Affirmative Consent

Student Wrongfully Expelled for Rape Triumphs in Court: Due Process Beats 'Yes Means Yes'

The University of Tennessee shifted the burden of proof and violated the rights of accused student Corey Mock.


Corey Mock
Ram Tough / Youtube

A judge overturned the expulsion of Corey Mock—a University of Tennessee at Chattanooga student and star wrestler—after determining that UTC's administration had improperly required Mock to prove that he was innocent of sexually assaulting another student.

The decision is a significant blow to the concept of affirmative consent. According to Judge Carol McCoy, UTC's consent standard wrongfully shifted the burden of proof and violated Mock's due process rights.

Mock's expulsion stemmed from a sexual encounter with a fellow student, Molly Morris, during the spring of 2014. Morris and Mock had met online and quickly become friends; they hung out on several occasions and decided to attend a house party together. Morris had too much to drink—someone might have slipped her something, though no evidence established this—and went to the bathroom to be sick. Mock found her, took her to a bedroom, and they had sex.

A week after the incident, Morris told Mock that she had not given consent. Three months later, she formally accused him of raping her.

The campus judicial process initially cleared Mock, but UTC Chancellor Steven Angle took an interest in the case after meeting with Morris. Angle asked the campus adjudicators to re-hear the case. This time, Mock was found guilty.

The rationale was atrocious. As KC Johnson of Minding the Campus explains:

Angle, for his part, argued that Mock had failed to prove that he had obtained affirmative consent—that is, that Mock, not UTC, had the burden of proof in the initial hearing. UTC hadn't adopted a "yes means yes" policy, but Angle inferred it through various provisions in the school's code, and in other writings.

UTC's decision was a powerful confirmation of due process advocates' worst fears about affirmative consent policies. I have long-argued that the "Yes Means Yes," when judged by university officials, in tandem with a preponderance of the evidence standard, creates a de facto assumption that an accused student is guilty unless he can prove otherwise–turning innocent until proven guilty on its head.

Consider what evidence Mock would have had to present at his hearing in order to clear himself. Only a signed document—or, perhaps, a video of the encounter—could have definitively established that he had Morris's permission to proceed. Do college administrators really expect students to draw up consent papers, or film sex tapes? (Sadly, some activists do.)

Earlier this week, Judge Carol McCoy recognized the fundamental unfairness of Mock's situation and agreed with him that UTC had established an impossible standard. According to her ruling:

The UTC Chancellor improperly shifted the burden of proof and imposed an untenable standard upon Mr. Mock to disprove the accusation that he forcibly assaulted Ms. Morris. He made no finding that Ms. Morris did not consent, intertwined the definition in SOC 7 of sexual assault and sexual misconduct, and made no distinction as to which acts had occurred.

The Washington Examiner's Ashe Schow reports that Mock and his family are relieved:

Mock's father, in an email to the Washington Examiner, said that he and his son are "very pleased with the judge's decision; we weren't sure if anyone was going to follow the law, and this has restored our faith." But he is aware that UTC may try to appeal the ruling and that this case may not be over.

As for what's next for Corey Mock, his father is unsure.

"No idea where Corey goes from here, he is weighing his options, something he hasn't had in a long time," Mock's father wrote. "This is the first good news we have had in over a year and we are thanking God and trying to enjoy it."

The ruling is obviously a great outcome for Mock, and perhaps UTC administrators will be less eager to railroad accused students in the future. But many more judges will have to reach the same conclusion as McCoy if anything is to be done to stop affirmative consent policies from sweeping the nation's campuses.

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    1. Well, ealier today, Peter Suderman misspelled “a lie” and “an untruth” so we can be a bit forgiving.

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    1. This was in response to JB’s post but still applies to the article.

  4. UT Chancellor Steven Angle took an interest in the case after meeting with Morris
    Was this by any chance a private meeting? Was there some sort of quid pro quo involved, a ‘tit for tat’ so to speak, a little “I’ll scratch your back if you’ll rub my front” sort of arrangement? But more importantly, can UT Chancellor Steven Angle prove that there was not any hanky-panky or jiggery-pokery going on at this meeting? After all, it’s not on me to prove that there was, it’s on him to prove that there was not. Right?

