Jon Stewart

Did Jon Stewart Really Speak Truth to Power?

Sometimes, when the powerful weren't liberal enough.


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Reminisce with Reason TV the top five ways Jon Stewart was full of shit.

Jon Stewart has been a major cultural and political commentator for the past 16 years. He liked to take down the powerful—at least, when his head wasn't shoved up Uncle Sam's ass.

As "The Daily Show" host ends his run, reminisce with Reason TV the top five ways Jon Stewart was full of shit.

Approximately 5 minutes.

Produced by Justin Monticello and Alexis Garcia. Written by Justin Monticello. Music by Digi G'Alessio. Additional footage by Videvo and BlinkFarm.

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Originally aired at on August 5, 2015.

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  1. Jon Stewart spoke truth to power as he saw it. Even during the days of a Democrat super majority in Congress and a Democrat in the White House, power to Jon Stewart and his writers appeared to localized in the offices of Fox News.

    1. I’ll actually never forget how pathetic he was after the 2008 election. Obama the President, Pelosi speaker of the House, Reid leading a filibuster-proof Senate, and Stewart focused on Rush, Fox, McConnell, Boehner, and bizarrely, Rep Peter King. Night after night. The gags on Peter King were especially surreal since he had what, 1% name recognition?

      1. Well, they still harp on Palin.

        That’s what the insane do. They harp.

          1. That was awesome.

      2. Cry some more, bitch.

        Republicans and their media mouthpieces don’t believe in reality. They take this country to war on false pretenses. They are a grievance factory for white heterosexual Christians. They are absurd.

        1. “Yea well you do it too!” What a typically insightful comment. The butthurt you get from criticism of one of your Holy Men really shows.

          1. Just the whining on behalf of goddamn Republicans. It’s like all that happens here.

            1. Do you come here just to bitch and show everyone how dumb you are? Serious question.

        2. You calling someone a bitch? That’s classic coming from one who wants to be a slave, and licks the boots of their master.

        3. God I hate you.

        4. You forgot ‘cis’ and ‘male.’

  2. Related: Jon Stewart: Patron Saint of Liberal Smugness

    The butthurt in the comments demonstrates a hilarious lack of self-awareness so characteristic of liberals who fawned over Jon Stewart.

    1. You know who his biggest support was? That’s right, Chief Lizzy Warren.

      1. You mean Chief-tess, you cishet shitlord.

    2. Many liberals, but not conservatives, believe there is an important asymmetry in American politics. These liberals believe that people on opposite sides of the ideological spectrum are fundamentally different. Specifically, they believe that liberals are much more open to change than conservatives, more tolerant of differences, more motivated by the public good and, maybe most of all, smarter and better informed.

      Well, yeah. Liberals are open to change, as long as “change” means “more government.” Anything else isn’t really change. They say they are more tolerant, but to them disagreement means intolerance. So if someone disagrees with them, then that disagreement is born of intolerance, and tolerant liberals don’t tolerate intolerance. The public good again means “more government.” Anything else is motivated by greed, hatred, and intolerance. And of course they’re smarter and better informed. They watch Jon Stewart.

      1. “more tolerant of differences”

        Absolute bullshit, as I can attest from personal experience.

        “Wow, burning down and looting stores is totally uncool” = racism because the perps were black – this from a guy who’d seen me denounce white rioters throughout American history.

        “There’s a reason the opposite-sex definition of marriage has endured for thousands of years among all sorts of cultures and all sorts of religions, that’s because the sex-binary definition of marriage is better than other definitions and should be acknowledged as such” = how dare you! homophobia! Let me dox you and insult your family and your faith to show how uncool your opinions are!

        1. I don’t think anyone with a sane and sober mind would believe the left are ‘more tolerant of differences’.

          1. I’m happy to have the support of the sane and sober minority.

      2. “They say they are more tolerant, but to them disagreement means intolerance.”

        Or they declare, “We need to have a national conversation about (insert topic here)” and then they stick their fingers in their ears and scream “la la la la la la” until your lips stop moving. Rinse, repeat.

        1. By national conversation, they mean a national re-education.

    3. “Mr. Stewart later acknowledged that Mr. Yoo had bested him, which didn’t happen very often. In that sense, the interview was an outlier. But it wasn’t a coincidence. Mr. Stewart had gone in lazy, relying on a caricature, and seemingly unprepared for the thoughtful conservative sitting in his guest chair.”

