VID: Remy Spoofs Britney Spears in Latest Video on TSA

Oops, he did it again.


“Oops, I Did it Again! (TSA Versionâ€"With Remy),” written and performed by Remy. Produced by Meredith Bragg. Music tracks and background vocals by Ben Karlstrom.  About 2 minutes. Original release date was June 25, 2015 and original writeup is below.

Remy gets the TSA boy band together to give their twist on the Britney Spears hit.

Runs approximately 2 minutes.

Written and performed by Remy. Music tracks and background vocals by Ben Karlstrom. Video by Meredith Bragg.

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I think I did it again
I just saved the world
You're welcome, my friend

Oh baby, I've
groped so many kids
by patting them down
I just received this

A four-ounce tube of toothpaste?
No ain't nothing getting past me
Well maybe, maybe

Oops, I did it again
I missed all their bombs
they got on the plane
oh baby, baby
Oops you think I'm the one
keeping track of the guns
I'm not that competent

"Of the 70 weapons they tried to sneak past, you missed 67
leaving you incompetent at the single task we gave you
Is there a reason we shouldn't fire you?"
"Well, I identify as competent."
"Why didn't you say so…"

Oops, I did it again (Oops I)
I missed all their bombs (did it again, missed their bombs)
they got on the plane (I got lost)
oh baby, baby (I'm not that bright, baby)
Oops you think I'm the one (Oops you)
keeping track of the guns (gave us the GDP of Guam)
I'm not that competent

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  1. How old is that Spears song? Come on, Remy. Use T Swizzle again. That stuff is catchy!

    1. LEAVE TAYLOR ALONE! She’s a skinny angle from heaven.

      Fisty, baby, Now we’ve got bad blood!

      1. My 9 month old likes to fall asleep to Taylor. I can’t say I’m happy about that.

        1. Maybe he or she is doing it ironically.

          1. that is one advanced 9 month old.

            OR IS SHE*?

            *assume it’s a she – cause he’s don’t usually fall asleep to Taylor in my experience

      2. Tay Sway is an angel. I don’t care much at all about her music, but she’s an angel.

  2. I identify as competent.


    1. By far the best line.

  3. What rhymes with Squirrel Nut Zippers?

      1. What’s that whisperin’ in the courts?
        It’s two sailors and they’re in port
        Hopes and claims and wedding bands
        Who’s your hubby? Yes I am.

          1. Aw shucks. *blushes*


    I know you didn’t mean for this to happen. But the gays were so important you had no choice.

    1. We didn’t mean for it to happen and it’s not remotely our fault.

    2. “No one should be discriminated against but…”

      “…I’m going to write a 1000-word article arguing for exactly the opposite anyway.”

  5. Politics explained. The Libertarian moment begins around 3:10.

    1. I thought it began at 7:01?


      1. Cats use metric time.

  6. Meanwhile in the UK


    We get what 20 posts a day about how the evil evangelicals are doing this or that and reflects the entire region. But this shit in no way reflects the gay community.

    1. The original story is from 2013, but I found this update from this May year.

      O, brave new world, that has such people in it!

      “Barrie and Tony Drewitt-Barlow’s property is hidden behind tall gates at the end of a lane in what feels like the middle of nowhere.

      “Behind the garden walls, deep in the Essex countryside, the two men have created what they call their ‘bubble’ ? a capsule environment in which to provide their five children with a luxurious but traditional upbringing. A sort of Footballers’ Wives meets the Famous Five.

      “There is a pool and a stable block housing three Arab horses. A tennis court is being built for their daughter Saffron.

      “These trappings of a traditional upbringing, which the Drewitt-Barlows’ two eldest children have chosen to talk about for the first time this week, act as a sort of counterbalance to everything else about this family, which surely most people would find utterly extraordinary.

      “Let us begin with the two eldest, 15-year-old Saffron and her twin brother Aspen. They were conceived using the donor eggs of one woman, Tracie McCune, and carried in the womb of a surrogate, Rosalind Bellamy.

      1. “Barrie, 46, is the father of one of them and Tony, 50, the father of the other. They say they have not told Saffron and Aspen which of them is their biological father because they are equal dads to both ? or, to be precise, Tony is ‘Dad’ and Barrie is ‘Daddy’.Confused? To explain, the fertilised embryo from which Aspen was born separated in two in the laboratory. One embryo was implanted into the surrogate Rosalind Bellamy and grew to be Aspen, while the second was frozen, then defrosted four years later and placed in the womb of another surrogate, a Japanese woman called Donna. Orlando was born nine months later.

        “Now we come to the second set of twins, Dallas and Jasper. Once again, Donna acted as surrogate, but this time the donor eggs were provided not by Tracey McCune but another woman, a Brazilian model whom Barrie spotted on the catwalk and paid ?35,000 for the privilege.