    1. You had me at “jiggery-pokery.”

      1. A hundred years from now, this will be what Scalia is known for.

        It will be the fire in a crowded theater of the 22nd century.

  5. Wow, it sure has been a shitty year for Anna Merlan.

    1. Given that she categorically sides with lying bitches trying to ruin innocent men’s lives, I think any year that isn’t a bad year for Anna Merlan is probably a bad year in general.

    2. “Wow, it sure has been a shitty year for Anna Merlan.”

      I just googled to find out what you meant and am laughing very hard.

      Anna Merlan has an impressive ability to be wrong about everything, doesn’t she?

      1. Oh Jesus Anna Merlan is a fucking moron:

        “And then Mock senior also started a blog, where he’s continued to insist that his son is being railroaded by The Feminists. He says UTC, Jessica Luther and everyone else is pushing “a man-hating feminist agenda that now has schools handcuffed through Title IX.” He also dislikes the “yes means yes” standard of consent, which he argues leaves little choice but for men to film the women they’re having sex with to prove they consented, which even he admits is a “stupid” idea (also potentially criminal, if she’s under 18 or isn’t aware she’s being filmed, but we’ll leave that for another time).”

        You stupid bitch. What he’s saying is that you should say ‘hey, can I film you consenting?’ before having sex with her so she can’t then lie about it and have a university Kangaroo court destroy your life. When he says it’s a ‘stupid idea,’ what he means is that it’s an idea that should never have become necessary, but is no necessary due to idiotic modern feminism.

        This is obvious to anyone who isn’t as idiotic as the average plankton, but apparently Merlan’s intelligence doesn’t rise to that level.

        1. Clearly, she “problematized” that statement the way they taught her in her women’s studies classes. She asked these questions:

          who is making the statement? (a rapist’s father)
          why is the statement being made here, now? (he’s a rape apologist who hates women and he wants his son to get away with rape)
          who does the statement help? (rapists)
          who does the statement harm? (rape victims)

          Notably absent from this list of questions is this one:

          is the statement true?

          What this list of questions does is legitimate the ad hominem fallacy. The stated intentions of the author are immaterial. Even a straight reading of the statement is irrelevant–context is everything, and most of the context here exists in the mind of the reader/listener.

          All that matters is the reader/listener’s inferences. They can problematize any statement. Behold:

          “The wage gap is a myth.”

          who is making the statement? (a conservative sh1tlord)
          why is the statement being made here, now? (because he’s obviously a misogynist who wants women to get paid less for the same work. Also, he probably can’t get laid)
          who does the statement help? (old white men)
          who does the statement harm? (women everywhere)

          They teach this stuff to university students. Next time you have a feminist tell you, “you’re only saying that because you hate women!” remember, she’s only using legitimate forms of analysis and discourse taught to her in her postmodern philosophy or interdisciplinary studies courses.

        2. Bitches like Merlan are making it exceedingly difficult to not hate women.

        3. Filming someone consenting does nothing. Because when she accuses you of against her will anally fisting her you won’t have an alibi. Or, even just, “I withdrew my consent and did not continue to say ‘yes’ throughout this encounter which has essentially ruined my life”, and you’re sunk.

          I think the video which shows her begging for anal because her vagina is too sore from all the other guys she’s done that week is the only safety a young guy has got these days.

          1. Well, there’s always the cute waitress at the diner down the street. Stay away from crazy third-wave university feminists altogether.

            This crap will end up hurting women more than helping.

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        1. Maybe. Try shrooms, but try them first with a good guide. Get a good tripper skipper.

          1. how’d it go when you tried them?

            1. Good times. I’m generally a positive person and I try to keep things light. But I’ve had fun on shrooms at Cineramadome (2001 A Space Odyssey), Thurston Moore and Mike Watt improv jam, camping full moon at Joshua Tree, skinny dipping at midnight at the north end of Catalina Island, a rave in Riverside, a house party in Koreatown, wandering around Bloomington Indiana in the early 1990’s, barhopping in Berkeley, and about 100 other times.

              Just make sure to have good friends, and be in a safe mental space before doing them.

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          1. gotcha, what am i looking at time wise on being fuked up?

            1. 3-8 hours

            2. A little over an hour before they “come on”. Then it comes on fast and you’ll be high/ tripping for 3 to 4 hours. It’ll mellow out, but you’ll still be tripping for another couple of hours. In all, clear your schedule for a goid 12 hours.

