Trump Bump Continues to Stump, Harvesting Fetal Organs, Lena Dunham's Newsletter: P.M. Links


  • Heroes
    Heroes Reborn

    New York Times hails Iran deal for reducing the "chances of war."

  • Donald Trump is still polling well despite being completely insane.
  • Hidden camera footage appears to show a Planned Parenthood executive agreeing to sell fetal organs, which is against the law.
  • Actress Lena Dunham is launching a newsletter about "feminism and politics and fashion and current events" and politics and more politics. I signed up already; did you?
  • Scott Walker isn't super enthusiastic about gay adults joining the Boy Scouts.
  • Jesse Eisenberg did not enjoy his visit to Comic-Con. In fact, he likened it to "some kind of genocide." (Edit: Link added)
  • I wasn't there, but my biggest Comic-Con surprise was that the trailer for Heroes Reborn didn't suck.

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  1. Donald Trump is still polling well despite being completely insane.

    Relax. Fads pass.

    1. Posting first is just a fad.

      1. You seem to be obsessed with firsties. Frankly, I find it a little sad.

        1. You know what else turned out to be a sad and insane fad?

          1. Pants saggin’?

            1. I have to say I love your display name.

          2. Satanic ritual abuse witchhunts?

          3. Reason comments?

            1. They are not a fad, they are a compulsion.

              1. The check you say! I can quit anytime I want!

          4. Lime green bell-bottomed polyester jumpsuits with peach colored shirts?

          5. Pogs?

    2. But it’s been over a week! A WHOLE WEEK!!!

    3. Hello.

      I don’t see how Trump is any more or less insane, say, than Dunham who now has a website to enlighten us all with.

      1. Dunham isn’t running for president yet.


        1. To be fair, Trump isn’t SERIOUSLY running for president, either.

          1. To be fair, Trump isn’t SERIOUSLY running for president, either.

            The more attention he gets the more he will take it seriously, which will be interesting.

        2. I can’t even

        3. True Dat… for coming generations who knows.

      2. Well Robby didn’t say “not completely insane Lena Dunham,” so he probably agrees.

    4. Donald Trump is still polling well despite being completely insane

      Like that’s ever stopped a candidate from winning an election.

      1. You know who else was completely insane….

        1. My other personality?

  2. Scott Walker isn’t super enthusiastic about gay adults joining the Boy Scouts.

    He’s very determined to be bad on as many issues as good.

    1. Other than fighting the public unions, what issue(s) is he good on?

      1. Telling journalists to fuck off with gotcha questions. Sadly, he announced the candidacy, so now he has to answer them.

        1. Christie does that too–it’s no reason to consider him a viable candidate.

        1. Isn’t that true for all the potential Rethugs (except Christie, of course). Walker is DOA to me due to his staunch support of the Drug War and desire to drug test welfare recipients (we need to drug test LESS people, not more).

          1. Fewer people need drug tests? You bet. I’m convinced these people have Quest Diagnostics in their pocket. Fuckers.

            1. Being a government sub-contractor, I’m subject to random drugs tests. Fortunately, in the year I’ve been working here they haven’t asked me to take one. Because if they had I wouldn’t be working here, and not just because I’d fail. But the scuttlebutt around my office is that if there ever was a company-wide drug test they’d have to fire half the staff.

          2. I’m against drug tests in general, but for welfare recipients not so much…

            If they are getting enough free money to take care of basic needs AND party, then something’s wrong.

            Of course that could just be because of the bitterness I feel every time I look at my paystub and wonder about what deadbeat my money is going too.

            1. Yeah, that was my knee-jerk reaction when the idea was first floated many years ago. If I have to submit to drug tests to work, why don’t they have to take drug tests to get my tax dollars? But that’s a very slippery slope and I can imagine the government eventually requiring drug tests to get unemployment, Social Security and any other government service–even though we’ve paid for them. No, our goal should be to test less (ideally none) rather than more.

            2. Drug tests are a lot more expensive than drugs.

              1. Precisely why nearly every job in Florida (including sign twirlers!) requires a drug test–because the Governor has a financial stake in a drug testing company. At least that’s what I heard, but I’m too lazy to research it.

                1. They tried drug testing welfare recipients in FL. A much smaller percentage of welfare recipients failed than job applicants for state positions. In FL, at least, people trying to get on welfare are too poor to buy drugs regularly.

            3. Nobody should have to waive Constitutional rights in order to receive anything from the government.

              1. Eh. ‘Receiving from the government’ isn’t what it sounds like. They have nothing to give this is rightfully theirs.

              2. Yep

              3. If you want my money (and that’s what the government hands out) then you do whatever I say to get it.

      2. Walker has recently passed laws expanding gun ownership and severely undermined the tenure system in Wisconsin. Just when you start to cheer, he gives you a reason or two not to.

    2. Because the gay adults in the Catholic Church worked out SO WELL.

      1. Those gays did what they did because they were religious, not because they’ve gay.

        1. “They’ve,” of course, being a contraction for “They have the.” I will pedantically point out that the proper word would’ve been “They’d,” as in “they had the gay.”

      2. Because the gay adults in the Catholic Church worked out SO WELL.

        The Catholic Church has never permitted openly gay individuals to be members of the clergy. The “gay adults” you allude to were “gay” in the same way that Jerry Sandusky was “straight”.

        1. Jerry Sandusky, like the priests, went for young boys.

          There’s an organization called NAMBLA out there–there’s no NAMGLA.

  3. HeroesHeroes RebornNew York Times hails Iran deal for reducing the “chances of war.”

    I am predicting war once Team Red controls the Congress and the White House in 2017.

  4. Trump comes in as the first choice of 17 percent of likely GOP primary voters in the latest national poll, conducted by USA Today and Suffolk University. His closest competitor is Florida Gov. Jeb Bush at 14 percent. After Bush, it’s Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (8 percent), Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas (6 percent), Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida (5 percent), neurosurgeon Ben Carson, Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (4 percent each), and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (3 percent).

    The rest of the candidates, who received less than 2 percent support, include Texas Gov. Rick Perry, former Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, businesswoman Carly Fiorina, Ohio Gov. John Kasich, Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, and former New York Gov. George Pataki.…..l-20150714

    Rand Paul underperforming Ron Paul 2012 at 4%

    1. More like 8%.

    2. You can’t spell underperforming without derp.

    3. Who the fuck are these people?

  5. “Actress Lena Dunham is launching a newsletter about “feminism and politics and fashion and current events” and politics and more politics. I signed up already; did you?”

    Robby Soave: Reason Troll

    1. I assume the fashion advice is about what clothing, make-up and tats to avoid.

    2. Trolling can be a good thing, well done rico.

  6. …my biggest Comic-Con surprise was that the trailer for Heroes Reborn didn’t suck.

    It’s all downhill from there.

    1. Again, why the fuck is Katana in the Suicide Squad?

      1. To link it to Arrow?

    2. I don’t know if I can see Chuck — aka Zachary Levi — as evil. I just don’t think I can do it.

  7. Hidden camera footage appears to show a Planned Parenthood executive agreeing to sell fetal organs, which is against the law.


    Watch Hillary Praise Planned Parenthood’s Eugenicist Founder Margaret Sanger

    Why does Hillary hate black and other minority babies?

    1. Because babies can’t vote.

    2. Remember, hardly anyone knows that Sanger was a eugenicist, or even what a eugenicist is, except that they vaguely recall the word being used in the context of major 20th century events but can’t quite place it (if that).

      I have to keep reminding my occasionally overzealous libertarian convert wife that Sanger was a terrible human being, and my wife is incredibly intelligent. What chance do you think most everyone else has?

      1. TL;DR

        You know who ELSE was a eugenicist?

        1. Oliver Wendell Holmes?

        2. Barack Obama?

        3. Bobby Bittman?

        4. Woodrow Wilson?

        5. Tommy Douglas?

        6. Cankles

          1. Eugene Sledge?

      2. for a while Reason was posting articles claiming she wasn’t. Because reasons.

  8. From my Derpbook feed, with a sh1t ton of likes! Yikes!

    Guns Don’t Deter Crime, Study Finds

    Among the most “interesting” comments is one that talks about how politicians should be using science in deciding “gun control” policy.

