WATCH: Silk Road, Online Freedom, and Why the Prosecution of Ross Ulbricht Should Worry Us All


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Carl Mark Force, one of the DEA agents responsible for the takedown of Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht, pled guilty to the theft of hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of bitcoin earlier this week, as Nick Gillespie noted here.

Exactly how much bitcoin Force stole during his time as a DEA agent is unclear, but on top of the money laundering, he is charged with multiple conflicts of interest, including one for inking a $240,000 movie deal about the Silk Road with 20th Century Fox. 

Sentencing won't take place until October, but as Ars Technica reports, chances are slim that he'll receive anything close to Ulbricht's life sentence:

The plea deal doesn't include a specific sentence. The maximum sentence for money laundering is 20 years. Force has agreed to pay about $500,000 (£320,000) in restitution, according to his attorney. Around $150,000 of that has already been paid

Click the video above to watch Reason TV's interview with Ulbricht's mother about why her son's prosecution should worry us all.

Originally posted on November 26, 2014. Original text below:

"I am fighting for my son," says Lyn Ulbricht, the mother of 30-year-old Ross Ulbricht, who faces life in prison as the alleged creator and operator of "Silk Road," an illicit online marketplace that was shut down by the feds last year. "But [this fight] is bigger than Ross, and I think one website is far less dangerous than the government trampling on our rule of law and the consitution."

Ulbricht sat down with Reason TV's Nick Gillespie to talk about why she believes the government's case against Ross broadly violates his constitutional rights and threatens online freedom.

For more on Ross Ulbricht and the government's case against Silk Road, read Brian Doherty's feature story in the December 2014 issue of Reason magazine, "How Buying Drugs Online Became Safe, Easy, and Boring."

Shot and edited by Jim Epstein; additional camera Anthony L. Fisher.

About 22 minutes.

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  1. I know for a fact that I am 67% safer now that Ulbricht has been put away for life!

  2. …he is charged with multiple conflicts of interest, including one for inking a $240,000 movie deal about the Silk Road with 20th Century Fox.

    None of them have pure motives. Prosecutors and federal agents have r?sum?s to fill, and judges have personal slights to avenge, and senators have need of causes to get them front and center in before cameras.


      1. Yeah, of the fallen variety…

        1. Low-ranking fallen variety.

          nb. “Sympathy For The Devil” and succeeding books by Holly Lisle.

  3. If Ulbricht doesn’t get a new trial out of this, then the system is more than just broken.

    1. My understanding is the Feds convicted Ulbricht without any of the evidence tainted by the corrupt agent. If that is true then the chances of him getting a new trial are slim.

      1. The judge allowed innuendo that he tried to hire the dea agent as a hit man without allowing the defense to present evidence of that agents’ criminality, which at the least raises doubt about his accusation of murder for hire.

        It should be reversible error.

      2. Isn’t the problem here a complete lack of precision in determining “who” is actually doing what, when, where and how (thereby engaging in assumption after assumption and embarking on wild generalizations) — plus the evidentiary issues pertaining to both content and process (ie: what information was obtained and how, and, what information was allowed as evidence and why)?

        Seems to this observer there were fundamental violations of natural justice, of constitutional rights, due process, stare decisis, rules of evidence — and that’s just from a cursory glance. Add to that the complicating factor of trying to accurately identify ANYBODY, ANYWHERE, DOING A CERTAIN ACTION, AT A CERTAIN TIME — via the internet/dark web — and one gets an idea of just how slippery this slope is.

        On the face of it this trial seems to have been a gross miscarriage of justice up to and including the sentencing. Clearly not defending the slaughtering of animals or abusing of children, etc. etc. For this observer those and other “dark” aspects of the human condition had nothing to do with this case per se. Otherwise we would pretty much have to indict tens of millions wouldn’t we — in the sense that many (business/professional) people have engaged in activities that might have inadvertently led to untoward/unintended consequences? Wouldn’t here would be widespread ramifications?

        Have we met the enemy — and it IS us.

        There are some serious issues here that merit closer attention.

        1. Correction: The end of the 3rd last paragraph should have read: “This conundrum would probably have widespread societal ramifications.” And, there should be a question mark after the 2nd last paragraph.

          First time user … with limited intelligence.

        2. Correction: The end of the 3rd last paragraph should have read: “This conundrum would probably have widespread societal ramifications.” And, there should be a question mark after the 2nd last paragraph.

          First time user … with limited intelligence.


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          3. But let’s not concern ourselves with questions of speech and the chilling that might entail investigating it.

          4. If anyone actually watched the video, he would’ve learned that Reason is guilty for hosting Rhywun’s and the others’ murderous comments. Maybe Matt and Nick can run this awesome site from a prison cell.

      2. 7th, 8th, or 9th circle, since pretty much all apply.

        I personally vote for 9th.

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  7. Federal judges and prosecutors are selfless public servants toiling night and day to protect us from dangers we don’t even understand. Every single one of them is absolutely incorruptible. And their personal hygiene is completely above reproach.

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  11. I actually read Dante’s Inferno a couple of years ago. From what I read, there is indeed a special place in Hell for those who would pervert justice. It would seem to apply to US officials who were involved in this case. Perhaps Preet Bhahara should investigate that Dante fellow.

    Seriously, I cannot watch this video. It is just too tragic, and too sad. Not just for Ross, not just for his mom, but for what used to be America.

    1. One of the interesting tidbits of trivia I’ve heard about Inferno is that when Dante wrote it, not all the inhabitants he depicted as being in hell were dead at the time of the writing. Needless to say, the politicos thus portrayed were just as amused as Preet and Judge Woodchipper.

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