              And like Agile said, don’t drink booze or do pills. Smoke weed for a nice turbo boost. But don’t drink booze.

              1. beautiful dude… nice

            3. depends. set aside an evening, assume peak-goofy will be a few solid hours, i think 6 gives you leeway for the warm up (contraire to AC, can take up to an hour to fully kick in depending on how moist or dry they are, and how potent), the peak period, then a nice couple of hours to de-goof (i like alcohol as a tune-down, but you need to be careful both for stomach-flakeyness (shrooms can sometimes generate gastric discomfort) and accidentally drinking too much (time, awareness of self and ability to assess sobriety get lost)

              As everyone has said, psychedelics are best done with a partner who is both experienced and can vouch for the relative quality of the substance you’re taking. also best done places where there is some privacy and access to outdoor space to be comfortable/change scenery for experience. stay away from rooftops, cliffs, any places where you might get lost and panic. when people say things like, “have you ever realized how weird Ears are?”, do not stare in the mirror, especially around sharp objects.

              1. so as far as quantity to ingest, I know AC said palm to pinky I think? How much would you suggest taking for first trip?

                1. enough to fit in the palm of your hand. usually ~4 small/medium ones will do it. my experience is caps are stronger than stems, but it varies on what exactly it is, so mix it up.

                  1. Do I have to stay away from sharp objects? If I go on a camping trip and eat shrooms is that a bad idea?

                    1. No that’s a great idea. Don’t worry i was sort of kidding. Some people the first time they take psych of any kind, they get obsessed with their body parts. mirror, bad.

                      Camping is the ideal environment, provided you know the site and don’t purposely get lost. while you’ll want to take off your clothes (go for it) and run around, wear shoes. I stepped on broken glass doing that. also, dont set your clothes on fire (your friends will do that)

              2. DO NOT LOOK INTO MIRRORS!!!

                Also, in my experience, set aside a few minutes to take a dump. There is a point, right before the trip comes on, that I have gut discomfort. I don’t fight it. Take a good, quick dump and relax and ride the waves of wierdness.

                1. what’s up with the mirror? As far as the dump I got that covered. I’ll put a diaper on cause the mexican food doesn’t stop flowing in CenCal.

                  1. The mirror? Don’t look at yourself. Instead, look at the beautiful world around you. Rock formations, sand dunes, cacti, birds, clouds, are way more interesting and “trippy”. Looking at your face reinforces ego. Get high and move beyond ego.

                    1. what he said.

                      self-absorption is way too easy, and super fucking boring. there’s always one idiot who does it and starts obsessing about how ears are weird, fingers are weird, noses are weird. oh my god i can see my skin breathing. I usually pour a carton of milk on them.

                    2. Summer 1991, my friend and I would take shrooms and walk around Bloomington, Indiana around sunset. We would just walk around and talk to people, and stop and look at houses, and just fucking trip out as the night went on. Tripping balls and looking at stuff is the best. Meeting strangers, walking into parties, meeting other weirdos… Fun!

                    3. best experience of mine was Rye Playland

                      combining a beach AND a 1920s-era amusement park and kids. TINY PEOPLE EVERYWHERE OMG. Best ride was the haunted house. it was sort of old even when i first rode it in the 1980s. also they had paddle boats. cotton candy in your hair sucks. They threw out out of the jump castle because we were too big for the kids. we bribed the guy and he let us have it to ourselves for a bit. it was still kind of ghetto like that.

                    4. “They threw out out of the jump castle because we were too big for the kids. we bribed the guy and he let us have it to ourselves for a bit.”

                      Yeah. That’s a good guy to bribe. Next time, he lets you in for free.

                      Confession: Right now, I’m listening to Brownsville Station albums in Spotify. Am I a terrible human?

                    5. Shit, a beach and a fucking haunted house sounds awesome. Giving a dude a couple bucks to bribe him wasn’t ghetto, it was good business for him. Who gives a shit. Is there anything better than scaring the shit out of kids? No, the answer is No.

                    6. I should move to Indiana. All that sounds awesome but never happens in the central valley of Ca. Or as I like to call it, kindling for the show 48 hours.