    Next up will be a demand to send any non-proggie to Room 101 for a scientific examination. All in the name of science, you know.

      1. Makes sense, but there’s no proof that those two events have any connection. Although you can be sure the Proggies would be screaming it from the rooftops if the opposite occurred.

      2. Perhaps criminals are wary around government permits?

    1. What about recidivism?

  9. Hidden camera footage appears to show a Planned Parenthood executive agreeing to sell fetal organs, which is against the law.

    To transplant into other fetuses?

    1. To Chinese restaurants?

      1. Pizza topping.

    2. To bring back Christopher Reeve?

      1. THEN YOU SHOULD BE FOCUSED ON THE SELLING PART NOT THE ORGANS PART. Profit motive is a disease that can infect organs.

  10. “Actress Lena Dunham is launching a newsletter about “feminism and politics and fashion and current events” and politics and more politics. I signed up already; did you?”

    In case everyone didn’t know, for several years, Lena Dunham’s boyfriend has refused to marry her until gays could get married too. Following the supreme court decision, guess who still isn’t engaged???


    Hat tip: The worst

    1. ‘In case everyone didn’t know, for several years, Lena Dunham’s boyfriend has refused to marry her until gays could get married too.’

      The self-righteous smugness of these people.

      If I pulled that on most of my exes they would have laughed straight into my face.

      1. Give the guy a break, would anyone with half a brain associate with this train wreck, much less sign a contract with her.

      2. He probably thought that that was a better answer than “When Hell freezes over”.

    2. Watch out, you might make people feel bad for her. Not this lot, but you know, people.

      1. Correct. There are no people here. Just Epi’s crusty socks.

      2. Schadenfreude is a real thing, jesse. Like Pluto.

      3. I feel bad for her parents.

        1. You shouldn’t. They raised her to be what she is.

      4. “Watch out, you might make people feel bad for her.”

        /stands up while blood pressure rises to begin to make a point.

        “Not this lot, but you know, people.”

        /relents, sits down while blood pressure lowers.

    3. Which Supreme Court decision? The one that actually mattered was in 2013.

      1. The one that ruined Facebook. The rainbow profile pictures.

        1. I was just making the point that the recent decision was rather symbolic. The June 2013 decision was much more consequential. Since then same-sex couples could marry in the US (yes, even if some of them had to drive or fly to a neighboring state) and get all the federal benefits.

        2. Can one ruin that which is already horrible?

          1. Can one ruin that which is already horrible?

            This one is full of wisdom.

    4. Gays still can’t get married in Iran.

  11. Actress Lena Dunham is launching a newsletter about “feminism and politics and fashion and current events” and politics and more politics. I signed up already; did you?

    Is it going to feature a columnist named Barry? You know… the moustachioed campus Republican type?

    1. Yes, but he’ll be posting without her agreeing to.

    1. Well, in all fairness that pile was artificially created and started out at 75 feet high.

    2. It snowed in CA last week

      1. Yeah at 8,000 feet above sea level. I still bought an outrageously optimistic sierra ski pass at the April teaser rate though.

        1. Risk/Reward. You aren’t going to see that price again. And there is some talk of a possible El Nino next year, which makes for an 8 month ski season in the Sierras.

    3. God damn it, that was going to be our fun excursion for the meetup.

    4. This is hilarious, in the little Minnesota town of my birth they put a wrecked car on the ice and had a contest where people chose the day the ice melted and the car went into the lake. Some things never change.

  12. New York Times hails Iran deal for reducing the “chances of war.”

    What a beautiful Neville Chamberlain moment. I could just cry!

    1. Since everything they print is a lie, I guess we need to prepare for the coming war.

    2. Yeah! Shouldn’t they be writing about BENGHAZI-DERP!!!

      1. Have I already mentioned how awesome it’s going to be when you fuck up again and the Post fires your dumb ass for the second time?

      2. Did somebody say “Cake”?

    3. Iran will be rolling into France any moment now.

  13. New York Times hails Iran deal for reducing the “chances of war.”

    You know who else was thrilled a deal was struck that supposedly reduced the chance of war?

    1. Hmmmm, nope. No idea at all.

      1. Good one, Injun.

    2. Me, when my 6 year old agreed to play Uno instead?

      1. Uno is usually better than war, except the last time I played with my niece and nephew it lasted for about an hour. It was horrible

    3. Nixon after Paris Accords?

    4. Eminiar and Vendikar?

      1. Until Kirk threatened to slaughter them all. Then peace.

        1. One of the five best episodes.

          1. After or before “Spock’s Brain?”

            I saw someone list “Requiem for Methuselah” as a crappy episode. I always liked that one.

            1. For Kirk falling deserately in love wth a naive gynoid?

    5. Coca-Cola?

    6. Khadaffi?

  14. “New York Times hails Iran deal for reducing the “chances of war.”

    Were they waving a piece of paper while they said it?

  15. Paige Spiranac – smoking hot 22- yr old buxom lass golfer with a perfect swing.…..g-in-golf/

    1. Who are you, and what have you done with our beloved ‘Plug?

      (that said, god bless you for posting this)

    2. This gets you one “get out of fucktard jail” cards.

      No, five. Jesus Christ that chick is hot.

  16. I would just like to apologize for the part I played in the earlier Bo-Gasm. I should realize he’s not here to argue in good faith. Although I will admit that his attempt to argue that I like slavery because I think it’s dumb to destroy Confederate monuments from 1895 was hilariously stupid, even by Bo’s low standards.

    1. We all make mistakes, Irish.

      BTW, what’s with the Theoretical Bi thingy anyway.

      1. What’s with the “theoretical”? NTTAWWT.

      2. It’s a holdover from a strange discussion in a polygamy thread.

        I’m beginning to realize 90% of people don’t understand it and am looking for a change. Any suggestions?

        1. “Irish (hearts*) ESB”

          *get one of our tech savvy commenters to make you a heart-thingy.

          1. You’d just need the html for less than and a three, no?

            Let’s hope I don’t break formatting for the whole thread again…

            1 <3
            2 < 3
            3 < 3

            1. ampersand lt semicolon 3 with no spaces should give you a heart thingy.

              Or are we going for emoji?

          2. I just googled ‘Heart Symbol’ and my dreams were answered.

            Note: We have confirmation that she has read the Reason comments, so there is a very real chance I’m about to get slapped with some kind of restraining order.

            1. Just another Tuesday, then.

            2. We have confirmation that she has read the Reason comments

              Wait, what? How did I miss this?

              1. She posted a screen cap of one of Francisco’s comments on twitter and said something like “You know when you see someone named Francisco d’Anconio on a libertarian site, they call themselves that because John Galt was already taken.”

                And she was actually right because he took that name because John Galt was taken when he was signing up for some other comment section. So…score one for ESB, I guess.

                1. I no longer have the pleasure of following her on twitter. She blocked me when I asked if intellectual honesty was required by the Ten Commandments. Now I rely on you to bring me her special brand of genius, because I try to avoid providing T(new)NR with ad revenue.

                  1. Ha! She blocked me too because I asked her to point me to the biblical verse where Jesus argued that people should be thrown in prison for not paying 40% of their income in taxes.

                    And one time Nicole got in a fight with her over grammar.

                    1. And one time Nicole got in a fight with her over grammar.

                      So… she’s not the worst, then? Or does this make her slightly less worse (but still the worst)?

            3. Why would someone get wound up over Extra Special Bitter?

              1. Eva S. Braun?

            4. Look out Elizabeth, he’s Irish!

              1. They don’t like it when you talk about THE CURSE, MJ.

                1. I swear, every week I learn about some cultural or racial stereotype that I’ve never heard before from the commentariat.

                  1. I was unaware of it until just before leaving for Dublin when I a friend kindly informed me. Based on relatively modest sample sizes I’d say that there is some merit to it. Although nothing too striking. It may also be a bit unfair since my trip prior to that was Berlin.

                2. Those measurements are when flaccid, right?

                3. This is the first time in my entire life that I heard or read something good about the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

                  1. This is the first time in my entire life that I heard or read something good about the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

                    They had to be good at something.

                4. It’s twoo! It’s twoo!

              2. Oh, God…+1 solid gold rocket car!

                1. Sorry…my +1 was meant for MJGreen

            5. Maybe your hoping to get slapped with a little light catholic inspired punishment?

            6. Damn. I forgot if I wrote I’d fuck or marry her.

              I know it wasn’t kill.

