LSU Prof Fired for Telling Jokes Is Latest Victim of College Anti-Sex Hysteria

"I'm not teaching Sunday school."


Buchanan and sons

Associate Professor Teresa Buchanan liked to keep her students entertained. She wasn't against using humor—and occasionally, profanity—to make sure students were paying attention during the education classes she taught at Louisiana State University.

"If the curriculum is fucking awful, I might say that it is," said Buchanan in an interview with Reason. "I'm not teaching Sunday school."

She also jokingly told some of her female students that that they shouldn't expect their boyfriends to keep helping them out with their coursework after the sex gets stale.

University administrators, unfortunately, are not known for appreciating comedy—or respecting academic freedom.

On December 20, 2013, at the close of the fall semester, Buchanan's dean informed her that she was suspended from teaching pending the results of an investigation. The university kept her in limbo for the next 18 months, during which time she was subjected to hearings, reviews, appeals—and ultimately, termination, on June 19, 2015.

The accusations against Buchanan will be familiar to anyone who has read about the high-profile Title IX investigations of Northwestern University's Laura Kipnis or Drexel University's Lisa McElroy. A student complained about Buchanan's penchant for occasional insensitive humor, and LSU decided that her actions amounted to sexual harassment and the creation of a hostile learning environment, according to The Advocate.

On June 17, 2014, Dean Damon Andrew told Buchanan that her methods were inexcusable:

"In our meeting, you admitted to using profanity and language of a sexual nature, claiming it supported your overall pedagogical strategy when teaching at LSU. Specifically, you noted that such language was often used to "get the attention of students" and "loosen them up." I find this explanation to be unacceptable, and I do not condone any practices where sexual language and profanity are used when educating students, particularly those who are being educated to serve as [pre-kindergarten through third grade] professionals."

In March of 2015, a faculty committee agreed with LSU that Buchanan had violated the university's sexual harassment policy. (Given the kinds of harmless nonsense that university sexual harassment policies typically obligate administrators to prohibit, this is hardly surprising.) Her statements had disturbed some students, and an occasion in which she had used the word "pussy" during an off-campus conversation with a teacher was cited against her.

But the committee specifically ruled out termination as a possible consequence. Instead, faculty members recommended that Buchanan should merely agree to stop using such colorful language, and that would be the end of it. The committee also chided the university for failing to offer Buchanan proper counselling, due process, and sexual harassment training.

LSU President F. King Alexander ignored the committee's suggestions and instead moved to fire Buchanan—eventually succeeding earlier this month.

Upon termination, Buchanan lost all her university emails—as well as some of the research she had been doing while on mandatory teaching hiatus. She has limited financial resources, and is concerned about her future.

But she wants to fight back. If LSU won't let professors run their own classrooms—infrequently sprinkling lectures with adult language—the university is only lazily committed to academic freedom, and no one is safe.

"It's got to stop," she said. "You can't treat people like this."

Kevin Cope, president of LSU's Faculty Senate, told The Advocate that he didn't believe Buchanan had actually violated university sexual harassment policies:

Cope cast doubt on whether Buchanan violated any of the university's policies. He noted the university's sexual harassment policies require behavior that is not only sexual in nature, but that it must clearly hurt the school performance of students and employees.

"Personally, this is nothing that I would consider sexual harassment at all," Cope said.

He added that if using profanity is grounds for dismissal, two-thirds of college administrators should be fired.

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education's Peter Bonilla wrote in a statement to Reason that LSU's treatment of Buchanan "gives cause for serious concern":

Among the offenses cited against Buchanan are her occasional use of profanity among her adult students as well as occasional sexual jokes and references. Such interchanges are presumptively protected by a faculty member's free speech and academic freedom rights and by themselves seem to fall well short of constituting any kind of actionable sexual harassment.

Unfortunately, this fits with FIRE's recent experiences. FIRE has seen multiple faculty members in recent years investigated, suspended from teaching, removed from campus, and even fired from their positions over similar complaints to those against Buchanan at LSU. Their universities have regularly shown remarkable indifference to their academic freedom rights even when their speech at issue was demonstrably germane to their teaching or were themselves direct applications of the assigned course materials.

Bonilla also noted that LSU has already been censured by the American Association of University Professors for repeatedly violating the academic freedom rights of its faculty. AAUP's Louisiana state chapter has set up a tax-deductible legal defense fund for Buchanan, who would like file a lawsuit against LSU.

That Buchanan got in trouble for cursing and referencing sex is as unfortunate as it is completely unsurprising. The modern university campus is becoming a bizarrely prudish place, where witch hunts against professors who express dissenting views or practice unorthodox methods are commonplace.

Blame thin-skinned students and cowardly university administrators, but most of all, blame the federal government.

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182 responses to “LSU Prof Fired for Telling Jokes Is Latest Victim of College Anti-Sex Hysteria

  1. “I’m not teaching Sunday school.”

    Sunday School would be more forgiving.

    1. Sunday school’s sole textbook features slavery, incest and murder.

      1. And? So does half the western canon of literature.

        Oddly, the books of faith for the lefties retained original sin, but got rid of any upbeat messages or entertaining material.

