More Hillary Emails, D.A.R.E. Still Loves Prohibition, Bloodbath at MSNBC: P.M. Links


  • Ed Schultz

    The State Department released more of Hillary Clinton's emails.

  • Remember D.A.R.E., everybody's favorite ineffective anti-drug program? Despite what you may have heard, the group did not reverse its stance on marijuana legalization.
  • MSNBC is getting rid of Ed Schultz, The Cycle, and Now with Alex Wagner. Schultz responded.
  • St. Louis County, Missouri, authorities treat black kids far more harshly than white kids, according to the Justice Department.
  • Clickhole on Donald Trump. Because hey, it's Friday.

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Indiana Lawmakers Surprised To Learn They Banned Driving With Cell Phones: Nanny of the Month, July 2015. By Ted Balaker

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  1. MSNBC is getting rid of Ed Schultz, The Cycle, and Now with Alex Wagner.

    That should slow its sinking.

    1. Hi, Rufus!

      1. No one has ever greeted me!

        I’m touched.

        1. You know who else was touched?

          1. Dudley?

          2. Mark Arm?

            1. Going to see Mudhoney on Sunday.

          3. 35 women who met Bill Cosby? (allegedly)

          4. Little boys at Penn State?

          5. Michael Landon?

        2. I’m touched.

          Show us where on the doll the reason commentator touched you.

    2. Great – three more hours of what’s her name.

      “We’d be lost without her!” /huffpo

      1. I think you are referring to Rachel Maddow. Who is actually a man pretending to be a woman. What’s with Rachel’s and pretending to be other gender/races?

        1. Yes, hers is the only face I could summon in my mind when I heard “MSNBC” – and I couldn’t even remember her name.

        2. I’ve never seen Rachel and Ezra Klein photographed together….

          ……or have I?

    3. Here’s the greatest Ed clip ever. Check that, the greatest clip ever:

      1. /face palm.

      2. Hmm. I thought this was the greatest non-Ed clip ever.

        1. FLAG!

        2. Pack my house, sell the kids, I am going to Korea …

          1. Hide your kids, hide your wife?

      3. Will Special Ed have to report back to the asylum now that he’s lost gainful employment?

      4. Yep, unadorned news reporting right there.

    1. Technically, I was second. You’re third. Rico was first.

  2. St. Louis County, Missouri, authorities treat black kids far more harshly than white kids, according to the Justice Department.

    Does that mean black kids generally have more money to extract than white kids?

    1. No, it means they’re using race as a proxy for income again.

  3. How does DARE still exist?

    Oh. Nevermind

    1. In PA you could get all black DARE vanity plates. The rumor was that people with DARE plates were street racers and if you had the plate you could challenge anyone else with it to a race. If I could put one on my car now I definitely would.

      1. Except that gives $$$ to them, and that doesn’t do good for anyone.

        1. More overtime, more department headcount – all to keep our children drug-free.

          1. Mentioned it in the other thread RAHeinlein, but for what it’s worth, I never saw your Chicago posts. I wasn’t checking in regularly and not following the threads much!

            1. No worries. Hopefully, we can connect at some point.

              1. For sure!

        2. I knew drug dealers with the plates. Too overt to be ironic?

          1. The cops can use DARE and pro-cop bumper stickers as legitimate reasons to suspect criminal activity.


            1. The cops can use damn near anything as suspicion of criminal activity. Driving too fast, driving too slow, driving right on the speed limit.

              1. This is true. My mom (a lawyer) told me that a driver looking at them is a reason to pull that driver over. There’s a term for actions like those that give cops a reason to stop you, but I forgot.

    2. D.A.R.E. to keep kids off Ritalin.

      1. Not likely..

        /Teachers unions

  4. The State Department released more of Hillary Clinton’s emails.

    All cat picture related.

    1. “Dear Valued Staff,

      “Thank you for all the free teddy bears you have donated to orphans under Operation Rainbow Puppy.

      “On a sadder note, the [redacted] in [redacted] was attacked, and the media will start asking questions. Be sure to [redacted] their inquiries and tap all their [redacted].”

    2. On a quick skim the emails fall into 2 categories:

      1. People shamelessly kissing a Hillary’s bum – which she seems to love.

      2. Secret shit blanked out.

      1. Oh yeah – some crony capitalism too. Page 577 had Boeing coughing up $2 mill.

  5. Hello.

    “The State Department released more of Hillary Clinton’s emails.”

    Yes! More good reading while I defecate.

    1. I defecate

      I did not want to know this about you, Rufus. The mental image of you in my mind was refreshingly anus-free.

      1. The mental image of you in my mind was refreshingly anus-free.

        Maybe this is why my mental image has so much anus in it… I accidentally got TP’s left-overs.

        1. Well, I dunno if they’re left-overs…

          Plus, would it be fair to say it’s “packed with anus”? Like, a Snickers, perhaps?

    2. Hmm, releasing them late on a summer Friday afternoon. It’s almost as if they don’t want people to bother reading them.

  6. The links to reason’s own articles are bigger than the “news” links. I shouldn’t be surprised.

    1. I remember the bad old days when all the links led to the late unlamented +24/7.

      1. All 24/7 links should have led to Reason posts.

  7. MSNBC is getting rid of Ed Schultz,

    Adios, amigos.

    1. And replaced with a Hillary stooge?

      1. So Ed was anti-Hillary? Honestly I don’t know.

          1. which would stop him from voting for her?

