Sesame Street Strikes a Deal with HBO

Does Big Bird really need subsidies to survive?


If PBS doesn't do it, who wi— oh:

Like so many HBO shows, the new Sesame Street will center around a charismatic male lead who is sometimes prone to violent outbursts.
Sesame Street

Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit group behind the children's television program, has struck a deal with HBO, the premium cable network, that will bring the next five seasons of "Sesame Street" to HBO and its streaming outlets starting this fall.

The partnership will allow Sesame Workshop to significantly increase its production of "Sesame Street" episodes and other new programming. The group will produce 35 new "Sesame Street" episodes a year, up from the 18 it produces now….

Sesame's partnership with HBO comes at a critical time for the children's television group. Historically, less than 10 percent of the funding for "Sesame Street" episodes came from PBS, with the rest financed through licensing revenue, such as DVD sales. Sesame's business has struggled in recent years because of the rapid rise of streaming and on-demand viewing and the sharp decline in licensing income. About two-thirds of children now watch "Sesame Street" on demand and do not tune in to PBS to watch the show.

PBS was not able to make up the difference, so Sesame was forced to cut back on the number of episodes it produced and the creation of other new material.

They looked into a partnership with BBC America, but the channel insisted that the show change its format.
Sesame Street

That's Emily Steel writing in The New York Times. The HBO episodes will air on PBS later in the year, so they can still be seen by people who can't afford HBO. (This isn't the cable channel's first excursion into Muppetdom, by the way: Back in the '80s, it was the American home of Fraggle Rock.)

Bonus link #1: Here's a piece I wrote to mark Sesame Street's 40th birthday, focusing on the ways the show emerged from "a full-blown collaboration between commercial showmen and social engineers." Among other things, I pointed out that "Public broadcasters today react to any threat to their funding by raising the possibility that Sesame Street would be forced to fend for itself. But if there's anything on PBS that can cover its costs independently, it's Sesame Street."

Bonus link #2: Ah, but what about shows that don't feature beloved puppets? In this article I looked at three ways public TV and radio programs can support themselves without federal sponsorship. (I should also note the considerable amount of money PBS stations could make if they participate in the FCC's spectrum sale next year—a prospect that would take away some of their footholds on the traditional TV dial, but could give producers considerable resources with which to fund programming on other platforms.)

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  1. Ernie better not put any unauthorized cinnamon on the goddamn meeting table.

    1. It’s available as a choice

  2. Perhaps they can interweave Sesame Street episodes with True Detective.

    1. Never mind
      Never mind
      The guiding hand
      Left my behind

  3. E is for EXTERMINATE!

    1. Which is preceded by D is for Doctor, leading to the Dalek burst…

    2. Cookie Monster as Amy Pond?

      1. So Bert is Johnny Drama? Does that make Ernie Turtle?

  4. Brilliant alt-text, Jesse! Brilliant!

  5. “if there’s anything on PBS that can cover its costs independently, it’s Sesame Street.””

    I thought the News Hour was the only program on PBS that covered its own expenses

    1. If that was a joke, Gilmore, bravo!

      1. no. Am i completely getting it wrong, and NewsHour is the most expensive thing on PBS and eats up most of their funding?

        i have a vague memory of someone explaining that News Hour basically breaks even, while the rest of their programming (particular their expensive Docos) is a money pit

        NewsHour runs pledge drives either quarterly or semi-annually and they rake it in from what i can tell. I used to watch it religiously for like 10 years. Since The Jim left, its just not the same.

        1. An awful lot of their documentaries are funded by… THE KKKOCH BROTHERS!!!!1!!!

          1. David Koch funds the NYC ballet, the Opera, PBS, Sloan Kettering (?) + NewYork-Presbyterian & or some other NY Hospital/ cancer research center…. ooh, a new wing of the Metropolitan Museum (devoted to sustainability?!)…

            …and rich liberal new yorkers all fucking hate him. Meanwhile, Hillary could feed live babies to her pet crocodiles and would still get their votes and endless devotion.