        1. And that is why triggering content?including, above all, any description of rape, and any form of illegal satire such as the insidious letters “signed” by European deans and dons in the Letters of Unknown Men, banned by Pope Leo X in 1517?needs to be rapidly purged from so-called classical texts. This was actually an excellent decision by Louisiana State administrators, reminding us that words are actions, as prosecutors in New York have decisively demonstrated in a remarkable, precedent-setting case dealing with criminal satire and academic decorum. See the documentation at:

          1. I remember classes that touched on UTOPIA and the motherfucking PRINCE in which the professor failed to recognise that he was dealing with pieces of satire. And then there was an outrageously bad class on materialism that centered on a study of Cart?sius’ first principles, which employed a shockingly bad translation of the original French version (which I can’t read fluently enough to examine closely, but I could compare with the Latin), which was even further demolished by the professor’s bulletheaded refusal to admit that Descartes might have used used DIFFERENT WORDS to mean DIFFERENT THINGS and not just out of a sense of style.

            1. Ah, but there is a word for each thing. This is why we do not allow terms like “motherfucking” in our classrooms, or criminal satire in our courtrooms. I trust the academic community at large agrees with me, apart from a few liberal stragglers who are too cowardly to quarrel with me publicly about this issue anyway in view of the inevitable embarrassment such an exchange would cause them and some of their friends.

  2. “It’s got to stop,” she said. “You can’t treat people like this.”

    Actually it seems they can.

    Should I care more about this because she’s female? I rather enjoy the fact that the campus hysteria/goodthink programs are snaring those for which it really wasn’t designed!

    1. Exactly…..Progressives created this beast, it is enjoyable watching it turn on them. Actually, it is really fun !

      1. Progressives created this beast, it is enjoyable watching it turn on them.

        How do you know that Teresa Buchanan is/was one of “them”?

        1. Yeah…there’s a really petty mentality in damning a woman for ‘the beast turning on them’ when it seems like she’s not exactly what you’d call politically correct.

          1. There’s a huge disparity in political affiliation in universities. Regardless of being a woman, odds are tremendously in favor of her being a proggie.

            1. And if she were anti-PC proggie, she still deserves to get fucked for beliefs she doesn’t hold? What a wonderfully collectivist mindset.

              1. No, merely stating the odds. You are the one making assumptions about what I think. You are the one with the elitist know-it-all attitude.

                1. So concerning a statement concerning Proggies eating their own, we’re going to eat our own? That’s what we’re really going to do?

                  1. Wow, never thought I’d be called elitist for pointing out blatantly collectivist attitudes on a libertarian website.

                    “Don’t support political correctness? You still deserve to get fucked by it, prog!”

                    1. You called me a collectivist based on your assumption that you knew how I think.

                      What else should I call you?

                    2. Her being a prog/statist/whatever is utterly irrelevant to this if she’s anti-political correctness, which seems to be the case. ‘Stating the odds’ on her being a progressive has only one response: “So what?”

                      Unless, of course, this is more about punishing ideological opponents than having any kind of consistency.

                    3. No, its now about you being backed into a corner for a stoopid statement and not knowing how to bow out gracefully.

                  2. So concerning a statement concerning Proggies eating their own, we’re going to eat our own? That’s what we’re really going to do?

                    *runs to Costco to load up on barbecue sauce*

                    1. +1 schpadoinkel

            2. “There’s a huge disparity in political affiliation in universities. Regardless of being a woman, odds are tremendously in favor of her being a proggie.”

              What I find interesting is between this example and Northwestern, it seems that progressive women are being caught in the machine’s net more than men or even evil conservative men.

              I think the reason is simple, the “out” groups of people have learned and been forced to check everything they say for quite a while now (out groups being men or whites or conservatives of any race). However “in” groups of people (recognized liberals, women, POC, etc) have had freedom to say whatever they want whenever they want with zero consequences.

              Now that the PC machine is out of control, it is going to catch in it’s net more and more people in the favored groups, simply because they are not as careful with their speech since they never had to be before (and in fact were encouraged to me more crazy).

              Personally, I’m not shedding many tears to see the PC machine eat its own now.

        2. How do you know that Teresa Buchanan is/was one of “them”?

          We don’t. What we do know is that, on balance, female college professors aren’t the preferred target of the SJW crowd.

        3. She does teach “education”. A cesspool of progressivism.

          Of course, progressivism has its own generation gaps it refuses to deal with.

          1. Indeed, it is theoretically possible she is not an SJW type, theoretically so we cannpt definitive;y say this is poetic justice.

            But realistically, we are talking about a female education professor. It isn’t hyperbole to say that there may be a 99% chance that she is ‘one of them.’

    2. This is how purges work. First, anyone who is not a member of The Party is thrown out, then it’s purity tests for the remainder until utopia is reached. This is how the Cultural Revolution was started.

      1. Like Camille Pagia’s epic story of being cast out of feminism in the late 60’s for the crime of loving “Under My Thumb” by the Stones. Here was a founder of feminism and an early adopter of gay pride being marginalized for daring to like a song with such sexist lyrics. Paglia remains indignant about it today; her line essentially being “yeah it’s fucking sexist. It’s REALLY sexist. And? It’s the fucking jam, now get out of my face you humorless harpy.”

