Department of Homeland Security

Bill Would Create New Homeland Security Office for 'Countering Violent Extremism'

The legislation relies on dubious theories about "radicalization."


Rep. McCaul is EXTREMELY concerned.
U.S. House of Representatives

Remember when the Justice Department announced last year that it would be launching some pilot programs devoted to "countering violent extremism"? Now Rep. Michael McCaul wants to create a federal Office of Coordination for Countering Violent Extremism and house it at the Department of Homeland Security. Under the Texas Republican's Countering Violent Extremism Act, introduced late last week, the new bureau would be responsible for a range of activities, including "identifying risk factors that contribute to violent extremism in communities in the United States," "assessing the methods used by violent extremists to disseminate propaganda and messaging to communities at risk for radicalization and recruitment," and "establishing a counter-messaging program" to push back against extremist ideas. The office would receive $10 million a year for the next five years, and a new post—the "assistant secretary for countering violent extremism"—would be created to run it.

The bill is worded broadly enough to attract support both from liberals worried about domestic right-wing terror and from conservatives (such as McCaul) whose chief fear is jihad. That's because it rests on a belief that has taken hold in both parties: that fighting "radicalization" is a good way to root out terrorism. But this is a dubious idea, and many scholars have subjected it to withering criticisms. Most radicals do not become terrorists, and clumsy counterradicalization efforts may be as likely to push people toward terror tactics as to pull them away. (As the security analyst J.M. Berger once put it, "there's more than a little risk that efforts to re-program people who are early in the radicalization process could create more terrorists, not fewer.") Furthermore, empirical studies of actual radicals and terrorists, such as this paper from the British think tank Demos, do not show a neat path from ideas to violence. Nonviolent radicalism can be a stepping stone to terror tactics, but it can also discourage them; meanwhile, many factors that help draw people into terrorism don't have much to do with ideology at all.

The McCaul bill includes a pro forma requirement that "all activities related to countering violent extremism fully respect the privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties of all Americans," but not everyone finds that language reassuring. "That's scant protection when the clear purpose of a CVE [countering violent extremism] program is to focus on what it deems 'extreme' beliefs," says Michael German, a former FBI agent, now based at the Brennan Center for Justice, who has written frequently about the problems with this approach to counterterrorism. German is also unmoved by the bill's requirement that an annual report to Congress evaluate how successful the office's efforts have been. Given how many projects along these lines have already been tried around the world, German suggests that the government "investigate those programs before we invest this money and create this infrastructure." After all, he asks, "once this infrastructure is created, how easy will it be to take it down?"

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  1. Oh! That’s just what we need, another tax payer $ sinkhole. /politician

    1. Complete with disappearing anyone who says “woodchipper”.

      1. I figured it would be at least a dozen comments down, but, you nailed it at number two.

    2. Say it with me: We must do something, this is something, therefore we must do this.

  2. Oh for fuck’s sake! Can’t we just be openly fascist now? I’m sick of all this pretending!

    1. I dunno, seems pretty open to me.

      1. The New Fascism: it’s hip, it’s groovy, it’s happening! Right on!

        1. Where’s my super cool uniform? What’s fascism without the wonderful uniforms?

          1. if you want a vision of American fascism, imagine a a group of fucking hipsters wearing John Varvatos chukka boots stamping on a human face – forever.

            1. This would be better.

              1. I wouldn’t mind being hanged before that firing squad, if you know what I mean.

              2. It would be better, but it’s not going to happen. Obama can’t even get the shoulders and sleeves on his fucking suit jacket to fit correctly. You think anything that’s going to result from this is going to be stylish?

                How far we have fallen from even the Brooks Brothers riot!

    2. It’s more about creating fake industries for your friends to get high paying jobs in, complete with free tax payer funding.

      Seriously, anything that could possibly be dreamed up that it’s important enough for tax payer funding to create, already exists in redundancy. I mean never mind that we already have 10 expensive bureaucracies doing this same thing.

      It’s way past time to retire this entire class of professional parasites inhabiting DC.