            1. Factional disputes are the worst. I mean just look at the comments on this very site!

              1. that’s true. We did have Shikha the other day with her Rand-is-not-pure piece.

                1. Ugh that was painful. I’m as open borders as it comes so Shikha, take it from me straight: stop posting. At least for a while. You can’t tell us to disregard Rand’s heroic stands against domestic spying because of some stupid immigration stances. That’s the rote definition of tossing babies out with bathwater.

              2. the good ol’ narcissism of small differences, eh lads and lasses?

          2. She did take a position on Keystone after the Keystone people donated 2.3 million to the Clinton Family Slush Fund.

    2. Adios, muchachos.

  8. Remember D.A.R.E., everybody’s favorite ineffective anti-drug program? Despite what you may have heard, the group did not reverse its stance on marijuana legalization.

    Does anyone remember G.R.E.A.T. (Gang Resistance Education And Training)? or was that just an LA in the mid-’90s thing?

    1. That was like the DARE graduate course.

    2. I heard of it when I was a kid, but I didn’t actually have it.

      1. Did they kill it? It never seemed to gain the market penetration of DARE, but we had to take it.

    3. We didn’t have DARE in my school which is weird because I grew up in the 80s and went to school in the ‘hood. Thank god because nothing would probably get me sent to the principle’s office faster than dealing with patronizing bullshit from some bored cop.

      1. When I was in elementary school, our DARE officer was busted for drug possession.

      2. The cops aren’t bored. They think it’s a good place to meet chicks.

  9. Remember D.A.R.E., everybody’s favorite ineffective anti-drug program? Despite what you may have heard, the group did not reverse its stance on marijuana legalization.

    My twin brother and I got yelled at by the cop who taught DARE at our school. He threatened to fail us. In DARE. It was…surreal.

    1. How do you fail DARE?

      “Should you use drugs? (a) Yes (b) No.” Really, what else do you have to say.

      1. That was our question.

        1. TRUTH or D.A.R.E. takes on a whole new meaning in this context methinks.

      2. “How do you fail DARE?”

        He plants drugs in your locker, then arrests you for it…

    2. My twin brother and I

      Since you’re here, I assume you’re the evil one?

      1. It’s kinda hard to tell, since neither of us has a goatee.

        1. I hope you at some point went for halloween as you and your evil twin.

          1. There are pictures of us on our first halloween with “I’m with stupid” and “stupid” shirts, but our mother has wisely declined to remember which of us was wearing which shirt. We never thought the twin thing was that funny, ourselves.

            1. Did you guys create a secret language that only you two understand and communicate in?

              1. We get asked that a lot. That and the “if he gets hurt, do you feel it” question are probably the two most popular questions we get. And the answer is the same: No, and you are ridiculous for asking.

                1. Wait, there are people dumb enough to ask that?

                  1. Wait, there are people dumb enough to ask that?

                    Canadians, mostly.

                    1. OMWC, show me where the Canadian and/or Quebecois touched you.

                    2. Step into my van and I’ll be happy to show you.

                    3. Oi! you doorknob.

      2. If he’s got a beard he’s the evil one. If neither of them have one and talk in creepy British accents they’re both the evil one.

        1. We both have East Texas twangs, so we’re trustworthy.

          1. East Texas

            So racists then.

            1. But *Trustworthy* racists.

              1. *Trustworthy* racists

                Nice band name.

            2. So racists then

              it’s actually spelled (and pronounced) “rustic”. It confuses some, but they’re improving their messaging.

            3. Let me guess which one of you is a steer and which one of you…

      3. All twins are evil, jesse.

          1. One of the two has colder hands than the other….see if you can guess which!

        1. This is the correct answer.

        2. What about fraternal twins?

  10. MSNBC is getting rid of Ed Schultz, The Cycle, and Now with Alex Wagner.

    Besides Schultz, who I only know because of this site, who?

    1. By “The Cycle” I can only assume they mean either Maddow or Kelly.

      1. Really, nothing? I thought it was funny.

        1. Well that would imply that anyone knows who the hell “The Cycle” or Kelly are.

          1. You’re reading far too much into a menstruation joke.

      2. I’m not sure Maddow has a cycle. It’s a dude playing a lady.

        1. Okay then…

        2. I thought that was Steven Tyler, in the guise of an old Italian woman.

    2. “MSNBC is getting rid of Ed Schultz, The Cycle, and Now with Alex Wagner.”

      They had a cycling show?

      Man, I so want that Colnago!


    Undercover investigator David Daleiden tells CNN the reason StemExpress is trying to suppress the video he took of its CEO on May 22 is because the company doesn’t want anyone to know it bought whole intact dead babies from Planned Parenthood.

    Daleiden said on CNN, “In a meeting with their top leadership, they admitted that they sometimes get fully intact fetuses shipped to their laboratory from the abortion clinics they work with, and that could be prima facie evidence of born alive infants. And so that’s why they’re trying to suppress that videotape and they’re very scared of it.”

    1. I have to hand it to this anti-abortion group. I haven’t seen a progressive group piss themselves so thoroughly since Hitler gave eugenics a bad name.

    2. Why is that evidence of live birth? Can’t they just terminate it before ‘birth’?

      1. Probably depends on the status of the fetus, but have no idea really.

      2. I think “intact” and “terminated before birth” are contradictory terms.

  12. Jesse Jacobs didn’t want to go to jail, but when the 32-year-old pleaded guilty to a DWI earlier this year, he knew he would be spending some time behind bars.

