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Celebs Protest Amnesty International Call to Decriminalize Prostitution

Decriminalizing sex work supports "gender apartheid" say the likes of Lena Dunham, Anne Hathaway, and Meryl Streep.


Les Miserables

After a long and careful consideration of the evidence, global human-rights org Amnesty International has come to the conclusion that decriminalizing prostitution is the best way to "respect, protect, and fulfill the human rights of sex workers." But actress Anne Hathaway played a French whore in Les Mis, so she has feels about the issue, too. Hathway is one of several high-profile actresses, including Lena Dunham and Meryl Streep, who are protesting Amnesty's "Draft Policy on Sex Work," which states that all "consensual sexual conduct between adults—which excludes acts that involve coercion, deception, threats, or violence—is entitled to protection from state interference."

Criminalizing the sex trade actually leads to increased harassment of and violence against sex workers, states Amnesty, including their abuse "at the hands of police." 

The Hollywood Reporter notes that "in the past, celebrities like Jon Stewart, Madonna and Kristen Wiig have not hesitated to back Amnesty International, one of the most influential human rights watchdog groups." But stopping the state from punishing people for having sex is simply too much in Tinseltown, apparently. In response to Amnesty's draft recommendations—which are slated for presentation in Ireland in August—a long list of celebrities joined activist groups and religious leaders in signing a protest letter.

The group—which included actors Angela Bassett, Kevin Kline, Marcia Gay Harden, Kate Winslet, Lisa Kudrow, Chris Cooper, Allison Williams, Emily Blunt, and Emma Thompson—said they are "deeply troubled by Amnesty's proposal to adopt a policy that calls for the decriminalization of pimps, brothel owners and buyers of sex." 

In other words, they want an "end demand"/Swedish-style policy that actually grows the number of people prosecuted for prostitution. Under such models, selling sex is decriminalized under very narrow circumstances, while penalties and enforcement efforts are ramped up in the direction of catching "pimps," sex-traffickers, and the people who want to pay for sex. The last category (aka "johns") has been a major focus of anti-prostitution and anti-sex-trafficking groups recently, under the implausible theory that we can end demand for commercial sex by making the penalties for solicitation severe enough, hence eradicating prostitution entirely. And no prostitution, no sex trafficking—voila!

"Without a vibrant sex industry, there would be no sex trafficking," the anti-decrim letter states. But evidence that the Swedish model has actually decreased sex work or sex trafficking in the country is mixed at bestwhile prosecution of sex workers themselves has continued more or less apace. "If the seller is foreign, she is to blame, and can be punished with deportation," note professors Charlotta Holmström (of Sweden's Malmö University) and May-Len Skilbrei (of the University of Oslo) on the London School of Economics blog

"Widely presented as a more tolerant and pragmatic approach, the legalized model still criminalizes those sex workers who cannot or will not fulfill various bureaucratic responsibilities, and therefore retains some of the worst harms of criminalization," pointed out EU-based sex-worker Molly Smith in The New Republic recently. "It disproportionately excludes sex workers who are already marginalized, like people who use drugs or who are undocumented. This makes their situation more precarious, and so reinforces the power of unscrupulous managers." 

Still, the so-called "Swedish model" sounds feminist if you don't think about it too hard, with its theoretical emphasis on not punishing women in sex work themselves and holding "pimps, brothel owners," etc. accountable. After all, if you believe the letter writers, decriminalizing these people will "in effect support a system of gender apartheid" (emphasis theirs). Legally, however the pimps, brothel owners, sex traffickers, etc. include a vast number of female sex workers and former sex workers, some teens themselves (this summer alone, there have been at least two U.S. cases of teen sex workers being charged with serious sex trafficking offenses for driving or recruiting friends to work with them). The very women these feminists and religious groups are claiming to save are the ones they're not only encouraging law enforcement to crack down on but ramping up the criminal penalties for.

And, as former cop and sex worker (turned advocate) Norma Jean Almodovar recently commented, sometimes sex workers want to work with "pimps" and at brothels. "Personally, when I was working, I hired a number of different madams to provide me with safe clients," writes Almodovar.

I was willing to pay them for their services, which included screening those to whom they referred me, and they also knew where I was and when I was with a client. Under the law, they are pimps too, but if I wanted to hire them and pay them for their services, what business is it of yours or the government? Can't grown women who are sex workers have agents and managers just as people who are writers, artists, in show business, sports, music industry and others do? Would you think it appropriate for some young athlete to try to negotiate a contract with a sports franchise by him or her self? Do some of those young people get ripped off by a manager or agent? Yes, and when they do, they have legal recourse, which is something that sex workers would like to have as well.

Despite the celebrity letter's assertion that "growing evidence shows the catastrophic effects of decriminalization of the sex trade," New Zealand—which decriminalized everything from street prostitution to escort services, living off the proceeds of prostitution, and brothels in 2003—has seen safer and better working conditions for sex workers on a number of levels; increased levels of condom use; and no increase in overall prostitution levels or instances of criminal sex trafficking. Kudos to Amnesty for embracing an evidence-based, harm-reduction-centered, rights-respecting approach to sex work instead of the empty rhetoric of saving women and children by using state violence against them. 

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  1. After a long and careful consideration of the evidence, global human-rights org Amnesty International has come to the conclusion that decriminalizing prostitution is the best way to “respect, protect, and fulfill the human rights of sex workers.”

    “After a long and careful consideration of the evidence, global human-rights org Amnesty International has come to the conclusion that decriminalizing drugs is the best way to ‘respect, protect, and fulfill the human rights of drug workers.'”

    1. And isn’t it?

    2. That presupposes that druggies have human rights.

    3. That presupposes that druggies have human rights.

  2. Who knows better that women are victims in all things than women who play victims on the TV?

    1. The giveaway is this line: “deeply troubled by Amnesty’s proposal to adopt a policy that calls for the dedecriminalization of pimps, brothel owners and buyers of sex.”

      Notice how it is only the “men” that bothers them.
      Men who want to make money: EVIL
      Men who want to allow women to make money safely: EVIL
      Men who want sex: EVIL

      1. There are plenty of women brothel owners. This post even talks about them.

        1. yes, but they were tricked by men into doing what they’re doing… for forced by men… or something!

          Olivia Benson had a penis within a foot of her face!!!! Can’t we take this for being as super cereal as it is?!

          1. “Olivia Benson had a penis within a foot of her face!!!!”

            That made me laugh out loud. Thanks.

          2. As I was doing my morning calisthenics, I realized that there was a penis less than a foot from my face!!!

            1. go on.

        2. Yes, in fact, historically, weren’t most brothel owners madams? And weren’t they the first women to own property? Madams should be feminist heroes.