      It was overall a decent article as far as the NYT goes. But it’s interesting how they’re too timid to go hard after him still believing he’s some sort of genius.

      Stewart never bested anyone. He’s not a seasoned debater. He’s a friggin comedian who had all the power to control the message through editing and staging. He only gave the impression he ‘bested’ people.

      Let’s call a spade a spade.

      1. Spot on.. and here’s you cigar..

      2. Interview with John Yoo:…..view-pt–3

        Stewart actually sounds sensible here. The dialogue seems more or less intelligent. And Stewart seems actually tolerant of disagreements in his final speech. It’s not what I expected of him.

        Yoo wants a President with broad powers who can’t always be constrained by all the petty laws Congress passes from time to time.

        I’m researching James II, who had some good arguments along the same lines, but to the Founding Fathers, James was a horrible tyrant whose example was to be *avoided.*

      3. “Mr. Stewart had gone in lazy, relying on a caricature…”
        Um, when in Jon Stewart’s life does that statement not describe him entirely?

    4. There was another similar story, recently, by someone more on the left (was it paglia?) where she admitted that Steward’s main legacy was popularizing intellectual in-curiosity

      Basically, providing affirmation to a generation of people whose idea of a retort is an animated GIF of an eye-roll.

    5. What is Bill Maher? Chopped liver?

      1. Worse… chopped kale.

  3. Stewart spoke truth to power much in the same way that Dahmer enjoyed speed dating.

    1. +1 full refrigerator

      1. Ahem. Freezer, you amateur.

        1. ugh. sashimi. texture. ruined.

          1. Well, you want to firm the brain up a bit before slicing thin, rookie.

            1. I don’t think you’re allowed to make Dahmer jokes yet.

              1. Check yourself, lil boy. I read a crime encyclopedia-ish book from front to back in high school. I know my shit.

    2. Well, he spoke shit to fuck-ups from about 2000 to ~2008, then he forgot all about truth while he sucked on power cock. He ought to be strong as hell by now, considering all the power’s water he carried whilst speaking truth to them.. Good riddance.,

  4. I think Stewart, in private, could probably be persuaded to at least acknowledge these contradictions.

    But as an entertainer he knows that you can’t be smarter than your audience so his Jon Stewart character has to be as dumb as his audience.

  5. Stewart gave Tucker Carlson the business, and Tucker Carlson is as big and influential as it gets.

    1. +1 Bow Tie

    2. Carlson’s a B Lister.

      1. Carlson’s a blister?

  6. Nobody in the mianstream media has “spoken Truth to Power” in any earthshaking sense in about seventy years, if not more. “Speaking Truth to Power” is a phrase ment to conjure up Ghandi telling Idi Amin that he’s going to hell. As it is used it falls far short. Mostly it means smugly announcing that somebody is NOT P.C..

  7. I have not even watched this yet, but I think it might be a good measure of Stewart’s capability of speaking truth to anything.

    Stewart vs Hitchens on Iraq

    1. Astonishing – Stewart seems more reasonable in these clips than I was led to believe.

      Particularly because he doesn’t get sucked into Hitchens’ distinct insinuations that it’s a matter of endorsing the Iraq War or being anti-American.

      1. “Stewart seems more reasonable in these clips than I was led to believe.”

        I think that’s possible because we’re picking the clips where he’s forced to speak at the level of the people he’s ‘debating’, which is 1000X that of his regular audience.

        when he’s facing the camera, and not turned sideways, he reverts back to full-retard

        1. Ah. Well, that *would* explain some of his “bits” – where he wasn’t interviewing anyone.

          So it seems he has a functioning brain, but perhaps he doesn’t always feel required to use it.

  8. I enjoyed the Even Stevphen segments. Sadly, cable news became more of this, and not in the good way.

    1. Back when TDS was funny.

      1. Yeah, where is Craig Kilborn these days?

  9. OT: I give a belated toast to the crew of the Enola Gay, and all the rest that had the brains and moral uprightness to create true peace.

    1. That’s our Cyto –

      “Let’s you and him go fight!”

      Thanks for supporting sending our boys into battle for you, Cyto! Sic ’em!