              In honor of Warty.

            7. Hmm, so I could change my name to I ? baby seals? …too lazy

          3. ESB in a a casting couch X would be sorta hot.

        2. Or perhaps 90% of people don’t understand it and think you are looking for a change. 😛

          I liked Viscount Irish, Woodchipper

          1. Irish :blue_club: Progressive?

            1. Irish :black_club: Progressive…

              1. Fuck it. I give up.

                1. bacon-magic ?s Progressives

                  1. Incidentally it’s ampersand clubs semicolon

              2. Racist!

        3. Deep Dirish?

          Get it?

          Irish. From Chicago. Deep Dish.

          Oh, fuck off.

          1. I got it, but I’ll fuck off anyway.

          1. Lazy, lazy, lazy.


            1. Irish Springer Spaniel?

            2. Irish Springtime for Hitler?

          2. Irish the Sheep Fucker?

    2. Sometimes we just have to engage the Bo(rg). We know that we’re just going to end up dead and floating in space, but the line must be drawn here! This far, no further!

      1. “the Bo(rg”. Good one.

    3. It’s ok Irish, as long as you sign this petition to tear down every Roman piece of architecture left in Europe I’ll believe you don’t support slavery.

      1. I’m angry he didn’t respond to my point about John Calvin and Oliver Cromwell statues. Calvin statues are all over Geneva, and that guy burned people to death. Let’s completely destroy ancient Swiss architecture because there are Calvin statues there! Who’s with me!?!?

        1. “Every man who got a statue of himself was one sumbitch or ‘nother.” -Mal Reynolds

          1. Well, except for the man they call Jayne.

            1. I just finished watching all 14 episodes on Netflix. Just as good as I remember.

              1. Yep, great TV. That’s why it had to be destroyed.

              2. The episode “Ariel” was high art. It was storytelling perfection, down to how Jayne reacted at the end (demonstrating how someone from a “Shame-based society” would react as opposed to how someone in a “Guilt-based society” would have reacted in the same situation).

          2. The Reformation Wall in Geneva actually contains John Calvin (who set a man on fire one time), John Knox (who was expelled from Scotland by Mary Queen of Scots because he constantly talked other protestants into attacking Catholics) and William Farel (a fanatic who helped Calvin).

            Let’s blow up the most important land mark in Geneva because these religious lunatics are backwards by modern standards.

            1. John Calvin ruins everything. There I said it.

            2. There are statues to all sorts of war criminals in the U.S., depending on your perspective–they all have to go. Ditto the Alamo. And the entire city of Washington.

              1. Wipe Theodore Roosevelt off Mount Rushmore while we’re at it.

            3. John Knox (who was expelled from Scotland by Mary Queen of Scots because he constantly talked other protestants into attacking Catholics)

              Well, to be fair to Mary, Knox also wrote this.

              1. You know, it just occurs to me that Bastille Day has to go, too. I mean, come on, the French Revolution? Evil slaughterfest was the almost immediate result. Has to go. Burn the flag.

      2. And don’t forget the pyramids and Sphinx were built by slave labor. Those need to go too…

        1. Apollo was built with tax dollars. Better destroy it all, including the stuff left on the Moon.

          1. Btw, all the US flags left on the surface have been bleached white by the harsh sunlight. Oddly fitting, huh?

            1. They still must be totally destroyed. All traces of human visitation must be erased from that world.

              1. I’m sure the Chinese will take care of that for us. And then announce that the US never made it there and that the Apollo program was a hoax. Just wait and see…

                1. The only way the Chinese are landing anyone on the Moon soon is if they send someone on a one-way trip.

                  1. And your point is..? But seriously, if the US can make it there with 1960s technology then I’m sure almost any developed nation can do the same with 21st Century tech. Right?

                    1. I don’t know, but their manned efforts haven’t looked like 21st century expeditions. Though, to be fair, we went to the Moon with 1960s technology and haven’t been back. Which time period wins?

  17. Spot the Not: wacky political nicknames

    1. Margaret Thatcher, The Milk Snatcher

    2. John Adams, His Rotundity

    3. Grover Cleveland, His Obstinancy

    4. Martin Van Buren, The Careful Dutchman

    5. Gerald Ford, His Accidency

    6. Grover Cleveland, Uncle Jumbo

    1. I know 1 and 2 are real, 5 sounds probably, I’ll go with…


      1. 1 sounds better if you go with Maggie Thatcher.

    2. 5.

      *Spoiler alert*

      I believe Tyler was “His Accidency” for becoming President after William Henry Harrison died a month into his term.

      1. Shoot, I should have remembered that one…is it too late to change to 5?

      2. Now that you say that, it’s starting to come back to me.

      3. paranoid android spotted the not, but none of you noticed that I listed Grover Cleveland on 2 non consecutive occasions.

        1. I noticed, but the fact that there were two other presidents in between threw me off. Cleveland was bifurcated by B. Harrison alone.

  18. Actress Lena Dunham is launching a newsletter about “feminism and politics and fashion and current events” and politics and more politics. I signed up already; did you?

    I had an original, poignant, and hilarious observation to make at Ms. Dunham’s expense, but Bo reminded me this morning that expressing negative commentary on social issues betrays my conservative biases. Instead I’ll just say I wish Ms. Dunham the best in the coming fiscal year.

    1. And may her first child be a masculine one.

        1. Why would you wish obesity on that poor kid? She’ll already have enough problems with LD as her mother.

  19. Rejoice, Americans. Our tax-payed Man of Great Wisdom, who had to live amongst you for years in order to translate your barbaric behavior to us civilized Canadians, has decide you are not as horrible as thought.

    I am sure He, in His small way, contributed to your uplift in recent years.

    1. I’m afraid my co-citizens can no longer hold up health care as final evidence of our greater social compassion. Since Obamacare became law, the number of uninsured Americans has dwindled noticeably.

      It’s hilarious to present Obamacare and Canada’s healthcare system as fantastic examples of ‘social compassion’. Yep, rate those insurance rates and wait times, that’s ‘compassion’.

      1. I just crunched the numbers on health insurance last night. What a fucking nightmare. The last time my wife and I switched (about a year ago), it tripled our costs from $80/month to $250/month. This year it’s doubling again for us to over $500/month. I’m 27 and she’s 29, and besides me being about 75lbs overweight, we’re perfectly healthy. The only cheaper coverage available was at $350/month for a $13k deductible plan. Might as well pay the penalty for that shit!


        1. The young and healthy have to pay more so the poor and old can pay less. Why are you so selfish?

          1. The pre-Medicare old aren’t getting any break under ObamaCare. I’m paying about 60% more than before — $1500/month for married couple — with pretty much the same high-deductible coverage. Sure, we get “free” pediatric dental care, contraception, and prenatal care that we didn’t get before, but we don’t value it much because we’re in our 60s.

        2. Is $500 the total, or what comes out of your pocket and some more is paid by an employer? I’m a healthy 28 year old, and I signed up for insurance this year: it’s $600 a month, and my company picks up 1/3 of the cost. It’s nuts.

          1. Mine is through my school. I’m sure they subsidize it a bit, but I’m not sure how much. My wife is getting hers through her job, so that’s subsidized as well, but I’m not sure to what extent.

        3. Mine’s over 1500.

          Boo hoo hoo.

          1. Fuck! That’s a mortgage payment! I’d be thinking about just paying the penaltax and saving that much in an HSA each month.

            1. No HSA unless you also have an ObamaCare policy that qualifies.

      2. It’s almost as if he said to himself, ‘we got nothing on them’.

        Fucken losers.

    2. I will NOT venture into what inevitably be a rapacious anti-Harper fest in the threads.

      1. I dare not even look. Maybe we should send Derpetologist in.

        1. Let’s see what we got….

          “The US is great if you have money. If not you probably don’t have much of education and are stuck in one of those subsistence labor jobs.”

          “I’d leave too, what with all the policy brutality. And it’s on the rise. But if not that, then the chance of encountering a soldier with PTSD seems to be a real proposition and likely fatal.”

          “They talk about being a melting pot, but Rednecks cannot see the blatant hypocrisy in their xenophobia and shallow end racism.”