      2. And not a word about male prostitutes who service male clients, either.

        1. That would require them to care about males to begin with.

  3. Only true artists like Anne Hathaway can sell their bodies for the pleasure of others.

    1. she only sells LOOKING at her body… and touching- but only if someone else is being paid to touch. It’s obviously a BIG difference.

      1. “she only sells LOOKING at her body…

        And it’s worth it.

    2. Havoc was all about the plot.

      1. well, the plot and simulated masturbation.

      2. I only watch Anne Hathaway movies for the plots.

    3. I think you may be on to something; if prostitution is made legal, who will actresses who are insecure feel superior to?

    4. I’ve often thought Manny Pacquiao was an artist, too.

    5. Making prostitution illegal sets the Maximum wage for sex at ZERO. Aren’t all good prof goes interested in raising the minimum wage? $15 per hour sounds about right for Dunham or Streep IMHO.

      1. prof goes= proggies. Damn autocorrect

  4. There are lots of men and women in the world who also have feels for this issue… and many of them have paid for said feels.

    1. “Apartheid” doens’t seem like quite the right word when you are talking about people having sex. Unless all the men started only using male prostitutes.

    2. If you want something to sound extra evil, just add the word “apartheid” after it. Example: Hotdog=not evil. Hotdog apartheid=NO NO RUN HIDE LITIGATE LEGISLATE

  5. Is Lena Dunham a “high profile actress”? I don’t think I would’ve heard of her if they hadn’t made such a big deal about how she lied in her crappy book.

    1. she gets naked a lot on a show that had Brian Williams daughter get her ass eaten out.

      I haven’t seen the show… but … the internet told me.

      1. Brian Williams’ daughter is a sweet lady!

        1. well, she’s reportedly his daughter. We know better than to believe his claims.

          1. The only alternative is that it’s actually Brian Williams wearing a wig.

            1. …..

              I’ll be in my bunk…

  6. We have discussed this before and wondered what the feminists/progtards would do when faced with this dilemma: Do women really have the right to control their own bodies, or does the state ultimately get to decide.
    The answer: since women are obviously the weaker sex and need protecting from these evil men who only care about profit, the state must step in and control the women’s bodies. After all, it can NEVER be that the women do actually have the choice. It is either MEN controlling them or the STATE. And we can fill the STATE with our TOP MEN who are good beta males.

    1. Not to mention the baboons staffing the front line of any policing effort, armed goons whom Hathaway, Dunham et al. have no problem siccing on prostitutes. But just as long as the johns are getting a bit of the bootheel, too, it’s fine.

      1. Read the Honest Courtesan blog sometime. Prostitutes have to worry about being raped and abused by cops a lot more than they have to worry about such from their pimps.

        1. I think that’s what he was saying.

        2. Well, HC (I think) also points out the pimps are not common, to the point, if I remember correctly, that pimps are compared to the chupacabra.

          1. Yes. With the internet, there is no reason for women to have them. Of course, these idiots would shut off access to the internet for prostitutes and actively drive them to pimps.

            1. They’ll go after their access to banking services, so why not?

          2. “Well, HC (I think) also points out the pimps are not common, to the point, if I remember correctly, that pimps are compared to the chupacabra.”

            There’s also the minor issue that they use the word ‘pimp’ as an all purpose slur against anyone who works in the prostitution industry in a supporting roll.

            Run a brothel as a businessman? Congratulations! You’re a pimpish sex-trafficker, you fucking perv!

    2. It’s been long-argued by some later feminists that all heterosexual sex constitutes rape.

      So yes, this is clearly something for the state’s white knights to intervene on.

      1. When you say, “some later feminists,” do you actually mean, “earlier”?

        1. I thought he meant church of latter day feminists- like Mormon feminists or something.

          1. Mormon feminists are very… uh…. interesting.

        2. When you say, “some later feminists,” do you actually mean, “earlier”?

          Nah. I’m referring specifically to 3rd-wave Feminism (or Neo-Feminism).

          Not all Feminism was retarded?the 1st-wave stuff is legit (1850s-1950s). 2nd-wave it started to get wonky (1960s-1980s). And 3rd-wave is where it really lunged into absurdity (1990s-present).

          1. Dworkin was second-wave, and we’re now into fourth-wave.

            1. And each wave is more crazy and broken than the last.

              1. I don’t know, John, third-wave is typically seen as a more mainstreaming-type reaction to second-wave.

                1. Yeah, women like Dworkin and McKinnen were seriously screwed up and broken people. The third wave was in fairness a bit more sane. But the 4th may be the craziest of them all.

            2. Oh. I didn’t know there was an accepted 4th-wave phase now. Funny.

              1. Dworkin makes Amanda Marcotte seem well adjusted by comparison.

                1. Except Dworkin has, thankfully, shed the mortal coil and gone to her ancestors in Femhalla.

                  Marcotte is still around, perpetrating terrible abuses against biology and English.

                2. Amanda Marcotte needs to lay off the testosterone injections.


        3. This view has only gotten more popular with time in the feminist movement. In the 70s, there was Andrea Dworkin, but she never even got close to power. Today, we have Catherine McKinnon, who advises on important gender legislation, and believes the exact same thing: penis-in-vagina=rape.

          The ‘sex positive’ revolution of third wave feminists was a hoax too; almost all of them support laws that make hetero sex punishable at the discretion of the women participating in it, which is in effect ‘all sex is rape, unless the woman chooses not to report it.” not much better. So I think use of the term ‘later’ is appropriate.

      2. And it has long be observed that such later feminists clearly need to have somebody consult them about their meds.

    3. Do women really have the right to control their own bodies, or does the state ultimately get to decide

      Ah, but see, they try to have it both ways here: prostitution is illegal, but only the customers and pimps are punished, not the sex workers. That way they still get to do what they want with their bodies but can still have prostitution be icky.

      1. That is because straight men don’t get to control their bodies. Notice they never worry about gay men who are or use prostitutes and they view women prostitutes as victims. The only criminals are straight men who seek out sex. Straight men are evil and must be kept under the tight control of their betters.

  7. And since many of these women have gone nude in movies (sometimes even full frontal) and simulated sex, obviously they are only against when a penis actually enters a vagina.

    Apparently these folks think vaginas are magic (a baby isn’t a baby until it exits the vagina, and sex isn’t sex until the penis enters the vagina).

    Although i admit my wife’s is pretty fucking magical!!

    1. Although i admit my wife’s is pretty fucking magical!!

      In God we trust; all others bring data.

      1. And by “data” we mostly mean pictures. Dirty pictures. Pho-to-graphs. Holiday snaps. Know what I mean? Know what I mean? Say no more.

        1. wink wink, nudge nudge.