    3. Then I had an experience in a motherfucking English class in which the professor’s first assignment involved analysis of a document of feminazi claptrap. His response to my analysis was insane and insulting, obviously due to my failure to buy into the silliness espoused, and held up by objections to the language I employed, such as the use of the Latin phrase “in toto” (We’re writing English here!, or somesuch, he declared.), and referring to the author of the document by his last name (He claimed that it was bad form to do so, and I should reference other authors always by their first names.). Ending a sentence in “et cetera” was another thing I got marked off for. No explanation there, except his declaration that it’s wrong to use that phrase at the end of a sentence. Then I got marked off for using any English word that he didn’t know, since it was bad style, he said, to speak to any but the most conceivably ignorant reader who might want to peruse something one writes. This particular rule was applied in numerous writing classes I took, even an advanced motherfucking experimental psychology class.

      1. After my response to his criticism, he sent me a letter saying I could either voluntarily withdraw or he’d make it impossible for me to continue. At one point there was even a special webpage up on the school site devoted to his leading other students in ridiculing me for all sorts of things. When I finally condescended to complain over the matter, as professor, he locked my access to my class email account (which was the required means of communication other than face-to-face; one couldn’t use a private account that the professor couldn’t at some time access, lock up, or edit.), thereby concealing all his communiqu?s. He also took down the harrassment page. The administrators said there was nothing they could do in absence of evidence, and that his rights as professor to conceal or lock up information on the school servers was unassailable. So I left the class, joined another, where I got chided by a female teacher for suggesting that it was possible to use the word “feminist” to describe anybody with a pecker. She also marked me down for using words she didn’t know, but in the end I got close to a perfect grade. What a bunch of morons.

  3. I’ll bet she was one of the better and more popular Professors in her Department. This will stop when people refuse to pay for a shitty, PC education.

    1. not as long as someone else is paying, it’s nothing out of their pocket

    2. The education part of it is irrelevant. It’s the piece of paper that counts.

    3. At least it wasn’t FOR-PROFIT education! That would have been even worse!


  4. You know who else was Third?

      1. The Mad King Aerys?

    1. I don’t know?

      Let’s see if anybody gets that one.

      1. Six minutes into the bit, Skinner, and you already managed to ruin the routine.

      2. It’s more fun to ignore the obscure reference and make your own joke.

    2. President Jefferson?

    3. I Don’t Know.

      1. I see I was way late. Never comment on a page which has been sitting idle for an hour or two. Betcha I don’t learn a lesson!

    4. Gary Johnson

    5. Bode Miller?

    6. Gale Sayers?

    7. Ender Wiggin?

    8. The Reich?

    9. The beings from Hyperius?

    10. Andrew Wiggin

    11. Orson Welles?

  5. “She also jokingly told some of her female students that that they shouldn’t expect their boyfriends to keep helping them out with their coursework after the sex gets stale.”

    Oh I bet this is the comment that really got to the thinned skinned. It describes perfectly a subset of the women in my engineering school, and anything bad about any women who aren’t republican must be pretended out of existence.

    As of note, I am a female engineer. Everyone who didn’t do their own homework annoyed me, but these girls especially pissed me off. Especially because the school liked to trot them out to competitions around the country, ignoring all the folks who actually deserved to be there (a.k.a. not me but some of the real geniuses in our class).

    1. In my CS program there were a handful of females, and only one of them was a decent programmer. The rest of them got by on their looks, and by getting help (translation: getting others to do the work) on their projects. I really don’t know how they passed their classes, since they did not know the material well enough to get decent marks on their exams. Maybe they squeaked through based upon the fact that most of the classes were heavily weighted towards the projects, which they didn’t do themselves. Yet because they were more social animals than myself, they got the good jobs. Though I have no idea how they kept them. Probably the same thing. Bat an eyelash, give a blow job, and a man does their work. They’re going to be up the creek when their looks fade.

      1. they may still be able to give oral exams

      2. From my understanding they get out of the technical jobs pretty quick and head to jobs that are related but don’t require the skill. For example, becoming the sales person for the product instead of the designer.

        Also, its near impossible to fire them once hired (lawsuit time), so companies have a lot of incentive to make it work.

        1. They’re called consultants.

          Basically their job is to say ‘yes’ to everything the client asks for and then hand it off to the poor sap of a developer to fulfill their impossible promises.

          1. I hate those people. Due to previous experience as the sap, of course.

          2. I had a motherfuckinass job like this for a time. There was a team of female cornsultanas who existed solely to pass on every harebrained requisition the client might make. Not only this, but management expliclty forbade the people actually doing the jobs from speaking to the clients. Everything had to go through the dimwit bitch brigade. I remember some of the crasy stuff that came down from those girls. Like, “Does anybody have a drill that drills holes?” and “How big is a thirty-two inch table?” (which, it turned out, was precisely meant to ask how many inches long the 32 inch distance across the surface was, and not some more intelligently but badly phrased query about volume or weight or height or anything.).

        2. I knew a lot of engineers that went into marketing. Partly because they weren’t the best engineers, and partly because the marketing people had no fucking clue what they were talking about and needed someone to actually tell the customers and prospects useful information.