          1. Come on, Derpetologist, those are genuinely centrist opinions in Canadian public discourse.

            Get real. You make light of the plight of the people of North Korea, that is not cool dude. Let me see, yes the Americans have cheaper prices for most things except health care and other social services. I can live in either country, but I choose to live in Canada. Canada is home, for the most part it embraces people and tries to be accommodating to all. Although racism exists in Canada is it is a shadow of what happens in America. Sure I do not like the taxes and higher prices or longer lines at the hospitals. But I would rather that then needing to pay 4,000+ a month healthcare premiums. That is the cost if I lived in America, and that price if I wanted coverage like I have in Canada for my family is closer to 5,000 USD. Most are not aware, but most US companies to not pay their employee’s premiums.

            Yes, $5000 a month! No wonder millions in US die from lack of health insurance.

            A quote from President Barack Obama:

            “My entire presidency is about helping working families recover from recession and rebuild for the future. As long as I’m President, that’s what I’ll keep fighting to do.”
            Can you image how much better off Canada would be if we had a leader that cared about Canadians, not just vote buying and manipulation.

            I’ll leave this with the following comment: vast majority of Canadians believe this.

  20. I wasn’t there, but my biggest Comic-Con surprise was that the trailer for Heroes Reborn didn’t suck.

    After the massive suckitude, known as seasons 2-4, especially 4 [shudder], they have a lot of ‘splainin to do.

    Glom onto whatever made season 1 work, and they have a chance.

    1. I couldn’t even hate watch that shit anymore it was so bad.

    2. I’mma go out on a limb and say that rewatching Misfits will be time better spent than hoping they don’t mess this show up this time.

    3. Looking at the trailer again, it looks as though Tim Kring is channeling an X-Men story line or two, namely human persecution of mutants. I’m down with that, and I will most likely watch it, but it’s not exactly original.

    4. Season one also had one of the best promo/hook lines ever (IMHO).

  21. “The new video supposedly features undercover actors have a conversation with Planned Parenthood’s Senior Director of Medical Services Deborah Nucatola at a restaurant about the possibly of obtaining aborted fetus organs.”

    Is that like the video which “supposedly” shows Marion Barry smoking crack?

    1. Bitch set me up.

  22. New York Times hails Iran deal for reducing the “chances of war.”

    What a day! What a lovely day!

    1. If Obama yells “Witness me!” at the cameras before signing the deal, all will be forgiven.

  23. The most pleasant surprise is the “snapback” provision which would, in theory, at least, allow the reintroduction of sanctions should Iran violate the agreement. It had been widely feared that “snapback” would require a vote of the U.N. Security Council, which would allow Russia or China to veto such a resolution. Instead, the agreement sets up a Joint Commission ? composed of the European Union, the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, China, and Iran ? to adjudicate disputes over implementation. It would only take a bare majority of the commission to reinstitute sanctions, which means that the U.S. and its European allies could re-impose sanctions even without the support of Russia and China.

    This makes “snapback” no longer an impossibility ? but still extremely improbable. Because once sanctions come off, the European states, in particular, will have a significant business stake in Iran that they will be loath to endanger by re-imposing sanctions.

    There is also the psychological dimension to be considered: Re-imposing sanctions would be tantamount to a concession that the agreement has failed. How likely is it that the architects of the agreement will concede any such thing?

    Max Boot tells the truth at Commentary.

  24. “I signed up already; did you?” No, it seems to be some sort of genocide.

    1. Will they be serving kool-aid?

  25. Scott Walker isn’t super enthusiastic about gay adults joining the Boy Scouts.

    Are you saying he’s not *super*? (Thanks for asking!)

    1. Just draw the line at Catholic priests as scoutmasters, ok?

  26. Is there a trailer for Suicide Squad yet?

    1. I started a joke…

      1. Found it and it looks awesome.

  27. Scott Walker isn’t super enthusiastic about gay adults joining the Boy Scouts.

    Hey, I am super excited! The decision to send my boys to the Boy Scouts was made for me! I am not sending them now because I don’t want either of them to witness the same thing Barry Lyndon witnessed while he was deserting the army when he saw two British officers swearing undying love for each other while taking a bath on a river.

  28. How many chumps would Trump hump in a dump pump full of lumps?


    1. Do you always rhyme in clumps?

        1. He’s gotten rather plump.


    2. There are rocks in my socks said the ox to the fox.

  29. Jesse Eisenberg did not enjoy his visit to Comic-Con. In fact, he likened it to “some kind of genocide.”

    No actual link, so I’m guessing he’s just a dickbag to people who enjoyed Zombieland.

    1. But isn’t that kind of comment ok since he had a Jewish name? If a Jew can’t joke about genocide, then who can?

      1. Armenians?

      2. Cherokee?

      3. Stormfront?

    2. He’s awful and he makes everything he is in markedly worse. I have zero idea why he is employed. There is nothing enjoyable about him.

    3. I don’t even know who that is, and I don’t care.

  30. After 6 months effort, I am finally no longer too fat for the Army. I filled out some forms today and got my fingerprints scanned. Will be enlisting soon.

    6 months ago, I weighed 207 pounds. Now I weigh 158 pounds. 2 weeks ago, I ran a mile in 7 min 30 sec. Fastest time of my life.

    1. Good for you. Way to get in shape.

    2. Congrats on the weight loss.

    3. Dude, good job.

    4. Nice! I’m a bit jealous!

    5. Before you head to MEPS, you should watch Full Metal Jacket. Just for lulz.

      1. Seen it before, but may watch again for shiggles.

    6. Congrats! I also had to lose a bunch of weight (30 pounds) before they’d let me in the Air Force. Fortunately, I caught Mononucleosis, my throat became too inflamed to swallow food and I lost it all in a month. But keeping it off was a challenge. Best of luck to you…

      1. Congrats for getting mono?

        1. Thanks! The starvation diet I was on didn’t help me lose weight, but it evidently lowered my immune system enough to catch the bug. So, it worked out great!

      2. Congrats for your poor hygiene?

        1. Actually, more like poor diet. I was starving myself trying to get below my maximum weight.

          1. The hygiene bit was a joke about you catching mono. I guess I could have said congrats on hanging out with typhoid mary.

            1. I actually had a girlfriend at the time (Brenda, not Mary) and we were making out a lot in the weeks beforehand. But she never caught it.

              1. I got it from my freshman year girlfriend, whom my family then nicknamed typhoid mary. Totally worth it.

                I went from 185 to 160 in 2 weeks.

                Too bad you can only get mono once, amirite?

              2. It’s usually caused by a herpes virus (usually Epstein-Barr, but sometimes cytomegalovirus). She probably had either a very mild form of it OR had it when she was really young.

                Herpesviridae generally are with you forever they just hang out latent because of your immune response, but can go through cycles of activation. Because the virus is still in your system there could be a flareup later particularly if you become stressed or immune compromised.

        1. YouTube is blocked at my job, but for a solid month my days consisted of 16 hours of sleep, an exhausting trek to the living room sofa, 8 hours of TV while lying down (sitting upright was too exhausting), sipping water that caused excruciating pain each time I swallowed and then heading back to bed to sleep. Not recommended…

    7. Congrats! That’s a big change.

    8. ? You’re in the army now
      you’re in the army now
      you’re diggin’ a ditch
      you son of a bitch
      you’re in the army now

      /song my grandpa used to sing

      1. So, why the Army? The Air Force pays the same and it’s waaaay easier.

        1. I could have joined either the Air Force or the Navy months ago. I wanted to meet the higher fitness standard the Army has. I like a challenge and I’ve been meaning to get in better shape.

          1. Then you should have gone for the Marines. One of my best friends enlisted right out of high school and I couldn’t believe his transformation after only 3 months of boot camp (AF boot camp is only 6 weeks and I didn’t lose a single pound). But I wish you the best and hope it’s everything you’re looking for.

            1. Max enlistment age for Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children is 28. I’m 30. I thought about joining them after high school, but the college scholarship I got seemed to good to pass up. Plus, the US had just invaded Iraq.