    On March 6, Jacobs entered the Galveston County Jail to spend 30 days behind bars as part of a plea deal. With good behavior and time served, he was only supposed to spend around 12 days in Jail. However, a week after he went in, Jacobs was dead.

    As a person named Jesse who would prefer not to die in jail. I’m very sympathetic on this story.

    Both parents said their son has been prescribed Xanax for a decade to treat panic attacks.[…] His family says that was because the third party medical staff that operates within the Galveston County Jail refused to give Jacobs Xanax. They contend the withdrawal symptoms are what caused the seizures.

    Apparently he brought his valid prescription in and they didn’t provide the drug triggering a seizure. While I’m not sure it’s appropriate for someone to be mellowed out on Xanax during their time in jail, there’s no way he should’ve been taken cold turkey off of it after ~10 years and a vaguely competent medical staff should have known that.


    1. Yeah, you do not want to cold-turkey off benzos if you’re really taking them. That is really bad.

    2. Xanax does trigger some wicked withdrawal symptoms. This is well-known, and means this was at the very least negligent homicide.

      1. Sure, for human beings. But these people have government’s magic shield.

      2. I had a friend in med school go off a benzo she’d been taking long term because it made her foggy and she had exams to prep for. She got terrible hand tremors that lasted for a couple of months.

        She was in med school…

        1. Hmmm. that came out repetitively redundant…needz moar caffeine!

          1. I thought you were just emphasizing that part!

        2. Yeah. Can a forenic pathologist determine if the baby ever breathed ?

          Not that that would make any difference to the President who publicly said he is for killing a baby who was accidentially born alive during a botched abortion.

      3. I had a prescription from a retired neurosurgeon who became a GP. I was knowledgeable and he felt comfortable giving me free rein to use as needed. Well a bad break up and I was downing handfuls. Slowly started to ween myself off of them but ran out. My doc was on vacation and none of his colleagues would refill. WoD FTW!

        Anyway, my withdrawals were so bad that I thought I might die. Couldn’t sleep at all. Could barely eat. Visible tremors and shakes. irregular heartbeat. And to top it off- insane levels of anxiety.

        I made it through to the doctor’s office finally that I wasn’t drug shopping. Described my withdrawals and they finally gave me a script… after three days of this. Took about two months to ween myself.

        Pretty much all medical staff know how dangerous the withdrawals are with Xananx.

        I’ve had friends and family go through heroin withdrawals that were tame in comparison.

        F**k the war on drugs.

        1. Similar thing with me once.

          Doesn’t you Dr. have a emergency number ?

    3. While I’m not sure it’s appropriate for someone to be mellowed out on Xanax during their time in jail,

      Any other medically prescribed treatments that you think people in jail should have terminated during their sentence?

  13. Ed Matthews to Debbie Wassermanwhatshername-

    Ed: “What’s the difference between Socialists and Democrats?”

    DWS: ” Yes.”

    Things Get Awkward When Matthews Asks DNC Head About Bernie Sanders, Socialism

    1. Not surprising, the Democrats are the Socialist party. The long process since 1896 is pretty much complete.

      What about the differences between Democrats and Communists? The CPUSA has endorsed every Dem candidate since Dukakis.

      1. And KKK members give money to the Republicans. In a 2 party system, everyone on the left supports the Democrats and everyone on the right supports the Republicans so you end up with unsavory people on the fringes supporting both.

        1. Winton’s political insights are as insipid as ever.

          1. Come on man, just as there is no difference between Republicans and neo-Nazis, there is no difference between Democrats and Joseph Stalin.

            1. There is no difference between Socialists and Democrats, as far as I can tell. They both think they know how to spend your money better than you.

              I will admit Republicans think they know what’s best to do with your body, and occasionally with your money too (defense, etc.) but the you can at least draw more significant differences between Republicans and socialists than Democrats and socialists. I mean, Bernie is a SELF ADMITTED national socialist running under the Dem party.

              1. Okay we need a talk about limiting our use of socialism. And some historical perspective.

                Even Canada’s NDP are not outright ‘socialist’. They are poison, but not 100-proof poison. The old CCF-the NDP’s prairie populist socialist predecessor-was outright socialist. It took power in some provinces in the thirties and they did not recover for decades. We often talk about what we’ve had to give up. The left has also been forced to give up a lot.

                1. Bernie Sanders is a social Democrat. He’s a complete moron who seriously believes that Scandinavian style social democracy would work exactly the same in a heterogeneous country of 320 million people as it does in a homogenous country of 4 million people, but that’s still not the same thing as the sort of ‘nationalize everything’ socialists that a lot of people think of when they hear the word ‘socialism.’

                  1. What is frightening about Bernie is that his comments on shoes and deodorant imply a disturbing fondness for a command economy. How he far he would go and whether it would involve nationalized industries I don’t know.

                  2. Is Bernie a Socialist, a Social Democrat, a Democratic Socialist, Socialist Democrat, etc? The People’s Front of Judea need to know.

                    1. No, you don’t.

                      /Judean People’s Front

                    2. Yes he does.

                      / The Front of People Judean

                      Front is a funny word.

                      Say and type it over and over a few times and see if it makes any sense to you.

                2. It took power in some provinces in the thirties
                  Actually it was one province in 1944, Saskatchewan, as lead by the father of Medicare and Greatest Canadian Ever (and Kiefer Sutherland’s grandfather) Tommy Douglas. And they came close in Ontario in 1943 and in BC in 1952.