      1. “The Million Man Mulch”

        1. “The Million Man Mulch”


  3. The McCaul bill includes a pro forma requirement that “all activities related to countering violent extremism fully respect the privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties of all Americans,” but not everyone finds that language reassuring.

    Haven’t we had enough recent proof that words in laws have no meaning beyond what the rulers want them to mean at any given time? Why do they even bother anymore?

    1. It keeps the stupid people quiet.

  4. “We have received a lot of concerning reports on extremist, anti-government rhetoric being used by a group known on the internet as “Woodchippers“.”

    1. “We have received a lot of concerning reports on extremist, anti-government rhetoric being used by a group known on the internet as “Woodchippers”.”

      The Weathermen got nothing on us!

      1. Yes, they do: Weathermen now teach in universities and advise Presidents. Libertarians, not so much.

      2. Wait. there will be a special office for woodchipper investigations.

  5. Bill Would Create New Homeland Security Office for ‘Countering Violent Extremism’

    Well tell Bill he can get stuffed.

    1. In a woodchipper?

      1. lol

  6. What could possibly go wrong?!

    Maybe there’s just lots of secrecy surrounding this issue, but I don’t see Extremism? as a problem so large that we need a special group–separate and additional to all other intelligence and law enforcement groups–to study and excise it from the populace.

    1. In fact, extremism is too local and too particular a problem to involve national facilities attempting to suss out leads and pinpoint threats. The NSA/FBI/DHS/DEA/CBP etc. have all time and again proven themselves incompetent at identifying or following up on threats, too venal and self-interested to cooperate with one another, and too autocratic to not fuck with citizens.

    2. What? It’s only $10 million per year for the next five years. Wouldn’t you spend $50 million of other people’s money to protect the children?

      1. Protect who? I don’t see this protecting jack shit. I see it as another jackboot program.

        1. The batteries in your Sarcasmometer have died.

      2. “Wouldn’t you spend $50 million of other people’s money to protect the children”

        if even one child can be saved its worth it. What- do you hate children?

  7. Are online fantasies about woodchippers “radical”?

  8. There will be a woodchipper branch.

  9. Jesse,
    You shoulda put “gay ass sex” in the title and you would’ve gotten 800 comments and several wads blown. I didn’t have to put in that last part but what the heck. Oh and fuck off Tony.(ought to be a slogan)

    1. Oh and fuck off Tony.

      And fuck Michigan.

      Also, fried chicken.

  10. But he is Doing Something. We must Do Something.

    1. +1 Penny Gadget

  11. Look, they’re monitoring potential extremists out of compassion. Out of Love.

    It’s like a Ministry of Love.

      1. I lol’d.

  12. You see, mainstream America, this is what your bipartisanship obsession gets you.

    1. Best post on this thread.

  13. Imagine my surprise.

  14. We have the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, DHS, 50 State police, untold numbers of local and county police, and now we need another fucking agency? Why so we can have more bureaucracy to miss stuff like the Boston marathon bombers and Fort Hood?

    I see Islamism for the cancer it is. But people can talk all they want. People can read whatever radical nonsense they want (be it Islamic nonsense or Noam Chomsky). As soon as they pick up a gun or a bomb to hurt Americans, we the American people shoot be shooting them. And if they get foreign help, blast the shit out of the govt or organization that supplied the help. The problem with Afghanistan is not that we went in, it is that we tried to bring that POS out of the stone age.

    1. Don’t forget all the fusion centers, that are run by SPLC.

    2. +1 rubble don’t cause trouble

  15. I saw something in the Seattle Times where some attractive, young promising white girl was radicalized by ISIS or something.

    Is this the new fear now that dope smoking negro jazz musicians are no longer interested in our daughters?

    1. That was good Paul.

    2. “Did you hear about Paul’s daughter?”

      “No, what?”

      (whispers) “She ran off to join ISIS and wears a burqa now.”

      (gasp) “Paul must be mortified. If only she had just brought a black guy home.”

      1. *applauds*

        Excellent allusion to the real reason for all these millennial tards doing that. Newest mutation of I-hate-you-dadism.

