Brickbat: Wrong Move


Photo: Justice 4 Miller Muzzi

When Cleveland, Mississippi, resident Tyler Muzzi spotted a strange man walking around his neighbor's house, he called the cops. They arrived just in time to arrest the man after he entered the house. Then one of the officers shot Muzzi's dog, which was on a leash in his backyard. Muzzi says the cop apologized and said he felt threatened by the dog and didn't see the leash. But he adds that the police chief later admitted the officer did see that it was leashed but said he still had a right to shoot the dog because he felt threatened.

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  1. Bark-bark-pow!

    1. if a dog is threatening imagine how scary a dog owner would be, and they are seldom even leashed.

  2. Well, hard to argue that the guy didn’t deserve to get his dog shot, seeing as he was DUMB enough to call the cops over a non-issue. Maybe he has learned a valuable lesson. Or, maybe he is a prog like Tony and hasn’t learned shit…

    1. Not a non issue, a B&E, most likely. The shooting of dogs for no reason other than being dogs and hiring people this fucking chickenshit to be police is a problem, not reporting crimes in progress.

    2. Muzzi didn’t call the police. He called his neighbor to tell him about the stranger, at which point the neighbor called police.

  3. When will we be allowed to shoot cops with impunity when we feel threatened? Woodchippers will do…

    1. I am not threatening the dog killing piece of shit pig but I feel threatened by his continued existence.

    2. I suppose it depends on where you live..

      1. De facto vs de jure.

        I would NEVER vote to convict if I were on the jury of someone who killed a cop that had shot an innocent pet- or worse, a child. I’d be more likely to take the defendant out for dinner and drinks.

        1. I appreciate being wined and dined.

          Seriously though, there is a better than even chance I would reflexively shoot that cop if I had been standing in my backyard. It’s not just that they are shooting MY dog it’s that this kind of behavior is the hallmark of a disturbed and threatening individual.

  4. So the chief basically admits this guy just wanted to shoot a dog, and FYTW thrown in to boot.


    1. Refreshing honesty, from a group that has grown so arrogant, and self-important.. they feel they have nothing to fear by their candor…

  5. Really, this is the most discouraging part of the story:

    Tyler and his wife Bethany Muzzi did not tell their 5-year-old daughter Emma that their dog had been shot. Instead, they told her that Miller had been hit by a car. “We wanted to keep her innocent,” said Muzzi, “We don’t want her to be scared of law enforcement.”

    But she should be. And you’re doing her no favors by keeping the truth from her- she SHOULD be scared.

    1. My thoughts exactly. She will learn for herself sooner or later.

    2. Someday she will Google her father’s name and find this story.

    3. Well I guess I’m a bad guy for not keeping my 5-year-old daughter innocent. I have told her repeatedly that the policeman is not her friend, and that she is not to talk to him.

    4. There will be plenty of opportunities for that lesson in later years. A 5 year old is not going to react to this story like a mature rational adult, so it makes sense to white lie here.

      1. Neither will a 10 year old. Or a 15 year old. The point is teaching your children about the world the way it is. That’s the job of a responsible parent.

    5. These parents are terrible people if they fail to warn their child about the serious danger the police represent to them.

      At this point, a child is probably in more danger of being hurt or killed by the police than kidnapped by a stranger, and I’m willing to bet the parents have hammered “stranger danger” into the kid’s head.

  6. OT:

    I’m having trouble waiting for the sad cat, so I’m putting this here.

    Massive noncompliance with Cuomo’s “SAFE” act:


    All of 25,000 people registered 40,000 long arms. Isn’t that worse in absolute numbers than Conn.? Or merely laughably worse in terms of relative numbers given New York’s size?

    This is exactly what I expected given how furiously the State Police were stalling the FOIL request.

    1. Well.. if laws derive their legitimacy through consensus, this doesn’t bode well for Cuomo..

      1. Moreover, people have pointed out that the rate of compliance drops to nil when you take out people who would have had to already register under the NYC laws and thus couldn’t avoid the state one, and certain categories of law enforcement for whom non-registration would cost them their jobs.

        Also I’ve gotten confirmation that there were 50K registrations in Conn., a state with fewer guns and people.