            1. Remember, actions mean nothing. Only words. They don’t say the right words, so their actions gain them nothing. But Hillary says the right words, so her actions are meaningless. Understand now?

              It’s basically semiotic animism.

            2. Other than Hillary, what does Hillary fund?


              1. “The most important asset that Bill Clinton has is not his personal checkbook,” Neilson said. “It’s his ability to create sweeping change by getting people to do things that they don’t want to do for the good of the world.”

                You know who else got people to do things that they didn’t want to do for the good of the world?

                1. STEVE SMITH?

                2. Well, not Hitler. Most Germans were happy to participate in the elimination of all Jews. Don’t believe the false narrative that they didn’t know what was going on.

                3. “The most important asset that Bill Clinton has is not his personal checkbook,” Neilson said. “It’s his ability to create sweeping change by getting [interns] to do things that they don’t want to do for the good of [his libido].”

        2. Huh. I was thinking from the broader “news” perspective where Dan Rather whined that news programs traditionally lost money, but regardless should be walled off from bottom line calculations as it was too important a service to be profitable.

          So News Hour ISN’T the money pit on PBS?

          1. “So News Hour ISN’T the money pit on PBS?”

            What i recall hearing about (and being surprised by) was that the NewsHour was the only show on PBS where they got “prime-time” levels of viewers, such that their very-limited advertisements were actually quite prized, and that their funding drives raised almost enough every year to keep them in the black. Basically, they were one of the leaner and meaner and successful new-orgs in the entire business, and that they put the major network news people to shame on a bang-per-buck basis…. pulling similar levels of viewers, doing better (award-winning, even), longer-form news coverage, and doing it cheaper as well.

            this was back about 10+ years ago, and things might have changed.

  6. I can’t wait for the Lena Dunham guest star episode.

    1. She can do a segment on playing with younger siblings.

      1. Maybe some ass munching

    2. “Today we’re going to learn how to toss a salad.”

    3. I’m looking forward to The Cookie Monster in Westeros.

      1. Where he’ll be raped by the King Slayer and end up dickless like Reck.

      2. N is for NIHILISM by Rust Cohle

      3. I just want to see the Count in Dorne…

        “ONE! One slut! Ahahahaha! TWO!! Two sluts! Ahahaha!”

    4. I could’ve sworn that she already appeared on the show, so I googled “lena dunham sesame street.”

      The first result, from “Lena Dunham And His Resemblance To Christopher Abbott.”

  7. One can only hope this is what HBO turns it into.

    1. “man, those guys must have been so high when they made that.”

  8. This deal has been in the works ever since Fraggle Rock

    1. Oh come on, Fraggle Rock was thirty years ago…

      Holy crap, Fraggle Rock was THIRTY years ago.

      1. Holy crap. Somebody actually *remembers* Fraggle Rock!

  9. Folks do you realize that without your support, public television can’t afford to bring you such award-winning shows as Edward the Penitent?

    1. What’s funny is Public Television supporters have claimed for years that they really don’t get anything of substance from the government– almost statistically insignificant, which is why it’s so vital and should never be cut. They won’t survive without that number way on the right side of the decimal point!

      1. As I recall, the programming doesn’t rely much on government funding, the distribution does. So if Clay Jenkinsen wants to continue to watch his Thomas Jefferson impersonations or Yanni videos or Dr. Dwyer talk about his erogneous zones in West Bumfuck, ND, that local station relies on a lot of government funding. You could eliminate the funding and the programming would exist but only in large markets.


      1. Have you got a good attitude toward it?

      2. Amazon prime.

        1. +1 fastest period around the track.

