Walker Announces Candidacy, Clinton Wants to Eat the Rich, Obama Commutes Drug Sentences: P.M. Links


  • Raise your hand if you thought he had already announced.
    Credit: Gage Skidmore / photo on flickr

    Republican Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker formally announced today his candidacy for the presidency. Read more about Walker's history as a governor from Peter Suderman in the July issue of Reason.

  • Extremely filthy rich presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is running on a campaign of attacking income inequality and wishing for Baby Boomer workplaces that no longer exist.
  • President Barack Obama has commuted the sentences of 46 drug offenders.
  • One of the guys picked up by the FBI in their Independence Day anti-terrorist sting operations is the estranged son of a Boston Police captain.  
  • The Pentagon is finalizing plans to lift the ban that forbids transgender people from serving in the military. There is to be an announcement this week, and the branches would have six months to assess the changes and impacts.
  • Gamers around the world are mourning the death of Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata at the age of 55. You can thank him (or curse him) for the addiction of any kid (or adult) to Pokemon.  

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  1. Republican Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker formally announced today his candidacy for the presidency.

    I KNOW he announced before this.

    1. Hello.

  2. If ye be worthy
    View the leaded Deadpool trailer
    I cum every time

    1. Grr, that should have been *leaked*

      1. The only Deadpool I ever read was when I was keeping up with Civil War. No spoilers please, haven’t finished all 8,695 comics in it.

        Anyway it was … meh.

        1. Civil war was just bad all over. Don’t judge Deadpool or any other character for that matter based upon it.

          1. I dunno, so far it is like a libertarian opium trip. But maybe it will get worse.

            1. Concept was good, but too many of the writers got personally invested and went all team on the fictional war. Because they were writers it meant we got a lot demonization whenever somebody crossed over into another person’s book, and demonization is just not good writing.

          2. Problem with Civil War is that writers thought that registering heroes was just such a common-sense measure that the only way opposing side could get a hearing was if they put Captain America on it. This immediately made pro-reg assholes, because Cap.

            I think few of them were Brits, so the idea of not registering weapons nor requiring permission of the state to posses them was completely alien to them.

            1. ****** MINOR SPOILERS*****

              The thing is, though, Cap would naturally be against it. Captain America may be pro-America, but he wasn’t always pro-US Government, especially leading up to that point. He was very skeptical of the powers that be.

              And this series also showed what a colossal douche that Tony Stark really is for people who didn’t know already. He epitomizes the problem with genius. Iron Man and Mr. Fantastic are some of the most brilliant minds in that world, and they think that any thought they have is pure brilliance that everyone must accept. It’s the hubris of genius.

              And the fact that Team Stark relied and villains to do their dirty work showed what a fucking nightmare their side represented, not only that but using Mecha-Thor.

              The biggest problem I see with the upcoming movie is the lack of the Fantastic Four. They really epitomize what the war is all about. They split down the middle just as the rest of the super heroes do.

              Oh, and the fact that Hulk is not there (who would be anti-registration just by his nature), and the fact that Thor should be dead because of Ragnarok. But the Ragnarok movie will not take place until after Civil War. Thor would not be pro-reg because he’s the fucking Son of Odin. You think he would bow to the whims of the government?

              1. I see you’ve put some thought into this.

                All I know is where’s Ray Palmer’s movie? What, ATOM is not good enough for people?

                1. He’s in Arrow 😛

              2. I was never a follower of the comic books, which is why this Tony Stark disappointed me. In the first iron man movies, he is deeply troubled with the government. He does everything in his power to remain outside the authority of the government and even SHIELD.

                So now, all of a sudden, he is all about forcing other people to serve the government. It just doesn’t make sense in the context of the movies. Again, this is viewing the story solely from the movies. I understand that the comics had him slightly different.

  3. President Barack Obama has commuted the sentences of 46 drug offenders.,/i

    Crosscheck that list with the members of the Choom Gang.


      President Barack Obama has commuted the sentences of 46 drug offenders.

      Crosscheck that list with the members of the Choom Gang.

      1. Is that all he can find? Seems I read about millions of non-violent offenders locked up. Are they all in state pen?

        I guess he’s still afraid to go full Bullworth (supposedly what he said he would do…still wondering why he uses the example of a white guy acting black to show how tough he’s going to be).

        1. Hmm… cause he’s a white muslim pretending to be a black christian?

          Married to klingon pretending to be a shaved wookie?

        2. So, he was only short by a factor of roughly 10,000? (Factor itself may be low by a factor of 10 to 100.)



    1. Lies! Everyone knows only white college boys rape.

    2. Bloody Irish…I mean, what century are we in? Bloody Alpha Centaurites…I mean Mexicans.

      1. I’m really liking this new conservative trend where idiots find random crimes committed by Hispanics, completely ignore the fact that Hispanic crime rates are very similar to the national average so there isn’t more crime proportionately due to Hispanic immigration, and then say that this random anecdote about Mexicans Behaving Badly proves the need for a massive border fence.

        That’s not how you logic, retards.

        1. What are the stats regarding illegal aliens committing, say, DUI infractions?

        2. The only reason white crime rates are similar to Hispanic crime rates is because of all those drunken Irish committing crimes. :-p


          1. Well, white crime rates aren’t similar to Hispanic crime rates – the Hispanic murder rate is about 5 per 100,000 and the white homicide rate is about 2.5 per 100,000. It’s just that the average American homicide rate is about 4.8 per 100,000 so Hispanics don’t commit more homicides than the US average.

        3. When innumerate grievance mongers wave statistics around, I laugh or cry depending on the mood.

        4. It’s just full amygdala hijack. “LOOK AT THE HORRIBLE THINGS THIS PERSON DID, EVERYONE FROM THIS GUY’S AREA MUST BE NUTS.” Feel, dammit, feel!

        5. Conservatives are every bit as stupid as the left makes them out to be. Every. Bit.

          1. It’s also a wonderful way to insure Hispanics never vote Republican given that random murders committed by any Hispanic gets held against them as a group.

            1. More crazy conspiracy theories are next. Let’s get a good old scare going about neo-Aztecs tearing people’s hearts out to make the sun move or something.

  5. I suppose Clinton’s goal is to steal all of our money for her personal wealth, ? la the Castro brothers, then use political office to tell us how much better off we are.

    1. I stil stand by my idea that this is The Producers candidacy, where she is trying to lose the election but in a manner that will keep donations rolling in until the last moment. So if she wins, you can at least chuckle at the absurdity of it.

      1. Anyone else, I would buy that theory. But not Hillary. She’s wants to be President more than anything–and that’s what scares me the most about her.

        1. It’s a win-win proposition. Get the White House, awesome; fail to win, okay, rake in the money and prepare a child for political office.

        2. But see in this case, Hillary is the beatnik hired to play Hitler. She does not, at all, understand how much she really sucks.

          Her handlers at Wolfram and Hart are the ones who are planning the fleecing.

        3. Yeah, I think mostly she wants be our First Female President, ensuring her place as a World Historical Figure within the formerly evil America for all time.

          The Clintons could easily continue stealing all the money they could ever need right where they are now. But that’s not enough.

  6. One of the guys picked up by the FBI in their Independence Day anti-terrorist sting operations is the estranged son of a Boston Police captain.

    Competing stings?




  8. There is to be an announcement this week, and the branches would have six months to assess the changes and impacts.

    Which branch will faint from the vapors first?

    1. Definitely the Marines. Glad they’re on our side but they don’t cotton to change.

      1. Well, since the 3 remaining women in Ranger School are on to the Mtn phase I’m waiting to see whether the first tranny tries for IOC or a tab.