                    7. Central Valley is good. Better than Indiana.

                      I’m in Long Beach, and we’ve got a nice group of SoCal Reasonoids. We meet up (sans mushrooms) occasionally. If you want to get on the e-mail list, contact the regular poster “” and he’ll put you on the list.

                    8. Cool deal. I lurk something fierce. I know of Jesse I’ll contact him. Thanks for the advice.

                    9. I think im going to look around for it and try it out at the beach. I’ll zip tie my pants on and go on an off weekend so it doesn’t get too crazy.

                    10. moving beyond ego sounds fuking great by the way.

        3. They’re really fun if you’re whitewater rafting.

  36. feel peace on the stars of love
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  37. “The campus judicial process initially cleared Mock, but UT Chancellor Steven Angle took an interest in the case after meeting with Morris. Angle asked the campus adjudicators to re-hear the case. This time, Mock was found guilty.”

    If that’s the answer, then the question is, “What is double jeopardy?”

    It’s amazing how many of this guy’s constitutional rights they violated!

    I know the school has deeper pockets, but I hope he sues the woman that accused him for slander.

    1. Public universities have yet to accept that they’re bound by the same flimsy legal handcuffs that the state is and that, once in a blue moon, they are prevented from exercising the same arbitrary authority that a private Christian university might command.

      The judge did his-er job in this case. Kudos.

      1. I would think they would be bound by all the same protections you get from the federal government by way of the Fourteenth Amendment, right?

        My understanding was that VMI prohibiting women from admission was struck down on the basis of the equal protection clause. If you don’t want to be subject to the Fourteenth Amendment, then you can’t use any public money. United_States_v._Virginia

        And if the Fourteenth Amendment applies to institutions that accept public money, then why wouldn’t the Fifth Amendment?

        I mean, I’m not a lawyer. I’m just usin’ common sense here. But that’s the way it seems like it should be to me.

        1. VMI was run by the state of Virginia.

          1. Isn’t the University of Tennessee run by the state of Tennessee?

  38. I just saw a celebratory post from a prog friend on Derpbook that the Big Island of Hawaii has ‘banned GMO foods”.

    Great! The anti-science, deniers win! (Oh wait, isn’t that supposed to be what you call the AGW skeptics? Not the well-meaning progs.)

    Heaven forbid we should use modern technology to improve crop yields, make plants pest-resistant without pesticides, allow farms to develop in formerly barren lands, and end world hunger, right?

    But the companies that make GMOs are corporations that want profits! Eeeww!

    This will be better, now the starving people of the earth should just become locavores and shop only at organic markets, that should end all their troubles and improve their cuisine, too!

    1. Scotland banned growing GMOs throughout the entire country over the weekend. Scotland, which has a sub-Mississippi standard of living (like the UK as a whole).

      Urbanized area of California and Hawaii are wealthy and can absorb this sort of progressive stupidity without too much pain (compare to the artificially high cost of housing in SoCal), but if it manages to spread to rural regions of states whose electorates are chosen by overwhelmingly urban population (read: California), that’s going to hurt.

      1. I think GMO bans, much like many progressive economic policies, can be described as luxury stupidities. Like bottled water, they’re things only the well-off can afford to be stupid about, like buying bottled water out of an irrational fear of tap tap water. Big problems arise though when they start to force these ‘stupidities’ on the less well off, like banning the consumption of tap water and effectively requiring bottled water consumption for poor people too ‘for their own good.’

        And considering the implications of depriving the third world of a cheap food supply are far more tangible, certain, and proximate than the implications of not pursuing whatever climate policy is the flavor of the week, this really does considerable damage to their image as the ‘party of science.’ And the ‘party of the poor’ for that matter, as I imagine poor people prefer not to starve.

    2. No more Doritos! Oh, the humanity!

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        1. Yep. That’s what happens.

        2. “I heard my friends dogs coughing and I saw his wife shitting on a toilet”

          He was snoring, and she was peeing.

          Is it too much to ask that my libertardian friends just the least bit attentive?

        3. Been there. Done that. Won’t do it again.

  40. Near that explosion in China. Wow. I wonder if that guy survived.

      1. I think that’s what Agile Cyborg is feeling, metaphorically speaking.

  41. The two exchanged friendly messages for the next week, until Morris told Mock that she had not consented on March 16.