      3. youre just mad that theuy didnt want to bang you because they werent impressed by your handpainted warhammer 40k figurines and frank miller comic collection arent you/

        1. Looks at hand painted Batman figurine chess set and comic book collection.

          Those things aren’t considered pluses in a mate?

          1. ued to knwo a 40k/comic book guy who didnt have time for either cause he got laid too much but thats an exception not the rule

          2. I consider any hobby a plus until it crosses over into obsession/ large financial impact.

            1. *Looks at gun safes that can barely be closed and wall of reloading supplies*


          3. Miss, you’re getting more attractive by the comment. 😉

      4. They become managers – as the old joke goes: if you can’t program, you manage.

        Back in my CS college days we had a class where you had to work on a big, semester long project for a local company. Afterward you had to give a full presentation on the project, including dressing up in suits, etc. My team was a few blokes and one blonde woman of moderate attractiveness. After the project was over, she managed to score a job at the company even though she did very little work on the project. That was my first real-world lesson on modern hiring practices – she was probably hired for quota purposes than skill – and being attractive (to a degree) probably didn’t hurt either.

        Of course there was also a bloke from Iraq – super nice guy but a bit sleazy in that car salesman way. He couldn’t program his way out of a paper bag, but managed to get the code from other people in class. He ended up graduating – somehow – and talking his way into a local code shop. A plum job compared to what I got out of college. They canned him after only six weeks because he didn’t know how to program. Instead he would try to talk others into doing his work.

        1. That’s funny. On my current team, the programmer that we spent the most time cleaning up after is now the project manager. And he’s fucking things up big-time. Needless to say, I’m keeping my ears to the ground and getting ready to jump off the ship before he sinks it.

        2. I think you and I were on the same project!

      5. Accelerated advancement into management would be my guess for incompetent female engineers.

        As a counter to your anecdote though, I happen to work with several very competent women in technical fields. At least a couple are moderately attractive as well. Maybe we just got lucky.

        1. Like I said, one of them was quite good. I’m not dissing on all female engineers. Just the ones who use the fact that they are female, rather than intelligence and skill, to get ahead.

          1. but no problem me gals which use being female in addition to intelligence and ‘skill’ for getting “ahead”.

  6. Soooo.. they couldn’t just fire her for unprofessionalism for dropping F bombs? Why bother cooking up a bullshit sexual harassment claim? Do colleges get a subsidy for every “rape” they prevent?

    1. You’re missing the point of a show trial. The trial is the important part, not meting out the punishment. Firing someone for a fairly routine infraction like unprofessional conduct doesn’t put others on notice the way a nebulous charge like sexual harassment does.

      1. If you were a faceless bureaucrat working in a useless position at a university that offered zero value to the school, society or even yourself, wouldn’t you want to flex your power over others to create a little self worth and make yourself feel important?

        1. Nailed it!

    2. They’d have to fire them all. Starting with my fuckinass fourth grade grammar school teacher, freely yelling obscenities seemed to be an essential part of the job. In fact, it was kind of scary in thrid grade, knowing pretty soon you got to advaunce on into the room next door through the walls of which one could daily hear somebody getting cussed out like nothing we got to hear at home.

  7. Hi academics! Welcome to the world you have created. The rest of us have been living in the workplace of “no adult language or humor” since the 1980’s. Particularly if you work for a company that was successfully sued because some secretary didn’t like the language the guys on the loading dock were using in the breakroom.

    We’ve all been living in the world where complementing a coworker’s new hairstyle can trip you up with HR for many, many years. And for that entire time it was the university professor types who were at the forefront of the professional scold corps telling us that every normal human interaction was oppressive. Well, welcome to the world you have created.

    1. This. They’re getting exactly what they wanted, good and hard.

      1. Sexual references! HARASSMENT! MICROAGGRESSION!!!

        /thin-skinned progderp

    2. It reminds me of a social history of life behind the Iron Curtain that I read a few years back. A lot of artists, being lefties, welcomed their new Soviet overlords in the expectation that they would have true artistic freedom which was untainted by that irritating capitalistic need to create art that people want to buy. Yeah, there was none of that capitalist stuff. But the painters were forced to conform to Socialist Realist style, the musicians had to write songs glorifying Stalin, etc. Anybody who didn’t play ball was punished.

      1. I try to imagine the looks on their face as the purges continue and they are dragged off. Does the artist who hailed the executions of merchants and contributors to society have a revelation at the moment the executioner turns to them ? Does the progressive have an epiphany at the final moment ? Or is the progressive ideology so ingrained that even to the end they believe ?

        I’ve seen some proggies that probably believe in the cause up to the end. So naive it is incredible. I have zero sympathy for them. Probably makes me a bad person. Meh……

        1. When my father, a hardcore leftist, went to ask for government permission to add an addition to his home, the petty-tyrant-in-charge demanded that he tear down his greenhouse first. Apparently the previous owner didn’t ask for permission before building it, so it had to go. My father still jumped through mental hoop after hoop to justify the injustice that was done to him.

        2. I think Orwell gave us the answer:

          “He had won the victory over himself. He loved Big Brother.”

        3. Wasn’t it Lenin who coined the phrase, “useful idiots?”

        4. They remind me of the 1984 Syme, not “because they know too much”, but because they push so effin’ hard for a system that so obviously will destroy them in the end. True irony.