      1. Your welcome. But you’re giving me too much credit: I was not alive when the Enola Gay was sent off to bring peace.

        1. I said supporting, not ordering, you self-absorbed idiot.

          1. I wasn’t supporting anything in 1945 either you illiterate twat.

            1. because – thankfully – you weren’t alive yet. Too bad the milkman took a shine to your mother’s twat.

              1. A typically tasteful and insightful comment from our area boors.

                1. Hahaha, a guy toasts to the moral uprightness and courage of incinerating a hundred thousand thousand people from a safe distance in a airplane above, then accuses others of being distasteful. Celebrating the bombing of Pearl Harbor would be be less distasteful; at least they targeted military personnel.

        2. Exactly, some times human rights just get in the way of winning.

  10. John Stewart made Tosh look intellectually honest and smart by comparison.

    1. At least Tosh could make me laugh, which John hasn’t since at least 2007.

      1. *eyes Cytotoxic warily*

        On this we agree, amigo – on this we agree

    2. That’s because Tosh IS smart by comparison. Plus, he used to be funny, once. Although to be fair, Stewart used to be funny, too, before “The Daily Show”.

      1. I have not watched Tosh.0 in a long time. He isn’t funny anymore? This makes me a sad Cytotoxic.

        1. Tosh was ever funny?

          I find “let’s snark about people getting hit in the balls” gets old really quickly.

          1. “Tosh was ever funny?
            I find “let’s snark about people getting hit in the balls” gets old really quickly.”

            Exactly, and *THIS* is what makes Stewart look pathetic.

  11. I disagree utterly, and think Stewart’s impact was far less than portrayed. A lot of people know who he is, but he was hardly alone in the growth of Smug Faux News. He’s just SNL (at its worst/best) every night in prime time instead of once a week at midnight.

    Outside of people talking about his show and him like any other celebrity, what was the real :”impact” of anything he did? I’d venture to say “Seinfeld” had more impact, and has more lasting impact to this day.


    1. He made a bunch of dipshits in my generation who desperately wanted to ‘look cool’ feel like they could be cool by quoting him and saying that they got their news from TDS. Coordinated imbecility if you will.

  12. Someone please help me with my sleep problems. My heavy-duty brain needs heavy-duty rest! It was fine last night but I keep finding it hard to get to sleep and harder to get back to sleep after I wake up around 4-5 am to pee. My legs always hurt; my nose is often hard to breath through unless I’e sprayed it with saline solution and blown it which I swear I have to do more and more. There is a coincidence between bad sleep and nose bleeds too. A few days ago I just got news that I’m deficient in iron but not anemic.

    1. exercise 1hr every day

      drink milk


      1. *insomniac girlfriend for 6 years. It becomes contagious

        1. I’ve had bouts of insomnia over the years. My best nights still are where I get 4 straight hours of sleep and light sleep for the balance.

          Pretty much what I’m condemned to – a light sleeper.

          I constantly feel fatigued but I have a complete bill of good health.

          1. It will give you and me dementia no joke according to recent science. Your brain’s ‘cleansing’ routines are only at max capacity during sleep, according to a different bit of recent science.

            1. So I’ve heard.

              I think it’s begun actually.

              1. Sorry to hear that. Hang in there.

      2. Trying the last one but I don’t want to get dependent. I will have to exercise more. Wary of dairy because it interferes with iron absorption but I can time it so that I take the pills at the other end of the day.

        1. The body naturally produces melatonin so the risk of addiction may be limited I reckon.

          1. He could try ZzzQuil?, which I don’t know what it’s made of but seems to work on some combination of drugs and magic. But not the liquid, the capsules, because the liquid is just as gross as NyQuil?.

            1. Mmmm, original ‘green death fuckin flavor’….


    2. I go through cycles where i have trouble sleeping. For me, the solution is to not obsess about it. If i wake up, i’ll go the living room and listen to music or watch netflix etc. anything other than laying in bed thinking about not sleeping. Also, last fall i was waking pretty regularly at about 4-4:30 am. I just decided to start jogging when i woke up. Now i’m jogging 10 miles a day, and my sleep patterns are way better. I wake at 6 like clockwork. Also, the jogging has given me a decent tan, i’ve lost20 lbs. and i generally feel better because i’ve “accomplished” alot by 8 am. My $0.02

      1. No one is buying your product you Crossfit shill.

        1. Ha! I wish i was doing crossfit. I don’t want to get bulky, but i do want to get some six pack abs, some tight pecs, and ripped arms and back. I’d also like more developed glutes and i want to cut-up my legs. Actually, maybe i should start doing crossfit?