    Consent can be pulled after a participant’s girlfriends convince her she was raped.

  42. Mock is a Wrestling Moc. Don’t mock the Moc Mock.

    -UTC alumni

  43. So this filthy slut. Molly Morris, decided, a week later, that she wasn’t satisfied with Mock’s performance and decided to destroy his life. She should be expelled from school as unfit for human company.

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  45. this seems like a bittersweet victory.

    it’s a clear win for due process rights. that is a good thing.

    but mock does not seem like a good guy. i mean, what kind of dude pulls a puking girl out of a bathroom and has sex with her?

    pulling her out and helping her home? classy move.

    having sex with her afterwards? nope. that move sucks.

    1. having sex with her afterwards? nope. that move sucks.

      In his defense, there’s a prior (online) relationship and no proof of yes/no one way or the other.

      I agree, dick move having sex with her afterwards. But I can’t say, especially in my early college days, that I would’ve known when/where/how/if to avoid the “Helping drunk female friend — getting thanked by drunk female friend — getting ‘thanked’ by drunk female friend” trap.

      I can only imagine with the creation/proliferation of ‘fuckbuddies’, ‘friends with benefits’, and ‘booty calls’ since then, it’s only become more hopelessly complicated. Not that we didn’t have those things, we just didn’t have name/need for them and how they fit into ‘yes means yes’.

    2. Matter-of-fact, I’m sure Mrs. Casual pulled that trick more than once in our relationship when drunk and I can’t be certain that I didn’t attempt/succeed similarly when drunk.

    3. As far as I’m concerned, whiskey dick usually prevents that.

  46. Morris had too much to drink . . . and went to the bathroom to be sick. Mock found her, took her to a bedroom, and they had sex.

    Ugh. I can’t imagine being so desperate to get laid that I’d be willing to make out with a girl who still had puke on her breath. Then again, I knew plenty of soldiers who were fucking in Portapotties in Iraq, so what the hell do I know?

    1. Shit, looks like I was scooped by morganovich.

  47. None of this would be an issue if we brought back the “lighter than a duck” scrutiny standard.

  48. None of this would be an issue if we brought back the “lighter than a duck” scrutiny standard.

  49. Not sure if this is a victory. If the girl was so drunk she was throwing up..Could she really give consent?

    1. I’m a lightweight when it comes to drinking. Also, when I was younger I had an ulcer. During that time I could have a few, feel sick, throw-up and be perfectly sober in 30 minutes. Because I wasn’t all that drunk to begin with.

      The fact she threw up does not mean she was annihilated drunk.

      “Are you okay?” ‘Thanks, I’m fine now. I feel better after throwing up. How embarrassing.’ “I’ll walk you home to make sure.” ‘Thanks, I’m good, but why don’t you come up?’ I could see that scenario really easily.

  50. Something like this during the Salem witchcraft trials. When Rebecca Nurse was acquitted, the judges suggested that the jury reconsider. They ended up convicting her, and she was hanged as a witch.

  51. I am a rape survivor and overall badass female. INNOCENT means INNOCENT. Yes, even where the “R” word is concerned. Get over it and stop eviscerating the due process, human rights and basic dignity of anyone accused of rape. An accusation, a regret, a power play …does not make it a rape, ladies.

  52. well, best way to assure no such kangaroo courts is to keep your undies on, both of you. But, given that they have a pronounce proclivity to remove themselves under such circumstances, it would seem that the female half of this matter exercised rather poor judgement in drinking herself into oblivion and sickening herself. No mention of her age at the time, mu guess is she was NOT of legal drinking age. No mention of WHO provided the ethanoll either. Was it her partner in intimacy, or her self helping herself, or some third party? All these factors SHOULD be considered by the kangaroo korts “adjudicating” such incidents. Her claim that she did “not consent” is specious… it seems she did not protest, either. If the meant NO, why didn’t she keep her panties on, leave, say so plainly, that he was not surprised three months later at a rape accusation? SHe’s no one to blame but herself for putting herself into a predicament that, by nature, would go “downhill”.