        5. Artists obviously more contributive to the overall weal than “merchants”, as evidenced by two million years of history when folks did fine with very little in the way of merchants but artists were ubiquitous. It’s the divorce of art from value that’s fucked everything to hell, like art has some intrinsec value transcending how much somebody will pay for it. It’s also fucked things the other way, making it so’s that the art market is very limitted and circumscribed, wheras it used to extend universally throughout all social groups. A lot of it is this bullcrap delusion that art got to be “appreciated” by means of some special skill or state of enlightened consciousness and ain’t something any goatroping hayseed from nowheresville have just as much the right in the opining over and capacity in the judging of its worthlessness as nebod else. I’ve thought there ought to be some kind of class or pamphlet or something teaching art appreciation, which starts out by saying everything you been told is crap–if you like it, it’s good; if not, it’s crap; it’s worth precisely as much as you’d like to pay for it.

    3. Yeah, good point. Academics have tenure, and therefore don’t have to worry about getting fired, so it’s easy for them from this position of priviledge to proclaim how all other workplaces should be run.

      1. Academics have tenure, and therefore don’t have to worry about getting fired

        That doesn’t seem to be the case here. As Buchanan held the rank of associate professor, it’s most likely that she did have tenure. And a fat load of good it did her.

    4. complementing a coworker’s new hairstyle

      Like buying her earrings that help showcase her pixie cut?

      1. Funny! I’ll include the “i” in a later post.

        ( although with my biology background, my first reaction to the typo was to picture a bunch of perforations in her membrane… probably why I didn’t have a career in standup)

        1. Way to be an asshole.

  8. F.ucking Alexander.

    1. I’ve actually met that guy. He used to be the President of CSULB. He’s a douchebag.

      1. I doubt there are many non-douche-bag college presidents out there today (other than Purdue). Seems to be part of the job description.

        1. I always thought G. Gordon Gee was a goofily amiable college president. I do believe they miss him at TOSU.

          1. I believe Gordon Gee was at Vandy for a while. perhaps in my time.

            And i recall him being pretty douchey. he may or may not have been the guy who canned an art teacher for showing students examples of Robert Mapplethorpe …. on their request.

            1. They all seem to be Dean Gordon types.

              1. I remembered him for his Bow Tie

                He was not there when i attended, but came soon afterward (2000?). I remember him being in the news a few times, mainly for being the ‘highest paid chancellor in the USA’

                “A September 2006 Wall Street Journal article detailed that some of Gee’s problems at Vanderbilt?including his wife’s actions (such as smoking marijuana in the chancellor’s official residence), criticism of the high cost of renovating his home, and the couple’s lavish spending?had come back to haunt him. Additionally, Gee’s 2002 announcement that the administration was going to rename “Confederate Memorial Hall” without the word Confederate evoked a series of lawsuits. While Vanderbilt’s board expressed some concern about Gee’s spending, they also strongly endorsed his successful leadership. According to the Chronicle of Higher Education,[14] he received a total compensation of over $1.8 million in 2005/6, the highest of any continuing university president in the United States.”

                1. And his “hippie” former wife who loved the ‘bud’….and saying outrageous shit until he divorced her ass. That said, he knew how to ‘work a room’ and as much as I hate that shit, I still keep a handwritten congratulatory note he sent to me awhile back. So there is that. At the end of the day, running a university is truly like trying to herd cats, and I pity the fool that thinks they can pull it off for very long.

      2. “He used to be the President of CSULB”

        ok… central… southern…. university… of….. lesbian…..bullfighting?

        1. ok… central… southern…. university… of….. lesbian…..bullfighting?

          California State University Long Beach……but I like yours better!

  9. I don’t know that this is an issue of freedom, but rather wisdom. If the curriculum is indeed awful, simply referring to it as a “fucking curriculum” doesn’t do much to make it any better. So yeah, she was probably exercising her freedom … to be a poor teacher.

    1. I dare any prof. who has been teaching for multiple decades to pull out their curriculum from their early years and compare it to today.

  10. Everyone – EVERYONE – treats college students as children. This includes college students themselves. Once you’re eighteen (arbitrary, I know) you don’t have to act like an adult but you shouldn’t be coddled as a child. If there isn’t a major pushback soon future generations will suffer greatly from stunted development.

    1. Depends on the college. The one I went to was for the most part a commuter school. Most of the students were adults with full-time jobs, and we were treated as such.

      1. Traditional college students. HAPPY NOW?

        1. Is that like traditional marriage?

          1. yes except at traditional colleges you are no longer allowed to have sex …. oh wait yes its the same.

    2. my dad tuaght 7th grade and would swear in class all the time “oh, you heard worse at the breakfast table this morning!” . everyone said he was a great teacher

    3. They call the cops if they see them without their parents?

  11. I am SO glad I’m out of academia. During my teaching days, I seriously doubt that I used fewer than 5 or 6 “fucks” per lecture.

    1. Did you at least sprinkle in other four letter words for variety?

      1. Fuck yeah.

        My favorite story (only slightly related): I was teaching at a public university in a very conservative state back in the late 1970s. In one of my early lectures in a chem course, I reviewed the method of dimensional analysis for problem solving, then showed examples of how to use conversion factors in combination to get the desired conversion. In one example, I said, “OK, now an ounce is 28 grams. Except in New York, where it often ends up being 25 grams.” A classroom full of totally blank looks.