          1. Nods as good as a wink to a blind bat, eh?

  8. …sounds feminist if you don’t think about it too hard…

    I’d get cracking on copyrighting that, Elizabeth. At least put it in the ol’ auto-text.

  9. From Patriarchy to Matriarchy in 50 year’s time.

    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss…….

    1. Progressivism and many other political nightmares – of the modern age – started when women got the vote…just sayin’

    2. Except HE was peak nutty unpredictably, whereas SHE’S peak nutty according to the phase of the moon.

      1. So apparently, she’s more predictable.

  10. But actress Anne Hathaway played a French whore in Les Mis, so she has feels about the issue, too.

    Rooooowr! *hiss*

    Seriously though – WTF is it with people who jump into these things solely because some idiot asked their opinion? An idiot who, in all seriousness, probably really thought the Hathaway would have some significant insight into the issue because she portrayed a pro in a movie that’s really popular with the faux intellectual set for some reason.

    It makes as much sense as having Emma Watson as the ‘UN Ambassador on Women’s Issues’ (or whatever the hell it is).

    Though in Watson’s defense, she has pointed out, on the record, that modern feminism is built more on hate than promoting equality.

    1. increased levels of condom;

      You’re missing ‘use’ at the end, if I’m not mistaken.

    2. The film was popular with the Faux Intellectual (Ineffectual?) set because the musical is the first opera in decades that is A) powerful music that you don’t have to have a degree in post-modern music to appreciate and B) in English, so you don’t have to expose the sad fact that you are mono-lingual. Also, it’s set in France, so it’s cool, and it’s about a failed Revolution and all the really interesting characters die. It’s perfect for the Ineffetuals.

      To be fair, the music is pretty good. But for a much saner take on the whole mess, may I suggest the late Sir Terry Pratchett’s NIGHT WATCH?

      1. Truth, Freedom, Reasonably Priced Love and a Hard-Boiled Egg!

      2. Seriously, who claims to be an intellectual and also will admit to liking anything by Andrew Lloyd Weber? Stephen Sondheim maybe. Rogers and Hammerstein sure. But no one who puts on any heirs would ever admit to liking anything by Andrew Lloyd Weber. The guy wrote Jesus Christ Superstar for God’s sake. Have you ever seen that thing? It is so bad it isn’t even funny when you are stoned.

        And Les Miserable the book is something people who put on heirs will claim to like but not the musical. The book is one of those books faux intellectuals put on their shelves but never actually read because it is so long.

        1. People do it. Same as the intellectual wanna-bes who say “Poe was fantastic.” Even if you like it, you don’t admit in in public…

        2. It is also a book that real, if progressive, intellectuals actually read. It is powerfully written, even in translation, and speaks to a lot of the Pregressives’ issues.

          The musical is powerful, too. It doesn’t make any goddamned sense, but what Opera does? I admit that it makes me want to pick Valjean up by the lapels and shake him till his teeth rattle, while shouting “why the fuck didn’t you emigrate to America, you dumb bastard?”, but I think the characters in the Ring Cycle are Idiots, too.

          So what if a twit wrote it. Maybe nothing else he ever did is any good (or maybe not). This one has something, even if it is infuriating.

          1. You don’t seriously believe that Andrew Lloyd Weber wrote “Les Miz” do you? Or that JCS isn’t a great show?

            1. I am just too straight to know my Broadway. My boneheaded mistake. He didn’t. And JCS is bloody awful. I mean beyond awful.

              And les Mis is too, the musical not the book.

              1. God likes it, according to Elvis Costello-

                So there he was on a water-bed
                Drinking a cola of a mystery brand
                Reading an airport novelette, listening to Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s “Requiem”
                He said, before it had really begun, “I prefer the one about my son”
                “I’ve been wading through all this unbelievable
                Junk and wondering if I should have given
                The world to the monkeys”

                from God’s Comic

            2. First of all, Jesus Christ Superstar is great.

              Secondly, Les Mis was written by a bunch of Frenchmen with an English language libretto by Herbert Kretzmer.

              Fucking Philistines.

              I admit I’m the gayest straight man in America, but still – everyone should know Les Mis was not written by Andrew Lloyd Weber since it was originally a French production.

              1. If you are that into Broadway, and especially the last 30 years, you are the definition of a philistine Irish. Do yourself a favor, go listen to Opera.

          2. The book is very good. And it is not an Opera. It is musical theater. Really Showboat is about the only Broadway thing that belongs on an opera stage.

            1. By any definition of Opera, it’s an opera….

              1. Terry Pratchett also wrote on the issue in an awesome book (Masquerade) that takes place in a failing Opera house, with mysterious figure skulking about, giving singing lessons.
                At one point a guy finds a bunch of plays set to music, but somehow it doesn’t feel like opera, even though all the pieces are there. The manager quickly puts his finger on it – this stuff might make money!

            2. Also the book is pretty terrible…. really Hugo?? 28 fricken chapters of how cool this irrelevant bishop character is before we get to the actual frickin content of the book? Give me Tolstoy any day

              1. Well yeah. But Tolstoy is a God. There is a lot of good below Tolstoy.

    3. I think the point in having people like Shirley Temple Black and Emma Watson as UN ambassadors is their personal popularity, not their expertise. Everyone wants to meet and talk to these people, so they get face time that some policy wonk would not. As actresses they have demonstrated capacity for memorizing lines and delivering them effectively. The real work is done behind the scenes by wonks.

  11. Given that older moral codes would classify most of those women as whores for appearing nude and simulating sex acts for public consumption, I think they should just shut up.

    1. Of course they could. Hollywood is disgusting in that regard. And how many producers and power brokers banged Hathaway when she was underage? Yeah, I am sure she got that part in the Princess Diaries because she was the cutest and best actress available. I mean there is such a shortage of talented beautiful young women looking for a break in the movies.

      1. I am not even really that into Asian women but damn. Of course none of that kind of thing goes on with aspiring actresses in Hollywood. Never.

      2. This is why North Korea will never be Best Korea.

    2. No. They shouldn’t shut up. They are (mostly) worthwhile actresses. But somebody should argue with them. In public. Let’s hope Am. In. does.

      1. What the hell good has Amnesty International tried to do for anyone?

        1. Am. In. Is like the ACLU; they have some strange obsessions, but they also do some good damn work. Unlike, say, the Sierra Club, which is a condescending bunch of rich white people pretending that they give a fuck.

      2. Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.

  12. Could Anne Hathaway be more annoying? The bottom line is that being a hooker is a lousy life but for some women it is the best option available. In some ways this whole debate is just a screwed up version of the debate about sweat shops in that we have a bunch of rich people who just can’t understand how poor people could lower themselves to doing such things and therefore must be being forced to do so.