                  The left has also been forced to give up a lot.

                  Problem is they are quite Fabian so what they give up does advance their agenda slightly.

                  That said the fact that they have become little more than welfare statists does piss them off (interestingly as the welfare state was designed by liberals and conservatives to do exactly that!). However the recession, the greens and the corruption and incompetence has caused the fringes of the left to lose it and become more virulent. $15 minimum wage anyone? The anti-Austerians talk about how any sort of privatization, deregulation, loss of union privileges and budget cut are genocidal.

                  1. I moved to Saskatchewan in 1963 the year before the CCF-NDP were voted out from their 20-year run at governing the province.

                    The Saskatchewan party had kept the CCF name because voters there associated the NDP with eastern industrial interests.

        2. See, up here the Parliamentary system ends up throwing all the fringe ideologues into their own minority parties that go nowhere (see Christian Heritage, two separate communist parties, Canadian Action, etc.). Except the Greens, and they had to work their ass off for their two seats.

          1. TWO seats for the greens!?!?! That is alarming. I want them out of parliament, period.

            1. Picked up a NDP floor-crosser.

            2. Take it up with the fucking Gulf Islands in B.C., May’s their MP. The other seat is just some NDP guy who quit the party for voting to repeal the Long Gun Registry.

              1. The long, lonely cross over into nothingness.

              2. Oh well the defector is just re-labelled shit then.

                I thought May was elected in Saanich? I guess they include the Gulf Islands. BC gets an unfair rep as ‘the left coast’ but really that is just the Victoria-Vancouver-Gulf Island Axis of Derp. Outside of that it is a lot more conservative. The lower mainland especially. Fuck the Gulf Islands and the fact that the BC Ferries have to service them. Means I am basically subsidizing them when I take my car over another route.

                1. Yeah, I live in Pitt Meadows (just east of Vancouver, Burnaby and the Tri-cities), and my neighbours and I would gladly raise a frosty cold one in salute if we ever saw a mushroom cloud rising to the distant west of us, even considering the prevailing winds.

                  Or if Vancouver’s mayor Gregor Robertson was to have an unfortunate incident involving a woodchipper. One he rented himself, of course.

          2. You forgot the Pirate party, the Libertarian party and the RHINOCEROS PARTY – the greatest party in Western history!

            1. I also forgot the animal rights party, whatever they’re called, the Marijuana Party and the half dozen separatist movement parties that pop up in every damn province.


          Among the points in the party’s “Immediate Program” are a $15/hour minimum wage for all workers, national universal health care, and opposition to privatization of Social Security. Economic measures such as increased taxes on “the rich and corporations”, “strong regulation” of the financial industry, “regulation and public ownership of utilities”, and increased federal aid to cities and states; opposition to the Iraq War and other military interventions; opposition to free trade treaties such as the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA); nuclear disarmament and a reduced military budget; various civil rights provisions; campaign finance reform including public financing of campaigns; and election law reform, including Instant Runoff Voting.

          Most of them aren’t too far from what the Democrats want…

        4. As awful as the GOP is, it would never give a Klansman a primetime speaking slot at its convention. In fact, it has been quite active in trying to keep Klansmen out of the GOP primaries.

    2. wow, it’s like she gets more stupid with each appearance.

      1. Gets more stupid, but looks better and better

        1. There is something broken inside of you.

        2. Wait until you see her ass. Giant jiggling sacks of large curd cottage cheese, with blue veins of mold streaking through it.

          All yours, homie.

    3. Fucking lying stupid-ass Medusa bitch.

      I will dance the day she takes a dirtnap.

    4. My takeaway from the response of senior Democratic Party leadership is that there is more difference between Republicans and Democrats than there is between socialists and Democrats.

      Since the difference between Republicans and Democrats is confined to arguing about whether the top marginal tax rate should be 33% or 39.6%, which foreign country should should fall prey to US military action next, and so forth, it seems that Time magazine was right when it published on its cover, “We’re All Socialists Now.”

  14. *looks at video preview*

    It’s a man, baby!


    1. Wait, it changed. I’m losing my mind!!!

  15. Oh you ingrates are gonna love this.

    After x-rays revealed plaque build up around the screw in my knee from a surgery performed in 1990, my family doctor referred me to a specialist in order to remove it.

    I got a call from the hospital telling me there’s an ‘indefinite’ waiting period and they don’t know anything beyond that.

    Fucken hilarious the Canadian health system.

    Fucken joke.

    Now I have to go back to him and find another option or go private.

    Fucken great.

    1. After x-rays revealed plaque build up around the screw in my knee from a surgery performed in 1990,

      You should really floss more.

    2. Look, you may not ever get the procedure, but at least it’s free!

    3. You know your country’s healthcare system is great when I can get x-rays and treatment for my dog’s condition faster than my mom can for hers.

      1. What kind of dog does your mom have?

      2. That’s true here in the US, as well.

        Faster, cheaper, better customer service: seriously the US health care system should look to the vets for solutions to its problems.

        Hint: there is very little third-party insurance for vets.

        1. Faster, cheaper, better customer service

          the ability to euthanize

    4. Now, I am not a doctor, but I think the issue here is all the Fucken.

      Knock out the Fucken, you should be golden.

      1. Lemme try.

        Fucken asshole.


        Doesn’t seem to work.

        1. Medical tourism? Best Exotic Marigold hotel…

          1. I saw that suckass movie. But I was trapped on a plane. A few years ago. And I never even thought about it again. Until now. Curse you!

