherwise be treated as ‘relationship-issues’. We’re not talking about actual abuse anymore, or ‘assault’… but rather expanding the authority of institutions to adjudicate over every dimension of male-female interactions.

      Sure, the majority will avoid ever being dragged into the sexual star-chamber. That doesn’t mean it’s existence shouldn’t still be of grave concern

      1. This.

        You know what the odds are the the cops will kidnap your children and you’ll spend years fighting CPS to get them out of foster care over a walk to the park?

        Who fucking cares. Once is too often, because then the question becomes, is it worth it?

        Some lucky dog’s gotta win it!

        It isn’t about odds. Kill one to terrify ten thousand.

      2. I hope this helps pop the college bubble sooner. This is just another reason for people to stop going. Once people stop going, it won’t be expected or required any more. Engrg., medicine, etc. will be specialty courses no longer associated w universities.

        1. No. What will happen is that women will become 70% of the professional class.

    3. Really?

      Try directly asking them some time.

      You’ll find that they actually do very much believe that shit when it comes to everyone else, they just have a high enough level of cognitive dissonance and inflated ego to believe that they couldn’t possibly be breaking those rules because they are such enlightened masters of consent

      1. Damn, I was trying to be optimistic for once and you ruiners ruined it. Now in the light of day, I will acknowledge that we are doomed.

  4. You can only have sex if you get everyone’s permission. Not just the couple, but everybody.

    1. right this follows very closely that interview with the whole foods dude talking about “conscious capitalism”. you’re deluding yourself if you think the participants were the only stakeholders in their tryst

  5. Catcalling is a form of assault. Bullying in a sexual way is precisely that, an assault. Whether and to what extent, and after what procedure, there should be a penalty obviously depends on the circumstances. But it is Soave who does violence to our language, not UC-Santa Barbara.

    1. I’d say “fuck off, slaver”, only I’m afraid it might meet this definition of sexual assault.

      1. You didn’t ask for her consent and you’re probably drunk at this hour. Now you have to prove you are innocent and wear a body camera every time you interact with someone of the opposite sex.

        1. Soave is guilty of triggering by working the rape beat!!

        2. Only every time you interact with someone of the opposite sex? Oh, you’re going down for that one, buddy. And anybody that thinks I’m talking about your transparent homophobia is going down as well – they’re just as guilty as you as thinking there is such a thing as an ‘opposite’ sex, which implies there are only two sexes and constitutes a grievous slur against all of the other dozens of sexes.

          1. Oh god, your parody rant just reminded me of one funny part of extreme feminism. Apparently some rad fems are convinced that gay men are only gay because they hate women. It’s a popular enough idea that the a French indie film about it actually got shown in some theatres in America.

            1. I would bet good money that some number of gay men art actually merely sexually ambivalent but avoid getting involved with women due to the additional energy required to get to the sex part.

            2. Apparently some rad fems are convinced that gay men are only gay because they hate women.

              That’s hilarious. Try saying that lesbians are only lesbians because they hate men and see what happens.

    2. Words are the same as being beaten.

      Got it.

      1. I have feeling BAMcA gets beaten by words often.

    3. If you want to limit your definition of non-physical sexual assault to just catcalling, then you’re the basest of rape apologist, possibly without even realizing it. I contend that any form of courtship is gross sexual assault. It is men preying upon a woman’s natural wish for a connection, to be cared for, and it sets up inevitable physical coupling. God created women innately weak, victims of their own judgment, wants and desires.

      And the lexicon of men creates an environment akin to the taking of mountain brides or further back to the days of dragging by her hair a mate to ones cave as a matter of course, and only men can change the words we all use to remedy this situation. Laws change the definition of what’s right and wrong, and men must step up and enact them if they want to save the fairer gender.

    4. Here kitty,kitty,kitty.

    5. I don’t think you understand what the word assault means. And this nonsense about words being violence needs to stop, because it’s stupid and limiting. Get some thicker skin, or the real world will eat you alive.

    6. I bet you sexually assault yourself on a regular basis.

  6. The only victim of rape lately is common sense.

    1. And the English language.

      To quote Humpty Dumpty, “words mean what I say they mean.”

  7. survival sex, defined as occurring “when a person exchanges sex for money, drugs, food, and/or shelter”

    They forgot to add protein.

    1. As long as they exempt ass-sex with a Mexican in exchange for medical marijuana.

      1. You should open a peer2peer bakery.

  8. survival sex, defined as occurring “when a person exchanges sex for money, drugs, food, and/or shelter”

    So… Marriage is rape?


