Watch Anthony L. Fisher on FNC's Red Eye, Tonight 3a ET/12a PT

Topics include the Donald Trump clownshow, Jeb Bush takes an Uber, and cheap shots taken at American hero Serena Williams.


Tonight at 3a ET/12a PT, I'll be on Fox News' "odd and often funny late-night showRed Eye, making my first appearance since funnyman Tom Shillue took over hosting duties. 

We'll be joined by Fox Business anchor Liz Claman, "Pastor, Martyr, Prophet" Eric Metaxas, and veteran standup Judy Gold. Topics include the Donald Trump clownshow, Jeb Bush takes an Uber, and David Frum's baseless cheap shot directed at Wimbledon champion Serena Williams.

If you can't stay up that late, you can watch my Reason TV interview with Red Eye's ombudsman, TV's Andy Levy, below:

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  1. Does anyone watch the show anymore? I used to catch it pretty consistently when some saint made a hobby of uploading full HD episodes, but eventually he ran afoul of youtube’s murderous copyright rules and they shut him down. The animal and pratfall clips Red Eye featured are apparently worth protecting up to the hilt.

    1. He still does his thing–namely dumping hd content 02–on dailymotion. He also uploads Gutfeld’s new, really uneven eponymous show.

      I don’t dislike Shillue as a guest host, but the first couple of weeks of the new Red Eye have been much more canned and scripted than GG’s old show, which benefited from a raunchier sensibility. I know there’s zero chance of McInnes getting a regular show on Fox even at 3 AM, but so far it looks like Red Eye’s producers took a safe route that’s going to kill the show.

    2. Not that you don’t have a right to watch pirated entertainment.
      Copyright — worse than murder!

  2. Speaking of watching shows, am I the only one who thought the final scene is last night’s True Detective was outrageously unrealistic, bordering on self-parody, and completely ruined the shows fundamental claims of realism?

    1. It’s like it’s written by a completely different guy.

  3. Why is Krugman’s son interviewing Hawkeye? Seriously though I like Andy Levy. He’s on point. Red Eye is kind of like the Family Guy version of panel discussion shows. It’s definitely it’s own flavor. I appreciate the hotties as well.

  4. Is Red Eye better than Red Nose? Is it even better than Pink Eye?

  5. If the career of Andy Levy is not an inspirational reason for continuing to leave snide, purportedly humorous comments on “libertarian” forums, I don’t know what is.

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