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Educator and Porn Star Conner Habib Gets Campus Thoughtcrime Treatment

Habib has been disinvited from college talks and had student supporters bullied by "liberal" professors and administrators.



Writer, teacher, and porn star Conner Habib has a long essay today in Seattle alt-paper The Stranger on "how anti-sex activists use the tactics of homophobes and racists to marginalize, criminalize, and oppress" sex workers. But as Habib's piece goes on to suggest, they're also glomming onto the tactics of modern progressives, who increasingly believe the best way to counter opposing ideas is to silence them. On several occasions, Habib—a former college writing professor who still gives lectures to schools and nonprofits around the country—has been dis-invited from scheduled school talks and had his student supporters bullied by "liberal" professors and administrators once they learned of his sex-work positive views.  

The whole piece is worth a read; Habib blasts police law enforcement tactics toward sex workers, advocates who deny that any sex work can be consensual, and police policies aiming to "end demand" for prostitution by targeting clients: 

The effect of "end demand" policies has been to abruptly destroy sex workers' abilities to be selective about clients. It has led to impoverishment for sex workers unable to keep things extra-secret, extra-clandestine.

And as far as johns go, in the eyes of anti-sex bigots, they might as well be bodies to be confiscated by the state until they are programmed properly.

To brainwash johns into thinking like anti-sex bigots, some cities boast "john schools." Seattle is one of them. The anti-sex facilitator of Seattle's court-mandated program for arrested johns says, "Prostitution is not a victimless crime… there's a lot of harm that's involved in the commercial sex industry" … [and links sex work] to statistics like "one in four women will be raped in her lifetime."

Habib also details his experiences dealing with intolerant university staff and students: 

Outside Boston, there's a private university that wanted me to give a lecture about porn, and then didn't want me to give a lecture about porn. At that point, I'd been a university instructor for three years; I'd been in porn for years as well as in sex-worker-advocacy work. I knew hundreds of porn performers. I'd also published many articles on sex and culture. But according to a health education staffer blocking my appearance, I was missing a key component:

"Read Linda Lovelace's book Ordeal… about the sexual enslavement and 'pimping' of women in the porn industry. Until that is understood and addressed by this multi- billion dollar industry, it is difficult to give it any voice."

Until I read Linda Lovelace's book, I guess, I couldn't, like, know know about porn. I assured my contact at the school that I did of course know Linda Lovelace's deal, or, excuse me, ordeal, and that I'd be happy to address that in my talk.

The invitation was withdrawn in a fever of I'm-sorry-buts.

On another occasion Habib, who is gay, was asked to speak at New York's Corning Community College by EQUAL, a campus group devoted to issues surrounding sexual orientation and gender identity. "The contract was signed, the talk was confirmed… and then the administration canceled my talk in a flurry of anti-sex activism," writes Habib.

Students protested and told me members of the administration began to intimidate them. Keep in mind these are LGBTQI students in a small town. They said members of the administration instructed them not to approach any media outlets with the story. "I hope you are grasping that this issue is bigger than you," an administration member reportedly said to the student organizer. The student told me it was "an absolutely intimidating conversation."

I went anyway and spoke at an off-campus location. After I left, flyers condemning EQUAL started to show up around campus. The message on the flyers wasn't written by students opposing my talk, but by a professor. Once an adviser to EQUAL, she'd been asked by student members of the group to resign after she'd sided with the administration's anti-sex views and their decision to cancel my talk.

[…] That my talk was canceled by the administration wasn't enough. Nor was the alleged intimidation of the students. Now LGBTQI students were being told that it was unfair to not work with a professor whose interests directly contradicted their own. This was a person in a position of power, a college professor, with considerable influence over her students, insulting them publicly.

By way of an explanation, Habib said, Corning College president Katherine Douglas said she didn't want gay activism to be linked to pornography. 

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  1. I have to admit enjoying the schadenfreude when the Revolution eats its own….

    1. Yeah, the whole rape culture bullshit is a bullet behind the ear for the sexual revolution.

      When your positions and actions are dictated by emotion it is inevitable that you will contradict yourself.

      1. Such lectures should always be canceled whenever we can get them canceled, because they could trigger unpleasant feelings and manifestations of satire on campus?and, worse, on the Internet, something that must be avoided at all cost. University officials are going to have to get much more involved in silencing certain recalcitrant individuals, because while prosecutors have made some headway towards this goal in New York, they have not been as successful as one might have hoped. See the documentation of pertinent law enforcement efforts at:

    2. Those applying libertarian principles consistently have defended sex workers from government violence, puritan fantasies of white slavery and all the rest of the insanity surrounding prostitution for a very long time. Chuckling at (schadenfreude) a sexworker advocates career getting trashed by puritans and beaurocrats doesnt strike me as a classy move. Maybe I am missing something?