        But, the Marines just fired the commander of 4th Training Bn at Parris Island, who is a woman, and got fired for treating female recruits like the Marines they could become.

        1. I base my opinion on one of my best friends who enlisted in the Marines in 1982 (I joined the Air Force because I’m a pussy). He planned on making a full career out of it but had to get out after 20 because of how much his beloved Corp had transformed during the Clinton Regime. Sounds like they’ve continued to get even more PC…

  9. PM Links Arrive
    Thankfully lacking in Trump
    Irish is grateful

    1. Technically that’s a senryu.

  10. One of the guys picked up by the FBI in their Independence Day anti-terrorist sting operations is the estranged son of a Boston Police captain.

    Was he charged with illegal possession of a Lite Brite?

  11. Some Slimy Clickbait Dickhead Stole My Identity to Blog for Elite Daily

    Apparently someone is going around churning out articles and selling them to Elite Daily (and presumably others) as if they were from “legitimate journalists” (I’m using the term lightly here since it’s a writer for the Gawker network).

    Whatever it is Kate Knibbs’ candid conversation with ersatz Kate Knibbs is entertaining.

    1. Hmmmm, wonder if the buyers will start to buy articles from legitimate journalists less because of it? I mean if any dick, jane, or harry is putting out the same quality why pay for the legit guys.

    2. “Dickhead”? That’s sexist!

    3. Electrons whirling
      Rearrange identity
      What’s in a byline?

    4. Elite Daily, which bills itself as “The Voice for Generation Y,” is a cynical content farm, alternately treacly and fratty.

      Says writer on gizmodo without any ability to recognize the irony

      1. Psht. Gizmodo is almost never fratty

        1. MaybeSudden read “catty”?

          1. I read cynical content farm and facepalmed so hard I obstructed vision of the remaining sentence.

          2. That would certainly fit better.

      2. That line jumped out at me too.

  12. Extremely filthy rich presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is running on a campaign of attacking income inequality…

    Unlike every other filthy rich Democrat candidate.

    1. I always wonder if it’s relaxing to have no shame and no conscience. Seems like it might be fun.

      1. It would be interesting to see how far an actual poor person would get in the Democratic primaries running on income inequality.

        1. That would be fun to watch.

        2. If Jimmy McMillan ran for president, I would actually vote for him.

    2. Sanders isn’t filthy rich apparently. Not even a millionaire, though given his grasp of basic economics perhaps that shouldn’t be a surprise.

      1. Dude has been making around $170k a year for twenty-odd years and his net worth is barely $400k, if i recall correctly. Either he’s giving most of it away, or he’s as shitty with money as his philosophy implies.

        1. I’m gonna bet its the latter.

        2. He might be better at hiding it.

        3. Yeah, but they don’t make their riches off the salary, they make it off the influence peddling.

        4. That’s just the book that he lets you see.

    3. I would love to see a Republican candidate propose speaking fee levies against outrageously high speaking fees. So many middle class speakers only get a few thousand per speech. To paraphrase Hillary “they need a raise.” And I would love to see the money taken out of that bitch’s pantsuit pockets.

      The few blurbs from the speech were just awful. She came across like a screechy schoolmarm scolding us kids. She a horrendously bad speaker. That she gets paid six figures per speech speaks more to the gladhanding graft and corruption of the democrat party than anything.

  13. The Pentagon is finalizing plans to lift the ban that forbids transgender people from serving…

    Nothing says effective soldier like a prescription hormoned up pre-op.

    1. No, no, this all fits into their cyborgification plans, which eliminate such human constructs as gender.

    2. Eddie Izzard had a bit about how frightening an all-transvestite military unit would be. Maybe he should consult for Pentagon.

      And yes, I know the difference between transgendered and transvestite person (again, Izzard is quite clear on it).

    3. Hey, looks like they’ve found a way to get the taxpayers to pay for the hormones and surgery.

  14. And now, some awesome news that won’t make you want to drink yourself into a stupor.


    1. Pluto deserves more respect. At least we could land on it. Everyone thinks those gas giants are so great, but go tryta land on ’em!!!

      Plus the gas giants export rapists.

      1. I’d respect Pluto more if it didn’t keep giving me the cold shoulder.

      2. I thought the gas giants (Jupiter in particular) themselves were rapists? And then made their victims orbit them as trophies? Or something.

        Funny story, I was watching a subbed anime over the weekend where the moon Callisto was mentioned, and the twat writing the subs wrote “Caristo.” I facepalmed.

        1. They sold poisoned milk to school children..

    2. Where’s the autoplay trigger warning?!?

    3. Now Pluto is back, and looking for revenge…how is this good news, exactly?

      1. Only the Pluto-is-a-planet faithful shall be spared his wrath.

    4. “Pluto Is Larger Than Thought, Has Ice Cap, NASA Probe Reveals”

      Ice cap? That’s…odd. I can see the whole surface being coated in ices of various sorts, but WTF is up with the ice cap?

      1. Pluto has three types of ice (according to spectroscopic analysis of sunlight bouncing off the surface: methane, nitrogen and carbon monoxide.

        It has a tenuous atmosphere of nitrogen. I think the pressure is so low that liquid nitrogen cannot exists, and there is essentially an equilibrium between gaseous and solid nitrogen.

        The probe has been encountering much more nitrogen than expected as it nears Pluto, so the thought is the nitrogen is sublimating away much more rapidly than people expected, and being replaced from the planet’s interior through some unknown mechanism.

        1. As a Kuiper Belt object, is Pluto not an especially large comet in a relatively non-eccentric orbit? The atmospere is as much of coma as can be formed thst far out.

          1. I would guess Pluto is probably too rocky to really be called a comet.

            1. Also bigger than the average comet since big enough to form into a decent spheroid. Which may have a lot to do with it staying outside the orbit of Uranus, whereas most of what we now think of as comets go well into the inner solar system where it’s meltier.

      2. I know, right? There’s seriously enough temperature differential on its surface that we have extra special nitrogen ice at the poles and not anywhere else? Pluto has a pretty heavy axial tilt and a 248-year orbital period too so I don’t think it’s going to be lack of sunlight at the poles…

  15. Spot the Not: claims of con man Kevin Trudeau

    1. He gained the power to grant wishes after being abducted by aliens.

    2. AIDS is a hoax by greedy drug companies.

    3. Sunscreen causes skin cancer.

    4. He was taught secrets of success by a mysterious group called the Brotherhood.

    5. He can channel the spirit of a 35,000 year old warrior from Atlantis.

    6. His book can teach anyone how to get a photographic memory.

    1. His book can teach anyone how to get a photographic memory.

      This sounds infinitely better than other books by other Trudeaus.

      1. This is gonna be a Canadian flypaper StN, isn’t it?

        1. I’ve read it because I’m a masochist. I need to infect other people so you can know my pain.

    2. Six is true. I’ve heard that claim before.

    3. Never heard of him, but let’s say 1. A Trudeau with magic abilities would have been snapped up Liberal Party of Canada ages ago.

    4. And the Not is #5. That is a woman named JZ Knight who channels a spirit she calls Ramtha:


      Kevin Trudeau has a long career of fraud.