    The other thing of course is that unless you are willing to criminalize all out of wedlock sex, criminalizing prostitution is irrational. Women have sex with men for kinds of self serving reasons. And some women have just as much random sex as any hard working prostitute. If it is demeaning and enforces “gender apartheid” whatever that is for a woman to have sex for $500 an hour, then how is it not just as demeaning for a woman to sleep with a man to get her rent paid or to get ahead in her job?

    Lastly, the entire thing is discriminatory against heterosexuals. No one ever talks about gay male prostitutes being “victims” or cracking down on the men who pay them. It is always about throwing straight people in jail. We seem to treat straight men who look for sex the way we used to treat gay men who cruised for sex.

    1. Could Anne Hathaway be more annoying?

      Please, John, don’t dare her. The movies were bad enough, and now we already have this.

      1. All of them. And she is not aging well either. She was pretty cute and sexy when she was 18. Every year she gets thinner, more harsh looked and less attractive. I think she is more annoying than Gweneth Palthrow. And that is a bold statement.

        1. The two of them are so nasty I would not even do them with yours! Looking at them is not even the bad part, at some point they are going to speak!


    2. The thing is that a lot of the stuff that makes life as a prostitute unpleasant–abusive pimps, violent johns, etc.–go away when you legalize prostitution. When sex is a black market commodity, sex workers can’t avail themselves of the legal protections afforded to legal businesspeople, and therefore have no recourse when a pimp muscles in or a john beats them up.

      1. And prostitutes are totally at the mercy of cops if it is illegal. These idiots think men are all these evil exploiters. Yet, somehow it never occurs to them that making prostitutes criminals and at the mercy of male cops is a bad idea.

        1. As with all progressives, they labor under the illusion that the system is perfectable. If they just had the right people in charge, if they could just convince the cops to behave properly, if they could re-educate everyone to the same glorious ideals that they hold so dear in their heart, then the world would be perfect.

    3. then how is it not just as demeaning for a woman to sleep with a man to get her rent paid or to get ahead in her job?

      You have a hardline fringe dragging the soft middle into that opinion, John. Marriage is a form of oppression, men sleeping with their subordinates (or students) are exerting their power over the powerless, and now any form of prostitution is men with disposable income bribing women into a position of inferiority. It isn’t a slippery slope, it’s the destination.

      1. It totally is. And it is also pretty misogynistic in that it attempts to rob women of what is their greatest power. No guy, or very few of them, is flirting with his boss to get something or finding some dumb geek to pay for their drinks or meals. An attractive upper middle class young woman is one of the most privileged people on earth. She can if she chooses to spend her entire life being taken care of first by her parents and then by a series of boyfriends or husbands.

    4. I do not understand her popularity. She is not especially attractive (not even in the Audrey Hepburn-esque way that seemed to be inferred for awhile). She is not an especially good actress, and she narc’d on her con-man boyfriend.

      1. She is not bright. I don’t think she knew he was a con man.

        1. When her and Franco hosted the Oscars that one year, there was a rumor that she insisted upon having equal to, or the same number, of lines that he had.

          1. That’s kind of like the first season Q. I. question “What actor said that his greatest regret was that he had never seen himself on the stage?” and Alan Davies blurts out “Oh, god, it could be any of them!”

            Insisting she have equal numbers of lines would be pretty standard behavior in Whollyodd.

            1. When actors go out of their way to voice their opinions their petty should be brought up. Their opinions have influence.

              1. petty behavior. goodness.

        2. ^THIS^

          Not Bright, as in Dumb As A Brick.

      2. Okay, let’s not get carried away. I understand that beauty is subjective but everyone who thinks she’s not attractive is wrong and I’m right.

        1. She is attractive, but not as attractive as she used to be and less so every year. I wouldn’t kick her out of bed that is for sure.

          1. She is inoffensive, Hollywood attractive.

          2. I probably would, but I’m picky about what I let in my bed in the first place, and the criteria are largely based on personality. She’s attractive, but she comes across like an imbecile.

            1. If you have any standards at all about personality or lack of it, you would definitely kick her out of bed.

              1. Then…
                kick her out of the house
                kick her down the street
                Then …
                Consider a restraining order to keep away

    5. Note that these celebrities don’t make nearly as much of a fuss about the sexual abuse and exploitation, particularly of tweens and teenagers, that goes on in their own industry. How many studio execs have these actresses had to blow, for instance, to get the parts they’ve played? How many of their fellow actresses and actors have been criminally taken advantage of by slimy directors and producers in exchange for the chance at fame?

      I’ve long thought that if any Republican president ever wanted to truly fuck with Hollywood (the Dems will never do it because they’re fully incestuous with these people at this stage), they’d launch a “Bobby Kennedy vs the Mafia”-style jihad and bring up RICO charges of sexual abuse on the entire entertainment industry. Use the FBI to dig up every bit of dirty laundry and offer bounties to bring in video evidence, get warrants on studio email servers and private email accounts, and air everything out in Congressional hearings. How would these pricks look if they got up in front of Congress and claimed that this doesn’t happen, even though the casting couch has been ubiquitous in Hollywood since the beginning of its history. But instead, we get to hear from these pompous cretins that legalized prostitution is a threat to human safety and dignity.

      1. ^^THIS^^

        If the GOP had any brains, the next Republican AG would set up shop in Hollywood going after every single producer or big wig who ever banged an underage actor.

  13. Gender Apartheid?

    Does anyone intend to explain this, of is it like #blacklivesmatter – something which strongly resists any strict application of logic?

    1. are you saying black lives mattering is a problem of logic? #RACIST!

    2. There isn’t any. They just stuck buzzwords together. “Gender” is the new buzzword and “apartheid” is a beloved classic.

      The term of course makes no sense since there are lots of male prostitutes too. If prostitution is so bad for the people who do it, then it is bad for the men just like it is the women who do it.

      1. Does anyone intend to explain this, of is it like #blacklivesmatter – something which strongly resists any strict application of logic?

        By design, you’re not supposed to think about it. It’s what’s called a thought-terminating clich?. You’re just supposed to feel it and allow outrage to commandeer your brain.

        1. Yes. Its gender!! Its apartheid!! The sound of the words is supposed to make your loins tremble with outrage.

        2. Sounds like just another example of the accusation is the evidence. Maybe they’re one and the same. Make a claim so outrageous or so severe that your opponents trip over themselves contending with the implications rather than the truth of the claim.

          1. I should’ve linked this in my original post, cuz it’s interesting. Term comes from Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism.

            1. “The language of the totalist environment is characterized by the thought-terminating clich?. The most far-reaching and complex of human problems are compressed into brief, highly reductive, definitive-sounding phrases, easily memorized and easily expressed. These become the start and finish of any ideological analysis.”