  16. After all, he asks, “once this infrastructure is created, how easy will it be to take it down?”

    Indeed. That’s the same thing libertarians have been saying about government programs in general for…well, since forever.

    1. Nothing is so permanent as a temporary government program

      – Milton Friedman

      1. This is why we’ll never get rid of Obamacare or the Import/Export bank. They exist, therefore they must continue to exist because government.

        Never, never does the state get smaller, not really. We may get a temporary cut in the rate of the increase, but never is it permanent.

        1. Don’t talk like that!!! (Claps hands over ears.) Nah-nah-nah I can’t hear you!!

        2. Historically, it’s not that completely hopeless — for example, the ‘Civil Aeronautics Board’ (responsible for regulating all airline routes and airfares) was killed off in 1985 and after 30 years seem completely rather than just mostly dead.

    2. Why do you hate jobs? These seem particularly shovel-ready, now that I think of it.

      1. Um, why do you hate jobs? These programs are spoon-ready.

        1. Your giant tablespoons are killing the economy. I plan on using those little taster spoons you get at Baskin Robbins or a decent italian ice place.

  17. “Extreme” is a relative term.

    For instance: I believe it is principally/morally wrong to initiate force on another person. Some people believe that it is ok to initiate force as long as it achieves their end (see: progressives). These two positions are necessarily extreme relative to one another.

    1. “Well, you’re part of a extremist right wing ideology that thinks people should be allowed to let their children starve!!! Also, you’d restrict people’s ability to get abortions!”


  18. I’m sure this will definitely not have any negative consequences for liberty and privacy in this country. What could possibly go wrong?

  19. So,they are finally creating a ‘Department to Combat Wrongful Thhinking’. And it’s all inclusive,fighting scary Muslims,and right wing,dirty racists.Neither of which is a threat to 99.9 % of the population..Were gonna have to get a bigger wood chipper.

    1. dirty racists

      So SJWs? Because I’ve long maintained that neo-nazis and the klan are just SJWs for white people.

  20. So,they are finally creating a ‘Department to Combat Wrongful Thhinking’. And it’s all inclusive,fighting scary Muslims,and right wing,dirty racists.Neither of which is a threat to 99.9 % of the population..Were gonna have to get a bigger wood chipper.

    1. I wonder if they will include the Sad Puppies? Wrongfen having wrongfun.

  21. I know of a violent extremist they can start investigating.

    He lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, District of Criminals 20006

    1. Get the door. Don’t worry, it’s just the party van.

      1. Little did the bourgie bloodsucker know that it was the PEOPLE’S PARTY VAN

        After they hang the rich kulak peasant, they will take away all his grain. For the people.

  22. Well first perhaps we should have a working definition of “radicalization;” now I do not want another Timothy McVeigh hauling fertilizer any more than the next guy, but as the article suggests “radicalization” sounds like a pretty broad topic. The past few years I may have become a tad “radicalized” myself in that I am less trusting of my government and am not so sure it should be any more empowered than it already is; in fact I think it should be less so.

    Does that make me an enemy of the state who is worthy of being watched?

    Seriously, I would never have thought this way a mere decade or two ago, but if WE do not protect and advocate for our own rights and privacy, the government is the last entity I would trust to do that for us.

    1. “Does that make me an enemy of the state who is worthy of being watched?”

      According to the FBI DHS, and SPLC, yes.

    2. Well first perhaps we should have a working definition of “radicalization”

      We do, there’s a list.

      Do you have more than 7 days worth of canned goods in your house?

      Have you ever had a Ron Paul bumper sticker on your car?

      Ever commented on

      Ever mentioned the word ‘woodchipper’ on the internet?

      You’re on the list, rat fucking bagger!

    3. I’m sure they’ll simplify it by shortening Radicalization to just R.

  23. My only question is who gets to define “extremism”?

    Let me guess.

    1. Our elected representatives do, so “we” get to define it!

      “We” do, meaning neither you nor me.