      In 1990, Trudeau posed as a doctor in order to deposit $80,000 in false checks, and in 1991 he pleaded guilty to larceny. That same year, Trudeau faced federal charges of credit card fraud after he stole the names and Social Security numbers[10] of eleven customers of a mega memory product and charged $122,735.68 on their credit cards.[64] He spent two years in federal prison because of this conviction.[46] Later, in an interview, he explained his crimes as:

      “… youthful indiscretions and not as bad as they sound, and besides, both were partly the fault of other people, and besides, he has changed. The larceny he explains as a series of math errors compounded by the ‘mistake’ of a bank official. As for why the bank thought he was a doctor, that was just a simple misunderstanding, because he jokingly referred to himself as a ‘doctor in memory’. He still can’t quite believe he was prosecuted for the larceny charges. ‘Give me a break,’ he says.”[11]

      Christ, what an asshole! Amazingly, he looks similar to the weasel who got me fired from my last job. That guy blabbed to a room of engineers that his strategy in college and life was to find what people want to hear and then tell it to them.

      1. Same guy also once told me in private that he’d rather know the right people than the right things. There’s a certain cynical logic to that, although it struck me as dishonorable.

      2. But you gotta admit he’s relentless as figuring out ways to (illegally) make money. Just imagine if he’d used his intellect and cunning for niceness instead of evil…

        1. He was voted most likely to succeed in high school. Fact.

          1. I believe it. The guy voted Most Likely to Succeed in my school blew his brains out in a Denny’s bathroom a few years after graduation. Too bad because he was always friendly to me.

  16. Regarding the impending mini-ice-age: Well, we dodged that bullet (the destruction of our economy and rights by warmists). The flip side of that is that the catastrophists have been provided with a convenient, deus ex machina, rat-hole through which they can scurry.

    1. It’s a one-way vice. By design.

    2. Or not. They didn’t start calling it “climate change” instead of “global warming” for now reason. MAN FROZE GAIA.

      1. For no reason. Not now reason.

    3. It might give a bit of wiggle room for new technologies to develop at least. If we work on thorium reactors or Lockheed Martin isn’t bullshitting about fusion.

    4. All aboard the Snow Piercer.

      1. I still haven’t watched that but keep meaning to. Is it any good?

        1. Think City of Ember having a threesome with Soylent Green and the Matrix.

    5. Can I get some of my tax dollars back? We’re paying 60 cents more for gas (and rising!) in California thanks to the idiotic Global Warming Final Solution Act that Schwarzenegger signed into law before he left office. How much more will we have to pay when it starts to get cold?

      1. You know which other Austrian-born politician had a Final Solution?

        1. Kurt Waldheim with his peace plans?

        2. Count Tilly?

        3. Yeah, at the time I thought it was pretty unfortunate (but surprisingly prescient) wording for a law.

        4. Franz Ferdinand?

    6. Snow falling sweetly
      Herds shiver and exhale steam
      A push off the floe

      1. You write commendable hakius, which is horrible.

    7. Niven and Pournelle were right?!

      1. Yeah, except we don’t even have a real fucking space station. :-/

  17. I suspect that the son of the Boston police captain was very much looking for a movement to join that got things done.

    He was a loser, his greatest blow against the great satan was stabbing a nurse with a pen, puncturing her skin – the sort of ineffectual assault that tends to give away one’s intentions.

    And his dad was the one who first raised the alarm; just like the shoe-bomber.

    So, we have a person who appears to be a genuine malefactor, who was a loser who chose jihad as a way of giving meaning to his life, and whose nasty intentions alarmed those who knew him well.

  18. Tales from the Derp

    In WV, most industrial machines are taxed. This is because most industrial machines
    belong to the coal mining companies and they are hard to move. Every other business
    moves close to the state line so that smaller machines can be moved across the border
    the day before tax day.

    1. WV has a business and ocupatiton tax based on gross,not net.They also have a personal property tax and it’s very broad and aplies to evey one .If you move there you must pay sales taxes on your can again,and PP tax every year .They also tax food.The Kroger here in Belpre Ohio has most of it ‘s busness from WV. Oh and the B&oO; tax rate depends on the type of business,some get a exemption amount every quarter.As a barber,I pay .50 cents on each hundred after a 5000. exemption each quater.

  19. Spot the Not: war & deception

    1. War is deceit.

    2. All warfare is based on deception.

    3. In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies.

    4. Never attempt to win by force what can be won by deception.

    5. Force and fraud are in war the two cardinal virtues.

    6. A good lie is worth 10,000 men.

    1. Number 2 is Sun Tzu. I am almost positive I have heard 3. I say five is the not, it sounds like Linsey Graham’s interpretation of libertarian principles.

    2. 6. something else is worth 10,000 men. like a *good woman*

      1. Winner! I made up #6. The rest in order are from so-called prophet Mohamed, Sun Tzu, Winston Churchill, Machiavelli, and Thomas Hobbes.

        your prize

    1. NOBODY expects the Spanish….

      Too obvious?

    2. No, no, no. It’s a new sport called corrida de trump.

      1. My brother survived the Running of the Bulls unharmed this year. I am extremely jealous.

  20. Ugh. Miss America, Blatantly Racist, Clearly Hand of Trump Involved.

  21. Nothing beats handing out Mr. Freeze on a hot day to kids in a daycare and watching them wolf it down. Mostly because it must drive nanny-ninnies mad.

  22. Lindsy Faggot Graham hates the Confederate Flag and Donny Trump. I’m gettin’ a bigger flag and votin’ Donny Trump!


    1. Uh, Dude, I think the preferred term is Homosexual-American. Also, an aquatic rodent…

  23. he Pentagon is finalizing plans to lift the ban that forbids transgender people from serving in the military. There is to be an announcement this week, and the branches would have six months to assess the changes and impacts.

    because the point of the military is not to defend the country. It is to give every freak the “right to serve” with no regards to whether said service achieves the goal of defending the country, because the goal of any organization run by totalitarian progs is to advance prog politics.

    1. Our Strength is our Diversity!

    2. I’ve seen more than one story about men who have been SEALs or whatever and then get a sex change when they leave.


      But yes. Problem #1 is does a biological man who claims to be a woman get to stay with women and judged by female fitness standard or what?

      1. Easy way to solve that problem is to make the standard fit the job instead of the person trying to perform it.

    3. The military does not exist to indulge your dislike of certain people.

      1. Yeah it exists to fight and win wars, not make retards like you feel good about themselves. You finally got something right.

        1. Oh God the irony…the lack of awareness…

          1. No you missed the joke you half wit.

            1. Jokes are usually funny.

  24. Public service announcement:
    (Hat tip: the worst)

    I didn’t really take Reason’s Amazon.com charity thingy seriously, and figured that they only get a few pennies with each purchase. After consulting with The Worst, it seems that Reason can get anywhere between 4-15% of the purchase price of the product.

    This stuff adds up, guys. If I had known about this a year ago, Reason would have gotten more from my Amazon purchases that my direct donation.

    Please keep this in mind, especially you people with Prime.

    1. Looks like I have even more of a reason to blow money on Prime Day!

    2. I keep forgetting to switch mine from St. Jude to Reason. I’ll go do it right now.

      1. I can see the headline now:

        Reason steals money from children with cancer!

        1. Sometimes I feel bad for changing my charity donations based on the best perks. I was donating to St Jude specifically for my wife’s marathon fundraising campaign. She got a free race entry, a meal and a few other things out of it (maybe the hotel room, even).

          I donate to Arbor Day when they ship me free/cheap trees to plant in my yard.

    3. Is Prime worth it?

      I took the ‘free’ offer a while back but haven’t jumped back in.

      Sell me. Go!

        1. Bah. Go eat a rotten avocado from Los Doyers’s yard.

          1. I would never venture into that neighborhood.

      1. Hell, yeah. Free two-day shipping, access to lots of videos for free, etc.

        1. One free Kindle book per month and unlimited photo storage as well.

        2. Amazon Video is forbidden for us northern barbarians. So it just gives us a bit better shipping, which for me is not an advantage, since I just use free Canada Post shipping. It gets when I expect it, and the pickup location is far more convenient than any of the couriers.