      3. BBC America, where Top Gear used to be…

        1. Still is. It’s just reruns now. BBC: So outraged at Clarkson that he had to be fired immediately, but as long as we own the rights…

      4. BBC America?

  10. This has already been done. By Peter Jackson. It’s called Meet the Feebles. And it’s insane.

    1. I wondered for a minute there “how did this ever get funded…because it seems as though it would have been expensive….and….insane….”

      then i learned = ahh. so. 1980s Japanese Investors.

      There’s a dozen things out there from the late-80s/early 90s that just boggle the mind = “How did this ever happen!??”… and the answer is ALWAYS – 1980s Japanese Investors.

      Its like Fishing With John. He did one episode thinking it would be a cute joke, and they were like, YES MAKE A DOZEN OF THOSE LURIE-SAN.

      They had a lot of money, and no idea at all about what kind of entertainment people thought was Normal. great things happened.

      1. How else do you get songs like “Sodomy”?

        Plus the hippo’s M-60 rampage at the end supposedly used live ammo because they couldn’t get blanks or couldn’t get the blanks to cycle (a problem they encountered, but solved, in one of the Rambo movies). It was feasible because she’s mowing down puppets, after all.

        And to think Michael Crichton decried Japanese investment in Rising Sun.

        1. It doesn’t look like they’re using live ammo to me; there’s not nearly enough muzzle rise. So either they’re using blanks, or the person in the hippo suit has arms like Superman.

  11. The HBO episodes will air on PBS later in the year, so they can still be seen by people who can’t afford HBO.

    Will they cut the swearing and nudity out?

    1. Yeah, but it’ll still be rated a hard TV-Y7.

    2. What is little known, but is absolutely true, is that in his early years, Jim Henson was the creator of easily the most violent commercials ever to appear on TV.
      Behold the ultraviolence of the Ur-Muppets

      1. Ah man after a few beers and a day at the beach this had me giggling incessantly.

        My family thinks I’m reTARDED.

        1. I *hope* you were drinking Wilkins Coffee. Bad things happen otherwise.

    3. No, Kermit and Cookie Monster have been naked for years. Of course on PBS it was all tasteful and in no way gratuitous.

  12. The Federalist deconstructs the mystique of Te-Nehisi Coates:

    If you ever want to send a chill up your own spine, replace “black people” with “the working class” in one of Coates’s angrier effusions. “The Dream rests on the worker’s back, the bedding made from our bodies ? The Dreamers accept this as the cost of doing business, accept the bodies of the working class as currency ? The worker is naked before the elements of the world, and this nakedness is not an error but the correct and intended result of policy.” It is no coincidence, comrade! This is why the adulation Coates receives from the mainstream press is so disturbing: not because a fashionable pundit is being praised out of proportion to his talent?that happens all the time?but because it proves we have lost our collective antibodies to the most destructive ideology of the twentieth century.

    1. Ta-Nehisi, rather.

      And apparently it’s a reprint from another source.

      1. Ta-Ne, Ta-Ne… Ta-Not Gonna Work Here Anymore.

      2. I just call him “Tizzy Coats”

        1. I’m thinking of shortening that to Tizzy-C

          1. You must be Mr. Coates, ‘cuz you’re the only Ta-nehi-*I*see.

  13. Big Bird as Circe Lannister?
    Oscar the Grouch as Tyrion?
    Bert as Stannis Baratheon
    Ernie as Renly Baratheon

    Any others?

    1. Elmo as Sansa

      1. Elmo is Joffrey.

        “Everyone is mine to torment!”

    2. Snuffalumpagus as Gregor Clegane

      1. No. Snuffalumpagus is from beyond the wall and nobody believes in him anymore. But the North remembers.

    3. The Count as Petyr Baelish

      1. This is brilliant!




        They did do this parody of it.

    4. Mr. Hooper as Ned Stark. You know, since he died. (Sorry, too soon?)

      1. Mr. Looper is dead? NOOOooo!

    5. Abby Cadabby as Daenerys?

    6. Sesame Street already produced their submission.

      A Game of Chairs

      1. Other than Grover as Varis, I like ours better.

        Cookie Monster as Robert Baratheon

  14. Now that it’s being produced by HBO, will be finally get to see some fucking tits? Maybe even some honest-to-god implied coitus between Bert and Ernie?