        I suppose that nowadays, making drug jokes to college freshmen would end me up in prison.

        1. Reminds me of my Data Structures class where the prof was talking about good data and bad data. He said “Say you’ve got a hundred pieces of paper in a hat. Ninety of them are acid, and ten are cyanide.” I think I was one of the only ones who got the joke.

          1. it’s been so long since I took data structures and related courses in college, I’ve had to reteach myself SQL and Python in recent years, need to get to work on R (big data warehousing & analysis)

            1. I used R in my Statistics class. That was interesting.

              Data Structures was about arrays, linked lists, hash maps, and other ways of storing data in memory, as opposed to a database (which was a different course).

              1. Yay R. Fuck SAS. In the interest of full disclosure, I’m an avowed R-supremacist.

                1. I don’t use either, but as a sysadmin, I’m happy to echo the “Fuck SAS” just from an installation perspective…

                  1. SAS sucked, but with enough foreplay it was slick as a whore’s…..

              2. my point being that the stuff I learned in the early 80’s barely applies now, I’ve had to relearn everything on my own

          2. At Texas A&M we had an off campus tutor that said the way to detrime acids from bases was to ask yourself…

            “Would you stick your dick in it ” ?

            No one forgot the difference.

            1. Yeahr, I always wash my dick in alkali. Asshole, however, that always get scrubbed down with vinegar. That’s a pretty clever manmoniker.

        2. Fucking bag pinchers. There ought to be a law…oh nevermind.

  12. “LSU President F. King Alexander ignored the committee’s suggestions and instead moved to fire Buchanan….”

    So, F. King Alexander reveals his or her inner autocratic tendencies.

    1. His. He’s delta bravo all day.

    2. I think robby also wanted to put an “eff king alexander” in there

  13. All government jobs should be “employment at will”.

    1. All government jobs should be “employment at will”. temporary positions which are forcibly terminated after 90 days.

  14. But I thought it was a libertarian position that any employer, absent an employment contract, should be able to fire an employee at will.

    And I also thought it was a libertarian position that nobody had a right to a job — especially one subsidized by the taxpayer.

    1. They have the right to do it. That doesn’t mean the decision can’t be criticized as unwise.

      1. Exactly, is anyone here arguing that the government needs to step in and stop the school, or now laws need to be created?

        No, people here are criticizing the action as a wrong and stupid one. No one is arguing against the school’s right to do so though.

        That is the difference between libertarians and progressives. Progressives would want to interfere and dictate through force what is “right”.

    2. “Any employer,” No. Any private employer, but not the federal government.

      What free-speech rights a garden-variety government employee should have is an interesting philosophical questions. But I do maintain that students and faculty at public universities are entitled to vigorous First Amendment protection. The reason being: a university is going to be an unsuccessful educational endeavor if students and professors don’t have the right to speak their mind. Ideally, the government wouldn’t be in the higher ed business at all, but since it is, it should be respecting free speech (and arguably is legally required to do so, under the First Amendment.)

      As for Buchanan’s case, I might have been okay with the dean asking her to ease off the jokes if specific students were complaining a lot (which is what the committee recommended), but termination is just absurd.

      1. Robby,

        The other day I was called everything but a white man for suggesting that private entities should in certain circumstances be under the protections of the bill of rights. For example, this might involve a private apartment building forbidding a tenant from keeping a bible or koran in her leased apartment or worshipping there as she chooses. Or, preventing a private hospital from refusing to treat an emergent patient on religious grounds.

        And I know I’ve seen other Reason articles espousing the “tough s***” policy when a private employee bemoans an “unfair” firing from a private employer.

        Not every dollar LSU receives is from the taxpayer. So my deal is that I’d like to see a little more philosophical consistency from Reason. That seems needed to develop and hone a method of reasoning that can compete with the mainstream political parties/philosophies. Otherwise, Reason simply devolves into a culture mag like Salon.

        1. Duke,

          You would have a point if LSU had terminated her based on its own chosen standards for classroom decorum. But as Robbie points out, what is motivating colleges and universities is the federal government threatening them with the loss of federal funding, on which they have become dependent, unless they impose the speech standards that federal government wants. The feds are using the threat of loss of funding to compel colleges and universities to engage in a sort of censorship that the federal goverment could not constitutionally get away with on its own.

          Certainly, colleges and universities share significant blame greedily sucking up federal dollars to the point that the feds can blackmail them in this way. Nonetheless, we should not lose sight of what is really going on here. There is no comparison to an employer making independent decisions as to who to employ and what workplace standards to uphold.

          1. There is no evidence that LSU fired her for fear of losing federal funds. The statements cited made it clear that the administration felt that her comments violated their policies.

            Even so, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. It’s facially absurd for libertarians to all the sudden stand up for employment rights of quasi-government employees but not private employees.

        2. For example, this might involve a private apartment building forbidding a tenant from keeping a bible or koran in her leased apartment or worshipping there as she chooses. Or, preventing a private hospital from refusing to treat an emergent patient on religious grounds.