          1. Look, if you insist on living in such places, you cannot complain. I mean legally, you are forbidden from complaining.

            1. Northern Barbarians don’t complain, they set sail and murder them some Irish monks.

              1. Oh, it it’s worse for Quebec residents. We’re barred from from pretty much ALL contests across the continent because of their fucken idiotic language rules. Not to mention Hulu also doesn’t work.

                Drives us nuts.

                What a damn shame and chalk full of bull shit.

                1. Just get a service that changes your DNS.

                  1. Oh, DNS. I thought you said DNA.

      2. 1) Instant Video. Not as good as Netflix, but still good.
        2) Music. Again, not as good as Pandora, but still decent.
        3) Book rentals. I haven’t tried it, but their kindle e-book rentals are supposedly worth it.
        4) Prime Pantry. If you’re big into name-brand groceries, Prime Pantry is competitive, and it delivers to your front door (perishables excluded)
        5) You get unlimited server storage for photos

        That’s about all I know about. I just do it for the shipping and the video. at $45 a year (student membership), it’s certainly worth it.

        1. Echo is pretty cool. My wife loves it.

          1. Wait, somebody actually has one of those?

            1. It’s neat, and actually sort of helpful for things like the shopping list. My kids can tell it to add stuff to the list and when I am in the store I just get what is on the list on my phone (ignoring entries like “heroin” and “five thousand rabid racoons”).

              1. Maybe I’ll pick up an Echo II. I’m wary of first gen Amazon hardware after my Kindle Fire.

                The Kindle Fire Phone is a perfect international travel phone (partly because I got it for $90), so maybe I’m judging their early hardware releases too harshly.

              2. That’s in the “con” category for me. My kids interrupt a playlist to try and get it to repeat profanity.

              3. Thanks Hamilton. I’ve been trying to figure out a use case that would finally push me over the edge to buying Echo. A shared shopping list between the wife and I is perfect.

                Previously we have tried using siri on our phones, but we would always have to go through a syncing at the end of the week, and if we were away from the house, there was nothing for the kids to add to- so we would always end up doing notepads, which wouldn’t get updated while making dinner.

                Now I have a bday present for my wife. Win. Win.

      3. Fuck Amazon. Don’t give Bezos a penny.

        1. What? I love Amazon. I may like it more than any other company for what it does for me.

          1. Same here. Amazon is the cat’s ass.

            What’s weird is that they sometimes have products that should be dirt cheap, like certain shampoo, but ends up being 2-3 times the price of retail.

            1. Yes, I’ve occasionally encountered such anomalies. However, it’s usually a great deal compared to the alternatives. Especially the meat world options.

              1. They have some very odd pricing algorithms. In some cases I believe they continue to lower the price of slow-moving items until they sell. This can make a really great deal for expensive purchases. Two examples:

                1) We saved around $1400 on a jacuzzi bathtub. We were about to buy the exact model at Lowes and just did a quick search online, and found it PRIME FREE SHIPPING on amazon at a way better price.

                2) I saved around $900 on a motorized projector screen for our home theater. I had been considering getting the size larger, which ran for around $1700. I had budgeted for this, and then one day I looked at the two sizes below it. THe smallest was around $1200, and the one I ultimately purchased was $700. Why it was so cheap is beyond me, but it gave me way more budget to spend on speakers. Also prime free shipping!

                I have found smaller products at Amazon to almost always cost more than I can get locally. But the convenience of prime shipping (I live in the boonies) and the selection make it worth those extra bucks.

                1. IIRC, there’s individual pricing as well. I believe that they start taking the price down on a product once you show interest in it. Maybe it’s the same price for everybody, and the aggregate interest is what reduces the price, but I was under the impression that they adjusted the price you pay based on how long you’ve been looking at it.

                2. I’ve gotten some amazing deals on stainless hardware on occasion. Nuts and bolts that would have cost me a hundred bucks for 97% off.

          2. Amazon lobbies the government to force smaller internet retailers to collect sales tax.

            1. They actually flipped on that issue. When states started down this whole affiliate sales tax nexus path, Amazon was fighting it tooth and nail. But a couple of years into that, they decided to move towards a model where two-day (and even same-day) shipping became the goal. Once they wanted that, they decided to start erecting DCs everywhere, which meant cutting deals with states to get some tax relief for a limited period of time. After that, they began collecting and remitting sales tax like any other resident retailer (the presence of the DC was a clear nexus-creating event).

              That battle isn’t between small and big so much as it is between companies with nexus in most (or all) states and companies without it. Walmart and other mass brick-and-mortar retailers have long opposed catalogs and other mostly non-sales tax collecting retailers and their exemptions from sales tax.

              1. Amazon joined Walmart. They both support that bill, that passed in the senate, to force any business larger than an Etsy store front to collect sales taxes.The competition isn’t set up to levy and remit sales taxes to the states like Amazon and Walmart.

        2. They sell underwear. Just sayin’.

        3. …Is this because Weigel was hired back by WaPo? Or that they caved in on the battle flag?

    4. Crap. How do I do that again? And do they know it’s me? I expect gratitude in the form of Lobster Girl mugs.

      1. You can go to “smile.amazon.com” instead of “amazon.com” and choose which charity your purchases benefit (note: all your purchases have to be made from “smile.amazon.com” as well). All my purchases benefit a local animal rescue org.

        But they may be talking about Amazon affiliates, which is something different.

      2. I’m not sure how to get it to work on every purchase. I’ll look into it and report back.

        If you link to an amazon product here, Reason’s servers will automatically adjust the link.

        I.E. I bought Pho mix from Amazon the other day. If I post the link:
        The servers have already taken care of it. But just for that product, I think.

        1. There are browser extensions to always redirect you to smile

          1. I don’t think Reason does smile, but I’m not sure. I think they just do the affiliate thing.

            1. I never heard of affiliates, but Reason is on the smile list

            2. Reason has both the affiliate and the Smile program.

              I talked with the Reason fundraising team about this, and they said that they get more money from Affiliate purchases, but appreciate the Smile donations as well.

              If you have a choice, use their affiliate program. But that can be a bit difficult to use, so I tend to use smile on most things. There is a chrome plugin that allows you to click and always sends you to smile.

    5. I keep forgetting to use the right goddamned URL. I gotta get on that.

  25. Gawker doesn’t trust Hilary Clinton

    Anyone who wants to call themself a progressive in this country today must grasp how entrenched, pervasive, and harmful our inequality is. The worst since the Great Depression. A simple plan for addressing this issue should include things like, A) Higher taxes on the very wealthy, including estate taxes and capital gains taxes; B) Addressing systemic concentration of power in “too big to fail” institutions; C) Raising wages for low-income workers by a significant amount; and D) Expanding and strengthening the government programs that constitute the social safety net. Just to begin with! Patter about “growing the economy” and “creating jobs” “strengthening small businesses” is meaningless campaign rhetoric mouthed by Democrats and Republicans alike. What we really need to know is, does Hillary Clinton actually have any proposals that might resemble something so gauche as an ideal?

    Does Jezebel know how misogynist their founder company is?!

    1. “Anyone who wants to call themself a progressive in this country today must grasp how entrenched, pervasive, and harmful our inequality is.”

      Inequality is bad because…oh, what’s that? You’re not giving me a reason? That’s weird.