        “So Dallas and Jasper joined the growing family. Barrie and Tony won’t divulge which of them is the biological father of which child. And there you have it: a family of two gay dads, five children, two biological mothers, two surrogates.

        1. “Oh, and we mustn’t forget Colin, Barrie’s grown-up son from a brief relationship he had with a woman before meeting Tony 28 years ago in their native Manchester. Barrie doesn’t want to talk about Colin.

          “So, with all these children, you might think that’s that. But no. Barrie, a curious mixture of mother hen and gay rights zealot, is feeling broody and wants another child to feel ‘complete’. Andrea the Brazilian model provided 33 eggs, which presents rather terrifying possibilities.

          “But Tony is against more children and the two men are currently locked in a battle which, if the most dominant of them eventually triumphs, Barrie is going to win. That raises the prospect of a sixth child or a seventh, maybe more, what with all those eggs in storage and Barrie’s addiction to having babies.

          “Then there’s the fact that the original surrogate mother, Tracie McCune, has donated about 15 eggs in total, which have been used to help other couples, so Saffron and Aspen have numerous half-siblings scattered all over the place. Where will it end?”


          1. Am I supposed to be terrified or otherwise upset with this? Because I’m not.

          2. How is this any different than the various fertility treatments straight women use?

            1. Of all the times for you to forget your talking points!

              you realize that the Catholic Church, whose commands I receive through the fillings in my teeth, is against the surrogate baby industry, no matter whether the participants are straight or gay?

              Why can’t you at least keep your talking points straight?

              1. Rational ie non-Catholic people don’t care.

              2. Why is the Catholic church against surrogate babies? I googled it and found this:

                “However, the Church wants to push back against our culture’s understanding that children can be created with technology and distributed via a market. Children are to come as a gift from God via a sexual relationship ? instead of being procured as a product or thing. Any reproductive procedure that involves something other than aiding sex and pregnancy within the context of a married couple permanently committed to being the parents of this child together is something the Church insists misses the mark. This includes everything from creating a child in a laboratory to the use of another person as a surrogate to carry the child through pregnancy. The fact that some of us will not be able to be biological parents is a painful one, but the Church claims this is one of the hard truths that we must endure if we believe that children are gifts with their own inherent dignity ? rather than things we have the right to purchase on the open market.”

                which is among the dumbest fucking arguments I’ve ever seen. So you can use any technology you want to inseminate your own wife, but if she’s completely barren you aren’t allowed to use a surrogate mother because MAD SCIENCE LABORATORIES AND EVIL MARKETS ZOMG.

                1. Jesus Christ, the Catholic arguments against surrogacy are ridiculous.


                  “WHY IS SURROGACY WRONG?

                  Commodification of the mother
                  Of course there are cases where a woman becomes a surrogate purely to help a couple who couldn’t otherwise conceive and bring to term a healthy child. Conversely, there are many cases where a woman needs money and enters into surrogacy for monetary reasons. However, even if a woman is willing to carry the burden, the act of bearing another couple’s child denies the importance of the gestational process of a mother bonding with her child in the womb. It removes the loving act of intercourse from the creation of new life, and forces a parting of the child?who grows “under her heart,” as Kristin Lavransdatter says in Sigrid Undset’s classic novel?from the birth mother for the rest of their lives. Even more complicated would it be if, like the kind of surrogacy arrangement that ended so disastrously between Hagar and Sarah (Gen. 16:1?16; 21:9?21), the two mothers have some on-going connection to one another.”

                  I don’t even know where to begin with this. The allegedly ‘pro-life’ Catholic church is arguing it’s better for a kid to not exist than to be born through surrogacy.

                  1. “However, the Church wants to push back against our culture’s understanding that children can be created with technology and distributed via a market.”

                    Oh, horror, horror, horror, heart nor tongue
                    Can nor conceive nor name thee!”

                  1. Oh, no, the Protestants and the secularists have just discovered the Old Testament, whose truths we have tried to Conceal from the People for so many years!

                    We better get in touch with the Illuminati and the Lizard People…we need to postpone the invasion plans…

                    1. I suspect that the typical Protestant knows more about the Old Testament than the typical Catholic.

                      So there!

          3. Soooooooo, why am I supposed to have a problem with this?

            The only stuff in there I find in any way objectionable is related to them spoiling the kids because of how fucking rich they are. For example:

            “Saffron, it must be said, is pampered by anyone’s standards. A chauffeur picks her up from school each day, and Barrie regularly sends her on trips to Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge with his credit card and a personal shopper to meet her when she arrives.”

            Okay – this girl is going to grow up to be incredibly entitled and spoiled, but that’s an issue of her rich parents not setting enough boundaries, not her being the product of surrogates.

      2. From the original story:

        It is a shame that we are forced to take Christians into a court to get them to recognize us. It upsets me because I want it so much?a big lavish ceremony, the whole works.

        This is the language my kids use. “I want” “I want” “I want” and “You’re not giving it to me!”

        Spoiled brats.