          One of these is not like the other, presuming you meant emergency. That isn’t the correct use of emergent.

          As a physician, you are obligated to provide care in an emergency situation by the very nature of your job. You might be able to argue against it at the extreme margins, but any hospital that adopted that policy should have their accreditation yanked toot sweet. Were I the hospital admin and a doctor pulled that shit, they’d be bounced out on their ass.

          Go into private practice if you want that discretion.

          1. “That isn’t the correct use of emergent.”

            It most certainly is.

            Beyond you not understanding emergent as used in a medical context, I don’t see how the rest of your comment took away from my global point that sometimes constitutional protections should apply to private actors.

      2. LSU is the Pelican State not the “federal government”.

        Employment at will means the employer does not have to state “why” an employee is fired. If it were the default terms of employment there would be no 1A protection.

        Disclaimer:This is not the system under which Buchanan got her walking papers. I and presumably “Duke” are not proposing the First Amendment be repealed, just the conditions and terms of public employment.

      3. +1000 Robbo. Way to soave the Duchess there.

        1. ” Way to soave the Duchess”

          yesterday, the verb “To Soave” was used in a very different sense.

      4. Robby, This is an excellent piece but I was kind of surprised you didn’t mention she is tenured. Should that afford some protection to her teaching style?

  15. Actually, a female professor getting the heave ho for “sexual harassment” under Title XI is a good thing. The more it happens the more people will realise just how stupid the whole thing is.

    1. All it means is they’ll change the law to explicitly target males, so future bureaucrats don’t make the same “mistake.”

  16. The President’s name is Fucking Alexander and he wants to fire someone for using the same word?

  17. I know profanity is mostly banal around, but c’mon, playing the role of the shock jock in a college classroom *is* unprofessional. I can’t say things like that in interactions with customers, and making cracks like that with coworkers who don’t really want to live in a profane, sexualized universe does make it uncomfortable for them (and a harrassment liability for the person making the cracks).

    What happened to standards of polite (even genteel) behavior, especially that associated with, you know, WELL-EDUCATED people? Why can’t the curriculum be mocked in a way that is genuinely funny?

    If she were a sailor at sea, such things would be tolerable, but even sailors know when they’re in mixed company as it must be understood in 2015.

    That said, a simple agreement to run her class in way that shows a conscientious professionalism should have been enough. It’s hard to believe she got fired for this.

    1. Excellent point BBB. Maybe you should be a writer for Reason.

    2. Are you this boring in real life?

      Arguing that a college classroom is the same as the sales floor indicates a complete lack of awareness of what a classroom is.

      1. I can swear with the best of them.

        The thing is that Sam Kinison was hysterical in Back to School. In real life, it just doesn’t fly. That an elementary ed prof (inferred from the students in the class) can’t find a way to insult the curriculum without profanity is really just ready evidence that she was not qualified to be teaching in an institution of higher education. I’d certainly expect a higher level of creative insult from college faculty.

        As for “jokingly” telling “some of her female students that that they shouldn’t expect their boyfriends to keep helping them out with their coursework after the sex gets stale,” that *is* insulting. It’s not even funny.

        She was faculty, for crying out loud, not one of these crude loudmouth comedians (so-called) that run the comedy circuit these days.

        It’s always the vulgar who are the most defensive concerning foul language.

    3. “I know profanity is mostly banal”

      Please. some of us still find that dirty, even if its with a mexican.

    4. “playing the role of the shock jock in a college classroom *is* unprofessional.”


      Tell it to John Lachs.

      1. reference = most popular teacher of most popular class @ VU for 40+ years. Cursed like a sailor and engaged in conduct most admins would consider “inappropriate” in a classroom under any circumstances (my freshman year he whipped out a meat cleaver ask the class to vote on whether or not he should behead any of the blondes in the front row). While its possible students don’t end up any better-taught about Ethics than if John Q Boringheimer was running the show…. his reputation contributed to the appeal of the school for decades. i.e. he helped sell the place. Which i presume matters more than someone’s retention of the Stoics vs. the Epicureans .

  18. Demolition Man was fucking prescient.

    1. “BZZZT! John Spartan you have been fined one credit for your violation of the Verbal Morality Statute.”

      Yeah, the world portrayed in that film was a proggie wet dream.

      1. Wait, so who are the dangerous psychopaths that the progs are bringing into society to deal with their enemies?

  19. Meh. The university has the right ot set standards for professional behavior, and if telling dirty jokes falls below those standards, they have the right to fire people.

    This is a long, long, way from firing someone for expressing criticism of some orthodox political position in civil language.

    Also, tenure is dumb. Professors shouldn’t just get to do whatever they want as soon as they get tenure.

    1. I’m not outraged that the professor got sacked. I think that a professor can run an interesting class and still act like an adult (as that term used to be defined before the mass infantalization of society got underway).

      But I do think it’s a bit odd that “progressives” who seem to pride themselves on casting aside manners and tearing down anything that smacks of tradition would get pissed off by a professor who casts aside traditional manners. The progs come off as hypocritical; they want their free expression and want to be able to shit on my values utterly without consequence, but Gaia forbid that they be obliged to take it as well as dish it out.

