Gawker Editors Fall on Poisoned Pens, McCain Wants Trump to Apologize to POWs, Uber Faster and Cheaper in Poor Communities: P.M. Links


  • Markets at work.

    Schadenfreude ahoy! Two Gawker editors have resigned after the company's management forced the removal of that extremely vile story outing a media executive for no actual reason and making the site essentially complicit in a blackmail effort. (Though as Popehat explains, they are likely not legally complicit.)

  • Sen. John McCain says Donald Trump should apologize to other prisoners of war, not him, for Trump's inane claim that McCain isn't a hero because he got captured.  
  • The United States has killed at least eight Afghan soldiers in an airstrike in a friendly fire incident.
  • A study in low-income neighborhoods in Los Angeles shows that rides ordered from Uber arrive more quickly and cost much less than taxis. Please remind those oblivious taxi cartel defenders that claim to be concerned about the poor that poor people benefit from the availability of this service. (Hat tip to CharlesWT)
  • A suicide blast in a Turkish town near the Syrian border has killed at least 30.
  • Grocery chain A&P has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy for the second time in five years.

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