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Are We Witnessing a Bernie Sanders 'Surge'?



Recent polls have shown Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, a nominal independent who caucuses with Democrats and is running for the Democratic nomination for president, doing relatively well for a candidate not named Clinton. In Iowa, where the first caucuses of the primary season are held, Sanders hit 32 percent in a recent poll, compared to Hillary Clinton's 52 percent. In May, he was at 15 percent and Clinton at 60 percent. In New Hampshire, where the first primary of the primary season is held, Sanders is even closer, polling 35 percent in a CNN poll, with Clinton at 42 percent.  A recent Sanders campaign event in Wisconsin drew a crowd of 10,000, described by the campaign as the largest campaign event by any presidential candidate this election cycle. (N.B.: On social media, Donald Trump describes the crowds at many of the campaign events he and his familial surrogate participate in "record-breaking").

But not everyone is convinced there's a real surge going on for the firebrand socialist. At The Hill, Eddie Zipperer calls the whole thing a "hoax":

the polls tell the story of a reality in stark contrast to the progressive opinion-writing zeitgeist. There is no surge. There is no overtaking Clinton.

In the most recent Fox News poll (note to those who are anti-Fox: Fox News polls are conducted by an independent, bipartisan organization), Sanders is second at 15 percent. Up 4 points since the May 31 to June 2 poll. That's a nice little jump. Guess who else jumped 4 points since that poll? Clinton. Except her jump was from 57 percent to 61 percent. So Sanders's 4-point jump did not come at Clinton's expense, from voters jettisoning themselves from a sinking ship.

Sanders's 4-point jump came from Elizabeth Warren voters. Sen. Warren (D-Mass.) was at 7 percent in the May 31 to June 2 poll, but she was not included at all in the most recent poll. Those 7 percent of Democratic voters didn't decide to unregister and forgo voting; they simply chose a new candidate.

National polling on primary candidates, especially this early on, is next to worthless, as Stephanie Slade explained in the July issue of Reason.

Zipperer also points to New Hampshire polling: while just 7 percent behind Clinton in the CNN poll, a Bloomberg poll found Sanders 24 points behind Clinton. Zipperer notes Vice President Joe Biden was included in the CNN poll but not the Bloomberg poll, writing that "if Sanders is to have any real chance at all, it rests largely on Biden's decision" to run or not. Biden is the last of the major Democrats believed to be considering a run who hasn't announced yet. Clinton is at 60 percent in RealClearPolitics' average of polls, with Biden second at 13.5 percent and Sanders in third at 12.7. 

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  1. “BernieSander [sic] .com”??

  2. God, i hope Biden runs. Still plenty of room in the Democratic clown car for Diamond Joe!

  3. ewwwww

  4. It’s not a hoax. It’s just that Hillary is so terrible that people are willing to go for anything. Or maybe they are a bunch of fucking commies. But I think that Hillary really is that terrible. And O’Malley is just nobody.

    1. I honestly think they’re commies zeb, the last couple of years has been stunning.

      1. Hillary Clinton is that terrible. AND they are a bunch of fucking commies.

    2. Hillary is just that awful.

      1. Good slogan for a campaign lawn sign!

        Hillary 2016 – She’s just that awful.

        1. Hillary 2016 – The Return of Livia Augusta

          1. The return of Livia Soprano…

      2. While it’s definitly a combination, Thomas Fucking Picketty had a best seller.

        1. What’s funny is that some company collected data from kindles (who makes kindles again?) and found that the average person who bought it only made it to the 26th page before stopping. So they read the introduction, got the talking points,t hen neglected to read any of the actual data. Though to be fair, at least 60% of the book shouldn’t have been written and was just Piketty jerking off about something completely tangential to his thesis (e.g., minimum wage, 10th century French literature, and so on).

          I’m proud to say I bought it,read the whole thing, and found it as insightful as Kirk Cameron’s case against evolution. How even a left wing economist could approve of that book amazes me. After all the hype, I could not have been more disappointed if it had just been a collection of images of drool on blank pages.

  5. …the polls tell the story of a reality in stark contrast to the progressive opinion-writing zeitgeist. There is no surge. There is no overtaking Clinton.

    It’s not just progressives. As someone else pointed out, Matt Drudge must have run out of shirtless O’Malley pictures, because he’s pushing Sanders now. In fact, Drudge is going to do anything to stir the pot against his nemesis Hillary Clinton. And there are few journalists or opinion-writers, even on the left, who don’t visit Drudge Report at least once a day.

  6. I hear Sanders is an honorary Colonel in the Vermont National Guard.

    So – what’s the matter, Colonel Sanders, chicken?

