Clinton Campaign Promises to Cooperate With Federal Security Inquiry, Ben Carson Says Donald Trump is Good for the GOP, The Universe is Dying: P.M. Links


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    The campaign of Hillary Clinton says it promises to cooperate with the federal government's "security inquiry" and will turn over an email server and a thumb drive. 

  • The Supreme Court declined to step in to delay the execution of a man in Texas who had decided to drop his appeals. 
  • The father of Christian Taylor says he "feels sorry" for the officer who killed his son, who was fired last night, calling himself and the officer both "losers" in the situation. 
  • Ben Carson says Donald Trump is good for the Republican Party because he's engaging new voters.3 
  • The president of Chad says the Islamist militant group Boko Haram has a new commander who is willing to negotiate with the Nigerian government. 
  • Twitter says it's dropping its character limits for direct messages. 
  • The universe is dying. 

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