    2. Why SJW’s of course, they CARE.

  24. Well, I was feeling low down and blue
    Didn’t know what in the world I was gonna do
    Them violent extremists, they were coming around
    They were in the air, they were all over the ground
    They wouldn’t give me no peace

    (plays harmonica very badly)

    Well I run down most hurriedly
    And joined the Office of Coordination for Countering Violent Extremism at the Department of Homeland Security
    Got me a secret membership card
    Started walking off down the road
    Oh boy
    I’m a real violent extremism counter-er now
    Look out you violent extremists

    1. They have to do it right. They have to claim that they’re gay transgendered polygamists. That’s the ticket.

  25. That is some extremist authoritarian thinking.

  26. Creepy every creeping totalitarianism

  27. Uh, we already deal with people who are violent or are material abetting violence. So, this would just be a thought police department. Fuck that shit.

    1. *materially

  28. The comments are back. Was Alissi scraping user IDs for DoJ again?

  29. Bill Would Create New Homeland Security Office for ‘Countering Violent Extremism’

    I guess it could end up being slightly more useful than creating a Ministry of Silly Walks, but I do have my doubts.

    1. You know who else promoted silly walks?

      1. Sherman Hemsley?

        1. I got a kick out of this.

  30. Nice alt-text. Rep McCaul is extemely concerned.

    Yes, he’s extremely concerned about getting cushy meaningless do-nothing jobs for his campaign donors, buds, and family members in a shiny new bureaucracy that will never, ever go away until it’s parasitically sucked the very last dime out of it’s dying host.

  31. So is there something like kickstarter to donate money to Rep McCaul’s opponent(s)? I’ll pledge (and I’d also like to donate money to the teacher fired for trampling on the flag).

  32. Never let a good crisis go to waste…. Next domestic terror attack, expect the “CVE” to become another gov agency.

    1. Or CIVET (Countering Incipient Violent Extremism and Terrorism).

      “We’re the cats from CIVET!”

      1. Doesn’t pass the smell test.

  33. Well, if y’all want to see the sad state that humanity has devolved to, just go read the Batman Arkham Knight discussion threads on Steam.

    If you want to hold onto any hope whatsoever for the future of humanity, then please ignore what I just suggested.

    1. So, you uncapped the framerate and probably noticed things got a little weird? Yeah, so did Iron Galaxy and that’s why they limited the PC version to 30 FPS (crazy bunch of cooks if you ask me).

      Uh, yeah.

    2. Just sent you a Steam friend invite, btw.

      1. I don’t see it. I’ll check again tomorrow…

        1. It’s not the same handle as I use here, if that helps.

  34. “identifying risk factors that contribute to violent extremism in communities in the United States”

    Lead paint and television news.

  35. Catholic trolling at its finest…”coming out” video for defenders of true marriage freaks out the usual suspects.

    “How dare they mock our retarded bigotry?”…..he-closet/

    1. “The hell with you, why aren’t you bigoted fundamentalists tolerant like us?”

      1. Come out…to play!×200/i3…..e8dd06.jpg

    1. So it can literally [bleep] itself?

    2. German suggests that the government “investigate those programs before we invest this money and create this infrastructure.”

      You know which other German recommended government investigations?

      1. Angela Merkel?…

      2. Ulrich Von Licktenstein?…

      3. Peiper Joachim?…

        1. He beat the rap, somehow.

          1. Supposedly they had beat confessions out of him and his men.

            In his defense he assumed all responsibility for the charges and requested to be shot.

            1. Cite?
              Not what I have read.

      4. Dr. Strangelove?

  36. Make an AR lower for $2.50? You betcha! Behold the FRUITY GHOST!

    1. “And of course the main reason: all the fucking shades of freedom, from Congress Yellow to Bloomberg-soul black!”

      Great post.

  37. More on Greeks begging for Gifts:
    Article in the Independent (Brit; left-leaning):
    “Get off your high horses, lefties ? Big Government, not ‘austerity’, has brought Greece to its knees”
    “The Greek economy had become a rent-seeking economy, in which economic activity is not about creating wealth, but about extracting wealth from others through the political process. If you’re afraid of dog-eat-dog capitalism, you haven’t seen dog-eat-dog socialism yet.”…..57843.html

    1. Ha — the first chart here is hilarious.

  38. You know, the really pathetic part of all this is the fact that I can think of little more that could radicalize a population more than the government creating a coercive agency (I know, redundant) charged with dictating the boundaries of acceptable thought.