              1. That is fascinating and horrifying.

                1. And it is true. Orwell talked about the same phenomena. The point of newspeak is not just to lie. I was to get people to stop thinking, to force them to believe such outrageous lies and to demean themselves so much that they can no longer question the lies without facing the fact they have given up all of their self respect. Most people can’t do that so they lie to themselves by believing the newspeak.

    3. It’s sort of like apartheid in South Africa, except…

      Oh, it’s nothing like apartheid in South Africa.

      If anything, keeping it illegal means the police are targeting women specifically who are actually victims of trafficking. Police targeting victims is kinda like apartheid.

      1. I actually lived in apartheid South Africa. It is somewhat insulting to people who suffered under it to use that term here. What kind of backlash would they get if they used holocaust…

        1. They think it’s okay because their intentions are good.

          1. de Klerk thought his were too…

        2. What kind of backlash would they get if they used holocaust…

          Very little to none. Noun/Adj. + Holocaust is already a go to hyperbolic cliche.

          Exhibit A: “Climate Holocaust

          1. But Huckabee clearly crossed the line, wherever that was.

            1. Suggesting that an action which might lead to the deaths of millions of Jews (not that I buy that, but some people do) is comparable to the Holocaust. You just don’t do that.

    4. Apartheid is bad, right? It has something to do with inequality or disproportionate burdens, doesn’t it?

      So it’s gender apartheid! And that means you can’t criticize it without demonstrating that you are for apartheid.

      1. When did you stop beating your wife, MJ?

    5. Ya know what sounds like gender apartheid? Applying different laws to one gender. Like outlawing engagement in prostitution for male buyers but not female sellers. I think a good lack of self-awareness went into the use of the term ‘apartheid’ by these dimwitted actresses.

  14. Obviously it is time for a war on prostitution. That’ll end the oldest profession for sures.

    1. And, much like the war on drugs quickly evolved into a war on drug-users…

      1. Was it ever anything else?

        1. Government jobs program?

  15. “Decriminalizing sex work supports “gender apartheid” say the likes of Lena Dunham, Anne Hathaway, and Meryl Streep.”

    At first I didn’t see what this had to do with Trump, but then I realized that Trump hasn’t raped any of them either.

    1. that we know of. Him and Cosby, man…

    2. If Trump had ever raped Lena Dunham, I would be very afraid of his candidacy. It is one thing to be a populist demagogue, but that is something entirely more scary.

      1. It would certainly show that the man has the ‘will to power’ and is capable of anything . . . *anything*, if it will get him closer to his goals.

        1. I don’t even want to think about what kind of goals a man who would rape Lena Dunham has.

          1. Goal One: Wash penis in bleach.

            1. I know men are pigs, but I find it hard to believe she has been with that many men. I would bet most of her “boyfriends” are gay and just using her as a beard. And the men she is with on the show are being paid to do it.

              The kind of guy who would want to go home with a skank like her is unlikely to run in her crowd. I bet she gets laid a lot less than you would think.

              1. I think you’re underestimating what giant pussies guys in her peer group are.

                1. I am sure they are. But why does being a giant pussy equate with sleeping with a skank? I think the kind of guy who would do Dunham is some low rent blue collar type who will fuck anything not a giant pussy.

  16. Out of curiosity, I wonder how many of those actors/actresses have supported abortion under the argument that it’s “my body, my choice.”

    1. All of them. And of course they all, Dunham excluded, have gotten where they are by using their sex appeal and looks. Hathaway was dropping her kit on screen almost as soon as she turned 18. How exactly is getting naked and having fake sex in a movie for money any different than having real sex in private for money?

      1. It isn’t any different, although I’m certain they could put some word salad together to differentiate them.

        1. As someone who has actually had both fake and real sex… I can tell you there is INDEED a difference.

      2. Dunham excluded

        No, she used her sex appeal and looks, it is just that her looks and sex appeal are not traditionally those that are in popular media. It made her stand out and become a role model for the sjw types.

        1. I fucked that up. #worstnerdever

        2. I see what you are saying and don’t disagree, but damn is that fucked up. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with these people?

      3. Fake sex is not real sex. That’s one thing. The fake sex is also heavily supervised and regulated. So that’s another.

        1. Those are differences sure, but I don’t see how they are significant. Would prostitution be okay if the pimp supervised it? Would these women be okay with things like peep shows? I doubt it.

          For every tale of woe about some woman sucked into prostitution, there is at least as many tales of woe about women sucked into making soft porn movies. I am not seeing how it is not essentially the same thing.

      4. Class. Strippers are oppressed womyn forced into sex slavery by the patriarchy, which is composed largely of pudgy thirty-somethings with chinstraps who work blue-collar jobs. When an actress gets naked on camera it’s because of Serious Art, and is a powerful statement of something that is only appreciated by the better sort. This differentiates it from porn as well, by the way.

        1. Yeah. Lets not forget that there are multiple examples of actresses being raped on set in “art films”. The infamous “butter scene” in Last Tango in Paris is really just Marlon Brando raping Maria Schneider. Natassja Kinski is rumored to have had real sex on screen when she was 15 in a Eurotrash movie called “To the Devil a Daughter”. And oh by the way, she runs around naked in half of it at 15 and it is available on Amazon and the stills are all over the net. But we send people to jail for decades and mark them sex offenders for downloading pictures of 15 year old girls off the net all of the time.

          Its different if it is “art” I guess. I believe the proper term for that is “bullshit rationalization”.

          1. It’s the usual Progressive condescension. Progressive policies are based on the assumption that, for instance, prostitutes are women who are too weak or dumb to have agency, and must have been led or forced into that life.

      5. I’m sure most of these people think porn is some horrible thing done to women too. But the distinction between porn and prostitution is even funnier. It’s OK to pay someone to have sex as long as a third party is paying and there is a camera present.

        I think there is a meaningful distinction to be made between prostitution and doing sex scenes in non-porn movies. From what I hear, it is often not too much fun for the actors, surrounded by peopel and lights and doing the same take over and over and from different angles. Of course they are getting to where they are largely on their sex appeal and looks. But none of these “serious” actresses are going to admit that.

      6. Well, you know, fake sex in a movie is ART.

    2. Every freaking one

  17. God Almighty, save us from Progtard douchecanoe authoritarians. For fuck’s sake, why do they CARE what consenting adults do? Seriously, these assholes are no different than the fuckwit Conservatards like Rick Santorum. They should have signed the letter “Fuck You, That’s Why!”

    “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.” ? C.S. Lewis

  18. Alfred Hitchcock was right.

    ‘I never said all actors are cattle; what I said was all actors should be treated like cattle.”

    1. My hero

  19. Germany will hopefully ignore these folks and their local anti-prostitution crowd and continue to be the Brothel of Europe.