    1. Elmo will be describing in detail the horrors he was subjected to when he was molested by Mr. Jeff.

  15. My kids watch the Dutch version of Sesame Street. Big Bird is blue and 32 times more annoying.

    1. What? No link?

      I’m not going believe you until I see some pics!

    1. Are we ever going to get a version of the Reason commenting system that implements minimal AJAX standards so we don’t have to refresh constantly?

    2. I’d watch the hell out of Elmo getting beheaded by ISIS.

    3. Psythik 3 months ago

  16. About two-thirds of children now watch “Sesame Street” on demand and do not tune in to PBS to watch the show.

    Those kids will *never* learn delayed gratification!

    1. And speaking of delayed gratification —

      Abedin is cooperating with requests for official emails in her possession, aiming to turn over all her correspondence by the end of August.

      I suppose it depends on what the meaning of “official emails in her possession” is.

      1. I imagine her lawyers will use the explanation that she has to practice patience and deliberation for two in a household with Anthony Weiner in it…

        …also, the emails that she hands over will have a number her husband dick pics “accidentally” included to prevent investigators from looking too closely at the information.

  17. Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit group behind the children’s television program, has struck a deal with HBO–

    Rumor has it that Big Bird beat the shit out of a producer for not providing birdseed milkshakes on set. Cookie Monster and Grover, whose contracts with PBS expire at the end of the year, have said the three of them are a package deal, and won’t continue the show without Big Bird. Hence, HBO.

    1. I saw it differently! I may sound like a grouchy green trashmonster, but the producer had it coming. He would always piss on my trash can during breaks in production.

  18. Breitbart has been going full retard in support of Donald Trump and is now running anti-Megyn Kelly hit pieces because she dared besmirch the noble House of Trump.

    As Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow and Executive Stephen K. Bannon have noted, Megyn Kelly’s debate performance was not just “good journalism” by mainstream media standards ? it was “great journalism.”

    Between asking Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)96%
    if he personally “received word” from God if he should run for president and trying to stump frontrunner Donald Trump with insulting tweets directed at Rosie O’Donnell years ago, Kelly won loving sighs of approval from leftists while enraging the Republican base.

    They also ran an earlier post critiquing every question Megyn Kelly asked during the debate which included quotes like the one in the post below.

    1. Ben Carson’s Qualifications. Kelly began the debate by asking Dr. Ben Carson about his screw-ups on NATO, the governmental parties in Israel, and Alan Greenspan’s position as chairman of the Fed. She concluded, “Aren’t these basic mistakes, and don’t they raise legitimate questions about whether you are ready to be president?” The question itself isn’t unfair, but the way in which it was posed certainly was: a list of specifics to which Carson had no opportunity to respond, followed by a broader question about leading designed to cast Carson negatively.

      Out of the gate, Fox News anchor Kelly condescended to a man who became the director of pediatric neurosurgery at the world-renowned Johns Hopkins Hospital when he was just 33 years old.

      Yes, asking a presidential candidate about obvious mistakes he’s made when talking about basic policy issues clearly crosses the line.

      1. Because being a talented neurosurgeon automatically makes someone qualified to lead a country. Or even a hospital. Or even his own department.

        Someone get Wall Street on the phone and let them know they’re missing out.

    2. Every politician has a direct line to God, and every politician thinks something different. Either God’s lines have a bizarre tendency to get crossed, or he has multiple personality disorder.

      1. Or the hotlines go to different gods.

      1. RIP Breitbart. Love him or hate him, he really ticked off progressives.

  19. My local PBS affiliate has been doing nothing but beg-a-thon every night for weeks, and they’ve already done this several times this year. It’s hours-long infomercials featuring music collections for America’s fossil class. Time-Life CD collections. The worst, of course, is when they do weeks of New-Agey book-tour bullshit from the likes of Dr. Andrew Weil and Deepak Chopra and other people who have spun the slack-jawed stupidity of baby boomers into gold.