              1. Oh, I didn’t know that. But you were eligible for the Air Force? Back when in I served (the mid 80s) the maximum age was 27 for regular AF and 35 (or so) for National Guard. Perhaps they’re having trouble finding enough volunteers…

                1. google sez they raised it from 27 to 39

                  1. Wow, that’s crazy! The few older guys and gals we had didn’t cotton to 21-year-old buck sergeants ordering them around. Not sure I’d have the patience if I’d enlisted any later.

                2. Air Force takes people up to 39 years old now. That changed last year, I believe. Their boot camp is now 8 weeks, also.

                  It’s not trouble with finding volunteers, it’s because their manpower structure is shot to shit after years of drawdowns. Not enough older guys in the force to help keep the youngsters in line, so they’re apparently hoping that bringing in more thirtysomethings will reduce the disciplinary headaches.

                  1. Good to know. When I served only 14% of enlistees went on to make a career and retire. But I knew a few guys who got out early because they couldn’t take the increasingly oppressive environment. Four years was all I could handle. It was a great experience but I was happy to get out and get a job that paid real money.

                    1. Engineering pays well, but I don’t like it and am willing to put up with Army hardships in exchange for a job I like and a chance for some macho fun.

                    2. I only enlisted because I didn’t have money for college and needed to learn a marketable skill because I didn’t want to make minimum wage for the rest of my life.

                    3. What MOS are you planning on?

                      Short of something technical that pays really well, I would recommend getting into the Army’s watercraft units (88K/L I believe).

             careers-and-jobs/ browse-career-and-job-categories/ transportation-and-aviation/ watercraft-operator.html

                      100 ton Modular Lighterage and LCU 2000’s. LCU is a good path to Warrant Officer and a CO’s position.

                      An engineering background can help out a lot there.

                      I did the Navy equivalent of the ML (Navy Lighterage and Improved Navy Lighterage).

        2. My guess is “enlistment bonus check” or “student loan payoff.” I nearly signed up after high school when the recruiter started throwing bonus numbers in my face. Fortunately, I kept enough of my wits about me to remember that I functioned a lot better when people left me the hell alone.

          The Air Force typically doesn’t have any trouble meeting their recruitment quotas, especially after the manpower dumps of the last few years. So a lot of Zoomies typically have to re-up to get any kind of bonus.

    9. hey congrats!

    10. So, how did you do it? Were you on an exercise program? Diet? Combination?

      1. I began by walking 7 to 8 miles a day while wearing 50 pounds of weight. My daily ration was a footlong sub from Subway and a vitamin pill. Lost 17 pounds that month.

        Then I switched to walking uphill (10% grade) on a treadmill for 12 to 18 miles per day. First at 2 mph, then worked up to 3 mph. My 1 day record is 30 miles. During these 3 months, I lost about 8 pounds per month. I also started going to an Army PT group once a week at a recruiter station.I changed my ration to 2 pints of extra protein milk, a breakfast sandwich, and a vitamin pill. I used rewarded myself with a beer or 2 at the end of each day.

        Then I began to mix in some running. I slowly went from 11 min/mile to 7m30s/mile.

        I could have joined the Navy months ago, but I wanted to meet the higher standard the Army has. The one speed bump I hit is that I say I’m 5’4″, but I’m really 5’3.5″. When I met the 163 pound standard for 5’4″, the recruiter said it would be good to be on the safe side and told me to get down to 158. Today, he said, I should lose a few more before MEPS just to be sure.

        I will be enlisting as 35P- linguist. I worked through a DLAB study guide, so I’m confident I can get the language I want: Arabic. But if I get some other language, no worries. I like studying languages any way.

        1. You will be a cunning linguist.

        2. Did/will you get one of the big bonii they’re offering right now?

          1. I don’t know. Last I checked, bonii only go to native speakers.

            Fun fact: I served in the Peace Corps and speak Swahili. However, I am forbidden from using this knowledge in an intelligence capacity. However, Army Regulation 614-200 permits former Peace Corps members to be linguists provided they have been out for at least 4 years and do not deploy to the area they served in.


            1. If you haven’t signed a contract yet, there is a ‘quick-ship’ bonus available for quite a bit (up to 20K) if you’re willing to go to training inside 30 days.

              1. When my brother joined the Army 9 years ago, he somehow got cheated out of a bonus. Even so, he got the job he wanted (helicopter pilot) and has done well.

                1. They hardly ever give a bonus for that job, too easy to fill, because it is a. sexy, and 2) gets you warrant pay, which is much better, along with flight pay.

                  As a former armor guy, we always said that helo pilots deserve every cent of their base pay, but their base pay is fraud, waste, and abuse.

                  Dirty secret, I work at Army Recruiting Cmd.

                  1. Fucked that up…

                    “deserve every cent of their flight pay,”

        3. That is serious shit right there.

          You like languages. Have you studied anything other than Arabic? I have a few under my belt (“working level” Italian, French and Modern Greek) and I teach ancient Greek and Latin literature.

          1. I have studied French, Spanish, German, Latin, Arabic, Russian, Swahili, and Chinese.

            I can get by in French and German, and I can read Spanish, but Swahili is the only foreign language I’m fluent in.

            Swahili has many Arabic words in it, so I figure that gives me an advantage.

            1. Looks like the Army has the right guy.

            2. The DLI Arabic course really isn’t too bad, despite the high dropout rate, so long as you study. From the sound of it, you shouldn’t have a problem.

              1. From what I’ve read, the main reason people fail is because they don’t do their homework and go out drinking all the time.

                1. I recommend the nightlife just as much as I recommend the coursework. Monterey is a hell of a lot of fun when you are single, have no bills, and have a steady paycheck. That said, C’s will get you booted from the program, especially in the beginning. My class lost 50% of the students, some from partying, some from just plain stupidity.

    11. Terrific. Best of luck.

    12. Congrats, bro. Not an easy thing to do at all, as I am learning…

    13. You’ve already built up a resistance to derp, so you should be able to handle the Army ok.

      Good luck!

    14. Awesome. I had been wondering how that was going for you. Way to go.

    15. Dude, that is awesome.

    16. Will be enlisting soon.

      Good god, why?

  31. It is funny how the very people who have been claiming a deal with the Iranians was going to be the greatest thing ever seem pretty subdued. The best they can do is “you tell me how we could have done any better you big war monger”. This deal is so pathetic and so bad for the world that even Reason can’t spin it as anything but the worst of a set of horrible options.

    And let us not forget Reason has spent the entire last decade claiming Iran didn’t have a nuclear program. Remember the endless articles about the 2005 US Intel assessment? Those articles seem to have gone down the memory hole. For literally a decade Reason called anyone who said Iran was pursuing nukes a delusional war monger. Yet today they claim this piece of shit deal is good one because it was the only way to contain the Iranian nuclear program, the one they denied existed, other than war.

    1. Now that it’s done they want to distance themselves from it in case things go bad. But if it works out I’m sure in a few years they’ll get back behind it as if they always supported it.

    2. John, if you missed it in Pete Rose thread, here’s the awesome explanation of salami tactics and nuclear deterrent from the best show ever, Yes, Prime Minister (best show ever shared with its predecessor)

      1. I saw that thanks. And that is what Bo and shreek are here to do.

      2. Lord, that show was hysterical. Here’s another clip:

        1. Still true all these years later.

          Amazing show. Probably the most libertarian thing ever put to camera. And a great counterargument to “conservatives are not funny” meme.

    3. Reason has spent the entire last decade claiming Iran didn’t have a nuclear program.

      They obviously have a nuclear program. There is NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER that they have a nuclear weapons program, though.

      1. Then why is this deal a bad option as reason calls it today? No evidence?

      2. You are a fucking idiot if you think they don’t want a nuclear weapon and they haven’t spent 10 years getting to this point.

    4. John revealed…well done, dude.

  32. “Trump Bump Continues to Stump, Harvesting Fetal Organs, Lena Dunham’s Newsletter: P.M. Links”

    Couldn’t this have been simplified to, “Trump Harvesting Organs of Fetuses from his Serial Rape Victim, Lena Dunham

    1. Hmmmmm

    2. Trump Bump Continues to Stump, Harvesting Fetal Organs, Lena Dunham’s Newsletter

      It sounds like a wordy description of Lena Dunham’s newsletter.

  33. Donald Trump is still polling well despite being completely insane.

    Who is Donald Trump?