    1. I thought Prague was the Brothel of Europe.

      1. It was either Der Spiegel or the BBC that ran a long story about prostitution in Germany. The title was “The Brothel of Europe”. I’m at the office or I’d search for it.

        Prague could probably compete. Amsterdam probably not anymore, the city has been cutting down on the number of windows in the Red Light district from what I’ve heard.

        1. Yeah, I have been to most of Germany and every big city in Germany has a thriving red light district. The Amsterdam one is not what it once was.

    2. the Brothel of Europe

      I think Greece may shortly steal that crown. Or maybe Greece will be the Thailand of Europe.

      1. I would imagine there are some nice looking women there. I wonder what it is like to vacation there now. Everyone is so desperate for cash, I bet a big stack of Euros or Dollars would buy you about anything.

        1. Not sure I’d want to visit any more than I would Venezuela. Maybe a few months ago, when circumstances were backing up to the precipice rather than tipping over it.

          1. Yeah. Money only does you good if you can buy something with it. There seems to be nothing to buy there. I am not sure it is Venezuela bad but it is getting there.

            1. A cheap if modest trip to the Mediterranean would be terrific, but I would worry about when the muggings begin in earnest. Maybe one of the few places in the world where it’s worse for Europeans than Americans, but still.

              1. There are still people in Greece who have money and those people are not being mugged. If you have money, security and fun can be had anywhere short of maybe the areas of Syria and Iraq run by ISIS.

                1. Hey, I hear Americans have so much fun out there they burn their passports.

      2. No, no. Greece doesn’t want to be fucked by Europe, Greece wants to fuck Europe. Top, not bottom.

  20. How does the adage go? As goes Kevin Kline, so goes the world?

    1. Don’t call him stupid

  21. gender apartheid

    I do not think that word means what they think it means.

    1. There is such a thing as “gender apartheid”. It is known as Saudi Arabia. I doubt these broads will be saying much about that however.

      1. Oh, I’m sure they have a line of babble about Saudi Arabia too. It’s just that that line of babble doesn’t fit with the “controversy of the day” newsfeed model, so it doesn’t get into print. I’m confident that these little twits have opinions on almost anything you could name; most of them equally brainless.

        The difference between today and the Hollywood of the 1920’s is that nobody seems to have expected Clara Bow’s opinion on anything to make any goddamned sense.

        1. No kidding. The studio system kept them in line. The studios realized people of every politics and views bought tickets. So they told them to keep their mouths shut and do their job of looking glamorous.

          I don’t understand how it is actors have gotten so much less attractive. People rave about someone like Scarlett Johanson or Emma Watson. If you put them in a room with someone like a young Marylin Monroe or Natalie Wood or any of literally dozens of stars from the past and they would be the homely girls. It is the same with men. Are people just not as attractive anymore?

          1. I hereby invoke Schofield’s Law of Popular Culture; we remember the popular culture of eras past so fondly because, mercifully, we don’t remember that much of it.

            There were plenty of peculiar looking people in the Studio System. I mean, Betty Davis? Really? Garbo wasn’t pretty either, by my lights. And we aren’t even talking about the ones that aren’t shaply remembered.

            1. Sure there were. But there were a lot of really good looking ones too. It seems we just have the odd looking ones now. The top end is not what it once was.

              1. Maybe, but I really think it stays about the same. I’ll admit, though, that when I’m in the checkout lane I do tend to think “Who are all these vapid looking little idiots, and why am I supposed to care?” regarding People Magazine and similar.

                1. Eva Green is about the only woman in Hollywood today that I think would be good looking in any screen era. The rest of them, while often attractive, would have been meh had they been around in the 30s or 40s.

                  1. Eva Green is about the only woman in Hollywood today that I think would be good looking in any screen era.

                    Eva Green has the same level of smoky charisma that those stars possessed–she’s not a particularly *good* actress but when the camera’s not on her, you find yourself wishing it would scan back to her again. That’s one of the reasons she’s my favorite Bond Girl by far, because her screen presence is such a throwback.

                    1. It’s a completely different vibe, but she’s really excellent in Penny Dreadful (which is some pretty dark shit).

  22. I feel like there was a real missed-opportunity here to draw the obvious comparison between Whores and Actors

    I mean, historically, they were more or less interchangeable, as far as social-status was concerned.

    And the essence of their trade is not all that different in some respects. Maybe they’re just spiteful of the competition.

      1. ^here. Although it *is* ENB, so maybe it’s just my latent misogyny.

          1. No, no, I subconsciously typo’d “her” for “here” because, as a closet misogynist, I couldn’t help inadvertently taking a shot at a woman in a position of authority. It’s bred into my genes because Western culture and stuff.

    1. I was thinking along the same lines. The celebs are on board with exchanging sexual activity for money, bu ‘for me and not for thee’. Hypocrites.

  23. So I guess this answers the question of if “affirmative consent” is sufficient for these ladies. You can’t get more of an affirmative consent than, “If I give you fifty bucks, will you give me a blowjob?”, does it?

    1. If you are paying for it, even affirmative consent is still not valid I guess.

    2. The obvious retort to this is to gasp and insist that Sex is magic and holy and its only patriarchy that turns it into a commodity that can be bought and sold.

      1. ^^THIS^^

        The feminists have the same view of sex that strict Catholics do, only it is even more irrational. Catholics at least have a rational reason for why sex is special; it is supposed to be associated with the creation of life. Feminists take sex away from procreation but then still want to pretend it is somehow special and different from any other enjoyable activity.

        Worse still, they on the one hand embrace the culture of women having casual sex for pure enjoyment but on the other hand try and pretend that sex is special such that any time a man pays for it or a woman has it and later regrets it some great evil has occurred. The whole thing is nuts and nothing but a rationalization for women to do whatever they want and avoid the consequences.

  24. Anne Hathaway, I love you for your body, not your mind.

    1. This. I still would, so long as she keeps her idiotic opinions to herself. /TIWTANFL

    2. Except for that mouth. I’d be afraid to kiss her because she might swallow my head.

  25. I’ve witnessed many mainstream Hollywood actors and actresses on screen performing sexual acts for money, including the fondling of breasts, hands clearly touching genitals, and kissing. Seems to me celebrities are already accepting that sex for money is okay, just not for other people.

    1. I can’t see how there is any difference between a woman getting naked and letting a guy kiss her body on camera for money and doing the same in private for money. If I had a daughter, I think I would rather have her do it for money in private than do it on screen for millions to see.

      1. I can see a difference: the stakes involved. Think about the potential for abuse behind the scenes among less well-known but attractive young starlet-wannabes and much wealthier, more influential industry-insiders. These are women gambling on access and men with plenty to spare. Now think about middle-class johns wanting to exchange a handful of cash for the opportunity to get off. Where is their leverage, except in refusing to pay? And how is driving the practice further away from legal recourse going to fix that?