    Every hour that PBS runs this worthless shit, they should lose $10 MIL of public funding. Half hour. Remember, nothing to be cut!

    1. The local NPR here in Maine does what they call Super Thursday, where they do their entire begathon over only one day. And it works. It’s cool because I only have to shut them off for one day instead of an entire week.

  20. Given all the Muppet merch I see how is it they’re not flush enough to produce a 100 of their stupid little puppet shows a year?

    1. Back in 2012, Sesame Street was losing money.

      But you’re right? if they clean up their act, they could turn Sesame Street into an economic powerhouse.

  21. I hate the late afternoon Reason staff food coma malaise.

  22. I love New York Times commenters because they’re not only smug, but profoundly ignorant. Regarding Islamic State sex slaves:

    Did this happen under Saddam Hussein? Is it the policy of the Baath Party in Syria? Is it the custom in Iran?

    Makes one wonder, does it not? What has our interference in the Middle East accomplished to date?

    Now, the Iraq War was a terrible decision. However, if you’re going to ask these rhetorical questions, you should probably know the answer first. Because widespread, systemic rape absolutely did happen under Hussein.

    In one instance, the soldier recalled, he witnessed a Kuwaiti soldier, who had been captured during the 1991 Persian Gulf War, being forced to sit on a broken Pepsi bottle. The man was removed from the bottle only after it filled up with his blood, the soldier said. He said the man later died.

    “I have seen interrogators break the heads of men with baseball bats, pour salt into wounds and rape wives in front of their husbands,” said former Iraqi soldier Ali Iyad Kareen, 41.

    Uday Hussein alone personally raped dozens of women.

    1. Yep. Also, North Africa and the ME have more slaves today than at any time in history. Mauritania only made chattel slavery illegal in the early 1970’s (?) but no one pays any attention to that law. All ISIS is doing it making an ongoing cultural practice legal again.

      Speaking of the ME I went back and read the Chapman article on Iran. Does that guy have brain damage? Looked like more than a few commenters, whose names I did not recognize, have the same problem.

    2. Okay, but those were brown people doing brown people things, not white people going to brown people countries and instigating brown people to do brown people things. Totally different.

      1. brown people doing brown people things

        You mean “sitting on the couch and using his laptop to browse Youtube“? Cuz, that’s all this brown person is up to today.

        1. I knew it. You’re obsessed.

    3. I’m not sure I believe much of any of that.

      1. Really? There are tapes of Uday raping children.


        Uday was always on the prowl for women, as was shown in another video that 60 Minutes II found in Baghdad. Janabi says he saw Uday abuse alcohol and drugs, and he says Uday drugged women who turned him down so he could rape them.

        “When he became 30, he started to look to women who are 11, 12,” says Janabi. “Believe me, believe me. I know what I’m talking about.”

        Some of the young girls, Janabi says, were daughters of cabinet ministers and government officials. Just as Saddam himself used to do, Janabi says, Uday raped them and videotaped his actions so he could terrorize and control their parents.

        60 Minutes actually saw some of these tapes. This stuff was also going on all over the place with some of the more sociopathic Ba’athists.

        1. I didn’t see where in that link 60 Minutes says the tapes show him raping children.

    4. Re: Uday Hussein raping a Ba’ath Party Members daughter:

      After three days the girl was returned to her home, with a new dress, a new watch and a large sum of cash. Her parents had her tested for rape; the result was positive. According to Shabaan’s account, Uday heard she had been tested and sent aides to the clinic, where they warned doctors not to report a rape. Furious, the father demanded to see Saddam himself. Rebuffed, he kept complaining publicly about what Uday had done. After three months, the President’s son had had enough. He sent two guards to the man to insist that he drop the matter. Uday had another demand: that the ex-governor bring his daughter and her 12-year-old sister to his next party. “Your daughters will be my girlfriends, or I’ll wipe you off the face of the earth.” The man complied, surrendering both girls.