      I like that progressives are so dumb they don’t realize their goals are mutually exclusive and incompatible. You can’t have a diverse country and income equality because diversity causes unequal incomes since different cultural and ethnic groups (who arrived in the country at different times and with different cultures and capital which impact their earning ability) are bound to make different amounts of money the more diverse you are.

      That’s why Sweden has actually had the fastest growing income inequality over the last 15 years – they were the most homogenous country on Earth and then allowed gargantuan immigration from third world countries like Somalia.

      Diversity causes income inequality. It’s not the only cause, but it’s one of them, and it makes the leftist dream of an egalitarian diverse society completely impossible.

      1. “Inequality is bad because…oh, what’s that? You’re not giving me a reason? That’s weird.”

        And to add on to this, it seems like the inherent inequality that emerges from a system where overpaid state bureaucrats have large amounts of power over less connected citizens would be counteractive to this whole ‘equality’ plan.

      2. That’s why they blame racism?

      3. Inequality is bad because…oh, what’s that? You’re not giving me a reason? That’s weird.

        Dude. You don’t have to give reasons for tautologies. It’s just like Objectivism, man. A = A. Inequality = Bad.

        1. Er except it’s the opposite of Objectivism.

          1. I knew I should have explicited the sarc tags.

    2. B) Addressing systemic concentration of power in “too big to fail” institutions

      Like, say, Social Security? I don’t think that’s what they mean though.

      Patter about “growing the economy” and “creating jobs” “strengthening small businesses” is meaningless campaign rhetoric mouthed by Democrats and Republicans alike.

      Admittedly, the Democrats and Republicans like to spew a lot of meaningless economic ignorance all the time. But if you think ‘growing the economy’ and ‘creating jobs’ are just meaningless buzzwords you are a hell of a lot more ignorant.

      1. If we could only get them to recognize the federal government as a too big to fail institution in which power shouldn’t be concentrated.

  26. Gamers around the world are mourning the death of Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata at the age of 55. You can thank him (or curse him) for the addiction of any kid (or adult) to Pokemon.

    God bless him for all the years I’ve had fun playing Pokemon. I’ve played since I was a kid and have gotten games from every generation.

    1. Richard “Donald” Trumka?

      1. Trumka is a stereotype of a fat lazy corrupt mustachioed slovenly beady-eyed union boss.

        1. Trumka is a stereotype of a fat lazy corrupt mustachioed slovenly beady-eyed union boss.


    2. The historical dialectic says Bernie will have his Vecheka liquidate the kulak Trumka, along with all the others.. After the election..

  27. Democrats rename the GOP the ‘Retrumplican Party

    GET IT?!

    Because that’s just how fucking clever they are, bitches.

    1. No. I don’t.

      Needs more stick people.

      1. Welp, that’s Friday Funny for this week set.

      2. When I press down on your foot and say “Hello Mr. Thompson!”, you just smile and nod.

        1. I think he’s talking to you

  28. US-Assisted Bombing Still Killing Children

    Unimportant Compared to Redhead Losers Who Hate Mexicans

    1. I’m going to write a post for reason on why Donald has been disowned by the ginger community because he’s awful. Look for it at h&r real soon.

  29. So Gawker is taking the loss of Ellen Pao about as well as one could expect…

    Note it’s a link to headlines, not articles. And they are in a spiral about how:

    A) Pao was driven out because of MISOGYNY!


    B) It wasn’t really her fault, the founders set her up, this is some form of bizarre long con.

    My favorite part? Gawker hates everything about the tech industry… when it involves white males. But loves the SHIT out of tech the minute a prog narrative can be glomed on to it.

    1. Was she the unpopular CEO of REDDIT?

      1. Yep, failed to efficiently cater to the demands of the Reddit consumer base rather than her own sensitivities. Customers then complain, Reddit higher ups eventually realize they have to cut her out after a bunch of protests. Really this is just a story about how much you can cover up your own incompetence by claiming everyone is sexist.

    2. After Reddit’s surrender to white supremacy this week

      Would someone care to fill me in?

      1. Ellen Pao became the new CEO of reddit. People hated her because they filed a frivolous sexual harassment lawsuit against her previous employer to pay for her husband’s legal bills for running a ponzi scheme. She also banned the “fatpeoplehate” subreddit as part of a new anti-harassment policy. She then fired a popular reddit employee who ran the AMAs and people flipped their shit.

        She was absolutely (and rightly) reviled by the reddit userbase. SJW types per usual attributed this to sexism and racism. Fuck Chairman Pao.

        1. So firing an annoying Asian woman is white supremacy? All right then.

          1. Asians are not white, until they apply for collage…

        2. “she filed a frivolous lawsuit”, not “they filed…”

        3. John knows his reddit…

          1. Jordan

    3. Did they make similar excuses for Carly Fiorina’s ‘failures’ at HP?

      1. Look, at reddit they hated the player, at hp.. they hated the game..

    4. Didn’t the shit originally hit the fan because Pao fired a popular female moderator?

      1. She wasn’t a double-plus good female though.

        I bet she doesn’t even have an effect named after her!

        1. The Pao effect?

          Is that where lawyers take losing cases on contingency?

      2. That was the last straw. First straw was her frivolous lawsuit against her previous employer.

        1. I’m eager to see who hires her next. Some SJW “think” tank? The Clinton Foundation perhaps?

          1. She’ll be picked up somewhere.

            I’ve observed that after you pass a certain C level, there is no amount of fucking up that will bar you from another similar position. The schmucks on the next board where you have connections will sign on as if nothing happened.

            1. If you have “chief” in your title, you get hired at comparable levels forever, especially if you ever, even once, achieve celebutive status.

            2. Tell that to Eich.

              1. Well, sometimes you have to lie low for a bit.

                1. Does not apply to ungood wrongthink.

          2. Chief comment board officer at Salon, or the daily kos…

      3. Don’t you introduce your filthy facts here, mister! You, you, you, racisty racister male hate racist!

  30. Today, Thom Hartmann said that a Clinton/Warren ticket might not work because the country is too misogynistic. He also said the word “Pollack” and then apologized for it. What a sad man.

    1. I see no reason to apologize for Jackson Pollack

    2. Who is that? Thom

      1. He’s a lefty trash humper who HATES libertarians:


        He hates Reagan and Republicans and blames every problem in America on them. I’ve spent the last 5 months watching his show for 2 to 3 hours a day.

        1. Why man, why do you do this to yourself? I fear you might be addicted to derp.

          1. Well, he is the Assman Derpetologist.

  31. Holly shit, less than 20 minutes elapses and 90 comments. The links is like a tv show for us or something. Making ready in place when it comes on.

  32. TRUMP/PALIN 2016

    Restore Our Flag on the General Lee!

    1. Biden/Trump 2016

      Because we dare you.

    2. Hmmm. Which candidate most resembles Boss Hogg?

  33. So in the AM Links the topic of lesbian domestic violence came up.

    Well here’s a queer feminist site reacting to Britteny Griner’s domestic violence charges

    So I wanted to gently ask a genuine question: are AS ppl assuming this is an abusive relationship? If a couple fights and it gets physical, does that mean a person is being abused? I thought abuse was about imbalance of power, not the mere presence of a physical altercation. So I can see the value of the links at the end of the post, but in a way it seems to color the story, saying that these two specifically are abusive to each other, and I don’t think we can conclude that, right? It could be, but we don’t have enough info to say conclusively, right? Honest questions; I hope they’re not offensive to anyone.

    1. Who are these people?

      Do I need to care?

      1. *kicks pebble* No… no you don’t.

        You Canadians are mean!