    Nor did the campus hooh hahs appear to have any interest in others at the party, apparently on campus and with underage individuals present. Consensual sex is NOT illegal. Providing alcohol to those not of age to lawfully consm=ume it IS. Campus administrators have more cleaning up to manage than they admit. Time they set themselves about their REAL business… else they could be accused of contributing to the delinquency of minors, running a bordello (trading drinks for sex or sex for drinks, however it works)

    1. ” If the meant NO, why didn’t she keep her panties on, leave, say so plainly, that he was not surprised three months later at a rape accusation? SHe’s no one to blame but herself for putting herself into a predicament that, by nature, would go “downhill”.”

      Oh, come on. You can’t expect a woman in 2015 to be responsible for her sexual decisions. What if some weeks or months later her psyche requires protestations of reluctance?

  53. Not mentioned in the article, but relevant: Earlier this summer Mock’s father was fired as head wrestling coach at the University of North Carolina.

    UNC officially fired him for team performance, though nobody believes that. The team had been mediocre for years but showed an uptick this year, had a good incoming recruiting class, and had just a few weeks earlier hired an Olympic medalist as assistant coach.

    Coach Mock’s real offense was a very public, very assertive defense of his son and criticism of campus rape tribunals in general. He was too aggressive in some instances and had become controversial on campus. UNC no longer wanted the headache — though one must wonder if basketball coach Roy Williams would’ve been fired in the same situation. (Don’t wonder too much: Williams was not even admonished for his ignorance of the UNC African Studies Dept. cheating scandal.)

    Coach Mock’s firing was done so hastily that UNC replaced him with the new assistant — with no previous coaching experience, and while he continues to train for the 2016 Olympics.

  54. This is extremely encouraging, a good decision for due process and for sanity. We hope to see many more such follow.

  55. I wasn’t there so who knows but does anyone inform their rapist a few weeks later they were raped? Wouldn’t a rapist already be aware if they’d actually raped someone? It seems highly contradictory at best.

  56. Why use the misnomer “yes means yes,” at all? If we’ve discovered anything it’s that even “yes” need not mean yes.

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  59. (Part 2)
    If you multiply the number on the registry by 2 or 3 family members you can clearly see there are well over 3 million wives, children, moms, aunts, girlfriends, grandmothers and other family members who experience the collateral damage of being harassed, threatened, children beaten, have signs placed in their yards, homes set on fire, vehicles damaged, asked to leave their churches and other organizations, children passed over for educational opportunities, have flyers distributed around their neighborhood, wives lose their jobs when someone learns they are married to a registrant….all these things occur when these people try to hold their family together and provide the three things that professionals state are needed for successful re-integration; a job, a place to live and a good support system.

    We ask legislators to please pass laws that WILL actually help protect children, teens and the public. …We need Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Training Programs with state funding to be taught where the offenses occur; family home, school, church, scouts, training programs and to teach parents how to begin and maintain a dialog with their children about their own sexuality. Empower kids and teens to protect themselves as much as possible and to speak up if someone makes them uncomfortable or starts to overstep their bounds.

    Vicki Henry, Women Against Registry

  60. (Part 1)
    This pretty much says it all……”we weren’t sure if anyone was going to follow the law” and one has to ask when did it become the responsibility of the accused to prove anything without due process. How about when the victim’s right lobbyist and advocates who have argued that they don’t want the victim to be traumatized again. In some cases that is totally understandable but this is NOT one of them and every accused person SHOULD have to right to confront his accuser. It is not only a life altering circumstance for the accused but their family too.

    According to the NCMEC map, there are over 843,260 men, women and children (as young as 8 and 10 in some states) required to register and the “crimes” range from urinating in public (indecent exposure), sexting, incest, mooning, exposure, false accusations by a soon-to-be ex-wife, angry girlfriend, or spiteful student, viewing abusive OR suggestive images of anyone18 years old or younger, playing doctor, prostitution, solicitation, Romeo and Juliet consensual sexual dating relationships, rape, endangering the welfare of a child and many others.

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    1. Admins, give us a flag button and we’ll help you get rid of this vandalism!

  62. There are definitely people who go to this university that I would be happy to film sexual encounters with.

  63. Molly Morris could have argued that she was too drunk to consent, and she would have had a better result. However, then she would have had to admit that she was, in fact, drunk. Instead, she used this hogwash, and now Corey Mock gets to walk away looking like a rose.

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