      1. I’ll admit it sucks for the advocate here, but what are the odds that he’s a progressive? I’d say 90%+. On the other side, we have “progressive” colleges acting puritan because a gay speaker (good!) is connected to porn (bad!). So my schadenfreude comes from the inner contradictions of the left, even though I prefer one side of this battle over the other.

  2. There shall be no sex unless it exactly conforms to my preferences.

    /Progressive Puritan

  3. SoConz control our universities

    1. You can say that again.

    2. view it as a circle. Socons and progs want the same things for different reasons. (well, the same reasons, but they cite different motivating factors.)

      1. On this issue you are correct.

  4. SoConz control our universities

    1. No artificial squirrels were harmed in the making of this comment.

  5. they’re also glomming onto the tactics of modern progressives, who increasingly believe the best way to counter opposing ideas is to silence them

    It’s mob tactics. That is the most prominent feature of the tactics of modern progressives. Silence people by shouting them down and coming up with “philosophical” explanations of why they aren’t allowed to speak on a subject, thereby justifying the shouting them down to others who might observe this and think that it was unfair or wrong.

    They seek power through mindless numbers. And there are more than enough people looking for anything to belong to that will shore up those numbers.

    1. Mobs are fun. Hating people is fun. Our glands always win.

      1. Not all of us have hate, rage, and rape glands, dude. Why don’t you check your hate privilege, you cis rapelord?

        1. Of course you do, you idiot. We got them when the Evil Culture genofixed us.

          *glands Haterape*

        2. Cis rapelord is the next big marvel film release.

        3. STEVE SMITH say, “Have sex with any woman you want using this one weird trick.”

    2. And since it’s the mob and not the government, it’s not “censorship” and so shut up!

    3. And there are more than enough people looking for anything to belong to …

      Used to be people turned to religion to fill the need to belong to something larger than oneself. I’m not sure which is worse: religious scolds or modern progressive scolds. I guess if I had to pick, I’d say progs are worse. They hold the power of the media/ popular culture and use that to their full advantage.

  6. I hope you are grasping that this issue is bigger than you…


    1. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own.

      1. Are we stealing his perfect BMI?

        1. I never said perfect. It’s in the acceptable range. Legally I can’t be called fat or skinny, only “the ideal.”

  7. Too many people seems to suffer from the logical fallacy that because SOME are forced into an action that ALL must be forced into same action.

    I bet they think ALL kids hate vegetables.

    1. Or that because SOME believe something that ALL who share their geographical ancestry believe exactly the same thing.

      But really to I think every African-American in the country, it’s the symbolism of slavery for them.

      1. You try way too hard. You’re like the redneck Eddie.

        1. yep. it’s sad really.

  8. SO I pornhubbed Connor Habib. I be in my bunk….for days.

    1. Would.

      1. Seconded. He’s worked with some folks I like, I’m surprised I hadn’t noticed him previously.

        1. I feel gauche and unrefined that I have not heard his name yet. Now, I’d like to scream it.

          1. Apparently he’s done a 3-D video. I wonder if I still have those blue and red glasses…

            1. amazon has a variety of two-color glasses on the cheap.

              1. Duly noted. I think I know where mine are. Will be checking my junk drawer when I get home. I actually stole them from a friend years ago to watch 3-D porn.

                1. Junk drawer. *snort*

          2. Don’t adult film actors still usually have a nom de guerre? (Mine, for instance, for a while was Dirk Piston.) Maybe you know him under a different name.

          3. I was forced to look through a lot of his work to select a picture for this post. Tough job, but…

            1. You could’ve done better.

              The straight men get lobster girl after all…

        2. I am unfamiliar with his oeuvre. That’s the strip of flesh connected to the back of the glans.

          1. Don’t mislead the young’uns. They should know it’s really the frenulum.

            Oeuvre is French for “golden testicles.”

        3. And then we claim that we visit for the articles.

          1. I’m reading. One-handed, but I am reading.

        4. “Seconded”? Not “did”? SLUT HARDER, JESSE

          1. It’s not like I have ready access to philosopher-pornstars. I’ll get to it if the opportunity comes up.

              1. …what, of me with my “opportunity” up?

        5. So, in other words, you’re straight? When you start to actually recognize the male porn starts, that’s when you know maybe you’ve been paying a little too much attention to them on the screen lol.

      2. Like a couple of a drunk, teenage boys.

      3. TIWTANSML?

        1. It is people like them that give this chatroom a bad reputation.

  9. …Corning College president Katherine Douglas said she didn’t want gay activism to be linked to pornography.