          1. Move to Kansas and work the fields. That’ll all come naturally. Wichita isn’t *that* horrible a place to live.

          2. I don’t want to get bulky

            1. Less Arnold Schwarzenegger, more Terrell Owens.

              1. BRAD PITT IN FIGHT CLUB

                1. Never saw the film. But after doing a google inage search, yeah. I think my wife would he cool with that look.

                    1. Also, no one accidentally looks like Arnold. It takes, you know, a little bit of deliberate effort.

                    2. *joins Warty in disbelieving stare*

                    3. Lemme tell you the ladies love nothing more than the “I was starved my whole life and am still being starved” look. Also, it’s easy for people to get around you.

                    4. Yeah, that’s the ideal. For some reason Warty tries to other it. You can’t other the ideal.

            2. Warty’s work is never done.

              *Goes to power rack and squats 5 times*

              **and I am not bulky**

      2. Jogging, exercise, and 3mg of melatonin work for me.

    3. Don’t have any worries. That’s the key to a good night sleep.

      1. Oh yeah like anyone would take advice from some mutant with low-performance kidneys.

        1. I don’t want to get personal here, but you’re just a stupid pretty boy. I have one kidney doing the work of two. I don’t know where you come from, probably Hitlerville, but in my neck of the woods that’s pretty doggarn fucking impressive.

          1. Well I *did* just purchase a pair of Chubbies, so I’ll accept the pretty boy accusation. And I come from a land down under, where does flow and men chunder.

            1. Beer does flow*, God dammit, no more day drunk commenting.

          2. That’s the first time anyone has called him pretty. You thought it was an insult.

            1. It’s not the first time. Someone who went to their little meet-ups that I’m never invited to once remarked that he looks like a model. He’s posted shots of himself before. He’s pretty like a girl, so much so that I almost accidentally masturbated to one of his pictures once.

              1. You’ve got the wrong guy.

                1. It’s all about the lighting.


          1. Fist has TWO perfectly fine kidneys but pretends he has one to milk pity and support. I say his fraud actually insults good men like yourself who have donated a kidney.

            By the way, fucking good on you for doing that, you da man.


              1. Pittsburgh is a good team and a nice city (I was there for 3 days a few weeks ago). YOU WONT INCITE ME TO DOYERS VIOLENCE OVER THEM.

    4. I have a baseball game I recorded on the DVR a few years ago. When I can’t sleep I lay down on the couch in front of the TV and play it. So far I have yet to get past the 2nd inning before I’m sound asleep.

    5. Also, for the nose bleeds, if possible, don’t do so much coke.

    6. There’s a correlation between restless leg syndrome and iron deficiency. When I don’t take iron supplements I get really bad leg pains and have difficulty sleeping. I would recommend a really good iron supplement. My doc game me a prescription for one while I was pregnant that I’m still taking because it did wonders for me. It’s called Integra Plus.

      1. Thing is, my doctor told me to not do supplements because he…wants to see what will happen. I get a blood test in a while and he wants to see the results of not giving iron supplements to someone with iron deficiency. I think my doctor is really Gregory House, “Universal Healthcare” edition.

        Thanks for the RLS info. That is exactly what I am having. I am going to try some stretching to alleviate.

    7. 1: You’re like 120 pounds or something, right? Gain at least 50 useful pounds. You’ll sleep better when you’re not a physical wreck.
      2: This is my go-to put-me-to-sleep book. It should be fascinating, and it never fails to put me to sleep within two pages.

      1. 1. Been there, tried that. Worked out twice a week for months last summer. Got slightly stronger at first and then it did nothing and I also still look slightly-pregnant from my stupid body-build.

        I am not kidding when I tell you that something is wrong with my body. It has never worked well and honestly my only hope is biotechnology.

        2. Thanks but right now I am reading Altered Carbon.

        1. and I also still look slightly-pregnant from my stupid body-build.

          Maybe you should not have focused on your abdomen.

          Also stop drinking your calories. No pop, no juice, no milk.