    2. The Church of England is a government church, so that’s completely different.

    3. But this shit in no way reflects the gay community.

      Yeah, because “the gay community” is a monolithic bloc consisting entirely of wealthy British spoilsports.

      1. Collectivism is ok when John does it.

  7. Correa Feels the Wrath of Massive Protests in Ecuador
    Guayaquil Streets Overflow with 400,000 in Opposition to

    1. For some reason I expected this to be about soccer.

  8. Why There Is No Libertarian Defense of the Confederacy

    Because Confederate-secession defenders will not typically make arguments in favor of chattel slavery, they rely instead on the assumption that secession is an unbounded right and thus a state may leave a country for whatever reason it chooses. To accept this premise, one has to bypass moral judgment on the cause of secession, yet affirmatively assign a morality to secession as a matter of preferred political procedure ? in common parlance as “states’ rights.” This turns the assumption of individual rights on its head, if the federalist procedure is to supersede the right of exit of any group or individual within that state, as the Confederacy’s slave economy unquestionably did.…..nfederacy/

    1. Hm. I have no problem with nullification or secession, but there is no getting around the fact that the arguments made by the South were all in favor of slavery. Does that besmirch the ideas themselves? It’s the argument leftists often make against anyone who advocates for smaller government or less federalism. They are racists using the ideas of racists. That argument is intellectually bankrupt.

      The Confederacy being bad does not make every idea they espoused bad. Nor do I have to defend the Confederacy as a whole to say that some of their ideas were valid.

      The federal government took a lot of ideas from fascists and Nazis. The American military stole their military technology, and even made use of former Nazi scientists to continue the research. Not to mention plenty in our government espoused eugenics as valid creed.

      But the Confederacy wasn’t libertarian and no libertarian has to defend it. Few do. Nor do I have to defend the Union and pretend they were good guys just because they eventually, but reluctantly, ended slavery.

      1. There is a noxious faction in libertarianism that insists that the Confederacy had the right to secede. This is nonsense. Secession is not a right, is only a means to a right and therefore is only legitimate when 1) the state being seceded from is unfree or 2) the new state being created is free and 3) the new state is not used to attack the freedom of the state it used to be a part of (or any other) and isn’t used to advance anti-freedom forces. This is why Palestine and Novorossiya are illegitimate.

        The Union were the good guys. They fought against Great Evil. America was very bad in 1943 and its government more obnoxious than today but it was still a good guy in WW2

  9. I posted Amash’s statement in a forum today and people absolutely flipped their shit. Basically told to fuck off as anti-gay marriage bigot. Holy smokes, these people are really into their shit.

    1. What forum?

      1. A metal music forum called Metal Archives. What a shitshow of a thread

    2. You should post it after 7:01 next time. Maybe they’ll get it then.

  10. I think this is important: China plans to launch yuan gold fix by end of 2015…..18339.html

    Before you get too worked up, it’s not a Yuan-gold peg, just a new pricing fix for gold.

  11. The trick of all government bureaucracies and politicians themselves is to create to the veneer of competency. It’s a nice joke to say they identify as competent, only that’s the truth of it. And far too many are willing to go along with it or actually believe it themselves.

    The best libertarian arguments made to outsiders point out government incompetency and corruption. Most effective thing you can do.



    Or probably dead. I have a feeling this is it for Greece in the Eurozone.

    I also just love this paragraph:

    “”This is not a Greek exit from the eurozone,” he said after crisis talks between the Eurogroup and Mr Varoufakis on Saturday. “The 18 countries, apart from Greece, all said clearly that Greece was in the euro and should remain in the euro whatever the difficulties of the moment.””

    Don’t worry, Greece is definitely staying in the Eurozone. I mean, I haven’t actually asked the Greeks for their opinion, but I’m just sure of it.

    1. I read a poll saying 57% of Greeks do want to stay in the Eurozone. They are also adamant about getting truckloads of free shit. This is what a nation of imbeciles looks like and ends up as.

      Mr Varoufakis told reporters that the Eurogroup’s refusal to extend the bailout could permanently damage the credibility of the group.

      Pfffftt yes nothing enhances credibility like caving in to demands for free money. Not there’s much to salvage of the EU’s credibility. The last few months have done more harm to the EU than a UK exit could.

      I read a different story where the France finance minister or some other g-man insisted that ‘Greece’s *destiny* (no really, ‘destiny’) was in the Eurozone’. It’s easy to see what this is. France and the other Med-beats are terrified that if Greece can be cut, maybe they won’t get bailed out. Maybe Germany is wising up and seeing that not only do bailouts not work, they engender unhealthy political drift ex Syriz and Podemas.

    2. Looks like Mark Steyn is winning that bet.

  13. My wife and I were very pleased to see the Euro’s exchange rate to the dollar had plummeted to 1.12 USD to EUR since we are going to Europe next month. Last time we went it was crazy expensive. Thanks Greece!

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