    Will & Grace showed her that gays are acceptable as long as no one thinks of them having sex.

    1. God I hated that show. Sexless Will, flaming other-guy, and who knows what the hell Grace was even doing there.

      1. who knows what the hell Grace was even doing there.

        Providing the squares and soccer moms some glimmer of hope that she’d bring Will back from the dark gay side.

  10. Sex Work, Academia, Prostitution, Pornography…

    That lineup made me smile. Well done.

    1. You should see Reason’s top terms people to search to get here. Last week was like, “sex, teen sex, pornhub, Frederick Douglas.”

      1. Sounds like some great SEO work!

      2. #1 site for people seeking pot smoking Mexican ass-sex

      3. Mmmm…. Frederick Douglas porn….

        1. “For it is not light that is needed, but fire; it is not the gentle shower, but thunder. We need the storm, the whirlwind, and the earthquake..”

          Yep, definitely sounds like a porn star.

        2. “Frederick Douglas porn”


          The “h” means “historical”, not ” hairy”

  11. So, now even affirmative consent isn’t consent if someone else who is (whiter than you, more educated than you, insert reason which makes them all around better than you) decides that you do not consent.

    This will end well.

  12. Educator and Porn Star”

    And are they not all ‘ educators’?

    Porn is nothing if not an endless learning experience

  13. What’s with the quotes around liberal? Or the reference to “glomming onto the tactics of modern progressives”? As far as I can tell, the people trying to shut Habib up are progressives in good standing. I know that hurts the “a pox on both their houses” narrative. But, trying to pretend that this isn’t being pushed by the left is silly.

    1. “liberal” because the actions of these self-described liberals are not liberal in the classical sense at all

      1. Point taken. Yet that doesn’t explain the “glomming onto the tactics of modern progressives” reference. They aren’t “glomming on” to progressive tactics. They are progressives.

        I’m sorry, but this has a bit of a “no true Scotsman” ring to it.

  14. “It’s about the demand to prove we’re worth sympathy. It’s about how if that sympathy shows up, it’s wrapped up in deliberate misunderstandings. It’s about the people who make the demand. It’s about how “Show us your humanity!” is more belittling and damaging than “Show us your tits!””

    An excellent read.

    1. warning: there are no tits.

      1. ( . Y . )

  15. Are liberals the new conservatives?

    1. Progressives have always been Puritans.

      Only who they consider a witch has changed over the years.

  16. LGBTQI

    They keep adding more letters (further dividing people by group identity). A few years ago it was LGB, then LGBT, then LGBTQ, now they’ve added an I. Somebody help me out with the latest SJW lingo: what’s the I for? I haven’t gotten the updated decoder ring.

    1. I is for “Intergalactic”

      Prefers to be anal-probed by aliens

      1. +1 Cartman Gets an Anal Probe

    2. Intersex

      Intersex, in humans and other animals, is a variation in sex characteristics including chromosomes, gonads, or genitals that do not allow an individual to be distinctly identified as male or female. Such variation may involve genital ambiguity, and combinations of chromosomal genotype and sexual phenotype other than XY-male and XX-female.

      1. I wouldn’t have thought there would be enough for them to get their own inititial.

        I’ve got a novel idea: how about we just make “I” stand for “individual” and stop trying to classify people into little boxes. Although I suppose if we did that, SJW’s wouldn’t be able to tell how much victim cred to give people based on their group identity. They’d have to judge people based on individual merit, and we can’t have that.

        1. You’re just jealous you don’t have a letter you cishet scum

        2. I’m not sure we know how prevalent or not prevalent it is. People with somewhat ambiguous genitalia were generally ignored up until the late ’70s when doctors decided they knew better and started performing gender assignment surgeries on newborns with ambiguous genitalia. Often times just going with whatever way it was easier to stitch them up and with no real regard for their genetic sex. In some cases the surgeries were just some clitoral trimming, but they could be considerably more extensive. Government issued best practices made this de rigueur by the ’80s, and I believe it remained so until very recently stories of postnatal sex assignments where the doctor guessed incorrectly started coming to light.

          Again, not sure how prevalent this was, but I know it happened to someone in my family which seems unlikely if it weren’t happening with at least some frequency.

  17. That acronym changes so often that I can’t keep up. LGBTQI WTF?

  18. So it’s bad to rape a woman, and its wrong to overtly pay a woman for sex or masturbate to porn where the performers get paid but it is wholly acceptable to wine and dine a woman in the desire to have sex with her?

    I guess society has a major problem with a sure thing but likes it when women can use sex to take advantage of men. In other words, porn and prostitution undermines women’s leverage over men which really pisses feminazis off because power over men is truly all what feminism is all about.

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