          1. Agh! I was just told to drink milk for sleep!

    8. Also, live in the middle of nowhere with no neighbors or sounds of any kind to wake you up. If you’re too set in your ways to not have neighbors (who, by the way, I don’t know if you know this, often have their own noise agendas) then play an audiotape of gentle ocean sounds or thunderstorms.

      1. The neighbors aren’t a problem. The fucking magpies and sometimes the crows are. SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU BLACK AND WHITE MOTHERFUCKER YOU AREN’T CUTE AT 5 IN THE MORNING.

        I used to play white noise and it was great especially when I had roommate issues. It’s a good thing that got me to sleep because there would have been a mysterious rash of azide poisoning in that house if it hadn’t. The place I am in now has vents that produce white noise but I think I will turn the little mini speaker back on.

        1. I love springtime, when the woodpecker comes to drum on the gutter at 5am RIGHT ABOVE MY FUCKING BEDROOM WINDOW!!!!

          Those things are fast. Never have a chance hitting him once I throw open the window.

          1. Nothing’s worse than tree frogs. They were hanging around my water feature through June and July. Every evening it was so very loud. One night there was one stuck to the window glass literally two feet from where I was sleeping. I was so very close to ending them all.

        2. Maybe some more immigrants could move in next door… or even better… into your bedroom. Then you can get plenty of sleep.

          1. Again, the level of insight and wit that goes into the typical (butthurt) nativist’s comment are very reliable. They can be used as a ‘blank’ for calibration.

          2. +1 for Lord Humungus!

        3. If white noise helps, get a big box fan. They drown out everything.

    9. Thank you all for your excellent advices. This is all really quite helpful.

      1. So what you’re saying is their comments put you to sleep. I hear you.

        1. You’re ground zero for the snoozefest.

          1. They did once talk about building a mosque on me.

    10. Don’t look at smartphone or computer screens an hour before bed, they inhibit sleep

      1. ^^This. My wife loves watching TV before bed, but if I go in before Netflix times out I don’t fall asleep for an hour.

      2. I heard it was half of an hour but I will extend that limit on your advice.

      3. Kindles are okay though.

    11. I keep finding it hard to get to sleep and harder to get back to sleep after I wake up around 4-5 am to pee. My legs always hurt; my nose is often hard to breath through unless I’e sprayed it with saline solution and blown it which I swear I have to do more and more.

      You’re describing similar symptoms to what I have. My issue isn’t with falling asleep (unless I have caffeine in the evening), but with waking up. If I don’t do the saline spray every night (and a claritin for good measure), I struggle to breathe while I’m sleeping. This has been an issue since I moved into my house almost 2 years ago. I struggle to wake up because I wake up feeling miserable and my mouth/throat is dry.

      I’m convinced that the worst of my issues are cause by recent (over the last year) weight gain. However, it’s a dumb cycle from feeling like shit in the morning, to not being able to get into the gym in the morning (the only time I can do it since I get home from school at 9:30-10pm), to gaining weight. I think it started from some allergen in my bedroom (that I can’t track down.. probably dust or mold), and just snowballed as I got further and further out of shape.

      I just need to get into a gym routine ASAP.

      1. Maybe put in one of those medical-grade air purifying machines. The ones that cost over a grand.

        1. I’m hesitant to invest too much because in a year and a half we’re either moving or we’re going to start a renovation that will involve tearing down that side of the house. I have a cheapo ($150) HEPA filter, but it only helps a little bit, and that’s if I keep it obsessively clean.

    12. Marijuana. The cheap kind.

  13. Did Jon Stewart Really Speak Truth to Power?

    Based on his pathetic, fawning interview of Obama: No.


      Until he isn’t.

  14. My goddamn shiba always wants to wrestle with me when my ass is hammering a cave of bottles. The little fuck knows that his ass wins every single fucking time when my ass is fucked like a piss experiment. The miserable adorable fuck sits there with his fucking tail wagging like a dogfish and his eyes breaking the skins of my brain and then FINE, MOTHERFUCKER! I JUMP UP AND TEAR HIS FUCKING ASS DOG SHIT UP and we pile on the fucking carpet and doge lays on my chest and drools on my forehead and the motherfucker smiles so goddamn happy I’m almost guilty I don’t bodyslam his doge ass more. But life is a ripple wind bursting with color spectrums of moods and dogs and cats are our friends and they just fucking chill out on their human spaceships.