        1. We have our moments.

    2. Certainly, when things escalate to a physical fight, there are relationship issues that need to be addressed. We can all agree on that, I’m sure. In a past life, I worked in domestic violence services and I believe that the “cycle of violence” and the “power and control theory” are useful, but do not always fit the reality of how violence plays out in relationships. What DV experts might call, “Common Couple Violence” is probably what we are seeing here, which is fairly common and much less likely to include sexual or emotional violence and is not about controlling a partner. It is characterized by violent outbursts, using physical harm to escalate fighting, and is slightly more likely to be perpetrated by women than men (though they are close to 50/50). It is also less likely that the people involved will classify this as IPV, but it is violence?between intimate partners?who are not likely to hit or attack people outside of the family.

      I should add that this kind of violence is also the most amenable to therapy and counseling to get through. Because there is not a power and control dynamic, it is more about learning how to communicate and how to deescalate emotionally.

      1. I should add that this kind of violence is also the most amenable to therapy and counseling to get through.

        Yes, because when you do something that you think is perfectly socially acceptable (being a female and hitting your male SO), you’re likely to back off when you are shamed for doing it.

        1. See, when women do it, they just need counseling and training. Especially if it’s towards other women.

          When men do it, they are evil monsters!

          Although, honestly, this whole “solve it through therapy and counseling” also sounds like the current feminist plan to halt rape. Because clearly, rape stems from a lack of education. Just not enough people understand that fucking an unwilling person is wrong!

          1. ‘Restorative justice’ is the new big ‘therapy solves everything’ argument. Apparently listening to the friends and family of your victim talk about how you heard them is the ideal way to deal with violent crimes. I believe the people who support it think sociopaths are imaginary.

            1. Eloi are tender and yummy.


        1. Are you OK? I hope she leaves you alone and takes it out on the dog instead.

    3. “KaeLyn is a 32-year-old (femme)nist activist and the reigning Queer Fat Vegan Korean Immigrant”

      To be clear, she is not the author of, “So Now I Have An Instagram For My Cat

      No, that person teaches creative writing at some college. Fuck you she’s a professional.

      1. Also, I love the “fat vegan” thing. I thought vegans were supposed to be healthy.

        It’s the fuck ton of rice and potatoes, isn’t it?

        1. Sugar is vegan.

          1. So is bread… you combine the two, and you get cake. They all like cake. Wait, wrong meme!

            1. Wait, wrong meme!

              No, it’s really not.

    4. Did those basketball bitches hit each other with dildos too?

  34. It’s Somehow Completely Legal to 3D Print This Poison Dart Gun

    Squeeeee. I’ve always wanted a poison dart gun!

    In an attempt to circumvent proposed regulations that would make it illegal to share or distribute blueprints for any kind of home made gun, Peter Alaric DeSimone has designed a completely legal 3D-printed alternative that shoots .40-caliber blowgun darts instead.

    Because the term ‘firearm’ only covers weapons that fire a projectile through the use of an explosive charge, airguns, like DeSimone’s creation, are exempt from all federal regulations, including those designed to limit the availability of schematics and blueprints.

    1. Because the term ‘firearm’ only covers weapons that fire a projectile through the use of an explosive charge

      And not even all of them. Excuse me while I mail-order some blackpowder guns. WITH NO BACKGROUND CHECK

    2. I’ve always wanted a poison dart gun!

      Also, insert lazy dick joke here, blah blah, you get the gist, something something, homos.

    3. Not in every state. California has laws against blow-darts, and I assume that extends to devices that shoot darts. Brass Knuckles are also illegal, but I picked up a pair in Nevada. Shhhhh!

      1. “Brass Knuckles paperweight..”

  35. So, Jesse, Playa, I just got a job as a server in your area. A new burger joint opening named Hopdoddy. When it opens, feel free to come by an abuse me.

    1. When it opens, feel free to come by an abuse me.

      Are we being propositioned? It feels like we’re being propositioned.

      1. Propositioned for free food, sure. Oh, you meant….

      2. As long as I have tips shoved down the waist band of my boxers… then, yes. Yes you are.

        1. Sigh. It’s been forever since I’ve been around gogo dancers.

          I should remedy that soon.

          1. The go-gos are a bit old for you, aren’t they? Whatever.. they got the beat..

    2. Hopdoddy is supposedly really good. I’ve heard great things from friends and family here in DFW.

      1. As elaborated on further down in the thread, I’m a numbskull. I’ve been to Hopdoddy before and can confirm that it’s delicious!

    3. Playa: I SAID REINE DE DIJON not French’s mustard. Do you take me for an unrefined Californian hipster?

      /throws burger at Je Suis Reason.

      1. Mustard does not belong on a burger.

        1. Is this some weird American thing? You people also think milk shouldn’t be in bags.

          1. Sort of. The ideal spread is a thousand islands style, which is essentially ketchup, mayo, and relish emulsified together.

            1. Mayo on a burger? You are as stupid as you are ugly. Fuck you.

              1. Mayo is a weird food. The ingredients of mayo (oil, lemon juice, egg yolk) are all things I like, but commercial mayo sucks. Explain this to me, someone.

                1. Because commercial mayo is awful. Try making it with a real oil sometime, not garbage soy oil.

              2. Thank you. I love compliments.

            2. Mayo over mustard?

              You’re awful.

            3. Fuck that! Ranch, ketchup and two or three bread and butter pickles. If you’re feeling adventurous, put some horseradish on there.

              1. FUCK YOU!


                /hardens stance.

                1. Yes.. mustard..

              2. I hate to break it to you, but ranch is just seasoned mayo, and relish is a form of pickle.

                Thank you for agreeing with me.

                1. Mayo is disgusting that is all.

                2. You’re welcome, I’m glad you saw what I did there.

            4. Russian dressing is better than that 1000 island shit. Keep the relish separate.
              It goes on cold roast beef sandwiches, not burgers.

              Burgers get mustard and/or mayo. This isn’t just my preference, it is the way burgers are served in almost any venerable burger joint. “All the way” comes with mayo/and or mustard.The mustard goes on the meat and the mayo goes on the bread side touching the lettuce and tomato. Ketchup has no place on a burger, ever.

          2. THE MILK HAS A FUCKING HANDLE FOR A REASON!!!!!111!!!11!!!!

            /enraged Murikan

            IME, the plastic grocery bags have gotten so thin that they can’t properly support a gallon of milk anymore. I always have to throw the milk bag out after I get home, because it’s all stretched out and torn.

          3. You people also think milk shouldn’t be in bags.

            I’m just going to pretend that milk bags here means tits and you aren’t advocating selling dairy products in some kind of sack like a monster.

            1. I shouldn’t be surprised that degenerate rebel scum like you would fail to appreciate the aspects of true civilization, especially milk bags.

              1. I’m going to continue believing you’re talking about breasts so that I can just chalk this all up to a misunderstanding and maintain a high opinion of you Mr. Timetraveler.

              2. Yeah, this is a whole lotta bullshit.

            2. Oh, Milk bags!

              Yeah, we had those in the dorms, because apparently there were still college freshman that drank a glass of milk with dinner.

          4. You people also think milk shouldn’t be in bags.

            As do all decent folk.

            1. I sure hope you weren’t including yourself in ‘decent folk’ there Cytotoxic. Your barbaric anti-milk bag attitude is a stain on your Canadianness.

              1. Oh God stop. Just stop. Milk bags are worse than the NEP and Shatner. They’re like the Nickelback of milk consumption.

                1. God forbid we pioneered a more efficient way of storing milk that glass. Horrible, horrible innovation!

              2. Your barbaric anti-milk bag attitude is a stain on your Canadianness.

                I don’t see how it can be. Everyone here knows that Cytotoxic is the archetypal Canadian.