        2. oh for fucks fucken’ fucked up motherfucken’ sake, stop fucken’ before it’s too fucken’ late!

        3. Rufus if you go private you really should check out Costa Rica.

          Often you can fly down. Get fixed, take a vacay in te rainforest or coast and come back with money left over.

          Costa Rica pushes medical tourism and they have package offering on the web that include hotels and vacation activities included.

    5. Lies, our healthcare system is perfect and there are no problems whatsoever. Unlike Americans who bitch about their healthcare every election we don’t, just like in the UK.

    6. IOW it’s time to go private.

    7. Why don’t you fly to India and have a real doctor do it?

      1. If I wasn’t such a pussy I’d make the incision and take it out with a pair of pliers.

        But I don’t do well at the sight of blood.

        Yet I give blood.

        Go figure.

      2. Can you imagine if someone built a huge no-shit top-notch teaching hospital in India?

        All the American med schools would shit bricks.

    8. I was told I need surgery today. Consult with the surge is on Monday.

      1. Jeebus, we are all going into the Krankenhaus!

    9. Rufe, d00d:

      Go private. I’ve done it twice, and it rocked both times. Plus, the wait time was a scandalous 2.5 weeks, instead of the absurd “we might get to you before the end of the 21st Century” bullshit you normally get from pretty much every Canadian provincial health care system. Average cost was about $6K (that included flights and hotel for myself and my wife), which is less money then a lot of Canucks spend on their freakin’ entertainment system. Plus the docs in the private system take credit cards (which means you can spread your payments out) and they’re usually the best that the public system has to offer ? they work the private system after they run out of surgical time in the public system, so they never deny the public system any available slots.

      My last surgery was done by the assistant chief surgical instructor at UBC’s Faculty of Medicine; y’know, they guy who teaches everyone else how to be a good surgeon. Can’t say enough good things about him.

    10. Good luck.

      If your medical tourism to get your knee taken care of brings you to a place with reasonoids, make sure to let us know so we can some and cheer you up.

    11. Move to America and buy Obamacare.

      HaHaHaHa. Just joking.

      Are you an American Veteran ? You could go to the VA.

      HaHaHaHa… Joking again.

      1. *narrows gaze*

        You had best be…we don’t want Rufus hurt, you see.

      2. Come to Taiwan and pay cash. Surgeons here are experts. Highest per capita motorcycle ownership in the world (but almost all of them are little scooters). Here’s why.

        1. I see a few Darwin’s in action in that video.

  16. Fr?d?ric Michalak is a handsome French rugby player with a bad habit of making a goofy pouty face.

    He’s also been in a Dieux Du Stade calendar so it’s pretty easy find pictures of him showing almost everything (Image may be unsafe for some work environments).

    1. Bonus: pouty face and a bum picture in one jpg

    2. More French guys:

      1. GAH – you are worse than Nicole.

    3. What a goofy little pucker he likes to make. But yum!

    4. Between you and John Barrowman’s twitter account retweeting “Men of Rugby”, I think I see more lusting over guys in a day’s time than girls.


      1. jesse only started this after we had Pan Z posting the lady version. Which is obviously the only time Reason commenters link to hot chicks, ever.

      2. “Men of Rugby”

        Go on…

        1. *sigh* Only because you’re a nice guy.

          1. Well, shit. I wasn’t planning on being productive for the rest of the day anyway.


            1. I could send you some of my rugby kit if you need it.

            2. I could send you some of my rugby kit if you need it.

    5. I approve.

  17. Congratulations Baltimore on your most violent month in 43 years. OOOOOH!

    1. And I’ll be there next weekend! With my kid! Hooray!

      1. Take a tour of Pennsylvania Avenue. Then picnic in Leakin Park. You’ll thank me for that tip.

    2. “”this year’s homicides reached 189, far outpacing the 119 killings by July’s end in 2014. Nonfatal shootings have soared to 366, compared to 200 by the same date last year. July’s total was the worst since the city recorded 45 killings in August 1972….

      Perched on a friend’s stoop, Sherry Moore, 55, said she knew “mostly all” of the young men killed recently in West Baltimore, including an 18-year-old fatally shot a half-block away. Moore said many more pills are on the street since the riot, making people wilder than usual.

      “The ones doing the violence, the shootings, they’re eating Percocet like candy and they’re not thinking about consequences. They have no discipline, they have no respect ? they think this is a game. How many can I put down on the East side? How many can I put down on the West side?””


      1. It’s disgusting how the left applauded the rioters (and they did applaud the rioters – see Matt Breunig’s moronic article claiming the riots in Ferguson might be a good thing) and have now basically decided to ignore the actual consequences of the rioting, i.e. more violence and immense damage to the people living there due to the destruction of property.

        Lily white progs love love love applauding black rioters from their gated communities while innocent and faultless black people have their lives ruined by violent criminals.

        1. Rioting worked out well in Detroit and Northern Ireland.

        2. Don’t you see that social justice requires cops be punished by having the businesses of random poor minorities to be severely damaged or destroyed?

        3. The increase in Baltimore’s crime started before Gray’s murder, so I am not sure how much of it is the drugs and other rioting after effects. But it likely made it worse.

          1. When you rule by fear, this kind of thing happens as soon as you back off a millimeter.

      2. Are these seasonally-adjusted numbers?

    3. the city has seen more bloodshed in a single month than it has in 43 years.