    Round two starts at the 10th bottle bitches- and this dude will send a million ninja stars right into the heart of my doge Shiba Yoshi and then end up with a Shiba roundhouse to the eyeballs and I will die and a shiba will win. Fuck winning when my stoned and hammered ass is wrestling my baby doge.

    Doggies and kitties rule the hearts of humans.

    1. Hunter Thompson is like, “I can’t top this, I’m off to write copy for Hallmark cards.”


    3. You seem to exist in an altered state much of the time. Does this lend itself to gainful employment? I don’t think I could pull it off.

    4. I get the feeling that in a couple hundred years some weird Jainist offshoot is going to read these and elevate AC to a guru.

    5. dogs and cats are our friends and they just fucking chill out on their human spaceships

      One of my cats found that she fits perfectly if she curls up on my neck. I unsuspectingly wake up to a 10 pound cat (who is fully clawed and extremely jumpy) on my throat if I take a nap while she’s in the house.

      1. Two words: STUDDED NECKLACE.

        1. “This is my napping necklace… it keeps the cat off my neck”

    6. My cats name is Sheeba.

      1. So you allege..

        1. Sheeba has been my true ride or die bitch for the last 9 years. She is the real deal.

  15. So now that Stewart is off the air, we don’t have to have any more stupid articles about him?

      1. Dod you get my email? Sent it last Sunday. May havegone to spam.

        1. Nothing in the last month. Can you forward through Jesse? He has my real email.

    1. Before 2009.

  16. Black Lives Matter protesters storm stage at Bernie Sanders’ Seattle rally

    Moments after Sanders took the stage at Westlake Park, two women and one man climbed the stage and confronted the Democratic presidential candidate, demanding a chance to speak.

    One protester, who identified herself as Marissa Johnson, began by saying, “I was going to tell Bernie how racist this city is ? with all of its progressives ? but you’ve already done that for me. Thank you.”

    Johnson spoke, among other things, about police violence in Seattle, mentioning a federal investigation into the city’s law enforcement that resulted in the appointment of a monitor to make sure Seattle police were complying with the terms set forth by the Justice Department.

    She then mentioned the anniversary event that sparked the BlackLivesMatter movement ? the shooting of an unarmed black teenager named Michael Brown by a white police officer in Ferguson, Mo. last year.

    Some in the crowd jeered the protesters and yelled “get off the stage,” but others replied “let her talk.”

    At times, shouts of “arrest her” were audible.

    After the four-and-a-half minutes, protesters did not relinquish the stage.

    “If you care about Black Lives Matter, as you say you do, you will hold Bernie Sanders specifically accountable for his actions,” Johnson continued.

    1. The Clintons are getting their money’s worth out of the Black Lives Matter movement.

      1. BLM groups are funded by Soros–I suspect that these disruptions are his way of signaling that the big-Dem donors need to back Hillary rather than Sanders, who’s her biggest threat.

    2. Sanders left the scene without trying to speak.

      What’s the matter, Sanders – chicken?…..ers-rally/

      1. More detail:…..rotesters/

      2. What’s the matter, Sanders – chicken?

        *narrows gaze*

      3. “What’s the matter, Sanders – chicken?”

        So the Black Lives Matter protesters only stormed the stage to get at the fried chicken?
        OMG, racist much?

    3. I never thought i’d see a “Movement” engage in behavior that was more self-indulgent and self-defeating and than “Occupy Wall St”…

      …but I have to hand it to them. BLM-people will probably inadvertently *increase* popularity of the Drug War and harsh policing among liberals and conservatives alike, even as they get some random “remember Michael Brown” and Black Power fist-pump pandering just to make them shut the fuck up for 5 minutes.

      Of course, they probably think Rand Paul is the ‘enemy’ because he once said something about Free Association…. forget his push for sentencing reform, etc.

      The Bernie-fans who blame this on Hillary…. again, while I think conspiracy theories are generally stupid…. its just so compelling. Its *her style*.

      I wonder what bone she’ll throw them to get them to play nice when she finally dares to get up in front of an actual audience.

      1. If I were Hillary, I’d be worried about staying out of prison more than anything else right now.

      2. Hillary has better security than Bernie. After all,she can afford it.

    4. “If you care about Black Lives Matter, as you say you do, you will hold Bernie Sanders specifically accountable for his actions,” Johnson continued.