          5. Do they still call it “Homo Milk”? Saw that in an eye-opening visit to an Ontario supermarket one time.

        2. Mustard doesn’t belong anywhere.

          1. Silence, heretic..

        3. Maniac.

    4. El Segundo is becoming Burger Corridor.

      They already have The Habit, 5 Guys, and Fantastics. Opening soon on Sepulveda and Mariposa: In N Out. And, now, as I am just learning, Hopdoddy.

      That town is going to smell pretty good at lunchtime.

      1. I recently ate at a Shake Shack and a Zin Burger. What is it with all these overrated burger places?

        I’ve never heard of Hopdoddy; must be a weird California thingy.

        1. Seriously. Can they all really be that good?

          1. I dunno about any of those others, but 5 Guys is.

          2. Shake Shack is delicious.

        2. It’s here in Dallas. I think it’s one of those upscale places where you get artisanal mayo and truffle fries.

          1. Zin Burger was good but only because they serve liquor. Wine makes everything taste better.

          2. Fuck, I’ve been to Hopdoddy before! It was damn delicious! Got the El Diablo, truffle fries, and the Peticolas (damn good brewery) Golden Opportunity to wash it down.

            1. Did it come with a complimentary ascot and monocle?

              1. No, they bounced your ass if you didn’t have your own!

          3. Ain’t nothing wrong with truffle fries.

            I tried to make some on saturday, and it turned into hash browns.

      2. Love the Habit’s Tempura Green Beans. So good!

  36. Chipotle raises prices to offset higher costs brought on by minimum wage hikes. Slate still thinks it’s worth it.


    1. It’s the kids. Chipotle is really hot with them. My older son is happiest when eating their not-very-exciting food.

      1. You should send him to therapy before it’s too late.

        1. Nah, my tastes weren’t so great at college age, either. I mean, the shit I drank.

          1. I assume that you drank it because it was cheap, which Chipotle certainly isn’t.

            1. It’s not cheap for what you get, but it’s not Ruth’s Chris (using relatively well-known chain as proxy), either. Kids can afford Chipotle. Now what shocks me is that they spend money on milkshakes at Starbucks–is that where they spend their loan money these days?

              1. I’ll never understand Starbucks. My coffee comes from 7-11.

                1. It’s simple. You can buy a milkshake and call it coffee. My wife stopped drinking anything beyond standard coffee there when she realized that a green tea blackberry frappuccino, yadda, yadda, yadda had more calories than a comparably sized Blizzard. Those drinks are milkshakes in all but name.

                  1. That’s exactly what my daughter does, and I tease her mercilessly for it.

                    1. It was actually quite an epiphany for me, as I could never understand the popularity of the chain. Now I do. Women like it for guilt-free milkshakes; men like it because of the women. It’s like Ladies Night at a bar.

                2. “I’ll never understand Starbucks. My coffee comes from 7-11.”


          2. I always had good tastes in both attire and food.

            /raises both thumbs.

              1. I’M THE CITATION.

            1. “/raises both thumbs.”

              And the opposing digits to master both…

            2. Are you Gilmore-rated? It’s the only attire review I accept.

              1. Gilmore is not the only chap well-versed in all things sharp.

                1. Well, high fashion requires arbiters, or it’s not high fashion, it’s just a trend.

                2. And Michelin is not the only way to score restaurants, but one needs standards.

                  1. I come from a fashionista back ground.


        2. Playa, here’s a question: What’s a good beach cities/westside mexican joint that is open after 10?

          Because somehow, despite being a city of 8 million, LA closes the eff down at around 10 on weekdays. Only fast food and Jewish delis stay open. It’s bizarre.

          1. Isn’t El Tarasco in Manhattan Beach is open late.

            1. He was asking me, jerk.

              El Tarasco on Rosecrans by the beach is open til 3. Outstanding drunk food. Ask for extra grease and salt on the chips.

          2. Come to Montreal. Everything stays open.

            We’re not tight asses.

            1. Phrasing!

              Or are you trying to lure jesse up there?

              1. Sigh. I tried so hard not to comment on the way he put that.

                I’ve heard nothing but good things about the Montreal gay scene.

                1. Yes. It’s pretty wild.

                  Not that I would know.

      2. I like Chipotle but I haven’t really branched out – anyone have any better NYC recommendations?

    2. And the tiny minimum wage increase will be erased once everyplace else has to raise their prices. Guess they’ll just have to raise the minimum wage even more!

    3. California burritos were like an early 90s college town fad. I assumed Chipotle’s success was based on locating in hicktown backwaters that think burritos are something you microwave in a gas station.

      1. California burritos have French fries in them and are almost exclusively a San Diego thing.

    1. That link, definitely Mass-Murdered.

      1. If the oxygen levels are really low, it sounds like the filtration system failed. However, they should have alarms and backups for that case.

        I know that in some larger systems, you have to augment the surface agitation with air pumps, but that would have been fairly obvious and fairly easy to fix.

        Either way, stingrays are notoriously easy to kill once something goes wrong.

        1. “stingrays are notoriously easy to kill once something goes wrong.”

          Like Weasels.

  37. Posting it again: Immigrants Commit Less Crime than US Natives



      Not to belabor this, but… there’s actually no accurate data saying fuck-all one way or the other, and all the arguments surrounding that debate are chock full of stupid.

      1. It’s almost like a fight over whether a large heterogeneous group is the Devil incarnate or the second coming of Jesus is a fight that plays more on emotion than on fact! Color me shocked!

        1. Its particularly convenient when there’s no one actually from these so-called communities speaking for themselves.

    2. Hey, answered you in the other thread–we are still in an ice age. An interglacial period is something that happens within an ice age not between ice ages. Relatively speaking, the Earth is significantly cooler than usual. The fact that we still have polar ice in large quantities and even some remaining glaciers is evidence of that.

      1. Well. I appear to have been in error. That doesn’t happen often. Thanks for the correction.

        1. No problem. I’ve always been interested in that sort of HISTORY OF THE EARTH stuff. I watched a NOVA series on Australia that got into climate history quite a bit. Really fascinating–they talked about “Snowball Earth,” which was a period when almost the whole planet was covered by ice, and noted how much greater the species diversity was when the Earth was much warmer than now. The latter point intrigued me, as it made me wonder why the more radical environmentalists aren’t pushing for intentional global warming.

          Since signing up for Audible, I’ve been buying Teaching Company courses, and the latest of those is on Human Prehistory. One of those lectures talked about us being in a current ice age and about how much climate changes (the historical kind) have influenced human development.

          1. The earth exists on a razor’s edge in many ways. It wouldn’t take that much of a change in the sun to turn the place into a snow ball.

            1. I’ve honestly been worried more about a cooling period than anything else when it comes to climate. While we’re not exactly overdue for a glacial era (though I believe as averages go, we’re at or even a little past the end of the average interglacial period of 15 – 20,000 years), it’s on the horizon, and we could certainly see a century or two of cooling, like the Little Ice Age. I don’t doubt the U.S. and Europe could handle something like that without major loss of life, but what about the less developed countries? The big issue isn’t staying warm, it’s access to food.

              1. We’d find a way to grow food. Aquaponics. We’re already moving food growing indoors, which will get rid of the farmer. I’m more worried about massive sheets of ice rendering Canada unliveable! WHAT WILL WE DO WITHOUT CANADA

                1. I dunno, people live there now. I’ve always assumed you’d just move on to the tops of the glaciers as they moved southwards. That will pose some interesting challenges in both property and international law.