    1. Leonid Brezhnev and Ted Koppel’s love child.

    2. For twelve years you’ve been asking “Who is Donald Trump?” This is Donald Trump speaking. I’m the man who’s taken away your victims and thus destroyed your world. You’ve heard it said that this is an age of moral crisis and that Man’s sins are destroying the world. But your chief virtue has been sacrifice, and you’ve demanded more sacrifices at every disaster.

      1. Actually if Trump’s an Ayn Rand character, he’s an older less attractive Francisco d’Anconia.

  34. Brian Doherety in 2012 on Iran.

    Those fretting about the “enrichment activities” should be aware of the huge, huge gap between fuel-grade enrichment and weapons-grade enrichment, as discussed here, and here in a less politically charged context.

    See my blogging from last week on the New York Times’ fretting in a Sunday paper story (traditionally more widely read) that Israel alone couldn’t take out this dangerous nuclear program. Which, as this Saturday article explained, doesn’t seem to even exist.…

    Today Dalmia assures us that this deal is the worst option except for the others in dealing with that Iranian nuclear program Reason spent the better part of a decade denying existed and calling anyone who dared disagree war mongers.

    Is it too much to ask Reason to at least admit it was wrong about the Iranian program and apologize to those it slandered pretending it didn’t exist?

    1. Wow, and in 2012, too! That is head in sand denial right there.

    2. Two different writers have different opinions on the same subject, and John is ON IT!

      1. Show me a single Reason writer who disagreed with Doherty. Show me on place where Reason ever admitted Iran had a nuke program until it came time to shill for this deal?

        Is Reason not responsible for the articles it prints?

        1. Is there a point to your babbling?

          1. Yes and you are apparently too stupid to understand it. I can only write the words. I cna’t make you understand them.

            The point is Reason lied its ass off and pretended Iran didn’t have nuclear program when every reasonable person knew they did. And now that it is time to shill for the deal it pretends everyone always knew Iran had a nuclear program.

            That is obvious to anyone with an IQ over 90. Sorry I assumed you were not actually as stupid as you apparently are and didn’t spell it out more clearly. Things that are beyond your understanding often seem like babbling. It must really suck going through life as dumb as you apparently are.

            1. I cna’t make you understand them.

              oh you! 🙂

              1. That’s can not in Scots.

            2. Forgive me if I don’t put much stock in estimations of my intelligence from a guy who goes around saying that women become lesbians because men don’t find them attractive.

              1. Forgive me if I don’t put much stock in estimations of my intelligence from a guy who goes around saying that women become lesbians because men don’t find them attractive.

                He’s talking about the fat ones.

                1. John is an expert on the fat ones.

                  /just sayin’

              2. That is not surprising Android. Part of being stupid is not knowing you are. So I am not surprised at all you have no idea how dumb you actually are.

                And yeah, there is no such thing as opportunistic homosexuality. No one in prison or at sea or otherwise in a position to be unable to have sex with the opposite sex has ever engaged in homosexuality. Never. It doesn’t happen.

                You called it dude.

                1. No one in prison or at sea or otherwise in a position to be unable to have sex with the opposite sex has ever engaged in homosexuality.

                  Okay, enough about your time in the Navy.

                  1. Yeah what about it? Funny how the people who claim to be the most gay friendly on here are the first ones to whip out a homophobic slur.

                    For all you know I take it up the ass for money. And so what if I do?

                    1. For all you know I take it up the ass for money

                      Getting paid to do what you love; that’s the American dream, right there.

                    2. For all you know I take it up the ass for money

                      If so…pics?

                  2. Am I the only one who now has a Village People song in my head? Oh, and thanks a lot.

                    1. No, the other one. About manly men who like to sail together in a manly way.

          2. Reason’s dishonest method in arguing against intervention in Iran are actually part of a sinister homosexual conspiracy to infiltrate the Scouts and adulterate Thin Mints with AIDS.

            I think.

            1. I would seriously put great value on a plug-in that turned any John post into a procedurally-generated rant about the gay fascists organizing illegal Mexicans to enact right-to-die laws and compel doctors to murder people. I mean, more than they already *are* such rants.

              1. Yes we know. Gays are like people who speak German. None of them could ever do any harm.

                1. Gays are like people who speak German. None of them could ever do any harm.

                  Jeez – I’m doubly-othered now.

              2. Needz moar body armor.

            2. I will say that Reason sometimes leaves me a little confused about its foreign policy views. To be fair, this is a magazine and not a full-blown policy institution like, say Cato (not that the foundation doesn’t do such things, of course).

              1. I will say that Reason sometimes leaves me a little confused about its foreign policy views. To be fair, this is a magazine and not a full-blown policy institution like, say Cato (not that the foundation doesn’t do such things, of course).

                I’d agree with that, but as I pointed out above, can’t it mostly be chalked up to different opinions by different writers? People starting from broadly libertarian principles can come to starkly different conclusions about the proper role in the state in matters of national defense and foreign policy. I guess I just don’t understand this need to play “gotcha!” using different pieces written in different years by entirely different people to denounce some grand hypocrisy on the part of Reason itself. A magazine isn’t obliged to present a united front on any particular issue.

                Obviously, pointing out hypocrisies/contradictions by a single individual is healthy and quite called for, but I see no issue with authors bringing a diversity of viewpoints as long as there is some attempt at a philosophical justification for them.

                1. I would think that a promotion of intellectual diversity would be evident in domestic views as well. However, I’ve seen no evidence that any Reason writer is willing to even right a devil’s advocate piece on the domestic issues that the commentariat disagrees with themselves on.

                  1. write*

                2. Of course, and there’s no question at all that the Reason tent is pretty large–really, it’s too large in my opinion, since they’ve had writers who, in hindsight, were clearly more statist than not–but, like I said, I don’t expect the policy consistency you’d get with Cato or some other libertarian policy group.

                  I think this particular issue is getting RED/BLUE teamed up too much. The fact is that we’re getting bullshitted at a ridiculous level by just about everyone with an opinion, because of politics. It’s not historic, it doesn’t solve the problem, and it may make war more likely rather than less so. I think for libertarians, it’s hard to evaluate this sort of stuff dispassionately, as we’re generally anti-intervention.

                3. PA,

                  I think Reason is fairly consistent non interventionist. What changes is their assessment of the facts in order to support that policy.

                  1. The Atomic Age, followed by the Space Age, followed by the Information Age, followed by the Spin Age. Even the good guys do it. We’re corrupted by the idea of winning debates and having certain public personas, rather than being dedicated to uncovering the truth.

                    1. The wages of putting everything up for a vote is that everything then turns into politics. No way around it I’m afraid.

    3. Ideally we would have just given them nukes, but imperceptibly sabotaged. They couldn’t exactly just test out an ICBM, so they would get the benefit of not having people (other than us) fuck too much with them, but if they actually launched them, they would completely fail while opening themselves up to major military retaliation.

      1. That only works if they don’t know. Unfortunately they could reasonably easily take out the fissile material and redo the rest of the work. Once you have plutonium, you’re most of the way to having nukes.

    4. The best deal that could have happened in my eyes is that all sanctions against Iran are lifted and they are allowed to go about their business while under the same damned IAEA monitoring that applies to all NPT signatories.

  35. “New York Times hails Iran deal for reducing the “chances of war.””

    I’m sure the experts ‘hailing’ this don’t bother to note that the piece of paper which has no real effective enforcement mechanism

    Yet is surely more important than the fact that the US is helping bomb Iranian proxies in Yemen, while simultaneously providing air-cover for Iranian forces to attack ISIS in Iraq

    hell, the piece of paper is probably part of the broader deal that will encourage them to engage in war… not against the US, but WITH the US (more or less) in helping to destroy ISIS and fill the vacuum with parties acceptable to both sides.

  36. Soo…the Eisenberg link is not ACTUALLY a link at all…WTF?

    Is it too much to ask? Really? I mean we put up with Bo and BP, shouldn’t we at least get links when promised?

    1. Robby Soave outsourced the PM Links to SugarFree.

      1. Hey! I’ve got nothing to do with this sub-Sam-Biddle debacle!

      2. Be happy at deadlinks, for there are some things man was not meant to see.

        1. Yes, I clicked on the link when he fixed it, and not even butter chicken was enough to make up for it.

  37. “Jesse Eisenberg did not enjoy his visit to Comic-Con. In fact, he likened it to “some kind of genocide.””

