Targeting ISIS With Anime, Sandra Bland Dashcam Footage Was Edited, Obama and Jon Stewart Have Final Fling: A.M. Links


  • The video Texas cops released of Sandra Bland's traffic stop and subsequent arrest has obviously been edited, with the same cars and people reappearing in view as the audio continues uninterrupted. 
  • Anonymous hackers have taken over myriad Twitter accounts of folks they claim are ISIS sympathizers, flooding their pages with images of a Japanese anime character in ISIS garb. "Groups tackling IS propaganda online are starting to use images of the young girl in connection with the group's name and slogans in an attempt to dilute the results people get when they search for information about the group," reports the BBC. 
  • Congressional Republicans are determined to defund Planned Parenthood one way or another. 
  • Obama complained to Jon Stewart on last night's Daily Show that the media "gets distracted by shiny objects and doesn't always focus on the big tough choices" he makes. 
  • Hillary Clinton embraces the "gender card" this go-round. 
  • Five Tucson police officers have been fired for making or attempting to make appointments at an "illicit massage parlor" that the city and federal agents spent three years monitoring. Two other officers involved resigned, and one is still under investigation. 

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