    1. I laughed and I’m not even married

      1. You wouldn’t laugh if you were married.

      2. Not even in the same part of the galaxy as “funny” if you’ve been divorced

  9. There are several possible remedies to campus sexual assault that no one wants to talk about, but I have the courage at this early hour to suggest them. First, bring back the Volstead Act. Women can’t get woozy if they’re not consuming. Second, during freshman orientation mandatory and repeated viewings of Golden Girls. If there are no women involved in the sexual congress of two or more college students, there can be no rape. Three, begin walking back the expanded definition of rape. Instead of watering down the term so that every college girl gets to join the Survivors Club, gets to wear that badge, limit it to the actual victims of rape.

    1. Instead of watering down the term so that every college girl gets to join the Survivors Club, gets to wear that badge, limit it to the actual victims of rape.

      That’s no way to keep rape crisis centers staffed, Women’s Studies classes full, and the DOE off your back.

      1. Here “off your back” just means keeping federal dollars coming.

        1. If you’re “off your back”, you won’t need to carry that mattress around all the time, either.


          1. BONUS!? That sounds like BONER! Almanian has just raped us all with his words.

    2. So you want to limit what is called rape to what is legitimately rape?

  10. All PIV sex is rape! Patriarchy!

  11. Oooh the “sexual assault continuum”. Didn’t they feature that on Star Trek?

  12. I once had a girl tell me that she needed a few drinks before she was willing to do butt stuff.

    So did she rape herself?

    1. yeah but you helped

        1. Women have rights, not responsibilities, you cis shitlord!

  13. Similar case of Kafkaesque-sexual-assault-batshittery @ Washington & Lee U. New term, “Grey Rape” coined to give jilted women right to revoke consent months after the fact when boy finds new squeeze

    1. These front-line SJWs have completely lost touch with the rest of the species. They have no idea what it means to be human any more.

      1. “Grey Rape”, for the record, does not actually refer to alien encounters, afaik

        1. Will you be here all night? Should I tip my waitress, or would that be assault under the new definition?

          1. I think just the tip is okay….

        2. Wait, wait… I thought “grey rape” was a case of morning-after regret because the dude was a) much older than she understood him to be or b) still a lot older than she is but not nearly as wealthy/famous as she had assumed.

          1. Noted social-science journal Cosmopolitan provides the conceptual background on “Gray Rape”

            “It refers to sex that falls somewhere between consent and denial and is even more confusing than date rape because often both parties are unsure of who wanted what.”

            The original term, “regret” was decidedly not-rapey enought

            1. Whoosh!

              Grey, as in grey hair…

              1. I got it. Just footnoting original comment

            2. After the dance, they went to Kevin’s
              room and, eventually, started making
              out. She told him flat out that she
              didn’t want it to proceed to sex, and
              he said okay. But in a few minutes, he
              had pushed her down on the couch
              and positioned himself on top of her.

              “No. Stop,” she said softly ? too
              softly, she later told herself. When he
              ignored her and entered her anyway,
              she tensed up and tried to go numb
              until it was over.

              There’s not much gray about that. They’re conflating ideas.

              1. Other examples they give dont involve “explicit” refusals at all. In fact most seem to be instances where women drunkenly take men home (or booty call) then decide afterward it was a bad idea.

                AKA “Regret”

            3. “Victims” cope with gray-rape trauma in various ways:

              “The psychological effects of what a
              victim did or didn’t do can last for years. “I still panic when a guy is on top of me and positions his body so that I feel restricted, even if we are just making out,” says Alicia. “I have punched a guy because he had innocently placed himself on me the wrong way.”

              Look what he made her do! Ugh.

    2. Someone made a good point on that article. A couple hundred dollars towards facebook ads targeted at Alumni’s of this school and they should clean up their act real quick.

    3. The court dismissed John’s claim for violation of his right to due process because the Fifth Amendment applies to a private university like W&L only under very limited circumstances. It also dismissed his state law contract claim because the university code did not constitute a contract in Virginia law.

      If the university code does not constitute a portion of the contract then how can the university dissolve the contract for violation of the code?

      1. However, the court refused to dismiss John’s claim under Title IX.

        So it’s Title IX all the way down. Each group angling for victim status and moral authority over the other. That’s just fucking depressing.