    2. Laws like that are not meant to be followed. They’re meant to turn gun owners into lawbreakers, and allow the government to confiscate weapons from them when they are found to be in violation.

      1. I don’t think Cuomo is even that smart (especially if you read the number of simple typographical errors in the language of the act).

        I’m wondering what is taking the 2nd Circuit so long to issue it’s opinion, Oral arguments were last year.

        1. Come on. Pesants who own scary-looking guns aren’t the kind of people to kiss the feet of politicians, and the politicians know this. So they pass these kinds of laws knowing that these disrespectful peasants will not obey them, so that the politicians will now have a legal excuse to punish these peasants for their lack of respect.

          1. *Peasants*

            1. *Piss-Ants*

              1. Basically.

              2. If you’re pissing ants, you may want to see a doctor.

                1. Worst super power ever…………….or the best?

          2. More seriosuly though, Cuomo’s goal was to be the first on the post-Newtown Gun Control wave, which turned out to be a Gun Rights wave instead.

            1. ^This. He wanted to be able to claim it during a presidential run.

    3. I wonder if they subtracted the number of “ASSAULT WEAPUNZ!!!” that were registered because they were purchased or otherwise sold via an FFL. In a state that big over something like three years since the law passed I would expect at least that many guns of that category to have been sold and thus registered.

      1. Except that another clause of the “SFAE” act bars the sale or transfer of registration-required arms. So there were none.

        1. *registrations due to sale via FFL.

          Number of transfers is unknown.

          1. I wasn’t aware of that. But it crossed my mind that were it the case that a bulk of these were situations where there was no way other than to register them the lefties would do their level best to obfuscate the point.

  7. They shot the four legged mammal because a member of your underclass were wasting their anointed enforcers time with some seemly real offense. Those heroic enforcers were probably busy confiscating assets or resting.

    1. Yeah, they didn’t find any drugs or cash in the neighbors house, so they had to do something to make the trip worthwhile.

    2. Bro-fives all around in the Krispy Kreme lobby, for a job well done, and the safe return of these heroes in blue..

  8. I’m thinking, $50,000 awarded straight from the pension fund, plus.. one year violence counseling/anger management group therapy, six months sensitivity training.. and an in person apology to the children of these dog owners, Every time the police cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt that such a killing was justified.. That ought to slow their roll..

    1. Only if those 18 months are unpaid, and don’t count towards the cop’s service credit for retirement. Otherwise, the personal sting might not be felt, since the union can always strongarm the city into dropping more cash into the pension fund (even if they had to borrow it)

      1. Bingo. Criminal charges and unpaid leave/termination are the only punishments that an individual cop will every notice. Of course, criminal charges require a DA that isn’t friendly with the cops and unpaid leave/termination requires a police leadership that isn’t friendly with its subordinates. So, so very rare.

      2. “Only if those 18 months are unpaid, and don’t count towards the cop’s service credit for retirement.”
        Oh, absolutely. This mandated counseling would be on the individual officer’s/deputy’s/agent’s personal time, and supervised by the court, in lieu of a bench warrant plus contempt proceedings, and mandatory termination of employment from the LEA they kill for.

        “Otherwise, the personal sting might not be felt”

        Explaining to a 5yo girl why her Labrador had to die.. that might sting a bit..

        ” Otherwise, the personal sting might not be felt, since the union can always strongarm the city into dropping more cash into the pension fund (even if they had to borrow it)”

        Once, or twice, but it wouldn’t go on long…

        1. Explaining to a 5yo girl why her Labrador had to die.. that might sting a bit..

          You expect too much in the way of empathy from these people. Someone who went out of his way to shoot a harmless dog just because he knew he could get away with it isn’t going to be swayed by a child’s tears.

          1. Tell me you wouldn’t suffer through a barrage of commercials on Channel (X) action news, to watch that apology. Human interest fluff at its finest.. I’d TiVo that shit..

            1. I wouldn’t.

              I also wouldn’t know it was even on. I realized I didn’t watch TV, so I stopped paying for the services.