  39. Let’s say that someone who ends up working for this agency discovers they’re doing something, like, I don’t know, unconstituional? And then he tells everyone? Like, what happens then?

    1. If he’s smart he makes his announcement while surrounded by a competing nuclear-armed country… Or makes it into the thick of SE Asian jungles and grows rice for the rest of his days.

  40. Someone called it. Step forward and claim your prize.

    Is Global Warming To Blame For NC Shark Attacks

    1. We should start trying to attribute random positive events to global warming.

  41. Just spit-balling here, but we could reduce the threat of left-wing extremism by pulling the plug on government tuition loans. We could reduce the threat of Islamic extremism by pulling the plug on refugee resettlement reimbursements to churches and civic groups. (See Ann Cochran’s Refugee Resettlement Watch about that). We could reduce the threat of right-wing extremism by not going on a gun-grabbing crusade (that always causes more people to buy guns) every time some a nut fires one off.

    Perhaps these are not expensive enough.

  42. I’m not sure how much of this to blame on poor risk assessment, but it’s got to figure in there. So much of bad policy (both by gov’t & diffused thru the popul’n) re so many different things are affected by that.

    1. One example that’s been on my mind is the movement away from ethoxylated surfactants in personal care products because of the minute risk posed by traces of 1,4-dioxane. As probable carcinogens go, this one’s weak (as nearly all the ones being discovered now practically have to be), the exposure by that means is minute compared to other means of exposure, & they’re trading mildness for probably 0 gain in safety.

  43. If they create this office, they should take the money out of the FBI’s, ATF’s, and other agencies’ budgets.

    Better yet, they should NOT create the office–and take the money out of the FBI’s and ATF’s budgets anyway.

  44. In other words, pressure groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center get on the federal payroll permanently.

    1. Does the SPLC get government grants? I thought the were funded by scaring Jewish retirees in Florida into giving them donations to resist the impending nazi takeover.

      1. Wouldn’t know. Your guess is as good (or better) than mine.


    Black anarcho capitalist explains how privilege theory is immensely insulting to black people. – This video about Charlie Hebdo and free speech is also great.

    1. That first link, didn’t watch the second yet, is AWESOME. I’ve spend all my adult life living in China and Japan. People have asked me all sorts of weird shit about the US, but I can’t recall every being asked about the “White” experience I’ve had in Asia. There is no deference to my supposed expertise on racial matters. The pathetic, lower lip quivering dude in the glasses at the beginning rightfully evokes disgust and the confidence and the self awareness exhibited by the anarcho is all anyone should need to see which approach better.

    2. Can’t be too insulting if there’s money in it.

    3. WRT the first link, I am old enough to know (54) that getting braces was an upper-middle-class/rich (white) kids thing. I look at those young black or hapa-black adults/kids, with their perfectly aligned teeth, and wonder if they’d ever missed a breakfast. Neither have I, but for my own will. To paraphrase a line from Tom Wolfe, We (in America) live in a time that would make the Sun-King blink.

  46. Terminator: Genysis.

    Not too bad. But, lord, did they need to tone done the CGI and other ridiculousness.

  47. If you bitches ‘fully respected the privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties of all Americans’ the prisons would be fucking half full (because all the folks getting high and/or selling their bodies would be free to do so) and your goddamn NSA would be a hole in the wall agency on the third floor of some nondescript shit building in nowheresville DC and your fucking CIA ghosts would be lost on American soil past a couple of blocks because all the motherfuckers are actually too fucking busy being foreigners overseas trying to fucking stop real threats to the open society and the goddamn FBI wouldn’t be the weird stepchild of modern law enforcement left fucking greasing the rank butthole vipers called the skank DEA which has never respected “the privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties of all Americans” since these fucks were created.