      …What actions? Not bowing to them?

    5. Bern said congrats to seattle on being the most progressive city in america. Not sure what this is based on and not sure that is a good thing.

      1. “Not sure what this is based on”

        The kiss of death..

        “and not sure that is a good thing.”

        Ask Fredo Corleone..

  17. OT: I’ve got some bread in the oven, and for the first time in what seems like forever, the texture and the rise (pre-baking) seems to be correct. What’s different this time? I’ve had the dough in the refrigerator for 5 days, and I let it come up to (not quite) room temp before I did a final knead (wanted to break down some of the gluten chains to hopefully get more oven rise) and stuck it in the oven.

    This same dough made a decent pizza last night, but I didn’t let the dough come up to room temp (only about 50*) which meant a rather dense crust that was hard to form without tearing. I’m also working with a shitty oven, so I ended up having to pull it prematurely because certain portions were charred while others were raw (it was too big for the pizza stone). It turned out a bit underdone and a bit lacking for flavor. Hopefully the bread turns out better.

    1. I’d love to add my expertise:

      Put your left leg down your right leg up
      Tilt your head back let’s finish the cup
      M.C.A. with the bottle D. rocks the can
      Adrock gets nice with Charlie Chan
      We’re offered Moet we don’t mind Chivas
      Wherever we go with bring the Monkey with us
      Monkey tastes Def when you pour it on ice
      Come on y’all it’s time to get nice

    2. “I ended up having to pull it prematurely”

      Ha, you thought you’d get me to respond to that obvious set-up, sorry, gotta try harder.

    3. 5 days? That might be at the tail end of what’s good.

      But overnight pizza crust is a must. Alton Brown stole it from one of the famous Brooklyn places, I don’t remember which:…..cipe4.html

      1. I’ve been working from this book, which starts at overnight bread and goes all the way to week-long bread recipes. He’s big on letting the yeast impart flavor over time through use of levains and other starters.

        The bread turned out great in the flavor and texture department, but I didn’t get the rise I was expecting. I may have kneaded it too hard.

      2. Fuck Alton Brown. His recipe for creme brulee is way to thin, too high cream/egg ratio. I hold him anathema now.

  18. I didn’t read the article. I didn’t read the comments.

    When I hear the phrase ‘truth to power’ I know the person speaking is completely full of shit.

    When I hear the word Stewart and the word truth in the same sentence I know I am hearing bullshit.

    So, no. Hell no.

    1. Read? That’s no way to spend a Saturday…

      1. Then they wonder why California is King of the Derp Galaxy.

        /flips through Outlets coupon book.

        1. Silly Rufus. Outlets don’t take coupons.

          1. IN DELAWARE THEY DO.

            20% off!

  19. I have a friend who watches Stewart religiously, and he said that in response to charges that he favors Democrats, they played a 5 minute montage of all the times Stewart criticized Obama. Which he thought was proof that Stewart doesn’t favor Obama.

    He didn’t really have an answer when I asked how long the montage would be which contained all Stewart’s criticism of Congressional Republicans during Obama’s administration.

    1. Maybe Republicans deserve more criticism.

      1. Can you elaborate on your comment?

      2. Reasonable people may disagree on that question, but come on. I doubt you could fit the criticizing-Republicans montage from the past 6.5 years into a month of his shows. And half the criticism of Obama from Stewart is that he doesn’t fight the GOP enough.

  20. He spoke all the things that brainwashed proggies wanted to hear. Does that mean the same thing?

    1. Read the comments. Ninety percent of them are exactly what the guy is talking about and are utterly unaware of that fact.

  21. “Did Jon Stewart Really Speak Truth to Power?”

    No. That would mean criticizing the Establishment, regardless of which party that entails. Stewart was more like a volunteer propaganda minister for the DNC. This is does not make him any better (or funnier, for that matter) than Rush or O’Reilly, who more or less serve the same function on the other side of the fence.

    It’s sad that there are no counterculture figures who are willing to take down ANY and all of the people in power.

  22. I like how Stewart has become more moderate over the years but sadly he allowed himself to be a liberal tool for far too long to live past it. At least he isn’t as bad as Colbert tho.

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