        Yet in the former case it’s perfectly legal, if unethical, to exchange sex for the implication of patronage. You just don’t put it in those words. In the latter case the explicit exchange of money for sex is illegal and becoming more so. The last place I want to hear about sexual mores is from Hollywood.

        1. The other difference is that a woman can whore herself out and forget it ever happened. No one ever has to know. If she does it on film, however, it never goes away.

          1. But if she does it on film, she probably has a nicer house.

            1. Maybe. I think there is more consistent money in whoring than in making porn flicks.

    2. Most of the time they’re dry humping. Not quite the same thing.

      1. I don’t think Halle Berry and Billy Bob Thornton were dry humping in Monster’s Ball. I’m at work, so I can’t link to the scene in question, but google it sometime.

        All though most of the time, you’re right. When you see a “sex scene” where the sheets or something are covering up everything from the waste down, it’s a pretty safe bet that the actors are still clothed from the waste down and they’re really just grinding on each other.

        1. Most of the time they wear these flesh covered patches while they do their thing. Sure, there are exceptions, but as a general rule they’re dry humping.

    3. Some of the very actresses who signed this stupid letter have done sex scenes. Shit, I’m pretty sure some sex scenes involved actual penetration.

      Hell, didn’t Emma Thompson once full on suck a dick in a scene from some “art” flick that was indistinguishable from a porno? Or am I thinking of someone else?

      1. Have you ever seen The Dreamers? If what Eva Green did in that movie wasn’t real sex it might has well have been. Eva of course is the kind of woman you want getting naked on screen. My God is she amazing.

        1. Haven’t seen that one. Might have to check it out later. Strictly to confirm your claims, natch. Not out of any desire to watch it because it might be enjoyable. That would be furthering TEH PATRIARCHY or something.

          Check out Amber Heard in The Informers sometime. You won’t be disappointed, although I doubt she was actually having sex, it’s still pretty nice. Oops, there I go furthering TEH PATRIARCHY, again. I’m such a cis-hetero male shitlord.

        2. Eva Green in the Dreamers is just one of the absolute best things ever to happen to the screen.

  26. It isn’t that difficult to comprehend. Giving a woman money for sex is immoral because she gets to choose how the money is spent. She’s supposed to let him spend the money on dinner and drinks and jewelery, not give it to her directly and then let her spend it as she chooses. He’s the man. She’s just a woman. She’s supposed to defer to his better judgement. Prostitution must be banned to support the patriarchy. Duh.

    1. It is more than that. In the dinner situation, the woman is still in control of the man’s sexuality. She can stiff him if she likes. Hookers don’t do that. It is really about controlling men. Women don’t want their husband’s and boyfriends having easy access to sex with other women.

  27. Fucking consensual behavior- how does it work?

  28. FUCK all those actors for contributing to the horrible abuses suffered under criminalized sex worker apartheid.

    That draft report is damning.

    The available evidence indicates that the criminalisation of sex work is more likely than not to reinforce discrimination against those who sell sex, placing them at greater risk of harassment and violence, including ill-treatment at the hands of police.

    The most marginalised sex workers often report the highest levels, and worst experiences, of criminalisation.

    1. You have NO idea how much abuse sex workers get at the hands of law enforcement agents- not just in third world countries, but here in the good ol’ USA: http://www.policeprostitutiona…..&Itemid=50

  29. “But actress Anne Hathaway played a French whore in Les Mis, so she has feels about the issue, too.”

    Also, take note: Tom Hanks did not serve in World War II.

    1. “I’m not an actual whore, but I played one on tv.”

  30. “Men don’t pay women for sex. They pay them to go away.”

    -Rush Limbaugh

    1. But if we crushed the “escort” trade, he wouldn’t have been able to murder “escorts.”

    2. Obviously the solution to stopping crime is armed whores.

    3. Inside Falls’ car, detectives found a machete, axes, knives, a shovel, a sledgehammer, bleach, plastic trash bags, bulletproof vests, and four sets of handcuffs.

      The bolded items make me wonder if this guy is connected to law enforcement. Cop, former cop, police academy washout, perhaps?

      1. If he is, will this story go down the memory hole?

    4. Unfortunately, now she’ll have to deal with a horde of men interested in her obviously superior genes.

  31. “Without a vibrant sex industry, there would be no sex trafficking,”
    “Without a vibrant bread industry, there would be no bread trafficking,”
    “Without a vibrant cocaine industry, there would be no cocaine trafficking,”
    How the hell can you not intuitively understand one of the most basic economic facts?
    And I would like to ask these people – If some person or group whose opiions you generally respect comes out with an opinion you strongly disagree with, does it give you pause to question whether or not your respect for their other opinions might be misplaced or (gasp!) maybe even give you pause to question if perhaps it is your own opinion that might need to be re-examined? (Not that this would in any way reflect on the Ron Bailey-bashing that takes place on this board whenever he mentions global warming. Just because Ron Bailey seems to know more about science than some of the commentariat doesn’t mean that it is not entirely proper to call him an asshole when he says something you are more ignorant about than he is.)

  32. Google pay 97$ per hour my last pay check was $8500 working 1o hours a week online. My younger brother friend has been averaging 12k for months now and he works about 22 hours a week. I cant believe how easy it was once I tried it out.
    This is wha- I do…… ??????

  33. Google pay 97$ per hour my last pay check was $8500 working 1o hours a week online. My younger brother friend has been averaging 12k for months now and he works about 22 hours a week. I cant believe how easy it was once I tried it out.
    This is wha- I do…… ??????

  34. So where is the outrage over sugar babies? You know, the girls in college who of their own free will seek out “relationships” with wealthy men.

  35. when I read list list of those opposed to this AI policy statment I thought…hmmm a collective IQ in the double digits but not quite room temperature…

  36. As Elizabeth notes, prostitution abolitionists (and these vacuous celebrities) contend that in those countries which have decriminalized or legalized prostitution, there has been an increase of violence against prostitutes, but what standard of measurement could they possibly use to validate such a claim?

    Where prostitution is prohibited for either the prostitute or the client, it is not likely that a victim of violence will report the crime to the authorities. Knowing that the probable outcome of going to the police to report the violence is most likely to be either the non investigation of the crime by disinterested law enforcement officers, or their own arrest, prosecution and incarceration (also called ‘rescue and rehabilitation’)- or both- tends to discourage victims of violence from reporting a crime no matter how traumatized by the violence they may be.