      *That* is some mighty fine journalism.

      1. Bad editor.

        Easy fix to say, “the highest single-month bloodshed in 43 years”

    4. I really don’t see how “former mayor of Baltimore” does anything but hurt O’Malley. And I’m shocked that he’s Camille Paglia’s preferred candidate. When she’s right she’s brilliant and insightful, but when she’s wrong she’s surprisingly idiotic.

      1. Gah, is she still pretending to be a Democrat? I never got that either.

  18. When red betrays green: Bolivian edition.

    The president also asked for a round of applause for a group of Guarani Indians who approved the exploration activity on their territories in eastern Bolivia.

    “It’s a wise, responsible decision. They’re not under the thumb of NGOs or foundations, even less of some people in Europe and the United States” who “manipulate” the environmental issue to block hydrocarbon production in Bolivia, Morales said.…..ral-parks/

  19. “MSNBC is getting rid of Ed Schultz, The Cycle, and Now with Alex Wagner. Schultz responded.”


    actually…..who…. what….. MSNBC? Really?

    because what would we do if (gasp) they *went out of business*? My god, it would be almost as devastating as Glenn Beck leaving *The Blaze*, the Other Really Libertarian Channel We All Follow. I’m just glad someone’s keeping track of that.

    but what does Buzzfeed think about this Robby? and why no Mother Jones links? Its like there’s a hole in my life without insights from these institutions

  20. “St. Louis County, Missouri, authorities treat black kids far more harshly than white kids, according to the Justice Department.”

    Breaking News. Black kids and cops don’t have good relationships. More as this develops.

    1. In other news, black kids often act worse than white kids.

      1. Sssshhh !

        I mean RACIST!

  21. Louie Gohmert, scientist:

    We could take four heterosexual couples, married, and put them on an island where they have everything they need to sustain life. Then take four all-male couples and put them on an island with all they need to sustain life, take four couples of women, married, and put them on an island, and let’s come back in 100 to 200 years and see which one nature says is the preferred marriage.

    1. I never knew there were marriages in nature! So cool. I fucking love science!

      1. Coincidentally, jesse loves fucking scientists.

        1. I’ll need more data on my enjoyment of fucking scientists. I can say with reasonable certainty that I like fucking engineers though, and Germans, which is basically the same thing, right?

          1. Whatever you do, don’t mention the war!

            1. I’ve very awkwardly failed on that front before.

              1. “And T?ring answered another,” Rudy said.
                “Who’s that?”
                “It’s me,” Alan said. “But Rudy’s joking. ‘Turing’ doesn’t really have an umlaut in it.”
                “He’s going to have an umlaut in him later tonight,” Rudy said, looking at Alan in a way that, in retrospect, years later, Lawrence would understand to have been smoldering.”

              2. When I was living in Germany in the 80s, I once gestured a “see you later” to a buddy who then – obviously seeing something in my gesture that I hadn’t planned for – gave me the Dalek salute in return. I was mortified but he just thought it was funny.

    2. Doesn’t this just mean that if there is a gay gene it will eventually die out on its own with no need to talk about it any further?

      1. It depends on how firmly you believe in genetic destiny, and that human sexuality is as rigid as straight/gay make it seem.

        But his point isn’t about genetics he’s just digging back to an old chestnut that Jeremy Bentham handily argued against in 1785, that assumes if everyone were gay society would collapse, but that’s just as ludicrous as saying if everyone became a tin smith society would collapse. Sure it would, but there’s not even a hint that it’s a looming problem.

        1. Not only that who’s to say it’s not the other way around. Maybe a gay segment in society helps the overall flourishing of the society. It’s just as likely as any other argument from evolutionary psychology on these matters, as far as I can tell.

          1. ^This.

          2. According to some research I read statistically gay men are more likely to be younger siblings in mostly male children families. It postulated homosexuality was a gestational hormone issue in womb.

            It could be an adaption to a higher level of male population – minimizing competition for females. Could be. Or, it could simply be that younger siblings are more likely to be openly gay.

            Obviously, heterosexuals keep producing gay children, so it seems unlikely it’s purely a genetic thing.

            1. I’m the youngest of 4 brothers. When I first heard this theory, I asked around and it turned out that almost every other gay guy I knew was also the youngest sibling.

    3. In this hypothetical couldn’t I get the best results with a stable, sustainable population of a several polygamous groups? (say one man for every 3-5 women?)

      1. I think 2 males and 5 females is all it would take to rebuild society,, given the right outside conditions.

        1. With artificial gestation and VERY good record-keeping, you could rebuild fairly quickly from that.

      2. Wasn’t that a TNG episode?

        1. Every John Ringo book.

        2. And a Heinlein short story about the “twenty and the four” sent to colonize deep space.

    4. Somebody could also ask him “if you put four gay men and four gay women on that island, and came back in 100-200 years wouldn’t they probably have great-grandchildren running around? You know, Louie, since reproduction has nothing to do with sexual preference…from a strictly scientific standpoint.”

      1. How do you get 4 gay men on a barstool.

        1. Hitler?

          1. You’re thinking ashtray

    5. I say we take Louie Gohmert and his wife and three couples that are close friends off theirs and stick them on an island. Then see how much better off society would be for the next 100-200 years on the rest of the planet.

      1. Why would you do something so horrible to an island as make it’s population 100% composed of Louie Gohmert and his closest kith and kin?