    1. General Tso wouldn’t dare do that. Everyone knows General Tso’s chicken.

  7. Is this real life?

    1. I hope not.

      The Bernie Sanders Hashtag is #feelthebern.

      Nevermind, it’s real.

    2. Is this just fantasy?

      1. Coincidentally, I am caught in a landslide.

        1. No escape from reality!

  8. Oh, God, let it be so.

    Nothing would be more satisfying (okay, somethings would be more satisfying) than watching Hillary lose to this shriveled up old socialist prune.

    1. Yeah, but I was hopeful when Obama beat Hillary in 2008. After all the country would never elect a leftist nobody with a mysterious past, right? Right??

      1. But people were fed up with BOOSH and excited to make history with the first black president. There is no similar set of circumstances this time.

        1. True. And I hope that Obama’s failures work against Hillary.

  9. The democratic primary is turning into an episode of the golden girls.

    1. Bernie is the sexy one. Hillary is Bea Arthur.

      1. Biden is Rose, who is Sofia?

        1. Probably Lincoln Chafee, whoever the fuck that is.

        2. I would actually put Bernie as Sofia.

          Liz Warren was supposed to be the Blanche Devoreaux.

          1. I’d hit that…with a [redacted]!

    2. Are we going to feel let down the primary?

    3. It’s a Golden Girls/Grumpy Old Men crossover.

  10. Are people really that surprised that he got a bunch of people to show up in the People’s Republic of Madison? I lived there for four years. It’s a great town for college. But that place is redder than Krypton’s sun.

    1. But that place is redder than Krypton’s sun.

      Did you pick up any super powers while you were there?

      1. Not unless you think impotence is a superpower.

        1. Who told yo… I mean, what?

        2. Hey…you made an Obama joke……!

    2. you might have your colors mixed up. Come on, man.

      1. I was going for commie red and not Republican red.

  11. There is no overtaking Clinton.

    The Democratic Party, ladies and gentlemen; the party of ideas and looking for the ordinary man/woman, the one that cares about. No self-parody at all.

  12. Hillary has her oppo/personal destruction machine aimed at Bernie. The coming leaks/disclosures should be entertaining.

    Bernie won’t survive as a Presidential candidate. With any luck, they’ll put stuff out there that is so foul that he won’t survive as any kind of candidate, and we can get him out of DC.

    1. But can Hillary survive? She has more baggage than United Airlines. The negative campaign ads just write themselves.

      1. Mao?

        (Hard to beat 2 million in Tienanmen square.)

        1. Arrgh. That was supposed to be a reply to Mr. Paulbotto’s post below.

      2. But she’s the Teflon Don of politics. Also, vagina.

  13. Often a lot of people showed up to Ron Paul’s rallies too.

    1. You know who else held rallies that lots of people showed up to?

  14. Sales of toilet paper have skyrocketed on the news of Bernie Sanders taking the lead.

  15. Socialism isn’t just for third world countries. Every democratic country after it reaches a certain point of high standards of living and prosperity sees a Bernie Sanders Surge. It’s inevitable. Even the mighty Swiss are seeing it now.

    1. Then you run out of toilet paper.

      1. Jokes on them: I never used it to begin with.

  16. Apologies if the link is SF’d.…..edia/FUNNY STUFF/Hillary_cunt.jpg.html

    1. You have been shamed.


  17. Bernie Sanders ‘Surge’?

    “We’re dead, man. Game over!”

    I say we nuke it from obit and start over.

    **That statement was not an endorsement of violence and was merely an exaggeration for the sake of emphasizing raw frustration. It’s not like I said anything about wood-chippers…**

  18. Bernie Sanders is to economics what a young Earth creationist is to geology: a deluded fool pushing obsolete, disproven theories that appeal to some people on an emotional level.

    1. It will work this time! We have the right Top Men!

      /a few million socialists + the NYT.

  19. You know things are getting desperate when Joe Biden is looking better and better as the sanest major candidate for the Democratic nomination.

  20. Why shouldn’t the Team Blue clown car be just as full as the Team Red one?

  21. Biden! Biden! Biden!

  22. I have to laugh at the media hyperventilating over Sanders drawing large crowds. Ron Paul drew the largest crowds in the 2012 cycle and he was ignored by the media. Its amazing how members of the media could deny that they are biased.

  23. Comrade Sanders says if elected, everyone will have a right to Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream.

  24. If anyone believes this ignorant little douchebag can’t win the White House, you’ll be making the same mistake many made in 08. No one ever thought for a second that other ignorant little douchebag from Chicago could possibly win.

    The DNA of this country has made massive changes in the past few years, and it’s scary as Hell.

    Leftism is winning.

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