              1. It will make its way to youtube in 5…4…3…

          2. Someone who takes pleasure in killing a family pet would also take pleasure in making a child cry.

  9. Well, Muzzi probably hates cops now. And he probably told all his friends and family about this incident, so maybe half of them (the dog lovers) hate cops now. It seems like each of these incidents should turn dozens of people against cops. How long until we reach a tipping point where enough people hate cops to actually drive towards reform?

    1. This is the question I ask myself FAR TOO OFTEN….WHEN?!?!

      1. Never.

        The vast majority of people are inherently statist and will never be swayed. Depressing, but true. My wife refuses to read Reason, despite her strong libertarian beliefs because, “It will just get me furious and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.”

  10. It almost feels like all these dog shootings happen because the shooter finally gets to join the Kill Club. If a lot of people still support the “Warrior Cop” and “Thin Blue Line” and “Protect and Serve and “Life on the Line at Every Moment”, then an every day cop who subconciously believes he’s in combat eventually gets an opportunity to get his rocks off. With all the progress this country has made with respect to animals, you can kind of still skate by serious repercusssions when one is slaughtered. And I don’t think “this always happened this much, reporting and cameras are better”, it’s a direct offshoot of the War on Drugs/Terror stuff. These guys must feel every movement of every shadow in the corner of their eye is Scary Death, and the response is KILLKILLKILLSTOPTHREAT.

  11. Sooner or later the pissed off owner of a dead dog will shoot a cop. Then it will get interesting.

    1. “He said he feared for his life – we gave him good reason to.”

    2. Doubtful. The dog owner will be executed by the cops for killing one of their gang, and the fact that it was in retaliation for killing a dog will be deliberately ignored. Can’t let stories get out of peasants justly retaliating against the cops. That might give them ideas.

  12. Seems to me that today’s cops need to learn and exhibit a much higher degree of intestinal fortitude. Their bar for “feeling threatened” is way, way too low.

    I have run off numerous dogs, wild and otherwise, with nothing more than a loud voice and attitude. I have had about a dozen encounters over the years with loose and aggressive dogs – a few times when I was armed – and I have never had to harm a dog nor have I been harmed. (I’m only counting large and uncontrolled canines here – not the ones which at worst might have bitten my shins)

    1. Their bar for “feeling threatened” is way, way too low.

      You assume that they are being honest. I seriously doubt that that’s the case. They kill because it gives them pleasure, and then utter the correct magical incantations (“I feared for my life” or “I felt threatened”) afterwards to absolve themselves of any responsibility.

      1. I would bet that in the largest majority of cases your point is correct.

        But to play along with their bullshit story we should expose them for the cowards they are. “Afraid of a dog inside a fenced yard? How can you handle walking around the bloodcurdling fear of going for a walk in the average upscale American neighborhood?”

        1. “How can you even be permitted to remain a cop with your crippling omniphobia?”

        2. A leashed dog in a fenced yard.

          1. He can pretend that he didn’t see the leash. But how could he pretend he didn’t see the fence?

    2. I have run off numerous dogs, wild and otherwise, with nothing more than a loud voice and attitude.

      I agree with your general position on the cops’ attitude toward dogs, but this line seems like a fish story. A dog that gets run off with loudness and attitude is pretty worthless for security.

      1. These were dogs that were off their property but continuing to advance aggressively. A few I caught before they broke to charge – before they had committed to an attack. I would never try that with any dog on its own turf.

      2. Oh, and my attitude in those cases was “total commitment to battle” having no other choice.

    3. Exactly! That’s what I don’t get about these cops pissing themselves just because Fluffy’s barking at them. It’s just not that fucking hard to learn how to act around dogs.

  13. What man is afraid of a yellow lab?

    1. There were those guys we did operant conditioning tests on before the trials were shut down for being “psychological torture”.


  14. This fucking asshole was scared of a yellow lab? Holy shit, the lab was probably barking in hopes someone would come over to pet him.

    I hope Muzzi is secretly plotting his revenge.

    1. The officer may have just wanted some extra vacation paid administrative leave. Wouldn’t you take an opportunity for extra time off from work? Cops are people just like you and me.

  15. Pigs being pigs. Need to make some bacon.

  16. Shouldn’t the militant wing of PETA be arming up about now?

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