    Criminal. Link. Fail. crisis of competence.

    1. I call for a vote of no confidence in Chancellor Valorum

      1. *Grabs lightsaber and looks warily around*

  38. And lets not let the day go by without listening to Sheldon Richman’s words of wisdom

    Moreover, Iran’s leading politicians realized that nuclear weapons would be useless. “Those two points?the inutility of nuclear weapons, which implied their irrelevance to regional politics, and the fact that other powers would still have many times more such weapons ? represented the core elements of a ‘realist’ strategic argument against possession of nuclear weapons that would later be articulated in greater depth.”

    In early 2003, Khamenei “began to couch his anti-nuclear weapons stance in terms of Islamic principles.” Of course this was entirely consistent with his predecessor’s fatwa against chemical weapons?as well as with all the hard evidence anyone has been able to produce.

    Americans should know this.…

    How can this deal even exist let alone be “the worst of the available bad options” since Iran doesn’t even have a nuclear program? Richman said so.

    1. I don’t get worked up about much, but dishonesty really pisses me off. It seems like a lot of writers here(and their white knight Bo) labor under the assumption that no lie is too outrageous if it’s for the cause. When you add changing the lie to keep up with the narrative, now your just insulting me.

      1. It’s because they think they’re fighting for hearts and souls. You can’t possibly have a weakness to your argument, you nip and prune and change the facts that are inconvenient to your assumptions. You couldn’t possibly admit that your position has any sort of flaw.

      2. So Richman lied, rather than being wrong?

        1. If not then I don’t know how he manages to write his articles in a recognizable human language or even dresses himself in the morning. Nobody is that stupid on accident.

    2. Sheldon Richman is so fucking stupid it hurts me.

      “Those two points?the inutility of nuclear weapons, which implied their irrelevance to regional politics, and the fact that other powers would still have many times more such weapons ? represented the core elements of a ‘realist’ strategic argument against possession of nuclear weapons that would later be articulated in greater depth.”

      Yeah, clearly there’s no utility to have fucking nukes if you’re a theocracy in a part of the world America periodically invades. Why would Iran possibly want nuclear weapons so that they could scare the US and get them not to attack? “Don’t attack us or we obliterate Tel Aviv” seems to have a great deal of utility so far as regional politics goes.

      1. I’d say nukes have a marvelous defensive utility, which is why countries want them. Using them has a very major danger associated with it, so I imagine that most want them for their deterrent effect. Not that there aren’t psychos out there who wouldn’t like to use nukes offensively–and no doubt there are some in the Iranian government. Who knows what will happen with more proliferation?

      2. Can’t find the piece now but Hitchens once argued that the Iranian quest for nukes was more about establishing some kind of hegemony in the region rather than for use against the US and/or Israel.

        1. That’s what I’ve always thought. They’ve been angling for that for a long time now, why stop? Nuking Israel or anyone else for that matter would mean death and destruction for Iran, and, if we didn’t nuke it to death, we’d certainly invade and slaughter pretty much everyone associated with the government. And no one would object much–most of the planet would like to keep that genie locked up.

    3. Sometimes when people avoid being warmongers they carry the thinking a little too far. There’s a nice sweet spot between “kill em all, let god sort em out” and “the mullahs want to be our friends!”

      Unfortunately that sweet spot seems difficult for people to land on.

    4. Hey, gullible fool. How does it feel to be led by the nose and frightened into believing that Iran is working on nuclear weapons?

      1. Yeah they totally are not. My god even reason admits that is not true.

      2. Yeah they totally are not. My god even reason admits that is not true.

    5. Richman’s been unhinged for as long as I’ve been reading the magazine. I wouldn’t use him as the reference point for Reason magazine’s overall stance.

      1. at least they had the sense not to let him write about the deal today

  39. Repost from late last night:

    Found this Al Shabaab song in Swahili. I really hope they don’t go ISIS in East Africa.

    My translation

    We have a little Swahili song, god willing, which says:

    Holy warriors, we are in the forests
    It is proper(?) we are defending [our] religion


    The voice which calls for war
    Soars up from the fields
    And not only in life
    And it is a testament that we will be in heaven X2

    Chorus X2

    Night and day we are on the path
    Food and bullets are on our shoulders
    We move with speed so that we may reach the coast
    We bring war X2

    Chorus X2

    Bullets fly, we attack
    The bombs we placed explode
    We are full of anger, we ambush
    The Kenyan infidels are defeated X2

    Chorus X2

    The blood of the sheikhs and the martyrs
    Will spread the faith with zeal
    Those of conscience and piety
    We will die on jihad X2

    Chorus X2

  40. OT: North Korea cannot turn Seoul into a sea of fire

    Their longest range guns can only hit the outskirts and they only have a few of them. Also, they have a high dud rate and poor logistics. Their missiles are unreliable and inaccurate. Once they start shooting, counter battery fire will quickly destroy most of their guns. However, if they fire chemical weapons at Seoul, they could kill many thousands.…..-defector/

    1. They could kill a lot of people thought. And they have a ton of chemical rounds which would depending on the wind do all kinds of bad things to Seoul.

      Ultimately, they could do little beyond kill a bunch of South Koreans. As soon as their army hit Seoul and saw a single convenience store that contains more food than they have ever seen in their lives, their army would break like a wave against a rock into a sea of looting and recriminations.

      1. Maybe. Or they’d act like Soviet troops once they hit East Prussia and realized

        a) They have been lied to literally whole of their lives
        b) Country that invaded* them was far, far richer

        Discipline and order broke down, but the anger was turned on anything German. Not just people, but livestock and property. They literally forewent looting in order to destroy.

        *and NK troops would sincerely believe South invaded

        1. I think once they saw the choices in kimchi and soju available in the south, plus a glimpse of some k-pop videos, their poor NK heads would explode.

    2. South Koreans are pretty blas? about the norks. Part of it is the Koreans ship the norks much of their food, so they’re pretty sure the north won’t try too hard to wipe them out. It’s good to know that the norks are THAT incompetent though.

      1. Much of the discussion in the Army about having US Forces in SK was that we were there to keep the SKs from going north, not the other way around.

        The SK Military is probably one of the better ones in the world.

        1. At this point that might be a hard sell for the ROK government. The standard propaganda is that there are not two nations but one people artificially divided. I suppose there could be a human rights abuse so galling that the ROK could justify invading the DPRK, but it would make the citizenry extremely uncomfortable to fight on Korean soil.

          In a generation a lot of the family ties will have died off and unification might be harder, so I suppose a ROK leader could get desperate to git ‘er done.

    3. Can’t SK hire the guys who built Chapo Guzman’s tunnel to build a slightly longer version, to get Norkers out. It doesn’t even have to be as fancy. I’m sure some of those guys are looking for work. Chapo’s tunnel was a big infrastructure project and I doubt it will be extended.

      1. Nah, building smuggler’s tunnels under the US-Mexico borders is far more lucrative.

      2. They have found tunnels running from the North that are the size of interstate highways. The North has built a huge number of tunnels to infiltrate troops into the South in the event of a war.

      3. Fun fact: The 2.5 mile wide DMZ is basically a wildlife refuge on the SK side and an open field on the NK side. ROK just doesn’t care, but the Norks want to be able to see people illegally trying to flee the country and shoot them without forresty hindrance.

        1. Whenever you have to shoot people to keep them in, you should consider whether you are, in fact, the good guy.

          1. In progland, all it takes to be the good guy, is to SAY that you are the good guy!

            All others are proles, troglodytes, and treasonous “wreckers”, wreaking havoc and sabotage upon us long-suffering progressive types!

          2. Good. Bad. They’re the guys with the guns.

              1. That was funny. You’ve got to think that’s happened, though perhaps not as suddenly. “Say, Hans, do you think we’re the bad guys in this war?”

                1. I think they are more concerned about having their family and loved ones either shot or sent to camps. Some people are truly evil monsters reveling in their power, but there is a non-insignificant section that just doesn’t want to die or be tortured.