                2. I agree that hydroponics would be part of the answer (and, to be sure, a Little Ice Age event won’t destroy all traditional crops), but will that cover less developed countries’ food needs as well? Maybe, but I suspect any sudden global cooling event for any extended period of time will have a pretty substantial cost in lives.

                  1. Aquaponics and hydroponics* are dependent on a cheap and reliable supply of electricity and some certain amount of clean water. You have to run water pumps constantly, and you have to change/replenish the water on occasion. It would be difficult to imagine aqua/hydroponics taking off in sub-saharan Africa, for instance.

                    However, once you get it running, you can supposedly increase your yield many-fold.

                    *Aquaponics is a closed system where you keep meat fish like tilapia or trout in a large aquarium. and pump the water through trays of soil with vegetables growing in them. The fish get naturally filtered water and the plants get the nutrients from the fish.

                    *Hydroponics is the same but without fish. You have to add your own nutrients to the water cycle.

                    1. So what we need is fusion to power everything. Or we’re fucked. [Runs for the hills.]

                  2. Maybe that’s the Greenies plan? Lower the world temp, kill off lots and lots of humans?

                    1. Like I mentioned earlier, if you profess to love biodiversity and don’t give a shit about much else, the answer is to warm up the Earth quite a bit.

                    2. Yeah, I was more going with their usual end goal to reduce the human population to zero.

                3. Jamaican Ice Hockey team?

                  1. Possibly. Depends on how far the Canadians on their glacier move. Of course, glaciers take a lot of time to move.

  38. I really shouldn’t be surprised that this abortion of an idea emanated from DC. I just never knew that they had a Dept of SWPL.


    1. “‘Dept of SWPL.””

      duh, they’re ALL departments of stupid white people

    2. “I told my sister, ‘Hashtag: It-just-popped-up!’ ” said Randy Parz, one of the builders.

      Is this the uncoolest thing that has ever been said?

        1. #Hashtag! Now a hit Broadway musical

    3. I like it. If it’s on a street with a lot of pedestrians and nowhere to sit what’s the BFD?

  39. Trannies in Army
    Political Victory
    Drop them on ISIS

  40. I thought abuse was about imbalance of power, not the mere presence of a physical altercation.

    Britteny Griner’s is a man.

  41. Wired has an article seriously stating that Mexico’s tax on sugary beverages is working and America can learn from it. The first comment was basically ‘fuck off slaver’ and had 15 likes. Of course some asshole replied in the most stereotypically proggy fashion. “The government has to represent our health blah blah blah”.

    1. Maybe we should re-title this, “PM Anecdotes”

        1. just saying. links or it didn’t happen.

    2. Same tax is being pushed in UK, by their medical association:


    3. Mexico’s Soda Tax Is Working. The US Should Learn From It

      The stated goal of the soda tax is to reduce the number of people that are overweight and obese and the incidence of weight-related complications. And yet, the article supports its claim that the soda tax is “working” with no data at all on changes in any of those.

      Alejandro Calvillo, director of the Mexico City advocacy group Consumer Power and a leading proponent of the tax, agrees.

      God I hate these “consumer advocacy” groups.

  42. The comments in the Trump articles are the most tiresome shit possible. “You’re only doing this for the cocktails! And because he dared to speak against Open Boarders!”. Also, could someone please get John some professional help? His post-marriage equality breakdown isn’t as intense as when he threw a fit over Reason being unenthusiastic over Romney picking Paul Ryan for VP but is far more tiresome and long-lasting.

    1. Its Cytotoxic
      Star Trek movie connoisseur
      Come to teach wisdoms

      1. All hail!

        1. Damn right!

          *You know my remark about socializing with CS and forums was a joke right?

      2. Remember, in Cytoxic every person in the world is a peaceful freedom loving Libertarian as soon as the cross the border. Until that moment, they are a fucking terrorist who needs to be fire bombed just to make sure.

        Cytoxic is without doubt the most bizarre poster on here. On all things foreign policy, he makes me look like Sheldon Richman. Yet, he at the same time a fanatic open borders nut who refuses to admit that any immigrant of any kind could ever do any harm.

        The cognitive dissonance is just epic.

        1. There’s no dissonance. You just live in a world of retarded strawmen ex “Until that moment, they are a fucking terrorist who needs to be fire bombed just to make sure.” This is your problem not mine. Also, I am pretty sure you are spelling my handle wrong ON PORPOISE.

          1. I am pretty sure it is your problem that you are a fucking nut.

            1. Tell us how we’re fools for ‘worshiping logic’ John. That should be good for a laugh.

              1. Worshiping logic

                I thought you worshiped the teachings of a narcissistic S&M enthusiast/D-class fiction writer?

                1. No, but I like Any Rand.

                  1. See, the latter half of your sentence changes your answer to ‘yes’.

                  2. Not too picky about your Rands, eh?

      3. When did the Haiku thing start? It is replacing the Woodchippers?

        1. Well, haiku as we know them today come from the time of Bash?, who was alive during the 1600s. However, haiku evolved from earlier poetic forms that long predate Bash?.

  43. Immigration to Britain has massively increased with Britain’s jobs boom (something that I must give Cameron credit for, with much hesitation). Britain massively benefits.


    1. But the article is the RACIST. It contains this

      But as Mark Carney, the (immigrant) Governor of the Bank of England, recently observed, low wages are kept down by a never-ending supply of talented newcomers happy with the minimum wage. So all of this, while pretty good for the rich, is tougher if you’re competing with immigrants for jobs, school places, a GP appointment or social housing. Failing to recognise the real pressures people face, or to confuse such worries as xenophobia, is the surest way to incubate extremism. This basic point is one that Britain understands very well ? which explains both our tolerance, and the chaos on the continent.

      The article admits that you can’t just tell the natives to go fuck themselves. These are not your kind of people Cytoxic. They are failing in their mission to properly oppress the evil natives.

      1. Mark Carney, the (immigrant) Governor of the Bank of England

        Pfft, fuck that ‘immigrant’ bullshit, he’s Canadian. We were identifying as British up until the late 1970s.

        1. Pretty much. They can keep Carney he was a terrible BoC chair.

      2. The article admits that you can’t just tell the natives to go fuck themselves. These are not your kind of people Cytoxic. They are failing in their mission to properly oppress the evil natives.

        Can someone translate this? I speak English and Spanish, not nutbar.

        1. I speak nutbar. He said you’re an asshole–well, something about the end of the alimentary canal, it’s a little garbled–for not preferring TOS to the new crap. He also implied something I’d rather not translate about your mother.

  44. “Extremely filthy rich presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is running on a campaign of attacking income inequality and wishing for Baby Boomer workplaces that no longer exist.”

    And Warren Buffett is cheering her on, hoping she taxes someone else!

  45. Extremely filthy rich presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is running on a campaign of attacking income inequality

    Says the woman that bills a couple hundred grand to make a short appearance/speech.

  46. Berk Breathed is doing Bloom County again. Shame on the hipster doofuses at Reason missed it.


    1. Sweet.

  47. Berk Breathed is doing Bloom County again. Shame on the hipster doofuses at Reason missed it.


    1. Dear Lord, make these new cartoons not suck.

  48. Clinton Wants to Eat the Rich

    Her campaign symbol should be an ouroboros.

    1. The other day, I said I could make a stump speech by pulling phrases out of a hat. Phrases like working families, small businesses, fair share, etc.

      After listening to the Clinton’s stump speech, I am convinced that is exactly how the speech was written.

  49. Because serving in the armed forces is a right that any and every aspirant should have access to.

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