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A Missouri Highway Patrol sergeant who spoke out about the drowning death of a student in the agency's custody has been demoted and transferred. Trooper Anthony Piercy had arrested Brandon Ellingson for boating under the influence and was taking him in when Ellingson fell out of the trooper's boat and drowned. Sgt. Randy Henry said that the story Piercy told him after it happened differed significantly from what he later said. Specifically, Piercy admitted to traveling much faster than he later said and to putting the wrong type of life preserver on Ellingson.

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  1. Henry would later post a message on the “Justice for Brandon Ellingson” Facebook page, writing,

    My main focus is, and has been from day one, to let this young man rest in peace, to clear his name, and to let the Ellingson family know exactly what happened before, during, and after that horrendous day. There are people in my inner circle who have the same feelings that we all have, and who I believe will step up when it’s time to.

    Guess he was wrong.

  2. The only crime for a cop is telling the truth about another cop.

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