    NONE of you shit eaters in Washington “fully respect the privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties of all Americans”. Never have- never will.

    Fuck you, McCaul. And fuck America. America is a failed state shrouded in a bizarre 200 hundred year-old afterglow from the superfathers group-fucking their massive intellects onto piles of paper.

    America is not the America of Washington.

    1. +1 Pulitzer Prize for Commentary

      1. I would love to see what AC would use that Pulitzer for.

    2. ^This is why you should never assume a thread is dead.

      1. I deserve fucking none of this you insanely fucking super intelligent creature monks.

  48. NONE of you shit eaters in Washington “fully respect the privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties of all Americans”. Never have- never will.

    Forget “fully”; I’d settle for “every once in a while”.

  49. Freedom is oxygen. Liberty is breathing existence.

    I’m no Ayn apologist or fucking mindless Ayn tweaker… Strung out on the greatest female mind, perhaps, ever created…. great drug tho, Ayn. But, I love Ayn. I dream about fucking dead Ayn.

    But, Ayn, sat in a room in Russia and watched her age group of young men and women hauled off into a lost and dead future in Siberia because they expressed sentiments AT THAT MOMENT against modern totalitarian Russia. She as a young child witnessed the ending of life lived normally by a government notice.

    Ayn cannot be understood by modern American philosophers or Cable TV faux philosophers on Fox and CNN.

    Ayn Rand is modern Libertarianism because she grasped the death of the modern tongue. She witnessed the filth of Russian totalitarianism and its death grip on freedom of culture, communication, and expression.

    Ayn Rand was the canary in the American mine.

    America is heading quickly toward the nightmare Ayn Rand feared.

  50. This is just another layer of bureaucracy in an already bloated government. Not to mention that it will end up being used mainly to harass law abiding citizens while ignoring real threats. We’ll be told ad infinitum that the real terrorist threats are middle aged, white veterans who talk about patriotism.

    This is such a bad idea that I’ll bet it’s in place in about 9 months. That’s the usual gestation time for an abomination.

  51. in the late 70’s early 80’s my parents were fucking poor… and in a hardcore religious cult in toledo deep in old south end with members from old west end. Man, in the early 80’s we had a FUCKING coal burning stove to heat our decrepit house next to the railroad David Carpenter lost his toes on man. Seriously fucked up now that I think about it… David would throw his shoes off in 3rd fucking grade and get so fucking proud that his fucking goddamn toes were gone and his ass skin was now on his foot nub. he was maybe 11. man, I fucking lived this shit and every fucking day was goddamn motherfucking bullshit. Dad was fucking bitch, I loved and hated him. I enjoyed his free side and then he would work with his cult every fucking night for years. He drew sharks and horses with a majesty I loved.

    1. I have a thought for tonight i wish to convey… I get that no one gives a fuck. I understand that. Man, I will post no matter the fuck what, bros. Fuckit. Poor people aren’t a concern of anyone. Progressives pretend to give a shit about them. Billions live on the greatest properties owned by those most concerned about the poor while only a few dollars are spent on poverty. And republicans hate the poor. Period. Progressives and Republicans exist in the same canoe shooting the same rapids when it comes to legitimate poverty.

      Poverty sucks. It is real. And people can be trapped in poverty and poverty’s children are living very real lives. I lived a very real fucking life of poverty as a little boy.

      Probably in 1981 we had visited a Salvation Army for clothes or what the fuck and I picked up a 50 cent book of Raggedy Ann and Andy as a little dude. And as a little boy when the city turned the lights off because dad couldn’t pay the bills and food was very very light I’d crawl under a table with a candle and read about Raggedy Ann’s cream puffs and I would imagine her cream puffs in my mouth and I would actually pretend to eat Raggedy Ann’s cream puffs as a very hungry little boy so I could sleep. It worked and many years later I respect little Raggedy Ann and her narrative cream puffs feeding a small boy poor boy in old early 80’s Toledo. Man, memories are powerful.

      Memories are ships you never have to purchase a ticket on.