    1. Under those circumstances, it would be impossible to ascertain how many incidents of violence were not reported because of prostitution laws which deterred such reporting; therefore how would it be possible for anyone to assert that decriminalization or legalization of prostitution led to increase of violence against prostitutes? When prostitutes are no longer facing arrest or law enforcement apathy in investigating the crime for which they unequivocally acknowledge they are the victim, there may be a significant rise in the number of reported incidents of violence, perhaps even as much as a 100% increase. That’s not indicative of a rise in violence but rather is indicative of the empowerment of women to report violence they never before would have considered reporting.

      1. Recently a Norwegian woman was in Dubai for a business meeting and was raped. She went to the police to report the crime, but instead of investigating and arresting the rapist, she was arrested and convicted of the crime of ‘having sex outside of marriage,’ and sentenced to 16 months in prison. The international outrage at the injustice pressured the Dubai government to commute her sentence and allowed her to return to her country.

        It is doubtful she was aware of that law or that the law could be applied to her, where she clearly had not consented. If she knew there was a high probability she would be arrested and punished rather than the man who raped her, would she still have reported the crime?

        No doubt other rape victims who live in Dubai were and are familiar with the consequences of reporting a rape, so they simply do not report the rape. With few or no reports of rapes, Dubai can claim that the law keeps women safe, and use the lack of reported rape crimes as evidence that the law is working.

        What if the Dubai police claimed that abolition of the law would increase the number of rapes… therefore, to protect women, the law must remain even if it discouraged rape victims from reporting the crime? Would anyone accept such a preposterous argument? Yet this is the argument prostitution abolitionists use to promote the continued criminalization of prostitution.

        1. so waht you’re saying is IF one is a rapist, one should definitely move to Dubai?

          1. Maybe, societies like that also tend to ignore when the husband/brother/father castrates you before beating you to death.

          2. If that’s what you take from that, sure. Or any other middle eastern country with such laws. Of course, it hasn’t been that long since the US had similar laws against gays and oral sex. If you were gay and the victim of a crime, there was little chance that you would report the crime to the cops.

      2. Thanks for stopping by. You’re preaching to the choir. We get the general principles. As you pointed out in your first paragraph, there’s a dearth of hard data. Even the AI draft was anecdotal. If AI has data, it needs to be released so the methods can be improved.

        1. I stop by all the time, but very seldom have the time to comment. . As a long time libertarian and sex worker rights activist, this is one of my most favorite sites.
          Here is some hard evidence of what the police do to sex workers in the US: http://policeprostitutionandpo…..&Itemid=50

  37. I’ll just go on record as saying I don’t give a fuck what Anne Hathaway, Lena Dunham, or Meryl Streep think.

  38. Decriminalizing sex work supports “gender apartheid” say the likes of Lena Dunham, Anne Hathaway, and Meryl Streep.

    Let the snake devour itself. Have at it, bitches.

  39. Regarding Les Miserables: I tried watching the movie, but right out of the box it made no sense. The beautiful young girl has to be a prostitute, so they cut off her hair and pull out some teeth. Wouldn’t she have been worth infinitely more as a whore WITH her hair and her teeth ? Let’s ugg her up and THEN sell her for sex…WTF ?

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  41. I always thought that George Carlin had the best viewpoint on this: Why should it be illegal to sell something that’s perfectly legal to give away for free?

  42. Any discussion with Aryan International will eventually come around to them blaming the Jews.

  43. Man i wish people would stop trying to emulate the “Swedish model”. Sweden is a fucking shithole that should be cut off from international relations and left to rot and die.

    This is the country that is so cowardly that they just busted an immigration official, charged with allowing Muslim immigrants into the country, as an ISIS supporter.

    The country that set up a program to help ISIS fighter reintegrate and the head guy of this program left to fight for ISIS.

    Who want Swedes to allow returning ISIS fighters to live in their garages, all at taxpayer expense and set up jobs program for them while their own fucking military that is fighting against ISIS gets no such help.

    The country that is protesting a gay pride parade and wants its organizers jailed for hate speech because they dared to say they were gonna march through Muslim areas.

    The country that said they were going to adopt a “feminist” foreign policy in regards to Russian aggression, whatever the fuck that means.

    Fuck Sweden, anyone wanting to mimic that shit is fucked up in the head.

  44. If hookers would just have a camera set up in their rooms they can claim they are making a porn movie for money, which is perfectly legal!

    What a bizarre world we live in…

    1. Considering the net worth of the porn industry, it is bizarre. It’s crazy how well everyone (and I mean the world) has adapted to porn esp. through the internet and cable. Does anyone see a distinction between a prostitute and a porn actor? I don’t. Getting paid for sex is the definition of a prostitute.
      So, people obviously don’t have a problem with prostitution as long as they are performing an art form? Now that, is even more bizarre!

      I take it Hugh Grant wasn’t one of the celebrities protesting?

  45. Of course all feminists ( and even some non-fems) are against legalizing prostitution b/c it takes power away from women. If a man can get sex as easily as one can buy a gallon of milk, what power would women over men, what could they use as a bargaining chip to get what they want? They hide behind the excuse that prohibiting prostitution will eliminate sex trafficking; this is HORRRIBLY WRONG !! As with the prohibition of marijuana and alcohol, the demand for sex will never die and prohibiting prostitution will only create a black market, AKA sex trafficking.Sex trafficking and prostitution are NOT the same thing.Sex trafficking is FORCING someone to do sex work against their will.VOLUNTARY prostitution should be made into a legal business, like in the Netherlands and in Reno in the U.S. .I propose that legalised prostitution should only take place in a brothel or massage parlor, not in the streets, and not in one’s own home, in the interest of protection for both parties. A woman who CHOOSES to be a legal prostitute, should have to register online, pay a small fee for a membership card, and be made to get regular checkups.A legal sex worker would have to report all earnings for tax purposes just like any other job.Legalizing prostitution would be a major benefit to society. There would be a decrease in divorce, domestic violence, and rape.Besides, don’t feminists always say “My body, my choice”? Well here’s your chance. LEGALIZE PROSTITUTION !!!

  46. “Lena Dunham’s crusade against Amnesty International’s push to decriminalize sex work is the epitome of white privilege elitist feminism. What’s more perverse than a rich and famous actress claiming to be a feminist while simultaneously trying to convince the world of what women should or shouldn’t be able to do with their own bodies?”…..ady-parts/

  47. I don’t understand why these Govt’s decriminalize selling and criminalize buying. Are these prostituted women does not know what is good and bad. They are matured and they chosen that field.Did anyone forced to come to that field.They themselves are selling there bodies and these law people coming in middle criminalizing the people. Finally Destroying the Careers and there families.Instead of Law people removing/banning the adult sites and using the same sites for trapping innocent people. If Govt cant eliminate the source decriminalize why are you playing with public lives, careers and their families,

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