      1. I wouldn’t make a good actor. I’d laugh too much.

        1. It’s Mark Wahlberg. That’s his default resting face.

          1. I am not a Samberg fan, but his “Mark Wahlberg talks to animals” skit is so funny to me.

    6. In 2 of the three cases, you’d end up with maybe half the guys left

      in the case of the women, there would just be bones

      the conclusion would be that “no marriage is ideal”, and that competition tends to result in some culling. Also, there’s always one asshole freeloader who’s got to go.

      1. correction = half the guys left in all cases…

        …. and in the case of the heterosexuals, there would be one apex female who ruled the island and used the 2-3 remaining males as her puppets.

        1. You know some long-lived men.

          1. and that’s not all. Hiyo

            My point was more to assert that Lord of the Flies aint just a kids story.

          2. Oh, you mean the ‘hundreds of years’ part.

            meh. they’d all boil down to the same thing, eventually.

            but i think they’d go through a series of phases before getting to it, a la the same Lord/Flies competitive pressures, regardless of who preferred to stick what-in-whose-where at the beginning. The men would still fight, the women would still compete for control, and there’d be all sorts of shakeups before they achieved anything like homeostasis.*

            no pun


      Poison ivy is natural. Pharmaceuticals are unnatural. Hence when you are sick you should ingest poison ivy instead of medicine.

    8. Also, why are decisions humans make considered by people to be ‘unnatural?’ How exactly are are GMOs or homosexual marriage ‘unnatural’ when they’re created by humans who are, ding ding ding!, part of nature.

      For some reason it’s natural when ants build anthills but not when humans build houses even though we’re both animals creating dwellings for ourselves.


        *Someone points to animals having gay sex*


        It’s always fun watching that conversation go down.

        1. What you did there, jesse…

    9. The dude is a fucking idiot but he has a point when Ginsburg and Kagan officiated gay marriages, they destroyed the meme that they are impartial, ( and I don’t have any objection to gay marriage, goose/gander) I don’t think SCOTUS justices advocating on social issues is a good idea.

      Perhaps that horse has left the barn, it still raises a lot of red flags about rule of law.

  22. I assert =

    Hillary Clinton could be found to have stopped the wobbling of her nightstand by jamming a dead fetus under one of the legs, and anyone criticizing the act would have an investigation launched against them for having purposely conspired to produce sub-standard furniture.

    1. I could have sworn I saw that very piece at IKEA.


        1. Don’t ask about the Swedish-Feminist Meatballs.

        2. Avec lingamberries?

          1. The “J” really sold it

  23. Maybe MSNBC can run reruns of The Independents

    1. Where’s Kmele these days?

  24. GQ of all places has an article about cops killing a guy for the hell of it.…..al_twitter

    1. While I don’t doubt the facts of this specific case – which seems ridiculous that 4 cops couldn’t subdue an unarmed man without shooting him repeatedly…

      …i’m increasingly leery of people trying to turn every single story of “person killed by police” into yet another example piling onto the sandra bland, walter scott, michael brown, etc. narrative.

      It seems to me that even though there will certainly be plenty of real examples aplenty for people to highlight… that there are substantial pressures to interpret *every* story through this lens ASAP, and to create more drama than there might actually be in the raw facts.\

      in the case of the story you cite – the writer goes out of his way to avoid actually mentioning details… like the fact that the guy was in fact a convicted bank robber… and

      It doesn’t make the shooting any less wrong = but the point is that the journalists covering these stories don’t seem to me to be aiming to tell the “whole truth”, so much as pump a narrative.

      1. sorry – the ‘and’, was “likely mentally ill”

      2. “which seems ridiculous that 4 cops couldn’t subdue an unarmed man ”

        Have you neverr seen a Jean-Claude van Damme movie ?

        Here is a true to life incident that I remember from my teenage years.

        “Torres had been arrested for disorderly conduct at a bar in Houston’s predominantly Hispanic East End neighborhood. The six police officers who responded took Torres to a spot called “The Hole” next to the Buffalo Bayou and beat him. The officers then took Torres to the city jail, who refused to process him due to his injuries. They were ordered to take him to Ben Taub General Hospital, but instead of doing so, the officers brought him back to the banks of Buffalo Bayou and pushed him into the water. Torres’s body was found two days later. [1]”

        What Wiki doesn’t mention that I remember as fact is that Torres was a Vietnam Veteran Badass Green Beret. He was a badass who wouldn’t/couldn’t accept being slapped around by six of Houston’t finest. That’s why it took six of them to put handcuffs on him and throw him into the bayou. IIRC his body was found with the handcuffs still on.

        1. And nothing else happened!!

          1. Whew. I was worried that some cop might not have gone home safe every night for the rest of his long, taxpayer-funded life.

  25. “I know [redacted] and would not do her,” senior aide Cheryl Mills wrote to Clinton

    “H[redacted]ma, OTOH, ….”


    Peel accepted that the Reform Act 1832 was “a final and irrevocable settlement of a great constitutional question”.

    He promised that the Conservatives would undertake a “careful review of institutions, civil and ecclesiastical”.

    Where there was a case for change, he promised “the correction of proved abuses and the redress of real grievances”.

    Peel’s basic message, therefore, was that the Conservatives “would reform to survive” (with reference to Norman Gash’s biography of Peel).

    However, he opposed what he saw as unnecessary change, fearing “a perpetual vortex of agitation”

    Easy to see why conservatives suck. The Welfare state exists so why not preserve it (included perhaps with immigration restrictions?) rather than add into socialized medicine. And there are plenty of things that libertarians and progs would find “final and irrevocable”.