    2. Powdered-milk poor. That’s what we were.

      1. Brother, I drank enough powdered milk to realize it only tastes good chilled. You have to be poor like you and I to get that.

        1. ‘had’ to be poor… man, life is transcendental and flocked with tunnels into the past I refuse to deny

  52. In 1998 in advanced art class in that beautiful architectural masterpiece called Libbey High School which is now a green field… up in the attic where Mrs. Stewart taught… man, time chills the carousels of emotions. Advanced art was dudes and the single girl who could actually draw great shit in this instance…. for real, really good art no one will ever fucking see but… up in the attic of the marvel of architecture that is now gone… we were given the most massive fucking ego I have ever witnessed ever in my life to draw. We had to draw a young man that FUCKING LOVED every single minute of his tiny stardom in front of us tiny fucking crowd of really good artists… well, hell yea…

    Mr Ego man was on the verge of going stratospheric in ego and popularity… He and his brother had found bags of body parts of limbs sliced by a local serial killer… He lived underneath the Maumee Bridge and the killer had thrown all the bags of the body parts of his victims into the Maumee river…

    Mr Ego FUCK man sat there so FUCKING nonplussed the days after the FUCKING Toledo Blade quoted him finding the body parts…

    Mr Ego FUCK man would sit there stroking his FUCKING miserable tiny whiskers and AWESOME British Knights shoes and look back at us 6 artists and that one single fucking HOT dust blonde I was in love with and state, “all the shit we found looked like little hams.”

    You can’t buy British Knights.

    1. Well, you can buy BK’s… but not with 80’s weird energy.

  53. Your mother and father and my grandmother and his dad and her sister are centrifugal collections of memories rinsing and dissecting and disconnecting and never meeting while later merging.

    time swims laps on dads, moms, grandmothers, hipsters, and my dog and your tight schedule.

    energies vibrate and ring nodding to old betimes and before arounds and front arrays and pleasant present.

    snacks verse on stars but deep is not human unless we wish to vanquish or titillate. otherwise we love snacks. and fall sleepily onto mats prepared by little petals tracking monster midgets.

    fallow is the flay and gleam is the glimmer garden. the shooting uproots sprung brutes smashing tea ships with mercury blooms.

  54. Memory lilts and twists and disconcerts and upsides.

    Agony and fear and romance and lust and joy are memory tidals.

  55. so fall….


    into the crux of inner rainbows. you might get lost on the wrinkles of tight hallways in the controlled volcanoes…

    Always shake your inside tree. and ask your rainbow for a measure of love..

    Fall deep..

    but not too deep….

    you can fall so deep things don’t work right. I know this is real and I’ve experienced it and I know this occurs for certainty… but on a libertarian thread…. you dudes fuck with mind trips?

  56. If you get too deep your mind doesn’t understand time. Your mind actually creates alternative realities that are as real as your breathing. Outside of Aldous and a few other massive tripping greats I will bet NONE of your therapists have ever tripped where they lost time. My therapist had to consult her book and her prescription was accurate and I knew it was. A benzodiazepine could break the rainbow. Deep brainbows are scattered with distraction drugs. I trip back tho…

    I can one day die on a trip though. I break deep into the slides of time with this simple brain and its tinging tongs and its little voices… but I will float above my toes tonight and tomorrow, man. I WILL FUCKING GLEAN the meadows of stars between all my realities and from here and tomorrow I WILL fucking float a living stream of songhearts where comets trend like fucking tickles….

  57. On my screen a blue tinge appears like a bossy bling and it spreads into my realm and I punch my toes into the keys of blue and I slide into a fucking smashing world of trellos and flatunuade and sprecholos and ghellos fucking beasilomos and smars on the runes of living soil and loving falling petals….

  58. man fuck all this shit….

    I am a living tragedy and so are you…
    Living unto death….
    I can’t sleep man….
    I lay my head down and no matter how much wine or booze or pot or cocaine I do I still think about dying…..

    I don’t want to die. man.

    1. Good. Piss em of by existing.

  59. Poor idea not backed by empirical studies but by emotion being pushed into law? Shocking.

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