    4. North Korea is never off-topic in the PM links.

  41. I’m guessing this showed up somewhere else, but today has been posted someplace else but

    Women in Oregon Can Soon Buy Birth Control Pills Over the Counter

    These drugs won’t be on the shelf with the ibuprofen and vitamin pills. Pharmacists will be allowed to dispense them to any woman over the age of 18, as long as they go over a questionnaire to make sure they don’t suffer from health problems that prevent the safe use of hormonal contraception. Pharmacists cannot continue to provide refills if a woman doesn’t go to a women’s health appointment with her doctor within three years. The idea is just to make sure women are getting health care while using the contraceptives.

    That’s pretty much exactly what I would hope for in making BC not prescription. I think the bit about having to go to a lady doctor is annoying though.

    And to think this is one of two states that won’t let you pump your own gas.

    1. Keeping birth control pills from being OTC is nothing but a pay off to Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood makes millions doing two things, abortions and GYN exams for women wanting birth control pills. Make them OTC and Planned Parenthood loses half or more of its income.

      1. Make them OTC and Planned Parenthood loses half or more of its income.

        As JC Denton said, “What a shame.”

      2. Guess they’ll just have to ramp up the abortions to make up the difference.

        1. They murder as many brown kids as possible now. So that won’t work.

          1. They can just mandate that all pregnant women consult with an abortion specialist before deciding whether to carry their pregnancy to term. It will be hard for Republicans to mount a legal challenge, on account of them basically doing the same thing in reverse. That should generate a shit-ton of revenue.

            Once they get the mandatory counseling in, they can also reward doctors financially for convincing women to terminate pregnancy. Shouldn’t fetuses have access to the same quality death panels as our nation’s senior citizens?

    2. In my country (Stanstanstanistan), you have to get a doctor’s prescription before you can scratch your own butt-hole…. LOTs of delicate tissues down there, ya know, and…. DO YOU KNOW WHAT YER DOIN’ DOWN THERE?!?!? Better get an expert opinion, before ya start scritchin’ thaR!!!

      I can hear the FDA in the USA salivating over the POWAH that the bureaucrats in my home nation have, ova heah… They have to PROTECT us all, ya know!!!

  42. U.S. House committee approves anti-GMO labeling law

    But seriously though, I’m sure most people were more interested in Lena Dunham or something. Because we’re all a bunch of gossip-column-reading assholes.

    1. TRIGGER WARNING: Link has image (probably illegal) of Confederate flag

    2. TRIGGER WARNING: Link has image (probably illegal) of Confederate flag

    3. GMOs are a SMALL, tiny hazard, compared to foods that (during their agri-growing, harvesting, and food-preparation and processing and packaging processes) have been LOOKED AT BY NON-CHRISTIANS!!! We need more, new laws to protect us TRUE Christian Americans, from being contaminated by foods that have been looked at… By heathen infidels!!!

      Stand WITH me, now, Bros and Hos, ye arn either wit’ me, or agin me….

    4. Let me just GMOdwin this thread and accuse you of being in the pocket of Monsanto.

    5. Goddammit, my internal parser read this as (((anti-GMO) labelling) laws), instead of ((anti-(GMO labelling)) laws).

      Fucking english.

  43. Speaking of ESB, she now believes we need shitloads more welfare spending because women shouldn’t have to work full time.

    The argument here isn’t even that people need the money to live, it’s that people would prefer not to work full time so we should give them lots of welfare money just so they’ll be a bit happier since they won’t need to work 40 hour weeks. It’s insane.

    “One possibility toward that end is a monthly child benefit program, which would help mothers with children stay financially afloat even with reduced hours, and would not rely upon income or hours worked to calibrate one’s allowance. Another potential direction would be to distribute maternity benefits and healthcare through the state rather than the employer, which would free mothers from the necessity of working a particular number of hours in order to qualify for the support they need to start out life with a new child. These policy programs are compatible with expanded support for childcare and the kind of workplace flexibility that would encourage women who want to keep working to stay in their jobs, but they would extend a certain freedom to women who, after giving birth, would rather turn their attentions elsewhere. Now that’s liberation.”

    1. Kindergeld!

      Just think of the multipliers — here we have people with income consuming goods and creating demand but not consuming jobs. /Lord Keynes

    2. Irish, lose the apostrophe in your handle or you’ll be haunted by the ghost of Lynne Truss.

      1. Jesse Johnson is right!

        /Blazing Saddles

        1. Pan Johnson is right about Jesse Johnson being right.

          1. *genuine frontier gibberish*

            1. Harumph!

    3. So I finally looked up this ESB person and can now see what some here have been driving at. I’m far gone in years and decrepitude but her image causes a galvanic twitch in a memory or two.

  44. Forget the presidential election, which is nothing but a choice of how to seal your doom….

    …but keep hope alive! For the future advances, and soon we shall have the commercially-available personal JetPacks that we have long dreamed of

  45. As the Shrike persona above restates:

    “Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (4 percent each), and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (3 percent).

    The rest of the candidates, who received less than 2 percent support…”…..l-20150714

    Rand Paul underperforming Ron Paul 2012 at 4%M

    At this time last year, Senator Rand was perhaps the putative front runner for the nomination.

    What exactly has been the cause for this slow fade?

    The Iowa caucus is in six months, there is not all the time in the world.

    1. This is the “manage your exposure” portion of the campaign. They only have a certain amount of campaign energy to expend, and you don’t want to shoot your wad too soon. Trump is going to be old news by Iowa (similar to Gingrich, who blew his load too early last time around). Notice that we haven’t heard much from Christie, Cruz, Rubio, Rand, and the Huckster lately. Their campaign managers know how to handle this… you keep a low profile while Trump self-destructs, and then you swoop in and fight for his supporters once he loses his momentum.

      I think that after the first 2 or 3 debates, the top 7 will be Bush, Rubio, Cruz, Paul, Huckabee, Walker and one of {Jindal, Perry, Santorum} (depending on who has the momentum between Rubio, Cruz and Huckabee).

      Trump will fizzle very quickly. Carson soaked his sock three months ago. Fiorina had no chance in the first place, Kasich is a joke candidate, Pataki is laughable, and Graham is a non-starter.

      1. Any chance Graham is angling to be HRC’s veep?

        1. Woman and closeted gay man makes an impressive diversity double whammy.

  46. Truth Revealed = Despite Decades of Denial, Girls Do Sometimes Poop – and If they Don’t? They Die

    1. Time to watch “Two girls, one cup” again.

    2. I can recall at least once in my life, I was called upon by my Dearly Beloved, to shove a spoon handle up his or her ass, and dig out the stuck poop. I did this heroic deed, w/o any pomp or circumstance… No fuss, only a little bit of muss… I bet if we had gone to the emergency room, it would have been like a 5-hour wait and a $50,000 bill…

      FUCK the medical establishment, AND the lawyers who micro-manage their every move, and inflate the livin’ HELL out of our medical bills!!!!

      (PS, please do NOT turn me in for medical malpractice!!!)

      1. What do your sex games have to do with the medical establishment?

      2. Did Dearly Beloved at least try a mineral oil enema first?

        1. No, he or she did not, and thanks, Y’all, for your kindly concern…

          I have more words of advice for such circumstances actually, as have been REVEALED to us all, by the SACRED Church of Scienfoology…

          Look for search-string “ASSisted Enemas, Impacted Bowels” just a wee-tad of the way down at the site here…

 Includes the use of a min-jackhammer type carving device… But for religious-rituals use only, on your sacred bodily effigy… And then placebo power will do the rest!!!!

    3. I find that a nice cup of black coffee unclogs my bowels every time.

      1. The above treatments are for when you’ve not gone for several *days* – water gets reabsorbed from the stool, it becomes hard, and it ain’t getting pushed out.

        But try an enema, mineral oil or otherwise, before sticking a spoon up there.

      2. I winced at the thought of sticking a spoon up there – and you jam in an entire cup?

      3. Mangoes work pretty well. But only if you insert them in your mouth end.

  47. Hey, Reason Staff:

    I see on the front page of the NYT today that NYC is settling the lawsuit for killing Eric Garner for $5.9mm.

    A followup post to put a bow on that story would be nice.……html?_r=0

    1. They already covered it.

      1. I’m assuming NYC is jacking up the tax on a pack of smokes to defray the cost of that? (See, smoking kills, kids, and it costs like hell, too.)

      2. It’s been a while since I’ve seen the Balloon Juice Fallacy in action.

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