      1. All legalists are ultimately hypocritical–both Progressives and Traditionalists (Conservatives). They lack humility. And for that reason, I agree that this professor got what she deserves, if she is progressive (which humbly presume).

    2. Tenure isn’t stupid, it’s the natural reaction to witch hunts.

  20. Now you know why teachers seek tenure. Campus witch hunts have been going on for over a century and the law seems to encourage their continuance.

  21. “LSU President F. King Alexander ignored the committee’s suggestions and instead moved to fire Buchanan?eventually succeeding earlier this month.”

    Duh. Effective power is over-exercised power. Do you think president F.King (no laughing!~~) wants to have that ‘potty mouth’ conversation twice? No – you can the shit out of the first example then pretend you run the tightest motherfucking social justice ship in righteousland.

    You crucify for show, then deny and lie for dough. Every good kommissar knows the deal.

  22. if I had a large company and one of my employees was using foul language and off color jokes with the paying customers, the students in this case. I would let that person go after a warning so I have no problem with them letting her go.

    1. What are “on-color” jokes? and do you have a committee to determine what humor is acceptable? or is it entirely based on the ability of the administration to interpret remarks out of context?

    2. What if the foul* language and off color* jokes were being made by the best salesperson in the company, and the clients loved it?

      Why is any of this a problem independent of the success of the teaching/company etc?

    3. Well, as I’m sure you’re aware, the saying goes “common sense is not a policy”. There seems to have been no distinct documented policy against profanity, in and of itself, which is why they’re trying to hang a sexual harassment charge on her. From the article, the faculty senate feels that her language didn’t violate the sexual harassment policy. There is nothing inherently wrong with a “clean language” policy; I suspect many sectarian schools have them. However, if the dean and the president want to enforce ad hoc policies, then they have to be prepared for wrongful termination suits.

    4. Ron….no, you wouldn’t, if the person in question was the best employee you had in some area. If the customers like the guy and he brings in big revenue – he stays.

      Anyway…who cares what you think you would do in a parallel situation. That isn’t what happened. She told some off-color jokes and is being charged with sexual harassment, which will dog her for years. She might never work again. If she sues LSU she likely never will work again. I would never hire anyone who had sued a previous employer. It is too risky.

      1. The school may be using the wrong reason to fire her however people get fired all the time for such actions even top sellers maybe you people should work in the real world. I have had to tell employees to cool it with their antics its not uncommon.

        1. I would never hire someone who doesn’t punctuate properly. Its a sign of a lazy mind.

          Also, “you people”? Racists not welcome.

  23. No fair! We were told they’d only go after white guys with these policies.

    1. +A bunch of Old Bolsheviks

  24. Just as Lucille said I didnt know that anyone able to get paid $7158 in four weeks on the computer .You can look here?????????????

  25. A couple of things jump to mind:

    She’s probably a prog. How else would she have gotten the job? But, she might be under attack not because of the sexual comments, but because she is evil and expressed something anti-progressive. And, they’re using the sexual comments against her. Maybe she expressed some anti-Obama rhetoric?

    All the fundamentalists I know eventually move away from it as at some point they come under attack for one thing or another. This does seem to be happening in prog-dom.

  26. Words matter and I would not appreciate my so called Professor cussing in class… I paid for my education so I would expect a professional attitued from my teacher.

    That being said,,, firing her was Bullshit…

    Funny how everybody get “counseling” or a second chance execept those that go against the Liberal Overloards… they are destroyed as an example.

    1. ” I paid for my education so I would expect a professional attitued”

      This is why we need more subsidies!

  27. When a physicist who won the Nobel Prize can be terminated for telling a joke feminists found offensive (which isn’t difficult, since they object to almost everything male), there is no limit on what the professionally outraged can do on behalf of the liberal form of fascism.

    1. Pretty sure he was a cancer researcher.

      Would be ironic if some women died from breast cancer because progs wanted to protect womens’ feelings.

  28. Google pay 97$ per hour my last pay check was $8500 working 1o hours a week online. My younger brother friend has been averaging 12k for months now and he works about 22 hours a week. I cant believe how easy it was once I tried it out.
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  29. Hmmm… funny how the comments aren’t “why is government involved in colleges,” eh? I guess that only applies to Teh Gheyz. 😉

  30. Tenure and Academic Freedom were designed to protect professors from retribution by the sate or church regarding the ideas they “profess”. The concept is still a valid one. With the trust granted through the awarding of tenure, you should have the academic freedom to hold radical ideas and present them to your students.

    This cases seems to not be an issue of academic freedom. Tenure does not and should not shield professors who engage in harassment or hostility. Tenure means you can teach radical ideas, it doesn’t mean you are free to curse at will or tell dirty jokes. You can teach radical ideas about reproduction- but it doesn’t mean you can have a demonstration in class.

    Granted, this case seems like an extreme reaction to classroom style but it is not an issue of academic freedom.

  31. When these students graduate, and the world figures out that they are still completely uneducated, imagine the shit they’re going to hear down at the plant… and when they complain there, they’ll just be told to fuck off!

  32. She has limited financial resources???? Assistant professors at my university start at $65K. Associate professors earn more than that for their 8-9 months of “work.” And yes, I live in a low-cost state. It has been my experience that professors in education are typically progressives. I guess she never learned to live within her means.

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