    And it is easy to see why Thatcher was so controversial as she sought to reject 140 years of Conservative strategy and actively try to roll back some parts of the state rather than say accept that the labour unions status was “final and irrevocable”.

  27. New York’s finest ladies and gentlemen.…..ebook_logo

    1. That is a much, much better example of police abuse than many of the stories we see on H+R.

      1. You didn’t think the story about a woman getting arrested because she was banging her boyfriend in public and then claiming it was based on racism was a serious instance of police abuse of power?

        1. She was black, so of course it was racist.

          Regarding the NYPD gay beating, the incident took place on Staten Island, which is where the Eric Garner incident happened, which is where many police officers live, which is why it will be fascinating to see if a grand jury indicts (I doubt it will).

      2. I think most Reason stories on police abuse are examples of misconduct. Some aren’t (such as the one Irish references), and most might not be as egregious as this, but I don’t the police stories here are generally not examples (or are poor examples) of police abuse and misconduct. It’s just not every day that stories this egregious happen and are caught on tape.

        1. A lot of the stories amount to “violent idiot fights with cops and gets hurt.” The karma aspect prevents them from rating terribly high on the misconduct scale.

      3. Yeah Papaya but the guy isn’t black and


        Did you see the mom come to the door afraid to come outside ?

        I wish she had come to the door with a shotgun like the old west days and …..better not say anymore.

    2. “They also threatened to kill his dog, he says”

      Yep, his story’s legit. This sounds 100% like something New York cops would do.

      /Not in any way sarc

  28. HuffPo. Never let it be said that “full retard” cannot be approached to near absolute zero-levels.…..10982.html

    1. “At a campaign rally just before his heroic filibuster that temporarily forced the expiration of the NSA phone records program, Paul stated, “The right to be left alone is the most cherished of rights.” He should heed that concern when it comes to the privacy rights of women. The decision to have an abortion is not for the government. It is a decision a woman makes with her family and her doctor — not the American government. Big Brother has no right to force its way into the exam room. As a doctor and a libertarian, Rand Paul, of all people, should understand that.”

      peak derp has been acheived.

      Don’t let Big Brother into the exam room but force him into the accounts receivable room. ?

      I get it now

      The right to be left alone and not have to pay for the abortion isn’t the same as the right to be left alone and have a taxpayer funded abortion ?.

  29. After reading KMW’s piece on the lion thing, I have decided I want to party with her. Someone put in a good word for me.

    1. One cannot be attracted to KMW and DWS.

      This is highly unprobable. I give it a .000000000000001% chance of happening.

      1. I said put in a good word!

        KMW is far too attractive for me, and that is not what I meant by partying. Sick fucking minds.

        GOOD word.

  30. Canada’s greatest export, wrestling legend and damn fine actor Roddy Piper died today.

    I hope he is getting all the gum he can chew in heaven.

      1. I love fight scenes wher they let their opponent get up after knocking them down.

        Like that happens in no real fight ever.

        If you let you;re opponent get back up it’s not a real fight.

    1. Damn.RIP Hot Rodd.

  31. I’m drinking Evil Genius’s Purple Monkey Dishwasher. I had Allagash’s Saison with dinner earlier.

    Both are not bad.

    What are you drinking? It’s Friday.

    1. A delicious Vermentino/Grenache blend from Edmunds St. John, followed by an ’01 Gallet Cote-Rotie. Mrs. Candy and I are still recovering from a major eating/drinking binge last weekend in Minneapolis, so we’re keeping it light tonight.

        1. I’d love to have a nice saison, but Mrs. C has a strict “no BJs after you had beer” rule. Her only flaw as a human being.

          1. I’ve never dated a woman with a rule like that. If that’s her only flaw, you’re doing well.

            1. I’m doing better than well (in that respect, anyway). She’s even a libertarian, despite the meme.

    2. It’s summery and I’ll probably have a few G&Ts; when I get home from work.

      1. I’ve never had Gin and Tonic. Maybe I should start at some point before I make too many more trips around the sun.

        1. I find your reality impossible to comprehend

          1. Would it help if I told you I think it would be cool to party with Agile Cyborg?

            1. first you should have a gin and tonic and think about it.

    3. Gl?gg, in celebration a friend of mine got out of a heart check with no stent or such…and my last cross match test for kidney donation went fine! Have to go dry starting Monday!

      1. All good things. We’ll make up for while you’re dry.

        Good luck!

    4. A Gosling’s Black Seal with a shot of lime over ice.

      Very slowly.

      1. I have a bottle of Old Rum somewhere in the house. Gosling makes good stuff.

    5. Vodka & Dew as usual.

      1. Interesting.

        The only vodka I have in the house is for my once a year brewing. I use it to sterilize bottle caps.

    6. Had some Yuengling Black & Tans and Negra Modelos earlier. Then I had a few of some cocktail I make that I don’t really have a name for; it’s whiskey (usually Bulleit Rye), peach brandy, and a bit of club soda over ice.

    7. Hmm. A Gin and tonic (tonic made from syrup from Oak & Salt and homemade club soda – seltzer with a bit of salt and baking soda added). Followed by a Manhattan. Or a margarita. Or both.

  32. RIP Roddy Piper. No coverage at Reason. Fucking hipsters.

    1. No coverage for Dusty Rhodes either.

    2. Just imagine if Lou Reed had died…

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