      ISIS is doing absolutely nothing in terms of rape and abuse of women that Middle Eastern despots haven’t been doing for the last 1000 years. This is what the Middle East is and it’s what they’ve been for a very long time.

      1. ISIS is doing absolutely nothing in terms of rape and abuse of women that Middle Eastern despots haven’t been doing for the last 1000 years. This is what the Middle East is and it’s what they’ve been for a very long time.

        More of them should immigrate here en masse. Immigration is ALWAYS good. Fact.

        1. It’s almost amazing that people are behaving like ISIS’ rape and torture is somehow surprising. Multiple journalists were gang raped during the protests in Tahrir square, the most famous being Lara Logan. There were others though, including a Dutch reporter.

          Those are just the reporters though. The same night the Dutch reporter was raped, there were almost 50 other attacks on Egyptian women.

          That’s not ISIS and it’s not a country that’s really been torn apart by war, it’s just what life is like in an actual rape culture where large numbers of men see nothing wrong with that behavior.

          1. That’s why I don’t accept this ‘at least Saddam kept Iraq stable’ garbage. He did it while being a sadistic son of a bitch. Say what you want about the U.S. invasion of Iraq but one thing – no, three good things – that came out of it was the death of him and his two asshole sons. Fuck them and may they burn in eternal hell.

        2. Open. Borders.


      2. “Saddam himself couldn’t kill everyone he wanted to or spy on everyone he needed to,” says Kenneth Pollack, an ex-CIA and White House expert on Iraq who works for the Brookings Institution in Washington. “Having those two boys to do it for him was a critical element in his reign of terror.”


        Uday demanded that beautiful women who had had sex with his brother be brought to him. In several cases, Shabaan said, Uday also had sex with the woman, then had her branded on the buttocks with a horseshoe, producing a scar in the shape of a U, for Uday.

        A “U” for Uday, huh. That’s one funny ass horse hoof to wear a shoe that looks like this:


        Time c. 2003.

        1. A “U” for Uday, huh.

          I would be surprised if a member of the 3rd World elite didn’t know at least some English.

        2. Uday Hussein was an English speaker who spent time in Europe after he beat one of Saddam’s bodyguards to death and was temporarily expelled from the country.

          But teacher DinahBentley, from Yorkshire in northern England, remembers a very different Uday.

          Back in the early ’70s, while married to a Kurd, she taught English to the
          11-year-old at a private school in Baghdad. His father was already a powerful
          figure — Uday arrived at school with bodyguards — but she recalls a normal
          child who was bright, cheerful — and responsive to discipline. And by the
          end, Uday spoke English with a Yorkshire accent. Bentley spoke to Newsweek’s
          William Underhill in London.

          He spoke English since childhood and lived for a period of time among English speakers in Switzerland. It’s absolutely possible he would have used a U given he was speaking the language since childhood well enough that he had a ‘Yorkshire accent.’

          1. I believe he spoke some words with an English accent, sure no problem accepting that claim. But no way a kid who grew up exposed to and speaking Arabic for 11 years lost his guttural ME phlegm.

    5. I was barely paying attention back then, but I recall hearing “rape rooms” quite frequently back in 2002-2003.

      1. I vaguely recall something about WMDs too.

        1. I’m deeply confused as to why you’re having such a hard time accepting that the spoiled son of a Middle Eastern dictator would commit mass rape and torture.

          Do you disbelieve the claims about Qaddafi committing rape too?