      2. The point is there was never a contract. There was an at-will association, like most human interactions (other than wedding cake manufacture).

    4. Ah, “grey rape.” Grey rape is just one more way of gathering up all manner of things that are not rape, and dropping them in the rape bucket.

      Note it did not end up getting called “Grey sex.”

  14. it can be assumed that every woman will experience some form of sexual assault

    If sexual assault includes verbal and visual stuff, then everyone will be assaulted at some point in their lives, not just the women. Yet the website only focuses on the female victims of this heinous crime. Wonder why…

    1. This is why we need trigger warnings. And unicorns.

    2. You need to stop your micro-aggression!

    3. Also, most women will commit sexual assault.

  15. How is it that we’re led to believe only women are subject to these forms of assault?

  16. Has anyone you don’t find attractive ever looked at you? Congratulations, you have been sexually assaulted.
    Because really, no one complains if someone they find attractive looks at them.

  17. However, the sexual assault continuum is not necessarily limited to this list.

    Infrastructure groping and ultraviolet rape are conspicuous by their absence.

  18. And nobody’s giving poor Jimmy Carter a hat-tip for saying he committed adultery in his heart just by looking at women with lust – admitting to eye-rape 40 years before anybody else wanted to even admit there was such a thing. (Possibly because nobody wanted to think about a lust-filled Jimmy Carter any more than anybody wants to think about a lust-filled Hillary Clinton. Aaaaand now you’re thinking about it, ain’t ya?)

    1. Thank you so much.

    2. Back in the day when he made that statement every guy I knew simply saw that as confirmation that he didn’t have a pair hanging.

      1. It’s just the New Testament version of rape.

        But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.

        1. No, it means if you’re loyal to your wife you don’t lust after other women.

    3. Adultery isn’t rape.

    4. *baaaaarrrrrrfffffff*

      *wipes last bits of vomit off chin* You SOB, now you me a new keyboard and monitor to replace the ones I just projectile vomited all over.

    5. Didn’t Barney Sanders say something like all dudes want to rape all chicks or something to that effect?

      1. Hey, he’d know, eh?

  19. UCSB has apparently caught a nasty case of the stupids.

  20. As a bartender during my college years, I was subjected to many a sexual assault. It’s tough being a survivor… but I carry on.

  21. Sexual assault includes any unwanted sexual contact, be it verbal, visual, or physical.

    Do the people who write this tripe realize how terrifying this is? It reduces sexual assault to a matter of subjective perception alone. If one merely sees something one feels is assaultive, even if one has entirely misinterpreted what one saw, that can be classified as sexual assault. How could anyone want to live in a world like that? That means anyone, at anytime?including the very people promulgating this bullshit?could find himself on the receiving end of an assault charge without ever having committing an act that had assaultive intent.

    But hey, we sat passively by as sexual harassment policies were implemented that allowed pussies to report coworkers for conversations they were eavesdropping on and never even had the guts to request the conversants to stop, so this is the logical next step.

    1. It means that we can’t protect women from eye rape without burkas.

      1. Sorry, I mean Portable Safe Spaces.

  22. We’re going to need a new term for “rape rape.”

  23. Why don’t they just cut to the chase: “All heterosexual sex is rape.” That’s what these harpies really believe, so at least then they’d be honest.

  24. What is this he/she shit, like the rules universally apply.

  25. “When one examines the sexual assault continuum, it can be assumed that every woman will experience some form of sexual assault. ”

    And, as we know, “affirmative consent” brands every sexually active man a rapist until he proves otherwise.

    Every woman a victim, every man a rapist.

  26. If the woman is drunk during sex, wouldn’t it also be likely that the man has been drinking as well, very possibly drinking with her at the same location? And since that is very likely, how do we know the woman isn’t less drunk then the man and is the one doing the raping? Men wake up after drunken sex with regrets all the time, in fact this happens so often that the term “beer-goggles” was coined to describe the phenomenon wherein a person finds another person to be more attractive while they are drunk than while they are sober. So if a man wakes up regretting his drunken decision to have sex with a woman, hasn’t he then been raped by that woman?

    1. Silly cis-man, women can’t rape. Doesn’t matter if she had one cup of watered down beer and he couldn’t form complete sentences after a dozen shots of 200-proof grain alcohol; he’s the rapist scum even if she texts all her friends after “I can’t believe how difficult it was to get him hard while he was unconscious.”
      It’s a shame campus sex inquisitions don’t view it like the joke people here will think it was.

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