Reason's Stephanie Slade to Speak About the First Amendment

The second annual Christians for Liberty conference is August 7-8 in Austin.


Last week, an order of Catholic nuns called the Little Sisters of the Poor formally appealed to the Supreme Court a federal requirement that they facilitate the provision of birth control for their empoyees. In June, a ruling from the Supreme Court legalizing same-sex marriage throughout the land opened the door to the possibility that religious schools, businesses, and other organizations might be punished by the government for refusing to put their stamp of approval on the practice. The intersection of religion and libertarianism is a busy place right now, and skirmishing over what the First Amendment really does is only going to intensify. If you're interested in these issues—or if you're among the growing number of people of faith who also identify as libertarians—you might want to check out the Christians for Liberty conference next month in Austin, Texas. Speakers will include Lawrence Reed, T.K. Coleman, Wes Benedict, and Reason's own Stephanie Slade.

More information on the conference can be found here.