          I mean, there are so many stories of Uday’s sexual depravity from both eye witnesses and documentary evidence that I don’t even know what your point is:

          The movie brought back memories that I thought were gone. It’s been 21 years since I left Iraq, where I was the daughter of Saddam’s personal pilot and among the “friends of the president,” as my family was often referred to. Though the movie may have exaggerated some details, it conveyed the horror that many faced from Uday and his boundary-less lust for women. He tortured his objects of desire through kidnapping, drugging, raping, mutilating, torturing, and killing. Stories of Uday’s rape of a married woman on her wedding day, a high-school student, and a woman on a dinner date with her husband were not uncommon at all.

          I personally remember the days in which Uday would come to my university, and we would hide in the crowded women’s bathrooms, where all the women tried to escape his hungry eyes.

          1. I believe Uday raped plenty of women. More than Bill Cosby even. I believe he was a sexual sadist. But the evidence is a lot of incredible hearsay from men who may or may not have been complicit in his crimes. I’m making the observation that the more fantastic stories reported in Time and USA Today during a time when the administration was clamoring for more war funds and still trying to justify the war should be treated skeptically.

          2. “I’m deeply confused as to why you’re having such a hard time accepting that the spoiled son of a Middle Eastern dictator would commit mass rape and torture”

            Its not like there haven’t been a half-dozen books, documentaries about the topic.

            There’s something reminiscent of Stalin (*a hero to Saddam) in the idea that people find the extensively-detailed reporting of atrocities committed *implausible*, partly because of their very extremity.

            If Uday had just raped and murdered a few people, they’d probably accept that he was a monster.

            Instead, the fact that he fed people to lions, burned people alive in pits, routinely raped people’s children in front of them before killing them…

            ….makes people all smug and “well you *don’t say*? ….(sniff) uhm, Aluminum Tubes, anyone?”

        2. Show us on the doll where you want Uday to rape you


  23. Nothing since 12:30? Is everyone on vacation or something?

    1. I guess. I’m really bored because my internship ends tomorrow and I have about an hour and a half to two hours of substantive work left. I’ll probably do it in an hour or so and go home early, but until then I wait with bated breath for a new article to spam with comments.

      1. You interning at Reason?

        1. Lol, I wish. Although, I don’t think they would have anything for a patent atty-in-training to do.

    2. This is done in an effort to contain the Hit & Run regular uncouth in as few comment sections as possible. That’s why the weightier fare is no longer published in the Hit & Run. The hope is it will attract a more cerebral, less litigation-drawing commenter.

      1. hat’s why the weightier fare is no longer published in the Hit & Run. The hope is it will attract a more cerebral, less litigation-drawing commenter.

        Perhaps they could do something about the fucking comment system?!?!?! I think we’d all be a little more willing to act “cerebral” and the like if we didn’t have to type out our HTML tags like animals.

      2. What? Has Postrel come back?

        Some of the most insightful fare here comes from informal, snarky conversations amongst people with above average intelligence and widely varying backgrounds.

        Some of the stinkiest horse shit I have ever seen has come from ‘cerebral’ expert types.

        1. I would really like to see two mandates for any H&R writer:

          1) You must interact in the comments; and
          2) You must write devil’s advocate pieces for topics without a single libertarian view.

    3. I’m sure we can blame Nikki. She called them out for this the other day, and I think they’re now justifiably spiting her.

  24. It looks like Reason

    [Puts on Sunglasses]

    Is Biden its time before the next article.

  25. I don’t believe it until Sesame Street is brought to me by the letters F and U, and by the number 69.

  26. More “Jesse Walker” days. Thank you.

    1. Or, “Jesse Walker days.” That makes slightly more sense.

  27. Considering that the DVD’s of Sesame Street’s early episodes contain disclaimers that they may not be suitable for children, this alliance with HBO sounds inevitable.

  28. First all the bad news on Benghazi starts coming out, then experts start seriously talking about how tightening up E-Verify actually does move a number of migrants back across the border, and now Sesame Street shifts into private-funding deals?

    What’s Mitt Romney going to have been correct on next ?are stores going to selling binders-full-of-women in time for Back to School?

  29. Here we have a guy that doesnt have a clue.

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